Thursday, February 14, 2019


(Bullet pts by AZhombre) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY Earlier “Blasts”: 
Opening Comments: Tony/Good morning TNT!Ray will come along when he can. I’m going to wait until Ray can read the questions. 
Ray/from 1 extreme to the other. 
Tony/ no updates! Everybody is still quiet. Info saying this is going all the way to the middle of March. Banks are still sitting on it for now. Other people saying prolonged until March. Banks are happy with “slow-methodical” roll-out. 
I wish I had great news, like 4pm Friday. They are prepared. I don’t even like talking about Mar or the 25th of Feb. 
Board Questions: Avcountry: Will BB&T be one of the banks to do exchanges (they send all currency to home office to verify)? 
Ray/yes! They did a yr ago, 2 yrs ago, and 3 yrs ago. 
Tony/merging bank. Send it to the home office for verification then call you back. 
FingersXed: Talk of Zim holders receiving a text or email for setting appt. If we bought off Ebay/individual, how would “they” have my contact info? What should I do? Tks for help! 
Tony/that fact is a lie! Nobody is going to contact you. They don’t know you purchased it. Other Guru’s and lying! Tell them to prove it. “how do you know they have Zim?” 
Vinterv: Lena asked in chat: have the contractors been pd and if not have they been given a new date and rate? 
Ray/they can post their questions! 
Jiminkc: Mon you addressed the Exchange Fee, but not the Spread Fee. What will banks be paying us to buy back our currencies (take off the $4.43 buy rate)? 
Ray/25% spread. 
Tony/spread isn’t a fee. Difference between the buy & sell. Should be what it is now. 
WealthyWoman43: you said banks had a 48-hr. window. Are we still in that window? 
Atlast-51: Have we passed the 48-hr window? Or still waiting? Tony/haven’t gotten to that window yet! 
Psychicgrama: 3 wks ago talked about the $50 dinar. Will they accept it? 
Tony/why won’t they take it? We’ll find out. 
Papito3891424: Would you recommend the inclusion of an annuity into a Trust? 
Ray/trust acquired annuities in trust, yes. 
SusanaC: has the projected rv rate for old zim (2008-09) changed from your last confirmed rate of $0.02? 
Tony/2 cent was never the rate of the Zim. The current rate on forex would equate to 2 cents for a 100 m note. 
RevJHG: has the set on the 48 hr window indicated on Monday? If not any reason to expect it will? 
Ttavern: Can you speak on the woman they speak highly of to get the interior position? 
Tony/ know nothing about her at all. Google her name. 
Ritagirl: Said in the past banks wanted to hold us and not allow the full exchange until March 1st. Does it look like that’s what they’re doing now? 
Jessie91: What happened to Iraqi TV reporting budget will be printed in Gazette “in the next 2 days” and enforced immediately upon its printing? How did they get out of exchanging after they printed it would be enforced? 
Tony/laughed! Because it’s Iraq, budget came at the old rate not the new rate. Just didn’t change the rate in the budget. In full compliance right now. Real question is where are they getting all this money they started doing? We know there’s supposed to be a new rate. Waiting to see. 
SusanaC: Has the projected rv rate for dong changed fr your last confirmed $1.37? Are they still live on back screen at bank? Tony/no info from banks. Unusually quiet! 
Bunky: Is it possible to turn our exchange into gold and silver at exchange? Then use it for collateral to do our projects? Tony/85-99% sure not be able to do that during exchanges. Reschedule with your wealth manager/banker later. 
Angelswme: Will there be security in parking lots when we go to exchange? 
Tony/yes! Nhimiam: quickly go thru exchange of 3 currencies. Tony/always told to place Dinar in a separate account. If you want to put them in 3 different accounts, you should be able to. Ask the question when you call the 800#. I’m not putting mine in 3, just 2 different accounts. 
Live Callers: 
951/SoCalGuy: What’s your CBI guy saying now? 
Tony/doing it the middle of March. My committee guy knows nothing about that. 
C/Taxes&Tarrifs Fees? 
Tony/they have to before we see this happen. Nobody can afford to do that at the program rate. All of this March “slow roll-out” doesn’[t make sense if they do “tax & tariffs”. 
