Tuesday, March 5, 2019


MarkZ Tuesday Update:   Notes by PDK- Not Verbatum

MZ:  Everyone is geared up for a late Tuesday Event….so I hope we have a late Tuesday event…..they are hearing a lot of behind the scenes stuff Tuesday Night, and in the forefront stuff that we can see tomorrow like CMKX, F&Ps, on Wednesday   and 800’s on Thursday ..

Of course no one has been right yet..thats just what we are hearing….thats the plan…….

Mr. C has not been contacted yet…..not expecting anything until this evening……this is going to be a huge week.

There is a lot moving in the central banks. …. lots of leaks to the press in Europe…..

Basel 3 banks need to have a certain amounts of assets and yes- they can use gold which counts as unemcumbered cash which they can use in their stress tests. …The term is re-monitization..… they have purchased 640 tons of gold…..this doubled the tonnage of gold bought by central banks last year.
Countries have also been repatriating gold.  You have seen Germany taking their gold back from the US.and this is happening all over as nations want their gold back in their own treasuries and central banks. We have seen so much as the laid the groundwork for Basel 3.

At this time as we move to the new banking system corruption will be almost stopped….will make the assets of the people and the nations much more secure.

Moving to asset backed currency will be based on the people of the nation and the assets of the nation and not on the politics of the nation. Changing from a debt based system to an asset based system will greatly help the people, as debt is the currency of slaves.

We have seen so much on the banks becoming complient with Basel 3, and I am very excited to be reading so much information in the real world on this. Its exciting to see real movement and real things we can see now.

Member:  I just spoke with my good buddy Phil Collins. He said, and I quote, "I can feel it coming in the air... Thursday the 21st, oh Lord". Then he also said "I feel like I've been waiting for this moment for all of my life, oh Lord, oh lord!!" Isn't that great news?!

Q: Can we still sign up for the WF Group?

MZ: No….back when they merged groups/lists including the Gen64 group they stopped accepting new members. They deleted all your private info and all they have now is email addresses . I have been told the notification will come on official WF letterhead and if anyone else contacts you from anywhere else its not the WF group.

Remember I am not affiliated with any group. I’m just like you and looking information and for the best place to exchange for my family and friends.

Q: Anything on CMKX:

MZ:  Many people that are well connected seem to think that Wednesday is the day CMKX and fines and penalties go out.

Q:  With everything done are we just waiting for 800s to come and if so who decides that?

MZ: I have been told banks will issue their own 800 numbers, they desperately want you in there….the WF Group will be sending emails…..I expect many of the dinar sites  and chat boards will post the 800 numbers.  Who decides that?   I know who it is….but I cannot get in trouble and say the name.

Q:  Many people have changed their email addresses. Are you able to ask them how we can reach them to give updated email addresses?

MZ: I am told if you remember your old email address give it to them as a way of confirming who you are, when you call for an apt. I do not know this for sure…but it’s what I was told. I believe they are watching this chat so hopefully they will get back to me on this. If they reach out to me again with more answers I will let you all know.

Member:  here's your first link to click!  New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply – The Millennium Report    http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/07/new-u-s-currency-already-in-our-money-supply/

Q:  Can we still sign up for the WF Group?

MZ: The list closed a couple years ago to new people…..If it reopens again and they tell me…I will let all of you know.

Q: QUESTION: WF GROUP was for IQD. Did they say if they will buy our ZIM?

MZ: I understand they are exchanging dinar and dong…..they are probably watching this stream…if they reach out to me and let me know about the zim- I will tell you.

Member:  You sharing the WF information really encouraged so many people. Everyone needed that. Thank you

Q: Do you believe Iraqi politics is nothing but theater to hold everyone at bay until it's time to go?

Member:  Frank says he is quiet because there is nothing left to say or do

MZ: I tend to agree with him ….the reality is Iraq is just waiting for the rest of the world…..all of their problems will instantly go away the moment the reset happens. I have good respect for Frank…

Q:  If you are contacted by anyone and you believe it is a scam or questionable ..pls report it on discord scams. Mark has someone that can check it out to keep everyone safe

MZ: yes….they love prosecuting people with scams…they do not mess around on this….

Q:  Do you believe that when we go in for cmkx ...if we have currency they will offer us high rates like being in the Wells group?

MZ: Absoluteley….be sure to tell them what you are bringing to the table as far as currencies
Q:  "Hi Mark , new here could you explain the six zero`s" with zim?

MZ: the quick math is to take 6 zeros off and multiply whats left by .24 or 24 cents…Whether or not this is true- it’s what I have been told.

Member:  The zeros cannot be taken off the bond. It will be done with the six zeros in front of the offered rate as MarkZ said. A currency rate can fluctuate but a bond value cannot be changed. .00000024 = 24,000,000

Member:  Legally they may not be able to remove the zeros on a bond. So, they must configure the rated by adding the zeros to get a rate.

MZ:  Dropping the 6 zeros is just a easy way to do the math

Q:  mark, does this delay, ki r if there is a de look at, have anything to do with the Mueller probe??

MZ: I do not believe it has anything to do with the reset or RV.

Q: I was thinking that part of the reason why our President wanted to open up the flow of oil coming from the US is because it would increase the value of assets that the United States has.

MZ: Im thinking you are right

Member:  wikipedia page for Basel 3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basel_III

Member:  Its an incredibly impressive article for wiki and this one links to all the basel stages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basel_Committee_on_Banking_Supervision

MZ- Good info…I believe Basel 4 has a stricter requirement for assets to back the currency

Q: Do you believe that CMKX people will be notified before currency people?

MZ: Yes I do as they need the PP’s F&Ps ect…in the bank so there is money for the RV people.  They need our liquidity before they process currency exchangers. Maybe currency holders will be allowed to make apts…but exchanges will happen after the CMKX and F&P people…imo

Q: What is your feeling that everything will be released at the same time?

MZ: Im thinking everything will be released within hours of each other….This is not like Kuwait where they kept a lid on it for 10 days……in the computer age we will know everything instantly…..so releases have to happen quickly-IMO

Member: I saw that HSBC announced they were Basel 3 complient last year.

MZ: Guys when you see this kind of news. That proves how close we into moving into completion.

