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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s see where we are. We were really thinking we were pretty much right there Tuesday night, and we were pretty much right there. We have come a little bit closer since Tuesday. It’s Thursday night and I am hearing some very good things.

First of all Iraq was supposed to put their new rate in Gazette. We heard that a million times. However, they have not released it. It is probably in there. It should have been on the screens at 7pm last night and we are trying to verify the new rate for the Dinar is on the screens tonight because we know that brand new currency codes were entered late this afternoon, this evening so that all of the rates could be brought up as new and all locked in. So those codes have been entered

Bruce: Obviously, as I told you on Tuesday’s call, I probably hear more after the call to verify some of this, but we are looking forward to everything being locked and loaded so to speak and ready to go.

I do not like to call it. I don’t like to sound like I am calling half the time. I am not to do that, but I will say this. We have heard from all sources that we are looking at things getting cranked up overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. Now, here is what I say about that.

Bruce: now let’s talk about what you can do. When you get the proper accurate toll-free number from: bigcalluniverse.com or from an email that was generated from that which Bob gets his tech people to send out, we got around 30,000 emails or so that we are going to do it, a mass email. Maybe there will be more because there maybe people that register at the last minute to get that form of communication from us, from Big Call Universe.

So, if you are not registered on the site yet, just go to: bigcalluniverse.com and put in your email address and you will be registered. Simple as that, and you will “a member” of the Big Call. I like that. We have never charged anybody to do that, and we are not soliciting donations like some calls are. We just never felt that was our position in the community to do that. So, we are helping people with Sue’s great information about Neuroplasticity and Brain Science and everything else she brings. We are helping with nutrition, health and wellbeing that Bob brings. That is to hep the community.

My understanding is as much as I want to get this toll-free number right now, that once we get past 9:00pm and even 10;00pm at night, it is not going to happen that night. We are not going to get that number at night because there is no real benefit to that. We need to get it out in the morning so I can put it out and people can go ahead see it online or get it in an email and be able to move from there and set the appointments and begin to go in. I believe we are at that point since it is later on tonight already. It is almost 10pm on the East coast already. We have run out of clock for tonight.

Bruce: However, we understand that last night at President’s Trumps rally in Greenville, NC at USC about 25 minutes into his speech it wasn’t something we were going to hear, but our understanding is that our USTN, United States Treasury Note, some people shorten to USN, United States New meaning New Dollar, went privately live.

Meaning certain people, certain countries in certain aspects that new currency was in place. Have we found out about it publicly in terms of the general public? No. When will we? I cannot tell you when.

I do not know that because the money has been printed for awhile and continue to be printed. It is being sent out to Tier 1 Bank, Tier 2 Banks, and Redemption Centers and has been in a big way since last Friday. So, that is what a week now it has been going out of and going where it needs to go.

Bruce: You know we are going have the ability to get cash money USD or USTN at the Redemption Center up to about $6,000. I probably get $5,000. I do not need $6,000. I will ask for $5,000. That is just me, but you can get what you need. Maybe you need no cash. Maybe you are a no cash person at all. That is cool. That is no problem.

The Tier 1 Banks and the Redemption Centers that still have USD in $50s ad $100s will probably get rid of them. They probably get rid of them to us and they are spendable. We will spend them out. Then at some point we will probably be told take them if we have any leftover say you have $1000 in 100s USD, and you do not want to get stuck with that when the value is worthless or goes way down which it could drop significantly. Then you will be able to turn it into the bank, and they will just give you out the same amount of $1000 in USTNs, United States Treasury Notes. They will be asset back, gold back.

Bruce: My suggestion will be in case you go in the first day or day and half for your redemptions and you do get cash and happens to be in USD and not in USTNs, just get what you an spend in a couple of weeks. Do not get it to hold it. Now if you get USTNs and you want to hold some for a rainy day, go ahead and do that. That is fine. Go ahead and get those because they are gold backed and they should be worth what they are worth for a long time.

Bruce: So, when it comes to the release of the toll-free number mu understanding is as of now is they are staged. Meaning they are in position to be released. I know those in the Treasury have these ready to go, ready to come. Here is the situation.

