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 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk about what is going on or what we believe is going on. Some of it is a little tough to get confirmation on now. Some parts have sort of dried up. Some of our sources have gone dark and it has been a little harder to get confirmation that we like regarding certain things. Let’s start with Iraq. We are not completely done. We think we are done with Iraq. We know that the Iraqi dinar was supposed to be pre-trading the night before last. Yesterday was Monday. That would have been Sunday at 6:15 pm EDT the Iraqi Dinar would have started pre-trading. We think it is continually trading, but possibly not officially on the screens. We know they had a pre-traded start rate in the $6.73 range. It was to go up from there as it was traded. It has been two full 24 hour periods plus that should have been taking place.

Bruce: You say, What about the Dong? The Dong was going to start pre-trading at one hour before the markets opened on Monday morning, yesterday morning. That would have been 8:30 am EDT that the Dong would have started pre-trading. Where are the values now? I couldn’t tell you. I could not say. What is interesting to me is the Vietnamese Dong is supposed to be as a result of China wanting it to be comparable to the Iraqi Dinar. Comparable. How do we define comparable? We believe it means within 5% of the Dinar. That is a tremendous value not only for the Dinar as it continues to climb in value, but the Dong to be comparable to the Dinar is way more than we all thought it could be years ago. That is a very strong contender if you will. 

Bruce: Now, what will be really be interesting is to see how the Iranian Rial comes in as a next door neighbor of Iraq, to see how close it comes in to the value of the Dinar. No, there is no contract rate on the Rial just so you know. Can’t really say what is going on with the Zim. I really haven’t gotten anything new on that. You bet it will be great whatever it is. It really won’t matter. It will be great. The other currencies I really can’t speak to you right now either.

Bruce: What we are hearing is regarding Iraq, you know they passed the HCL law, Oil and Gas Law. What that did was not only a certain amount of the profits or proceeds from oil and gas exploration in Iraq to go to Kurdistan and also to Bagdad, and so on to pay for the government, but the citizenry of Iraq and Kurdistan are also to be paid a percentage of the Oil and Gas revenue. That is part of the deal. The good news is as you know they have Qi (pronounced as the word: “key”) cards which they are paid on. The Qi cards, by the way there is a partnership between Mastercard, Chase Bank, and Refidain Bank in Iraq. It was a 50/50 partnership initially when Chase and Refidain were equal partners. I do not know what the actual percentage of the relationship is, but I know they still use a Mastercard for that purpose.

Bruce: Now they can have more than one Qi card. For example: Salaries, retirements, Government employees, Military, etc. can all be paid on a Qi card and have been and are continuing to be now. What is interesting is the Qi card that I am referring to will hold revenue from oil and gas from Iraq, and that will be available to use at the new rate for the Iraqi Dinar Thursday morning. Now that to me says something right there. That is pretty good. I believe that is important for us to understand. Okay. So as of Thursday morning can we put Iraq in a rear view mirror? Maybe. Except keeping an eye on what happens to the Dinar rate wise. I think so. We will see, but I think so.

Bruce: As far as what else is going on a lot has happened. I believe there has been negotiations between China and the United States to get certain things moving here in terms of payouts. Officially started yesterday or last night let’s call it. We know, for example, the Native American Claims have been settled. We know that the people who are making Farm claims have been notified. Not paid out, but just notified and their addresses verified. We know that the CMKX was supposed to be paid last night, but might just get paid out tonight, settled and paid out tonight. We know that the Cores have not yet been settled. We think the Core Groups may go and they might even go overnight. I do not know that, but if they haven’t gone yet, they could go overnight. Being positive. Really in my opinion, when that takes place, this is only my opinion, I believe the toll-free numbers could go alongside in evidence of the Cores being paid. I may be wrong, but to me that might be what happens.

Bruce: Otherwise, there is movement. Are we in a slow rollout? Yes, we are. Are we seeing progress to move us in the right direction? Yes. Is it extremely quiet from many sources out there now? Yes. They may be under gag orders or NDA or both and that may be the reason for it. We know that is the reason in some cases. 