Q: will there be exchanges 24 hours a day?

MZ: Depending on what region you are in….I have heard that markets that have larger amounts may be , but most places will not be.
Q:  A couple of weeks ago, conversion of bank ATM MACHINES here in states Had to be completed to accommodate our new US treasury notes according to good source

MZ: yes….they have to get cash into all the ATMs….Im a firm believer that you all should have some cash on hand because there is liable to be some bumps getting all of this done…

Member:  The ATMs have a new box that retro fits in it and the banks have them, they just pull out the USD distributor and slide in the USN box

MZ: That makes sense to me….but with the amount of banks and ATMs around…it will still take a couple days so IMO have a couple days of food and cash as a just in case…doesn’t hurt to play it safe in case there are a few hiccups…

Conversation  with members about metals and minerals:

MZ: There are so many unmined minerals in Africa and S. America, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq. Iraq is usually associated with oil, but they actually sit on some of the richest gold reserves in the world. Just ask Ancient Aliens that talk about the Anunaki  landing here and mining gold in Iraq. If its on TV it must be true…lol…

Member:  you do know that ancient aliens crack will make the "news" on the boards, right?

MZ…lol…you have to love what makes it to the boards

Q:  where do the Aussies in the Gen64 group now stand... will arrangements be made for them to exchange in Aus?

MZ: I am told there are provisions for Australia, Canada, the UK, France…….don’t worry that you are in a different country that you will have a tough time with an exchange. …they want you….they need your liquidity and I hear they will make provisions for all of you to exchange.

Member: Remember this is a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET

Member:  I am sure when they notify you from the Wells Fargo group you will have an opportunity to connect with them and they will answer that question for you about Australia

Q: "Is this a taxable event or not?"

MZ:  I am still hearing the entire tax system is going to change….we will not know 100% until it occurs…and I am told this event will not be a taxable event due to a tax treaty…but we will not know 100% until it occurs….I am also told to be sure to call it an exchange when you go into the banks….

Member:  Currency - Exchange/Bond – Redeem

Member:  International Treaty/Paris Agreement signed 2015 saying there would be NO taxes from Currency Exch.

Member: the important thing to remember is after you exchange is to never touch your principal.

MZ: I agree with that…after you pay all bills…try not to touch your principal and do your best to live off interest and make sure that principal never goes away so you have enough for yourselves and children

Q: do you know of any sting operations going on ?

MZ: you guys love to try to get me in trouble….lol….I believe there is constantly a sting operation going on …they want to take as many people who are not kosher out of the equation.

Q:  Is the Rupiah in this basket?

MZ: I am told that it is.

MZ: Remember guys that anyone typing notes from these chats- they never get it all and may miss a lot ..so it’s best to listen to the calls for all the information.  (Note: Mark talks really fast and chat moves really fast )

MZ: Tomorrow is Wednesday and I am planning on 2 chats tomorrow. 10AM and 8PM EST.  We are expecting a lot to be happening by then…..look forward to seeing you all then .

Replay for Tuesday 3-5-19 :  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1lDxLMygVezKm


Larrykn   GM everyone :)   Parliament to interrogate electricity minister over corruption charges

The Iraqi parliament will question Electricity Minister over alleged corruption charges and lack of planning for the summer season in a number of departments, an MP said.
In remarks, MP Sadiq Al-Sulaiti, representing Saairun bloc, said that three issues were referred to the Commission of Integrity for investigation concerning the General Directorate of Electricity Transmission in the central region.

He accused the body of wasting public money through damages caused to a power generator in Baghdad.

The directorate, according to Sulaiti, purchased unsuitable oil to power the generator, which caused the damages. The estimated cost of the oil reached one billion dinars.

Sulaiti urged the electricity minister and other regulatory bodies to take the necessary measures and prevent fraud. https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/36944/Parliament-to-interrogate-electricity-minister-over-corruption-charges

larrykn   Par'l committee accuses Nineveh governor of 'unprecedented' corruption

FILE: Nineveh governor Nofal al-Akoub   An Iraqi parliamentary committee has called for the suspension of Nineveh governor Nofal al-Akoub over corruption accusations.

Prominent Sunni politician and head of the committee Osama al-Nujaifi said in a Monday statement that the thorough work by the fact-finding committee in the province of Nineveh revealed serious documents about unprecedented financial violations committed by Akoub.

The MP called for "swift measures, including the suspension of the governor's work to prevent any influence on integrity committees and judicial authorities that investigate him."

Nujaifi further called for taking legal measures to bar the governor from traveling abroad until the investigation is over. https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/36942/Par-l-committee-accuses-Nineveh-governor-of-unprecedented-corruption

larrykn   Looks like they are working on the corruption over in Iraq, this is good news

Dave   hope they found their teeth       Sadr sure has been quite though.....
​larrykn   Tuesday، 05 March 2019 01:19 PM  Iraq’s Foreign Ministry says ties with Saudi Arabia ‘strategic’

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has highlighted the strategic ties with Saudi Arabia, saying that Iraq adopted foreign policies and that its security is related to the whole region’s security.

“Ties with Saudi Arabia are strategic and began a new phase of high coordination. Huge developments will be witnessed in reconstruction, investment, enabling the industrial and agricultural sectors and facing extremism,” Ahmed al-Sahhaf, the ministry spokesperson, said in press remarks.

The high coordination between the two countries, according to Sahhaf, achieved progress including the opening of two consulates for the kingdom in Najaf and Basra. This will increase the trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, he said adding that no more challenges face the bilateral ties.

Iraq, according to Sahhaf, is in communication with all the neighboring countries without exception. He added that talks about achieving stability in Iraq is linked to the stability of the whole region. https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/36945/Iraq-s-Foreign-Ministry-says-ties-with-Saudi-Arabia-strategic

AM larrykn   Dave Its not Sadr to look at but parliment and the PM. this article shows they are working on Security which we need to see if they are going to do something with their currency. this is all good news

larrykn   Iraq declares Anbar desert as ‘military zone’, urges citizens to stay away

The Iraqi military has declared the desert area in Anbar province as “military zone”, warning citizens against accessing it, according to news reports.

