Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Chattels (Dinar Alert)

Article quotes:
"Parliament ends reading three laws...";

"...it was decided to adjourn the meeting until Tuesday, 30/4/201"

[what happened with the voting on the ministers...?]

...I am unaware that a vote has been scheduled. My read and take on that news was that names had been agreed upon, but there have been several of those articles without any vote.


"Saairun cedes security adviser seeking central bank head post"

[Is it possible that [Guru] tman23 is correct about the replacement of the CBI governor?]

[reference Guru tman3 post 4-26-2019] he might be...this article is saying they are replacing the governor...who they pick will mean a lot to how Iraq will move forward. I'm thinking the PM will pick someone that will move toward reforms...


[via PDK]

A whole lot of movement yesterday…some high level military meetings went on about how to handle things like any upsets...how to handle the execution of stuff. A landmark meeting. Banks and redemption centers seem to be ramping up activity right now...getting ready for tomorrow? I hope so...I really hope they do not kick the can again…but based on the movement we saw yesterday tomorrow could be the day. Are they exchanging possibly in Iraq? They can legally go days before us in Iraq…keep in mind Kuwait went 10 days before the rest of the world caught on and they went international. A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period.

[Will things stall until Ramadan?]

No ….we feel they will release it all before Ramadan so they can have a hellaciously fun Ramadan period. 


and Transportation this week and the ministers of Interior and Defense next week. This will coincide with the opening of the Green Zone anticipated within 10 days.

PM Mahdi stated that Iraq will witness great internationalism in the coming period. [The coming period? Is this a replacement for the coming days? LOL]



Bruce:  I do not have a whole lot of new Intel to bring you tonight, but as there is something I always can share with you. We are really in a situation where most sources have been told to shut up and literally just be quiet right now.

Be quiet and don’t say anything.  I have been asked tonight on this call not to get specific about the rates.  So, I won’t.

Now, you know when I talk in general about rates, I usually give you a range or I give you an idea or it is above this or just below that. That is kind of how I do it because the rates change. The rates go up and the rates go down.

​I will say this, we are at the right level where we want to be, and we should have Dinar back on the screens here. It was off yesterday which was Monday, and maybe it will be back up tonight, but I think we are at a Go period we are ready to kick this thing off.

Bruce: There was a call or in a call actually going on about a major settlement right now. All the shareholders of that settlement have been invited to be on this call if they found out about it. I think that is an excellent time. That is a first. To me indicates how close it is from being settled.  Now, we are getting some information from some of our sources that talk about and we thought we were going to get the toll-free numbers today and get started tomorrow. We could get started tomorrow, but we need the numbers first, and we are hearing a lot of things should roll out overnight tonight and into let’s just say late morning tomorrow that could be significant. That might be the time we get the numbers to roll out. It is sort of dependent on a principal or a trustee with one of the groups.  When they are made liquid and it supposed to affect the start of us getting our toll-free numbers.  It is still some what contingent upon that.

Bruce:  So, I believe we are looking in pretty good shape for tomorrow, and it might be late morning. Either way tomorrow is May 1st and I think it is definitely been time to go forward with this. We did have some cleanup of a couple of 100 individuals.  That cleanup was on going yesterday and overnight last night. That cleanup was important because that was holding this back. Nether words certain individuals were keeping this from going forward. They knew who those people were.  They went ahead and cleaned that up. That being out of the way is a very positive thing.

Bruce:  I want to say regarding the actual redemption of Zim and exchange of currencies there is no cap on the amount of your exchange. There is no top number that you are capped at. I have heard that you may have a limit how much money you can access per year from your accounts.  I believe the number you can max out was 5 Trillion dollars per year. If that is true, I think we can live with that.  I think we can make that work, most of us. We just have to see what happens as far as that goes. I know the would-be structure payouts keep changing as far as the length of the term. We understand the structure payout now is designed to be either 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years.  The same with all the main banks, 3, 5 or 10 years for structure payout.
Bruce: Of course, my big question is going to be: If I go 10 years, what happens at the end of the 10 years? Do we re-up?  Do we negotiate another form of structure payout similar to what we just had? We will see.  We will see how that works. I think that is important for us. I know that as far as having access to funds right away, you need to let them know how much you are going to need in the first 30 days, and how much you are going to need in the first 90 days, totaled. 
How much do you need for your projects?  For your projects keep that number separate from your own actual personal use. Now, my understanding is if you have other currencies to exchange, you will have immediate access to those funds that are Dong, Dinar, Indonesian Rupiah, that type of thing.  You are going to find the rate of the Dong and the rate of the Iranian Rial to be very close, within 10% of the Dinar which is tremendous.  Much higher than we thought it was going to be.

