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MarkZ Thursday Morning Update:  Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum
MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:  I am feeling good today….……still at 99.9% to see everything in March or at least by April 1st . I expect to be able to see it, touch it and taste it by then……

Reports are all over the place……lots of confusion…..which is what we told we would see at the end.   The amount of news we are getting is encouraging……it was very quiet then suddenly it’s like a dam breaking…….

I am trying to get it all together to know where we are.

So many rumors about zim and Farm claims……trying to find the truth today…..

The news from Iraq is crazy good……they are talking up a storm….I am still hearing they expect a new rate on Saturday.
On the Iran side…..I have heard they are getting Iran ready to RV at the same time as the others….. This is from my contacts in the ME.. I have a contractor friend over there..I would look at Franks site today…there will be lots of news out of Iraq.

Mr.C. has not been paid yet……

I have many calls scheduled this afternoon for updates. I will be digging hard.

I feel we are in an any minute…imminant…..….sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for this to happen….these are every phrase I hate….but right now they are true.

Member:  : Mark, if they always kick it 2-3 days, why do think they'll make the 31st?

MZ: I'm not certain they kicked it...that is the window we are looking for .. This is a WHEN not an IF

Member:  CMKX Facts...Agreement of Settlement http://cmkxunofficial.proboards.com/thread/12038/email-steve-kirkpatrick-respond?page=2

Q:  Is this the most news you have seen come out at one time

MZ: yes….things I am seeing from all sources all over the place its crazy. They always said it would be nuts at the end……which is where we are imo


Member: I have a very good source that told me that they will use the Fraud detector right in front of you. So, no taking it out your sight and then telling you your's is fake!

Q:   What day do you think cmkxers will recieve their package?

MZ:   Consider this a rumor….but I think we will see all deliveries tomorrow or Sat.  Mr. Mayheu always said when the news got absolutely crazy at the end…we are there……well it is……and we are….imo…The news is all over the place today…hard to know which way is up…lol

Q:  Anything on our gold backed currency?

MZ: Nothing here in the US……worldwide I was told it was pushed back a couple days from the 29th to the 31st…..they are working hard to get it done I am told…..but they still want it done by the 31st….Expect it to be all over the news….get ready for craziness

Q: what made you decide to start posting again Mark?

MZ: it was suggested from someone who is a trigger puller….that I become more public in order to pass  on info if they needed me too and  because of all the misinformation out there.  And I was watching too many friends and people giving up…..and selling their currency…..so I came back out of hiding…so to speak.

Q:  Marz...I always thought we would be exchanging our IQD right before the announced Public RV. Is that true?

MZ: I always thought that was true…….

Member:  THINGS STARTING to UNRAVEL ??? Shares of Deutsche Bank slipped nearly 4 percent, while Commerzbank slipped more than 2 percent. The report published Thursday, citing people familiar with the talks, said executives from Deutsche Bank have been looking at a plan to raise equity of between 3 billion euros and 10 billion euros. No mention about DERIVATIVES which is the BIG Elephant in the room!

Q:  what has been the delay:

MZ: Its been a number of things from security to Brexit to Iraq,  to Venezuela to refiguring Irans sanctions,  …. It has not just been one thing causing delays…..   It’s never going to be perfect but they have to do this before it crashes…..this next crash would make 2008 look like nothing…it would make 1929 look like nothing…..their back is against the wall to get this done ASAP before the big crash……they need to get the new currency out ASAP. I feel that the Gold backed currency will be out before the crash.
Member:  I didn’t expect to see a reset before Trumps second term

MZ: I expect it in the first quarter of 2019…He has made no secret of when he wanted this done…....here is an article I have posted before…but it’s nice to see it in print in the MSM. Its nice to read something that makes you know we are not nuts.   


Q:: I found this article that claims Basel IV will not be complete until 2022 or eve 2027 depending on how you read it. https://www2.deloitte.com/lu/en/pages/banking-and-securities/articles/finalization-basel-3-post-crisis-regulatory-forms.html

MZ: lots of articles coming out now and I really feel a lot of it is misinformation…a big dis-information campaign  imo….….lots of articles are backdated…..I am not a bit worried about this being pushed to 2022…..maybe a few smaller countries who are not ready yet but it will not affect the rest of us.

Member:  Link on Basel III https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/finance/basel-iii/?fbclid=IwAR3MRDqXLVC0VlWo_Y3KtjZo0_MTgaClg-KznrOOOehG8SDM4Nm6h6bcsh8

Q:  does Basel 3 mean gold-backed?

MZ yes the Basel 3 complience means 20 % of your currency is backed by gold.  I would look for all kinds of movement there….

If there is big news I will tweet….and if not, Hopefully I will have you a very good update by tomorrow am

Note:  Please listen to replay for all the details….I only could do half the call due to computer problems today.........Mark speaks very fast

Thursday Replay is  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OyJAyLbpErJb

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 28 2019

Compiled 28 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth, Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: In my opinion on Sun. March 24 when the Mueller Report came out, it turned on the RV process at the new US Treasury in Reno. Those at the new US Treasury in Reno, Atlanta and Chicago have been told to keep it quiet, though several sources agreed that major events were about to occur, including the RV.