Remember on Tuesday’s call I told you that there have been an operation where a number of former bankers previously in banking no longer in banking had put together a scheme to be able to pull Zim, Dinar, and Dong from people that were not really paying attention and took a number from the internet and saw a number from a social media and bit.

They saw that bait and they bit. Now, 1300 people were scammed under that deal. Now, I hope you weren’t one of them because half of those people when they were asked to give them these specific serial numbers on these bills, they provided those to the people. That is an absolute No No.

Bruce: Let me say this. I want everybody to understand this. They arrested 64 people that were perpetrators with bogus 800 numbers. 64 people arrested. Listen if you are one remotely involved with social media or talking on social media about currency or anything else like that, I am going to say you are not wise and you should stop it. You are not supposed to be putting any type of this information in that format. I hope you are not one of the 1300 that felled for it.

Bruce: Now, make sure when you call the 800 number If someone asks you even if they ask you how much currency you have, you do not tell them how much. They want to know which currency you have, not how much of each. If I were you, I wouldn’t volunteer it. Tell them you have Zim, Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, whichever it is you have. Just let them know what you have.

If anybody on the phone asks you for the serial numbers on any notes, hang up immediately and run away. Hang up and realize you have a bogus number. Now, if you are paying attention to the Big Call, to our website, and we will probably put the number out to one other common prominent website in the community. We are not going to scatter it all over the internet.

All it takes to go to one or two sites and say Okay that is the one we can trust. number from the Big Call. That is the one we can trust. That one is a good one. Because have they completely solved the possibility of someone putting out a different number or a bogus number? We hear they have, but you know what? Do not be surprised if other people come up with a different number. I mean do not be surprised.

I hope it doesn’t happen. I pray it doesn’t happen for us. I know that the number I get we will test to make sure it is legit and real before we put it out. Okay. So, you can rest assure if Bob has it on our website or we have it out on an email to you, it will be checked and doubled checked to make sure it is legit.

I do not want any Big Call listener especially you guys that have been faithful and listening up to 8 years on the Big Call to be deceived. Okay. I want everybody to be dream makers. Do not get in bed with the dream stealers.

Bruce: Alright. I think guys that we are very close. There is a window. We have heard about windows. We have heard about a timeline. We think we are I am going to say not overnight for us for the toll-free number. I am going to put myself out there in saying that. I would not be surprised to get the toll-free numbers sometime tomorrow morning. Let’s see what happens. I hope we get it. We set our appointments and we go tomorrow.

That is what I am hoping. It is not absolute. They may want to take appointments for a full day before you go in and redeem. I do not know that. My theory is if we get the numbers early enough which is by 10:30am -11:00am in the morning, early enough in the day, we can set the appointment and start tomorrow. Now, let’s see what happens. This is one of those things we literally have to wait and see what develops.

Bruce: We have been told timelines. We have been given times. We have been told days and times that have not come through, and sometimes we get a reason and sometimes we don’t. We got a reason why this thing has delayed for maybe the last 4 days. Some of it had to do with security. Some of it had to do with these bogus 800 numbers. I do not know. Maybe some of it had to do with not enough currency circulation with the Redemption Centers and the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks.

We believe everybody is ready. We believe they are all ready to go. We know the Redemption Centers are all ready. They are waiting for this to go like we are. They really are. They can’t wait to get this thing started and to get this over with to be honest. To be done with it. They are ready to move on with their lives just like we are. So, I do not want to deliberate it too much. I just want you guys to know,

Bruce: Yes, our projects like the person from Arizona who dropped by and saw Bob. That is the spirit that we want to see. We want to see people Sue is talking to who are interested in doing projects with us, yes. But the main thing even if you don’t want to work with us in the future and you just want to do your own thing or do your own projects, that is cool too.

That is perfectly okay. I am looking for up to 5,000 or more who want to partner with us in Rebuild America. I have a vision where you guys do what I am going to do with my team and work closely with Dr Ben Carson and see want the plan I with the Opportunity Zones and get with him and maybe make a real dent in 8,761 Opportunity Zones. Imagine if we can knock those out and still go into further communities or towns that might not be “Opportunity Zones” but might have an area of need. Might need some infrastructure.

