Saturday, February 16, 2019

MARKZ TODAY: .." We should be in the banks by Tuesday", 16 FEB

MarkZ today:  I was told years ago during the Obama administration that the RV/GCR needed a 3-day weekend and a national emergency to release it. They might need the ability to close the borders when this goes.

That administration and the Bush administration did not want the reset.   The Trump administration is pushing for it.

I am very excited for this weekend...so many things I was told we needed are lined up right now. the paymaster who already have the funds cannot release them yet..... I was told there may be one more document that President Trump needs to sign today to release the paymasters funds.

Hopefully we will know more by the end of tonight.. a lot of anticipations for today through Tuesday ..

I am hearing  WF is release bank and HSBC as well.. 800#'s will be out soon and we should be in the banks by Tuesday
When we get a reset won't be a market crash.. Basel 111 will be asset backed..

I am still hearing there will be no taxes on Dinar and dong excanges. There is a tax treaty involved with this.   There may be tax on the Zim bonds. No word on that yet

If entire tax structure changes..I am told we go back to common law vs Admiralty law. This could be a big game changer, it will wipe out the some debt..but not all…. they will still have some level of debt..

I Spoke with MC (Michael Cottrell )this am, he has not been paid..

Waiting for news out of Iraq..hopefully we will hear by tonight. Expecting to see news from Frank26......he is the best source on Iraq..expecting a whole lot out of CBI today ..

CKMX..Rumours that they being paid, and they are looking for and contacting some missing shareholders..I think that is a really good sign..

As to Fines and Penalties and Farm Claims I am hopeful they get paid out in next 2 days..
1st out the door will be Farm Claims's.. I would not look for an announcement they are done… until we are a week into it..

I am also hearing there will be great security at the bank..and in the parking lot..

I am not worried about security..

There is a good chance I will be doing another update today Based on what I'm hearing and reading..

As far as rates I am hearing street rate dinar 4.43 dong..2.20 to 2.25.

IDK a lot about the Zim process, I have spoke with a couple attorney's handling it..rumors are there will be 100 thousand up front then a structured pay out..

Hopefully I will know more later today.


ADMINBILL "Another Saturday night and we ain't got no money..." love Sam Cooke.

It's still a great day so keep your spirits elevated and a grin on your face. From my sources it shouldn't be long before the [grin] becomes much bigger.




The adoption of the US dollar as a basis for the calculation of customs duties and be fulfilled in Iraqi dinars in all federal ports and the adoption of the dollar exchange rate uniformly on the basis of the bulletin of the Central Bank of Iraq and determine the customs centers exempted from that later.


DELTA:  Posted January 21

Iraqi Kurdistan increases tariffs on alcohol, cigarettes by 100%

HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has decided to increase tariffs on imports of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes by 100 percent, in an effort to improve the health of people living in the Region.

Head of the KRG General Directorate of Customs Samal Abdulrahman told NRT TV that the decision would come into effect on February 14, 2019.

“For the sake of protecting people’s lives and to reduce the health impact from cigarettes, we reached a decision that we would increase taxes on cigarettes by 100 percent,” Abdulrahman said on Sunday.

Currently, twenty-five percent from the revenue from the sale of cigarettes and alcohol goes to the KRG and five percent is spent on care for cancer patients.

Iraq and the Kurdistan Region import 170 types of cigarettes from 40 countries, mostly from the UAE, Armenia, Russia, and Ukraine.

More than 90 tons of cigarettes, estimated at nearly $2 billion, were imported to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in 2018, according to statistics from the Iraqi Ministry of Trade.

In April 2018, Iraq passed legislature that impose a 200 percent tariff on alcohol imports, as has been the case over the past two years and is welcomed by Kurdish officials.

“A tariff of 200 percent of the value of the imported goods is imposed on imported alcoholic drinks and to be charged at the border crossing,” read a section of the Iraqi law that was published in April 2018 in Waqia al-Iraqiya, the official gazette of Iraq.

Toyvp:  WOW 100 and 200%?????? they better get that 000's dropped quick and give them some purchasing power


Don961:  Model SWFs

Saturday 16 February 2019

Yasser Al Metwally

Sovereign funds are one of the most important institutions guaranteeing the country's wealth by investing money to secure the future of the country. It also guarantees the future of future generations of wealth returns. This is what economists and finance experts agree on. The economic theories are comprehensive, capitalist, or deficient.
The Prime Minister has been able to put the right basis for the selection of the sovereign fund model, which ensures the investment of public money in the right way by proposing the establishment of a joint Japanese-Iraqi fund for infrastructure projects and services with productivity on the sidelines of his meeting with the senior adviser to the Japanese government at the end of last year.

In this context, the Baghdad Economic Forum started its first activity this year by devoting most of its efforts to studying this important pioneering project based on the belief and belief of the Forum on the importance of the sovereign funds in activating the economic development aimed at investing the Iraqi money. Ensuring the future of the country and ensuring the future of future generations of the returns of the country's wealth and the returns of real investments. The forum (and this impression of its recovery through my meetings with the veteran experts as a founding member) believes that this fund will cut the corruption as the first prime objective.

Because the participation of Japan with Iraq in the financing of the Fund will make the investment companies or the transfer of the executed projects keen to preserve the funds of the country and most importantly maintain its international reputation known and thus ensure the safety of projects in terms of quality And the productive life of it. In addition, the common fund is a sovereign guarantee of the rights of both countries. The objectives of this project are to create a spirit of real competition between countries that have interests to invest in the country. The required investments.

The partnership with a major country enjoys a global and advanced position such as Japan, which sets the foundation for the adoption and implementation of efficient projects and international standards, as well as their implications in raising the efficiency and capabilities of Iraqi cadres and creating a competitive environment and the ideal model for other sectors. Towards contributing quickly to rebuilding The country.

