Monday, April 29, 2019


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: We are being told the rates are set. There was a lot of activity in Reno last night.

The whales there were told they would be processed late afternoon/evening today. There is a tremendous amount of expectation in Reno for today. We are hoping this holds true.

Mr. Cottrell has not been paid yet. When he goes. Its either the tail end of Tier 3 or the beginning of Tier 4- depending how you look at it. When they allow him to finish his job which is refund the new currency….then we will have our new asset backed currency.

We have people going to Dubai and Sudi Arabia today to find out if they can exchange there yet.

Today will be a very busy day for intel.

Eagleone2025:  Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore contact have all confirm no go there

Member:  Good morning Mark we rang the Arab bank here in Australia about the Dinar not exchanging yet also HSBC not yet

Eagleone2025:  Trump will not let us go to Canada to exchange. Trump team is working on this release. Trade agreements have been worked out.  Passports would be shut down if Trump let us go to Canada America will fall. He is not going to let the money go out of the Country.

Eagleone2025:  Warning do not try to leave country with your currency they will take your currency even if you have TSA papers

MZ: I am talking about a smaller note in a wallet if people really need to exchange something ASAP......I would never travel with all my currency by plane or let it out of my sight.

Eagleone2025:  Military Operation Team are on Standby. Waiting for call from some military Sources. Calls in for some Govt. Leads.

Member:  A New Novel "My year living in a hotel in Reno"

Q: What is the status of the lawsuit?

MZ: They are in the discovery phase getting all the paperwork together

Q:  Does President Trump need to be out of State for the RV to complete?

MZ: The protocols in the past stated that yes the POTUS needed to be international for this to go.  It was my understanding that was because at that time we had presidents fighting the reset and we needed them gone so as not to mess with things……that may not be true anymore.

Member:  Trump will be in Japan for the Change over for the New Emperor of Japan as his father is retiring. Trump will be meeting with the New Emperor and with Abe.

Q: yesterday you thought today might bring the 800 numbers?

MZ: IMO that is still possible

Q: Will we see rates on forex before we exchange?

MZ:  I believe we will get 800 numbers and start exchanging before they put the rate on forex. If they still want to keep things quiet they will want us to exchange and sign those NDA’s.

nflemingjr: We are not going to be seeing it on the Forex until we are done

Q: Some gurus said that when Iraq goes international they can only hold back the new rates for 72 hours. ?

MZ: We do not have concrete proof that it is international over there yet.  We do have concrete proof that rates are locked in and showing now though. Hoping we get that that Iraqi proof today

Q: Did Iraq truly close its borders over the weekend?

MZ: I have a close friend in Iraq and he told me the borders near him were restricted…..they were checking people for currency at the borders. So he assumed this was all over the country at all the borders but we do not know for sure.

Eagle2025:   border agents will hold you and your currency. this is the real deal.

Q: Is it possible the rates you are seeing now is for groups?

MZ: That is very possible. And as soon as the group are finished ..it will change to the street rates.  Highly possible.
Q: Fleming said yesterday we have been asset backed for awhile now. What are your thoughts?

MZ:  I believe we are operating with some type of hybrid now for international trade. Based on what we are are seeing for funding corridors and liquidity . I believe when China went to a gold backed yuan for any oil or energy purposes that we did something similar.  I do not think our common, everyday currency that we spend every day at the grocery store or whatever is assett backed yet. Think of it as a  modified version of Bretton Woods…..imo

Q: Are you still confident the CMKX packages are about to be delivered.

MZ: I am hoping this afternoon….I am hoping tomorrow will be a big payday for many people.

nflemingjr: The big push is still being applied to get this done

Q: Will reset momemtum slow down during Raamadan?

MZ: they are trying to get this done before Ramadan…..is what we were told

Member:  Ramadan 2019 will begin on Monday, 6th May 2019 (according to Saudi Arabia) and end on Tuesday, 4th June 2019.

Member:  Mark won't say it but I will... if you don't like the format(s) that's being presented, move along... get your own intel. Get real!!

MZ: If I have a better idea on timing or news I will send a tweet or have a short stream tonight.

Member:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-27/jpmorgan-we-are-approaching-point-again-where-us-banks-run-out-liquidity

Member:  End Of The Road movie https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

MZ: This is a must watch about fiat currency and why it doesn’t work long term

Member:  CMKX:   call replay 712.770.4949 pin 531327#

Please be sure to listen to the replay for all the details. Highlights are only part of the info on today’s call.

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Over the weekend, everybody was on alert, looking for this to happen, not really  Saturday. What did happen was just as good. The banks were looking at some live rates, some actually tradable rates, though they weren’t the countries we wanted. But, there were some countries that might have been trading, that they thought they were going to release, yesterday or earlier today. We know the rates on the screen were locked in. They felt like they were going to go. They did do what they haven’t done since January. They contacted all the exchange centers and put people on Stand-by to be able to get to their station within one hour of receiving their call. They weren’t on lockdown. They are still on Stand-by, at this moment. That is where we are.

