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1-25-2019   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Article:  "$111 billion Iraq budget in 2019"  Quote:  "The budget amounted to 111.8 billion dollars with revenues rely mainly on oil exports at 3.9 million barrels per day..." Once they drop three zeros, as we expect, the Trillions become Billions.  How they report it is gray area.  Until they go live, assume trillions, but if they muddy the water on purpose, it is for a purpose... imo.

1-25-2019   Intel Guru Bruce
   The other thing that we heard was that the CBI had done what they needed to do except we are waiting for one more thing, and that one more thing might just be Iraq’s revalued dinar rate and putting it out internationally and it might occur at...the meeting of the World’s Economic Forum in Davos...the Iraqi dinar might be announced there with a new rate at that venue...Now tomorrow [Friday] is the last day... If they do I think that portends very well for us and it might actual trigger our start.   [post 3 of 3]

1-25-2019   Intel Guru Bruce    The other thing is Iraq’s budget...The most interesting about the budget is it was passed and it was immediately handed over to the Central Bank of Iraq so they could have it and go thru it. What is interesting about it is that this budget the various budget items were listed in billions and millions of dinar and not in trillions as in previous budgets. This means that the numbers they have in the budget are relative to a new revalued Dinar. That is very positive news.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-25-2019   Intel Guru Bruce   We got a little burst of information to let us know we were on track. ...Just when you thought it was safe to go and concentrate on something else, you find it is still a little bit about Iraq...about them reverting back to their reinstated or in this case revaluated and what that is going to look like. What Iraq has done is...yesterday the Parliament passed all of the seating of the Parliament. Also they passed the Oil and Gas Law percentage of revenue that would go to Kurdistan...The actual percentage they ended up for with Kurdistan came in at 12.46%.    [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

1-25-2019   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [When the  RV happens, and we decide to just chance it a take a few notes to a bank to exchange (for quick income) how long do you think the turn around time will be. Hours, days, weeks?...]   Most likely, there will be a few windows. First is going to be the actual RV. We are going to know about that within hours, and there will likely be a lot of confusion. There will be a ton of misinformation flying around, 800 number scams, and all kinds of traps...I don't expect all banks to be operating at the same speed, so we may have locations for exchange on Day 1 in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York* (these are examples, NOT ACTUAL EXPECTED LOCATIONS). By Day 2 we may see operations in ten more cities, and it could be a full week before ALL locations with De La Rue machines actively exchanging.  So that window right there is, by itself, "hours to days"...

1-25-2019   Newshound Guru Whitelions
   ...do you think that all those bills will go flooding back into the CBI once they raise the value?  ...the bank you take it to and answers where all that money is going to go at that time they will hold on to (they have 10 years ) to see if they can get a better rate but at the same time the CBI can call it in...all you have to do is look up international banking laws and procedures to know...[so I am going to take 20 million dinar..to chase bank...and they are going to give me 60 million US Dollar]    yes you are thinking in the middle to poor income frame of mind...Billions of dollars is transferred every day in the world this is no different...my take is it will rise in value we will all cash in and move on with our lives.


Adam Montana

The landscape in Iraq is changing faster than ever these last few weeks. I'm still placing a lot of weight on the overall oil situation, which should not come as a surprise. HCL is about oil. Iraq's wealth is backed by oil. Iraq's history as a wealthy nation is OIL. Iraq still has... oil. It's only the last decade or so that Iraq has not been a wealthy nation, and it's my firm belief that they will return to that prosperity. They have been working their way back for some time now, and 15 years may seem like a long time to some, but let's take a look at the bigger picture...

Imagine the history books, as written 100 years from now. "In 2003, the country of Iraq went backwards. Their currency (IQD) plummeted from 3X the value of the USD to mere pennies on the dollar. Their government and political system was in shambles and they were under extreme scrutiny from the outside world, the United Nations, and more. Despite these setbacks and challenges, the people of Iraq were determined to regain their former position in the world. With some deft political moves and shrewd business practices, Iraq revalued their currency in the year 2019. It was a move that shocked the markets but also stimulated the global economy... "

When you look at the big picture, 15 years is a tiny window. It's a blip in history, and if you zoom out far enough, you barely even notice it on the timeline. ...Back to the current situation - it was only a couple weeks ago that we were talking about oil looking for $60 as a benchmark. We are hovering just above $50, but looking at the charts gives me a pretty nice feeling. ...it stands to reason that we're going to see a bit of ping-pong in the news. The Budget is one such ping pong item, with the following encouraging bit: There seems to be an agreement on what the Kurds will be getting, and it's a bit higher than what they were arguing about a few years ago. The fact that Baghdad is raising the ante for the Kurds could easily be telling us that they are getting a little looser with their wallets. If they were headed for a LOP, would they do that? I don't think so! 


“Is the bank going to require anything from us upon a deposit exchange even when it’s millions or so?”