Paymasters had been hydrated, the military has been activated to ensure a safe RV and CMKXs, Fines and Penalties have been handled. Since Monday March 25 in 27 states, a limited number of exchanges have been done on Dinar and Dong at low teaser rates. As of Mon. March 25 evening less than 400 SKRs still needed to be made liquid.
European sources indicated things were released overnight Mon. March 25, or early morning Tues. March 26. Notification for Tier 4 Group B (the Internet Group) private appointments could occur by Thurs, Fri, or this weekend.

Fri. March 29 was the end of the banking business quarter as well as a drop dead date for banks to be Basel III compliant (although Central Banks had until Sun. March 31) - meaning that countries had to have asset/gold backed currencies by Mon. April 1 or they would not be eligible to participate in the Global Currency Reset. By law on March 29 Central Banks were required to recognize gold holdings as cash reserves, the Bank of International Settlements was set to announce a gold currency standard for 209 countries participating in the GCR and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was asking that Zim be redeemed before the end of the Quarter banking business day Fri. Midnight March 29.

This week SKRS were made liquid with a promise they would have full access to monies in 3-4 days (lining up with full access to exchange/ redemption accounts by April 1). Most Zim holders were expected to redeem their bonds with HSBC Bank prior to the general public release next Mon. April 1 - a significant date because not only was April 1 when Central Banks transitioned to the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System, the general public could begin their currency exchanges, our exchange/ redemption accounts would be fully accessible, our structured payouts would begin earning interest, plus a new US Taxpayer plan would be in force on April 1.

The Mueller Report was said to have three versions – the 3rd being complete exposure of Cabal operatives, which would be made public if the Cabal tried to stop the RV. Breaking news on the Mueller Report would run parallel with RV release and likely include disclosures on 9/11 and FISA Tribunals at GITMO, the beginning of declassification for over 80,000 sealed indictments and word of a Stock Market implosion – all of which would act as a cover for private RV exchanges.

The Stock Market had been in freefall since Oct. 1 2018 when it lost all gains for the year. On Wed. March 27 stocks and bonds took another significant dive. Before the public RV began on April 1, a Stock Market collapse was inevitable and essential in lieu of a positive Brexit vote. A Stock Market implosion of international Cabal corporations would eliminate the U.S. Inc.’s, Queen’s Bank of London and Vatican Bank’s money laundering activities and thus the Cabal’s hold over the global financial system.

An excellent source for the latest in political updates: https://www.zerohedge.com/

March 27 2019 8:54 pm EST Special Intel Update: Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Intel Update 3-27-19


A. March 27 2019 Intel, MarkZ: News, Rumors and Opinions Wednesday 3-27-19




MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1. Things were very quiet right now, which was good. I’m still positive we were on a good timeline.

2. In Reno they were told to be silent.

3. The overnight news was that the goal line was still Fri. March 29th for the reset. I expect a lot of activity around the 29th. Maybe Friday night 800#'s late on Friday or Saturday based on what I am hearing.

4. I still have not been able to find any more CMKX pkgs, other than the test pkgs.

5. I have been told the vast majority of SKR’s were done.

6. Still feeling a 99.9% right now for the month of March.

7. We are watching Iraq closely. They were expecting new rates on Sat. March 30.

8. I know someone who got a test pkg. I know and trust him. He would not tell me what was in it, though. No one would violate an NDA and maybe lose everything.

9. I am looking at Friday evening March 29 for the 800#s. I don't expect a whole lot of news before Friday.

10. I am looking for multiple choices of banks and exchange centers.

11. I am not worried about the Zim exchange. I have been told we have 30 days to exchange.

12. BRICS countries were in the first basket, along with Iraq and Vietnam.

13. I believe there was only about 4 dealers left. They will get a note to change their rates, possibly from Treasury.
B. March 26 2019 10:45 pm EST Intel, Anonymous: "Latest Intel" by (Anonymous) - 3.26.19https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2019/03/latest-intel-by-anonymous-32619.html

1. For those that do not know the RV was supposed to take place last Tues. March 19 but didn’t because of security issues and the need for the Mueller Report release.

2. When the Mueller Report came out everything started up in a hurry in Reno.

3. Everyone at the US Treasuries in Reno, Atlanta and Chicago have been told to keep it quiet.

4. The Chinese wanted this done a.s.a.p.

5. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that they did not want out.

6. The administrators of CMKX were setting appointments for individuals connected with CMKX.

7. Dubai 1 has been paid out. It was Dubai 1 gold that was backing the US currency.

8. The general public was not going to be able to redeem the Zim.

9. There were going to be caps on the Zim as well.

10. That was all I could say at the moment. Anonymous


C. March 27 2019 TNT Call

1. Tony knows of a person who had a SKR and who was made liquid this week.

2. Every intel person Tony knows said that the RV would happen within the next two days at the end of the week, or within the next four days by the end of March.