The bank is telling us – all the details I am getting this morning from at least 3 different places – Iraq has now fully completed what they needed to do for the RV to go through. It has been processed and we are waiting for the UST to give the release to the banks, here, for it to get started. When that happens, when the UST gives the release, ther rate will be posted on the CBI and we will get started.

Outside the US Boarders (story we are looking for confirmations) – at least one Canadian bank was going to start making appointments for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That was Saturday. Our own banks thought we would start today. It could happen at any moment. I know Mnt Goat is saying 2020 again. Everyone else is preparing for it to happen, now, in the US and Iraq. The window is still including this week, and they put everyone on standby, multiple banks and people, thinking they will do appointments this week. Still, we wait on the UST. They haven’t given the final GO, though the banks have the codes in preparation, and they haven’t put them in the system, yet.

Noble1111 – Tony indirectly mentioned a particular bank on Mon., 4/22nd. I spoke with a wealth manager here in a Florida’s local branch of the bank Tony mentioned on yesterday, by way of a family member’s relationship her. The wealth manager says she’s heard others [military holders of dinar] talk about Iraqi Dinar outside of the banking industry. She asked that I email her some info about it. Can you suggest what info could be sent to her or a link for her to read? She says she is a private financial advisor/wealth manager that manages up to only 15 mil in assets but there are others that manage much higher that she could direct us to. T – no, go in Chat and ask somebody. There are some articles out there.

One of the transcribers, Sunny, died last Friday. We are hearing that PaperBoy also passed last night. (They mentioned some other deaths of TNT Family members, or their close relatives, that happened recently.)

Skipped – Bernie66 – Is there any validity that there might be a Class Action law suit if the RV doesn’t happen?

Skipped – Lena – Tony, you seem to give us a lot of what the Bank/Treasuary information gives you. Aren’t you a bit insulted that they keep giving you this type of information especially since it seems non of it has ever come true?

Skipped – Windfall55 – trust questions: how long does the grantor have to wait to become a trustee? is grantor and settlor the same thing? in opening the trust is the 1st and last page all that is required to submit to the bank? can the trust and the foundation (trust) move money back and forth? when and where is your next trust seminar?

Minicoopsc – On Sunday when speaking about trust, you spoke on trust A trust B owning and allotting usage of a vehicle..how are both trust tied together? Is there a written contract between the two trust? R –through a contractual agreement.

Skipped – BurbankLou – Does your committee person have an explanation for why the RV hasn’t happened?

Lena – In News Post it says Iraq will not go along with the sanction against Iran and that the US is serious to punish those who do not abide by the sanctions. Can you tell us where your think this will leave us? Will it be 3 more years and hopefully a new administration in Iraq that will get it done? Or what?? T – I think Iraq has been given waivers from some things on the Sanctions, and maybe they are putting together a final list of what they will and won’t be able to do, but they aren’t going to do what our Administration has been doing – cut off their nose to spite their face. Even this Administration is not that stupid, I don’t think. Iraq is too dependent on Iran to just cut them off. It doesn’t even make sense. Now, 2-3 years from now, if Saudi Arabia and Jordan comes in, and others, and get a bigger percentage of what Iraq does, maybe they will. But, right now, today, we couldn’t enforce that if we wanted to, with it crashing Iraq’s economy. So, that doesn’t really make sense to say we will enforce those sanctions against Iraq, like we are going to with other countries. So, that is not going to hold up the RV.

The State Department has everything sitting in their hand right now, but they are pushing it forward. They are the ones notifying the banks, so you guys know, telling them how close they are, to get ready or not get ready. They are the ones to process the release codes, and we had somebody in the room, to even go that far and give them. We got on Saturday that they were asked to apply to some countries and they were tradable Saturday. We don’t have a list of the countries. They weren’t the ones that we wanted. But they were looking at the screens and saying these are the ones that are tradable, and we could start trading these countries. They haven’t done that so far. Iraq is just trying to make it clear they aren’t a pawn between the US and Iran, they don’t want their land to be used, and they don’t want to be in the middle of a war between Iran and the US. They are also saying they are not going to starve their people because you two are arguing. We won’t ruin our economy because of the two of you. We are going to continue, which is what they should do.

Skipped – Alf – How is Iraq’s refusal to abide by the US sanctions on Iran  will effect the RV?

