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MilitiaMan:  I am seriously looking at this with my eyes wide open.

The final accounts at a specified time to activate collections, electronic payments and the adoption of a new accounting system with new standards in regard to the 2019 Budget Law.

Now it seems interesting they use the wording budget law to reduce.. Well are they not going to reduce three zeros form the exchange rate? Surely hope so.

They decided to adjourn until Thursday. Dind't we see more muddying of the waters with the Interior and Defense ministers?

Sure looks like they ave a specified time in mind for to finalize the accounts . Again, all eyes in the boat!  ~ ~MM

The House of Representatives ends the discussion of the draft law on financial management and raise its meeting Thursday (expanded)

Editorial date:: 2019/3/12 16:27 • 341 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives in the third session of the second semester of the first legislative year in the fourth parliamentary session, chaired by Mohammed Halbusi, the President of the Council, on Tuesday, discuss the draft law on financial management submitted by the Finance Committee.

"In the interventions of deputies, the claims focused on adding a paragraph to oblige the government to submit the final accounts at a specified time and activate the system of collection and electronic payment, and the adoption of a new accounting system to develop new accounting standards, in addition to the request to amend The proportion of reserve in the budget law to reduce, and reconsider the provision of the Minister of Finance wide powers in the law, and obtain the approval of the House of Representatives some of the articles. "

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Council, Bashir Haddad, stressed the need for deputies to submit their proposals on the draft law in writing to the Finance Committee for the importance of the law, which regulates all financial, legal and service aspects, noting that the committee sent a copy of the draft law to the Ministries of Planning and Finance to make its observations.

The Council postponed the discussion of the draft law of the first amendment to the law of the Fund for the recovery of Iraq's money No. (9) for the year 2012, and the law of amending the Companies Law No. (21) for the next year.

Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting until next Thursday, 14/3/2019.



MilitiaMan:  We talked about capital movement. Look a this from today..They increased their capital by 150%. I notice the theme of late. Alaq apparently postponed the Investment Banks actions back in December 2018.

We find out today they raised the Guardianship on the Bank today, but, it was actually done on the 5th. Then on the 6th and 7th they had a investor conference that spoke of capital movement via the ISX.

That is they day they say at the 17:00 minute mark they have Custody through a CSD to reassure investors. Now here we see the results out of the conference imo.

The Islamic Bank reassured their stakeholders they are secure with the ISX and raised their capital by 150%. Is this the start of the ISX new beginning? The re birth if you will? Imo is sure looks like it! Oh ya!  ~ MM

"EGX announces the launch of trading on the shares of the International Islamic Bank 12/03/2019 The Iraqi stock exchange, on Tuesday, announced the launch of trading on the shares of the International Islamic Bank, stating that the capital of the bank increased from 100 to 250 billion dinars. " trading on the shares of the International Islamic Bank (BINT)was launched at the session on Tuesday 2019/3/12 after the decision of the general organization held in "2019/3/7," and the company's capital increased from (100) 1 billion to 250 billion dinars, according to article (55/i) of the Companies Act. "The price indicative will be (1.000) dinars," the ASE added."


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