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blackgold   BAGHDAD — Since the American-led invasion of 2003, Iraq has become one of the world’s top oil producers, and China is now its biggest customer.

China already buys nearly half the oil that Iraq produces, nearly 1.5 million barrels a day, and is angling for an even bigger share, bidding for a stake now owned by Exxon Mobil in one of Iraq’s largest oil fields.

“The Chinese are the biggest beneficiary of this post-Saddam oil boom in Iraq,” said Denise Natali, a Middle East expert at the National Defense University in Washington. “They need energy, and they want to get into the market.”

Woke AF    Yaasssss!

blackgold   somebody is making a bunch of money and it ain't us
Woke AF   And you know, we just passed Saudi in oil~

blackgold   oh well, keep looking for security and stability in Iraq,lol

blackgold   yea right

Woke AF   It's there, they lying~  Woke AF   https://dougcollins.house.gov/strzok
Woke AF   Enjoy!

https://saraacarter.com/report-mueller-may-be-wrapping-up-as-pitbull-weissmann-to-step-down/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Report: Mueller May Be Wrapping Up, As “Pitbull” Weissmann To Step Down

Andredinero   Iraq and Saudi Arabia set the date of opening the port of Arar

3/14/2019   (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Iraqi and Saudi sides set a date for the opening of the border crossing between the two countries.

This came during a meeting between the head of the border crossing organization Kazim al-Aqabi and the Saudi Minister of Trade and Investment Majid al-Qasabi and his accompanying delegation on Thursday.

"A number of axes have been discussed, the most important of which is the necessity of working to provide all the necessary requirements to open the Arar border port by the deadline in October, and to emphasize the need to complete the customs procedures and move to the application of the window," a statement from his office said. Trade exchange ".

He added that "Al-Kasabi expressed the Kingdom's readiness to provide technical and material support and bear all the material costs necessary to implement the window of trade exchange.

He stressed the punishment of "Iraq's desire to be the arena of trade exchange on the Iraqi side and to provide job opportunities for the people of Karbala and Anbar provinces."

The Minister of Trade, Saudi Arabia, expressed readiness of the Kingdom to establish a trade exchange area provided that this square is established in accordance with international standards


Andredinero   Al-Rashed announces the granting of loans to buy cars without a sponsor

3/14/2019   Economy News / Baghdad ..  Al-Rasheed Bank announced that it has granted loans for the purchase of cars without a sponsor, pointing out that the loans do not include production cars.

The bank's media office said in a statement that the bank had decided to grant loans to the employees of the local government departments and their salaries with the bank loans for the purchase of cars and vehicles without a sponsor.

The office explained that the instructions included all the conditions for the grant, including that the applicant for the loan employee on the permanent owner and holder of the card Nakheel exclusively received his salary under the card and that there is no other loan for the purchase of cars from our bank has not yet paid, indicating that these loans do not include production cars.


Andredinero   The reconstruction of Iraq at the table of officials and businessmen in Vienna

3/14/2019   The Austrian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy in Austria and the Austrian Association of Engineers, organized a forum of 70 experts, engineers, businessmen and government officials from Austria and Iraq,

as well as a number of parliamentarians and experts from Europe and Canada and representatives of the United Nations (UNIDO) to discuss the most important engineering and economic aspects that help in the program of reconstruction of the city of Mosul and ways to ensure the active participation of the Austrian side in the reconstruction projects through the development of clear plans with the Iraqi side.

The Forum was opened by Dr. Richard Schintz, Chairman of the Austrian-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economy, welcomed the guests in which he recognized the importance of holding the roundtable meeting and the desired goals by taking advantage of the available expertise and capabilities.

Goofus   Andredinero get a life.

Andredinero   Goofus my life is with you guys thank you
Andredinero   Soon .. The law of “expulsion” of US forces .. Sadr alliance declaresSoon .. The law of “expulsion” of US forces .. Sadr alliance declares 
Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 12:18 pm  Follow-up / Sky Press

Iraqi media reported that the alliance of Fatah led by Hadi al-Ameri and others led by Moqtada al-Sadr, reached the drafting of a bill that allows dealing with the US presence in Iraq.

According to the media, the bill on the amendment of the security agreement between Iraq and the United States strategicagreement, which prohibits its forces or any US forces to be on the ground in Iraq.

However, the Iraqi government, led by Adel Abdul Mahdi, made a request to emphasize that training and logistical support provided by the United States to the Iraqi army and police is not compromised, which was left to him until the House of Representatives discusses the law and votes on it.

It is scheduled, according to the MP, the alliance of Badr al-Zayadi, the vote on that law very soon, with the expectation of the majority approval to expel US forces, whether land, air or sea on Iraqi territory.