No…the bank is not the IRS. The next step is the IRS. Figure out…what it’s going to revalue at. It might come in stages. What if the dinar comes in at 10 cents at first? It all depends on you. I’m not even going to speculate on what you should do. I get emails all the time asking “what if it comes in at 10 cents how much should I cash in?” I’m not going to answer those types of questions. There’s no way for me to know. It’s up to you. But what you need to worry about is how you’re going to be taxed…I think you’re going to be fine. There’s a process to go through if it ends up being a lot of money. Remember you’ll give the money to the bank and you’ll get a receipt. It won’t be like a regular receipt it will be like a certification and then the money will go to the treasury and they are going to certify it and then once it’s certified that money is going to go into your bank account. They are not going to give you a bunch of cash…that’s never going to happen.

RayRen98 (TNT)

It’s official. The budget is legit. 


The only thing the budget being passed shows us is that the GOV can work and get things done , The money inside the budget will adjust it always has and always work that way.

[is this going to float? Are they being (forced) into it?]

an MP said that the CBI said NO FLOAT...so just because an MP said it dose not make it so but on the other hand if the CBI said NO FLOAT thats a biggie.


"Iraqi customs duties and import taxes to be enforced"


RVAlready (TNT)

Iraq getting budget passed got a huge amount of press coverage… Now we just need rate announcement from CBI.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 25 2019

Compiled 25 Jan. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

As of Jan. 21 2019 We The People returned to the original Constitution. The power over political affairs has now been taken away from political elites in Washington DC and given back to The People in their local State-run governments. We give thanks President Trump and the brave souls of the Alliance, whom we keep in our prayers.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. 

Judy Note: China, Zimbabwe, Russia and apparently Iraq have RV’d their currencies. It appeared that the Federal Reserve and IRS closed on Jan. 21 and since then, the US was likely functioning on the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note. It would be my opinion that announcements of that US Note, along with the RV, could come as soon as President Trump declared Martial Law – which was expected at any time. 

A. Jan. 24 2019 Summary of RV, Redemption, Martial Law, NESARA, Stock Market, Border Crises, Government Shutdown, Military Tribunals: 

RV: On Jan. 23 Tony said the RV would likely be coming within 24 hours after Iraq announced their Dinar as international. Bruce claimed the new international Iraqi Dinar rate would be announced at Davos, which ends tomorrow Jan. 25. Some thought the Chinese New Year on Feb. 5 was the date. My opinion was that the RV could happen following a declaration of Martial Law. President Trump has an initial draft of an Emergency Declaration for Martial Law in order to build the Border Wall which he could use at any time. 

Redemption: When the RV happened it could be assumed that the Emergency Text Alert System would be utilized for Tier 4B (the internet group) where Zim holders would receive text instructions on how to set redemption appointments at military bases. Soon after 800#s would be released for currency exchangers to set their bank appointments. The general public would await announcement of NESARA/GESARA. 

Martial Law: Using the need for a Border Wall, President Trump was preparing to declare a National Emergency, though it was believed it was really so he could announce the NESARA Law, later known as GESARA – a freedom from debt order passed by the Supreme Court and signed by the then President Clinton that has never been implemented. Evidently Militia in all 50 states have been put on alert as of Jan. 23.https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/24/politics/trump-border-wall-emergency-draft/index.html 


NESARA/GESARA: GESARA law passed by the Supreme Court verified that since the 1800s the US monetary system has been completely under control of bankers and certain global elites including US Presidents. They collected and stole all of US Taxpayer monies and funneled it through their privately owned IRS, Federal Reserve, Queens London Bank, Vatican Bank and Central Banks across the globe. Global Elites led by the Left, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party appeared to be resisting a takedown of their gravy train upon GESARA implementation. The announcement of GESARA should also trigger the general public to begin their exchanges, while requiring that new US elections be held within 120 days of the NESARA announcement, or by May-June 2019

Stock Market: A Stock Market crash was essential to take down the old Cabal financial system. By Oct. 1 2018 and on fears of a global economic slowdown, the Market had lost all gains for 2018, has not recovered and remained in or near the red zone ever since including today Jan. 24

Crisis at the Border: There was an ongoing illegal immigrant/ humanitarian crisis at the Mexico border, along with terrorist Alfonso Ulloa and his 15,000+ Hondurans and thousands of Mexicans forcing their way into the US illegally around Jan. 24-25 to join Operation Gladio - a nationwide secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other-soldier-of-fortune wannabes believed organized and funded by the Left, led by George Soros. 

US Government Shutdown: 

On Jan. 23 President Trump announced he would not be giving his State of the Union Address until after the government shutdown was resolved, while appearing to be prolonging the shutdown as a way to cleanse government agencies of unneeded personnel, along with those named in the over 71,000 indictments. According to FBI sources President Trump has used the government shutdown to fire federal employees in oppressive agencies like the TSA, IRS, corrupt ones like the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department and Deep State operatives, or Senior Executive Service (SES) mandarins installed by former President Obama. In the Cabal’s IRS alone there were furloughed nearly 70,000 employees, or 80% of the workforce.https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/trump-admin-planning-even-longer-shutdown-n961961 

Military Tribunals: As of Jan. 18 the US government shutdown allowed civil cases to be tried in military courts. Military Tribunals have begun at GITMO for thousands of lower level elites. Presidents Bush, Obama and Clinton, plus Hillary Clinton and others were said under arrest. An estimated 80 to 140 Congress people were said named and about-to-be-served in over 71,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office. Charges included High Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Murder, Pornography, Money Laundering, Bribery, Perjury, US Taxpayer funds misappropriation, plus crimes involving Uranium One, 9/11, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Benghazi Massacre.