Bruce:  I am going to suggest everybody just get excited and get ready to go.  I do feel really good about timing where we are, and even though we are doing a call tonight, I am encouraged by what is happening behind the scenes and what is going on in this country in terms of infrastructure.

​You know the President had a very positive meeting today. It was 2 hours and some minutes with Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and they put together a fantastic package for infrastructure which would be about 2.6 Trillion dollars. That is very exciting. I believe our President is going to discuss ow that is going to be paid somewhere in about 10 days time. I think we all know how that is going to be paid.
Bruce: So, there is quite a bit going on obviously behind the scenes. I believe we have our trade deal with Chine put together. I know that our Treasury Secretary Mnuchin had a group of 12 take off yesterday evening for China to sort of sign off on it and be there for that.  I do not know if it is going to be announced tomorrow or maybe on Thursday, but I think it could very well be that we have the Chinese Trade Agreement which is wonderful.  Then we can get the USMCA Agreement ratified in Congress.  Then we will be rocking and rolling with trade. 

Bruce:  I tell you guys I can’t go on much longer because there is just such quiet out there. The banks sources that we have have been asked to be very quiet.  We had a little bit of information over the last few days.  Obviously, a lot has happened since our last call on Thursday.   We knew kind of what is going on behind the scenes, and it is all good. Things that were issues a few days ago, are no longer an issue, and that is the kind of news I like to hear.

Bruce:  With that said, I want to thank everybody for tuning into the Big Call again. We will see what we have for the month of May. The month of May sounds like it is going to be a terrific month for us. It really should.  In fact, I believe the rest of the week should be fantastic. So everybody thank you so much for listening.  Thank you everybody in Big Call Universe for listening.  Thank you, Pinkroses for transcribing our call so beautifully every Tuesday and Thursday night.  I just want to thank my team.  Thank you, Sue, thank you Bob and Pastor Steven for your faithfulness and your willingness to help these listeners. Thank you everybody for tuning in. Good night everybody. Thanks again for listening. Let’s just see what happens between now and Thursday.  With that said that will be it for tonight. Good Night Everybody.



MarkZ Wednesday Update:  Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  No more Ground Hog day ... Let's get this party started

MZ: I agree…and that’s the rumor that the party starts late afternoon today…we have so much expectation for today…expectations are huge

Member:  I think Bruce's info from last night was from you MarkZ

MZ: Its not surprising that many of us are getting similar info from the banking side….there really is so much news hitting.

MZ: Little change in news from last night… …..we are still hearing whales with SKRS will have access to their funds late this afternoon (Reno Time) ….

MZ:On n the military side – it was 2 days ago when they had a big meeting in the deep south with current and retired military…they are making certain that security people are in place.

MZ:  We are hearing that they will release 800 numbers on Thursday and redemption centers are being told to prepare for appointments starting on Friday…..so I am expecting we can start making apts. before Friday. The redemption centers firmly believe they will start seeing people on Friday

MZ: This is the third day that I have not been able to contact my friend in Iraq. He may be out in the field….but I cannot contact him

MZ: No confirmed deliveries with CMKX yet….hoping all the deliveries start late afternoon and tonight.

Eagleone2025:  May Day May Day today is May 1st so we are now in the second window. May 1-7 The Meeting in Washington D.C..with Trump went very well.

Q: What was DC meeting about?

Eagleone2025:   The RV

Member:  (Notes from Fleming Tuesday Night)   800#s a supposed to be out tonight or sometime in the morning. What needed to happen today, was that Dubai trust 1 & 2 both got paid out and needed to become liquid for the paymasters by 10pm tonight. 20 min. of repeating last chat info... sigh. Still waiting for word as to whether 3 codes were entered today, to fire this off. Still being told, completed this week. Treasury was ordered to get this done, this week. period. Getting ready to sign off.

Q: Any news from Reno or Switzerland Mark

Q:  Super petchelli bonds Mark any news

MZ:  Have not heard from Switzerland….they had been told things would start Wed. afternoon…..Maybe I will know more this evening.

Q: Are we waiting on the China Deal?

MZ: Many people think we are….I don’t think so

Member : there is a lot of negative people tearing down you and Fleming and TNT and others…saying you don’t know anything.

