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MarkZ Friday Update 3-15-19  Notes by PDK Highlights only-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:  it appears they are still testing the waters with a limited number of packages…..we have tracked them in 5 states now…..Deliveries expanded..to AZ and Ca…..we are expecting a huge batch to start going out soon …..hopefully tonight.

My guess is reset this weekend and 800 numbers this weekend and exchanges to start Tuesday through Thursday

Member:  I have been hearing for about the last 4 days that the cmkx should be completed sometime today
Member:  Mark... there's talk of F & P package notification in 17 States. Are you hearing this?

MZ: I have heard those rumors but  We can only positively verify deliveries in 5 states  Colorado, Texas, Arizona, California and Oklahoma

Q:   Is the protocol still to run currency exchanges hours to days after F&P's?

MZ: Absolutely …..this is still the plan

Member:  if he hold it as late as Thursday next week the bank will most displeased because they wanted 10 days minimum for exchanges to occur.

MZ: Exactly…….that is why I expect a busy weekend and sooner then later.

Q: What do you expect to be in the packages?

MZ:  I believe it includes a debit card with some funds on it…an NDA, number to make our exchange apts…….this is just a guess…….I am anxious to find out. I think within a day or 2 of receiving packages we will be sitting in a bank.

Member:  Well if there's an NDA in the CMKX package, some may interpret that as keep quiet about even receiving the package... if we've heard of 5, then there could very well be many more pkgs in the hands of stockholders right now. That's pretty exciting.

MZ: Exactly!  There may be way more out there and they are not talking about it…would you?

Member: No way!!  Loose lips sink RV ships.

Q:  why the big secret? with the timing ? why do they care? what is the big deal?

MZ:  Good question….So much info is being leaked in the MSM like that Italian article….that really shook things up…As it is leaked,  info we used to have to be careful about- we don’t anymore…..its out there now.

Banks, the return of the "gold standard": gold in financial statements becomes moneyhttps://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/finanza-e-mercati/2019-02-24/banche-ritorno-gold-standard-l-oro-bilanci-diventa-moneta-091055.shtml?refresh_ce=1

Member:  my guess is that the deal is done... we are just watching theatre on main stream media.

Q:   After we RV will there be time to buy currency that will be in the 2nd basket before it RV's?

MZ: Absolutely- I plan on investing in the second basket...some of those countries are just not ready yet

Q:  Do you have info on contract rates vs us being very studied-do you think a big difference in the rates we get if we negotiate?

MZ: Its my opinion that rates will not have a lot of latitude to negotiate…..but, I think perks –we will be able to negotiate…..just my opinion…..I do not see how the rates could have so many differences

Q: What perks?

MZ: Things from concierge services, private bankers, security, stuff like that.

(Recaps Note: Updated List of Bank Perks 2-5-19) 
Member:  According to the schedule at this time they want the general public to start April 1st

Q:  Have we ever been this far in the process so far? Have F&P's ever been paid before?

MZ: Hell No we have never been this far before….exciting things are happening all over……I am still 99 % sure it will happen this month… We have never been this close… I am 99.9 sure we will see it this month

Member:  Bloomberg: China's President Xi Jinping and U.S.'s Donald Trump will not meet this month to sign an agreement that will end the trade war. The date was moved and April is the earliest time when they would resume the talks.

MZ: I wonder if that’s because we have already set and finalized dates for the reset? That’s an interesting piece.

Q: do you think with that Italian article publishing that leak - they can move the target date?

MZ: I do not think they will move this target date. The logistics seem to be set in stone. There is so much out in the MSM now showing they are still going in that direction.

Member: as of this last Monday there were documents signed that let the Chinese take control and that is why the big push to get the CMKX and F&Ps done as well as a date.

Member:  I am Expecting great things on the 19th :-).

MZ: I am on a similar mindset about the 19th. I think that is as far as they can push us….so it’s a date Im looking at as well.

MZ: This is a Global Reset…this is so big…It’s a whole lot to process…there is no precedence anywhere on how to do this……

Member: This RV/GCR is the biggest event ever.

Call from Michael Cottrell at minute  45.10 of today’s stream:

MZ: Rumors of packages in 17 states….We are tracking 5 states that got packages. My guess is we will see a lot this weekend.    I’m leaning toward the Mayheu quote where he said they reset everything on Saturday night and wake up Sunday with a new world.

Q: Are all nations now Basel3 complient?

MZ:  As of April 1st I hear they will all be Basel 3 complient .

For entire call be sure to listen to the replay for a lot more on the second basket, Nesara rumors, Health innovations , diet, and more…

Replay for Friday Stream:   https://www.twitch.tv/videos/395826990##

Or  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1eaKbOrEqgjGX



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  You remember Tuesday’s call I talked about this weekend being sort of good for us.  We should be good for this weekend. I am still hearing that tonight.  Now remember the weekend is really to me even though Sunday is the first day of the week, we always look at the weekend being Saturday and Sunday.

What I am hearing today has been very positive. Now let’s talk about what is occurring and what just occurred.

Bruce:  First of all, Native American Claims in 17 states have been paid.  Those are done.

The Fines and Penalties are either complete or are in the phase of completion.

The CMKX is in process, and should be completed here in a matter of a couple of days.

With that, packets are going out to recipients for verification of KYC, Know Your Customer information.  That is in process, and that process is not really slowing us down. 
Now there maybe other things going on behind the scenes that I do not know about.  I will tell you about one I do know about.

Bruce:  We know about funds, I call them tranches referring to transfer of funds. These tranches started yesterday. I believe last night. They are coming out of HSBC China and moving through other banks and ending up and now this is in the United States, but it is also happening around the globe, not just here.

It is happening and getting funds to four of our Treasury Reserve Banks. Before you go “What are you talking about Willis?”  Yes, Treasury Reserve Bank.  Not Federal Reserve Bank.  That is the new name for these banks.