The warning was made through leaflets distributed among locals by the army, which warned citizens as well as shepherds to avoid entering the area and move towards the villages of al-Rutba, al-Nakhib and al-Kilo 160.

The army also warned the local residents that they would risk their lives, if they did not obey the orders, as military operations are ongoing in the desert areas.
Iraq has been intensifying the security measures in the western regions to prevent the infiltration ISIS militants fleeing Syria. https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/36932/Iraq-declares-Anbar-desert-as-military-zone-urges-citizens-to-stay-away

Dave   So True....Sadr was calling for reform against corruption.

larrykn   What I've been reading is showing they are working on corruption and security these are two of the main things they need to get a handle on.

Dave   yeppers......
larrykn   when Parliment comes back if they get the laws passed for investors. and banking we will be looking good IMO

Dave   fingers crossed......yet again

larrykn   About 30 a subsidiary of Ministry of industry participates in exhibition "made in Iraq
Reconstruction and building

Economy news – Baghdad   About 30 companies belonging to the Ministry of industry and minerals in the exhibition "made in Iraq" to promote local industry and to encourage the purchase of their products.
​The exhibition is aimed to promote the country's national gross product by activating companies and factories for the sectors, in particular, additional to create new space to communicate with visitors especially those pain q in the the the the the and.

The exhibition was launched last Sunday to clinch the fourth version of the Baghdad international exhibition for five days, and introduced more than 300 articles and different brand "made in Iraq."

The Director tells the General company for rubber industries Hossam Al ghraoui in terms of "economy", "Babylon and Diwaniyah companies produce global specifications and frames for standardization and quality control", pointing out that "demand for these frames is very weak because of the foreign product that is mostly Poor materials and are not subject to international standards. "

Meanwhile, the Director of Sciences and pharmaceutical company relationships Samarra Leith Saleh in an interview for "economy", that "our participation in the exhibition made in Iraq comes to define the citizens of Samarra pharmaceutical company products", pointing out that "the company experienced substantial suite of almzakhr owners, the number of doctors and pharmacists.

Saleh called for "increased proportion of contract with the Ministry of health for the year 2019 through Samarra pharmaceutical company, as we hope that the Government enact a law obliging Ministry of health contracted with the Samarra pharmaceutical company to company efficiency in the production of medicine."

larrykn   And companies participating in the exhibition are both, food products company Inc public company Diyala makers of cars, equipment and General company for electrical and electronic industries and General company for mining industries and the general public company Knight company for industry Southern fertilizer and fourth dimension group of companies and national construction industries and telecommunications equipment company, Inc fabiab and General company for textile walglodwalshrkh General design and implement projects and company Ibn Majid State company and public for iron and steel

And your State Company Inc public Zora and the General Directorate of industrial development and copper industries company and the Ministry of culture/mechanical Iraqi House of fashions and electronic systems company, General company for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies/Samarra and company Construction industry and General company for petrochemical industries and General company for rubber industries and General company for testing and rehabilitation engineering and general war industries and steel industries public company alfurat pesticide and chemical industries And Iraqi Cement State company and public company of sulphur meshraq q.. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=15656

Larrykn   Economic reform progress leading economic actors
Economist Samir Al Nassiri    Samir Al Nassiri *

The basic tasks of government program is to strengthen the economy and to rebuild it as a strategy and programs support correctional policies and procedures implemented by the ministries and agencies concerned in accordance with the principle of serving the people and achieve economic reform and stability, reconstruction and revitalization of the economic cycle and achieve Welfare for the people who suffered through 15 years of instability and terror and loss of essential services in order for the new Government to achieve these goals and wishes ought to lead its national economic leadership core in the next phase of national economic elites in various Terms of reference must have an active role in analysing and evaluating the economic reality in Iraq after 2003 and identify failures and challenges and identify insights and policies and reforms needed to economize with addition and enrichment of successful experiences and bright points that emerged during the suffering of Iraq crisis The financial and economic starting points of national sense and their love for Iraq and its people to be granted the opportunity to drive a wheel change and reform because the Iraqi economy welaislhah not make him or his sons especially experts and intellectuals and technocrats a previous practical experience in real working Successful locally and abroad.

Dave   early bird gets the worm
larrykn   The tracker and the role of government institutions during the lean years of Iraq and is still going through the Iraqi economy management notes that there are failures and challenges of black pages for loss methodology clearly woadm policies and programs and the incompatibility of the strategies involved With international organizations and experts with the reality of the Iraqi economy and resources that supports single sign-on wemassbbh oil rents to structurally and structural access to the economy and lack of stability in the financial system and the monetary system because of the deficit in non-oil revenue and the deficit in the balance of payments Persistent illness and public budgets and weak coordination between fiscal and monetary policy in addition, mismanagement of public money and weakness evident in economic leadership for most of the Government's economic institutions and moreover not to involve giving an active role for the private sector in making And economic deficiencies in the legislative environment regulating the management of the economy.

All the above failures plus political and security instability and the war on terrorism has led to economic instability and inadequacies in visions to build a robust national economy capable of drawing the introductions go to social market economy which according to my belief that the solution to the economic reality.

The above challenges created Misty and gloomy Outlook for the economic future of many economic toast, but I believe many economists believe money that there are promising experiments points and illuminated by some economic institutions and clearly and effectively through the years (2015-2018) Years of severe economic and financial crisis.

larrykn   Notable bright spots in this March is the experience of the Central Bank in supporting the national economy, while maintaining its functions and objectives specified in the law, and that the most important achievement in the Central Bank's contribution to achieving economic resilience decisive victory over terrorism.

I don't want to explain operational procedures and development and balanced relations with Arabic and regional and foreign banks and its strategy for the next five years, the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince global financial organizations, notably the reports

The official reaffirms Central Bank policy success in achieving moving mission to the Iraqi economy and achieve stability in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar has recovered and raise purchasing and is one of the objectives of strengthening the economy in the Government program.

In addition to his contributions and multiple initiatives to revitalize the economic cycle and enhance liquidity of banks and reach bridges between fiscal and monetary policy coordination and to propose new structural and economic policies of public budgeting for future years and attempts to restore confidence With the banking system.