Bruce: Now, when you go to your appointment, they are going to want to know about your plans for creating jobs. Job creation is sort of like Job Want. Longevity of your projects. How many years you envision this project to keep going? Hope it is 20, 50, 100 or multi-generational maybe 400 to 500 years into the future.

Of course, will you have plans to pass this project on if something were to happen to you and you didn’t make it for 500 years or didn’t make it for 80 years or 50 years could you pass that on? The answer is Yes. You want to have people in mind that you will be contacting. You do not need them today, but think about who could take your project and run with it if something were to happen to you and you were no longer here. Okay. Give that some thought.

Bruce: The other thing is how much money do you need in the first 6 months to get your project started? How much availability? How much money do you need? They are going to want to know that. They might want to know how much you project to need in the first 5 years. Kind of think about that. You can run some rough projections if you want. It just gives them an idea what it is you plan to do and how serious you are looking to get started and when. Okay.

Bruce: Now, we talked about do not worry about the rates. The rates are a secondary thing. Yes, you can influence the rate of the Zim that you earn based on your project presentation and what it is you intend to do whether it is your own project, whether it is working with our projects working with the Veterans. We got those two main projects, but guess what. The person that Sue talked with last night:

Are we going to do Healing Centers? Yes, you bet. In every rebuilt American city, town, and community. Yes, Healing Centers. We will also have that with our Veterans at our Veterans Retreats. Healing Center big time because not only we will be dealing with the approach to get these Veterans back in the fold to speak with their families, but you are talking about PTSD Counseling. You are talking about Neuroplasticity and Brain Science that Sue knows about with her Audios. Also, we are looking for Bob’s holistic approach from the standpoint of nutrition.

Bruce: Look how the military has tested the Keto Diet and wants to take our lead fighting forces to that Keto diet. That is Army Rangers, Navy Seals, our top armed forces. I wonder whether or not they may adapt that to the MREs, Meals Ready to Eat. They may change the MREs from a carb base MRE. So, when they are out there in the field as our fighting forces, they may get a better keto diet. Who knows they maybe looking into that. I sure they are. They may be looking into making those changes.

We have this open field that we are ready to sow seed into. We are going to seed people’s lives with a lot of finances, but not just throwing money at them, but also working with people. Working with them to achieve their dreams. To give them an opportunity for what we all have. Be thinking like that. That is the focus I got from Pastor Steven’s teaching tonight and from Sue the idea of seeding dreams. Seeding them. That is what we will be doing. Some will seed. Some will water. Some will reap the harvest. We are going to be doing all 3 of those.

Bruce: I just think, guys, obviously we are close. We are hearing great things of rates showing up, new rates codes being entered, and we should be getting started here very soon. I want to thank everybody for coming in tonight.

I want to thank Sue for being on the call with a great segment tonight. I want to thank Bob for a wonderful teaching tonight and segment. I want to thank Pastor Steven for a beautiful time of teaching and prayer. I want to thank all the Big Call listeners who are out there in Big Call Universe whether you listened live or on a replay with the number or the link.

Lastly, I want to thank Pinkroses for doing a beautiful job in transcribing the call and putting that out as call notes for everybody to read and get the short version of this call. Thank you everybody around the globe who is translating that into other languages.

Bruce: Thank you for listenership we have all over whether it is from Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, whether it is from Africa, whether it is in the Far East, the Middle East, or the East East. Thank you everybody for being so faithful.

We will be in touch with you by email. So if you want to be in communication with us in the future or you just want to know what is going on, make sure you register your email on our website which is: bigcalluniverse.com. Go there, put an email in, and get ready for us to email you not only the toll-free numbers when they do come out, but our future plans to work with us on any project, and any podcasts of additional calls that we do you will get that information by email. Thank you everybody for listening.

Thank you for being part of the Big Call for these 8 years. God bless you. We love you. Good bye.


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