This is happening for Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Reno. These funds are coming in and came in to be able to hydrate accounts for CMKX, but also today and tomorrow and Saturday these are coming in large numbers to prefund our exchanges.

Now we have had plenty of funds that came in 83 zero tranches before.  Those funds and these funds will be used for our exchanges and Zim redemptions.  These are to continue every 12 hours and they may go on and on and on.  They may not stop Saturday. They may continue. I do not know that. I know they will go through sometime Saturday.

Bruce:  I also know through good sources that THEY SHOULD allow us to set up appointments Saturday for our redemptions and exchanges.  It could be Saturday or Sunday, but I am hearing more emphasis on Saturday.

Now for that to happen, I should have the toll-free number for North America.  That is Canada, the United States, and Mexico to put out on or by Saturday if we are to start setting appointments then.  That is really as closely we can talk about it without calling it per se.  I feel really good about this.  I feel really good everything is coming together.

Bruce:  We know for example the Dong has been traded up.  We know it started pre-trading two days ago. The Dinar is trading up. It started pre-trading 31/2 days ago.  Even the Iranian Rial is trading up, and so is the Zim.  There is activity out there.

Now the question is: Is the USTN which is the new dollar for the United States, the United States Treasury Note.  Notice there is no Reserve in that. United States Treasury Note. Is that new currency which remember it is digital, but also it is going to be a physical dollar bill for us, Is that live and trading?

I am having difficulty confirming it, but we believe that as of today.  Yes, it is live and Yes, it is trading.  I haven’t been able to prove it or confirm it.  Maybe you can, but regardless I know we are moving in the right direction because of what has occurred, who has been paid, and who is about to be paid.

Bruce:  Where are the Cores?  I think the Cores are sort of like us in Tier 4 Group A and Group B. I think Cores are waiting for the release just like we are just waiting for the release of the toll-free number.

Will that be some kind of simultaneous release for us in terms of all of Tier 4, for Group A Groups and Group B-the Internet Group, or those who are Informed, the people who are listening to the Big Call, people that are reading blogs, people that are following this on a daily or almost daily basis like we have.  I am in my 15th year.  That being the case, we are looking for this continued movement to take us in that direction.

Bruce:   We know that Gesara is to be brought out four or five days after we go maybe initially, some initial discussion about it.  We know there will be a new tax plan talked about around if not on April 1st. No, it won’t be April Fools Da either.  It will be some serious good news. I won’t go into that. It will ruin the surprise, but there is so much that we are going to find out within weeks of us starting.

Will we still have 8 to 10 maybe 12 days to exchange and to redeem Zim before the so-called John Q Public or Tier 5 starts?  That is something we thought would be the case and could be the case, but you never know when Tier 5 could start, you never know.

We heard talked about they may go when we go.  Then I heard no, they will go 8, 12 days later.  It doesn’t really matter to us, but we are always conscious what would possibly take place.
Bruce:  This is something we are getting ready for that is just about the end of this ride.  Every time we talk the ride seem to take longer.  Certain people have certain things they say.  I would say this:  Don’t be your own dream stealer.  Stay positive.  Stay in faith. Stay as jacked up as Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob were tonight and be prepared to take advantage of this when it happens.

You know we have been preparing for this for a long time.  It has been great for our patience.  It has been great for our understanding and learning, and it is going to be good for us when we have this and in the right frame of mind to take advantage of it and go forward with our projects and go forward blessing humanity.

Bruce:  There is not a whole lot else right now that I think is relevant for us, because this is where we are.   Enjoy it.  Stay with your Plan A.  Dance with the one who brung ya.  Just have that Plan B which we know is Blessing.  It is in the wings.  It is on deck.  It is almost ready to step up to the plate with us.

I am excited about it.  Sue is excited.  Bob is excited, and Yes, Pastor Steven is very excited it.  We all are.  We can see our future before us.  Let’s go and embrace that future.  Stay positive.  Stay in faith and be all that you are able to be for anyone that needs help.

Bruce:  Thank you all for listening tonight.  I am looking forward to the weekend. I will say that. I am looking very forward for Saturday and Sunday.

We do not know when exactly exchanges will start.  It is hard to say, but it will be depended on when the toll-free numbers come in and when we can set our appointments.  It could be that simple.  Let’s stay in faith and very positive for this.  Do not let anyone, anyone I do not care if they are online, someone you talk to, not anyone steal your dreams.

Thank you everybody on the team.  Thank you, Sue.  Thank you, Bob.  Thank you, Pastor Steven.  Thank you, Pinkroses for a beautiful job on your transcription.

Thank you to all the Big Call listeners out there all the way thru Big Call Universe for listening and being faithful and supportive of us.  Good Night.



blackgold   BAGHDAD — Since the American-led invasion of 2003, Iraq has become one of the world’s top oil producers, and China is now its biggest customer.

China already buys nearly half the oil that Iraq produces, nearly 1.5 million barrels a day, and is angling for an even bigger share, bidding for a stake now owned by Exxon Mobil in one of Iraq’s largest oil fields.

“The Chinese are the biggest beneficiary of this post-Saddam oil boom in Iraq,” said Denise Natali, a Middle East expert at the National Defense University in Washington. “They need energy, and they want to get into the market.”

Woke AF    Yaasssss!

blackgold   somebody is making a bunch of money and it ain't us
Woke AF   And you know, we just passed Saudi in oil~

blackgold   oh well, keep looking for security and stability in Iraq,lol

blackgold   yea right

Woke AF   It's there, they lying~  Woke AF   https://dougcollins.house.gov/strzok
Woke AF   Enjoy!

https://saraacarter.com/report-mueller-may-be-wrapping-up-as-pitbull-weissmann-to-step-down/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Report: Mueller May Be Wrapping Up, As “Pitbull” Weissmann To Step Down

Andredinero   Iraq and Saudi Arabia set the date of opening the port of Arar

3/14/2019   (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Iraqi and Saudi sides set a date for the opening of the border crossing between the two countries.