Red – q1. would you comment on the Lower Denoms in Iraq status now? T – don’t have an update on that. We know they were putting out the new 50s, 100s, 250s. They are still supposed to be in the ATMs and the banks. Our banker over there says they have them in the Vault. This is what I got from our guy in Iraq this morning. Our Iraq guy said he didn’t know what else to tell us. We have done absolutely everything that we were supposed to do. We are getting paid.  We got that contractors got paid at a new rate on Friday. We got that from a couple of other sources. I also got from my street guy that he hasn’t seen that yet. He thinks the contractors got paid at the old rate. He is not a contractor. He owns his business in the Green Zone. He knows about the lower denoms, and the new cards they got last week. The exchange rate on those cards is whatever the rate is in the country where they go and use them. That says they have to have international rates. They are not all the same. Article came out Friday and it was on TV. That was why the banks, here, were hyped up about the weekend and this week.

Skipped – q2 the contractors pay do you know the value of their payments and have they received all the backpay?

q3 In the USA are the bankers calling in the certain ones to get exchanged in the last few days? How Many people,  What Currencies,   amount received ? T – Haven’t heard about any of that in the last few days. Banks have contacted some people to get their stuff ready, maybe brought some people in to count their currency, and look at their documents. And, some told people they thought they would be going this week, if not over the (last).weekend.

Skipped – q4 looking at the big picture of the RV why would an informational source keep putting egg on the face of the highest level bankers time after time?

Tndr – Topic- Banks already exchanged some clients.

Please share why you think any bank would risk exchanging their clients’ currency before a public release of the anticipated rates without a claw back clause (Tony recently shared Intel from a person who stated they exchanged, no clawback, and not a SKR). Are these early exchanges more frequent lately? T – only thing I can say is the bank has a relation with the person, already, and didn’t need it. One guy who exchanged didn’t have that clawback in there. If they are doing that now, they are doing it at a rate where they are making money. Like if they did the zim at .03 and it comes out at .33, they are making money. That is the only gamble they are taking, and they restrict how much they can withdraw.

Topic – Committee info from this past weekend.

Ray, your update on Sat mentioned you received info from the committee on Saturday when you typically do not hear from them on weekends. We are sure you did not share all they did. Do you have more confidence in what they said about timing due to this reaching out to you on a weekend? What else can you share about their Saturday message/info to you? R – basically he shared that Thursday, after midnight last week, was when they expected the RV to happen.

Storm – You mentioned in past weeks to watch oil. For a while it was climbing nearly 1.00 plus a day. It seems to have settled. What number if any are you watching for? Did the Iraqi citizens get paid for April? If not, happen to know what they are telling them? T – They set the budget at $47 I think, and got excited when it hit $53. We got $6.50 to $8 something as a range last weekend. They couldn’t give us the exact rate because it was locked. It is based on the price of oil and how high it goes up. I know they are passed what is needed for the budget.

Chris – My intel tells me that MIKE (Gman -donation guy) from PA will be with us all summer is that true? R – when we tell you stuff, we tell you where we got it. You should ask your source why he said that.

BobK – First did Iraq open the bank in Saudi Arabia?  If so is there some type rule that says 72 hours later it needs to be world wide? T – They did open the bank there. But, it is Coming Soon, because there are still things they need to do.

Papa bear – How to place Dinar currency into a Roth 401K prior to revaluation? R – It has to purchase it.

G8day – I want to move badly, hate the area where I live.  Would either one of you bet a million dollars that I can live in the house of my dreams if I just wait a week or two? R – no. But, I will if you just wait.

AWN92 – My question is regarding the IMF Projects that we can invest in. Let’s say I want to invest $10 million in an IMF Project. Does that money stay at the bank, meaning can I use it as leverage for a higher rate, or does that money have to be transferred out of the bank in order to participate in the project? T – Your money goes in the bank and the bank will control the money for a bank project. But, the IMF has to be in control of the money for their projects. They can’t use the money if the bank has control of it. If you invest your money with someone, they have to be able to use your money. We don’t have the information on how it will work, but we will get it.  Your money will go to where you are investing it. They have to be able to use it.

Skipped – ShayJay – If the Revalue goes past tomorrow, (April 30) and goes into May, how long will it take for them to issue NEW CODES for the month to the banks?

NewMoney28 – I have a friend that I just introduced to the Iraqi dinar. THis is the first time he’s listening to a live call. He’d like to know a little about the NDA for the contract rate. He’s receiving conflicting information from other fellow Dinarians. He’d like to hear info directly from Tony so that he’s clear concerning the NDA as to weather or not he should or should not sign a NDA. T – I’ve done this for over 10 years. The NDA has gone from many pages to a few pages. It went from a 10 year to 90 day NDA, supposedly. Your NDA should be about 4 pages, maybe 10 total with signature pages. All it means is don’t tell the RATE you got. Everyone will be exchanging dinar, so that part is not a secret. They don’t want us, Dinarians, trying to challenge the banks to get what someone else got, and get upset with the banks. You have to ask for the Contract Rate, or anything other than the standard rate, and you should have to sign the NDA. Don’t be afraid of signing it. Just don’t tell everyone the rate you got. If you do, they can take back the money. If that scares you, just take the standard rate. Don’t overcomplicate it.