B. Jan. 24 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Yesterday Jan. 23 in Iraq the budget was passed and the amounts showed a relevance to a revalued Dinar. 

2. The revalued international Dinar would be announced at Davos – which would be tomorrow Jan. 25. That could trigger our start. 

3. Tier 4B would be notified the same time Tier 4A had liquidity. 

4. Tier 1 banks have new rates on their screens. 

5. Redemption center staff schedules have been put out for the next 18 days. 

6. If it doesn’t go by tomorrow Jan. 25, we might skip until Tues. Jan. 29

7. Two sources said the GCR began yesterday Jan. 23 in Asia. 

8. China wants it done 8 days before their New Year Jan. 5, which would make it before Jan. 29

C. Jan. 24 2019 6:20 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 24, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The Alliance's main objective was to force the Cabal to surrender through political, economical and military attrition. 

2. The Cabal’s coup in Zimbabwe, attacks in Syria and Ukraine, Brexit votes, reopening the US government and more have failed.

3. Tens of thousands of IRS employees have already been furloughed through RIF (Reduction in Force).

4. Thousands of low-level Cabalists have already been taken to GITMO. Military tribunals on low-level Cabalists (contractors) have already started.

5. If the Alliances fails in their main objective, 'Plan B' will be initiated – to release the RV and announce GESARA through force.

6. Once the RV begins and GESARA is announced, the Cabal will be wiped off the face of the Earth instantaneously.

6. If Trump declares a National Emergency, it means that Plan B has been initiated.

D. Jan. 24 2019 12:42 am EST 4th Reich Collapsing, Fulford: "4th Reich Collapsing" - Fulford Report - 1.21.19 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. The removal of Fuhrer George Bush Sr. has exposed a new layer of mass-murdering fascists in the U.S. and Japan to arrest or sudden death as the war against the Satanic Khazarian mafia rages on.

2. In Japan, fascist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his regime are headed for war crimes tribunals. 

3. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is the son of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller, according to CIA sources. Robert Mueller is going to be indicted for his involvement in the 9/11 cover-up as well as for his participation in the ongoing fake Russian witch-hunt in the U.S., the sources say.https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/168059921/

4. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) sources say, “The U.S. military, along with the Chinese and Russians, took over all of the Global Accounts including the Vatican and Federal Reserve accounts, to effectively start triggering the Global Currency Reset.” 

5. “Tier One are the account owners and certain key sovereigns who practically will be paid off to ‘move out of the way’ and stop interfering or delaying the global reset process. Basically, this is karma coming full circle. It means that the offer made to the Vatican, Fed, Jesuits, etc. is to either take gold or lead [bribe or death],” one source says.

6. The rest of the financial reset is still being debated, but there is a broad agreement to set up a Western future planning agency to work in harmony with the Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) project, European royal family sources say. It will have an initial budget of around $300 billion, they say. Also, China has agreed to buy $1 trillion worth of U.S. exports in order to stop the drain of jobs and money from the U.S. economy, various sources agree.

7. One visible sign of this reset is the fact that a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress to remove the U.S. from the United Nations and boot the UN out of the U.S. Remember, the UN is a privately owned corporation and not genuinely representative of the people of the world. The healthy parts of the UN will be taken over by a replacement for the UN that will be headquartered in Asia—possibly Laos, according to Asian secret society sources.https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/foreign-policy/item/31220-congressman

8. The summit between Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un is planned for late February after the Asian lunar New Year holidays, and will probably deal with the financial reset and issues like the fascist regime in Japan and Korean reunification, Pentagon and Asian secret society sources say.

9. The cleanup of the Satanic cabal in the West should be near completion by the time the summit takes place in late Feb, the sources say. 

10. In the U.S. in particular, the shutdown of the government is paving the way for a major purge. “After the shutdown passes 30 days, Trump can fire federal employees in oppressive agencies like the TSA, IRS, corrupt ones like the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department, and Deep State operatives or Senior Executive Service (SES) mandarins installed by [former U.S. President Barack] Obama,” Pentagon sources note.

11. Also, “with Federal courts running out of funds on January 18th, military tribunals can begin in earnest,” the sources note.

12. The reformed FBI has started probing foreign corruption in Congress, they say. This has already started to bear fruit in the form of the cancellation of various congressional delegations (codels), “starting with the trip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan. Apparently the codel was to take orders and bribes from globalists in Brussels, stir up the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and back door into Israel via the Sinai, and prolong drug trafficking in Afghanistan, the sources say.