This came during a meeting between the head of the border crossing organization Kazim al-Aqabi and the Saudi Minister of Trade and Investment Majid al-Qasabi and his accompanying delegation on Thursday.

"A number of axes have been discussed, the most important of which is the necessity of working to provide all the necessary requirements to open the Arar border port by the deadline in October, and to emphasize the need to complete the customs procedures and move to the application of the window," a statement from his office said. Trade exchange ".

He added that "Al-Kasabi expressed the Kingdom's readiness to provide technical and material support and bear all the material costs necessary to implement the window of trade exchange.

He stressed the punishment of "Iraq's desire to be the arena of trade exchange on the Iraqi side and to provide job opportunities for the people of Karbala and Anbar provinces."

The Minister of Trade, Saudi Arabia, expressed readiness of the Kingdom to establish a trade exchange area provided that this square is established in accordance with international standards


Andredinero   Al-Rashed announces the granting of loans to buy cars without a sponsor

3/14/2019   Economy News / Baghdad ..  Al-Rasheed Bank announced that it has granted loans for the purchase of cars without a sponsor, pointing out that the loans do not include production cars.

The bank's media office said in a statement that the bank had decided to grant loans to the employees of the local government departments and their salaries with the bank loans for the purchase of cars and vehicles without a sponsor.

The office explained that the instructions included all the conditions for the grant, including that the applicant for the loan employee on the permanent owner and holder of the card Nakheel exclusively received his salary under the card and that there is no other loan for the purchase of cars from our bank has not yet paid, indicating that these loans do not include production cars.


Andredinero   The reconstruction of Iraq at the table of officials and businessmen in Vienna

3/14/2019   The Austrian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy in Austria and the Austrian Association of Engineers, organized a forum of 70 experts, engineers, businessmen and government officials from Austria and Iraq,

as well as a number of parliamentarians and experts from Europe and Canada and representatives of the United Nations (UNIDO) to discuss the most important engineering and economic aspects that help in the program of reconstruction of the city of Mosul and ways to ensure the active participation of the Austrian side in the reconstruction projects through the development of clear plans with the Iraqi side.

The Forum was opened by Dr. Richard Schintz, Chairman of the Austrian-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economy, welcomed the guests in which he recognized the importance of holding the roundtable meeting and the desired goals by taking advantage of the available expertise and capabilities.

Goofus   Andredinero get a life.

Andredinero   Goofus my life is with you guys thank you
Andredinero   Soon .. The law of “expulsion” of US forces .. Sadr alliance declaresSoon .. The law of “expulsion” of US forces .. Sadr alliance declares 
Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 12:18 pm  Follow-up / Sky Press

Iraqi media reported that the alliance of Fatah led by Hadi al-Ameri and others led by Moqtada al-Sadr, reached the drafting of a bill that allows dealing with the US presence in Iraq.

According to the media, the bill on the amendment of the security agreement between Iraq and the United States strategicagreement, which prohibits its forces or any US forces to be on the ground in Iraq.

However, the Iraqi government, led by Adel Abdul Mahdi, made a request to emphasize that training and logistical support provided by the United States to the Iraqi army and police is not compromised, which was left to him until the House of Representatives discusses the law and votes on it.

It is scheduled, according to the MP, the alliance of Badr al-Zayadi, the vote on that law very soon, with the expectation of the majority approval to expel US forces, whether land, air or sea on Iraqi territory.


Andredinero   Donald Trump just made a speech about the brexit
Andredinero   https://youtu.be/dn_fmigauiU

Andredinero   Ok bye for now have a great day you guys

Baxter   I mean... this country is 22 trillion in debt.... what is another measly 5 billion..
Clay   sick

Dave   Baxter still the richest country in the world......

Baxter   I know... crazy isnt it 

Baxter   thats why I keep thinking... this GCR may be real... there are so many countries that are bankrupt... riots everywhere...

Clay   scarey

Baxter   venezuella is flat broke..

Dave   Baxter where

Clay   Europe too ​

​Baxter   Look at the UK?    they are broke

Clay   Greece

Dave   Baxter riots?

Baxter   yes... look at venezuella..    riots everywhere

Clay   and Greece

Dave   Clay greece taxation optional...HEHE

Baxter   venezuella is one of the richest oil countries in the world.... flat broke

Clay   banks were closing and taking peoples $

Baxter   look at zimbabwe... flat broke

Dave   Baxter lol

Baxter   can you imagine 50 billion per cent inflation

Clay   Bax the elites stole the $ in Ven

Baxter   I know

Dave   Baxter maybe once they see the gcr they will be rich over night

Baxte rIt may be real... I dont know  so many stories... who do you believe

Clay   people in Ven dont have food or water supposently

Baxter   nope.. no electric

Clay  that too     sad

Baxter   ANDRE is just a newbie... we were all like that once

Portmagaland   Did I just read that Baxter might think the GCR might be real, I love you Baxter!

Baxter   Portmagaland I said.. I dont know

Andredinero   Portmagaland well GOD say the bible say if they ain't against us they with us and every deed soul could be save so they ain't going to go hard at her no more she got to her senses I forgive her

Dave   < Young SC hows Steve?

Young SC   FRANK 26 stated numerous times that the 3 zeros were deleted electronically not physically on DEC 28 2018 hmm i wonder if that is true?