D. March 27 2019 2:32 am EST Disclosures, Conspiracy and Delays, Dave the Differentiator: "The Disclosures: The Conspiracy and the Delays" by Dave the Differentiator - 3.27.19 Response to Anonymous: "Re: Operation Disclosure" by (Anonymous) - 3.26.19





F. March 20 2019 Deep State Black Operation, Westall (videos): Sarah Westall -- Deep State Black Operation Caught in Act!

[OpDis Editor Note: In this video, Sarah talks with Ezili Danto, a human rights attorney about a black operation that was stopped in Haiti. This further exposes the Deep State's numerous operations abroad.]

Human rights attorney, Ezili Danto, rejoins the program to discuss the black operation that was stopped in Haiti. The operation included 8 ex military (or current) agents who were captured and arrested in by officials in Haiti. It is unknown precisely what the goal of the black operation was for, but journalists on the ground are speculating it was either to take out Haiti's current Prime Minister or to rob the national bank. CNN provided cover for the group and, even after people were killed, the U.S. arranged safe passage out of the country for the group. Listen to this amazing interview to hear the details of how a typical black operation goes down with the exception of getting caught red handed.
G. March 27 2019 2:49 am EST Kim Foxx, RedPill78 (video): RedPill78 -- Was Anyone Surprised about Kim Foxx? Time for the AG to Have a Look

Disclosures as to the corruption in America’s government have been available for all with eyes to read. The “Sealed Indictments” are just one visible example. One key indictment was opened some months ago in the Southern District of New York. This indictment was about the Uranium One transaction and specifically named Hillary, Obama and many other big fish along with numerous others. The Federal Prosecutor in the Southern District of New York refused to prosecute the named criminals. The case made the National News and this Federal Prosecutor was fired. The Prosecutor demonstrated the sad truth which is that the “Deep State” is very large and very deep and very large in sheer numbers.

The status of the Civil Service System and the Senior Executive Services placed undue burdens and restraints on President Trump and his selected staff in their efforts to “Drain the Swamp”. These people represented serious “roadblocks” upon most of Trump’s actions and decisions. Consider that when Trump fired James Comey, the result was a two year delay on the “Drain the Swamp” plans of President Trump. Certainly the Mueller Investigation is now well known and was based on a complete “Fraud Upon the Court” (a criminal act) which is still an open issue for the various player in that witch hunt. The now famous Steele Dossier was a complete fraud and Steele himself has confessed to the fraud in court in the United Kingdom.

Then, President Trump actually had to shut the government down for more than 30 days to effect some drastically needed personnel changes. Another delay that was necessary to “Drain the Swamp”.

There are several separate and distinct groups of people who are coming forward to expose the corruption in America’s Government. There are “Whistle-Blowers” and then we now have “Cooperating Witnesses”. Then there are politicians around the world. Then there are concerned journalists and other “analysts” who seek the truth.

The Whistle Blowers are many and some are now very well known. Dan Bongino, former Secret Service, Admiral Michael Rogers, former National Security Agency, Robert David Steele, former Central Intelligence Agency, Kevin Shipp, former Central Intelligence Agency, Bill Binney, former CIA, who dates back several years, the “Q” team which is an anonymous group of highly motivated individuals with political and military connections and histories.

There are others in this category such as David Wilcox, Cory Goode and Emery Smith. David Zublick. Joshua Mathis and Robert Caron were two more whistle blowers who have stepped out and given solid evidence against the “Spy-Gate” conspiracy. These two were backed up by a group known as the Super Whistle Blowers consisting of 119 individuals from inside the corrupt agencies. Dr Steve Pieczenik, former CIA.

The “Cooperating Witnesses” group is composed of individuals who have decided to enter into “plea bargain” agreements with the Government as their crimes became exposed. Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page at the FBI are two such cooperating witnesses who have testified against the Obama-Hillary-Lynch led conspiracy to “Get Trump”. Bruce Ohr from the Department of Justice is another as is James Baker. The testimony of these cooperating witnesses has been released to the public and can be found on the Internet. Essentially, the conspiracy against President Trump has been fully exposed. This conspiracy against a sitting President is an overt act of Sedition and Treason which carries a penalty of death.

From the Clinton Foundation there are several cooperating witnesses including an independent audit firm, MDA Analytics, John Monahan and Larry Doyle. The Chief Financial Officer of the Clinton Foundation, Andrew Kessel has come forward with evidence and testimony against the entire Clinton Family.

The Resist Trump Team is very visible and very large. The leaders are former President Obama along with Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch. The Famous Four, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schuler and Mark Meadows who all signed the now famous letter of June 5, 2018 informing the FBI and DOJ to ignore President Trump who was and is their boss. This corrupt Political team represents the very top of America’s Government and they all demonstrated their complete ignorance of the Three Branches of America’s Government and the separation of powers.