13. The trip to Israel was meant to provide bribes to the codel so they could fight to protect U.S. transfer payments to Israel and protect Satan-worshiping Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Fortunately, the bribes could not be paid and now the Israelis are finally moving to indict their crime minister. According to Israeli press reports, Israel’s attorney general Avichai Mendelblit will recommend indicting Netanyahu next month. 

E. Jan. 24 2019 Origin of Q and QAnon: The Origin of "Q" -- Who Q-Anon isFinal Wakeup Call THE GREAT AWAKENING is a good guide

1. In 2012 three patriots formed a secret group of ten very rich, intelligent and powerful billionaires worried about losing America to foreign regimes through fascist forces. Their Alliance was loyal to the flag and Constitution of America and all personally acquainted with members of the Deep State and obtained first-hand knowledge on their plans.

2. They hand picked ten patriots, named them Q and picked Trump to run for president. 

3. Trump selected 8 of their goals which were; draining the swamp, border security, deregulation, breaking away from globalism, America first, ending the fed to bring back honest, gold-backed money, the abolition of TTP and WTO trade agreements, and the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

4. Trump was not told anything about the Q-team itself, nor was he told that the go-between was a member of the Q-group. Trump was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly cooperate with him. He was told that he even had to spend his own money on his own election campaign. 

5. The Q management team consists of the ten creators, all designated by “Q”. They are “The circle”. They recruited ten more trusted associates who together form; “The inner circle”. These members hold positions in the White House and in Trump’s administration.

6. The next level below the inner circle, is called the “outer circle” also consisting of ten members. These are appointees in powerful positions outside the White House and are also 100% loyal and faithful to President Trump. These men and women are positioned in the agencies, such as the intelligence agencies; CIA, DOJ, and so on.

7. The last circle is called the “Final Circle”. These members are the judges, appointed into strategic positions, and they too, are one hundred percent loyal to President Trump, the constitution, and to the given assignment that they have dedicated themselves to.

8. The next move is the breaking away from the Globalist fundamentals like withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, TPP, the re-negotiation of NAFTA and countless others to be followed by the dismantling of the Deep State by exposing and draining the swamp

9. The ultimate goal of the 2018 elections was to obtain control of the Senate, the House and governors, in preparation for the 2020 elections.

10. When the time came to getting the word on Q out to the public, the Q-top chose an intelligent person in the White House inner cycle and told this person to covertly reach out to ‘We, the People’, instructing this individual to go by the name “Q Anon”, an abbreviation for “Q anonymous”. 

11. Q is not the original “Q”. Q knows little to nothing about the original 10 “Creator-Qs”. The information Q disseminates is by instruction. The Q breadcrumbs which we read are dropped by someone who is only speaking for “The Circle Q” The person dropping the breadcrumbs goes by the name Q Anon – anonymously. 

F. Jan. 24 2019 Trump to Declare Martial Law, IRS and Federal Reserve Closed, Byington https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/economics-and-politics/2019/2514953.html 

Trump to Declare Martial Law, IRS and Federal Reserve Closed Before Its News

President Trump appeared to be preparing to declare a National Emergency in order to announce the NESARA Law, later known as GESARA – a freedom from debt order passed by the Supreme Court and signed by the then President Clinton that has never been implemented. Evidently Militia in all 50 states have been put on alert as of Jan. 23.

GESARA proved that since the 1800s the US monetary system was completely under control of bankers and certain global elites including US Presidents. They stole all US Taxpayer monies and funneled them through their privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, Queens Bank of England, Vatican Bank and Central Banks across the globe. US government employees were only paid after the government borrowed on their own monies – the main reason for the national debt. https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/11/20-answers-gesara-update-thursday.html 

Global Elites led by the Left, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party appeared to be resisting this takedown of their gravy train. In the meantime President Trump was leading the charge to implement GESARA by shutting down the government and perhaps declaring Martial Law.https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/10/2808 

G. Jan. 24 2019 Intel Report, Shadow Super: Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report -- January 24, 2019

1. The Alliance prevented an assassination attempt on Obama from other Cabal inmates at GITMO according to a trusted source. They placed Obama in isolation at the base for his safety and he was believed to be on suicide watch.

2. The former POTUS was in fear of his life after revealing other Cabal lieutenants linked to various Soros foundations. Obama has been offered life in a comfortable correctional facility in Norway in exchange for more Cabal names.

3. With impending mass arrests of another 23,000 Cabal mercenaries and lieutenants, the Alliance has chartered 47 large cargo carriers from the Russian Volgotanker shipping Company in order to transfer them all to GITMO. 

4. The net was closing in on Soros. The Alliance had patrols at the 5 portal locations in Syria, in case George Soros attempted to flee.