Andredinero   Donald Trump just made a speech about the brexit
Andredinero   https://youtu.be/dn_fmigauiU

Andredinero   Ok bye for now have a great day you guys

Baxter   I mean... this country is 22 trillion in debt.... what is another measly 5 billion..
Clay   sick

Dave   Baxter still the richest country in the world......

Baxter   I know... crazy isnt it 

Baxter   thats why I keep thinking... this GCR may be real... there are so many countries that are bankrupt... riots everywhere...

Clay   scarey

Baxter   venezuella is flat broke..

Dave   Baxter where

Clay   Europe too ​

​Baxter   Look at the UK?    they are broke

Clay   Greece

Dave   Baxter riots?

Baxter   yes... look at venezuella..    riots everywhere

Clay   and Greece

Dave   Clay greece taxation optional...HEHE

Baxter   venezuella is one of the richest oil countries in the world.... flat broke

Clay   banks were closing and taking peoples $

Baxter   look at zimbabwe... flat broke

Dave   Baxter lol

Baxter   can you imagine 50 billion per cent inflation

Clay   Bax the elites stole the $ in Ven

Baxter   I know

Dave   Baxter maybe once they see the gcr they will be rich over night

Baxte rIt may be real... I dont know  so many stories... who do you believe

Clay   people in Ven dont have food or water supposently

Baxter   nope.. no electric

Clay  that too     sad

Baxter   ANDRE is just a newbie... we were all like that once

Portmagaland   Did I just read that Baxter might think the GCR might be real, I love you Baxter!

Baxter   Portmagaland I said.. I dont know

Andredinero   Portmagaland well GOD say the bible say if they ain't against us they with us and every deed soul could be save so they ain't going to go hard at her no more she got to her senses I forgive her

Dave   < Young SC hows Steve?

Young SC   FRANK 26 stated numerous times that the 3 zeros were deleted electronically not physically on DEC 28 2018 hmm i wonder if that is true?

Andredinero   ISX I already prove it I could show it again matter fact I'll send you guys both website to log in but not the REVALUATION OF THE MONEY IITS NOT DONE YET THEY WANT TO BE LIKE THE US BUT A LITTLE BIT BETTER

Dave   Heck iam from canada.....we do not get Fox news.....far socialisic for that   just CNN

Andredinero   Young SC https://english.mubasher.info/markets/ISX ​
Andredinero   Website number 1 it have all markets information
Andredinero   Sign up free and then logg in

Portmagaland   CNN has contract for all airports

Young SC   Andredinero what are you showing me?  Explain it please   468.66?

Portmagaland   Please Andre, somehow your math turns that website into like $4 U.S.
Portmagaland   I'm happy with a dime

Dave   Portmagaland i used to give math tutorials here

Portmagaland   Ok dave use your math and turn Andre's erblink to $4, please      We blink

Andredinero   Young SC ok they have a stock market and they need to revalue their money that's why ISX WENT ON NASDAQ BECAUSE NOW IT'S FINALLY INTERNATIONAL ON THE STOCK MARKET PRICE BUT THEY HAVEN'T GIVE THEIR money value yet -- that's why I've been saying only 1% LEFT and that's the CBI to revalue the money of having it's worth like 4-6$ but they stated the ISX with 4$ because their market price they want to skyroeckt it like bitcoin did when they first started

Andredinero   Portmagaland
Andredinero   Website #2

Young SC   Sorry i dont mean to be rude but how do you know this Andre

Tebow   Beny your English is terrible along with your math. $4 right where? :laugh

Young SC   Tebow lol  Andre where are you getting the 4 6 dollar frame from

Andredinero   Tebow hahaha  I'm not beny Tebow ok ask mod zig Doug Mr Brando the DR. All the old geez to explain what the stock price they seeing mean it's not me it's coming from ISX AND Iraq itself and nasdaq or ask whitelions

Andredinero   Tebow I use to get straight As in math the reason I send it it's to show most of the GURUS just speaking stuff to existence I'll expect that any day then some one discouraging your especially when the end it's almost finish

Young SC   Andre im trying to figure out how you are getting that rate

sandyf   @Sam I Am sandyf I think it's much more likely that Tant was talking about the market rate in Iraq rather than the official rate decreed by the CPA or CBI
I can only assume you did not bother to read the transcripts. ​
​sandyf   @blackgold Most don’t know what a GCR is or for, but the big banks do the crap will hit the fan one day and people will be shocked

The people were not shocked last time, only the banks, but that may depend on the form it may take.

In October 1967 Harold Wilson devalued the GBP from $2.80 to $2.40(14%) and at that time the GBP was still the mostly widely used currency for foreign exchange holdings. Every country holding GBP had to adjust its value effectively causing a global currency reset.

Those that dismiss the idea of a GCR should consider the effect of a significant change in the USD. We live in volatile times and everyone should keep an open mind.

Sam I Am   sandyf I read them years ago. Probably back around 2012.