865 – 404 – We have always been alerted that, at the end, there would be mass confusion. What are your sources saying about First baskets, Second baskets etc., now? Are they coalescing in their opinions? T – No, the baskets are still there, as far as the top ones. That part is not confusing, at all. The timeframe is probably still there between baskets.

C – With respect to the information your sources are sharing – the banks, the Committee guy, and any others – how does that compare with each other? Is their info dovetailing or still differing? T – They are still different. The Committee guy is still saying what they are saying, and the banks are still saying what they are saying. Let me tell you what is happening, though. More and more banks are saying they are being trained for the same thing – that they are taking the Zim notes and this is how it is going to be processed. We now know that the banks have different contracts with the UST. They are not all going to operate the same way, and they are not all going to have the same rate. It will be based on their contract with the UST. They are all still saying they are going to take the Zim. HSBC will be the foundation for the Zim, like Wells Fargo is the foundation for the the RV, itself. Multiple banks will be able to exchange it.

C – You indicated we are just waiting for the UST to issue the go ahead? Any other countries that need to be nudged to the end, or is it just down to the UST? T – Out of Iraq and out of our banking system, they are both telling me it is up to the UST. They have the codes. But, they don’t have the authority to put the code in there to make it work. The Rates are sitting on the screens waiting for that.

C – will codes need to be extended if it goes past the 30 days from the day they were released? T – I think it started on the 9th of April, so it should go to May 9th.

Tony – She brought up a good point about the stress everyone is under. Someone sent me an email from another guru about what should be happening. Sometimes other people get information first. I have to verify that, and understand it, before passing it on to you. The biggest controversy is about the Zim for us. What I don’t like is people blatantly trying to take advantage of other people. These are people saying you won’t be able to exchange if you don’t sign up with them. You need to get a contract that they signed with the UST or the banking system that gives them that power.

Some say you have to have a Business Plan submitted to the bank, and to Zimbabwe, in order for you to exchange, that is a Con. There are no Middlemen in this. You go to the bank and make your own decisions. The bank is not going to work your Business Plan. They are not going to work with everyone’s different Business Plan. Guys, be careful and smart.

610 – Gman in PA – donations to TNT

440 – all these people you work with, here and in Iraq, has it been the same ones, or have you had to get new ones? Do you vet them? How has the relationship developed? T – we have dealt with this before. I didn’t ask to do this for more than a week, in the beginning. People started contacting me, as this progressed. My first Govt contact was through Okie, who was the first to tell me they were listening to me in the Pentagon. Someone in the RNC, both political parties, some wanted me to do political things I didn’t want to do. Then I got someone from Homeland, Secret Service, FBI, CIA. They got reports about what I had said on different shows. They said I was being straight with everyone so that is how it came to be, over here. The sources kept building, with new  banking and Govt people, until we go to THE RIGHT PEOPLE. One told me I made the agreement with John Kerry, who gave us our seat at the table, but he was wrong. He would never have said that if he knew what was going on, so I had to doubt what he was telling me. In Iraq, it was different. They were listening in Internet Cafes. I was at a bank where they were pinging the system, 10 years ago, and I went and got a hotdog, so I was called the Hotdog King. Then, it went to Kurdistan, then to Baghdad, through Canada and New Zealand. We had to vet people and the information. They said I was doing this right, explaining how to act at the bank, how Govt works, how to invest, trying to help the people, etc. That is how we got selected. That is why, when we were informed some were trying to cut us out, I had to make phone calls, and they got back to me to ask what we wanted in exchange for stopping the #wearethepeople campaign. That is when we made the deal, and I just wanted to keep us in the game, at a fair rate, because I knew what others were getting. He said, “Calm down. You have earned your seat at the table.” There is another idiot out there talking about starting a lawsuit (MarkZ?) to try to force our Govt, and countries around the world, to do the RV. We can’t demand that. They could upset things like the Contract Rate for everyone. The only ones who are different are this Administration.

C – is most of the contact by phone, or email for a paper trail? T – it is both.