C/doesn’t the US get 50%? 
Tony/ don’t know. 
C/is that 2 cents rate on forex the 2009 AA notes? 
Tony/no, current rates. Committee member said use the “current rate” comes out to $2m. The rate we were given was 11cents. C/gut feeling: 
Tony/trying to muddy the waters so nobody knows anything. Looking for this weekend, before the 17th. Common sense tells me it have to be done unless they do something uncommon! 
Tony/they can change dates. 
805/Oxnard,CA/Trust question. Grown children w/trusts? 
Tony/you don’t want to give them $ upfront. Invest in the IMF platform, and the interest given to your siblings in interest to their individual trusts. 
Tony/yes! Don’t give them the money, give them the money that money makes! 
Ray/invest the money and divide to the 5 individuals. If IMF, money is tax free. Told by some that you could grant amounts tax free, may be taxable, into the trust. That would be the route I would take. Still be better than making them the owners. Granting into each trust. 
801/Salt Lake City, UT. Condolences on having to join the club of losing a loved one. 
Questions on spreads: Chase 20%, WF 25%. Say $4 rate, will see $3.20 with 20% spread. 
C/groups saying 11% tax. If we go in for a “contract rate” will we be hit w/a 11% tax. 
Tony/not signing for a contract rate. Not selling it to the bank. That country is paying them, that’s why they have “pay-masters”. They are being paid. 
C/so we won’t see the 11% tax. 
C/then I won’t complain. 
205/Birmingham/AL. Trust question. 
Ray/if you’re the grantor you can change the trust. 
C/if I give her 5% and wait to see can handle the money I want to be able to change it. 
Ray/not changing, you’re the “grantor” and can regulate how much flows into the trust. 
Tony/he wants to know if he can control all of it. 
Ray/then you can’t. 
C/want to be able give her more money every year when she learns not to waste it all. Ray/put in $500k and sit on the other $4.5m, then wait until she can do what you want. 
C/just keep buying dong and wait for this thing to pop! 
R/mo money!!!!! 
731/Jackson, TN. (nope). 
214/ Dallas, TX. When “grantor” passes away, what happens? Ray/learn purpose of the tool and how to use it. The trust owns the money. Trying to connect “ownership” activity. You’re not going to own it! If you don’t own it, you’re not hiding things, so if you’re in a lawsuit nobody can take it from you! Need to learn it from somebody once you have money to pay for the education. Learn the tools and information. 
C/when are you coming to Dallas again? 
Ray/there will be a session post RV. 
Tony/grantor passes away, how do we get a new grantor? 
Ray/the trustees are. 
Tony/who controls after the grantor passes away. 
Ray/tony you give me some money and give me stipulations to give it away to your son in a certain amount of time. Basically, I’m treating like it’s my money. 
Tony/what happens when you pass away? 
Ray/whoever I select will take over. 5 min phone call isn’t fair to you. 
C/? on ministers: 
Tony/could wait until March. Never had to have the ministers. Hopefully we don’t have to wait to see her being in charge of the money. 
323/Los Angeles, CA. (nope! Not up!) 
• 240/Germantown, MD. What happened with statements we need to get this done before he has his fingers in it? If the IMF is pleased, we don’t have the info for the “why”. It’s a drain! 
Tony/I go thru it multiple times a day. We can’t know the plan! If we knew the plan, and this is the day. Would you not tell everyone in your family “this is going today”? They can’t have us know the “plan”. We were never supposed to know any of this. The rich were supposed to get richer.
C/not trying to poop in the punch bowl. 
• 978/Lowell, MA. Calling from rainy Florida. 3 reasons I know it’s going to happen before “presidents’ day”. Mercury retrograde. 2nd reason: 188888 on odometer: wealth, abundance, power, good fortune. Personal prediction: Mother won $30m, 30 yrs ago. Caller feels she will be able to pay her mother back for all the good things she has done! Envisioning Vegas Event with “Earth Wind & Fire” and will gladly pay for it for your event. Should I carry my currency while flying? 
