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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s start with Iraq believe or not. We got some stuff we can talk about with Iraq. Now, Iraq has some legislation that was passed and is going to be enacted tomorrow morning between 10:00 am -10:30 am tomorrow morning Iraqi time. That is a new series of banking laws. The new banking legislation is going into effect tomorrow between 10:00 am – 10:30 am Iraqi time. That is if I am still right on this, that is 8 hours ahead of the east coast. That would be between 2:00 am – 2:30 am in the morning EDT if my 8-hour margin is still correct. If I am not, adjust accordingly. Nether words overnight tonight for us. Most of us will be asleep. Some of you on the west coast might be thinking about going to bed at that time. Also, we are hearing that should be some what of a kick off for everything. Keep that in mind overnight tonight.

Bruce: Now what else? We had the Finance Minister from Iraq here in the United States I believe over the weekend. They did put some deals together with Master Card and Visa. I think that is important. That is really good. We know Master Card already had a deal with Refidain Bank, and it was the mode that the Qi cards were being used on. I always wondered what about Visa. It looks like Visa is getting in the game, and Master Card might be getting in deeper into the game with Iraq. That is really positive. So, I am thinking that is a really good sign for them to be moving forward in that area.

Bruce: Also, we are hearing that it is all going down before Easter, and the funds are now flowing. Now let me just say this regarding some funds that are flowing. About 4 days ago I think it was, we heard that there were some large tranches meaning transfers, large tranches of monies. I am not sure exactly where these were coming from. These could have come out from and I do not know this, they could have come out from the St. Germain Trust. I do not know. Because that is supposed to be open around Christmas and Resurrection Sunday every year. That is the two opportunities which those two are supposed to be available through the St. Germain Trust.

Bruce: I am thinking that could be a source for this, but picture this in your mind. Picture 164 trances of 33 zeros each. Nether words take a 1 and follow it by 33 zeros, and you know every 3 zeros put a comma like we normally would. That is 11 sets of 3 zeros after the number 1. That is a lot of guida. That is a lot of money. That turns into real money. Do that 164 times continually starting about I think 3 or 4 days ago. I do not know how many per day. Maybe funds are moving globally. I have a feeling it is not just to the United States of course, but it is globally. It maybe going what we use to call the Central Banks for each country.

Bruce: Remember each country is sovereign now, and they are on that new banking system with the Fintech and the Cips, and they are under Basel 3 or Basel 4 compliance. So, these funds are obviously are moving globally to take care and fund the various banks for these exchanges that we are getting ready for and for the redemption of Zim. I do not know exactly where they came from. I do not know exactly where they are going, but that is a pretty solid hunch on my part. That is a lot of money movement.

Bruce: We had some bigger funds of tranches in the past that you guys remember me mentioning on the Big Call. So, to create this additional money movements like this, it is a really good sign that we are about at the end of the road. I do not know how long it is going to take to get all those 164 tranches out. They might be doing 2 a day, 4 a day, 8 a day. I do not know. Maybe more, but that is cool it is moving in the right direction for us.

Bruce: Now in addition to that, we know that the rates are, I don’t like the word locked and loaded on the screens. I think there is still some flexibility on the rates, but they are on there. Now the Afghanistan Afghani will not be in the first offering just so you know, but it will still come out later. It will still come out later on. So just hold on to it if you have it.

Bruce: Now, the other thing is rates are going to be good. They are good. It is hard to know exactly to know what they are. We have a rough idea because they change and every once in a while we will get a rate on one thing, and not on the others. Then we will get a different currency and so on and so forth. So, we have a pretty good idea where we are going to be.

Bruce: I will talk briefly about this. When it comes to trying to arrange a contract rate or a privately negotiable rate, if you are a Zim holder my understanding is you are going to be getting the front screen rate on any other currencies. That is my understanding. Don’t shoot me if I am wrong but my understanding is if you are a Zim holder and you do have to put all your currencies on the table at one time for it all to go thru, verify, and count all of them. You cannot hold anything back and say: Okay now let’s do this one. Okay now let’s do that. Nope they want to see exactly what you have laid out. Then they will go thru and verify with the De La Rue Machine, verify and count it.

Bruce: So what I am saying is if you have a front screen rate on Dinar or Dong or something else and you are Zim holder, be more than happy with a front screen rate for those other currencies. Zim is a little different animal. It is going to have a really good front screen rate with the capability possibly negotiate it a little bit. Forget the numbers we use to hear a few years ago. Realize these are bonds. All you have to do is read what it says on the front of the bond that it is Payable to the bearer. These are bearer bonds, and that will take care of any questions about zeros. Do not worry about them. Don’t’ think twice about them. We have covered that before for years, and I have not waived in that at all. Keep that in mind. Just read what it says on the bond and you will be fine.

Bruce: Now, one other thing that Sue mentioned to me that she had some inquiry on was the concept of structure payouts. Personally, I love the idea of a structured payout. To me it signifies a constant rate of return on and this is for Zim holders. Okay remember what is Bruce note? I am not a CPA. I am not an attorney, and I am not employed by any bank. This is what I understand the situation to be. 

Bruce: My thinking is the banks really didn’t want to go into structure payouts. They were talking about 2-year payouts. My understanding now is because things do change and we do get new information every once in a while, out of the banks. My understanding now is they are willing to do a structure payout from 2 to 20 years on the Zim. That would pay a fix rate of interest which you will have to negotiate. I cannot say what that is. It is not super high. It is a peak rate. It is a reasonable rate of return.