281 – everything sounds good, but it doesn’t happen. Is there another back wall? Only one more day in April. There is the no-win situation in Iran. T – if it wasn’t for DC, we wouldn’t have some of our major contacts. He was sent to me from Washington. He is doing other things, now, and didn’t want his name brought up, but you brought it up. We could not have gotten this far with him, and Pam and Brenda who set this up for TNT. It is not that I am an optimist. I believe in this, and know things are moving forward. As DC said, we only get a percentage of the info. We have probably been missing another 20%. And, right now, we are missing that 1% that is the reason the UST hasn’t let this go. They give us a window, just like they do the banks to look for it during that time. They are looking for something and when it happens they will give the banks the GO. We don’t know what that something else is. What we are being told has nothing to do with Iraq. Nothing! It has something to do – okay – it has something to do with something else than we are being told. We don’t know when that is going to occur. But, they are saying it could happen in the next 72-hoursIt should have happened last week. We are still waiting for this and this to be agreed on and then we are going to let this go. But, Iraq has done everything they need to do. And, that is all we need to know. We are just sitting back publically – you Guys need to understand that just because we see something doesn’t mean it is the real reason. Just because you are being told something, doesn’t mean that is what it really is. It is just what you are being told at the time. Right now, we are being told nothing happens till the Ministers in Iraq are done. Really? How long does that take to come up with four names? Does it really take 6 months, or was that being used as an excuse to do something else in the background, that they really didn’t want us to know about? But, that was the excuse. Now, they say they have the names and they say they will vote on Wednesday. Will they? They have been saying that since January, because they don’t know when this other part will be completed, so they keep switching dates from week to week to week. They want to vote. They want to get it done. But, if they do, what do they tell their people, then? The Govt will be fully seated, and the CBI has already said they are ready to go. The currency is there. Everyone has already offered us the reconstruction aid. What excuse will we use if we don’t use this, until the US says they can go? That is the bottom line. Now, what is the US trying to do? We already know we are trying to force them to do something with Iran, trying to make sure we are in control of it, trying to keep the dollar where it is at because once this happens, we lose that power and control over Iraq, and a bunch of things are going to happen, and we are trying to prepare for those. So, when is that last one in place so they can say GO? We don’t know. All we can do is operate with the information we are given.

C – we just don’t know when the UST will do it. What is your projection on when it might go if it goes past April? T – last week we were told it would happen last week, or by the end of this week. I was given that LAST Monday. We are getting what the banks are now saying is their timeframe, since Iraq is saying they have done everything. What else can they do. They are NOT going to name the ministers until they are sure this is done and will go through.

C – taxes. If I gave $50K to my son, or give them a trust. Which is better? T – if you give them money it will be taxed, (unless Gifted). R – A trust will teach them how to handle the money.

281 – do you think Iraq could get energy from Saudi Arabia instead of Iran? T – yes, but they can’t supply the country overnight. You didn’t mean it when it was told them they had 45 days to do it. That was all misdirection.

C – does gas prices going up help? T – no, oil prices is going up because they are controlling production, so gas prices are going up. Remember when it was $2.50 a gal, and went up to $4, then down to $2.85 and everyone was happy. They move up the price that way.

C – from what you do know, do you believe we will go before the week is out? T – the banks are on standby, and I think it could go from today’s close of business through Friday. They are only waiting to input the codes the UST has already given them. We just don’t know what the UST is waiting for. If they don’t do it, I will just go buy more dong. I know for sure it will happen.

205 – so, all this time it has been the UST doing a defensive thing against Iran? Just a bargaining tool to pressure Iran? T – yes, it is definitely putting pressure on Iran. In case you didn’t know, it is an economic war with Iran, trying to starve them out. In or der to do that, and the last part of that, is to cut them off from getting money from Iraq, since every other country is cut off due to sanctions. We are trying to collapse their economy – for lack of a better word – so they will bow down and do what we tell then to do. We aren’t going to use bullets and bombs, and everything else. Remember the book: Confessions of an Economic Hitman. That is exactly what is going on. The final blow is to get Iraq to stop doing business with them, but this is what has to happen. If we get Iraq to stop doing business with them, Iraq will start choking themselves to death. So, they have no other option. 80% of their trade and economy is coming through Iran. So, how are you going to tell somebody I want you to choke them to death, and oh, yeah, put the string around your own neck, too. I know that is graphic, but you have to see what is going on, and understand it. To do what they US wants, they have to hurt themselves. The US is saying, well, do it or we won’t give you the money to let you grow to be the richest country in that area unless you do this – choke them out, first. You have to make Iran feel the pain, first, before we let you feel the success. That is what Iraq has been negotiating for the last year – trying to reach an agreement they can live with. What we have been telling them doesn’t make sense.

C – so, Iraq and the US negotiate, but they get power, water, etc. from Iran because that is who they border with. Are they doing that with dinar? T – yes, and that is what Iran wants, and it will have greater value than the USD, then they can go to the other countries and trade the dinar, so the US is trying to cut that off.

C – so the US has to be happy with the negotiations before they flip the switch? T – yes, that is it, but we don’t know what that means. Is that the Ministers positions, the Interior position? The two positions that will control the money? Or, have the already made an agreement on that? They are slowly making agreements on what Sanctions they have to uphold, and which they will be given a grace period on? And, once that is done, there is nothing else to do. Right?

C – so they are negotiating daily until the US is happy with the agreements? T – basically, that is what Iraq is doing. They don’t want to be a war zone, or a landing spot for the US to attack Iran or anybody else. Those are the kind of agreements they are putting in place. The US is using this as a reward to get what they want till they get to a place they can agree.