Andredinero   ISX I already prove it I could show it again matter fact I'll send you guys both website to log in but not the REVALUATION OF THE MONEY IITS NOT DONE YET THEY WANT TO BE LIKE THE US BUT A LITTLE BIT BETTER

Dave   Heck iam from canada.....we do not get Fox news.....far socialisic for that   just CNN

Andredinero   Young SC https://english.mubasher.info/markets/ISX ​
Andredinero   Website number 1 it have all markets information
Andredinero   Sign up free and then logg in

Portmagaland   CNN has contract for all airports

Young SC   Andredinero what are you showing me?  Explain it please   468.66?

Portmagaland   Please Andre, somehow your math turns that website into like $4 U.S.
Portmagaland   I'm happy with a dime

Dave   Portmagaland i used to give math tutorials here

Portmagaland   Ok dave use your math and turn Andre's erblink to $4, please      We blink

Andredinero   Young SC ok they have a stock market and they need to revalue their money that's why ISX WENT ON NASDAQ BECAUSE NOW IT'S FINALLY INTERNATIONAL ON THE STOCK MARKET PRICE BUT THEY HAVEN'T GIVE THEIR money value yet -- that's why I've been saying only 1% LEFT and that's the CBI to revalue the money of having it's worth like 4-6$ but they stated the ISX with 4$ because their market price they want to skyroeckt it like bitcoin did when they first started

Andredinero   Portmagaland
Andredinero   Website #2

Young SC   Sorry i dont mean to be rude but how do you know this Andre

Tebow   Beny your English is terrible along with your math. $4 right where? :laugh

Young SC   Tebow lol  Andre where are you getting the 4 6 dollar frame from

Andredinero   Tebow hahaha  I'm not beny Tebow ok ask mod zig Doug Mr Brando the DR. All the old geez to explain what the stock price they seeing mean it's not me it's coming from ISX AND Iraq itself and nasdaq or ask whitelions

Andredinero   Tebow I use to get straight As in math the reason I send it it's to show most of the GURUS just speaking stuff to existence I'll expect that any day then some one discouraging your especially when the end it's almost finish

Young SC   Andre im trying to figure out how you are getting that rate

sandyf   @Sam I Am sandyf I think it's much more likely that Tant was talking about the market rate in Iraq rather than the official rate decreed by the CPA or CBI
I can only assume you did not bother to read the transcripts. ​
​sandyf   @blackgold Most don’t know what a GCR is or for, but the big banks do the crap will hit the fan one day and people will be shocked

The people were not shocked last time, only the banks, but that may depend on the form it may take.

In October 1967 Harold Wilson devalued the GBP from $2.80 to $2.40(14%) and at that time the GBP was still the mostly widely used currency for foreign exchange holdings. Every country holding GBP had to adjust its value effectively causing a global currency reset.

Those that dismiss the idea of a GCR should consider the effect of a significant change in the USD. We live in volatile times and everyone should keep an open mind.

Sam I Am   sandyf I read them years ago. Probably back around 2012.

Andredinero   Young SC but you right there looking at it
Andredinero Young SC   idk how better can I explain I'll see can I find a video who explain it way better about stock market price etc....

Andredinero   You will need it come I'm going to GIVE your the new CRYPTO currencie market link when this finish to earn free curencie in your wallet before it gets to stage 2

Dave   DOH....whats crypo

Young SC   sandyf sam does not read anything clearly when it goes against his views as Dave
Young SC   Ask*
Young SC   LOL@2012

Dave   exchanging at the forex whoopow

Portmagaland   Do andre you saying one day we are going to go to bed and when we wake up the ISX is going to be at 2,000?

Andredinero   Portmagaland well I'm not saying it would skyrocket that fast but it's different from the CBI

Portmagaland   That sounds crazy, crazy like going to bed and Gore was our Preident, then I woke up and Bush was put President. Sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Tebow   Beny, Bitcoin is fake money!  Beny Bitcoin ATMs don't exsist

Andredinero   So when Iraq finish and fulfill all those 4 links I promise I will send it and it would be 3rd party with bitcoin ATM or have their own ATM when it skyrocket that new currencies that's when it get to stage 2 and they finish IT right now it's still at stage 1 that's why you  could earn free coins and soon Iraq finish I would send it you earn free coins by taking the task   And watch free video etc....

Young SC   Andredinero what??

Tebow   Beny There are NO Bitcoin ATMs

Young SC   What does bitcoin have to do with this???

 Sam I Am   LOL @ bitcoin ATM
​ Andredinero   Young SC you miss it this morning I had promise the group 4 links I will send them to keep the wealth and riches going soon Iraq finish while they keep investing to save earn (BITCOIN etc...) and travel while earning also just GOD 1st and more wealth legit

Andredinero   Sam I Am so bitcoin don't have their own ATM ? YOU REALLY LOST IT

Sam I Am   Do they really have bitcoin ATMs?

Tebow   Sam I Am yes Sam you lost it! LOL
Sam I Am   I mean it just sounds so silly

Andredinero   TWWIII matrix it's us I feel like we all unique here and everybody have their own fake name and never know who you talking too or who's watching it's a world from the world we live outside in

Andredinero   Sam I Am I'm part of BLOCK chain you want me to show the map around the world for bitcoin ATM ? NO PROBLEM I DON'T MIND AND PLUS I JUST SEND A VIDEO OF IT

Sam I Am   Andredinero I'll look into it   I mean, bitcoins are virtual  you can't pull them out like bills    Not a big believer in cryptos, but I will concede that people have made a lot of money with them

Tebow   Sam I Am nothing backs crypto currency

Sam I Am   true
John   True but nothing backs the USD
John   fiat currency
John   Fed Reserve just Prints it

Sam I Am   Actually there are a lot of things that back the USD

Andredinero   Sam I Am you not believer in anything by the way but do you know what's fiat money and this is the pictures it's actually 4 
Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/my2ssw

Sam I Am   but we're not on a gold standard style system of asset backed currency

Tebow   Our currency is called fiat money. Fiat money is regulated by the government through the Federal Reserve.