Bruce: I am asking you to consider what your master account would be your so-called mother lode account would be with 1 or 2 notes or whatever you have. When you calculate that out and you say: Okay how much is that? You figure that out. Your calculator won’t go that high. Just do it in your head. When you do that you say: Man, I do not want to worry and this is me talking, I do not want to worry about investing all of that money. I only know how to invest in so many dollars. I do not know how to invest funds in tons and tons of USTNs. I do not know how not at that level, but the banks do. If the bank were to give me fair return which they will, and pay it out quarterly, and I would like to receive it quarterly. Not every month, but you can probably do that. Get it paid out quarterly. You can get it paid once a year which is annually or maybe twice a year which is semi-annually. I would prefer to have a number that I can work with every quarter, and I would like that opportunity for 20 years.

Bruce: I do not intend to let those quarterly payouts in interest, and now remember this is interest. The principal amount of the motherlode account is still in the master account which is creating the interest income. Okay? My personal goal is not going to be to touch that principal, because I just want to deal with investing in people’s lives, investing in humanitarian projects, investing in ministry. All of those things with the quarterly interest that is earned so that mother lode hasn’t changed. It is still there for 20 years.

Bruce: Then you say: Wait Wait Wait Bruce. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. What about compounding that interest back into the motherlode account? I do not want to do that. I am not interested in growing that initial motherlode amounts. I am not interested in that. I am going to take that interest income and dump it into a secondary account possibly with the same major bank. Could be with them. Remember these are only things I planning to do based on my research. It doesn’t mean you necessarily should do that, but this is what I am going to do. Then take some of that secondary account money and dump into a third account that you can actually gift from and invest in people’s lives from and fund projects with, and so on. It could be with the same bank. It could be with a different bank altogether.

Bruce: Now, one other little thing I want to bring up. When it comes to giving to organizations or to people what I am going to do is use an attorney to handle all giving. Now, if it is a $20, $50, or $100 tip here and there, that is different, but if it is any real money, I am going to utilize an attorney, a legal firm to do the giving. What I am saying is by doing it this way nobody that receives the funds really knows who the donor is, who the giver of that money is. Nether words, it is a way to keep it private, keep it anonymous. That is just something I feel we all need a certain level of security and certain people not knowing essentially where this money originated.

Bruce: Now that is just something you want to discuss with your CPA. You want to discuss it with your attorney, and see if it fits you. I have already done that, and that is how I am comfortable with the idea of giving. I don’t care whether it is going to a church. I do not care if it is going to other causes, humanitarian projects, veteran’s organizations, whatever. That way if they try to come back, they only see the attorney address, name, and so on. That is just something you might want to consider. 

Bruce: Beyond that, timing. I do feel things are moving out west. We hear this quite often. We know a lot of the groups are positioned with Pay Masters with funds in all of their accounts. We believe that the pass codes have been entered and they are ready for the go ahead. Essentially everything is ready to be put into group recipients’ accounts once they get the official go ahead. That is something that is forth coming, and I can’t tell you exactly when that is going to happen. We might see something overnight tonight in conjunction what is going on in Iraq. Might be some really positive things going down for us.

Bruce: I do feel like and this is another expression Bruce hates and is not going to use anymore: This is our week. Yes, I know. How many times we have heard that This is our week? That expression sounds like it could apply to us this week. I do believe we are going to be there before Resurrection on Sunday. I am excited. I know I have gone long on this call and I hope it has been valuable to you. I really feel these last-minute things we talked about are important.

Bruce: What I want to do is thank anyone who has listened faithfully to the Big Call for 8 years now, for my team beginning with Sue, Pastor Steven, Bob, and I like to thank Pinkroses as part of the team because she does transcripts of the call. A lot of times she transcribes it so well that people take it and have it translated into their own language and then put it out so they can read it. For example, like in Portuguese for Brazil. Other countries are doing it as well, I think. Some do a direct translation from Audio from the call live using translation software to put it in their own language. That is pretty cool too. Any way it gets to you I appreciate it, and I appreciate the reach we have had.

Bruce: You know I have been favored to receive the toll-free number for the Internet Group. We still do not know how many people if it is 6 million, 6.5 million or how many people that really pays attention to our call and to other things that are out there. I am happy to say that we will have this number and we will put it on our website which is: bigcalluniverse.com. Then of course Bob will make sure that the emails that go out to everyone that registered to the site will go out with the toll-free number on it so you will have it. We will also put it out on couple of other places online that you will be able to see it as well. I am sure this too will go viral very quickly. 

Bruce: I believe that is everything I want to bring to you tonight. Thank you again for listening. Thank you everyone out there for your support for the last 8 years in listening to the Big Call. I really wish the very best for everyone in this special Easter Season even though I all it Resurrection Day. Wish the best for everyone. I am very thrilled about the results of this past Masters that Tiger won. (Bruce discusses Tiger Woods how he set an example for us what can be done if we put our minds to it). I am thrilled he is going to be honored by the President, and I look forward to watching him compete for more major titles in the future. Okay I talked about golf. I talked about tennis. I talked about the Intel and I am ready to go. Thank you everybody again for listening. Good Night Everybody, have a great night.


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