5. Hillary was at GITMO and refusing to cooperate according to sources. 

H. International Child Sex Trafficking Ring 

Jan. 24 2019 American Foster Care Sex Trafficking Ring, Newsweek:https://www.newsweek.com/we-have-set-system-sex-traffic-american-children-779541 



TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Today is one of those days sort of like Tuesday where we had very little information until hour or two before the call. We got a little burst of information to let us know we were on track. Let’s go back and talk a little bit where we are with Iraq. Just when you thought it was safe to go and concentrate on something else, you find it is still a little bit about Iraq. It is still a little bit about them reverting back to their reinstated or in this case revaluated and what that is going to look like. What Iraq has done is even yesterday, yesterday the Parliament passed all of the seating of the Parliament. Also they passed the Oil and Gas Law percentage of revenue that would go to Kurdistan and that was something that went back and forth about eleven times, but they were able to come up with a percentage that had been argued. For a long time we thought it was a done deal at 17%. Then we heard No, wait a minute. They are still working on that and negotiating this between 10% and 17%. The actual percentage they ended up for with Kurdistan came in at 12.46%. Kind of a strange number, but that is where they settled on it. That was passed. The former Prime Minister of Abadi was elected Vice President and put in that position so that he could take over for Mahdi should Mahdi leave office or he feel like that is necessary he could take that position again. So that is new. That came through yesterday.

Bruce: The other thing is Iraq’s budget. Now for the longest time their budget for 2019 is based primarily on oil revenue. You know the price of oil has dropped precipitously for the last 6 to 8 months. Now it seems like it has stabilized a little bit. It has gone up slightly. Well the value in the budget for Iraq is based on North Sea Brent Crude which runs about $10 more a barrel than West Texas National Crude. That is what their budget is founded on. They have a number in the budget. The most interesting about the budget is it was passed and it was immediately handed over to the Central Bank of Iraq so they could have it and go thru it. What is interesting about it is that this budget the various budget items were listed in billions and millions of dinar and not in trillions as in previous budgets. This means that the numbers they have in the budget are relative to a new revalued Dinar. That is very positive news.

Bruce: The other thing that we heard was that the CBI had done what they needed to do except we are waiting for one more thing, and that one more thing might just be Iraq’s revalued dinar rate and putting it out internationally and it might occur at Davos. Now tomorrow is the last day for Davos, the meeting of the World’s Economic Forum in Davos. We had heard that the Iraqi dinar might be announced there with a new rate at that venue. Now tomorrow is the last day to do it and they just might just do it. If they do I think that portends very well for us and it might actual trigger our start.

Bruce: We have people being contacted by their Pay Master individuals and others involved with the groups. There is verification of account information going on. Obviously Pay Masters have been liquid for a little while now. Essentially I think they are really lining up ready to begin to pay out. We think that is Group Tier 4A. Tier 4B is us, the Internet Group. We are to be notified along the same time that the other side of Tier 4, Tier 4A gets to have liquidity in their accounts. So we are sort of working our way getting towards that finish line.

Bruce: Beyond that we know for example the schedule is set for us to go the Redemption Centers which they will be using Tier 1 Banks and other locations as Redemption Centers for Zim and for exchanging other currency as well. The Tier 1 Banks from what I understand from today, is that the rates are on the screens. They are flashing at the normal regular intervals. The rates are all up and that is a good sign. I know that schedules have been put out for the approximately next 18 days or so for the Redemption Center staff to come to work. We know that there are things going on that might just reveal this to us here shortly before the weekend. My thinking is if it does not go for us by sometime tomorrow that we might skip the weekend and not start until next Tuesday. That is another option that I have heard that might very well be true. So let’s pay attention to what might happen tomorrow because f Iraq does announce their rate at Davos it is quite likely that might trigger our start. That would be interesting to see that or hear that.

Bruce: Beyond that everything is moving forward like we thought, but it just slowed down. We heard but difficult to confirm this, from two sources yesterday that the GCR began in the Far East yesterday. That the Premier of China wanted this to go yesterday and made that decision. We had people in Asia that confirmed it. It is a little tough to get real confirmation on it that is absolute. So I will say this is what we are hearing. It is a little tough to prove. We will see how that shakes out.

Bruce: We always heard this would move to us from east to west. I think a lot of people are really at their wits end to understand why we haven’t started. It is a little difficult to know. It does not appear the situation in Venezuela has any bearing on this. It does not appear our Government shut down has anything to do with this. I know that politics are involved to an extend in our start, but overall it is more about cleaning up of people that needed to be removed from the scenario that were bad people. People that needed to be cleaned up as I would say Clean up on Aisle 3. That needed to happen so we could have a very secured situation for our exchanges. So that is still continuing from some extend but I think the bulk of it has occurred to where we have security and clarity in order to begin.

Bruce: It has been so quiet that there is not a whole lot more beyond that we can bring tonight except the fact this is kind of coming down to the wire. I know that China wants this done at least 8 days before their New Year which is February 5th. We believe the new start date for Tier 5 which we call Joe Public is supposed to be February 14th which would be interesting on Valentine’s day. We are still looking for an announcement about our USTN to be made here in the United States. We know the ATM machines here and in Canada, Iraq, China, and other countries with new currency coming in are all updated and the software is updated to where they can read the new currency and be able to dispense it. I believe that was complete yesterday afternoon. So from that point of view everything is ready to go. Our USTN have been delivered to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks already by now. We had proof of that a week ago Saturday.