The Central Bank has demonstrated a clear ability to interact and analyze impediments to work and create the conditions to overcome the challenges, and the road is still long before the Central Bank and the Government agencies concerned in order to reach a sound national economy so I invite national economic elites to interact with Illuminated and experience points and sing their thoughts and visions and proposals to build a robust national economy and overcoming challenges and correcting wrong paths and quiet and transparent dialogues and without partisan and personal targets, because our national sovereign economic abuse is abuse of Iraq and its proud people.  * An economist and banker

larrykn   http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=15455

larrykn   this is a long read but wow

Dave   Stability..... ​
BAxter   GOOD MORNING DINARLAND....   after reading what Larrykn brought in above.. I thought I would switch back to a dime... LOL   Looks like a little better news...   where its worth a dime.. im not sure   Lets see what this month brings in parliament..if the shoes dont fly... we have progress

Chattels   Iraqi Wataniyah Coalition says Minister of Defense position goes to it & candidate will be Faysal Jarba.   http://mobp.as/SgfFo

Baxter   Morning Chattels.... hopefully this month in parliament......... will give us some good news...

chattels   Jarba was rejected in the last parliamentary vote. " Faysal al-Jarba, a Sunni nominee to head up the Ministry of Defence, was rejected by MPs. Voting on the Shiite candidate Falih al-Fayyadh for Minister of Interior was postponed." http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/241220185

Chattels   Iraqi MP says Oil Ministry is the most corrupt of all ministries.    http://mobp.as/xkfFo

chattels   Large jump in IS attacks in Anbar 6 Nov 8 Dec 16 Jan 27 Feb including four separate kidnappings where over a dozen civilians and members of Iraqi forces taken Could be result of IS fighters fleeing Syria http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2019/03/islamic-state-might-be-coming-out-of.html …

chattels   Musings On Iraq Islamic State Might Be Coming Out Of Its Winter Hibernation In Iraq http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2019/03/islamic-state-might-be-coming-out-of.html …

chattels   https://twitter.com/JoelWing2

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Although there are positive signs of reform, just a fifth of Iraqi women are participating in the nation’s workforce, indicating widespread exclusion from economic life, a study by the World Bank has found. Women’s rights activists are pessimistic about the overall trend. http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/040320193
chattels   Of Iraq’s 38.2 million-strong population, 18.8 million are women.

Chattels   Stuck between Ankara and Damascus: Rojava's uncertain future By Paul Iddon 2/3/2019 http://www.rudaw.net/english/analysis/01032019

chattels    BAGHDAD / NINA / The deputy of the coalition of state law high Nassif, not to allow the vote on the re-nomination of Faisal al-Jarba to the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense again.


futuremoney   chattels one foot forward...12 steps back  I believe that Iraq will never see prosperity

chattels   futuremoney Stumbling and bumbling they go.

futuremoney   I think the only reason they will RV, is because they are broke and will need the increase in value just to survive...then massive inflation will finish the job ​
Larrykn   Ministry of planning: the high rate of inflation during the month of January last (0.6%)

_NEWS_DATE: 2019/3/3 11:22  The planning Ministry announced Sunday on a slight rise in the annual inflation rate during the period of  the month of January of the year 2018 until the month of January of this year, (0.4%) With inflation rate during the month last January increase (0.6%) Compared with the month of December.

Official spokesman for the Ministry of planning abdelzahra Al-Hindawi, said in a statement today that the high annual inflation rate was affected by the high food and non-alcoholic drinks (2%) Versus lower housing section (1.8%) In tobacco sections recorded woalmlabs, footwear, home furnishings and equipment and contact section, restaurants and hotels and almtnoaet goods and services declined ranged (0.1%) (1.8%).

"Either the health departments, transportation, recreation, culture and education has risen between (2.4%) (9.3%) ".

He attributed the monthly rise in the inflation rate Hindawi to high food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.2%) The Housing Department, as well as high rate (0.5%) ,

And the rest of the sections within the last month, compared with the month of December of the year 2018 (0.3%) Household furnishings and equipment section, Department of health, and restaurants and hotels (0.1) each, and the transport section (1.2), the contact ratio (1.3%) And miscellaneous goods and services (0.8%) ".

He noted that "inflation index last month rose at a rate (0.4%) For the month of December 2008. "


Young SC   Larrykn what are your thoughts about the high inflation rate going up a bit

larrykn   they will have to keep it under control, they have several ways to do that . I'm not an expert but its not out of control yet.

DaveI read that our self proclaimed Dinar Authority and now banking expert shot down Blackgold's comments on fractional indexing yesterday......

Clay   say what

Dave   blackgold I'm not going to exchange at any bank. LOL You probably won't either because banks don't want to deal with the dinar. But the real point here is that the fractional reserve system works through the commercial banking industry that expands the money supply. The Federal Reserve can expand and contract the money supply, but not via fractional reserve banking. They do it by buying and selling securities.

Clay   all banks will exchange its currency      once accepted internationally

spankie   and the banks can expand their money by fractional reserve  lending or investing
​Sam I Am   Dave Blackgold was trying to explain how Iraq will pay for the RV via fractional reserve banking, but central banks don't do that. It's a process of expanding the money supply through commercial loans.

Dave   true but central banks take 8-10 % from commercial banks from mortgages and put it into their reserves........call it insurance

Sam I Am   Central banks expand the money supply by buying and selling securities. So his explanation doesn't work.  No central bank is going to go from backing their currency 100% to backing it with .01% of the money supply

Sam I Am   even if you buy into the idea of a 90% fractional reserve ratio that still only allows the IQD to RV to one penny

Dave   Central banks get about 8-10% from each and every bank that writes a mortgage

Sam I Am   Clay It's a fact that fractional reserve banking only applies to commercial banks, not central banks as blackgold believes  You can't justify a 100,000% RV based on fractional reserve banking..


Sam I Am   It's like saying you can drive a car to the moon if you have enough gas

Sam I Am   Dave posted my response to blackgold so I elaborated   is that not allowed?