MZ: If we are indeed as close as we are being told and if there really were 3 letter agencies who don’t want this to happen….what better way to cast doubt then to tear at the people sharing news…..they are really busy trying to tear us all up…..meanwhile you can do your own research …there are great articles from all over the world right now. .Meanwhile they are doing their best to tear us all up. 

Member:  The haters have come out in droves! It's horrible and sickening. We must be close! Amen!

Eagleone2025:  This RV is a very long process for control nation against nation 209 nation the world powers is a big undertaking….. the Battle to keep people in the slave system is very strong. We must stand and we must prayer….. the Battle will keep going long after the RV.
MZ:As to the lawsuit they are moving forward…..they have forex screenshots, banking screenshots…emails, documents and lots of proof. They are still gathering all the information.

Member: Many in other sites think the lawsuit is a bad idea

Member:  Lawsuit is for non payment of a successful law suit. Why is that a bad idea?

Member:  MO....It's not a bad idea. People are only afraid of lawsuits if they've never been involved in one. They are not scary.

Member:  They think it will delay everything, but I don't see how making sure they get paid is bad. Trusting them for 30 years is BAD.

MZ: I do not think this lawsuit will delay anything…….may just get them to stop kicking the can any further.

Q:  Any thoughts on the $2 Trillion infrastructure thingie with Trumps & Dems Mark?

Member:  Kayt posted an amazing video yesterday talking abut how the $2T agreed to by Trump, Pelosi and Shumer is designed to bing down the Fed. It's in the youtube videos room in Discord.

Member:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH3KZAp4RgQ  - Must see! Thanks @KayT

Member:  $2 Trillion deal.... where is the money going to come from? Wink!! Think!

MZ: this is a very interesting article on Zimbabwe….it is showing they are moving their exchange rate.   https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-21/zimbabwe-says-exchange-rate-to-strengthen-as-peg-is-abandoned

MZ: We will have a Wednesday evening stream tonight at 8:00PM est. Hopefully we will have more news by then.

Please listen to Replay for all the details.  Chat moves quickly and Mark speaks very fast.

Replay is https://www.pscp.tv/w/1rmxPejOwZqKN

Or   https://www.twitch.tv/videos/418879858##

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 1 2019

Judy Note: I truly wish that I could tell you all the information on the RV that I have been privy to today, 29 April. I can’t. I would say that the below intel in relation to the RV/GCR, showed us that absolutely everything has been completed and all problems that were holding this up have been resolved. We were very, very close, so get yourself ready immediately, as the RV could literally happen at any moment. 

If you have an international Zim project it would be very important to make your appointment immediately after being notified. It was my understanding that we would have 5, 10, possibly 30 days to redeem Zim Bonds before they were taken off the market. Others say a year. We won’t know for sure until we redeem – though the important thing to realize was that for your own sake, you needed to at least call for an appointment to exchange/redeem ASAP and within hours of receiving notification. 

Zim rates have been fixed according to how you present your project. That would include telling them the exact amount you need in six different categories: (1) the exact amount you need for your project overall, (2) the exact amount you need for yourself overall, (3) the exact amount you need for your project within the first 30 days (4) the exact amount you need for your project in the next 90 days (5) the exact you need for yourself in the first 30 days and (6) the exact amount you need for yourself in the first 90 days. 

Currency rates were very good, much more than we have been told in the past. Long term payouts on the Zim could be 3, 5 or 10 years, so figure accordingly. There was no cap on exchanges/redemptions. You may have a limit of how much you could access per year on the Zim (5 trillion dollars per year). 

Where much was given, much was expected. With the adjustments to the gold standard, takedown of the corrupt Cabal international banking system, mass arrests of over 90,000 global and political elites, plus their ongoing military tribunals and federal court cases, read the below carefully – all the way to the end – and prepare yourself and your loved ones for a world of political and economic chaos. 

- All intel has been ordered to go silent. 

- The Iraqi Dinar has been live in-country since last week and was expected to go international sometime this week. 

- All 122 Paymaster Accounts have been made liquid. 

- By Sat. April 27 banks had locked-in rates that were trading live. 

- On Sat. April 27 exchange centers were put on standby – where they remained today. 

- As of April 29 for security reasons and because they wanted to keep monies within their own countries, both the US and Iraq appeared to have closed their borders as far as currency was concerned. Neither country would allow people to leave their countries with currencies or Zim Bonds and would confiscate the currency and/or bonds of those who tried. 

- We would all go at once: us, Whales in Reno and the General Public. 

- Appointment notification and 800#s were expected at any time. 