We hope that the efforts of the Baghdad Economic Forum will contribute to strengthening the government's approach towards adopting visions of Iraqi expertise to serve the country's economy.   link


Emon:  GOOD AFTERNOON everyone. I have a question if someone would help me with. It has always been said that the Iraqi street rate will be higher in us. So if the street rate for Iraq is 4.43

Briona:    Seeing that only 10% of us will end up getting the Contract Rate, I will be making my plans on something other than that.

SaltyDog:  The rate of the Dinar will be driven higher by the markets ...Those looking to make a profit from the initial release rate

Care:  so, i believe the internal rate to be 4.43 and already floating on the back screens

Pearle:  a dollar is a dollar, conversion rate out of country is the difference...it should be 3.22 or higher, 3.22 based on the neighboring country ...Kuwait etc..imo

Care:  the kuwait rate will increase also, within .25 of iraq dinar

Eccle519:  Speaking of Kuwait … The street rate is $3.22 and the Market/US buy rate is 3.22 or less so how is it that the IQD will 3 or 4 times higher than the in-country rate? Just trying to connect the dots

Pearle:  My understanding is that the conversion rate is 3.22...a dinar is a dinar...our dollar is about .78 but a dollar is a dollar...it’s the purchasing power...if Kuwait comes here...their one dinar has 3.22 the purchase power of the dollar...my understanding

Bluelingo:  I hope I do not offend anyone, but perhaps a little real time experience with a different currency which is almost the exact values would help those who don’t seem to understand. I have lived for many years in another country off and on. If I use US dollars in Brazil today one USD is worth R$ 3.60 Brazilian Reals and will buy R$3.60 worth of products on the street in Brazil

One Real is worth one real in Brazil. If I bring Brazilian Reals to the USA one Brazilian Real is worth about $0.28 US Dollars. It takes R$3.60 Brazilian Reals to equal one USD while in the USA. A US dollar is still a dollar here no matter what other currency I exchange from and use here. As so many have said it does not matter what the currency is valued at in any other country it has its value there and we have our value here for the dollar. Hope this helps some understand a little better.


(Bullet pts by AZhombre) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY 

Iraq TV is broadcasting the United Nations giving Iraq a warning that further severe repercussions could result of their delay in forming their government. The Deputy to Parliament reportedly stated that all of the recovered money would be pointless to Iraq if it is not based on international rates thus enabling them to compete with the rest of world. Maliki, along with his son and some in-laws, are implicated in fraudulent activities of giving inside Iraqi information to American companies to help them win government contracts. 

Rates are again visible to some bank sources. Zim $0.24 – Dinar $4.43 – Dong $1.37. TIME WILL TELL what happens next! #wearethepeople 

TishWash note: This goes with the Update https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65314356/newspaper-talk-about-the​-involvement-of-al-maliki-suspicions/ 

Opening Comments: 

Ray/ See earlier blast. 

Tony/Friday doesn’t lead to a lot of information, but today could be different. Why isn’t the TNT song on the top 10 charts? Let’s start with Maliki. Given US companies inside info to get the contract. Sounds like somebody set somebody up. UN says Iraq needs to form a government, and Iraq says it will be by next session. 

Rates went off the boards Wed but came back last night. People are looking for some action possibly over the weekend. Mtg in Iraq tomorrow. Everything that is signed is to be implemented tomorrow. Taxes and tariffs go into effect on Sunday. Looking for it to apply to more than just automobiles, etc. A lot of people on both sides of the pond are very excited at this moment.

Board Questions: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65314028/questions-for-ray-cc-021​519/ 

Kozmo: The budget appears to be 119 billion. Would it be in the trillions using today’s rate? It seems they are using the higher rate for the budget 

Tony/anytime they’re in the billions and not trillions, the rate is even higher (rate 4.43). 

Shari123: Do you think this will come to fruition this weekend or are we looking at March? 

Locofelipe: Will AlreadyBlessed & DC Winston be joining us for any of the celebrations, or the final call? Will both of you be under an NDA, and if so for how long? 

Ray/they requested not to be back in the spotlight! 

Bzollinger: why should we be excited? The budget is passed with 1198 and in the gazette which is 
law! Means no RV in 2019. Am I missing something? 

Tony/yes, that was the old rate. No law, no restriction can’t change rate. 

Red: Are the ATM’s giving out the LD’s in Iraq? 

Tony/not giving them out until RV announced. 

C/Have you been notified about the release of the 800#’s? Do you feel like we’re helping Viet Nam economically buying their currency?

Tony/sure we’ll helping the rates go up when we buy. Rate helps their economy. 

Bita: Is the slow rollout still going on?

Tony/are people still going to the bank? No reason to think they stopped. Looking forward to this weekend, by Tues a bunch of people will be involved in that process. We’ll know by Sat morning, perhaps be doing a call this weekend. 

Sacksh: How can it be revaluing when there’s so much discontent about the budget being published and cabinet not being complete?

Electroman: Tony said it may be dragged out till mid-March. Any truth? 

Quiz: How are “we are the people of TNT” going to be identified at the time of exchange? 

Banks will give you what is available at time of exchange. How do we inform them we’re part of TNT to receive different handling instructions? Been told by banks no managers at the bank will authorize increase. 

Tony/everybody is not a TNT member and forum. Everybody is trying to exchange their currency. 

Tony felt it was his responsibility after he received certain information. TNT was in the fight for everybody, not just 120k twitter followers but everybody! Not just TNT members. They all benefited from what we did. 

They told me X # of people will get the contract rate. We earned our seat at the table for what we did. Contract rate is more than I was even going to fight for! We’re going to look for it. People in govt & banking system, and people around the world will be tracking that they are doing what they said they are going to do. Can come back to the forum and say you got the contract rate, etc. Just have to tell them you want the contract rate. If I hear nobody is getting it we’ll have an issue!

