Monday, August 26, 2019


Kaperoni (Dinar Alert)

We do not want them to delete the zeros, because that's a LOP. What we do want is for the rate to increase. And the only reasonable means to accomplish that is via a float allowing the dinar to rise as investment comes into Iraq. Anything else does not benefit us....You cannot significantly RV the dinar with excess of 42 trillion in circulation unless you can significantly reduce the money supply first. Hard to do unless gradual.

...We don't want a redenomination/LOP. Those are neutral events. It's current rate is its real value. Unless they float the currency and let market forces set the rate. 


...in our forum we try to shoot for factual proof...that way there's no BS. After Kurdistan and Baghdad come into agreement on those items [HCL & Article 140]...what we're looking for is to see if they advance straight to the formation of the government or if they work on another task...that's gonna tell us exactly where we stand. If they move straight into the formation of the government that means there's nothing left. The stage is fully set and they're ready to change the rate. That's what we're looking for. Those facts will confirm everything for you. 

Don961 (KTFA)

"Economist: Reprinting the coin will reduce the burden of paper damage"

"With regard to the possibility of raising the price of the dinar against the dollar, Al-Okaili said, "The central bank is tired of a fiscal policy to keep the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar unchanged for not entering inflation."

Talking again...appears the CBI is tired of of holding the exchange rate steady/unchanged ...what do they have in mind?

Frank26 (KTFA)

...They did it again! They came back and and said, 'You know the coins? We're bringing them out. Here's why." Wow...everything is ready. It's been ready...The CBI knows that they're about to lift the zeroes. They don't need anybody talking for them anymore...The CBI knows what they are doing...when they are ready to talk they'll put out what we called the second article from the CBI...

...The interview that occurred today happened via an Iraqi newscast. It was an interview to be aired only inside of Iraq. It consisted of two big wigs...they met unexpectedly with the media...IMO I think it could be the Minister of Finance...and a board member of the CBI...they are going to replay this interview that you're gonna find out about tomorrow over and over and over again to give the citizens more and more understanding of what is soon to come to them in their currency reform...this interview is to explain the intent of the Central Bank of Iraq to add value to their currency for the citizens...I'm very very curious to see this interview tomorrow...the media has to release it. How is it that we got it? Our fireflies were there...


"Economist: The central bank follows a fiscal policy to keep the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar steady"

This sounds like a fixed rate to me. I can't imagine spending the amount of money coins will cost and not have an increase in value... 


First off we are at a great moment to receive this BLESSING on schedule I might say. All is moving along according to the actual and only plan. Securities are in place and on highest of alerts so are all banks and there personnel...All leaders around the world are pushing both this Global Currency Reset and this Revaluation scenario forward and so you know there is no delays no upsets and definitely no way back and this has been guaranteed.

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