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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. The blessing what Bob was referring to is our ability to redeem Zimbabwe bonds and exchange certain exotic currencies here in the very near future that will create a tremendous amount of wealth especially from the Zim bonds and that will be something that will allow us to benefit humankind in beautiful ways. We have humanitarian projects that we wish to begin in the United States and eventually around the globe, and not in the too distant future. Now we will go into information that we have been receiving that will benefit those who have been on this ride for quite awhile. We are going to talk a little bit about what is happening recently since our last call last Thursday night.

Bruce: I am sure the State of the Union address tonight by President Trump is going to be an important speech. It may not include sort of the things I had suggested on Thursday call which I would have loved to have seen. It probably won’t make any mention of Nesara. Probably won’t even mention the new financial system which we are on. I do not believe as much as I like to hear it, I do not believe it will mention any of our gold back USTN which is United States Treasury note. When we talk about USTN what is that? We are use to the dollar. Well, it is the dollar, but it is not a fiat dollar. It is backed by gold and other precious metals and other assets. It is called USTN’s because on the bills is United States Treasury Note. I personally have not seen the money. I know it is in the banks, at the Redemption Centers, and it is ready to be dispersed. 

Bruce: We know the USTN is live as well because toward the end of last week, I believe it was Friday, there were 123,410 exchanges done on Military bases in the United States and globally. 18 bases in the United States and about 16 or 18 bases globally. Our military, the US, have exchanged. They completed it in a day and half. It didn’t even take 48 hours. That was very positive. I am glad that occurred. Just for the record Steven Mnuchin, our Secretary of the Treasury, made the decision last Tuesday a week ago from today, that all currencies will be allowed to be exchanged on the bases. This is for active military or very recently discharged military. As we were told originally this would be only for the Iraqi Dinar and Afghanistan Afghani that would be exchanged wounded up also the other currencies. Good for them. 

Bruce: Beyond that to go beyond where we were there have been additional exchanges going on of a few areas that have been individuals not part of any Group. Individuals which we call private. This has occurred through a number of different banks, different parts of the country, and we are at the point right now we are expecting the release of Tier 4 Group A which are part of the groups based out west and Tier 4 Group B, which is the so called Internet Group or the Informed which the banks call it. Those who are listening to the Big Call. Those who are reading the blogs and listening to other calls, and so on. They are staying up and keeping up with the currencies themselves.

Bruce: The information over the last couple of days has been relatively little because whereas we have a number of sources that comes from banks, financial groups and institutions, and other providers most have gone entirely quiet. Not only true for me and my sources, but I am sure it is true for about everybody else out there. As hard as it is to say this it is really for our benefit and it is a positive thing that it is going so quiet or dark which we like to say. It is going dark. People who have been able to say a few things here and there basically under a gag order. Either they are under an NDA or a gag order and they have been asked to stay that way. That is a very positive sign for us.

Bruce: We have some very good indication we are just about to receive the toll free numbers that I can receive and put out to the listeners of the Big Call and everyone in this Internet Group community. I have already planned a strategy to assimilate that information. As I have mentioned we will put them on the landing page of our websites: thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com. Really when you are end of the ride and it comes to a stop and the bar lifts up you just go WOW that was really an incredible ride. That is about what we are going to say. It is going to be an interesting next few days. We know Redemption Centers have schedules to exchange basically around the clock and redeem Zim bonds around the clock for the next 12 to 15 days. That is going to be very positive. 

Bruce: I know that the rates have continued to rise slowly even from yesterday until this morning at 3am. We got good indicators of a slightly increase of the main ones we tend to follow. I think in this particular case if you are going to be looking for a front screen rate there is no hurry because the rates are going to continue to go up. However, no one really wants to wait. I understand that. There is no sense in it. You need to go in and get exchanged and get that done. What we will do is take some time to go thru our exchanges and regroup. We will have a get-together with some of our principals. We will be putting together our strategy for future humanitarian projects which you know are the two biggest are Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network. Those two plus others we will strategize and put together our templates for those, and let our listeners know by email to those that have registered on our new website: bigcalluniverse.com. All you have to do is go there and register with your email. 