Amadeus613: will currency increase in value on the stock market? 
Tony/ think they all would at one point. I don’t expect other currencies will go up like the Dinar will. 

Beethoven: Maliki sought a sr govt position to advert prosecution, won’t his immunity eventually end w his term in office and end up in prison? 

Samwise:You said the opportunity to purchase precious metal during exchange would be impossible. However, upon leaving the exchange shouldn’t I be able to go and make my purchase at any local bank (wiring the money to the gold/silver dealer from there), have order delivered to that bank into a safety deposit box. 

Tony/you can go to the branch down the street and do your banking business. Don’t see it durning the exchange, unless you have a lot of currency. Average person done in 30 min. 
Spread?Contract rate $28.50

Jiminkc:What new info to you have about the terms of the Structured Payouts? 

Is the UST requiring them and setting guidelines? What is base amount? 

If one currency amount meets the amount bank requires, will it be treated independently or lumped into a single amount? I’m over 70. Will we be able to reject a Structured Payout or be able to choose a period lessor in years? 


What significance in change in Zim rate from :02 to .24? 

Samadhi:friend says you have to have a list of humanitarian projects to exchange Zim. Has that changed? 

Tony/we’re both going in at different locations and present my business ideas, humanitarian projects, and the person says he doesn’t like them and says no. Some guy who’s never run a business in his life?

 Do you seriously believe that crap? Doesn’t make any sense. The only time you had the chance for the humanitarian package you had to go thru the bank. They aren’t going to review your plan and make that decision. Doesn’t make sense! When you get this money these are the very people trying to take your money when this thing goes thru. 

Papito3891424:would you recommend inclusion of an annuity into a trust? Will be living off the interest from investments from principle when it comes to the annuities incorporated in a Trust. 

LadyDee:We hear of slow roll out in the US. What about slow roll out in Canada? 


Highcotton/(didn’t see question). 
Ray/ask someone in corporation people. KC, any info on structured payouts? 


Live Callers: 

• 951/SoCalGuy: your CBI guy said it was done, and now the middle of March. 

Tony/Wed, people were frustrated and now they’re excited for tomorrow! 

C/taxes & tariffs; CBI needs to declare this international. What happens if they don’t declare they’re not international? 
Tony/they don’t. If they are, the rates have to change. They’re signing the deal tomorrow. Everything (will be) implemented immediately. 

C/saying new rate tomorrow possibly. 
Tony/that’s what they’re anticipating. Taxes will go on everything, not just cars above $50k.

C/anything you share from the conf call. 
T/they had the call and never called me back. Info now is there will be 800#. 

C/404 mentioned about the mind game. You were right saying “only the strong survive”! 

• 610/Gman in PA: checks made out to “Ray Renfrow, P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822. Electronic donations 

at www.tntsuperfantastic.com or cash.me/$TNTSuperfantastic 

• 281/Houston, TX: I’m ready to crank the bus up, whether short or long bus! Do you think after the markets open on Sunday, we should see something? 

Tony/enjoy the weekend and see it on Tues, the rest of the world is looking to see something Sat. CBI will implement it before we go!

C/how do banks know who to call? 

Tony/some banks sold currencies to clients earlier. They are looking at those who purchased large amounts of Dinar. 

• 865/404/Good?Lady: msg on tv of United Nations chastising Iraq for not forming their govt. 

R/can be penalties. 

C/would Maliki be tried in world court or Iraq.

T/Iraqi system. Battle going on. He’s doing things to protect him. C/explain contract rate of $28.50. 

tony/ max for average person $28.50. In beginning, rate $4, I get $10, Ray gets $15. When we negotiated they decided $28.50 across the board. Either got it or didn’t. We negotiated 10% of us would get that rate. They far exceeded it. Not a dollar amount but the number of people who get the contract rate! 

C/liked to hear about tomorrow’s meeting. Time frame? 
Tony/don’t know time if he shares that info. 

Tony/Iraq wanted their rate to change one hour (say 8 am) before their business day (9 am). 

• 440 (nope) • 209/ Stockton, CA: pls explain spread fee. 
Tony/not a “fee”. Just spread between buy and sell. $4.40 sell rate. They’ll buy it from you for 20% less to make a profit. Ex. You bought 1m Dong for $50. They will only give you $40 for it. They can make a profit and sell it again. They will buy it back for 20% less. They could say, for the Dinar we’re just taking the fee. 

C/8 million people exchanging world wide. 
Tony/ just US. They say at least 30 m people now have Dinar, including those with only 1 note. C/14 zeros less 6 = 24$ per note. Haven’t gotten it in writing about the spread fee. Have heard those who exchanged millions of dollars didn’t pay the spread. 

• 765/Muncie, IN. How much longer can they keep delaying? 
Tony/based on fact the re-construction fund will be out next week, something is getting ready to happen. Iraq’s 1st billion will be applied next week. Based on several things happening. 
C/is Iraq 8 hrs. ahead of East Coast? 

T/yes, could happen 4 hrs. before. Not suppose to happen until they both meet. That could happen in morning or night. 
• 281/Houston, TX: Was despondent earlier. Concern: what if it doesn’t happen? 

T/we can’t force anything. Wait and watch. Aren’t noticing there’s a right and a left. Mahdi is taking 2 steps forward. Maliki/Iran makes him step back 1 step. However, he’s still going forward! Slowly and methodically cause change. We can’t change the last 200 years in 10 years. 

If they get it accomplished it’s still a miracle in 10 years. Maliki was doing what Iran wanted him to do. He wanted to declare an emergency, but they didn’t want him to be a dictator for life. The only reason Mahdi didn’t get re-elected was because Maliki kept him from doing that. They signed off for the first time the whole of Iraq tied into one system unified (Kurdistan, etc). One system, one rate. Now they’re redoing everything including the Kurdistan language in it. Maliki still has influence, and that’s the problem. Mahdi is still fighting from within. Cleaning the government out, a position at a time. Politics isn’t about what you know but who you owe. 