C – I see. Iraq is wanting to rebuild from a war, and don’t want another war. Has the US been holding this back all along? T – all along. The US has stopped this every time they have tried to do it.

C – So, we haven’t been waiting on all these little things to get done, like we thought. T – Well we have because the last Admin wanted all this done first, to make sure the money was going to be secure before we gave them the money. This Admin is using it as both a carrot and a stick. If you do this you get rewarded; if you don’t we will beat you across the head.

281 – so with the Canadian bank info, they would have to have a rate to do that, but it isn’t on Forex? T – yes, they have a rate but can’t use it.

C – is it the same in Iraq? Is it live in other regions of the country? Are there any articles out there pertaining to what we are looking for? T – this is what I have. There has been a rate change in the Middle East, months ago, using different rates. Contractors got paid before, the military got paid different rates months ago. They used to turn the rates on and off during the nights. They are doing that over there, at certain points. Last week, the contractors got $9 something per dinar, based on what they were owed for years. We got that from 3 contractors. Others said they got the same rate. They turn it off and on for certain situations. Our info from the banks, and from people over there, Iraq has completed what they need to do in the system, and requested the rate be changed from the UST, and that is what we are waiting for.

C – so is it just not seen in Iraq, or the rest of the world, too? T – it is not being seen, but there are rate differences. They got a new card last week, and the rate is dependent on what country that person is in.

C – there are people investigating why some people are able to exchange in other parts of the world, can we go to those regions to exchange? T – in most countries, to go in a bank to exchange hundreds of thousands of dollars, they will ask if you are a citizen, or that you have to be there for 6 months or more, for example. If you take an amount of dinar out of the country that is the equivalent of $5M, the DOJ will have something to say about that. We just have to wait. Regardless of where you go, they will report it to the US. When the masses go in other countries, we will start going, here, too.

C – the people on Standby, they have the release codes but can’t put them in? T – yes.

C – is it a one-time thing, or for each person? T – it lets the rate go from the back to the front screen to let us exchange. It opens it up for everybody.

Still a good day. Everything is in place. Banks have people on standby, which they hadn’t done for months. They must think something was imminent. I am working my plan. Make sure you have one.

R – good information day. Sadly, we have lost people along the way. We have lost a cluster of TNT members recently. PaperBoy had worked the hardest since Daz passed. I was talking to him Saturday about doing a Memorial Call for those who have passed. PaperBoy and I had just talked about losing Sunny.


All the conversations and narratives from the past week seem to be suggesting the GCR/RV has started and is well underway.

Following a predesigned schedule of fund release: the tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 distribution sequences. Tier 4 being the public. Basically the Royals, Elders, elites and groups, then the public.

This rollout is over a period of time not a next day scenario. The key thing is to verify it has begun, then it is just a matter of time before the public gets their opportunities.

I listen to way too much rhetoric on the GCR with no real way to verify the information.

They say, the prosperity programs have begun payouts, paymasters have been made liquid, the USN is live though the QFS, F&Ps money is moved for disbursal. All good news but do we hear what we want to hear or is there reality behind it?

There is really know way to know or verify. So why concern yourself on things you can’t change or effect?

But getting a verification is no easy task. The bloggers and Intel providers that state “it has been verified” can either be accepted by their readers as gospel, depending on your trust level, or not.

We are all so eager to hear good news we accept this information more blindly then we should. Always remember “those that know don’t say and those that say don’t know”.

What is without question is the momentum of the event is constant and perpetual, meaning moving faster and faster.

Reality remains the focus, not speculation or the “fly-on-the-wall” that somehow leaked information. My reality suggests that the legislative laws that have to be modified or created to monitor and control this financial boon (in every participating country) have yet to be realized.

I monitor the 116th congress activity 4 to 5 times a week. When it becomes part of the Congressional Record (in the U.S.) I’ll consider that verification. Some of these other countries are not as open to “freedom of information” as we are, so it makes it more difficult to view their legislative activities in motion but they are in motion.

When you view the happenings of our congress's daily activity (just google Congressional Records) it can appear to be overwhelming with the number of bills introduced. View the bills introduced, input the bill number you want to see and click on the “All Actions” tab and you can see the current status of any particular bill you are inquiring about.

The thing to keep in mind is how things actually work. You may see very little activity on any particular bill, as reported by the Government Publishing Office (These are the guys that transcribe and publish the conversations and activities of the House, Senate and Supreme Court).

What you do not see is the lobbing behind the scenes prior to a vote being called for in the House or Senate. The real work is done outside the session.

When a vote on a bill is called for on the floor it has pretty much already been determined how many Yeah’s and Nay’s there are toward that bill.

The vote itself is semantics and a formality. How it works-Bill Introduced-Passed House-Passed Senate-To President-Becomes Law.