The organized Resist Trump team is also very large and powerful and until recently had access to unlimited funds to pay people to violate the law. Consider just the known leaders of this corrupt treasonous team.

Former President Obama;
Current Attorney (now former) Loretta Lynch;
Former President Bill Clinton;
Former Sec of State Hillary Clinton;
Former Director of the FBI, James Comey;
The Number 3 man inside the Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr;
Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr,
Peter Strzok, former FBI
Lisa Page, Former FBI and CIA
Former Director of National Security James Clapper,
Former Director of the CIA John Brennan,
Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates
Former Attorney General Eric Holder
Former Ambassador Susan Rice
Former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe
Former Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein
Rod Rosenstein’s wife
Senator Diane Feinstein
Senator John McCain
Representative Nancy Pelosi
Representative Adam Schiff
Senator Chuck Schumer
Senator Mark Meadows
Director of the Internal Revenue Service Lois Lerner

America watched in absolute shock at the fiasco of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. The Deep State was successful in suspending the entire constitution and “Due Process of Law” for Dr. Christine Ford who was an obvious liar!

On the Supreme Court we now have the disappearance of Justice Ruth Ginsberg to solve. For a Supreme Court Justice to simply vanish is not an acceptable situation. These Supreme Court Justices have full time 24-7 secret service guards.

Then, we have the sexual exploitation issues and religions issues to resolve to achieve the goal of world peace after thousands of years of wars and greed. The exploitation of children for sexual pleasures is a very sad disclosure and the good folks who actually have faith and follow the rules this is a difficult disclosure to accept.

Speaking of following the rules, that is another issue that has slowed down the “Drain the Swamp” program. President Trump has been following the Rule of Law as defined in the U. S. Constitution. Hence the evidence must be obtained and controlled if and when trials start.

Speaking of evidence, we know that Admiral Mike Rogers, then head of the NSA, went to President Trump once Trump was installed as President and informed Trump of the electronic surveillance of his facilities. This is the now famous “Spy-Gate” incident. Dan Bongino has written a book about this matter and it is available to anyone interested and can be located on Amazon. There are other numerous books available by various Whistle-Blowers which are additional disclosures about the conspiracy against President Trump.

Then, we have the Helsinki meeting between President Trump and Russian President Putin. After the conclusion of this historic meeting there was a news conference. When Russian President Putin spoke he openly stated that he had solid evidence that Russian sources has donated $400 million to Hillary Clinton. Putin went on to state that he have given Trump all of the facts of these illegal campaign donations including the individual names, banks, accounts and the explicit details of how Hillary launder the money. Putin stated he had given Trump- some 160 Tera Bytes of information to prove his allegations.

Then, we have the complicit actions of the Main Stream Media who told lie after lie deriding Trump without ever doing the appropriate research. The MSM lies are an overt act of Sedition against the sitting President and a crime punishable by death.

Then, we have the Radical Left Politicians who shouted out lie after lie about having evidence of Trump’s guilt. And yet again, these false claims against a sitting President are an act of Sedition against the sitting President and a crime punishable by death.

Then, we have President Trump openly stating he was innocent and not concerned about the Mueller Investigation.

So, to the discerning and knowledgeable person, all of the above information has been available since early 2017 or possibly late 2016. Consequently, the delays for the massive and complicated Global Currency Reset-Revaluation along with the other aspects of the religious and political changes coming are very complicated and being created by the many global forces at work on the multi-facetted changes in process.
H.Soros Arrested - Bush Pleads Guilty To 911 (Video):

Sunshine's NEWS Published on Feb 13, 2019 https://youtu.be/1s5J-iDgTNU

* Note: Not sure how I missed this long ago? I suspect youtube has buried it somehow due to the lack of hits. Regardless of some comments under the video...I believe this is true & real. I know the crimes are real...and I know the players are guilty of these crimes (and more) so it all fits. It is being leaked very carefully & slowly to a few select players in the alternative "Real News" media. There may be some details that could be off...but the general story is solid.

Military tribunal trials at GITMO are being video recorded and will be shown to the general public after it is safe to go public. So you will never verify any of this from MSM...never. Only after the swamp is drained will you find real news on all main stream media. Much is going on right now and all of it is out of sight.

This problem is global so it is taking time to accomplish. The sealed indictments (in USA only) are now over 90,000.


H. March 2 2019 George Bush and 9/11 (video): GEORGE BUSH EXECUTED FOR COMMITTING 9-11 (Video) Jin Laihook https://youtu.be/J7aCyBccLjo

George Bush (of the Nazi/CIA family that killed JFK and controlled the USA from 1982-2008) and gang are currently at Camp 7, Guantánamo Bay awaiting execution. Obama is captured and will be executed. George Soros is captured and will be executed. John McCain was captured and executed.


