Friday, January 4, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 4 2019

Compiled 4 Jan. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: On Mon. Dec. 31 Fox News reported that Trump announced from the White House Situation Room, “Lots of people are going to be real happy this week,” while on Wed. Jan. 2 of this week from the same secure Situation Room, the President displayed a poster dated Nov. 4 – the same date as a Q post showed movies playing: Guardians of the Pedophiles, Panic in DC and FISAGATE, meaning something was about to happen.
That next month in Dec. Q indicated that the Federal Reserve and IRS had been retired, which would have set the stage for the gold standard to be announced in Jan, as well as serving the rest of 70,887 indictments and announcing Martial Law and GESARA. It was evident that something was about to happen, along with setting exchange appointments.

Where we think we are as of early morning Thurs. Jan. 4:


A. The Plan was to restore the original Constitution and save the failing economy from the fiat US dollar through a revaluation into a gold/asset-backed US Note via a Global Currency Reset. To do that as of Jan. 2019 the new Quantum Financial System was said to be fully operational, transparent and impenetrable.


B. Martial Law: The government closed down on Dec. 22 and since then, several political elites including former US Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have gone missing. There were over 71,000 indictments filed in federal courts last year that were about to be unsealed and acted upon. Last Dec. the military announced that after Christmas it would be invoking a temporary Emergency Martial Law. At least two, if not seven, FEMA prison barges have arrived at GITMO in preparation for Military Tribunals scheduled for Jan.


C. The Stock Market has been muddling in the red since Oct. 1 after the worst year in a decade and dropped over 600 points by close on Jan. 3. A deliberate Market manipulation would allow monies released during the Global Currency Reset to act as a cover to eliminate Cabal corporations, along with their old US fiat dollar system.


D. Rumored Schedule:

Jan. 1: Zim Bond notes accepted internationally.

Jan. 2: As arrests continued on over 71,000 indictments Trump called another meeting in the White House Situation Room after announcing on Fox News last Mon. that “Lots of people are going to be real happy this week” and displaying a poster dated Nov. 4 – the same date as a Q post displayed Movies Playing as Guardians of the Pedophiles, Panic in DC and FISAGATE. This appeared to be Trump’s way of saying that something was about to happen. 70,887 Sealed Indictments from 11/30/2017 to 12/30/2018

Jan. 3: Congress returned on Jan. 3 under pressure of an expected government shutdown, an exposure of election fraud that would nullify the 2018 elections and pending arrests of at least 1/3 of Congress.

Jan. 4: Late morning tomorrow Jan. 4 Trump was having a meeting with Congress and a major meeting with the banks afterwards.

Jan. 5: Bruce and HSBC indicated it might go by Sat. Jan. 5.

Late Jan: Tier 5 Joe Public would now start in late Jan.

April-May 2019: New Elections to be held.

Trump Twitter: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?langen

Q Posts: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

E. Jan. 3 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. It has been quiet for the last two days. People have been told not to talk or are under an NDA not to say anything.

2. Out West Groups and settlements were being paid out. Fines and penalties were paid out yesterday Jan. 2.

3. It’s moving forward for the weekend – HSBC said tomorrow Jan. 4 or Sat. Jan. 5.

4. Iraq would end it’s Parliament procedures and have them ratified tomorrow Jan. 4. Tues. closed doors meetings were held here at the White House with Abadi.

6. The IRS and Fed were being lessened in personnel, with roles integrated into the new US Treasury.

7. Late morning tomorrow Jan. 4 Trump was having a meeting with Congress and a major meeting with the banks afterwards.

8. An important call to Iraq got pushed back from tomorrow to Sat. Jan. 5.

9. Tier 5 Joe Public would now start in late Jan.

10. We should have 7-8 days to redeem the Zim.


F. Jan. 3 2019 2:38 am EST Trump Q Proof, Sierra: "First Trump/Q Proof of 2019" by Sierra (NZ) - 1.3.19

1. Check out Jordan Sather's video at 1' 30" - President Trump has hit the ground running in 2019 with an exciting Q proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0th1OKXNQXY

2. Trump held a cabinet meeting on Jan. 2 where he displayed a poster dated Nov. 4.

A Q post on Nov. 4 displayed movies Now Playing as: Guardians of the Pedophiles, Panic in DC and FISAGATE.

3. This appeared to be Trump’s way of saying that something was about to drop.
G. Jan. 3 2019 9:13 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 3, 2019 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Judy Note: Last month Q said that the Federal Reserve and IRS had been shut down.

1. It was evident that some type of major global event was on the horizon as seen by articles and interviews frequently referencing a "global reset."

2. Most RV sources were remaining quiet until further notice.

3. Rumors suggested that the Alliance was preparing for one last push on the Cabal to 'End the Fed'. The Federal Reserve Bank was the last remaining backbone of the Cabal and ending the Fed would be the finishing blow that would render the Cabal powerless and ensure their demise.

4. This was the year. There would be no turning back. The course of humanity would be changed in a blink of an eye. It would be shock and awe for those unaware.


H. Jan. 3 2018 7:45 pm EST Global Elite Taken to GITMO by Special Forces, Salla: Global Elite Taken to GITMO by US Special Forces DR MICHAEL SALLA


1. Rumors were that high level VIP members of the Deep State (aka Cabal/ Illuminati/ Global Elite) are being detained for human rights abuses and corruption, and are being taken by U.S. Special Forces to military prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Gitmo) as a result of thousands of sealed indictments.

2. Multiple sources have been reporting on some of the key VIP figures taken there.

3. While these are still only rumors, recent events point to their plausibility. If accurate, these secret investigations, arrests and extractions to Gitmo where they face extended detention and military justice has enormous political implications, and makes possible the release of suppressed information previously withheld by the Deep State.

4. David Todeschini, a former USAF veteran who wrote an expose about covert operations during the Vietnam War, describes what he learned from a reliable FBI source about recent events at Guantanamo in a Dec. 24, 2017 Youtube video, which he summarized as follows: “High-level confidential sources tell this reporter that the U.S. Military prison at Guantanamo Bay has been alerted to expect high-profile prisoners shortly – possibly as a result of over 10,000 Sealed FEDERAL indictments. 1,000 Marines accompanied General Mattis to Gitmo to provide security for “special prisoners.”

5. Veteran journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi who tweeted#QAnon #Qanon8chan Something is happening at GITMO -- flight records being shared on Subreddit post CBTS_stream HERE: Related to @realDonaldTrump executive order regarding confiscation of assets for those involved with human rights abuses.


I. Jan. 3 2019 7:47 pm EST Federal Grand Jury to Hear Evidence of 9/11: Federal Grand Jury to Finally Hear Evidence of a Controlled Demolition During the 9/11 Attacks


J. Jan. 3 2019 7:39 pm EST Clinton, Comey Corruption, Trey Gowdy’s Letter on TV (video): (Video) Unbelievable, Reporter Released Trey Gowdy's Letter on Live TV

1. Reporter released Gowdy’s letter on live TV! Hillary & Comey have been hiding this. GOP letter reveals FBI divisions over Clinton case decision, conflicting claims on Rosenstein controversy.