Dave   Sam I Am and wrong again omitting that !0%  sorry... 8-10% from each and every mortgage......into their fed reserve as insurance for commercial banks   Dave   its all or nothing with you

Sam I Am   Dave That has nothing to do with blackgold's explanation
Sam I Am   fractional reserve banking expands the money supply as debt is monetized. Iraq doesn't need to expand their money supply. They need to reduce it.  Either that or expand the foreign currency reserves that they're using to back the dinar

Sam I Am   but historically they just expand their money supply when their reserves grow and contract it when the reserves shrink    So I don't see how you get this big RV either way
Sam I Am   I'm giving you my input. Instead of bashing me why don't you give me your explanation for how this big RV will happen?   How is Iraq going to pay for it?

TWWIII   China????

Sam I Am   If you can't explain that I have to wonder why you think it will happen?


Still hearing we are at a “any moment” scenario. I am expecting many disconnects today from the markets, from oil, from mainstreet to wall street…..

it should be an interesting week. Everybody I know is still in place and waiting.  I was reached out to by a number of sources yesterday and that makes me very excited… Some news I am waiting for permission to share. We are still in the window I was given which was from Saturday to late Tuesday Night.

 [On the scale from 1-10 10. Being the best, how would you compare how close we are compared to 2012?] 

I think we are sitting on a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 as opposed to 2012. 

[what are the most current rates you’ve heard on dinar and dong?] 

The latest I’ve heard is on the dinar is Mid $4’s to Mid $6’s…and the dong I have heard will be in low $2’s. I will keep shaking the bushes and rattling the cages today for news.

TNT Conference Call with Tony and Ray Friday March 1, 2019

February 25 2019

Go down "Figuring Zeroes off" by Blueriver , 5 MARCH

Vee asked someone to explain what they mean when they say six zeroes off.

Since no one has answered this, I will give my take on it.

A million has 6 zeroes, a trillion has 12 zeroes.
A 100 Trillion dollar note is 100 with 12 zeroes following.
Removing 6 zeroes leaves 100 with 6 zeroes, or 100 million.

So at the rate of .11 -.41.......
100 million x .11 = $11 million dollars
100 million x .41 = $41 million dollars

So, a 100 trillion dollar note will exchange for between $11 million and $41 million dollars.

BUT, a bond is a bond, and dropping zeroes is not supposed to happen. If the zeroes are not dropped, then you are looking at $11 trillion to $41 trillion dollars at your exchange for the international rate.


The Status of the Reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar IQD



Tishwash:  With the participation of 54 international companies launch Najaf shopping mall

"The exhibition witnessed the participation of more than 54 specialized companies in the field of antiques, antiques, paintings, sculpture, mubliya, foodstuffs, clothing, household items and all that is needed by the Iraqi citizen and the countries," said Hashem Mohammed Hatem, Pakistan, Senegal, Palestine, Syria and China). "

"The exhibition is a great opportunity for participating companies to showcase their products in the Iraqi market, which is a promising market in addition to opening up to Iraqi businessmen and traders to obtain exclusive agencies by these companies."

"The exhibition is an important step in order to contribute to increase and encourage the volume of trade exchange and expertise and to strengthen relations between the participating merchants and their counterparts in Iraq," he added.   link


Monday Night KTFA CC 3-4-19

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#


MilitiaMan:  The word disburse, distributed, implement and or implemented, have been a theme over the last week.. Whether it be Governors to the provinces in regard to the re construction efforts and allocations within the 2019 budget,

The Cleric telling them to distribute the wealth to the citizens, region and to the world or the Banks to distribute the final equipment for the ATMs or POS.(Read possible smalls? We shall see.).

They are saying things like "solved" the issues with the ministers of interior and defense, ahead of this next Saturday session in that regard.

Notice Maliki in the news? Notice one of the laws in regard to: "Where did you get this?".

  This next session on the 03/09/2019 has me interested be sure.

All these things make me think the process is under way and in no way stopping. Will the show early? To be determined.. imo.. ~ MM

Samson:  KDP-PUK deal paves way for new regional government  (excerpts)

4th March, 2019

KDP deputy Nechirvan Barzani (R) and acting PUK leader Kosrat Rasul Ali sign cooperation deal in Erbil, March 4, 2019

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have signed a four-year political agreement which includes measures to speed up the formation of the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

KDP deputy president Nechirvan Barzani and the PUK's acting leader Kosrat Rasul Ali signed the cooperation deal in Erbil on Monday afternoon. We both are winners. Our people are the winners,” Sadi Pira, a member of the PUK politburo, told Rudaw.

“The security of our people is the priority, for Kurdistan to be stable. I hope everyone thinks of the people’s interests, not partisan interests,” said Fazil Mirani, secretary of the KDP politburo, adding that party interests are best secured through serving the people. “One party can’t do certain political things without the other,” said Rasul, adding they hope to improve people’s lives, salaries, and to rectify past mistakes.

18-point agreement

Speaking to Rudaw TV, PUK politburo member Pira called the agreement the “best gift” the parties could have hoped for as the Region marks the 28th anniversary of the 1991 uprising against Saddam Hussein’s regime. The agreement is composed of 18 points, Pira said.  “It starts out with the unity of the Kurdistan Region’s territory, preserving it and defending it from any threat,” he said. They will “try” to reform the Peshmerga, police forces, and Asayesh to turn them into a “national force” to better protect the Kurdistan Region. Other terms include “improving” the KRG’s Department of Foreign Relations “in terms of diplomacy and relations” and to create a “Regional Minister for Relations Affairs and Humanitarian Affairs”.

The parties aspire to greater transparency in the Region’s revenues and expenditure. The agreement also stipulates “partnership” in the affairs of oil and energy, to see revenues
“equally” distributed among the provinces. 

As for Kirkuk, they will work towards normalizing the “unnatural” situation in the disputed territories and preserving the constitutional rights of Kurdistan.

They will also push for the implementation of Article 140, which calls for a referendum on whether Kirkuk should remain an Iraqi province or join the Kurdistan Region. 

They will “reactivate” the joint Brotherhood List for Kirkuk to run in elections together, revealed Pira. Relations with Baghdad and regional countries must also be based on a “shared vision”, he said.