- Mass Arrests of elites named in over 90,000 federal indictments would continue until at least Fri. May 3. On that Fri. May 3 the Global Currency Reset would complete. 

- By May 11 the Inspector General Report on former FBI Director Comey would release. 

- Early June the IG Horowitz Report would be made public (implicating Obama, Clinton). 

- Declassification of FISA court abuse would occur after the IG Reports were released. 

- GESARA and a new flat tax system would be implemented following the RV/GCR. 


The Alliance was actively dismantling the Cabal's Central Banking system and their fiat debt-based financial system that took US Taxpayer dollars by way of the IRS and US Inc.’s Federal Reserve and sent it to the Queen’s Bank of London, on to the Vatican Bank and Central Banks across the globe. About a month later the US dollars were returned to a New York Central Bank where we were charged interest to borrow on our own monies in order to pay government employees and drive up the national debt. NESARA was a law passed by the Supreme Court that determined that this practice was illegal. Under force, Bill Clinton signed NESARA into law, though it has never been implemented – until President Trump. GESARA was a global version of NESARA.

Warning: As of April 29 both the US and Iraq appeared to have closed their borders and not allow people to leave their countries with currencies or Zim Bonds. They wanted the monies to be exchanged or redeemed within their own countries. Your currency or Zim Bonds would be confiscated if you tried to exchange/redeem outside your own country. 

Websites that would publish 800 numbers:
Bruce’s The Big Call: 800#s bigcalluniverse.com
Dinar Chronicles: 800#s HERE TETELESTAI 

A. April 30 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456# 

1. Sources were told to be quiet. Bank sources have gone silent. 

2. Cannot talk about rates. 

3. Dinar off screens Mon, could be back up tonight. 

4. There is a call going on right now about a major settlement 

5. Some sources say things would roll out tonight Tues. April 30 and into tomorrow May 1

6. 800#s would follow perhaps tomorrow late morning Wed. May 1

7. Cleanup was ongoing last night Mon. April 29. A certain 100 people were preventing this from going forward. The issues have been resolved. 

8. There was no cap on the exchanges. 

9. You may have a limit of how much you could access per year on the Zim (5 trillion dollars per year). 

10. Structured payouts were now 3, 5 or 10 years. 

11. Know how much you need for your project and yourself overall, in first 30 days and in the first 90 days. 

12. The rates of the Dong and Rial were very close to the Dinar rate – within 10%. 

B. April 30 2019 Coffee with MarkZ Tues. Morning: "Coffee with MarkZ" Tuesday Q&A 4-30-19 https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGavywZjQJjhttps://www.twitch.tv/videos/418420488## MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1. There was a whole lot of movement yesterday Mon. April 29. High level military meetings went on about how to handle the execution of stuff – a landmark meeting.

2. Banks and redemption centers seem to be ramping up activity right now – getting ready for tomorrow? I hope so.

3. A lot happened in Reno that I cannot talk about. I believe Whales got some got partial funding. They were told they would get full access to their funds tomorrow May 1.

4. Tomorrow May 1 could be the day based on what I heard today.

5. If the Whales have full access we should get 800 numbers tomorrow Wed. May 1.

6. Nflemingjr: That is the plan

7. People in other countries found out they cannot exchange yet. The rates are still on hold everywhere.

8. Eagleone2025: Sources in Asia say there was no change. Asia was still waiting no movement from source in Iraq.

9. Are they exchanging possibly in Iraq? They could legally go days before us in Iraq. Keep in mind that Kuwait went 10 days before the rest of the world caught on and they went international.

10. A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates, period.

11. Nflemingjr: I have been told not to mention anything about rates as well

12. Nflemingjr: I have been told that this should be the week for the 800#'s

13. Eagle2025: The Military meeting took place in Huntsville Alabama. There were more Generals there than in the rest of the country combined. My source was one who was there. He stated that he was in ready mode. I’m sorry I can't share more. I was not allowed.

14. Between retired and current military it was a who’s who meeting. Eagle is very connected on the military side of things. We are very blessed to have such patriots in our military.

15. Nflemingjr: All I can say is that a call was made to the some of the Elders from someone that saved them a lot of money and asked why the can was being kicked down the road. The Sec. of Treasury called that person and told him that everything was resolved.

16. Nflemingjr: You would not be going to a military base to redeem Zim unless you have boxes of it. (Judy Note: this was controversial and may not necessarily be true.)

17. Nflemingjr: There might caps and restrictions on the Zim, but you will not know for sure until you redeem. There are so many rumors concerning the Zim that you will not know for sure until you went in. (Judy Note: This was controversial and may not necessarily be true).