Bruce: Those who email will be contacted with the toll free numbers. I say numbers because we should have one to use for Canada, one to use for the United States, and one for Mexico as well. If you are outside of those areas for example and you are a new listener from Australia or New Zealand, you got HSBC would be your No. 1 choice wherever they are worldwide. HSBC. If you prefer to use ANZ Bank, Australia New Zealand Bank in Australia, you can do that. Primarily in the United States all Tier 1 Banks that have a currency Redemption desk will be able to help you. Although HSBC is going to be over all the various exchange centers which are totaling over 7,000 across the United States. HSBC is your lead bank, and with partnering with Wells Fargo, and of course Chase Bank, Citibank, and B of America are there also going to be there in those centers. Some of them are going to be in Tier 1 Banks. Some will be in separate buildings. Some will be even at an adjacent or annex by those Tier 1 Banks. The main thing is the area will be very secured.

Bruce: If you are a Zim holder and you call in to the toll free number you want to give them the fact if you have Zim as your first currency even though it is really a bond, and they know that. That way you will get steered to by your zip code to the Redemption Center that is a Zim Redemption Center in your zip code area. That is what will happen for you. If they can not route you as a direct connection to that Redemption Center which most of us will have, they will give you another phone number to call you to get to that Redemption Center. That is how their Phone Centers are set up. We have 6 basic zones in the United States. That is how they decided to do it. As we understand it, the start time for us in let’s say in the time zone of the East coast will be the same as it will be in the Central time or Mountain Time or Pacific time Zone, Alaska, Hawaii. If it were to be 2 o’clock on the East Coast, it will be 2 o’clock Central time. It will be 2 o’clock Mountain time. It will be 2 o’clock in California which is Pacific time. You read me? It will be the same time to start is my understanding, the same time in each time zone. That is my understanding the exchanges will be with appointment time starting at the same time in each time zone. That is not complicated. You guys get what I am saying.

Bruce: I am going to encourage you to be excited. Really what they are looking for you if you are a Zim holder is for you to be confident, coherent, and fluid in your presentation about your humanitarian projects whether you are going to partner with us on the Big Call with Rebuild America or if you are talking with working with Veterans with Veterans Retreat Network. Whatever you choose to do. If you chose to partner with us, we are not looking for your money. We are looking for you to do is to essentially duplicate the concept of what we are going to do with the Rebuild in the cities, communities, towns that I chose to do. 

Bruce: You guys ask what is the Template. What is Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and so on? You say oh I get it. I see how he has that laid out. I get how I can do the same with some of my funds in my area, my city, my town, or my community. I have asked for 5,000 volunteers in the United States for Rebuild America. Tentatively planning on 100 cities, towns, or communities in each of the 50 states. Will Hawaii need 100 towns or communities? I do not know. Will Alaska? May not. In general the idea is to make a real difference in major cities, inner cities, small towns, rural areas, and we are going to have plans for each of those areas. I think you will be amazed what we can do as a team from the Big Call. If anybody else wants to come in and partner with us in that way, you will find out about it and we will let you know. We are not going for notoriety. We are not going to puff ourselves up in anyway. If any thing we are doing the exact opposite and try to do it on the down low. Literally do it without our left hand knowing what our right hand is doing. That is how we were told to give and that is how we plan to give. I know you read what I am saying. 

Bruce: Without additionally saying anything, I think we are at a great time to conclude the all tonight. I want to thank everyone for listening especially the new people that have come on around the globe. I want to thank Pinkroses for doing such a beautiful job in getting the call information out about the early call to everyone in a great way. I want to thank my Big Call team for just being here and being faithful for about 4 years now. Thank you Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven for being so vitally important about the popularity and the benefit of this call helping spiritually, holistically,health, mind body and spirit in addition to the intel that we bring. Thank you everybody for listening to the Big Call tonight wherever you are it is you are located around this beautiful globe of ours. We will talk to you when we talk to you again. Good night Everybody.


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