Tony/definitely not! Take some with you. Enough money you can travel with. Go back, charter a plane. Be careful traveling with large sums of money. Law enforcement can take it. You have to prove to get it back. 
• 503/Portland, OR. Are exchanges done on their own or with treasury? 
Tony/it requires authorization #. Assume exchanging with the treasury. Banks aren’t going to do something they aren’t guaranteed on. 
C/banks have a back door. 
Tony/that’s reality! Putting it on the books. Nobody will back-date. Slowly fill the coffers up. Don’t want mindless millionaires-billionaires. They’re doing it just like they’ve done it in the past. Saying just doing it a couple of weeks in advance. 
C/if an 800# comes out, who will operate that system? 
T/our info says by the treasury. 
• 504/New Orleans, LA. How long does it take to do a trust? 
R/a few yrs. 
C/what about a revocable trust until you learn how it works.
R/once you learn the mistakes you made you could start over. Best, and least expensive to wait. What’s the hurry? Train on what you want. 
• 303/ Denver, CO. Just finished reviewing the “foundation” call. Do you have one on trusts? 
R/no. When you get your private foundation, don’t do 5 things. Follow the rules. You can’t lose. 
C/in the set-up wouldn’t have successor trustees to continue the benefits going out? 
R/once a trust is established, the “grantor” has nothing to do with it! The one you were talking about was only for “probate avoidance”. Successor trustee…. Goes on! 
• 610/Gman in PA. checks made out to “Ray Renfrow, P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822. Electronic donations at www.tntsuperfantastic.comor cash.me/$TNTSuperfantastic
• 404/Good?Lady!/Atlanta, GA. Are they going back to old days of the algorithms, etc.? 
T/haven’t heard. Rate on bank screen for past 2 weeks ready to go and just waiting for someone saying to say “go”. 
C/PM’s web site gone down. 
Tony/know March 1st is the date they want to get started. C/something about putting CIA lady? 
T/put you in a room with the lady that came up with a “hand signal”. 
C/I’ve got to say I have a 50/50 chance of not coming out! This is a “mind game”. 
Tony/how do you decide which phone to pick (2 different area codes). Keeping the phone company in business. 
Friday call? 
T/don’t know. Are they actually going to do the tariffs or not? Banks aren’t saying anything, really quiet. 
C/how do you ask? 
Tony/still see rates, what info, window changed…etc. Every bank was excited and expected us to be there Tuesday (yesterday). Another window 48 hrs. 
• 816/Kansas City, MO. Do you know if the people who have exchanged paid the “spread fee”. 
Tony/not fee. You really want to know if it was the sale or buy rate? How did he get it without the exchange fee? 
Tony/they could have set it up like that. Every transaction has been by the buy right and not the sale rate. I will ask that question. 
C/we talk about plans, A, B, C… under assumption we’d get the $4.44. Confusing. So, I thought I need to buy more. 
Tony/will try and find out what was on the board. Banks get 1% from the Swift Account, they’re not losing any money. 
C/if they want to charge you for the spread, what would you do? Tony/first of all, how much I have, leave in the bank, how long, risk factors, etc…. OK, now that I see I’m getting more, let’s lock it up for 5 years! 
C/why banks can’t get final word on exchanging 008 Zim? Tony/don’t know what’s finalized. May even end up in court. Don’t throw it away. We’re getting info we shouldn’t even have! Banks are reading old info what’s on their screen. 
C/now we’re 1.5 mo’s later, banks not asking treasury. 
T/DC is saying it is not going! Still be negotiated and can go later. Banks aren’t changing until it goes live. Only thing I can do is talk to committee member. 
C/thank you for what you’ve done! 
• Closing Comments: All we can do is put the pieces of the puzzle together. Stay strong. We know the history of what other countries have gone thru after war. All we have to do is wait. Get some more. I can’t believe that they let me make another million dollars this week. Pick-up another million Dong. I can’t make them (do it now), control them, but can benefit. 
Ray/another “hump day Wednesday”.