2. The details were revealed in a letter from Bob Goodlatte and Chairman Trey Gowdy summarizing their findings and reiterating once more their call for a special counsel to be appointed to probe decisions made in the Clinton email and Russia probes.

3. The investigation led by the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees probed allegations that the FBI and the DOJ were biased against Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election and favored Hillary Clinton's candidacy.


K. Dec. 31 2018 2019 Final Victory, Fulford: "2019 will See Final Victory" - Fulford Report - 12.31.18 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. Pentagon sources say the long U.S. government shutdown “makes it easy to arrest Deep-Staters embedded in the government.”

2. The first senior official to be publicly tried will be former CIA Director John Brennan.

3. There is also a lot of speculation about the Bush/Clinton crime family and their house-slave Barack Obama, since all of them have apparently vanished from public view since the U.S. government shutdown started. Their crimes include mass murder in Haiti, Japan, and elsewhere and selling U.S. uranium resources to Russia in exchange for bribes.

4. There needs to be a final takedown of the European Union, which is structured exactly like the Soviet Union was, with only a rubber-stamp parliament and secret votes for a single candidate for top positions.

5. Pentagon sources say lame-duck German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being forced to withdraw German troops from Afghanistan, while her besieged French slave President Emmanuel Macron is being forced to pull French troops out of Syria. This will remove their remaining control of oil and heroin money and hasten the downfall of their criminal regimes, CIA sources say.

6. Japan will have a new emperor in May, and the resigned Prime Minister of Belgium was asked by the King to stay on until May. Israel will have a new government in May with the resignation of the Israeli government last week. The satanic mass-murderer Benjamin Netanyahu will finally face long-awaited justice. https://www.debka.com/new-right-party-takes-off-launches-campaign-for-likud-disaffected/

7. The Corporations of the District of Columbia, City of London, and Holy See will be taken down and was what led to the decision to temporarily shut down the U.S. government.

8. The European and Asian royal families decided to remove the Rothschilds and other banking dynasties from control of the financial system. This was why the Queen of The Netherlands, the King of Spain, the King of Belgium, “Pope Maledict,” the Emir of Qatar, and other top lifetime rulers abdicated, CIA sources elaborated.

9. The satanic oligarchs are doomed because they made a fundamental mistake when they decided to carry out their plan to kill 90% of the world’s population, whom they called “useless eaters.”

That’s because the very people they hired for their personal protection realized their own families were about to be murdered. This is why the hired-gun Blackwater associates recently put out an advertisement warning that “We are coming,” according to a Blackwater associate. https://www.rt.com/usa/447400-blackwater-returns-private-military/
L. Jan. 3 2019 Prepare for Deep State Disruptions, Eraoflight:https://eraoflight.com/2019/01/03/trumps-niac-advising-americans-to-prepare-for-deep-state-disruptions/

M. US Presidents Vanished, Treason Charges among 70,877 Indictments Filed, Byington: https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/celebrities/2019/2475562.html US Presidents Vanished, Treason Charges among 70,877 Indictments Filed

Former US Presidents George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan, former National Intelligence Director Robert Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey appeared to have vanished since the US government closure on Dec. 22. Most of them were videotaped being served what was thought to be indictments during former President H.W. Bush’s funeral on Nov. 30.

Over 70,887 sealed indictments were filed in federal courts across the nation during 2018. Charges against the US Presidents, Vice Presidents and other political elites were thought to include Former US Presidents George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan, former National Intelligence Director Robert Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey

Others named on the over 70,887 indictments and possibly arrested were former Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Dick Cheney, former Speaker of the House Harry Reid, businessman billionaire George Soros, Congresswoman Maxine Watters, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former Clinton Aide Huma Abedin, former Clinton Campaign Director John Podesta and his brother Robert Podesta, US Treasury Secretary Seven Mnuchin, former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former US Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Nelli Ohr of Fusion GPS, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI agents Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, Assistant FBI Counterintelligence Director Edward “Bill” Priestap, plus several Hollywood stars.

Over 70,887 sealed indictments were filed in federal courts across the nation during 2018. Charges against the US Presidents and other political elites were thought to include treason and their roles in 9/11, the Fushima Nuclear Explosion, Benghazi Massacre, mass murder in Haiti and elsewhere, gun and drug running, human trafficking, child exploitation, kidnapping and murder, selling U.S. uranium resources to Russia in exchange for bribes, money laundering through the illegal Federal Reserve and IRS and not implementing the freedom from debt GESARA Law that was signed off by the US Supreme Court during the Clinton presidency.

GESARA was a "US Citizen freedom from debt" ruling by the US Supreme Court that resulted from a Farmers Lawsuit muddled in the courts since the early 1900s. The case proved that since the 1600s US Taxpayer dollars had been illegally laundered through Cabal corporations of the District of Columbia, City of London and Holy See – with political elites filling their pockets along the way. President Clinton had signed off on GESARA, though he, nor any US President since, had implemented it – until Donald Trump.

GESARA Law was a result of a Farmers Lawsuit ruling by the US Supreme Court

Since Dec. 22 the government has been closed down, while many political global elites have gone missing. Last month the military announced that after Christmas it would be invoking a temporary Emergency Martial Law. At least two, if not seven, FEMA prison barges have arrived at GITMO in preparation for Military Tribunals scheduled during Jan.


N. Jan. 3 2019 FBI Files Reveal Scientology ‘Human Trafficking’ Investigation:https://radaronline.com/videos/scientology-fbi-investigation-human-trafficking-claims-probe/


O. Jan. 3 2019 Hacking Group Releasing 9/11 Documents: The Dark Overlord & 9/11 Documents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know https://heavy.com/news/2019/01/dark-overlord-911


Missing 9/11 Documents?: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oiPWfQy3TO0ZW-LGLKipdpl-DltAyXMu?


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

It is now evident that some type of major global event is on the horizon.

This can be seen by articles and interviews frequently referencing a "global reset".

Meanwhile, most RV sources are remaining quiet until further notice.

Rumors suggest the Alliance is preparing for one last push on the Cabal.

This last push is to 'End the Fed'.

The Federal Reserve Bank is the last remaining backbone of the Cabal.

Ending the Fed will be the finishing blow that will render the Cabal powerless and ensure their demise.

This year is the year.

There's no turning back now.

The course of humanity will be changed in a blink of an eye.

It will be shock and awe for those unaware.



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I tell you what let’s see where we are. The interesting thing is where we were today and actually yesterday as well in terms of Intel was just how quiet it is.

The people that we hear from regularly have clammed up. Either they are under an NDA or they just are being told no longer say anything to anybody.

It is kind of like that for the most part. The information we use to get pretty regularly is just not there. Like for example, we do not know if the rates made a change today even though we did talk to one of our Forex guys today.

It is so you have to reach to people you get other types of information from and see what they are hearing.
Bruce: What seems to be happening overall is that things that originated out west with groups, certain Fiducated Settlements are moving forward are in aspects of being paid out.