Bruce: What about Prosperity Packages? They have been paid out to the people who are supposed to distribute those to the end recipients. We could look at them as Trustees in a sense. They have been paid to those people. Other words, they have what they need to take those Prosperity packages out to the various recipients. That is a “Go” signal. That is what that is. When they get the “Go Ahead”, they will be delivered by either Fed Ex or US Marshalls. Additionally, we know that Paymasters have been made liquid, have their release codes, and will be executing the pay orders when they receive the Go Ahead to do so. So, they have gone that far where they need the Go Ahead to be able to do those ledger to ledger transactions.

Bruce: Everything is looking like we are set on Go from this point on. Could this be our week? A lot of people think so. I couldn’t tell you if we are a day away or days away, but I believe we should have the result we are all looking for before the end of the week. I will say it that way. I am excited. Yes, I am excited as much as I have ever been because I see movement. I see progress. I see things happening. I see that even though we are rolling out slowly, we are moving and we are moving in the direction we want. Obviously, it takes patience to be on a ride of this length. It takes faith to be on a ride of this length, and it takes wisdom to know not to depend on this for your daily thrive or survival. It takes your ability to stay on your Plan A sort of like dance with the one who brought you until Plan B comes in to fruition, and we are able to see it, and receive it as a blessing. 

Bruce: That is what my Plan B stands for - Blessing, and we are able to move to our next level, next paradigm, and be getting involved in the type of projects we talked about whether your own projects, whether it is Rebuild America, whether it is working with our veterans. I need some volunteers to help me with Equine Therapy for our Veterans and Veterans families. If you are a horse person or you are connected to horses, we will have a complete call and team just for that. Iknow we have two to three out there that have expressed interest in the past to be part of that. That is cool. If you are someone involved with Canine Therapy, I call it Puppy Therapy, I love those puppies and dogs, that would be something we would love to have some help with also. I got the Kitty Therapy. I got that. Don’t worry about that. I just am kidding. I do not know if we are going to have therapy cats or not. We will see. They might show up. You know how cats just show up, and they know right away if you want them or not. I speak from experience.

Bruce: So, I am feeling really good about where we are right now. Even as recently as during this call I am receiving very positive information that things could be rolling here very shortly. I am just excited. I am excited. I really think we are going to have a really good week and weekend. So hang in there everybody. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for listening and being part of our team, because how much can I do by myself and with my team. I can do a lot. I can do a lot with my teams, but I would love to have my 5,000 Big Call volunteers that will help to do the kind of things that I will do throughout the United States.

Bruce: Why do you need 5,000? Because initially when I came up with Rebuild America I was thinking 50 states. Wonder if we could make a difference in 100 cities, towns, or communities. 100 per state. Wonder if each person took a city, town or community, not limiting yourself to one, but wonder if we could do that. Each person pick one city, one town, or one community to make an impact on, to rebuild, add new housing, to add possibly an addition onto a school, add a recreation center, to create healing centers, not hospitals. We got enough of them. We need places that people can feel like they are being healed. Unfortunately, the hospital experience is not a comfortable one. For emergencies, yes. You want hospitals for that. That is what you want. You want the good ERs. Go to the hospital for that. For healing, you know we are going to try to create a more receptive environment for healing. Maybe we will do that with clinics or healing Centers. I think with what Bob knows, Sue knows, and even what I know we can do that.

Bruce: So that is something we can do as far as Rebuild America. Remember this is about jobs, creating employment opportunities, improving infrastructure and creating longevity with our projects. This is not a flash in the pan. This is not a one year, two year thing. This is something that should go on 10, 20, 50 years, whatever it takes, even indefinitely. The funding will be there to support it which it should be. Shouldn’t have any trouble with that. 

Bruce: So, I am excited. You can tell I am excited. I am just champing at the bit. We all are kind of like race horses being queued in, ready to go at the starting gate. I am with you. Let’s just see happens, and see whether or not we even have a call Thursday. We could have one, a regular or a 25 minute Celebration Call. Let’s see what happens. Everybody have a great Hump Day tomorrow. Let’s see what transpires. I am excited. Thank you, Sue. Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Pastor Steven. A wonderful team. Thank you to all the Big Call listeners out there from Big Call Country all the way out to Big Call Universe.

Bruce: Remember our website is: bigcalluniverse.com. Remember praise reports and prayer requests go to bigcallministry@gmail.com. Thank you everybody. I appreciate you. Thank you for tuning in, and let’s see what happens between now and Thursday, as always, God Bless you. Good Night Everybody. God Bless you All.


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