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Saturday UPDATE for March 2, 2019

Iraqi TV reports Parliaments' first session is rescheduled to Saturday, March 9, 2019. The vote/session that was SUPPOSED to take place on Monday, March 4 was already announced moved to Tuesday, March 5 and now gets shifted to Saturday? [Hmmmmmm?]

It is alleged that the Supreme Court informed that Parliament can vote on all ministries with the exception of Defense Minister due to it being under investigation.

Iraqi TV is reporting that the CBI is saying that a fully seated government is needed for full move to international status. Time Will Tell on that one too.


Lena:  So the CBI Gas stated the Iraqi government needs to be seated in order for Iraq to move to an international status. Hope that moves on since we find that is the issue.

Drofstewerdship:  Lena- have you forgotten that the prices are still being changed and that report from the government doesn’t mean they’re going to change them back to the previous prices?

CharlieOK:  Tony said on the last call that we don't have to wait until the ministers are appointed. He was looking for the rv before the weekend is out. It's as if Iraqi tv waits to hear the tnt call before another negative Iraqi article or tv statement is made. Ray and Tony have Confirmed an in country ri or rv. The ministers didn't have anything to do with that. There is very positive news about peace in Iraq, and various countries in the world are investing big money in Iraq.    

Tishwash:  don't panic you guys they said they would have the seats filled by march 17th so just do what we do best .... WAIT


Harambe:  Reuters Timeline: The rise and fall of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria https://reut.rs/2NBz8ow

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe Devaluation Sees Return of Market Sense, But Only ​Some https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-01/zimbabwe-devaluatio​n-sees-return-of-market-sense-but-only-some

Harambe:  AP News: Former Yazidi captives of IS reunite with families in Iraq https://apnews.com/0d7b2d26a5be46beb47a0773fb14ceee

Hoosiergirl » March 2nd, 2019

Another headline about Gold and the US Army!!! Looks like we are still doing some cleaning up!!!

US Army Takes 50 Tons Of Gold From Syria In Alleged Deal With ISIS

Don961 » March 2nd, 2019

A new financial crisis will hit the world's economies in 2020

Meekong » March 2nd, 2019

This article sure paints a portrait of gloom and doom.

It left out the part about President Donald Trump saving all of our allies' economies with world monetary reform. Any day now KFTA KONA!

This is what the International Monetary Fund has earmarked for the reconstruction of Baghdad

Special - NRT

The deputy governor of Baghdad Ammar al-Shibli, on Thursday, the volume of financial allocations by the International Monetary Fund for the implementation of service projects for the province of Baghdad.

Shibli told NRT: "The International Monetary Fund has allocated $ 1 billion and 200 million dollars for the implementation of sanitation projects in the province of Baghdad and the development of health institutions and hospitals."

He added: "These financial allocations will contribute significantly to the development of Baghdad and have an impact on the real service of the areas of the capital and its exclusion," pointing out that "there is coordination between the secretariat of the capital and the local government of the province of Baghdad to develop a plan to spend these funds correctly."

The member of the Committee on Integrity Parliamentary Taha Defend, yesterday during a statement to "NRT", the local government of the province of Baghdad, the disbursement of its budget for the previous parliamentary session on the paving of the streets of the districts and districts with the article Spice.

The Secretariat of Baghdad, last Tuesday, the launch of a plan to cover 8 residential shops within the district of the municipality of Rashid in the capital. link

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