Andredinero   Sam I Am did you know that Iraq and Saudi Arabia was already part of BLOCK chain ?

John   "Federal" Reserve Just prints it = Inflation

Sam I Am   John I thought the Treasury did that

Andredinero   John Yes you guys are right it's digital that get print into paper money just like bitcoin but the difference is they say bitcoin is gold backed and fiat is not but fiat it's abusive authority for socialism
​John   Inflation is the most unfair tax

Tebow   Sam I Am yes

Andredinero   Sam I Am https://prntscr.com/my2srn

Tebow   Andredinero Bitcoin backed by NOTHING!

Andredinero   Tebow yes but that's what they call gold backed they say

Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/my2sq8        Picture 3

Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/my2sq7      Picture 4

John   The "Federal" Reserve is who prints money - They have nothing to do with the Gov. See "The Creature from Jekel Island" Book - "Federal" Reserve founded in 1910 started in 1913
Andredinero   Tebow lol you with your beny you do that just for me to reveal my name and I say nope when everything finish I will

John   Basics of The Banking Scam
Andredinero   John yes they do they was hand picked by the gov because they need it some one to control the money just like they hand picked Mueller you really need to watch the 4 horseman or do more research of the lies they taught the world
John   Fallen Angels Evel is the Fed Reserve
Andredinero   The 4 horseman great documentary
John   Banksters
Andredinero   John https://youtu.be/4JQn5i_ogpw
Andredinero   That's it right there
John   Sorry to let you know we have been lied to
Andredinero   The 4 horseman
Andredinero  To be different from the rest of the world and right now we at 16% that's 5-8million people from the billions of this world

John   If mainstream pushes it then its a lie 98% of the time

blackgold   If bitcoin is back by nothing, so is our credit cards and our checks

Johnblackgold    True

MARKZ Q & A: "Priming the Pump", 15 MARCH

MarkZ Thursday Update –Notes by PDK –Highlights only-Not Verbatum Did not take notes on trusts, c-corps or s-corps because of possible liabilities. You have to listen to replay for that info.

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: They are priming the pump and chose certain states and areas to test deliveries….We understand it went well so we are expecting to see a lot more F&P deliveries starting this evening….

We believe that Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado were the test states so far ……they will be sending out many packages tonight is our understanding….so they should be rolling out a much larger amount this evening.

I did not receive mine yet…but the day is young. 

I’m so stinkin excited I would dance if I could

I understand that those of us who get the CMKX notification call…at that time tell them what kind of currencies –if any – that you also have.

Q: GM BROTHER! I believe I heard you say some F&P's Later this Evening? So with that.....what are your thoughts ON TIMING FOR RV at this Time??....

MZ: If it were me- I would roll out the rest of the F&Ps tonight and tomorrow and I would do the Reset on Friday Night and the 800 numbers released on Sunday …Ideally the markets would all be closed….

As Mr. Mayheu said they reset on a Sat. Night and we wake up to all new rates on a Monday Morning….....Resets like weekends …My guess is we could start exchanges on Tuesday…..banking likes Tues-Th.

Q: trying to understand CMKX can you just give me a couple of key points, please? Are is what I am reading on Google about the diamond shares correct?

Member: CMKX started as a diamond exploration company that owned huge plots of land in Saskatchewan, Canada and was naked shorted into the ground as part of a sting. Bad guys got caught and paid up in the trillions from what we were told.

Q: Mark you have stated that putting Dinar & Dong would make a non taxable event become taxable. Do we still put those in trusts pre- exchange,?

Member: The only thing that is taxable is the interest or any proceeds that come from the investments from use of funds

Q: ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: What about Brexit??

MZ: We will learn a lot about this today. So much happening everywhere. There may be some surprise votes coming in……Brexit wont change the reset…just may change how it rolls out.

Q: Mark so we can set that trust up before we go to bank? But we want something that we can work with so we don't have to move the exchanged currency into new trust after exchange

MZ: We hear banks will absolutely have a skeleton trust for you all to use until you get whatever you decide to do set up

Member: If you use the Bank Skeleton Trust you will have to make the bank a Trustee.

Q: Mark will the cmkx trust be all I need? Can I use that for currencies?

MZ: that’s what I plan to do. At this time. Its up to you whether or not you want to do something else.

Q: Mark can you tell us the Currency in first basket rv. is there only 6? Our can you share?

MZ: there are more then 6- closer to a dozen…

Q: Any news on Tier 4

MZ: We understand Tier 4 will release on Saturday.

Q: any updates on Omega Packages being released?

MZ: They go the same times as the F& Ps so keep your eyes out.

Q: Mark, should/can we open a trust ( empty) ahead of time? Or at the time of our bank appointment?

MZ: I am opening mine at my exchange apt. 

Q: Will you tweet out if more packages are delivered tonight.-coded message’

MZ: Great idea…..I will tweet something out like more Deliveries happening…or look for the postman

Q: Is it better to exchange in a group or on my own

MZ: I always heard its better in a group – but we will have to wait and see…..I understand that the banks are trying to be more standardized and level the playing field…..so there may not be a big difference…..we will just have to wait and see.

Q: The 29th.. idk crap but Basel 3 deadline being the 29th kinda makes it the date to look at imo

MZ: this is the Basel 3 deadline, the Brexit deadline, the BIS gold standard deadline……definently this should be our month. They really need the reset done before all this…2 weeks before…… so we are in the timeframe where the rubber hits the road.

Q: Any zim news.

MZ: I don’t know a lot about zim…..many more people are much more knowledgable then I.. I do hear there will be different rates depending on humanitarian projects. 

Member: zim they look for humanitarian projects is my understanding

Q: wait! so on Zim if you take the international you can spend any personal amount?