Bruce: We also have the belief of course the USTNs are at the Redemption Centers so that if we do opt to take some cash at the Redemption up to $14,000. Whatever you are allowed to take you can take if you are comfortable with that. Otherwise I think you know the drill pretty much on the redemption process. We talked a little bit about rates but not too much. We don’t have any brand new rates today to give. As far as interest rates are concerned, I told you that they are kind of updating that to be very competitive so banks can compete for your business. They will be very good rates especially with huge amount of principle balance they are going to be working against. I just think we are all set from that perspective. Now if you are uneasy or you don’t quite feel exactly what to do make sure to get with Sue at successwaves.com for a private session.

Bruce: Other than that guys I am going to say we just are right where we are suppose to be. Your patience has been fantastic to hang in there. We do know this is an event that everyone has been chosen for in a very real sense. We know we are going to be incredibly blessed. The biggest thing we want to do is to bless other people. That comes from our giving and from our investing in people’s lives that we talked about for years on the Big Call. Everyone stay in faith for this to come.

Bruce: Thank you Everybody. We love you and we appreciate you. Thank you, Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven so much and thank you Big Call listeners all over the globe and also thank you, Pinkroses for a wonderful job that you do so thanklessly in transcribing our call on Tuesday and Thursday nights. We appreciate you and love you for it. Thank you everybody. Stay firm and stay in faith and stand and let this blessing come upon us. Good bye.


Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 25, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

A global transition is occurring which can be seen via global events (Yellow Vest movement, Venezuela uprising, Brexit, US gov. shutdown, etc.).

The US government shutdown is a coordinated effort to weaken the Deep State.

Brexit, on the other hand is a geopolitical move to relinquish the Cabal's control over the fiat financial system.

Israel's playing the 'bad guy' per Earth Alliance demands in order to justify a Israel-Palestine peace agreement.

The balance of power is shifting.

Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have switched over to the BRICS side.

The situation in Venezuela is solely about securing strategic resources.

U.S. debt is now three times more than the size of the global economy.

We are watching the very last geopolitical power struggles prior to the transition.

Meanwhile, 47 large container ships from a Russian shipping company have been chartered to transfer apprehended low-level Cabalists to GITMO.

Zimbabwe has announced to release a new currency

The timing of the RV remains dependent on the occurrence of geopolitical events.

However, the article below may shed some light on the timing.


Once the RV begins, all currency holders will be contacted and will be given private appointments to redeem currencies at selected banks.


The Snod » January 24th, 2019

This has been a question in my mind since 2010. Would you trust this country to be fully seated and handle the critically high importance of reinstating their currency with supervision, or would you stack the political/economic leverage on your side to reinstate the currency ‘then’ close the whole system out with the seating of the key ministers? 

It remains to be seen, yet I believe we are watching the latter play out.

I don’t think you can trust them with anything important.

We wouldn’t have 300 pending contracts, an open GZ, an override on their constitutional process by placing Mahdi in, or 3rd party auditing if there wasn’t leverage to finish this bad boy out fairly soon. 

The co.’s coming in seem to show us that they are ok with proxy ministers if they will finish the laws and RI their currency, I’m thinking.

Hammy14 » January 24th, 2019

Snod, I think you are exactly correct. It seems the Fab4 ( IMF, UST, WB, CBI?) gave them just enough rope to hang themselves with, so to speak, and then came in when they continued to flounder around with not getting anything done and said, "step back boys...we'll take it from here." 

LOL On a serious note, without strong adult supervision from the powers that be twisting a few arms and kicking a few butts, we all would be like a hamster on his wheel spinning like crazy, but never getting anywhere if the Fab4 had not stepped in, IMO. So, thank God they did, and now the finish line is within site. All in my opinion.

Popeye7 » January 24th, 2019

I believe you are right Hammy... We must not be discouraged at all... Great news abounds.. The Iraqi parliament is always going to have some semblance of disfunction... But there are those within the Iraqi government that truly do want to serve the interests of the people of Iraq... But as you stated, and Frank, and Delta have discussed numerous times, the Fab4 is not going to allow for this to fail at all... Great progress has been made, and it is just a matter of when..

Samson » January 24th, 2019

Baghdad : Next week all salaries of the disengagement services will be distributed

24th January, 2019

Baghdad province announced, Thursday, January 24, 2019, the completion of all financial procedures relating to the distribution of salaries of employees of the disengagement services, indicating that next week will be distributed in full.

"The Governor of Baghdad, Falah al-Jaza'iri, directed the beginning of this week the administrative and financial department in the province of Baghdad to expedite the completion of the salaries of the disengagement departments and distribution to the departments associated with the province," he said.

He added that "the Department of Administration and Finance received the letter of notification received from the Ministry of Finance regarding the funding of salaries for the six directorates of the province of Baghdad and the Directorate of Municipalities of Baghdad and the province of the province during this week," calling for "work as soon as possible to complete all financial belongings and that next Sunday will see the distribution of salaries To these circles." 