C/scale of 1-10, what’s your belief it’s done next week? 
Tony/9. Who can even afford to buy a $50k car. Nobody! Doing to tax to tax the people. 

• Texts tony just received: Man in front my cousin was picking up $1m Dong for $50. The guy next to him was buying $1B, $800m ($90k purchase). $100 throw for dunk tank in Vegas for Gman. 

• 303/Denver, CO: You talked about a “bank account” the bank doesn’t retain it but it remains in your own name.

Tony/you mean an account the bank doesn’t control. Tony/call a banker and ask them. Protect your money. Call your wealth manager, discuss it, then come back and we’ll talk about it.

• 713/Houston, TX. Clarity; can we pick what bank when we call 800#. 
Tony/ don’t know how it works. They want your name, zip code, amount in each currency, then set you up with someone who can handle. Not aware if they’ll set you with a particle bank you want.

C/contract rate offered for Dong? 
Tony/believe so. Told were paying out on Dong. 

C/how will they determine? 

Tony/Gone thru $20m, then below that #, let’s wait until we get their instructions then we’ll go thru it again. I’m going to take all of my currency in and try for all of it. 
C/contact thinking going into March. But depends on what’s done tomorrow. Anything else hold it up? 

T/makes sense to have the whole country unified. Agreed how much oil, Kurdistan included. Don’t know what else since they’ve agreed on everything. Things changed quick from Wed. Today they’re saying Parliament will start the first of March. 
C/between now and Tuesday and let us know what happens tomorrow. •

918/Tulsa, OK. (nope). 

• 386/Palm coast, FL. Asked for Fed bank district map. Had a stroke and forgot FL’s #. 

• 503/Portland, OR: biggest issue in 17-20% spread, drop it, and just go with the 2% fee. 

• 205/Birmingham, AL: (nope) • 559/Fresno, CA. Gave idea of hand-signs and wondered why others didn’t like the idea sharing who are Dinarians. Google it and learn how to send TNT signal. 

• 440/Parma, Ohio. Said in the past, some people have been able to exchange. Reason they’re not saying anything? 

Tony/sure it’s part of the agreement. They obviously told me someone or I wouldn’t know. People in different states can figure out from volume transactions taking place. Mahdi and Barzani mtg Sat uniting Iraq. 

C/who’s holding the purse strings? 

Tony/US Treasury. We had the final saying. Iraq has tried to go in the past and we stopped them. Seen in CBI but US Treasury needs to release it! I’m sure the decision is being made above his head and will tell him to go ahead. 

• 704/Charlotte, NC. Loaded to the gills and holding 5 currencies, I’ll either get “pretty” or “ugly”. I don’t trust nobody! Let’s say you have $10m dinar and $10m dong. Rather than give them all, would rather take ½ in and see what they can do. 
Tony/it’s your transaction. This is what I’ll do with the $4.40 and bring back the rest later. Or, if you trust them do it all at once. This will probably the most watched, scrutinized banking event in the history of the world. If we get 50k-100k asking questions about one situation, nobody wants that kind of exposure. I know my numbers. In 24 hrs show up, 48 hrs be there. It’s too easy to expose this to the world. Definitely not going to ask for the contract rate. Don’t want anybody to have any control over me, be the 2nd or 3rd mouse. 

 Closing Comments

• Tony/ long, up and down past week. On both sides excited about this weekend. Documents signed, tariffs, then we’re on our way. 
• Throw-back (Mon 2019.01.14 and Mon 2018.17): 

• Ray: Be either a “chaser” or “waiter”. Go after the contract rate or wait at least 24 hours and know, rather than guessing what the rate will be! 

• Tony: …go and look for yourselves, we have 138,000 followers on Twitter… All right guys, it is what it is. It’s a good day. All we know is the Kurd’s got paid. The Kurd’s got paid a lot of money. It was more than at the 1190 rate. We said there was no way he was owed that much money at that rate. The equivalent of $4 or 5 million US Dollars. There was no way that everybody there got at least a million dollars based on what they got. So, it’s going to be a good day! And if Kurdistan is spending that kind of money it’s not going to be long before the rest of the country wants to spend that same kind of money. They will see that on their cards too.


Trusts Unlimited Conference Call


chattels   Thursday, February 14, 2019   PM Mahdi Launches Latest Anti-Corruption Initiative In Iraq


chattels   At the end of January 2019 Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi announced his new anti-graft campaign. That focused around a new Supreme Anti-Corruption Council. Every Iraqi administration since 2005 has said that it would stand up to theft and stealing, but they have done little to actually combat it. Mahdi’s effort is likely to go the same way.

chattels   The previous government of PM Haidar Abadi also said it was fighting corruption, but took little substantive action. The former head of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yasiri for example said that he led 48 investigations into the ministry under Abadi and none were accepted by the courts for lack of evidence.
 He believed the legal system was part of the problem because it was corrupt. The Commission submitted 20 bills to parliament and the cabinet to amend old laws and regulations to combat corruption, and submitted a plan to fight graft in 2017, but none of them went anywhere.

 He pointed to the lack of political will as the cause of the lack of progress. As a result, he resigned in 2018. The current head of the Commission Izzat Tawfiq Jaafar said things were no better.

He told the media that his office was working in an insecure environment because of the political pressure on it to stop its work.