I. March 27, 2019 Trump Pulls Off "Greatest Deal In Human History" After He Pivots From Mueller And Saves World From Climate Change, Sorcha Faal

A rather formally worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today stating that the US media should apologize for two years of anti-Russian propaganda, wryly notes that Trump haters, who are already having a horrible week,


J. March 27 2019 12:49 am EST Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry: Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry "We have our Feet in the Castle"


L. Predicted Coming Events:

Fri. March 29 was the end of the banking business quarter as well as a drop dead date for banks to be Basel III compliant (although Central Banks had until Sun. March 31) - meaning that countries had to have asset/gold backed currencies by April 1 or they would not be eligible to participate in the Global Currency Reset. By law on March 29 Central Banks were required to recognize gold holdings as cash reserves, the Bank of International Settlements was set to announce a gold currency standard for 209 countries participating in the GCR and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was asking that Zim be redeemed before the end of the Quarter banking business day Fri. Midnight March 29.

This week if Brexit didn’t happen before March 29 in order for European nations to be Basil III compliant, the Alliance would be forced to crash the stock markets - resulting in the collapse of the EU, U.S. Inc, the Queen’s City of London and Vatican Bank, thus taking away the Cabal’s last bastion of rule over the global financial system.

Sun. March 31 was the deadline for Central Banks to be Basel III Compliant. Lynette Zang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SnktmaSkS4&feature=youtu.be

Mon. April 1: By April 1 all Central Banks would be transitioned to the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System, a new US Taxpayer plan would be in force, the general public would start their currency exchanges, exchange/redemption accounts would be fully accessible and structured payouts would begin earning interest.

Fri. April 12: By international law, gold backed digital credits must come on line in Central Banks and all Zim must be redeemed by Fri. April 12. The Brexit vote had been extended to April 12.

By Mon. April 15 among those expected to be indicted, or exposed as having already been indicted, were former US Presidents George Bush Jr, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and former First Lady and Director of the State Department Hillary Clinton, plus former members of the Obama Administration: John Brennan, former CIA director; James Comey, former FBI Director; James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence; Sally Yates, former Deputy Attorney General; Susan Rice, former Ambassador; Loretta Lynch, former US Attorney General; Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI and Rod Rosenstein, former US Deputy Attorney General.

Thurs. August 1: The Cabal was expected to be contained by Thurs. 1 Aug. 2019 as all countries wanting to participate in the GCR would have to be GESARA compliant. Some said the new global asset-backed currency system would not be announced until Aug. 1.


SandyF:  There is no dispute that promoting other resources apart from oil will improve the GDP, and possibly put pressure on the CBI.  In 2012 the CBI came under pressure and raised the value of the dinar from 1170 to 1166.  There are around 37 countries worldwide that carry out currency "auctions", why should Iraq not be one of them? 

The term is a misnomer, it is a mechanism to providing banks with foreign currency for their customers, that will never go away, possibly a change to the format.

Since the 1980's the IMF has been trying to get every country in the world under Art 8, last count I think about 17 still under Art 14.

The IMF are not happy with countries using Art 14 on a permanent basis. Article 14 currencies are non convertible and subject to restrictions, and making a currency "Free" of restrictions has nothing to do with changing the rate.



Don961:  Extinguish 75 percent of Iraq's debt .. Highlights of the «Tunisia summit»

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Tunisia / Esraa Khalifa

The preparatory meetings for the 30th Arab Summit held in Tunis included the addition of an item to the agenda that included the extinguishment of 75 percent of Iraq's debt within the support funds provided to the Arab countries and a unified Arab position on the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by Turkish forces.

The agenda also included the political developments of the Palestinian issue, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the activation of the Arab peace initiative, follow-up of settlement developments, support for the budget of the State of Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan, and the occupation of the three Arab islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa of the United Arab Emirates.
Agenda of the Summit

The Spokesman for the Arab Summit Ambassador Mahmoud Al-Khumairi said in a statement to the «morning» that «the meeting of delegates discussed 21 items in addition to the latest developments, first and foremost the report of the Saudi presidency of the previous Arab summit and the twenty-ninth report of the Secretary-General on the march of joint Arab action».

"The agenda topped the political developments of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict, activating the Arab peace initiative, the Israeli violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and follow up the settlement developments and support the budget of the State of Palestine and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people,

"The agenda also includes the crisis in Syria, the developments in the situation in Libya and Yemen and an item on the adoption of a unified Arab position on the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by the Turkish forces, items on the support of peace and development in the Republic of Sudan, support of the Republic of Somalia, In the internal affairs of the Arab states ».

He added that "an item on internally displaced persons in Arab countries and displaced Iraqis in particular and included a table of draft resolutions submitted by the Economic and Social Council. The agenda also included an item on the extinguishment of 75% of Iraq's debt within the support funds provided to Arab countries within the League of Arab States.