MZ: That’s my understanding..

Member: again if you're using a revocable trust which will have potential tax consequences if the Zim is treated as a bond and taxed and you put your money in some sort of a structured payment vehicle, make sure that you have the bank sign an affidavit of fact stating that they will release any taxes due so that you don't get into trouble with paying taxes that are tied up in the structured payment vehicle. If you Google affidavit of fact you can get a template and then you just hand write what you want…a Revokable trust

MZ: Due diligence is a very smart thing.

MZ: I understand our new bank accounts will be exceptionally safe…..your new bank accounts and your new wealth are not held at the banks…..they will be held at the new central bank. As I understand it Our banks will be like a hotel concierge…..so our banks like BOA, WF ect…….will just be like that. Your bank is your concierge to your account. I am told all the services they offer you will be to make you safe and happy and keep your accounts with them .

Q: QUESTION: Are STRUCTURED payouts going to be imposed JUST on the Zim or on ALL CURRENCIES?

Q: whats the correlation between cmk and Reset. Is it just indicator that US is solvent now, they have funds to pay? Why if CMKX goes would they release reset immediately after?

MZ: That’s a good way to look at it….When Al Hodges wont the lawsuit when they beat the banks and the government it was tied to the reset because that was the only way the government could afford to pay all the F&Ps . So it is an indicator that the US is solvent and they need it for liquidity…..so settlements go first then the RV close behind.

Q: Do we need to ask for TRN’s?

MZ: No you should not have to ask…….we should all be exchanging into TRNs ..and yes I have seen some of the new notes.

Q: Mark are you concerned that when we exchange we will not be aware of all the new tax laws and consequences ?

MZ: Yes…that’s why I am going to use trusts….for extra protection.

Member: Guys. Your gonna have plenary of money. A few 1000$ to settle everything SECURELY should not be an worry

MZ: They are going to jump through hoops to make us safe and happy……all your questions will be answered by the bank. 

Member: Basel 3 stops the monetization of debt

MZ Exactly….Bam…..Fiat is the monetization of debt. It’s a monetary system based on our slavery.
Q: Do Banks have a ceiling on the amount of deposits they guarantee?

MZ: Make sure they are insured…..be sure to ask….if you need extra insurance…do it

Member: I hear WF has hired 100s of PERSONAL WEATH MANAGERS. to help structure and help us all understand what we are moving into.

Member: Chase opening 90 new banks

Q: Would you go out of state to exchange?

MZ: The last thing I want is my local banker telling everyone how much I just deposited…so yes I am thinking about exchanging where I can be anonymous and for security reason. I think it’s a really good idea. Be sure to have a zipcode for where you want to exchange handy when you call to make an apt.

Member: in my opinion when you go to exchange or go in for cmkx ask them for a security expert who will help you live a safer life. one of the first things that I'm going to do is up my insurance on my car and increase the umbrella insurance on my home. but they have experts that can help you with securing your online presence basically getting rid of an online presence if you want that and security for your home family etc that will be one of the benefits of having the amount of money you will have.

MZ: They will be able to help us all so much…….have a lot of questions ready.

Member: Remember: some of the bank perks aren't free... ask

Member: Remember you don't get what you don't ask for…… so ask

Member: so you can actually ask to have all those fees waived asked you just have to keep a certain amount in the bank to get that ask ask ask

Member: if you're going to wind up being a part of the family office where you're going to pay a percentage of assets under management… any perk or benefit should be free so ask ask ask

Member: DELEGATE your task and concerns to YOUR FINANCIAL TEAM for the BANK

Member: a family office basically manages every aspect of your funds and as much of your life as you want for a percentage of assets under management

Member: Let's remember that when fractional reserve banking-IRS-Fed Res goes down, there will be a totally different landscape. Hence all the previous precautionary measures will lessen. It's a new dawn.

MZ: It will be a whole different world out there for us all

Q: Does Trump have Dinar?

MZ: I hear he has millions invested…huge numbers…....Warren Buffet also bought a bunch …millions….a number of years ago.

Q: Will you release 800 numbers?

MZ: I will find a bank that will take you guys …I have banks reaching out to me wanting your business. …..and I will give you what I can. They don’t want to list numbers ahead of time……not until it all is released

Q: Mark are you at all concerned about the stalling out because the deliveries were a test?

MZ: Im not worried at this time….something would have to be really bad to stall anything at this point.

If I get any big news I will be back tonight.......If not I will see you all tomorrow morning.

PDK: there was so much info I recommend everyone listen to the call.

Replays for Thursday AM 3-14-19 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/395344318##

Or https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BdGYOwwLOgxX


Mountain Goat

I can say that I have heard many rumors about the readiness for the launching of the new smaller category notes, however you would think that, if these rumors where true, we would see multiple articles on this topic in the general Iraqi news media prior to the event. We have NOT yet seen this. But also remember this does not mean this even may not be on the radar for the very near future either as we also know these smaller category notes may come in close proximity to the announcement of a reinstatement.


[Who are your contacts in dinar land?]

I’ve been in this since the very beginning. I have contacts that are Contractors in Iraq, military people, retired military people... So many banking contacts, regional VP’s in banking, and contacts who actually help set up some of the redemption centers for a major bank for the dinar and dong…

...I'm looking at the next 24 hrs to see where we are..BY Friday morning I should know...

[ [Guru] Bruce sayin we paid by end of week.]

He may be right.

[Are you still 98% sure for the month?]

I’d say I’m 99% sure.

[what made you jump higher?]

Can’t really share but someone got paid.

Kaperoni (Dinar Alert)

...an article that said they would not float the dinar...could be interpreted in two ways. 1. being they won't float (which makes no sense because they then would not have the tool they need to counter inflation as investment/investors come to Iraq, or 2. they are not going to float at this time (which may be what they really meant at the time of the article). And may be true...but that was months ago before the dinar was stable and in compliance...


