Sunday, September 8, 2019


Frank26:  ANY QUESTIONS ?  

Q&A and Fireflys report

Firefly77:  We received texts yesterday from our banks. Notifying us of a new retirement payment and that it is ready now and will be used on the new electronic card system .  They want those who have not set up their accounts to come in and take care of it

Once all of this is done they will get their payments electronically. Seems this is a final warning for all to get on board now because it is the only way to get paid.

We also see on TV that Bagdad is saying they stand behind the deal with Kurds and promise them they will receive 17% of the new budget…it still needs to be made into law, but they are showing Kurds and GOI smiling and being happy on TV.

F26:  Walkingstick told me they will have Delurue machinces and other machines during our exchange. Whatever machines they use will detect any counterfeiting of any currency . 

The Iraqi dinar is a new currency coming out and the new software in these machines recognizes the Iraqi dinar

Looks like everyone is ready 

F26: Tomorrow is the first working day for Iraq. They will be telling us all a lot tomorrow imo. 

F26: No youtube tomorrow……..I want to rest……so we will see you on Monday unless something big happens tomorrow. 

Streamed live 30 minutes ago

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