The central issue

For his part, Minister Plenipotentiary Director of the Department of Palestine, Haidar Tariq al-Jubouri, said in a statement to «Al-Sabah» that «a draft resolution on the occupied Syrian Arab Golan confirms its Arabism and support the demand of the Syrian Arab Republic and its right to restore the entire Golan based on the basis of the process Peace and resolutions of international legitimacy, and reject any positions contrary to the international consensus and in violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy ».

He pointed out that "the Palestinian cause receives great attention at the Arab summit as the central issue that is strongly present in the work of the Arab League Council. There are draft resolutions that will be discussed by the Council at its three levels (Permanent Delegates, Foreign Ministers and Summit) Of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict and its latest developments in terms of Israeli developments and violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem. The Council will affirm that East Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine and reject any attempt to diminish Palestinian sovereignty over it. "

"The summit will discuss the political developments of the Palestinian issue and ways to activate the Arab peace initiative, as the Council will support the support of the State of Palestine to get full membership in the United Nations and work to mobilize international support for it."
Draft resolutions

Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Dr. Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh, said that senior officials of the Economic and Social Council prepared draft economic and social resolutions for the Arab summit in Tunis and presented them to the ministers of finance and economy.

"The senior officials presented the Secretary-General's report on the joint Arab economic and social work for the past year since the previous Arab Summit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in addition to a draft resolution requesting Arab financial institutions to support the State of Palestine on the establishment of the National Economic Empowerment Foundation, Decision on the Executive Plan for the Arab Strategy for Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

"They also raised a draft resolution on Arab action in climate change negotiations, dealing with climate change, and a draft resolution on the ethics of science and technology in the Arab region," she added.

On the social issue, Abu-Ghazaleh explained that "the senior officials of the Economic and Social Council submitted to the ministers a draft resolution on the Arab strategy for older persons submitted by the joint meeting of the Arab Ministers of Social Affairs and Health and a special draft resolution on the Arab Plan of Action to address the social causes of terrorism emanating from Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, as well as to end the recruitment of children within the terrorist gangs provided by Iraq ».

Summit of Dhahran

In addition, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Egypt and its representative to the League of Arab States, Osama Al-Naqali, affirmed that "the 29th Arab Summit held in Dhahran last year, bearing the name of the Jerusalem summit, dealt with all political issues on the Arab and international arenas in a manner that serves the just causes of the nation. Legitimate and promote joint Arab action. "

He praised the great success achieved by Iraq in defeating the terrorist advocate, pointing out that «this confirms that the solidarity of Arab countries and stand united in the fight against terrorism has contributed to the success of joint Arab efforts with international efforts to eliminate the terrorism is urging»

He added that "the summit presidency (Saudi Arabia) has been able to strengthen the role of joint Arab action in many areas of cooperation, especially in the economic and social field, foremost of which is the adoption of the mechanism of the commitment of States to the decisions of the Economic and Social Council and the mechanism of transparency requirements within the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area."

He pointed out that «the Kingdom was keen to know its humanitarian role by providing aid and assistance and lifting the human suffering of the Arab peoples through the support of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and support for Syrian refugees in Arab countries, and support for displaced people in Iraq, Yemen, which amounted to more than 13 billion dollars, in addition to the assistance to a number of Arab sister countries to alleviate the human suffering of these peoples ».

Regarding the Arab territories occupied in 1967, including the Golan Heights, he stressed that "any attempt aimed at legitimizing the occupation is unacceptable, describing the US administration's declaration as a" blatant violation of the UN Charter and the principles of international law of the UN Charter, including Security Council resolutions 242 (1967) and 497 Of 1981 ».

For his part, the Permanent Representative of Tunisia to the Arab League Najib Munif said that "the great achievement that we can achieve during our presidency of the Arab summit is the solidarity of all Arab countries in combating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations."

 He said that "based on the fundamentals of our foreign policy, we recognize that we have assumed the presidency of the summit during this stage in which the Arab nation faces many challenges, but we are determined to use all our potential to contribute to the unification of the Arab ranks," stressing the preparation of «draft resolutions of the Council of the League at the ministerial level and The issue of the Palestinian cause for the establishment of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the decisions on the situation in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the Arab national security policy. Terrorism as well as other social and economic issues. "

Return of Syria

Ambassador Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, said on the sidelines of the meeting of delegates and senior officials, which began in Tunis to prepare for the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which will be held on Friday to prepare for the 30th Arab summit in Tunisia: "The absence of consensus or presence on the issue of the return of Syrian activity to the League of States Arab is linked to the vision of the Arab countries the position of the Syrian regime in relation to the political settlement and the relationship with Iran ».

Asked whether anyone could come forward to include an item on the return of Syria, he said that "things will not be dealt with in this way, but if there is a consensus for the return of Syria, that will be achieved. It may be included in the resolution on the Syrian crisis after deliberation among the Arab countries."

He added that «these decisions are updated periodically and the draft resolution before the summit is updated, if there is any new deserves to be placed in this decision will be placed without doubt».