Other former Commission leaders have voiced similar difficulties in doing their job and how deep corruption runs in the Iraqi government. It’s for these reasons that many see Mahdi’s new Council as just the latest lip service to fighting this problem, which will probably have just as much success as all the other attempts.

chattels   Iraq caught in crossfire as Trump upends US policy in Mid East
Baghdad navigates between troop pullout from Syria and US campaign against Iran


PM ****   Countdown to '' 100 Days '' starts after cabinet  completes


chattels   Riyadh woos Iraqis with security talks, economic projects
READ IN: Mustafa Saadoun February 13, 2019

Read more:

chattels   Will Iraq ask US troops to leave the country?   Ali Mamouri February 6, 2019

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2019/02/iraq-us-troops-donald-trump-iran-syria-ain-al-asad.html#ixzz5fZ57rvrA

chattels   Trump's apparent reassignment of the mission of US troops in Iraq has created resistance among Iraqis that their country will be used as a battleground for a proxy war between conflicting forces in the region. As a result, Iraqi politicians, including those who support the United States, will unite and ask US troops to leave the country.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2019/02/iraq-us-troops-donald-trump-iran-syria-ain-al-asad.html#ixzz5fZ5G7ttC

chattels   Iran’s supreme leader says talks with US can only ‘harm’ By Associated Press


chattels   Delay in finalizing cabinet is harming Iraqis: UNAMI By Majeed Gly


chattels   “The slow completion of the Iraqi government is undoubtedly a great concern,” UNAMI chief Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert told the UN Security Council in her first regular briefing in the role. She took over earlier this year from Jan Kubis.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi still has three empty chairs at his cabinet table – interior, defence, and justice. Shiite lawmakers cannot agree on who to put forward for the interior ministry, while Sunnis are similarly divided over the defence ministry, and Kurds over the justice post.


chattels   The UNAMI briefing was received quietly by the council.

With the exception of China, no other permanent members of the Security Council, including the United States, made any remarks on the situation in Iraq.

​This is a sign that, after the military defeat of ISIS, “Iraq is not a priority now,” one UN Security Council diplomat said, on condition of anonymity.

chattels   “Iraq is not a priority now,”
chattels   “Iraq is not a priority now,”
chattels   “Iraq is not a priority now,”

blackgold   Iraq is not a priority now because the big boys are getting paid through oil revenues which aren't affected by the value of the dinar and they are making money by selling us Iraq's currency. Sounds like a good deal to me

****   The resignation of a deputy after he stole Sandwich


Ment   Baghdad: foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Friday morning, a slight decline in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in the stock market in Baghdad, 1198 dinars per dollar, or 119 thousand and 800 dinars for one hundred dollars after yesterday was 1985 dinars to one dollar.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were:

The selling price of the dollar is 1202.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1192.5 dinars, or 119 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.

Foreign exchange rates, gold and oil, {until the preparation of this news}:

Euro World price: 100 euros = 112.86 dollars

GBP World price: 100 pounds = 128.10 dollars

Turkish Lira World Price: $ 100 = TRY 528.20

The price of an ounce of gold globally = $ 1314.97

The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil = $ 64.78, higher than yesterday's price of $ 64.28 a barrel.

The price of a barrel of US crude oil = $ 54.54


xxl   what happens if Trump put sanctions on Iraqi ?

Doug_W   why would trump do that ?

futuremoney   Doug_W EXACTLY

Dave   did Trump call a national emergency today?
Dave   or did mexico succumb and decide to pay for the wall?

jxxl   what happens if Trump put sanctions on Iraqi ? Doug_W said why would trump do that ?

Dave   iraq still requires iranian hydro and gas.......

jxxl   well Britain was seeking to supply them will all energy.
Dave    imagine having no hydro and your genny running out of gas
Dave   jxxl long power cord?

jxxl    this is what is happening with Iraqi - like or not this is what it is. time to get head back to the ground

​Blackgold   Iraq gets cheap fuel and electricity from Iran. Iran produces electricity out of nuclear plants, not bombs.

blackgold   Iraq isn't stupid enough to depend on England or the US to supply them energy from across the world. NOT Happening

blackgold   sanctions will not apply to Iraq's energy with Iran

****   Not only is it illegal to have sex with the lights on, one may not have sex in any position other than missionary. http://www.dumblaws.com/laws/united-states/virginia

2-15-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...let’s talk about screen rates today...as far as we are concerned rates are on the screens. They are moving up.

jxxl   I guess we will see, perhaps it is good to live in denial- some one said - sanctions will not apply to Iraq's energy with Iran - really wow I bet they only apply to the rest of the 212 countries in the world, yea yea that's correct ok.

blackgold   Wake up we don't rule the world, Russia and China are not going to shut down their trade with Iran and Iran already set up banks in other countries with their own banking system. the only people losing is the US,

Dave   blackgold correct US imposed sanctions.....

blackgold   True
blackgold   We imposed sanctions on Russia, do you think Germany is going to stop buying cheap Gas from Russia LOL what a laugh, Germans are stupid. Niether is Finland sweden and everybody else over their

blackgold   Germans are't stupid


****   "Gate of Hell" in Britain

blackgold    Look at the Russian, Chinese border and look at the Etrade and Warehouses there, they don't need us, China has over a BILLION PEOPLE, by numbers alone they do more business than us. We only have 350 - 400 million in the US, we don't rate

****   Nusseiri announces his vision for economic reform

Economy News – Baghdad   As part of the cultural events organized by the Association of Iraqi private banks on the sidelines of Baghdad International Book Fair and held for the period from 7 to 18 February at the ground of the Baghdad International Fair

Samir Nusseiri, adviser to the Association of Banks announced on Friday the issuance of his new book, a volume of 800 pages and includes four books looking at economic and banking reform in a ceremony attended by the agency "Economy News" and conducted by Professor Dr. Hashim Dean of the Faculty of Information at the University of Baghdad and in the presence of economic elites and university professors and students Postgraduate studies in administration, economics, finance and banking at the universities of Baghdad, Al-Nahrain, Mustansiriya, Iraq and a number of visitors to the exhibition and media coverage.