Things are moving to the point where we are sort of next. I know I have said we are next before, but really we are not next until some of these Fiducated Settlements are completed.

We heard Fines and Penalties did complete yesterday.

We heard some very positive things about the MKS funding moving forward today possibly tomorrow. The thing is we are at the point we are looking for our toll free numbers.

We are hearing very good things about the possibility of numbers coming in for certain groups and group leaders, and we are not quite sure our numbers that are slightly different are going to be coming along at the same time or later.

We heard very good things about this moving forward by the end of the week. That means by the weekend because today is already is Thursday night. We heard some dates out there by HSBC pointing toward either tomorrow or Saturday.

Now it doesn’t guarantee that, but that is what is being said and we are looking at those with the possibility that they may be coming through.

Bruce: I know there have been things happening in Iraq. I know that they have a Parliament meeting tomorrow that suppose to end by about 10 am EST in the morning tomorrow. I am sure some good information will come out of that. We are at the point now that everything in Iraq is pretty much I hate to call it is a side show, but it is something that is on the side compared to what is really going on as well. It is good. It is positive. It is moving forward.

Bruce: We did have closed door meetings here with Mahdi as I mentioned Tuesday. There is definite speaking to Iraq to try to get them in position to reveal everything they needed to do. Primarily it is ratification of their budget.

I understand it was going to happen Saturday kind of in the morning our time, but maybe that is actually what will be ratified tomorrow. Now that I think about it, probably that is what it will be. If that is ratified, you guys probably seen copies of the budget, they have agreed to a rate in the budget for a barrel of oil.

That is actually tied to North Sea Brent Crude as oppose to West Texas Intermediate Crude. It is a good rate and their budget is based upon that. I think that needs just be ratified. That is something they can do in one session and be done by 10am in the morning.

That may be significant to us even though it is sort of on the side. It is important to Iraq. It is important to us. It is important to the world to get along, but there is other things happening maybe more central whether we start right away or whether we have a day or two delay. I hate to use that D word-Delay. We know things are moving along, but they are moving slowly.
Bruce: We know access codes need to be entered. That takes awhile to get those codes and get them entered. It is just a process that is just not instant as a flick of a switch or a key stroke on a computer. There is more to it. There is protocol, there is safety, and there is certainly more cleanup taking place with what we talked about a little bit on Tuesday.

We are seeing major reduction of personnel in some of our (3) letter Agencies. This is really important for us to have these agencies more along. For example in the IRS, in the Fed we are seeing where they have intentions to integrate those to in a much smaller amount of personnel and integrate those into the US Treasury.

So the roles those to Agencies have played would be rolled into the Treasury. There is a date for that. It is not that far away to roll those in. It is not very far away. I am excited to hear that.

Bruce: I am excited the President made some comments this afternoon about the new Congress and he is going to have a meeting in the White House tomorrow with some personnel from both the House and the Senate tomorrow. They are going to do that late morning from what I understand in Washington DC.

I believe that there is going to be a Bank meeting among the major Banks afterwards. It might be early afternoon when that meeting is held. I think they are going to make a decision on when to release this to us, to Tier 4 Group B.

I am looking forward to that and I do not know when we will have that decision. We believe they have a couple of options to do it before the weekend. We will see if that is what they choose to do. Obviously it should be a decision based upon President Trump, our Treasury obviously in conjunction with the Chinese Elders, and of course the Banks should be able to agree upon whatever is decided by the leaders which is President Trump and the Treasury which is the case.

That meeting should take place early in the afternoon tomorrow which case anything is possible for us in the next couple of days. This is what I am hearing.

Bruce: I do not have any new rates for you. As far as I know rates are still good and possibly moving upward from where we were on the last call. I really think now we are coming down to the part I do not think Iraq is going to be an impediment. I do think if anything it can be seen as a smoke screen and I believe that most important is clean up efforts and the reduction of personnel in some agencies, and the fact that we are moving forward now.

Bruce: Do we need the government back up at full capacity for this to go? I do not think so. Do we need the gold standard to be backing up the new USD or USTN as some people say? It could be there and we just do not have an announcement or it might need to come out before we get started.

That is a possibility .   We could be looking forward to the next couple of days. I just think we are in a great position to receive and finally be there.

Yes, it has been a much farther process than any of us thought. It seems that it has been delayed which I agree it has been even though this process is just far more integrated than we thought. There are more pieces to this puzzle every day. The puzzle itself gets bigger.

Yes, information does change. I get something for example we heard that there was going to be a very important phone call coming and it got pushed back from tomorrow to Saturday out of Iraq. I think that is an example where things do change.

Bruce: Information that we hear isn’t actually permanent in some cases. . It is not set in stone. It does move and it is flexible. I think you guys have been very flexible to understand that, and understand that at the time I might get some information and even put it out on the call. It is accurate or it appears to be correct. Who knows what can happen an hour or two later.

This is a moving target. It is something that has been like that really from the beginning. I can just say we really are I believe coming down to the end of the road on it. I do not believe this is going to be something that is going to be further out. If you ask me two or three months ago we would go to January, I would say Heck No. I don’t see it and I really don’t, and I didn’t back then, but that is what happened. That is why being patient and hanging with this is very important. It really is. It is being in faith for it.

Bruce: I have heard the Tier 5, John Q Public Group, they have plans to start them late January. Our plan is to get started with the toll free numbers and get that out. Set our appointments and go.

We should have at least 7 or 8 days to exchange and redeem the Zim or possibly longer than that, but I know that is their intention. I ask everybody to just continue with us and stay faithful for this to come out as we expect.

Bruce: Thank you everybody. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Everybody look forward to a wonderful weekend. Good Night Everybody, have a great night.




Cutebwoy:  Top 5 countries opting to ditch US dollar & the reasons behind their move

The past year was full of events that inevitably split the global geopolitical space into two camps: those who still support using US currency as a universal financial tool, and those who are turning their back on the greenback.

Global tensions caused by economic sanctions and trade conflicts triggered by Washington have forced targeted countries to take a fresh look at alternative payment systems currently dominated by the US dollar.

RT has taken a deeper look into the recent phenomena of de-dollarization, summing up which countries have taken steps towards eliminating their reliance on the greenback, and the reasons behind their decision.


The ongoing trade conflict between the United States and China, as well as sanctions against Beijing's biggest trading partners have forced China to take steps towards relieving the dollar dependence of the world's second-largest economy.

In Beijing's signature soft-power style, the government hasn't made any loud announcements on the issue. However, the People's Bank of China has been regularly reducing the country's share of US Treasuries. Still the number-one foreign holder of the US sovereign debt, China has cut its share to the lowest level since May 2017.

Moreover, instead of promptly dumping the greenback, China is trying to internationalize its own currency, the yuan, which was included in the IMF basket alongside the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, and the British pound. Beijing has recently made several steps towards strengthening the yuan, including accumulating gold reserves, launching yuan-priced crude futures, and using the currency in trade with international partners.