18. It was very possible that CMKX deliveries would be tonight Tues. April 30.

19. On the super Petchellis Bonds: We know they should have processed already on Monday April 29. We were being told they should process on Wed. May 1. Now there seemed to be a whole lot staged for tomorrow May 1.

20. Nflemingjr: I mentioned the other day that the Elders are very angry with the US because of the delays and I do know that everything was supposed to be resolved over the weekend. From the looks of it, the matter was resolved and the US was told to get this done this week.

21. I am hearing exactly the same. So much happened today Tues. April 30. I wish I could tell you everything.

22. Nfleming: There was a big push by the Treasury get the release tonightApril 30 because all the funds have been dispersed and liquid tonight April 30.

23. I cannot find the Dinar “live” anywhere outside Iraq yet. It’s possible it is live in-country. I’m having a really hard time getting any info in or out of Iraq over the last few days. 

24. There was a rumor out there that 30% of CMKX got their packages. I do not know anyone personally that received theirs. If there was an NDA we wouldn’t know. I firmly believed I would be one of the last people to receive my package because I’m a public figure.

25. We feel they would release it all before Ramadan so they can have a helaciously fun Ramadan period. Ramadan does not affect this. We should be done by then. Ramadan starts Sunday evening May 5.

26. We have been told over and over again that the RV would not be taxable. However, none of us will know for sure until it goes.

27. I believe the gold standard is running as a hybrid for international trade, not for us regular folks yet. 

28. We were about to have a huge liquidity crunch and they need to get this finished this week. 

29. Eagleone2025: Be prepared. The country was divided. This RV was good. The Deep State was still in the works. A 911 event was in the wind, so pray.

Member: This one is the UK version of 'End of the road'

Member: Economic Truth documentary - How is Money Created

C. April 30 2019 12:50 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 30, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The IG (Inspector General) report on Comey was expected to reveal incriminating information and would be released within two weeks.

2. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (RR) submitted his resignation just prior to release of the IG report.

3. The declassification of FISA court abuse was expected to occur after the release of the IG report.

4. The Alliance was actively dismantling the Cabal's Central Banking system and the fiat debt-based financial system.

5. May was expected to be the month of massive changes.

6. At this time sources were remaining mostly silent about the RV. 


Sam Oliver - Did you notice all the wonderful articles that came out today? Each one talks about rebuilding the infrastructure in America.

Deals were being made to promote a growing economy. Taking money from the future and using it in the here and now, so we can somehow survive these present moments in an economy of survival that one day is stated as surviving and the next day as doing well.

It seems we have unity now between the democrats and republicans on borrowing 990 billion dollars to fix what is presently broken. Fueling the economy with more debt. Sounds like a good plan for the moment don't you think?


It is a good plan if you want to bankrupt an economy. Have you ever noticed what happens to people who go bankrupt? Many people go on a buying spree and accumulate a huge debt knowing it cannot be paid back.

And then, you get a lawyer to present your case that a debt you have cannot be reasonably paid. A judge looks at the figures, and the gavel comes down on a verdict declaring you free from a debt that once loomed over you and kept you from knowing the freedom of what was weighing you down for so long.

As this plan to borrow into infinity continues, the dollar will weaken and more de-dollarizing will continue to take place. Why?

Because this debt cannot be paid anyway, gold will continue to detach itself from the dollar and create it's own path. At this point, gold can attach itself to anything it wants to like USN notes or remain it's own entity.

This separation will become so great that the two will no longer be able to co-exist together. At this point you have a runaway dollar that cannot sustain all it's own debts and eventually find a ruling on it to cancel all debts through eliminating everything attached to it including derivatives on those stocks and bonds along with it.

Perhaps, this is why you see so few traders now in the market and into buying physical gold.

They know it has a value, and they are placing their efforts in a new golden opportunity that lies ahead.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

According to Earth Alliance briefings, a military industrial complex underground facility in Co Deongal, Ireland was recently destroyed.

The destruction of the facility caused a minor earthquake in the area.


Americans are reporting sightings of major US military movements and deployments across the nation.

According to sources, POTUS is preparing for possible civil unrest and violence from left leaning individuals and groups.


The IG report on Comey will soon be released.

DECLAS on FISA court abuse and misconduct will follow shortly after.

Meanwhile, the RV is also expected to occur sometime this month.

Sources believe the RV is expected to begin the day after Mother's Day with the redemption of currencies being completed by Father's Day.

Major events are expected to occur this month.