The first key steps will see the parliament issue settled. Then the office of the region’s presidency will be reformed and reactivated. Then a president will be chosen. The PUK has not yet decided whether it wants the position of parliamentary speaker, Pira claimed. PUK MPs will most likely attend parliament following a meeting of the PUK leadership council, he added.     LINK

Samson:  Egypt's foreign currency reserves rise

4th March, 2019

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced Monday that net foreign reserves stood at 44.06 billion dollars at the end of February, up from the previous month.

The cash reserve was $ 42.616 billion in January, bringing the new increase to $ 1.4 billion .

Egypt's foreign reserves have been steadily increasing for nearly three years.

Egypt's foreign debt increased to 93.131  billion dollars at the end of September from 92.644 billion dollars at the end of June  LINK


3-5-2019   Newshound Guru larrykn   Looks like they are working on the corruption over in Iraq, this is good news...What I've been reading is showing they are working on corruption and security these are two of the main things they need to get a handle on.  Article quote:  "Iraq has been intensifying the security measures in the western regions to prevent the infiltration ISIS militants fleeing Syria."   ...this article shows they are working on Security which we need to see if they are going to do something with their currency...this is all good news.   ...when Parliament comes back if they get the laws passed for investors. and banking we will be looking good...IMO.

3-5-2019   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   A couple of good reads the last few days...WTO News as Iraq inches closer to full accession.  A critical part to this puzzle.



Monday Night KTFA CC 3-4-19

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#


Iobey777:  YES!!! Who is not excited?? I know there are many here who understand that we are close! Loved WS’s report and comments tonight! IMO, just watch the news, the CBI and the banks! They will tell us when this is done! WS said the whole world will be talking about it. IMO!!! Praying it is soon!


Comitoiiii:  I was doing some review of the time frame for the Kuwaiti Revaluation and I noticed that the calendar for month of March in 1991 is the exact same as this years! Just interesting food for thought.


Monday Night KTFA CC 3-4-19

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#


Iobey777:  YES!!! Who is not excited?? I know there are many here who understand that we are close! Loved WS’s report and comments tonight! IMO, just watch the news, the CBI and the banks! They will tell us when this is done! WS said the whole world will be talking about it. IMO!!! Praying it is soon!


Samson:  The Iraqi Trade Bank wins two awards from EMEA as the best local and investment bank

5th March, 2019   and yet again today

The Iraqi Bank of Iraq won the "Best Local Bank" and "Best Investment Bank in Iraq in 2018" award at the EMEA Finances International Banking Awards in the Middle East and North Africa 2019

The Bank said in a statement read by "Economy News" The two awards were presented at a ceremony held yesterday at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, in recognition of his ongoing work to expand and develop banking services for its corporate and corporate clients in Iraq and for his continued and significant contribution to the growth of the Iraqi economy and its strong financial performance in 2018

The event, hosted by Emaya Finance, the world's leading financial and banking news and analysis group, witnessed the presence of leading figures and institutions in the Middle East to highlight the major achievements of leading financial institutions in the region and to celebrate the outstanding products and services offered by commercial banks.

 And investment. The Excellence Awards by Emaya Finance are awarded after careful examination of various financial and economic standards that are important in assessing the performance and productivity levels of financial institutions   LINK
Samson:  Planted 200,000 trees throughout Iraq

5th March, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Tuesday the launch of an initiative to plant 200 thousand trees throughout the country

"The goal of protecting the environment and addressing the negative impacts of climate change (especially desertification) on the economic, social and health aspects," the bank said in a statement today. "In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture / Department of Forestry and Combating Desertification, Seedlings in all of Iraq and funded by Tamkeen Fundsponsored by the Central Bank and Iraqi banks and exchange companies

The initiative includes the production of seedlings, afforestation, rehabilitation of the existing forests, as well as raising awareness among citizens to reduce climate change to address this phenomenon. It is hoped that the project will start in early 2019 and continue for two years  LINK


Samson:   Central: 80% of citizens have no accounts

5th March, 2019
Revealed the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Alalak, Tuesday, that 80% of citizens do not have bank accounts.
Al-Alak said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "80% of citizens have no accounts or dealing or bank cards," noting that "banks can invest and employ this large proportion." 

He added that "the services provided by banks are currently on the rise," and called on all banks to "follow the example of the Iraqi Trade Bank, which expands its products and services."

On October 8, 2018, the Iraqi Trade Bank signed a loan with a German institution worth 100 million euros, encouraging German exports to Iraq and benefiting from the facilities provided by the German Foundation for the contracting of public departments, ministries and the private sector.   LINK

Gigi:  So if I am understanding correctly  ... the rising prices of goods due to the tax and tariffs now impacting the market place ... it will give the citizens the incentive to get to the bank to set up the accounts and go electronic through their phones and apps that are now available ... And now they are going to employ more citizens  ... come on Citizens get to the bank so the CBI can implement and allow you more purchasing power 







For the general safety for group list has been combined into a larger list that Wells Fargo 

has incorporated as the "Bank Private Group" and everyone's personal information has been deleted but W.FARGO kept their email address in a database in ATL. Again, No need to worry the Bank Private Group is still alive and will be contacted only by Wells Fargo when the RV is officially released via emails from Wells Fargo Bank on their letterhead only. No third party will be used to give out the bank information on the initial invite to exchange. Only by 

Wells Fargo to the emails that are registered. The Bank Private Group has been closed for almost two years now. It is very alive and will transact when the GCR is activate


DELTA & MilitiaMan (KTFA)

LIKE WE SAID...SMALL EXAMPLE PRICE JUST JUMB [JUMP?] 400%...Red meat, tomato prices rise as import tariffs bite...One kilo of red meat has risen on average by 500 IQD ($0.42) in Erbil and Duhok. But in Sulaimani, it has skyrocketed by as much 2,000 IQD ($1.68)... INFLATION IS MY BEST FRIEND...Now the Inflation begins... Massive pressure is coming now... That should bode very well for us now. ~ imo.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Internationalism...Can't hide it now... The Cat is out of the bag... Even the Governors of the Provinces and the Religious Authority is calling for distribution of the Iraqi wealth and now we see Citi Bank able to do similar distribution of timely payments through a chunky credit facility. These latest actions from the Governors meeting this last week on 2019 Budget allocations to be disbursed for re construction projects and Qasim al-Tai religious authority telling PM Mahdi to distribute the wealth to the citizens in a fair and equitable manner all around the same time frame of the passing of key laws this week. My bet on this is the Citizens are squawking even louder now that the Tariffs are being enforced. They signed this credit facility on Thursday of last week!!! Same day the Governors were meeting on disbursements to the provinces. See the the progress in play now? I sure do.. Man it looks good too! imo.

