Friday, March 15, 2019

Ltda Meridiana - Exchanges Begin 3/18/19! 3/14/19, 15 MARCH

Yolanda Perez nateras

[16:09, 14/3/2019] 

NO COINS OR BONUSES are received.
It is not necessary, everything is registered and what this is what runs, no longer can be presented, that is why the officers or accept nothing new, unless it increases a fork that is already registered.

Release codes are scheduled to enter tonight Thursday March 14th and currency changes will begin
Monday 18 March 2019.
Bonuses will be below. Once the codes are released, the most accurate schedule will be known.

Annie is in Reno with Attorney Rivera Cruz and an accountant. They called all of the private groups of p.r.


Yolanda Perez nateras
00:01 AM

Yolanda Perez:
This is practically cooked

I have a friend who is in Reno and tells me that that is collapsed that believes there are more than 60 thousand people there

Let it be released, waiting for turn only.


Yolanda Perez nateras
18:43 PM

Hi update: we are still waiting for packages to be delivered to reach 70 %. the cmkx have not received theirs yet.
Q mentioned that the arrests have begun. We have brexit... and the world is agitated. Things are happening slowly. That
Accelerate and accelerate once the packages are delivered. We have the ides of March on the 15. th the ides of March is a
Day of the Roman calendar that corresponds to March 15 ... in 44 BC, it became notorious as the date of the
The Murder of Julio Caesar, who turned the ides of March into a turning point in Roman history.
We're still in mercury retrograde. I think March 15 will be a turning point for us!

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