He added that "the administrative and financial department will complete the salaries of the rest of the remaining directorates, which includes the directorates of the health Rusafa and Karkh and sports and youth departments and the departments of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Directorate of Agriculture Rusafa will be distributed successively and during the next week." LINK

Don961 » January 24th, 2019

Saudi Crown Prince assured Abdul Mahdi of his country's support for Iraq's security

_NEWS_DATE: 2019/1/24 10:17 


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received a phone call from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

"Salman expressed his congratulations and Saudi Arabia's full support for Iraq and its support for its permanent security and prosperity," a statement from the Prime Minister's Office said. 

The Prime Minister thanked the Crown Prince and expressed his country's welcome for the development of relations between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples and conveyed his greetings to King Salman bin Abdulaziz. link

Prime Minister: Abdul Mahdi met with ambassadors of 6 countries and received an invitation from the Saudi monarch to visit the Kingdom

Iraq, Turkey, Algeria, Canada, Mauritania and China have received an official invitation from Saudi King Salman to visit Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Thursday in a statement received by the Crown Prince, A copy of which, "Abdel-Mahdi, held a series of meetings with a number of ambassadors working in Baghdad each individually," noting that "these meetings dealt with the development of bilateral relations and discuss issues of common concern."

The statement said that, "Abdel-Mahdi, Positive situation in Iraq And the Iraqi government's directions towards the reconstruction of the country and all the provinces affected by terrorism and the disruption of growth opportunities, and seek to build a system of joint relations with all sisterly and friendly countries to increase cooperation and exchange of interests and strengthen security and stability and opportunities for economic prosperity. "

For their part, "Abdelmahdi received in his official office the ambassador of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Abdelkader Ben Shuaa, and the People's Republic of China Ambassador Sheng Weicheng, the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria and the People's Republic of China, , And the Ambassador of Canada Robert Paul Jibart, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Faleh Yildiz, and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Ladies Ould Sheikh Ould Ahmed Aisha. "

He also received Abdul Mahdi, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Baghdad, Abdul Aziz bin Khalid Al-Shammari," pointing Al-Shammari, conveyed an official invitation from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to visit the Kingdom.

"Abdul Mahdi, according to the statement, promised to meet the invitation and visit Saudi Arabia in due course. link

Samson » January 24th, 2019

South Korea's policy sends a special delegation to Iraq

24th January, 2019

The South Korean Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that the government intends to send a special delegation to present the blessing to Iraq on the occasion of the launch of a new government in Iraq and the anniversary of the passage of 30 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries

The delegation will be chaired by the Special Advisor on Diplomacy with Iraq Han Pyeong-do and will include government officials from the ministries of foreign affairs, finance, land, transportation, military procurement projects, representatives of Hyundai Construction and Korean companies operating in Iraq, the Yonhap news agency reported. 28-30 of this month

Iraq is witnessing the launch of the new government led by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in October last year LINK



Don961 » January 24th, 2019

$ 111 billion Iraq budget in 2019

- 7 Hours Ago

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted Thursday on the budget for the year 2019, which rose by 45 percent from last year, including the re-share of the Kurdistan region, which is autonomous.

The budget amounted to 111.8 billion dollars with revenues rely mainly on oil exports at 3.9 million barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels of fields in the Kurdistan region, the price of selling $ 56 per barrel, while the price of a barrel of oil in the market is currently $ 63. link

GodsServant » January 24th, 2019

KTFA I can't hear you Yelling......................Budget approved in Billions ........................Cue Amazing Grace

MilitiaMan » January 24th, 2019

Amazing isn't it.. lol ~MM

General » January 24th, 2019

but dollars not dinars?.......

Jay » January 24th, 2019

I would be excited if this said 111 billion DINARS. It says dollars ($). Not what we want. Not worth getting excited about. Staying grounded for the end of the 30 days. All imo only.

MilitiaMan » January 24th, 2019

Once they drop three zeros, as we expect, the Trillions become Billions. How they report it is gray area. Until they go live, assume trillions, but if they muddy the water on purpose, it is for a purpose.. imo ~ MM

Daytrader » January 24th, 2019

IMO, this budget was passed in IQD, and then sometimes quoted in equivalent USD. This is the official statement Delta brought in from the Parliament site.

DELTA » January 24th, 2019


The House of Representatives voted in its 28th session held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Halboussi, Speaker of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, 23/1/2019, in the presence of 287 deputies, the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2019.

At the beginning of the session, the Board voted against the approval of the appeals submitted by Ms. Amal Al Marai Hassan Al Bayati on the health of MP Jassim Hussein Mohammad Jabara, Mr. Bassim Khazal Khashan on the health of MP Refah Khudair Jiyat and Mr. Mohamed Farman on the health of MP Siham Abbas Ali, and Ms. Shaalan Abdul Jabbar al-Karim regarding the health of the membership of MP Ali al-Sjeri.

The President of the Council called upon the ladies and gentlemen of the appeals or those affected, to resort to the Federal Court.

Mr. Ali Jassem Mohammed Khalifa was sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives, replacing Mr. Abdul Hussein Abtan, who resigned.

On another matter, the Council voted on the draft federal budget law of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019.