As part of its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, China is planning to introduce swap facilities in participating countries to promote the use of the yuan. Moreover, the country is actively pushing for a free-trade agreement called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which will include the countries of Southeast Asia.

The trade pact could easily replace the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the proposed multi-national trade deal which was torn up by US President Donald Trump shortly after he took office. RCEP includes 16 country signatories and the potential pact is expected to form a union of nearly 3.4 billion people based on a combined $49.5 trillion economy, which accounts for nearly 40 percent of the world's GDP.


Ranked the world's sixth-largest economy, India is one of the biggest merchandise importers. It's not surprising that the country is directly affected by most global geopolitical conflicts and is significantly impacted by sanctions applied to its trading partners.

Earlier this year, Delhi switched to ruble payments on supplies of Russian S-400 air-defense systems as a result of US economic penalties introduced against Moscow. The country also had to switch to the rupee in purchases of Iranian crude after Washington reinstituted sanctions against Tehran. In December, India and the United Arab Emirates sealed a currency-swap agreement to boost trade and investment without the involvement of a third currency.

Taking into account that India is the third-largest country by purchasing power parity, steps of this kind could considerably diminish the role of the greenback in global trading.

Earlier this year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced plans to end the US dollar monopoly via a new policy that is aimed at non-dollar trading with the country's international partners. Later, Turkey's leader announced that Ankara is preparing to conduct trade through national currencies with China, Russia and Ukraine. Turkey also discussed a possible replacement of the US dollar with national currencies in trade transactions with Iran.

The move was prompted by political and economic reasons. Relations between Ankara and Washington have been deteriorating since the failed military coup in the country to oust President Erdogan in 2016. It's been reported that Erdogan suspects US involvement in the uprising and accuses Washington of harboring exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for masterminding the coup.

The Turkish economy sank after Washington introduced economic sanctions over the arrest of US evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson on terrorism charges in relation to the uprising.
Erdogan has repeatedly slammed Washington for unleashing a global trade war, sanctioning Turkey and trying to isolate Iran. The NATO member's decision to buy Russian S-400 missile systems added fuel to the fire.

Moreover, Turkey is trying to ditch the dollar in an attempt to support its national currency. The lira has lost nearly half of its value against the greenback over the past year. The currency plunge was exacerbated by soaring inflation and increasing prices for goods and services.


A triumphant return of Iran to the global trading arena did not last long. Shortly after winning the US presidential election, Donald Trump opted to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal signed between Tehran and a group of nations, including the UK, US, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the EU.

The oil-rich nation has once again become a target for severe sanctions resumed by Washington, which has also threatened to introduce penalties against any countries that would violate the embargo. The punitive measures banned business deals with the Islamic Republic and cracked down on the country's oil industry.

Sanctions have forced Tehran to look for alternatives to the US dollar as payment for its oil exports. Iran clinched a deal for oil settlements with India using the Indian rupee. It also negotiated a barter deal with neighboring Iraq. The partners are also planning to use the Iraqi dinar for mutual transactions to reduce reliance on the US dollar amid banking problems connected to US sanctions.


President Vladimir Putin said the US is "making a colossal strategic mistake" by "undermining confidence in the dollar." Putin has never called for restricting dollar transactions or banning the use of US currency. However, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said earlier this year that the country had to dump its holdings of US Treasuries in favor of more secure assets, such as the ruble, the euro, and precious metals.

The country has already taken several steps towards de-dollarizing the economy due to the constantly growing burden of sanctions that have been introduced since 2014 over a number of issues. Russia has developed a national payment system as an alternative to SWIFT, Visa and Mastercard after the US threatened tougher new sanctions that would target Russia's financial system.

So far, Moscow has managed to partially phase out the greenback from its exports, signing currency-swap agreements with a number of countries including China, India and Iran. Russia has recently proposed using the euro instead of the US dollar in trade with the European Union.

Once a top-10 holder of US sovereign debt, Russia has all but eliminated its holdings of US Treasuries. Moscow has used the money to boost the nation's foreign reserves and to build up its gold stockpile to stabilize the ruble.

Tishwash:  It's time to just re-dollarise the Zimbabwe economy

THE recent announcement by one of country's stock market leaders, Delta Beverages, that it will be selling its products in United States dollars starting tomorrow should be a wake-up call to government to realise that the surrogate currency, bond note, has completely lost its lustre.

It is sad that authorities have chosen to bury their heads in the sand, pretending the bond note is trading at par with the US dollar, ignoring all the fundamentals and glaring facts on the ground that suggest otherwise.

Delta has joined fellow listed company, Simbisa Brands, which last month openly started trading in hard curreny.

Other informal businesses have been benchmarking their products in US dollar and it is beyond an iota of doubt that we are going to see a wholesome switch to this new phenomenon.

Government is fooling no one by insisting that the bond, real time gross settlement (RTGS) and US$ exchange rates are at par and yet its tax agency, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, is now actively levying import duty on vehicles and other items, including meat and cosmetics, in hard currency.

Other goods listed in the 2019 budget for duty in forex include fresh cheese (grated or powdered of all kinds), fresh grapes, groundnuts, margarine, selected meat products, poultry products, preserved fish and salt water.
With all due respect, government must review its interpretation of the 1:1 exchange rate in the coming Monetary Policy Statement expected at the end of this month.

While the economy is increasingly re-dollarising itself, it is difficult to conceive how ordinary Zimbabweans, whose earnings are still denominated in the bond note, will manage to pay for services and products charged in foreign currency.

Already, civil servants have raised the ante, calling on their employer to pay them in hard currency or have their RTGS salaries benchmarked at the existing exchange rate after realising that inflation was fast eroding their earnings.

It's undeniable that the bond note is on its way out, the same way as the Zimbabwe dollar, which was decommissioned in 2009 after hyper-inflation had reduced it to a mere piece of paper.

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga has rebuffed striking doctors' request to be paid in US dollars, saying government does not print US dollars and would, therefore, not consider their demands.

It is yet to be seen on how government will navigate this terrain, given that business has now taken the lead in dollarising.    link
Harambe:  SF Designer Visits Iraq After It Was Destroyed By ISIS, Is Shocked By What He Finds https://nextshark.com/mosul-iraq-war-zone/amp/

Harambe: CNBC: Oil rises towards $57 on China-U.S. trade talks, OPEC cuts https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/04/oil-markets-opec-manufacturing-downtur​n-in-focus.html?