Andredinero   Young SC but you right there looking at it
Andredinero Young SC   idk how better can I explain I'll see can I find a video who explain it way better about stock market price etc....

Andredinero   You will need it come I'm going to GIVE your the new CRYPTO currencie market link when this finish to earn free curencie in your wallet before it gets to stage 2

Dave   DOH....whats crypo

Young SC   sandyf sam does not read anything clearly when it goes against his views as Dave
Young SC   Ask*
Young SC   LOL@2012

Dave   exchanging at the forex whoopow

Portmagaland   Do andre you saying one day we are going to go to bed and when we wake up the ISX is going to be at 2,000?

Andredinero   Portmagaland well I'm not saying it would skyrocket that fast but it's different from the CBI

Portmagaland   That sounds crazy, crazy like going to bed and Gore was our Preident, then I woke up and Bush was put President. Sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Tebow   Beny, Bitcoin is fake money!  Beny Bitcoin ATMs don't exsist

Andredinero   So when Iraq finish and fulfill all those 4 links I promise I will send it and it would be 3rd party with bitcoin ATM or have their own ATM when it skyrocket that new currencies that's when it get to stage 2 and they finish IT right now it's still at stage 1 that's why you  could earn free coins and soon Iraq finish I would send it you earn free coins by taking the task   And watch free video etc....

Young SC   Andredinero what??

Tebow   Beny There are NO Bitcoin ATMs

Young SC   What does bitcoin have to do with this???

 Sam I Am   LOL @ bitcoin ATM
​ Andredinero   Young SC you miss it this morning I had promise the group 4 links I will send them to keep the wealth and riches going soon Iraq finish while they keep investing to save earn (BITCOIN etc...) and travel while earning also just GOD 1st and more wealth legit

Andredinero   Sam I Am so bitcoin don't have their own ATM ? YOU REALLY LOST IT

Sam I Am   Do they really have bitcoin ATMs?

Tebow   Sam I Am yes Sam you lost it! LOL
Sam I Am   I mean it just sounds so silly

Andredinero   TWWIII matrix it's us I feel like we all unique here and everybody have their own fake name and never know who you talking too or who's watching it's a world from the world we live outside in

Andredinero   Sam I Am I'm part of BLOCK chain you want me to show the map around the world for bitcoin ATM ? NO PROBLEM I DON'T MIND AND PLUS I JUST SEND A VIDEO OF IT

Sam I Am   Andredinero I'll look into it   I mean, bitcoins are virtual  you can't pull them out like bills    Not a big believer in cryptos, but I will concede that people have made a lot of money with them

Tebow   Sam I Am nothing backs crypto currency

Sam I Am   true
John   True but nothing backs the USD
John   fiat currency
John   Fed Reserve just Prints it

Sam I Am   Actually there are a lot of things that back the USD

Andredinero   Sam I Am you not believer in anything by the way but do you know what's fiat money and this is the pictures it's actually 4 
Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/my2ssw

Sam I Am   but we're not on a gold standard style system of asset backed currency

Tebow   Our currency is called fiat money. Fiat money is regulated by the government through the Federal Reserve.

Andredinero   Sam I Am did you know that Iraq and Saudi Arabia was already part of BLOCK chain ?

John   "Federal" Reserve Just prints it = Inflation

Sam I Am   John I thought the Treasury did that

Andredinero   John Yes you guys are right it's digital that get print into paper money just like bitcoin but the difference is they say bitcoin is gold backed and fiat is not but fiat it's abusive authority for socialism
​John   Inflation is the most unfair tax

Tebow   Sam I Am yes

Andredinero   Sam I Am https://prntscr.com/my2srn

Tebow   Andredinero Bitcoin backed by NOTHING!

Andredinero   Tebow yes but that's what they call gold backed they say

Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/my2sq8        Picture 3

Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/my2sq7      Picture 4

John   The "Federal" Reserve is who prints money - They have nothing to do with the Gov. See "The Creature from Jekel Island" Book - "Federal" Reserve founded in 1910 started in 1913
Andredinero   Tebow lol you with your beny you do that just for me to reveal my name and I say nope when everything finish I will

John   Basics of The Banking Scam
Andredinero   John yes they do they was hand picked by the gov because they need it some one to control the money just like they hand picked Mueller you really need to watch the 4 horseman or do more research of the lies they taught the world
John   Fallen Angels Evel is the Fed Reserve
Andredinero   The 4 horseman great documentary
John   Banksters
Andredinero   John https://youtu.be/4JQn5i_ogpw
Andredinero   That's it right there
John   Sorry to let you know we have been lied to
Andredinero   The 4 horseman
Andredinero  To be different from the rest of the world and right now we at 16% that's 5-8million people from the billions of this world

John   If mainstream pushes it then its a lie 98% of the time

blackgold   If bitcoin is back by nothing, so is our credit cards and our checks

Johnblackgold    True

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