As an Example H.R. 25 titled The Fair Tax Act of 2019 -A bill to promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States; to the Committee on Ways and Means.

This bill has had only 2 actions since introduced on Jan 3, 2019. There are 29 co-sponsors and only recently was the bill “Summary” published.

H.R. 24 Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019 - A bill to require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States, and for other purposes, to the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

71 co-sponsors (similar bill in the Senate S.148)

It is not enough to just wish and hope something of this magnitude will happen, it has to follow governmental and legislative protocols to be enacted and implemented into the national and international economic communities. The path has to be paved with all control mechanisms and laws to support the activity, depending on the country, that can be quite the ordeal.

Currency values and how they are valued dictate all commercial and non-commercial financial activity on the planet. It only stands to reason that legislative bodies of any given country have input as to how and by whom their currency is impacted.
Here  is another reality check. When we step back and look at the overall concept of a GCR/RV/Historical Bond Redemption we can’t let our individual desperations change the reality. Everyone has a desperation of some kind going on in their life. Rich, poor, financial, medical, family issues, doesn’t matter, life has a way of creating desperate issues for us all.

The world as a whole understands that the current financial mechanisms that are and have been running global economics in all of its embodiments are a cluster of failures, outdated systems and ineffective functionalities that manifest global desperation.

Without question, the concept of the GCR is a much needed solution to right the tilting ship.

The GCR and all the effects in global economic activity it will generate, is a plan designed to last for generations to come. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to be hampered with the same destructive mentality that a dysfunctional monetary system generates. (I.E. war, poverty, starvation, homelessness etc.).

I want it done right. So take as long as you need to get it right. My personal desperations are irrelevant to the bigger picture.

being said, we should keep our eye on the “bigger picture”. The wealth that is coming forward to support the GCR (Collateral Accounts, Elders, Royals) has the bigger picture in mind.

The bigger picture being to create an enduring and sustainable financial system. To infuse their wealth into job creation, technologies, humanitarian efforts, poverty eradication and so on.

The “bigger picture” and overall plan is not to distribute their accumulated personal wealth and natural resources to the masses unchecked. Think about it. If you spent decades or even centuries accumulating this wealth would you just give it away?

Consider what these countries, Royals or Elders have had to endure to safeguard this wealth. The loss of lives. The security measures. The suffering of their people. Would you disregard the sacrifices of generation after generation just to hand it out to individuals so they can have personal wealth?

Don’t misunderstand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stabilize your personal environment of its desperations but anything past that is just greed.

If your mind-set is to buy and accumulate stuff, your mind is not in the game. Our role as a beneficiary, in the bigger picture, is to pay it forward and be a participant to achieve the grand plan for the benefit of generations to come. We have to know our place and fiduciary responsibilities of the funds we are blessed to receive.

There will come a time when all things will be made clear and visible. Your preparation will be an indicator of your commitment and dedication to the bigger picture. Hoping and glomming onto speculative information and narratives on timing is a waste of valuable time and exhausting.

This will be done and functional for all to see when it actually occurs. Verifications should only be considered through sources that can’t retract their statements. Consider most information as educational and satisfying your curiosity, not as a determining factor on how you manipulate your life.

Educate yourself on the actual activities and laws that are needed to allow the GCR to fulfill its purpose.

Like it or not the current laws that govern our existence are what maintain the global lifestyles, good or bad. If they try an implement and push the GCR through with the current laws by definition would be “illegal”.

The thing about changing laws and tax codes is that they never benefit everyone. Those that benefit from a change are happy and those that don’t aren’t. Then you have to consider the question, who is changing the law and why? Is it to benefit themselves or the masses as whole?

Time is better spent in preparation. Remember the definition of luck: “when opportunity meets preparation”. If you are not prepared, opportunity will pass you by.


TNT : TNT: "Everything is done in Iraq. It is just releasing the 800 numbers" by DEDAR, 29 APRIL


Slyqdog:  are we there yet

Actech426:  For everyone, this is just my opinion, I think we're at the door saying, "Open, open, open". We've been at this place many times. Keep your head level. If it doesnt continue, pray it will next time. Keep positive.

Dedar:  They are waiting for the US to release this.

Dedar:  Everything is done in Iraq. It is just releasing the 800 numbers.

KMAN: With all the money that has supposedly been moved into place, someone has to be making money off it, because money just doesn't sit around gathering dust.

SusanaC:  please remember what Tony has said to us...things will get very chaotic right before rv..stay centered and avoid negative thoughts about the Abundance that is About to Come To TNT



There was a tremendous amount of work positioning for tomorrow on the banking side...amazing amount of things happening…Banking contacts say it is now trading a live rate...an entire army people working right now verifying things. We are getting reports from all over the world that there is an international rate...we are trying to verify that.