Tishwash:  I'd love to see the details on this but there are none……..maybe later

Alaa al-Yasiri: The profit of international companies from the sale of oil is shared with Iraq
he also said  Alaa Yasiri for the Covenant: The current administration has made signing contracts by courier exclusively   link


Tishwash:   Deputy for construction: We will go to direct vote on the candidate of the Interior if no consensus

Baghdad today - Baghdad On January 4, 2019, the coalition of the building coalition, Amer Fayez, confirmed that his coalition will go to direct vote on the candidates of the Ministry of Interior and Defense, if the .differences over the two positions continue

Al-Fayez said in an interview with "Baghdad today" that "differences are still continuing around the candidates of the Ministry of Defense and Interior, which is unlikely to pass them ".in the next meeting in this current circumstance

He added that "the construction coalition is thinking of going to direct voting in order to pass the candidates of the ministries and not to impose the will of the other party and the ".exclusion of others Earlier, the House of Representatives, on Monday (24 December 2018), passed the Interior .Ministry candidate Faleh al-Fayadh after breaking the quorum of the session The Council rejected the candidate of the Ministry of Defense, Faisal Fener Aljraba, and .postponed the vote on candidates for justice and the Interior   link

"Banks vs. the QFS" by Ron Giles , 4 JAN

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 6:55 PM EST on January 3, 2019

At a Real Estate closing, the bank officer has the buyer sign a promissory note for the total amount of the sale, With the promissory note in hand, the closing officer excuses him/her-self and later comes back with a check in hand to close the transaction.

Question 1: where did the money come from?

Question 2: who authorized the release of the money?

Question 3: who is the licensed creditor and who is the real debtor?

Question 4: When they sell my promissory note who is the real owner of the money, the bank or me?
If you can’t answer these questions, why not? Are you not aware of the Bank charter that says the bank can sell the promissory note to the Fed who creates money out of thin air using your signature?

Then they buy the Real EState with my money and charge me interest on my own money.

For me it is a personal debt, for the country, it is called the national debt. It’s an accounting process: promissory note (your signature) >>> Bank authorization according to charter >>> Federal Reserve >>> Cashier’s check >>> Creditor and debtor identified >>> book entries balanced >>> books (deal) closed.

You are now the debtor and Real Estate that your money paid for, is now collateral, subject to foreclosure. Hope you have a job or two, or three, for 30 years.

The debt slavery system is right in front of us eating the guts out of every person alive.

When the National/Personal debt become so high that there is no chance that the debt can be paid back, the Central Banks crash the Fiat money system and everything that is used as collateral is foreclosed on and, with back charges included, you lose everything. The FED is trying to finish up the bankruptcy by crashing the market as we speak.

This is the scam brought to us by the Central Banking System. If you think for one minute that this Central Banking System and all of its components will survive the new financial system, you’re on the losing side of the battle. If you think that any bank that is a part of this system will have relevancy in the new Quantum Financial System, you are dead wrong.

The Micro = the Macro

If you borrow $100, @ 10% interest, where are you going to get, not only the $100 but the $10 dollars to pay the interest. No problem you think I’ll just work harder. Unless you make money on the original $100 as an investment, the same problem that caused you to borrow the $100 in the first place is still a problem.

So, you charge more on your credit card with the intent of paying it back over time and, thus, you have entered the downward spiral to bankruptcy. The Macro is the same. How is the nation going to pay off principle when 30% of our collective income is already going to pay the interest payment on the national debt?

Everything eventually ends up in the ownership of the banks. This is the debt slavery system offered to us by the Central Banking System. Every bank around the world has succumbed to this banking system and will need to be purged out of society along with the Central Banks.

The Quantum Financial System does not and will not charge interest on any loan.

The reality for we Humans on a personal basis is that we will seldom need money beyond the download of money that is given back to us when the Cabal Banking system is dismantled and all their assets are given back to us, the rightful owners, through everyone’s personal account within Quantum Financial System.
It’s a sad discourse that we have to endure when all the Conference Calls put so much power and influence for the RV on the banks in the Central Banking system.

These bankers are still trying to be relevant and give out all of this diatribe about rates and RV exchanges etc. when the reality is, they will be out of business.

They may become agents used to exchange currencies, not Zim, but all proceeds will go into accounts within in the QFS. Our exchange and redemption funds will be given in gold-backed currency and parked within the new QFS. NOT A BANK. Banks deal in Fiat Currencies, the QFS only deals in gold-backed currencies. Banks will go down with the Fiat money system.

Presently, when you deposit money into a bank, you give them ownership of that money and they may or may not give you access to it. Read the fine print on your deposit slip. Even if they know it is yours, they can freeze your account in limbo and keep your money for any frivolous reason or excuse they want to dream up – you have no recourse or remedy at law – you have given them your money voluntarily. – you gave it, it's theirs.

Because of this and other reasons, there are no exchanged funds that will be put back into their system. Period.

Certain banks will act as agents and have connections to the QFS and your accounts, but it will not be in their old debt financial system and they cannot mess with your money and get away with it.
So, here’s a great question, why do these conference calls always talk about the banks and not the QFS. I think it is because they don’t want you to connect the dots that the banks are doomed. Why? Are they complicit in the charade? Ignorance? On purpose?

If I had a rat’s ass, I wouldn’t give it for any garbage talk about any bank being part of the RV, or any rates they talk about with their bank screens – back, front or the screen over there. All rates are negotiable and on your terms.

It’s time to believe in the greatest financial blessing this world has ever known, the QFS, and stop thinking it is going to be a bank.

The QFS is your only financial friend that has your best interest at its core. At the RV appointment, we will be given websites to learn all we need to know to support our projects. Learn about it, trust in it, and let it be your friend for all your financial needs, you will be glad you did. Your credibility depends on it.

In love and Light

Ron Giles


Thursday UPDATE for January 3, 2019 

Posted by RayRen98

Iraqi TV is reporting that the cabinet will be completed on Friday.

PM Mahdi is being quoted as saying that the Supreme Court will be restructured due to corruption.

More of the Green Z


Hi Everyone,

I bring you some news today.

There is less news than usual this period. We still wait for the Jan 8th session in parliament to see if the last of the three ministers are voted on. Today we heard that maybe they might just vote on the Interior minister on next Tuesday. We wait and see.

I keep posting these pictures of the top 5 currency scams and about this guy TNT Tony. I do this for a reason and I hope by now all readers of my newsletter have become to know of these scams. These are hurting lots of people and could become VERY problematic in the future. Especially these so called 800#s. It is VERY easy for some scammer to get you to call their own 800# and then take your dinar in a FAKE exchange. How do you know the 800# you get it the real 800#? Which of these gurus can you trust and how trustworthy with the intel have they been to you in the past. This should be the indicator. If any 800#s do come out they better be via a dot guv internet site that you go to for information. This is the ONLY way they are going to prevent most of these scams.

I also hope that by now all of you readers stopped buying these worthless ZIM notes. Any rates on the bank screen now are for the redenominated notes launched in 2016 and NOT the ones you hold (2008-2009). Get it? But these gurus still try to convince you these rates are for the exchange of these notes you hold. How can this be? These notes are expired and I showed everyone the "official" news broadcast from the Finance ministry of Zimbabwe on this already. What the hell more do you want? Why do you pursue this trash still?

The last newsletter was very long and so the rest of today’s is short and I am sure you are all very glad .

But we are off to a good New Year and so let’s take this opportunity to begin it with a clean slate. Let us all take the time to educate ourselves on our investment and our government and stop allowing some intel gurus into our heads with their gobbled goop.