"Zorra Call" Special Guest Dr. Kyre - RV Exchange Process , 14 FEB


Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses,

Our special call today is with Dr. Kyre Adept.

We are all very fortunate to have her come and review and provide updates on the RV and Exchange Process. Bring your pen and pad so you can take careful notes. She will not be sending out follow ups!

Dr. Kyre is a human Geotran programmer. She assists people to release the blockages that get in their way of living a wealthy, healthy, and happy lives.

We are very grateful that she will go through the details and understanding she has learned about of the present status of Exchange Process!

Short call today! Prepare for our blessings.

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!

Love to All,

Jane/Quazar, Billie/Zaraya, Zorra and Saraiya


Dr Kyre Adept:  www.drkyre.com

Upcoming Calls:

Saturday, Feb. 16th "Regular Zorra Call"

Sunday, Feb. 17th "Dr. Brad and Laura Weeks

and Dr. Russell Johnson" 








Good morning everyone! 
I know it's Wednesday, and I was trying to move my weekly updates to Friday... old habits die hard, I guess   
A Friday update this week is actually a strong possibility, the way Dinar news has been coming lately. 
This, for example: 
That thread has just been out of control with positive developments related to an upcoming HCL agreement! 
(For those of you that don't know, the HCL is possibly/probably the last thing we need to see for an RV.) 
I'll pull a couple snippets from that article above: 
  On 2/13/2019 at 4:10 AM, yota691 said: 
the agreement will be signed between the leadership of the two parties soon
We all love the word "soon", but this time... it's looking very, very real.  
  On 2/13/2019 at 4:10 AM, yota691 said: 
as well as resolving outstanding issues Between the region and Baghdad, in addition to addressing a large part of the bilateral problems. " 
He explained that" the implementation of even two thirds of the terms of the agreement, which is scheduled to be signed on the 18th of this month 
Read more  
Two thirds or more is PLENTY to suit our needs! 
  On 2/13/2019 at 4:10 AM, yota691 said: 
The draft agreement includes 18 items... especially the proceeds of natural resources
FYI, this is HCL. Plain and simple.  
  On 2/13/2019 at 4:10 AM, yota691 said: 
The agreement is expected to be signed by the leaders of both parties during special ceremonies held on this occasion.
There is a LOT of excitement around here concerning the middle of the month. This is a big part of that excitement. 
I won't encourage anyone to get too excited, but I'm also not going to downplay this one... this is BIG. We are in the best situation for an RV that I have ever witnessed. 
Stay positive, stay sane, and stay grounded! 
- Adam

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 14 2019

Compiled 14 Feb. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth, Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. 

Judy Note: Fri. Feb. 15 midnight was the deadline for all nations to be GESARA compliant, to fund the Border Wall and US government and avoid another shutdown; to close the Federal Reserve and IRS; to solidify a final Brexit vote and was also the date for Zimbabwe to announce their new monetary policy – which would kick off the Global Currency Reset. 

At a possible Sat. Night Massacre on Feb. 16 Trump was expected to fire Mueller, plus begin mass data dumps and arrests of political elites indicted on major crimes. There have been over 71,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation. 

With the new Iraqi Dinar rate international and Zim redemptions a reality, notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments was expected at any time from now through Mon. Feb. 18 in preparation for a RV, which was expected before the start of the international banking week on Tues. Feb. 19

RV for General Public: To calm the masses there would likely be an announcement of the new Quantum Financial System that reset values of world currencies based on the individual countries’ gold/asset-backed resources, and allowed the RV to begin for the general public. 

Demolishing the Cabal Financial System: Closing the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS, plus a Brexit vote that went either way, along with a Stock Market crash by early March assured that the UK, US and global Cabal economies would be demolished. 

Martial Law: Demolishing the Cabal financial system when added to mass data dumps and arrests of political and global elites could possibly be followed by Martial Law and military in the streets in both the US and Europe. 

Stock Market Revival: A crash of global markets would hide the huge influx of monies from the Global Currency Reset, while Zim redemption would not only back the GCR, but revive the Stock Market. 

Zim: There was often confusion about the Zim. What most hold were Zim Bonds that would be redeemed for a yet undetermined rate dependant on a humanitarian plan of the redeemer. The Zim currency has not yet been put on the market to be sold and thus was not changing in value and could not be exchanged. The Zim currency was expected to be introduced on Fri. Feb. 15:https://www.techzim.co.zw/2019/02/zimbabwe-to-introduce-a-new-currency-this-week-tendai-biti/ 

A. Feb. 13 2019 11:01 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 13, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The vote for Brexit would begin tomorrow Thurs. Feb. 12, while Feb. 15 was when a meaningful vote for Brexit would conclude. Brexit was the UK's compliance with GESARA.