If by some reason this stalls in the next couple days we are told the banking crash will force it. We are in the final days of this and quickly approaching a crash. I have some fantastic sources…I really have been blessed...I postponed family time this weekend because we are so close. ...they are knee deep in getting this out…and based on the progress they are making we hope we will all see it in the next day or two.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 29 2019

Judy Note: Intel providers have gone silent, while the Iraqi Dinar has gone international, new currency rates have gone live and locked into bank screens, new rates have been trading live, 122 Paymaster Accounts were liquid and last week Q proclaimed: “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. It’s Happening.”

What couldn’t be stopped was the Mass Arrests of global elites that were in full swing and expected to continue until at least next Fri. May 3 when President Trump would be in the UK and the Global Currency Reset would complete according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. 

Because of how the global monetary system worked the RV would have to happen before then. Appointment notification and 800#s were expected at any time. It remained my belief, although I have been known to be wrong, that we would all go at once sometime Mon. April 29.

A week after the GCR was released on May 11, the Comey Report was expected to be made public and two weeks after that by early June, facts of the Horowitz Report would be uncovered. The reports were said to include criminal evidence on major players including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and how the FBI conducted illegal spying operations and then lied about it to the FISA Court. 

GESARA/NESARA and a new flat tax system were expected to be implemented by Aug. 1. This debt-free society would be possible with most Cabal global elites under arrest on over 90,000 federal indictments (most of which concerned pedophilia and child sex trafficking fed by the old monetary system of US Inc, CIA, Royals and Vatican), ongoing secret trials in federal courts across the nation and Tribunals at GITMO including one on 9/11 that began 28 Jan

Websites that would publish 800 numbers:
Bruce’s The Big Call: 800#s bigcalluniverse.com
Dinar Chronicles: 800#s HERE TETELESTAI 

A. Special Sunday MarkZ Update 4-28-19 "Lots of Movement Right Now":https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/special-sunday-markz-update-4-28-19-lots-of-movement-right-now https://www.pscp.tv/w/1zqKVaZqkApxBhttps://www.twitch.tv/videos/417651348## 

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1. On the banking side there was a tremendous amount of work positioning for tomorrow Mon. April 29.

2. Banking contacts said the Dinar was now trading at a live rate. We had an entire army people working right now verifying things and we were getting reports from all over the world that there was an international rate.

3. If by some reason this stalled in the next couple days we were told that the banking crash would force it. We were in the final days of this and quickly approaching a crash.

4. I think CMKX deliveries may be starting tonight Sun. April 28 or tomorrowMon. April 29. There was a whole lot of activity going on.

5. Tomorrow Mon. April 29 would be a long day of streaming. They were knee deep in getting this out. Based on the progress they were making we hoped we would see it in the next day or two.

6. Everything was coming together this weekend: Judicial Watch, Clinton emails, the AG – so much happening all at once. Things we have been waiting for –for years – all seemed to be happening right now – this weekend.

7. We have been privy to a number of screens with the higher rates that you guys were probably seeing on other sites and chat rooms. 

8. Nflemingjr: There was a very big push to get the release code tonight Sun. April 28. The Elders were very angry because this has dragged out so long

9. nflemingjr: There have been some bankers that have tried very hard to stop or delay but my understanding was that they have resolved the problem.

10. MZ: Yes that is my understanding as well, but its stunning the amount of progress that started moving again this weekend. 

11. I am being told that some Wales got to go. None of my contacts did. The contacts I have were told they get to go in tomorrow morning Mon. April 29

12. I am extremely confident that the Dong was going to be in the first basket. IMO It’s 110% so. Iraq has a considerable amount of Dong in their treasury and Vietnam holds a considerable amount of IQD. They have been in this together from the get-go.

13. Member on a Second Currency Basket Update: Mongolia, South African, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Pakistani, West African and the CFA Franc. Afghan afghani would not be in 1st basket.

14. nflemingjr: The Rial would be going in the first basket and it would be 10% less than the Dinar.

15. nflemingjr: The Dong was going to be 10% less than the Dinar.

16. The rumors from Reno were that 800 numbers would be out and groups would go in on Mon. April 29. The John Q Public would start on Wed, May 1

17. There was a possibility that we could get CMKX packages tonight Sun. April 28. Mr. Mayheu always said the idea time to deliver packages would be Sunday evening. 

18. I’ve done a lot of digging on St. Germaine and Nesara. I believed that the St. Germaine Trust was opened and positioned.

B. April 28 2019 12:56 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 28, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. DECLAS – the Alliance’s MOAB on the Deep State – was expected to begin sometime after the bombshell IG report on Comey releases in two weeks.

2. The Deep State would attempt to discredit everything.

3. Trump has been invited to the UK by the Queen which, was scheduled for the first week of June.

4. Sources were expecting the RV to begin at any moment between now and/or after Trump's visit to the UK, or before/after DECLAS.