So right now there is still no indication of a reinstatement occurring soon. I know we all expected maybe January to be our month and this is still the best month for the CBI to target it. The CBI still has this planned for January but, like I keep telling everyone, this is not going to be such a huge surprise when it does occur. We WILL have some indication for at least a week or two ahead of time and see it coming. Right now we do NOT see any of these indicators. Maybe after the last of the ministers are voted on things might suddenly pick up and get crazy. We just sit, relax and wait….. 

More news….


Until now, there is no agreement or agreement on the candidates of the remaining three ministries. The political blocs are still continuing to look at their place in the file of these different ministries.

The candidate for the Interior Ministry, Falih al-Fayadh, is not the only one who represents the saw's complex in the completion of the cabinet of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi , but the deputy of the building alliance Amer the winner, that the candidate of the Ministry of Defense Faisal Jarba and despite being dropped during the last parliament session, Name for alternative candidate.

The same goes for the Justice Ministry, which is still struggling with the Kurdish blocs. The Kurdistan Democratic Party considers it an electoral entitlement, while candidate Khaled Shawani belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which is also seen as an electoral endorsement.

With this complex scene, the winner is likely to witness the remaining days before the parliamentary session of Anfraja, seeking political blocs to resolve the names of candidates for these posters. This is because maintaining its administration by proxy is incorrect and will not be in the interest of the government or any other party. It is expected to include the vote on the candidates of the remaining ministries in the next parliamentary session.

While some observers took a different position, when they ruled out resolving the file before the next session of the House of Representatives, attributing to the continuation of what they described intransigence of the political blocs and try to impose their agenda at the expense of other blocs, there are no signs of waiver from any party so far, but they pointed to the possibility Replace the defense candidate on the grounds that he was legally shot down and rejected by the House of Representatives.

More news….

The head of the solution party warns of serious consequences in the event of linking the fate of the Iraqi dinar currencies lower than it Al-Hilal Party chairman Jamal al-Karbouli warned Thursday of dire consequences for the Iraqi economy if the fate OF THE IRAQI DINAR IS LINKED TO LOWER CURRENCIES.

"We warn against linking the fate of the Iraqi dinar in other currencies with lower value."

"This will have serious consequences for our economy, not for the adventure of Iraq's economy," he said.

(Mnt Goat - Could this be referring to the USD? Of course it is since the dinar is not solely pegged to the US dollar and we all should know this by now. Upon reading this article the first thing that should have come to our minds is the concern that if the US dollar has de-valuing issues, this would also drag down the value of the Iraqi dinar. This article is correct. So the best solution is to get off the sole peg and re-peg to the SDR basket of 5 currencies. Then put the dinar on a float and open it up to the world again. What are they waiting for?)

More news….


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A member of parliament will vote to lift the immunity of any deputy who violates the law, and will not take it into account, a deputy for the group said on Thursday.

"If the matter, according to the law, calls for lifting the immunity, it should be applied to any deputy," MP Ghaleb al-Amiri told AFP on Thursday.

"The MP should be held accountable more than ordinary people because he represents millions of people, and this must be held accountable for his actions and every step he takes," he said.

"If it comes to punishment, we go to it," he said.

(Mnt Goat – this member of parliament is right on track. This immunity stuff is at the very heart of the issue of corruption. Don’t you think members of the government know they are protected and this gives them a safeguard? Eliminate this and things could drastically change in Iraq, for the better.)

More news….


Baghdad / All news

Dr. Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum sent a letter to the President of the Republic Dr. Barham Saleh asking him to intervene to stop the violation of the constitutional non-activation of the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company, which was published in the Official Gazette (Iraqi facts) on April 9, 2018, which confirmed Article 19 of the law, Six months after publication of the law to enable the company to start organizing its position to carry out its activities. Therefore, the Ministry of Oil and the Prime Minister in his capacity as DIRECT EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE GENERAL POLICY OF THE STATE AS PROVIDED FOR IN ARTICLE 78 OF THE CONSTITUTION are the parties entrusted with the implementation of this law.

In the case of any appeals before the Federal Supreme Court, the general principles of the law and proper application does not require any contradiction between the activation of the provisions of the law on the one hand and respect any decision issued by the Federal Court on the revocation of any of its articles on the other hand, Notes to follow the path prescribed by the legislation in force to amend this law.

(Mnt Goat – correct me if I am wrong but last summer we got the HCL passed and we were told full activation in Sept since the passing of the law stated Sept timeframe for activation. But this of course was contingent upon something. This something we don’t know what it is. What is it? Then when Sept came we were told full activation in Feb 2019 along with the sovereign funds. So this is technically overdue. So what is this issue then that they keep delaying this? Could if the drop in the price of oil? Could it be they expecte to have the govt in place and the reconstruction moving along by now and thus also the currency restated? But since they still delay the govt this is delaying everything else? Just asking….)


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin

Economy News _ Baghdad

A member of the Committee on Agriculture and Water parliamentary Salam al-Shammari, Wednesday, that the recovery of the country’s economy from its current reality is strategic plans to get rid of dependence on oil as a single resource for the budget and activating the private sector.

“THE ACTIVATION OF THE ROLE OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CONSTRUCTION IN THE PRESENCE OF MANY LOCAL PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANIES WAITING TO ENTER THE MAJOR LOCAL PROJECTS to strengthen the future vision to activate the slogan (Made in Iraq) and reduce dependence on foreign origin which will save millions of dollars. ”

Shammari added that “among the paragraphs of improving the economy is the RECONSTRUCTION OF THE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF THE STATE IN LINE with the advancement of the state of real institutions and effective and ensures the NEUTRALIZATION OF ALL HEADS OF CORRUPTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY.”

He stressed Shammari, according to the statement, “the importance of opening investment opportunities and provide facilities for investment companies to contribute to the economic construction of the country to ensure additional resources to the state budget.”

It is noteworthy that the federal budget for decades depends mainly on oil as a single resource and neglect many sectors that if it can add a new resource for the budget.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat


KTFA: Vietnam

Samson:  Vietnam to keep outperforming region: Fitch Solutions

4th January, 2019

According to Fitch Solutions, Việt Nam’s economy was buoyed by the export-oriented manufacturing sector, which benefitted from strong foreign direct investment (FDI) and global growth

Việt Nam’s economy expanded by 7.1 per cent in 2018, but its increasing openness and reliance on foreign investment suggest it is unlikely to be spared from the global growth slowdown arising from rising trade protectionism and tighter financial conditions. This conclusion was included in the economic analysis released by Fitch Solutions Macro Research on Wednesday.

According to Fitch, Việt Nam’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7.3 per cent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2018, up from 6.8 per cent in the third quarter. This brought full-year growth for 2018 to 7.1 per cent, marking the fastest pace of expansion in 11 years.
Fitch Solutions said the economy was buoyed by the export-oriented manufacturing sector, which benefitted from strong foreign direct investment (FDI) and global growth. “Although we believe that Việt Nam’s manufacturing sector and economy will continue to outperform the region over the coming quarters, growth is likely to face headwinds stemming from rising global trade disruptions and tightening financial conditions, which will negatively impact global economic growth and risk sentiment,” Fitch noted in the report.