I HAVE BEEN MONITORING [Guru] MARKZ'S INFORMATION. HE IS CREDITABLE...We are moving in the right direction. Stay the course. Be prepared to grab hold of the merry-go-round ring and claim your prize.

Frank26 (KTFA)



Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 15 2019

Compiled 15 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: the biography of Jenny Hill.”As a young child Jenny was tortured by a CIA Operative and forced to witness a child sacrifice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth, Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. In all your giving, please don’t forget exploited children. 

Judy Note: Rumor was that F&P packages were being delivered beginningMarch 14, we would be able to obtain appointments to redeem/exchange some time Fri. March 15 or Sat. March 16 and be able to going to appointments by Sat. March 16

Treason indictments against Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama for the Uranium One Deal with Russia and FISA abuses could happen as early as Tues. March 19 – or they may be given the choice of another way out, as happened with Former President George W. Bush and Senator John McCain. 

Reno received notice of the payment codes on Sun. March 10. On Mon. March 11 XI Ping was at Maralago signing papers with President Trump - the same day the Iraqi Stock Exchange went active on NASDAX. Payment codes were released to payers on Tues. March 12. Geopolitical issues have been handled. 

A. Apparent Global Currency Reset/GESARA Schedule:

The transition was set in motion in Oct. 2018 and was expected to be completed by early Aug. 2019

Fri. March 1: The new USTNs were made live Fri. March 1 at 3pm EST

Sat. midnight March 2: The debt ceiling was hit, the AIIB ended their fiat credit to the Federal Reserve and US Taxpayer monies were being sent to the new US Treasury in Reno.

Mon. March 4: Zimbabwe demonetized their Zim Bond Notes, released them on Tues. March 5, at 1 pm EST - the same time that the green light was issued for payments to buyers and payers at the new US Treasury in Reno (Zim Bonds were backing the entire Global Currency Reset and they had just been demonetized for the RV).

Wed. March 6 at 8:15 pm EST some fines, penalties and a group known as the Big Boys were paid out. It was rumored that by Thurs. March 7 the Cherokee Nation had been paid and that by Sat. March 9 five Indian Nations had been paid out. Farm Claims and F&Ps were to be paid out the evening of Sat. March 9.

Friday March 8 intel behind the now over 82,324 sealed indictments began to be revealed when Hannity on Fox News broke the story on the Deep State FISA Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on a Court by the DNC, Clinton Campaign and FBI. Although other mainstream news outlets have yet to pick up the story, according to Pentagon sources, "The Ides of March should bring 85,000 sealed indictments and many arrests in the U.S.”

This Week: The European exit (Brexit) from the Euro would take away the Cabal’s last bastion of rule over the global financial system by closing the Queen’s Bank of London, although Brexit wouldn’t be made official until March 29 and there was a move to delay it for two years.

Mon. March 11: Rumor was that on March 11 XI Ping was at Maralago with President Trump and that the codes had been released. Mon. March 11NASDAX began trading the Iraqi Stock Exchange. March 11, 2019 was the eighth anniversary of the mass-murder attack against Fukushima, Japan, and a deal with the Cabal had to be reached by March 11 because the bloodlines were threatened with retaliation for this attack unless they reached a deal.

March 13: Zimbabwe ditched a dollar peg for its surrogate bond notes and electronic dollars, merging them into the RTGS dollar. 

March 14: F&P's deliveries started early Thurs. March 14

Fri. March 15: We were expected to start getting our appointments by Fri. March 15.

Fri. March 15: Back on Oct. 1 2018 the NY Stock Market lost all gains for the year and for the last six months has been on the brink of collapse, with no revival in sight. The Stock Market plummet would be a distraction to hide the RV, along with the Mueller report due out by the Ides of March 15

March 16: Redemption/exchange appointments should begin.

March 19 Disclosure: Q tweeted that big things were happening on March 19. This was thought to be the date of FISA Warrant declassification expected to expose that the FBI, Justice Department, Obama, Clinton campaign and Democrats were in cahoots to take down duly elected US President Trump – an act of Treason. Indictments were also to be made public on March 19against Clinton and Obama for their Treasonous roles in the Uranium One deal with Russia.

March 20: Military Tribunals began in various secret locations on Jan. 2 and the 9/11 Tribunal began at GITMO on Jan. 28. The FISA Warrant Tribunal was set to begin on March 20

March 20: According to a March 6 2019 Institute of Physics of the Earth Report sent to Prime Minister Putin, around March 20 the western coasts of the US, Mexico, Central and South America was set to experience a catastrophic 9 mega-earthquake that would unleash a deadly tsunami with 30 metric-high waves. Scientists were warning leaders to prepare the general population. It was not known whether or not this would be a man-made disaster.http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=118719&fbclid=IwAR1v_WKmlxdyCkSxFUPyGfo3a6sOAp3J8_ob8JJf4luv9u9BE9xA1HPJNzc

March 29: Banks had a deadline to be Basil 3 compliant by March 29 or they would not be participating in the Global Currency Reset. Some say that the Bank of International Settlements planned to announce the gold/asset- backed currency standard on March 29. Others say the new global asset-backed currency system would be announced on Aug. 1 and put in force Jan. 1 2020.

April 1: Rule over the global financial system through the Queens Bank of London would end at midnight April 1. Transition into the new gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System was scheduled for April 1. (By international law gold backed digital credits must come on line in Central Banks by April 12). A new tax plan should be out April 1.

April 12: All Zim must be redeemed.

August 1: The Cabal was expected to be contained by Aug. 1 2019. All countries were expected to be GESARA compliant by Aug. 1. Some say the new global asset-backed currency system would be announced on Aug. 1 and put in force Jan. 1 2020.

