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Samson » November 29th, 2019

Hashemi: Saleh as prime minister in accordance with the Constitution

29th November, 2019

Security and strategic expert Hisham al-Hashimi, confirmed that President Barham Saleh will be prime minister in accordance with the Constitution.

Al-Hashimi said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "According to Article 81 of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, Mr. Barham Salih is assigned as prime minister within a limited period of time. LINK

SandnSea » November 29th, 2019

Remember Trump met with him privately recently

Clare » November 29th, 2019


Dan » November 29th, 2019

Ba bye mandi …….Another one bites the dust.
The USA has appointed poor leaders in Iraq over the years. Who knows maybe They'll get it right this time. Iraq has there elections…..The US installs there selection IMO

Frank26 » November 29th, 2019

TY HEAVENLY ABBA .......... TY USA DADDY ..................... TY WS AND KTFA TEAMS !!!

Popeye7 » November 29th, 2019

Boy they sure are happening quickly... Mahdi became weak under pressure, and after signing all of the agreements for economic progress within Iraq during the earlier portion of this year, buckled to the pressure...

What is puzzling to me is why all of the agreements signed off by Mahdi on if there was no intention to release the Iraqi dinar internationally?... Remember Mahdi's trip to China?...

Anyway, there are things that go on behind the scenes we do not understand... Despite all of the violence, and protests, Iraq's currency remained stable, and the Kurd's were still willing to progress forward with the HCL... And yet they were willing to work with Mahdi as well, and not with Abadi, or Maliki... This is why I cannot help but think that Mahdi was a willing participant in all of this...

The reason?.. To draw out the Iranian influence that permeated the Iraqi government... To show the people of Iraq who were truly the corrupt ones... Remember the words of former US President FDR as he was quoted as saying, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If something happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

Mahdi could have been the hero in all of this, but maybe just maybe it was not a part of the plan... And the now former PM may have understood this from the beginning... Remember also family, he was only supposed to be PM for a year... It has been a little over that time frame, and now the mission has been accomplished... All IMO, but again, in all that has occurred, many things do not add up...

Sad, that many had to lose their lives in order for the Iranian stronghold to be broken within Iraq... But during times of revolution, and when dramatic change is necessary within a government, bloodshed occurs...

As it stands within this particular revolution, the Iraqi people will stand united with one another... That is not always the case within these types of situations... This is the way of the world we live in... Now as it stands, Saleh will be the one who receives the glory for ushering in a new day within Iraq...

As others have stated now PM Saleh met with President Trump about a month ago... Curious?... As Frank pointed out time, and time again, this could not fail... And as stable as the dinar remained during all of this, the powers that be were in control the whole time to ensure its success.. Again, all IMO...

Thanks Frank, and teams for all you do, and the terrific info provided for us... Watching this unfold has certainly been a roller coaster ride... One that I am personally ready to get off of, and try out another... Blessings to all, and God bless.. Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one...

Samson » November 29th, 2019

Hundreds flock to Tahrir Square to celebrate Abdul Mahdi's resignation

29th November, 2019

Hundreds of people from the capital Baghdad, on Friday evening, to Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, to celebrate the announcement of Abdul-Mahdi, his intention to resign from the prime minister. "Hundreds of people in Baghdad began arriving in Tahrir Square to celebrate the resignation of Adel Abdul-Mahdi," said Mawazine News.

Our correspondent added, "Tahrir Square witnessed massive celebrations and fireworks firing after Abdul Mahdi announced his intention to resign." Abdel Mahdi announced earlier in the day that he would submit to the House of Representatives the official letter of his resignation. LINK

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