The author has an analytical and insightful view of the problems of the Iraqi economy and its visions and proposals for reform in accordance with a general and detailed framework defined by the following :

1 - Draw a roadmap on the level of progress and strategic re - formulation of the new economic approach to Iraq, which adopts the mechanisms of transition to a social market economy in accordance with Article 25 of the Constitution to re - evaluate and review the structural system and structural, institutional and legislative management of the economy.

As well as review and evaluate the basis of coordination between the financial and monetary policies and review the structure and presentation of the balance sheet and the transition from balancing items to the budget programs .

2. Adopting the policies set out in the Sustainable Development Plan for the years 2018-2022 and the vision of Iraq 2030 and activating the decisions reached by the Joint Expert Committees established in the Council of Ministers in 2015 fo

****   Gov't hid RV details of 2019 budget allocations on purpose

****   UN Security Council meets on Iraq, says parties 'must end infighting'


ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) held a special session dedicated to Iraq on Wednesday in which the international body's envoy addressed security, the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and called on political actors "to overcome infighting and allow compromise to prevail in the interest of the Iraqi people."

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq and Head of United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) was highly critical of protracted negotiations that have failed, for months, to allow the formation of a new Iraqi government.

Speaking to the council at UN headquarters in New York, she said it was "high-time for leaders to shift the focus from factional politics and invest in addressing the immediate needs of the citizens."

Dave    ...sounds like iraq still ch7....

****   Maliki sues US

Tebow   blackgold more BS spewing!

jxxl   It also sounds like Iraqi doe's not Care - is Iran controlling Maliki ? and is he controlling the Iraqi government in some way ? It seems the answer is maybe , could be, Iraqi is Iran's Monkey . Iran keeps pulling Maliki string.

Tebow   Seems they didn't

****   Trump May Have Derailed His Own National Emergency With One Sentence


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has announced its intention to file a legal challenge to Trump's national emergency declaration, stating "By the president’s very own admission in the Rose Garden, there is no national emergenc

Jxxl   Has any thought that maybe Iraqi would be better off with a dictator ??


****   FOIA Docs Reveal Obama FBI Covered Up "Chart" Of Potential Hillary Clinton Crimes

****   California Nightmare: Over Half Of Golden State Residents Wish They Could Leave

jxxl   Iraqi - Monkey What is Iran to you..

****   Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Is "A Dream Come True"...For Republicans https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-15/ocasio-cortezs-green-new-deal-dream-come-truefor-republicans

****   "Prostitutes Should Not Be A Tourist Attraction" Says Amsterdam's Mayor


Amsterdam's Mayor Femke Halsema is looking to put the kibosh on the city's legendary red light district, suggesting that it's "humiliating" and "unacceptable" to turn prostitution into a tourist attraction, reports Dutch News.

****   AOC Celebrates "Defeat" Of World's Richest Man's "Worker Exploitation" As Amazon Abandons NY

****   INCREDIBLE ...   21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

blackgold   jxxl you could be right on that one ​
​xyz   Amazon Executive Invites Ocasio-Cortez to ‘Take a Tour’


Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations Dave Clark invited Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to take a tour of the company and see it “for herself” after she chastised the world’s biggest online retailer for its working conditions.

Chattels   Analysts at the recent World Economic Forum said they expect oil prices to more than likely be closer to the $80-$100 bpd range, rather than $40-$60. http://www.rudaw.net/english/business/12022019

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iraq's oil exports are promising so far in February and Oil Minister Thamir Ghadhban predicts that the Kurdistan Region will adhere to its delivery agreement.

chattels   "I am very optimistic that the Region will adhere to delivering 250,000 barrels per day in accordance with the 2019 state budget," Ghadhban told Reuters.

chattels   The Kurdistan Region produces 420,000 bpd, according to Reuters. The oil and gas sectors are privatized in Kurdistan, but state-owned elsewhere in Iraq.

Ghadhban expects the Kurdistan Region to output 550,000 bpd by the end of the year.

chattels   Kurdistan announces it will stop oil exports to Iran. http://mobp.as/c6Vvo

sandyf   @EricB @joeschmoe, I won't be posting much, just wanted to engage sandyf. I think there's more to him than just a lop, but we'll all know eventually

Sandyf ----  That was a good post you made, in 2009 there was a report that concluded a redenomination could only be successful under stable inflation, something the CBI referred at the time.

Then came the ISIS problem which resulted in the project being shelved. Many just refuse to face reality, Iraq is a Parliamentary Democracy and as such there would need to be a Bill go through parliament before this project to delete the zeros could get underway.

Any redenomination is several years away. In the meantime we can only hope something else materialises, I am fairly positive but not going to elaborate on why.

I live in Thailand and have a peruse during morning coffee, but there are those that cannot understand why I should waste time doing some work rather than hanging about on the forum.
sandyf   @Tebow sandyf wrong again , you can't have 2 different value currencies!

Sandyf    Quite obvious you have never lived through a redenomination.

TNT: "The Holdup", 16 FEB



Is the HCL the holdup for releasing the RV? I thought that had been passed, posted in gazette and now in effect.


jcnoble HCL is history its already been paid out in the kurdistan region in small amounts


The UN Operational Rate will not change for 15th February, per statement on home page - "Please note that there is no mid-month revision for February 2019". So, may have to wait until March 1st.


In response to comment added by grlewis, I personally feel this gives us the opportunity to exchange before the world knows about the rate change!


IMHO RVs are outside the schedule of international currency changes. Previous RVs never occurred on the 1st or 15th. So let it pop when the pour the milk in. Snap crackle pop

Reuters: Brent crude hits 2019 high above $65, buoyed by output cuts


Bloomberg: A $1 Million Car? Here Are 11 of Them


CNBC: Vietnamese airlines granted access to US market for first time



RayRen98 (TNT)

Iraq TV is broadcasting the United Nations giving Iraq a warning that further severe repercussions could result of their delay in forming their government. The Deputy to Parliament reportedly stated that all of the recovered money would be pointless to Iraq if it is not based on international rates thus enabling them to compete with the rest of world. ...Rates are again visible to some bank sources...Zim $0.24 - Dinar $4.43 - Dong $1.37. TIME WILL TELL what happens next!