The report predicted Việt Nam’s real GDP growth will to 6.5 per cent in 2019, in line with the wider trend of slowing global growth.

Việt Nam’s high and growing degree of economic openness will likely see the slowing of global growth momentum act as a drag on the country’s export performance in 2019, following export growth of 13.8 per cent in 2018. Exports accounted for approximately 103 per cent of GDP in 2018, up from just around 84 per cent in 2013.

The research firm also expected the manufacturing sector to remain a key economic driver and to outperform the region. Việt Nam has grown to become a manufacturing powerhouse – particularly in electronics – due to its relatively cheap and large labour force, geographical advantages, attractive tax breaks, stable political environment and open-door trade policies.

“The opening up of the Vietnamese economy also came at an opportune time, as China had begun to shift away from lower-end and export-oriented manufacturing, to focus more on the domestic economy, allowing the former to gain market share,” Fitch added.   LINK


Samson:  State Bank of Vietnam Centre issues first dollar-buying rate hike since Feb 2018

3rd January, 2019

The SBV’s Operations Centre has raised its buying rate for the dollar against the đồng from commercial banks by VNĐ500 to VNĐ23,200 per dollar

The State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV)’s Operations Centre has decided to adjust the reference exchange rate of the Vietnamese đồng against the US dollar for the first time since February 2018.

The centre has raised its buying rate of the dollar against the đồng for commercial banks by VNĐ500 to VNĐ23,200 per dollar starting on Wednesday. SBV uses the rate as a reference to buy US dollars from commercial banks. It kept the selling rate unchanged at VNĐ23,463 per dollar. This was the first adjustment since February 8, 2018, when the centre lowered its buying rate by VNĐ10 to VNĐ22,700 per dollar.

The new rate is designed to keep balance with the SBV’s daily reference exchange rate (commercial banks must use the SBV’s daily rate as reference to list their daily ceiling and floor selling and buying rates). By the end of 2018, the SBV’s daily rate had increased by some 1.8 per cent over its January levels. After keeping the daily reference exchange rate unchanged on the first day of 2019, the central bank raised the rate by VNĐ3 to VNĐ22,828 per dollar on Thursday.

With the current trading band of +/- 3 per cent, commercial banks are allowed to set their ceiling rate for the day at VNĐ23,512 per dollar and their floor rate at VNĐ22,144. On Thursday, rates at commercial banks reversed the falling trend from last week.

Vietcombank increased both rates by VNĐ5, listing the buying rate at VNĐ23,160 per dollar and the selling rate at VNĐ23,250. The rates at BIDV went up by VNĐ15 to VNĐ23,165 for buying and VNĐ23,255 for selling. At Techcombank, the buying rate rose by VNĐ25 to VNĐ23,145 per dollar while the selling rate stayed level at VNĐ23,245.

Vietcombank Securities Company (VCBS) said pressure on the đồng may come from continued global monetary tightening and the unpredictable Chinese renminbi, but the foreign currency supply remains ample in the domestic market thanks to foreign-involved share sales and positive FDI disbursement. VCBS forecast the daily reference exchange rate of the đồng against the dollar would weaken by no more than 3 per cent in 2019.

Experts said thanks to the country’s favourable macro-economic performance and the SBV’s flexible foreign exchange management, the đồng was one of the steadiest currencies in Asia last year. 

In 2018, the SBV’s USD/VNĐ daily reference exchange rate rose by 1.87 per cent against the beginning of the year while the rate listed at commercial banks rose by 2.19 per cent.

CEO of HSBC Vietnam Phạm Hồng Hải told Người lao động (Labourers) newspaper that compared to the Vietnamese đồng, currencies of many other Asian countries devaluated at a faster pace – 5-7 per cent on average. The Korean won lost 5.07 per cent, the Filipino peso depreciated 4.99 per cent, the Indian rupee devalued 9.58 per cent and the Chinese renminbi dropped 6.43 per cent.   LINK
Samson:  Vietnam's PM asks for prevention of illegal banknote exchanges

4th January,2019

The management on exchanges of small banknotes would be tightened before, during and after the Tết holidays

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has asked the State Bank of Việt Nam to step up its management to ensure the reasonable use of small banknotes as Tết (Lunar New Year) holidays approach.

Violations in small banknote exchanges as well as in the exchange of foreign currencies and gold transactions must be handled strictly, Phúc asked.

With a month to go before the Tết holidays, demand for small banknotes has already seen a significant rise, especially for banknotes with denominations of VNĐ10,000, VNĐ20,000 and VNĐ100,000, which were commonly used as ‘lucky money’, and denominations of VNĐ1,000, VNĐ2,000 and VNĐ5,000, which were used as donations for pagodas and temples.

The fees for small banknote exchanges ranged from 10 per cent to up to 400 per cent on the black market, depending on the denomination.

According to Decree 96/2014/NĐ-CP, individuals violating money exchange regulations could be fined from VNĐ20 million to VNĐ40 million and the fines were doubled for organisations.

Phúc also asked the central bank to ensure adequate cash supply as well as smooth and secure operation of ATMs and POSs before, during and after the Tết holidays.

Close watch must be placed on the developments of the domestic and the world financial and monetary markets together with enhanced inspection on the operation of credit institutions and foreign banks’ branches to ensure system liquidity and safety. 

At the end of December, the State Bank of Việt Nam issued a directive asking credit institutions to ensure ATM service quality, safety and cash supply for Tết which will fall on February 5.   LINK


Samson:  Vietnam's Inflation expected to be below 4 per cent this year

4th January, 2019

Việt Nam can keep inflation below 4 per cent in 2019 despite an unpredictable world economy, according to experts.

The economists were speaking at a seminar on market developments and prices held in Hà Nội on Thursday.

The workshop aimed to analyse the market in 2018 to provide a scientific basis for forecasting and proposing inflation control solutions, restructuring and promoting economic growth in 2019 and beyond.

According to economist Nguyễn Đức Độ from the Institute of Finance, the control of inflation this year will be based on a sharp drop in oil prices in the past two months, from more than US$70 per barrel to less than $50. With oil prices plummeting, inflation in December, 2018 was only 2.98 per cent, down from 3.98 per cent in October, 2018.

“This is a very favourable condition to ensure curbing inflation below 4 per cent in 2019. The inflation rate in the first month of this year is likely to be below 3 per cent after the ministries of Industry and Trade, and the Finance decided to reduce petrol and oil prices by about VNĐ500 per litre,” Độ said.

Low inflation in the first month of 2019 will have a positive impact on inflation for the whole year, as well as the average inflation rate of the whole year, he added.

According to Độ, in addition to the fall in oil prices, there are many other factors that help curb inflation, including expected stable pork prices, less pressure on the exchange rate because the US economy’s growth is predicted to slow, and demand for the US dollar is unlikely to increase greatly with the Federal Reserve rate hike schedule in the final stage.