The revenue of the federal budget for the year 2019 (one hundred and five trillion five hundred and sixty-nine billion six hundred and eighty-six million and eight hundred and seventy thousand dinars) and the calculation of revenues from the export of crude oil at a rate of $ 56 per barrel and an export rate of 38.8 million barrels per day.

The expenditure in the draft law included the allocation of one hundred and thirty-three trillion and one hundred and seven billion six hundred and sixteen million and four hundred and twelve thousand dinars, while the total deficit planned for the federal budget (twenty-seven trillion and five hundred and thirty-seven billion nine hundred and twenty-nine million and five hundred and forty-two thousand Dinar).

For his part, stressed the President of the House of Representatives on the importance of the legislation of the financial budget for the year 2019 for its role in achieving development and serve the people, and expressed thanks for the efforts made by the members of the Finance Committee through a series of intensive meetings to prepare the draft federal budget law and take the remarks of Ladies and Gentlemen MPs in addition to Coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister and various State institutions in this regard.

After that, the presidency of the Council postponed the vote on the completion of the government cab for the quorum.

President Halabousi decided not to agree to proceed with the completion of the cabinet cabin only in the presence of Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, Prime Minister to view the remaining ministers
Then decided to hold the meeting on Thursday 24/1/2019 after the end of the voting session on the budget law at two and a quarter am.

Department of Information
Iraqi Council of Representatives

Popeye7 » January 24th, 2019

IMO, having the sense of urgency to pass the budget as they did this year is very significant... All of their ducks are in order.. Some may argue about Iraq not having their cabinet positions full, thus not fully secure, but we know that PM Mahdi is going to fill in for the time being in proxy mode... So with that being said, the ducks are in order, and we are in a fantastic position right now...

Don961 » January 24th, 2019

Iraqi exchange companies hold their first conference

Wednesday 23 January 2019
Baghdad / follow-up 

Iraqi banking companies organized their first conference under the auspices of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, in cooperation with the Arab Union for Arbitration and Settlement of Economic and Investment Disputes, Branch of the Republic of Iraq and the Service Establishment of Iraqi Companies, In Baghdad.

And the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank and some members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Director General of the Banking Department in the Central Bank and the Executive Chairman of the Arab Union for Arbitration and Settlement and the President of the service institution and a large number of owners of Iraqi exchange companies.

Economic directives

Governor of the Central Bank d. Ali Alaq said: "The banking sector in Iraq is growing and growing and expanding to expand the base of different economic directives, especially that the exchange companies are an important part of the banking process through the great work carried out by these companies in the country, and is the largest companies now at the level of exchange companies in Countries of the world, "pointing to" the importance of these companies and their role and the nature of the economy in the country. "

Companies merger

The conference included a discussion and put forward views and proposals on the call of the Central Bank in his book No. 361/9/5 dated 5 October, calling for the merger of companies Altosit selling and buying foreign currencies, and support the exchange rate Iraqi dinar and financial stability and reduce the imposition of risk transfer in the best presentation Services and financial instruments, as well as the development of alternatives aimed at raising the level of exchange and responsibility for integration and its impact on the financial sector.

Economic stability

The role of the central bank, which aims to maintain stability of the exchange rate and is the goal of achieving stability in real and is the essence of monetary policy to achieve economic stability in the country, while the exchange companies play an important role in this framework and any imbalance occurs and lead to the contrary, especially as the central bank continues to develop These companies make them close to the pace of developments in the world by taking steps is a pool of expertise capable of keeping abreast of continuous updates and benefit from them, and parallel to financial institutions.

Discuss challenges

"The conference discussed with transparency all the challenges facing the work of banking companies, and in the presence of the governor. This can be described positively as the challenges and means of developing performance are discussed directly without any intermediary, which made the owners of companies interact with the program. The conference, and put forward all the views that serve the financial sector and the development of sound performance in this important sector. " link 

Sheila » January 24th, 2019

What an article... the Iraqi Governor is present. Iraqi banking companies organized their first conference under the auspices of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, in cooperation with the Arab Union for Arbitration and Settlement of Economic and Investment Disputes, Branch of the Republic of Iraq and the Service Establishment of Iraqi Companies, In Baghdad. 

MilitiaMan » January 24th, 2019

Sheila, what is just as inspiring as to what you point out, is the exchange companies are at a level to that of the largest companies in the world. Well they would have direct access to the Forex.. So this is imo telling us they have shown us they are ready to hit the pavement running on all cylinders, hoping for at least 4 of em... lol ` imo ~MM...


A non-bank foreign exchange company also known as foreign exchange broker or simply forex broker is a company that offers currency exchange and international payments to private individuals and companies. The term is typically used for currency exchange companies that offer physical delivery rather than speculative trading. i.e., there is a physical delivery of currency to a bank account.

Foreign exchange companies are normally distinct from money transfer companies or remittance companies and bureaux de change as they typically perform high-value transfers unlike their money transfer counterparts that focus on high-volume low-value transfers generally by economic migrants back to their home country or to provide cash for travelers. Transactions can be either spot transactions or forward transactions."