Bruce (The Big Call)

[via PinkRoses]

...Let’s start with Iraq...Their ATMs are lined up and ready to go...they are finally going to activate their ATM machines...So that would mean the ATM machines will be able to take Iraqi dinar, USTN, our new dollars, and be able to convert those also to Iraqi dinar also. That is supposed to start on Saturday...we will see how that comes out. ...I think the oil and gas law is to be put into action and into law...I believe the voting is done on that. It has been done for weeks now, but as far as implementation of that law...it should occur Sunday or Monday in Iraq.

...let’s talk about screen rates today...as far as we are concerned rates are on the screens. They are moving up. The UN Operational Rate pages are available for the 15th and the 1st of the month...So those come up and should be good with our new rates for these many currencies we know and talk about, and should be applicable tomorrow, February 15th, be the effective date for the rates that are populating now. I think we have finally came to the end of this ride. ...I am excited about what could happen between now and Monday. Everybody just stay tuned.

Adam Montana

The RV train is still chugging along, with nothing but positive steam powering these updates...suffice it to say that we're in a pretty spot! NOTHING has detracted from the good news on HCL. WE STILL have momentum on the budget, which is currently WAY AHEAD OF NORMAL. And I'll sweeten it up just a little bit with this - you remember that $60 mark I mentioned about a month ago? YEP, STILL GOING THE RIGHT WAY! Oil is creeping up on $56 as I write this. That's halfway to my mark of $60...and going strong!

I'm actually very pleased to see the steady growth of oil, rather than a sudden spike. This "controlled growth" is exactly what I would want if I were Captain of the CBI, because it shows stability in the main area that needs it. All of these things are coming together for us, creating the perfect situation. Obviously things can, and will, come up. I don't have an exact date for you, and I never will. But that sure won't stop me from being excited about what we're in the middle of right now! Overall, things are just looking dandy. 

Mountain Goat

...old article from 2014...


It is now already 2019 and so four years plus passed already. Where is the RV? This project to delete the zeros is so long, long overdue. Each time we go through an election cycle with a new government we have to start convincing everyone all over again to do it and the importance of it. I think we are so close I can hardly wait.


"Customs: The implementation of the agreement signed with Kurdistan as of tomorrow 15-02-2019"



(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe by the EU and U.S. in 2001 and 2002 (before and after 9/11).

These sanctions restrained Zimbabwe from accessing its vast amounts of valuable natural resources which otherwise would've benefited the world.

The EU's sanctions on Zimbabwe is due to expire this month on the 19th.

The U.S. already proposed to amend ZIDERA (sanctions on Zimbabwe) and is awaiting official signing by POTUS.

Once Zimbabwe is freed from the shackles of Western sanctions, the country will be allowed to benefit from their vast amounts of natural resources.

Zimbabwe is already preparing to announce a new currency (which may seem to be fiat but is actually gold/asset-backed and linked to the QFS).

Zimbabwe's announcement of their new currency signifies their compliance with GESARA.

Zimbabwe is a sleeping giant about to awaken and release its full potential.

Meanwhile, Trump's declaration of a national emergency was announced which now makes the US compliant with GESARA.

The UK is next on the list.

If Brexit is not agreed upon soon, then expect martial law to be declared in the UK.

Similar to the US, the declaration of martial law in the UK will signify the country's GESARA compliance.

The Cabal is now scrambling to stop the transition.

However, resistance is futile.

Sources believe now more than ever that the RV could begin at any moment.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 16 2019

Compiled 16 Feb. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth, Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. 

Judy Note: The RV was expected at any moment now that the US was GESARA compliant. Nations wanting to be GESARA compliant in order to participate in the GCR had until midnight Friday Feb. 15. The US met the NESARA criteria when President Trump quietly closed the IRS and Federal Reserve on Feb. 15 (effectively ending the Cabal’s global financial system and rule over the US taxpayer), plus declared a national emergency and thus had the authority to begin arrests on over 76,492 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation. Additionally, yesterday the Brexit vote eliminated the City of London (Cabal fiat financial system) from relevance to the RV. 

A. The Plan

Fri. Feb. 15: 

Trump closed the Federal Reserve and IRS, ending the Cabal’s global financial system. 

Midnight deadline for all nations to be GESARA compliant. 

Zimbabwe to announce their new monetary policy, including a new Zim Currency. 

Trump to activate the National Emergencies Act, giving the government the right to call forth the militia, execute the laws, suppress an insurrection or repel an invasion. 

Notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments was expected at any moment.

Sat. Feb. 16: 

Mass data dumps to begin. 

Mass arrests to begin regarding over 76,492 sealed indictments filed in federal courts. 

Trump was expected to fire Mueller. On Feb. 13 a bipartisan Congressional Committee determined that collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia did not happen, and announced they would look into Muller’s roles in Uranium One, FISA Court abuses and a 9/11 Coverup. It was rumored that charges against Muller were already filed. 

Stock Market: The New York Stock Market has been on the brink of collapse since Oct. 1 2018 when it lost all gains for the year. By early March the financial giant was expected to crash, putting a final nail into the Cabal financial system’s coffin. This crash of global markets would hide the huge influx of monies from the Global Currency Reset, while Zim redemption would not only back the GCR, but revive the Stock Market. 

Be Prepared: No one really knows what would happen during this period when the Cabal monetary system was being taken down and disclosure opened up on what was really going on. If public chaos occurred and to calm the masses, there would be a public announcement of the new Quantum Financial System. It was suggested that you have water, food, cash and emergency supplies on hand to sustain yourself and others. 

