Friday, April 26, 2019

"Farm, CMKX, Native Claims" by (Anonymous) , 26 APRIL

People posting on post about potential lawsuit in regards to.exchange do not really get it. The lawsuit has nothing to do with exchange it has to do with all the claims packages. Farm claims, CMKX claims, native claims and a host of claims that have already been legally awarded on paper by courts but never paid.

I talked to Mr. C this morning about a over 20 year farm claim we hold. Those claims were.said to be delivered to all parties..all claims in 3 days..and Friday is the last day in the 72 hour loop. 

If the claims do not show up at peoples doors then lawsuit.maybe filed for the claims. Not RV or exchange. 

While claim packages being released and delivered will release codes that will be introduced to.release money into claimants accounts once they get packages and get to bank.

This can lead to exchanges. All the people owed money by USA in the form of claims per courts and.rulings have to be paid up front before anything can move forward.

That is how it has been explained to me.

Would be nice if people could get.the story straight.

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