Oct. 2019: The Federal Reserve and IRS would close their books in Oct. 2019. US Taxpayer monies were being sent from the Federal Reserve/IRS to the new US Treasury in Reno as of Sat. midnight March 2

B. March 14 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456# 

1. We still were looking for the RV this weekend. 

2. Native American claims in 18 states have been paid out. 

3. The CFKX would be completed in a couple of days and documents were being served on recipients. 

4. Funds started coming last night March 13 out of HSBC China and were getting funds to four of our Treasury Reserve Banks. Chicago, Atlanta, Reno. 

5. These funds would fund our exchanges every three hours. 

6. That should allow us to set appointments for Sat. March 16

7. 800#s should be out on or before Sat. March 16

8. Zim, Dinar, Dong, Real currencies were trading upward as of March 14

9. A new tax plan should be out April 1

10. The general public should start about 12 days after we begin redeeming/ exchanging. 

C. March 14 2019 10:50 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 14, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The recent Ethiopian Airlines 737 was remote controlled into the ground after takeoff.
The plane was carrying UN delegates that were going to attend a GESARA-related meeting to end poverty. There was a reason why Trump has grounded all 737 aircraft in the country. This crash would not go quietly into the night.

2. Trump gave us a hint about upcoming medical technologies in a heart warming video.
https://youtu.be/FXJPTgdT5og During the 2 minute and 5 second mark, Trump says, "a lot of good things are happening in terms of the medical stuff.".

3. [DECLAS] was expected to begin on March 19. This would blow the lid on the Deep State wide open.

4. The Cabal would be totally eliminated before August. The Alliance was prepared to take any and all measures to ensure the transition was completed by August.

5. Remember the 3 obelisks, Washington D.C. (military), City of London (financial), and the Vatican (religion). These 3 locations all with obelisks represent the Cabal structure and their control over humanity. Current status of control:
Washington D.C. [Earth Alliance (via Trump)]
City of London [Pending (via Brexit)]
Vatican [Under Fire (via Sex Abuse/Pedophilia)]

6. Moves were being made to block the Cabal from participating in the private currency redemption event (RV). Once this was ensured, the RV could safely begin. 

D. March 14 2019 Coffee with MarkZ”: "Coffee with MarkZ" Thursday 3-14-19 Q&A 

MarkZ https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BdGYOwwLOgxX 

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/395344318## MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1.They are priming the pump and chose certain states and areas to test deliveries. We understand it went well so we are expecting to see a lot more F&P deliveries starting this evening.

2. We believe that Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado were the test states so far for F&Ps CMKX notification. They will be sending out many packages tonight so they should be rolling out a much larger amount this evening March 14.

3. If it were me, I would roll out the rest of the F&Ps tonight March 14 and tomorrow March 15, and I would do the Reset on Friday night March 15, and the 800 numbers released on Sunday. Ideally the markets would all be closed.

4. As Mr. Mayheu said the reset on a Sat. night March 16, and we wake up to all new rates on a Monday morning March 18. Resets like weekends. My guess is we could start exchanges on Tues. March 19 Banking likes Tues-Th.

5. CMKX started as a diamond exploration company that owned huge plots of land in Saskatchewan, Canada and was naked shorted into the ground as part of a sting. Bad guys got caught and paid up in the trillions from what we were told.

6. We will learn a lot about Brexit today. So much happening everywhere. 

There may be some surprise votes coming in. Brexit won't change the reset. It just may change how it rolls out.

7. We hear banks will absolutely have a skeleton trust for you to use until you get whatever you decide to do set up.

8. There are more than 6 and closer to a dozen in the first RV basket. 

9. We understand Tier 4 will release on Sat. March 16.

10. There was a Basel 3 deadline for the banks on March 29. That makes it a date to look at IMO. March 29 was the Basel 3 deadline, the Brexit deadline and the BIS gold standard deadline. Definitely this should be our month. They really need the reset done before all this like 2 weeks before so we are in the time frame where the rubber hits the road.

11. I understand our new bank accounts will be exceptionally safe. Our new bank accounts and your new wealth are not held at the banks. They will be held at the new Central Bank. As I understand it our banks will be like a hotel concierge. Our banks like BOA, WF, ect. will just be like that. Your bank is your concierge to your account. I am told all the services they offer you will be to make you safe and happy and keep your accounts with them.

12. When Al Hodges won the lawsuit when they beat the banks and the government, it was tied to the reset because that was the only way the government could afford to pay all the F&Ps. So it is an indicator that the U.S. is solvent, and they need it for liquidity so the settlements go first and then the RV close behind.

E. March 13 2019 MarkZ Wednesday Night Update Call: MarkZ Disclaimer:Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1. We were hearing of many F&Ps CKMX deliveries. One I know of was verifiable. Others I hear were solid and proven as well. This was confirmed from a few different States. 

2. I hear we (who would get F&Ps CKMX deliveries) would get a phone call. A number of people were called today. We expected them all to be delivered in the next few days.

3. It looks like F&Ps have started. One I know personally has been delivered. They were an exceptionally good source. So F&P's deliveries started earlier today March 14. We expected roll out to be pretty heavy tomorrow March 15.

4. Expecting exchanges to start in the next 72 hours was my best guess. I would say the next 24 to 36 hours will be very exciting. Things were starting.

5. You in Canada should hear tomorrow March 15.

6. There was a certain percentage of packages to be delivered and then Mr. C would do his thing. 

7. Confirmations have come in from a few different states. 

F. March 13 2019 11:18 pm TNT Call Ray, Tony: TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 3-13-19 

1. Expected between now and Sunday. 

2. Dinar in-country was $2.86. 

3. Last Thurs. an SKR went for $3.86 

4. On Mon. March 11 NASDAX began trading the Iraqi Stock Exchange.