2. Feb. 15 was the deadline for all nations to comply with GESARA and vow to implement future GESARA compliant laws.

3. The deadline for the Cabal to surrender was quickly approaching. 

4. Sources were expecting the RV to occur on a Tues. - the start of the international banking week. Tuesday was also the day 9/11 occurred, which was the Cabal's Pearl Harbor that ignited War World 3 – a war that has been fought in the shadows.

5. If the Cabal did not surrender soon (border wall funding and Brexit passing) then the Alliance would initiate the global take down of the Cabal - to occur in public view, with the world falling into a state of emergency. It would be shock and awe for the public, though either way, the Cabal was finished.

6. The start of the RV would mark the end of this shadow war against the Cabal. 

B. Feb. 13 2019 8:19 am EST FBI Emails on Hillary Clinton (videos): (Videos) FBI Emails | Transparency and Prosecution | Missing Texts Found? 

C. Feb. 13 2019 8:16 am EST Q They Have Zero Control (video): (Video) The Patriot Hour -- Q they have Zero Control Now She Lost [Truth Works] 

D. Feb. 12 2019 8:00 pm EST QAnon Hillary, FBI Emails (video): (Video) PrayingMedic -- QAnon: Liddle Phoney Leaker 

E. Mueller’s conflict of interest with Hillary bigger than we knew!! 


F. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Funeral" on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gk4KQQwwfVY 

G. Trump Opens Sealed Indictment Against VP Biden – That Makes Two (video): 


H. Feb. 13 2019 9:05 pm EST FISA Warrant Declassified (videos): (Videos) FISA Warrant to Spy is Declassed! | Lock her up! 

I. Explanation on City of London, Judith Anne Thomas 

Recently I have noticed widespread confusion in the use of the names 'London' and 'City of London', both in the US, and here in the UK too. I live in London and get fed up with people denigrating my home town as a hotbed of evil, when actually they are referring to an entirely different entity, which exists within London but is not really part of it. 

There are two different and separate Londons - London, and the City of London. London without the words 'City of' refers to Greater London. It is the capital city of the UK, and covers an area of 607 square miles. London has a population of roughly eight and a half million inhabitants. It consists of thirty one boroughs, plus two 'cities' within it: the City of London and the City of Westminster. London is governed by the Greater London Authority (GLA), which is based in City Hall and consists of the Greater London Assembly and the Mayor of London, currently Sadiq Khan. 

The City of London (or simply 'The City') originated in the fortified Roman settlement of Londinium, constructed roughly two thousand years ago on the northern bank of the River Thames. It used to encompass one square mile within its walls, and is still referred to as the 'Square Mile'. 

The City of London stretches north from Temple and the Tower of London on the River Thames to Chancery Lane in the west and Liverpool Street in the east. Its boundaries are marked by cast iron dragons in the street. While the City only has 7,500 residents, 400,000 people commute daily to work in its buildings. 

The City of London occupies a similar position to the Vatican within Italy or Washington DC within the US - an independent city state. It remains administratively separate from the County of London, even though located within it. 

The City of London is the only part of Britain over which Parliament has no authority. This makes it impossible to pass any laws to control its financial dealings! Its own voting system is weighted towards corporations rather than individuals. The City has its own government, its own mayor and its own independent police force. Its unique political status is a legacy from the middle ages and its special relationship with the Crown. 

See George Monbiot's excellent article on the City of London: 


J. Redemption/Exchanges:

Zim redemption appointments would be made through emergency text, or email with the number to call. If you were a Zim redeemer and called an 800 number you would be steered to a redemption center in your area (expected to be a military base), or be given another number to call to obtain your redemption appointment. You were invited at the time of redemption, to give lists of those names you gifted Zim so that they could be contacted to redeem. Currency exchange appointments would use 800#s sent out through websites or email.

K. Resources:

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 

Trump Twitter: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?langen 

Donald J. Trump ‏verified account: @realDonaldTrump

Trump’s Email: whitehouse.gov@gmail.com

Q Posts: https://qanon.pub/ https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

GCR: The master plan for the global financial system began on Sat. Feb. 1, 2003 and came to fruition on Fri. Feb. 1 2019