Kaperoni (Dinar Alert)

So as we enter March there still is no RV or RI ...Why? Because there will never be a an overnight event. Monetary policy does not work that way. This is a process and as investment comes into Iraq the dinar will rise gradually via a float. It could take 6 months to a year or more to rise to a level we all are looking for.


...Still hearing we are at a “any moment” scenario. I am expecting many disconnects today from the markets, from oil, from mainstreet to wall street…..it should be an interesting week. Everybody I know is still in place and waiting. I was reached out to by a number of sources yesterday and that makes me very excited… Some news I am waiting for permission to share. We are still in the window I was given which was from Saturday to late Tuesday Night.

[On the scale from 1-10 10. Being the best, how would you compare how close we are compared to 2012?]

I think we are sitting on a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 as opposed to 2012.

[what are the most current rates you've heard on dinar and dong?]

The latest I’ve heard is on the dinar is Mid $4’s to Mid $6’s…and the dong I have heard will be in low $2’s. I will keep shaking the bushes and rattling the cages today for news.


"Iraq deploys 20,000 personnel in Anbar to watch borders with Syria"

IMO this is the reason why the US should not leave Iraq, Isis has lost in Syria and is heading back into Iraq, they don't want to see what happened before happen again. I think this month will tell us a lot about where we are at and going to be at.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 5 2019

Compiled 5 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: the biography of Jenny Hill.”As a young child Jenny was tortured by a CIA Operative and then made to witness a child sacrifice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4 Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth, Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. In all your giving, please don’t forget exploited children. 

Judy Note: Banks remained on High Alert for the RV through Tues. eveningMarch 5. We could expect notification for our redemption-exchange appointments at any time. 

Rumor was that: 

1. Fri. March 1 3pm EST new USTNs were made live. 

2. Sat. March 2 midnight the Federal Reserve ran out of money. 

3. Sun. March 10 big name arrests could begin, or had happened and would be revealed on the now over 82,324 sealed indictments. Pentagon forces said, "the Ides of March should bring 85,000 sealed indictments, and many arrests in the U.S.” 

4. March 18 FISA the Tribunal (Clinton) would begin at GITMO. 

5. President Trump tweeted that big things were happening around March 19

A. March 4 2019 9:00 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 4, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. There was a consensus issue in Iran for GESARA compliance. The Alliance agreed to have Netanyahu removed from power in return for Iran's compliance with GESARA. However, the Iranian government and its military remained divided on destroying Israel.

2. In Venezuela, Maduro was quickly losing support and would be forced to resign, or be removed by force.

3. The people of both Iran and Venezuela continued to suffer while these political games were being played. The corrupt military of both countries were refusing to comply with GESARA. If Iran and Venezuela's military refused to cooperate, the Alliance would be forced to take drastic measures.

4. Negotiations were still taking place between Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea. According to sources, this may affect the timing of the RV as the Alliance continued to use it as leverage. Judy Note: As of March 4 Venezuela issues appeared to have been resolved. 

5. Things could change in the blink of an eye. 

B. March 4 2019 Mon. Morning with MarkZ, notes by PDK: "Coffee With MarkZ" Q&A Monday Morning 3-4-19 

1. Mr. C has not been paid as of this morning, and I was sure he was going to be contacted last night so we are not officially gold backed yet at least on a street level with you and I. Still hearing we are at a "any moment" scenario.

2. I am expecting many disconnects today from the markets, from oil, from main street to wall street, It should be an interesting week. 

3. Everybody I know is still in place and waiting.

4. I was reached out to by a number of sources yesterday and that makes me very excited. Some news I am waiting for permission to share. We are still in the window I was given which was from Saturday to late Tuesday Night.

5. The biggest news we have today is the WF Private Bank Group reached out to me and wanted you to know that the Private WF group is real and absolutely safe, and all your email info is secure. Several groups have been blended into the WF Private Bank Group. They were worried about all the disinformation out there saying the group is gone. If you are in this WF group, your emails are safe and they wanted me to let you know that they are indeed real and secure. I feel very blessed that they reached out to me to let you all know the WF Group is still active and real. You will be contacted by Wells Fargo on the WF letterhead. They have none of your personal info as it's been wiped. All they have is your email addresses.

6. There were many groups who merged in this WF master list. Gen64 was one of them. I am excited that they reached out to let me know that the list has not been compromised. This comes from official channels.

7. Wells Fargo Group: For the general safety for group list has been combined into a larger list that Wells Fargo has incorporated as the "Bank Private Group" and everyone's personal information has been deleted but WF kept their email address in a datab8ase in ATL. Again, No need to worry the Bank Private Group is still alive and will be contacted only by Wells Fargo when the RV is officially released via emails from Wells Fargo Bank on their letterhead only. No third party will be used to give out the bank information on the initial invite to exchange. Only by Wells Fargo to the emails that are registered. The Bank Private Group has been closed for almost two years now. It is very alive and will transact when the GCR is activated

9. The people not in any groups will have a number of ways to exchange, and you should not worry a bit about that.

10. Paymasters such as Bonney are currently in place (at major banks) simply waiting to complete their jobs once they get the 'go ahead'. He is only 6-8 hours from where he needs to be once it is 100% live. The other paymasters are in place. Yes, this does not concern or worry me. The 4-5 key people will have a few hours to get where they need to be, and this does not worry me. 

11. WF has main offices based right outside Reno which is a main hub for foreign currency being handled for the US. And because all the foreign currency is being handled there for the nation already so anywhere in the country when you deal in foreign currency it winds up in the Reno office. It just made sense. So they took over some offices there. It basically became Treasury west and kept things out of reach of DC and nefarious meddling.

12. I think we are sitting on a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 as opposed to 2012.

13. I don't remember all the banks in Europe. HSBC is one. I believe there are 3 major banks there to give you guys options, and I believe you will have your own version of 800 numbers so that you can exchange.