Regarding the Palestinian financial crisis in the light of the Palestinian demand for intervention by the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States in this regard, he said: "There is a responsibility on the part of the international community towards the financial crisis of the Palestinian Authority, which occurred because of the Israeli occupation behavior, noting that this subject has many dimensions and some complications .
It was not the responsibility of the Arab States to shoulder the burden of responsibility alone. There was an international community with great responsibilities. Above all, there was a great responsibility for the occupying Power under international law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations.

"It is not easy to say that Arabs have money and they have to pay," he said. "But the issue is that there are parties that have a legal responsibility to force them to pay money to the Palestinian Authority."

He continued: "Nevertheless, the Arab countries play their role in supporting the budget of the Palestinian Authority periodically, and fulfill their obligations periodically."

He stressed that the current conditions impose on the Authority the need for more funds to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, stressing that the financial situation can not be solved by paying a check from here or there.

He said that there are measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities regarding the seizure of Palestinian tax funds and the Palestinian Authority objecting to these procedures very sharply and has every right to do so.

He explained that these Israeli measures aggravate the seriousness of the situation in the territories

Occupied territories.

He stressed the need to resolve this crisis through measures taken by the occupying power in the first place, pointing out that the solution to this problem lies in the assumption of Israel's responsibility and not through the search for temporary solutions that a state here or there pay money In this regard.   link

Dat:  I was just at my Wells Fargo Bank in Charlotte, NC trying to exchange some Canadian money that I was given and was told they couldn’t exchange at this branch because their exchange machines were being updated. I played dumb and said oh really, well what currency do you plan on exchanging and was told pounds and euros, well I bet we know the rest of that story... I am excited!!!!

Mangelo:  well this so close that the meat is sliding off the bone, it even tries to get back on, and slides off again.....but this time I took the big piece of meat and slapped it on the grill and now it's sizzling!!!!

AzJeff:  interesting event at WF. Bought some dong today and for thr $7 delivery charge i could have overnight or two day delivery..i took overnight but the confirmation screen said that overnight delivery was April 3. We double checked. So best guess is supply isn't readily availablr OR maybe they're closing the books on "old value" currency so they can RV this weekend? Time will tell.

KFTA Conference Call, 28 MARCH



Wednesday Night KTFA

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel


OOOTAH - "Blessings " next week! Currency exchanges! , 28 MARCH


Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MZ: I expect Friday Night to Sat for everything to bust !

News coming out of Reno is very good …but it is extremely hush hush there

We are hearing It was supposed to go earlier this week but got pushed back two days . So I am looking at the 29th-31st.

I have great news that I can’t share ...wish I could

I still believe everything will go 99.9% by the 31st…..I just don’t know what day .

Iraq expects new rates on Saturday and the dinar be tradeable by Sunday

I still expect 800 numbers this weekend

We are not gold backed YET…We need to be gold backed to in order to redeem..

We are hearing Brexit does not matter...Don't worry about it

I was told by excellent sources today that I should be excited

If breaking news I will tweet it..If not, I will see you all in the morning

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Wednesday Night Replay https://www.pscp.tv/w/1rmxPQyVMDQKN

Or https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The end of the Deep State is now at hand as the release of Mueller's report exposes their lies.

Theresa May has promised to resign after Brexit is passed with a deal.

This is the ideal scenario as the next elected PM will begin reforms to meet GESARA compliance.

However, if a no-deal Brexit scenario occurs, then we may see European Union collapse in the near future.

Intelligence operatives working for the Earth Alliance that are embedded within the banking world are covertly removing corrupted bankers.

Meanwhile, multiple reports are coming out of sources in Reno claiming that the RV is near.

The possibility of major events occurring by the end of the month and throughout April looks promising.


(Cliff Notes by Sunny) 

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# 


Ray: . . .No updates went out so we are starting with a clean slate . . . 

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! It’s another fabulous day in Dinar land. All we have in front of us is time. In a couple of hours . . . it’s my birthday. Want to thank all you guys for all the birthday cards and all the gifts! Thank you for everything and all the cigars. I really do appreciate them. 

Our guy that did the exchange. He told us what happened. He had SKR’s and and when he got the SKR’s they were limited. They were limited to 20 million dinar, 200 million dong and 500 trillion ZIM with 6 zero’s off. The ZIM was at .03 and he got to exchange it and there is no claw back on the ZIM. They will not be going back after the ZIM money. It’s done! 

He got to exchange those limits two weeks ago when he did his exchange. Those are the amounts he got to exchange and he did exchange the ZIM notes and they took 6 zeros off. We will wait and see what happens when we go to the bank. I will be taking my ZIM to the bank. 

Everybody I know (said in a sing song voice style) are saying this will be over or projected to be over by the end of the month or by the end of the week. That’s everybody I know is saying that! Since there are only two days left in the week and four days left in the month, I don’t think guess can be that far off. That’s their plan. That’s what it’s set up for. Just waiting to see if it actually happens. 

