Monday, September 30, 2019



JeanieP:  good morning all. All the wind is out of my sails. Feeling depressed since we got nothing. I have been in this for 6 years and feel tired of being disappointed. Does anyone have any words of encouragement?

Alf:  all I can say to you is that you're not alone here going crazy and being disappointed

FullSail:  WE are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, for the right reasons. TOO many variables from many directions along with not having ANY control over this other than our own efforts of being prepared, flexible, organized, level headed in mind & heart, keeping Faithful... Will prevail.

PamD:  For the discouraged....remember that Iraq cannot stay at that imposed rate forever. Gosh- they have mobile banking now!! We have seen SO much progress!! Their revaluation can’t be far!

Fullsail:  The Wind is Behind Us, we are under FullSail towards our goals, we have no control over the weather nor the winds, Our Rudder is Steady & True. Faith is Believing in things Unseen.

We are near our end in this Marathon. If you are holding foreign currency no matter when you acquired it, you have already done the heavy lifting, we simply wait for the finish line to appear & cross it successfully. Marathon winners focus on the finish line and Not any obstacles along the way. We are ALL already winners here. Stay the course.

Don961:  {Market Research}: We seek to protect the national product and reduce import

Monday 30 September 2019
Baghdad / Suha Sheikhly

 Safe consumption
Al-Bayati said that "the workshop came up with a set of recommendations calling for awareness of the Iraqi consumer, and the need to rely on the national product for consumption 
He pointed out that "through workshops, seminars and intensive meetings that we conduct based on the results of our surveys, we find that the citizen is finding a national product safer for health of the importer and that this product within the standards of quality control." In the face of the entry of any poor product to Iraq, "pointing out that" Iraq consumes 8 billion eggs a year at a time when we find our national product is a million eggs 
Al-Bayati called for "activating the work of a single window that will stand in the face of corruption, because directing the work of staff from all departments would attract more investments to  Country. "   LINK

Doodlebug:  Huh? What is that you said...."SINGLE WINDOW"? hmmm...isn't this interesting. You mean you are going to ACTIVATE something that best SERVES the needs of citizens and businesses?!? You mean, like the WIDELY used term "International Trade Single Window?!? Come on, I know you want to say it....!

Rommy:  For sure, the man behind the curtain can no longer hide.  Toto blew his cover a long time ago.

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