Another positive factor is that US-China tensions look to be subsiding, said Độ.

On the other hand, Dr Lê Quốc Phương from the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Industry and Trade Information Centre said the world commodity price this year was forecast to increase and the Fed plans to raise interest rates at least twice in 2019. From that, the value of dollar would increase, putting pressure on the exchange rate and inflation.

In terms of domestic factors, the GDP growth target is relatively high, while the growth model has not been renewed, which could pressure inflation. Besides, some localities will continue to raise prices of health services and education and taxes on petrol and oil prices, which could all increase inflation.

However, Phương said Việt Nam had many advantages to curb inflation. The CPI in recent years has been lower than 4 per cent. The supply of goods was relatively abundant and the macroeconomic conditions were stable. “With favourable factors, if we implement solutions well, it is possible to achieve inflation control target below 4 per cent this year,” Phương said.

According to the General Statistics Office, GDP in 2018 grew 7.08 per cent, the highest growth rate for the past 11 years. The average CPI in 2018 increased 3.45 per cent compared to the average level in 2017, lower than the target set by the National Assembly of about 4 per cent.    LINK
Samson:  Vietnam : Exchange rate in 2018 stable despite pressure

3rd January, 2019

In 2018, the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) maintained active and flexible management of the exchange rate to keep the domestic market stable in the face of international pressure.

SBV Deputy Governor Nguyễn Thị Hồng speaks to Vietnam News Agency about this issue.

How did the SBV manage an efficient monetary policy in 2018?

The State Bank actively and flexibly governed monetary policy in 2018 when the world economic and political situation faced many challenges and unusual fluctuations.

At the same time, the SBV also coordinated closely with fiscal policy and other macroeconomic policies to stabilise the macro economy, control inflation and support economic growth at a reasonable level.

Therefore, the average inflation in 2018 continued to be controlled at 4 per cent as the target. The bank had several consecutive years of efficiently managing monetary policy, meaning it made an important contribution to successfully controlling inflation.

The State Bank operated the interest rate policy in a flexible way, in line with the macro balances and market developments to keep relative stability in the interest rate. That created conditions to ensure capital for manufacturing business and supporting economic growth.

For instance, in January 2018, the SBV had its first interest rate cut in the open market operation (OMO) in the past five years from 5 per cent per year to 4.75 per cent to contribute to reducing capital costs for credit organisations. From the beginning of the year, some commercial banks reduced lending rates by 0.5 per cent per year for priority areas.

Monetary and credit indicators increased in line with the target while credit structure according to currencies was developed under the Government’s anti-dollarisation guidelines. Meanwhile, credit for most priority areas increased and credit for areas with the potential for risk tended to slow down.

In the foreign exchange market, despite pressure from the international market, the domestic exchange rate was still relatively stable. In particular, when compared to the level of devaluation of emerging and developing currencies, market liquidity was still guaranteed. Foreign currency transactions were conducted smoothly. Meanwhile, the State Bank implemented net purchase of foreign currencies to increase the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

For credit management, from the beginning of 2018, the State Bank set a goal of credit growth of about 17 per cent for the whole year based on the National Assembly’s targets of economic growth and inflation as well as the actual situation.

The State Bank also had many solutions to solve difficulties in credit for production and business, and increase the supply of capital to the economy, including direction for credit organisations to have credit growth from the beginning of the year. At the same time, the organisations must be safe and efficient in concentrating capital on production, business and priority areas while strictly controlling credit for areas with risk. The SBV consistently implemented solutions to gradually reduce foreign currency credit under the Government’s anti-dollarisation policy and gradually shift from borrowing foreign currencies to buying and selling foreign currencies.

The monetary policy also ensured stability in liquidity of the money market, reduced interbank interest rates and created conditions for issuing long-term Government bonds with lower interest rates.

Thanks to stable macroeconomic factors, strictly controlled inflation and an improved business environment, Việt Nam has seen increased national credit ratings by reputable international organisations, improving its image in the eyes of international investors. For instance, Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the Government of Việt Nam’s long-term issuer and senior unsecured ratings to Ba3 from B1 and changed the outlook to stable from positive.

What did the State Bank do to control the exchange rate between the Vietnamese đồng and US dollar, contributing to curbing inflation and supporting production and business for enterprises?

The exchange rate in 2018 was under pressure mainly from a series of disadvantages from the international market such as the dollar appreciation due to expectations of the Fed’s roadmap on raising interest rates. Other factors included complicated global trade tensions and strong depreciation of the Chinese yuan. Strong devaluation of some currencies of newly emerging countries also had a strong impact on market sentiment. However, by the end of 2018, the exchange rate in Việt Nam maintained a stable trend.

Besides favourable macro factors, to gain success, the State Bank had active and flexible operation for the exchange rate according to situations on the domestic and international financial and monetary markets. The bank coordinated synchronous measures and monetary policies to regulate liquidity and interest rates of Vietnamese đồng deposits to stabilise market sentiment.

In the first months of the year, the State Bank took advantage to purchase foreign currency for the nation’s foreign exchange reserves. From February 7, 2018, the State Bank started listing the three-month forward rate to delay use of Vietnamese đồng for buying foreign currencies, meaning to contribute to controlling money supply and inflation, while it still bought foreign currencies for the nation’s foreign exchange reserves and encouraged businesses to use foreign currency derivative products to reduce exchange rate risks.

Since June, the foreign currency market has been under pressure from negative developments in global and domestic investor sentiment, so the State Bank coordinated solutions to stabilise the market and ensure smooth foreign currency transactions.

What are the plans for the banking sector in 2019?

The State Bank will manage monetary policy actively, flexibly and cautiously. At the same time, it will coordinate harmoniously with fiscal policies and other macro policies to maintain macro-economic stability, control inflation, ensure major balances and support for business production and economic growth.

The SBV will continue to operate interest rates and exchange rates flexibly in accordance with the macro balance, monetary market developments and management requirements. In addition, it will stabilise the foreign currency market, gain credit growth, improve credit quality and concentrate credit for manufacturing sectors and priority sectors. It will also control lending in foreign currency and increase the nation’s foreign exchange reserves when conditions are right.

For interest rate management, based on macro-economic and monetary market developments, the State Bank will continue to flexibly implement interest rate solutions and combine synchronous monetary policy, aiming at stability in the monetary market and control of inflation according to the target and macroeconomic stability.

The bank will continue to have flexible management for the exchange rate in line with the financial market situation, macro-economic balances and monetary policies as well as closely coordinate synchronously with other monetary policies to stabilise the foreign currency market.

For credit, it will operate credit solutions to control credit scale in line with the orientation. At the same time, it will improve credit quality and create favourable conditions in approaching credit of the economy. In addition, it continues to promote implementation of solutions supporting credit organisations in gaining efficient credit growth and concentrating credit for production and priority areas.

For the open market operations, the State Bank will continue to closely monitor the availability of capital in credit organisations and development of monetary and foreign exchange markets to have flexible open market operations for ensuring liquidity for the system, stabilising the monetary market as well as the exchange rate.    LINK