Not a lot of news. Not a lot to be worried about. There is a delegation here for the US for four days. . . .I just don’t know when the four days or up, Friday or Saturday. Have said they will announce the new ministers when they return. I guess we are in good shape. Nothing we can do but wait. 

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Everybody I know say’s this will be over by the end of the month or the end of the week. Everybody I know! There are two days left to the end of the week and 4 days left in the month. 

Tony: We are just waiting to see if it actually goes through this time. . . They could surprise us and do it in the middle of the day. . .They wanted the rates to go an hour before the banks opened in Iraq was the goal at one time. . . I still think it makes more sense for their early morning. 

IRAQ: Still waiting and expecting an announcement of who the four new cabinet ministers are. 

Delegation in Washington for four days which is completed either Friday or Saturday of this week. 

Lower Denom’s: No update on their current status. They were loaded in the ATM’s months or more ago. 

Parliament: Announcement of who the new cabinet ministers are is to be made when the Iraq delegation currently visiting Washington, DC returns to Iraq either Friday or Saturday. Tony knows the minister names that were submitted. Tony: I’m assuming like I’ve been told that it is done. Just waiting for the announcement . . .then the whole world knows the currency will go up at that point. 

Media: No mention of articles or TV broadcasts content. 

Contractors: They have not received any updates on when to expect the rate change. 


Panama: Panama is on the USD in country. Tony did not know if exchanges could be made in Panama. 

Currencies: Dinar: Tony: I was told there would be a “sucker rate” for the Dinar. I don’t know what the Dong will do. . . He (Tony’s contact) just said, ‘Don’t go the first day.’ 

Notifications went out again this week to traders, banks and all others who had a need to know. 

UNITED STATES: USD contract rate for Dinar is $28.50 

UST: Tony: We’ve been told the codes have been signed off on and done. . . . I had somebody in the room. The release codes have been signed off, just not released to the banks yet. 

Banks: Banks check the currency rates in the morning and use that rate for the day. 

The Plan is we are to be going to the banks sometime yet this week or before Sunday: Tony: I am still hearing that right now. That’s the plan! As of right now it has not been skuddled. I don’t know what could happen at the last minute, but as of this morning that’s the plan! 

Taxes: If your a millionaire you will be doing at least quarterly taxes. Tony: Don’t plan on waiting till the end of the year to do anything. Call the IRS if you have questions about when quarterly taxes or windfall amounts are due. 

800 #’s: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release. Caller: You don’t get a penalty if you pay at least what you paid the year before for that quarter. It should not be a problem for most people. 

EXCHANGING: The person in the UST that told Tony to place the Dinar in a separate account from all other currencies for tax reasons is not longer there and the administration has changed so it’s an unknown if that action is still valid. 

PERSON WHO EXCHANGED TWO WEEKS AGO: He had his SKR’s for limits of 20 million dinar, 200 million dong and 500 trillion ZIM with 6 zero’s off. His ZIM was exchanged ZIM .03. Tony: . . . and there is no claw back on the ZIM. . . he did exchange the ZIM notes and they took 6 zeros off. We’ll see what we get. I will be taking my ZIM to the bank. . . . At the time he got the SKR’s (safe keeping receipts) those were the amounts (currency values) so those are the amounts he exchanged for. We are not limited! 

ZIM Information: See above about person who exchanged ZIM two weeks ago. Tony: . . .I will be taking my ZIM to the bank. 

Q & A: Callers

Q. – Caller had suggestions about donations as related to Keisha’s kids. Tony: We have 140,000 people that follow us on Twitter. Over a million who listen to this call. We have less than 100 people who make donations. Keisha’s kids is not a foundation yet. It’s not up and running and no one is making donations to it. 

Q. – Have you heard anything about Trump not signing the RV until the Mueller investigation was over? Tony: What would the Mueller investigation have to do with him signing the RV? You telling me something good, bad or indifferent happens to him and it stops the world? We have to wait for him to be impeached before this goes through? Who does that make sense to? It has been signed off on. I had somebody in the room. The release codes have been signed off, just not released to the banks yet. 

Q. – Caller was told the bank would not accept is Dong. Tony: First of all they have not announced a new currency. . . and they are not going to do it 10 minutes after the RV and say we have new money over here that is not in circulation. Secondly . . . they have to give a time frame for everyone to convert the currency over to the new currency. Whoever told you that is clueless how this money works. 


Tony . . . All right guys, we’re are still waiting cuz that’s all we can do. The numbers look good. Everybody is still excited. Still hearing by the end of the month. 

I do want you guys to know that traders were notified again this week. Bank people were notified again this week. People overseas, those people we want to get notifications did receive them once again this week. Let’s see what happens this go around. This is the third time. Third time is a charm. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. I’m getting ready to start the birthday party so by the time midnight gets here I’ll be well into it and I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the party. 

Ray . . .Enjoy your hump day, Wednesday and if nothing develops we’ll be back Friday with our regularly scheduled call. If something does develop, you’ll know it and we’ll know it. Keep believing. We sure do (played “I Believe.”)