14. A few years ago when I first started sharing I was told it would all be done within that year, and it drug out much longer than that as you all know. Recently with so many people saying they were going to quit and sell their currency it drove me nuts, and I came back. 

15. The larger banks have executed everything, have updated software, and the smaller regional banks are now doing what they need to in order to comply by April to Basal 3. Basal 3 is already law of the land in all International transactions. Most banks I am told are Basel 3 Compliant and are on the way to Basal 4 at this point. By the first of April they should all be Basel 4.

16. Q: Mark I got a phone call from a Dr. Joyce H. She said she was reaching out from IQD land saying I signed up for plan B, and she wanted to confirm my email and phone number. I don't recall anything like this. Your thoughts. They called my HOME number that I DON'T give OUT!!

MZ: Send me the info. I know the person responsible for handling the cleanup of this corruption. They will take care of it promptly and swiftly as it's a scam. They do not mess around.

17. We are talking about the Global Currency Reset, going back to the gold/asset standard, and based on everything we hear we believe we are about ready to see this reset all around the world. Based on news we believe we are about to reset our currencies back to asset backed once again. 

18. I was expecting big things over night. Still expecting news today. The window I was given from some very connected people was from Sat. to late night tomorrow night. Hopefully we are still that close.

19. I don't know if the White house or Trump has anything to do with this now. Trump has been a very important player though just not the decision maker right now. I believe the final go-ahead for Mr. C comes from (I'm not going to use his name) a fellow who is in charge of this for all of N. America and works directly with the Chinese. I believe the final go-ahead will come from them.

20. If we do sign NDA's, it's OK to tell people that you cannot talk about it that you signed an NDA, simple.

21. The latest I've heard is on the dinar is Mid $4's to Mid $6's, and the dong I have heard will be in low $2's. Zim has always been the icing and not the cake for me. My guesstimate on the Zim is somewhere around .24 cents and drop 6 zeros. That's the only scenario that makes sense to me. I hear how you want the payout on the Zim will affect the rate drastically.

Judy Note: It was my opinion that the Zim was a bond and as such was worth it’s face value of a 1:1 with the US dollar without taking off any zeros. As a bond the monies have to be used for humanitarian purposes so your rate would be determined by how much you needed for your humanitarian program. Your monies would be tracked to insure that they were used for humanitarian work. At your exchange you may be offered an opportunity to invest in approved humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe, which were said to give up to 7% interest of non taxable income on your investment.

C. March 4 2019 GESARA/NESARA and the Global Currency Reset (video):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG_mPHVVZhI 

D. March 4 2019 Vatican Bribery, Fulford: Vatican bribery accounts for 6,000 so-called world leaders have been shut downhttps://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2019/03/04/benjamin-fulford-3-4-19-vatican-bribery-accounts-for-6000-so-called-world-leaders-have-been-shut-down/ 

1. Convicted pedophile Cardinal George Pell has been relieved of control of the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (Institute for Religious Works)—that is to say, the Vatican Bank. This means the bribery accounts of over 6,000 so-called world leaders have fallen out of satanic P2 Freemason control, according to the sources. 

2. When a person becomes a prime minister, president, central bank governor, etc., they are visited by somebody from the Vatican Bank and given a bankbook with an astronomical sum of money in it, according to P2 Freemason and other sources. This can range from US$100 million for the head of a small country, or over US$1 billion for the leader of a large country, the sources say. The person is then told, "Welcome to the rich man's club," but is also warned that if he/she refuses the money, they will be killed. 

3. The person now in charge, a royal whose identity I will keep secret for security reasons, has agreed to support the creation of a future planning agency to carry out vast projects to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and allow for an exponential expansion of Earth life out into the universe. There is also an agreement that this process will be started off with some sort of jubilee, or one-off cancellation of debt and redistribution of assets. 

4. Trump was believed being blackmailed by the Illuminati. Duff works for the Clinton/Rockefeller group who are continuing their attack on Trump:https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/02/28/blockbuster-the-secret-cohen-investigation-why-the-public-only-got-the-sideshow/ 

5. In the summit between Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un the Zionist neocon faction of the U.S. military-industrial complex asked for continued control of the United States of America Corporation in exchange for an offer to withdraw U.S. troops from all overseas locations. This faction also wanted to sell out the U.S. in order to get their hands on the vast mineral wealth which North Korea possesses. The Chinese loved the idea, but the U.S. military, the British royal family, the Japanese Emperor, and many others lined up to stop what amounted to a unilateral surrender offer to China, sources involved in the negotiations say. 

6. The removal of Cardinal Pell would make it easier to remove many of the other people involved in Fukushima, according to European royal family sources. "Cardinal Pell was the treasurer for the Vatican in the accounts APSA and IOR, which were the money-laundering centers for the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult, global human trafficking and pedophile networks. By shutting down the 6,000 accounts using SIS (MI6), we crippled the entire Vatican and have forced the Catholic Church into a phased program of only accepting electronic donations (church collections) to conform with international money laundering legislation. This decouples the Vatican from the Italian Mafia.” 

7. "Taking out Number Three in the hierarchy was a pre-emptive strike, and if things don't vastly improve with the Catholic Church, we will take out the Pope as well, and may well collapse the whole operation altogether," the sources add. 

8. The removal of Pell will also shake things up in Australia. Remember, Australian intelligence agency sources previously told us that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was "fired by the Federal Reserve Board" when he tried to stop the planned mass-murder event at Fukushima. Well, now Rudd's replacements as prime minister have suddenly come out of the closet and started supporting the convicted pedophile Pell. This is a good sign that they were blackmailed pedophiles, Australian sources say.

9. European royal family sources also say the removal of Pell was also helped by the Italian white nobility Farnese family, who have a lot of influence over the Trump presidency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Farnese These Pentagon forces behind Trump are now saying, "the Ides of March should bring 85,000 sealed indictments," and many arrests in the U.S. 

10. "As cabal agents Bibi [Netanyahu], Trudeau, May, Macron, and Merkel are falling, a trade deal with China should lead to resolutions of Venezuela, North Korea, and stop the skirmishes between India and Pakistan.”