Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"USN Funded Payouts" - Anonymous Intel Update , 17 APRIL

Order of Payouts funded in USN under UST Standards

Once started- all payments occur in a 72 hour period.

1. Thousands of Adjudicated Accounts with Fines & Penalties (Rates as Adjudicated)

A. Native Americans
B. Farmer’s claims
D. Prosperity Programs (About 300 — Omega, Hay Bale, JR, etc.)
E. St. Germain for the multitudes — distributed after Easter

2. Tier 1 and Tier 2 — Government projects (Sovereign Rates)

3. Core Groups = Whales, Dignitaries, Elites, Military (Negotiated Rates)
4. Tier 3 = Primarily SKR holders (Previously contracted Rates)

F. Flippers

G. Top 30 Paymasters (PMs)

H. Top 12 subgroups of the Admiral, MG Holdings, EPIC, etc.

5. Tier 4A = Contract Groups (Contract Rates)

- Includes Heritage Foundation and Rodriquez Trust

6. Tier 4B = Individuals — Individual 800#s (International Rates)

- Privately negotiated contracts i.e. Private RV Preparation Groups, Fiji, Shelton Leverte, and those tied to private contracts who notify participants of 800 #’s

7. Multiple 800#’s (Street Rates)

• Wells Fargo email list of 3 to 4 million (combination of smaller lists)

• Admiral Groups

• Anyone who calls one of the 800# sets an appointment

• The first 5 days for Zim with six zeros removed

• Currency Exchange appointments for up to 10 days

8. General Public (Street Rates)

• Zim rates are “zero”

• Currency rates fluctuate with the forex market

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