B. Feb. 15 2019 7:05 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 15, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. It's official, Mitch O'Connell announced that Trump will sign the (government funding) bill but would also declare a national emergency.

2. It was expected that the Deep State would not back down (and fully build the wall).
The Deep State would now face total annihilation once Trump declared a national emergency. Deep State = Cabal in the US.

3. The UK may be facing Martial Law after Brexit was once again down voted by their government. The Cabal were afraid of Brexit as it would cause a cascade of events for the UK once passed. Northern Ireland would be forced to leave the UK and unify with the rest of the Ireland. Scotland would vote to leave the UK and join the EU as a sovereign nation. 

4. These events were all under GESARA compliant terms given to the UK via Brexit.

5. Reminder: GESARA was not a law, it was a complex secretive treaty (or even agenda) that was being enforced upon all nations by BRICS (whom were working with the Alliance).

6. There would be no GESARA announcement, but rather nations would have to reform and create GESARA compliant laws.

7. The declaration of a National Emergency in the US and Martial Law in the UK might occur simultaneously. This would wipe out the Cabal/Deep State's Military Industrial Complex and their financial capital (City of London) and cause the rest of their global structure to completely collapse.

8. Any other Cabal remnants that refused to surrender would be tracked down and apprehended. The Earth Alliance was willing to do whatever it took to begin the transition with or without the Cabal's surrender.

9. The RV could be expected to begin at any moment as it would kick start the transition. 

C. Feb. 15 2019 TNT Call Ray, Tony: tobtr.com/s/11201987 

1. In Iraq there would be things signed and implemented tomorrow Feb. 16

2. Tony was supposed to get the 800 numbers.

3. Rates came back on the screens last night Feb. 14 and people are looking at the weekend for something to happen. 

4. People on both sides of the pond are very excited. Tony was looking forward to tomorrow Feb. 16

D. Feb. 15 2019 Q and Trump Twitter Posts 

Judy Note: On Feb. 14 President Trump announced that he would declare a National Emergency. There were significant Tweets sent out that day: 

Feb. 14 2019 12:21 pm EST Q 

(picture of a watch showing 12:21 pm

Funding Bill of Dec. 21 2017: “Executive Order blocking property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.” 

Feb. 14 3:14 pm EST Trump 

Announcement that Trump would declare a National Emergency on Feb. 15 over security concerns of the Border Wall. 

Feb. 14 2019 4:35 pm EST Q 

Fox News: President Trump on National Security: “We are calling for a Great Awakening of the US.” 

Feb. 14 2019 11:46 pm EST Q 

Chatter – Bill and Hillary’s “public” health will begin to rapidly deteriorate. 

Feb. 15 2019 5:11 am EST Q 

Be alert next 10 days. False Flag attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative (negative optics). High possibility of multiple day coverage event forcing pause on news. See something – say something. 

Feb. 15 2019 5:32 am EST Anonymous ID:934a60 No.5185721 5185619
DOJ held meetings on how to oust President Trump
Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?
ANONs knew it beforehand. 

Q Posts, Sierra: 

Q Post #2734 proves that Q knew two weeks ago that President Trump would declare a National Emergency on 15th February:https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/ 

Feb. 1 Q post #2734 starts with an Anon writing on 15th February at 09.19 

'Yes, the F15 plane pic Q posted’

Feb. 15 Q responded (picture of the F15 plane) 

NAT EM today?'

E. Feb. 15 2019 2:45 am EST Pelosi Received Unexpected News on Impeaching Trump (video), Global News: (Video) Pelosi Got the Most Unexpected News about Impeaching Trump The end! Nancy Pelosi got the most unexpected news of her life about impeaching Trump. She was counting on Robert Mueller to draw a road map that led to removing Donald Trump from office. Democrats were waiting for the special counsel’s final report.

John Dowd – who represented Trump for the first part of the Mueller investigation – does not believe Mueller will even submit a final report. If Democrats are waiting for Robert Mueller to issue a final report, they could be waiting until the end of time. John Dowd tells there is a coup against President Trump by Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe. 

F. International Child Sex Trafficking Ring: 

On Feb. 11 2019 Ben Fulford said that the announcement of a one-world religion by Pope Francis, a senior Islamic representative and representatives from many other religions came after Francis became the first pope in history to visit the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam. This was especially concerning as the Vatican and Islamic nations have been known to be heavily involved in child trafficking. The Vatican was not only known, but Popes Francis and Benedict have been convicted of regularly practicing child sacrifices across the globe. See:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html 


G. Redemption/Exchanges: Currency exchange appointments would use 800#s sent out through websites or email. Zim redemption appointments would be made through emergency text, or email with the number to call. If you were a Zim redeemer and called an 800 number you would be steered to a redemption center in your area (expected to be a military base), or be given another number to call in order to obtain your redemption appointment. At the time of redemption you could give a list of those to whom you gifted Zim so that they could be contacted to redeem. 

H. The Zim: There appeared to be some confusion about the Zim. It was my opinion that uncirculated 2008-2009 Zimbabwe Bond Notes if bought from a reputable dealer, could be redeemed on military bases with HSBC Private Bankers for a yet-to-be-determined rate that was dependent upon a redeemer’s humanitarian plan. 

Zim Currency has not yet been placed on the market to be sold, thus was not changing in value and therefore would not be exchanged at a higher rate for profit. On Fri. Feb. 15 that would change as the new gold/asset-backed Zim Currency was expected to be introduced at a 1:1 value to the gold/asset-backed US Note, though would not be put into circulation until Aug. 1 2019

I. Resources:

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 

Trump Twitter: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?langen 

Donald J. Trump ‏verified account: @realDonaldTrump

Trump’s Email: whitehouse.gov@gmail.com

Q Posts: https://qanon.pub/ https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

GCR: The master plan for the global financial system began on Sat. Feb. 1, 2003 and came to fruition on Fri. Feb. 1 2019