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 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. This is one of these things where we got a little bit of information. We had thought that things were moving through. We had possibilities we thought of it going today. Let’s start with Iraq. Sometimes we start there and see what they are doing. Iraq is at the point where they are finally going to activate their ATM machines. At least their intentions are to activate them on Saturday. So that would mean the ATM machines will be able to take Iraqi dinar, USTN, our new dollars, and be able to convert those also to Iraqi dinar also. That is really cool. That is supposed to start on Saturday, and we will see how that comes out. Otherwise, I think the oil and gas law is to be put into action and into law I believe it is either Sunday or Monday. That is supposed to take place. I believe the voting is done on that. It has been done for weeks now, but as far as implementation of that law is coming up to where it should occur Sunday or Monday in Iraq. Their ATMs are line up and ready to go. 

Bruce: Our ATMs are ready to go with our new software to work with our USTNs. In some areas where there is an Iraqi population they do have some ATMs will work with Iraqi dinar here in the United States as well as the US Dollars. Also there are some ATMs along the Canadian border that will be set up to handle Canadian dollars as well as United States Treasury Notes, our new dollar, and that is pretty cool. All of these changes are taking place to get ready for what it is we are looking for which is our blessing, the redemption for us the Zim which is a bond as you know by now. It is a gold back bond payable to the bearer which says on the bond which means it is a bearer bond gold back. It is quite valuable as you know. 

Bruce: Other than that, let’s talk about screen rates today. At the banks the rates were up on the front screens, but down on the back screen this morning. Yet later on this afternoon they came up on the back screen, and also they started populating on the UN Operational Rate page and on the IMF Rate page. So those come up and should be good with our new rates for these many currencies we know and talk about, and should be applicable tomorrow, February 15th, be the effective date for the rates that are populating now. The UN Operational Rate pages are available for the 15th and the 1st of the month. What they done today is get them ready for tomorrow. That is a very good sign for us. That should mean something for us. 

Bruce: We also have heard that tomorrow being the 15th is the day when Gesara is supposed to kick in globally, and if that does happen that is a very good piece of information that pushes everything forward for us I believe to get started. We have heard that out west Pay Masters are liquid, we have that. They got their source codes or so called release codes to be entered. It is very much a ledger to ledger type transaction that they do with the one main bank they are working with out there that the groups are involved with primarily one main bank. Everything is all set to go. We had heard that would take place out west today. Today is not over yet because midnight still counts as today and certainly on the west coast as well. There is still a possibility it still occurred today even though it is after it is almost 7 pm or later than 7pm on the west coast. That is interesting. 

Bruce: The possibility of toll free numbers being released I think because we are at the point it can happen any time now. I am hearing some things from one of our bank sources that we might get a surprise tomorrow. I would be happy to say I love to get the toll free numbers at any time and set appointments to set exchanges to begin even Saturday for that matter, and it could be that. It could be the case. I know that some people have reported and I have heard they want all this done at least initiated, not completed all the way, but done in the sense getting started for groups, for Fines and Penalties to be paid, for the Adjudicated Settlements, for Prosperity Packages to be issued, all of that supposedly by Monday which is President’s Day. If that is the case then we are in good shape to get something to roll between now and on Monday. We have heard every day for the last two to three days to expect these things almost daily. So for some reason maybe there is a timing mechanism involved, and it might be generated around the 15th which is tomorrow for everything to let go. 

Bruce: You know there is a lot of stuff going on with the Administration right now in terms of getting this funding build done tomorrow which I think it will pass and it will be signed. Even though it will be signed, I think President Trump has indicated that he plans to declare a state of Emergency in order to build the wall with the proper funding that he can get with other sources that have already been allocated. I believe that is what he probably will do which by the way is a very good smoke screen for our getting started. It wouldn't surprise me if it happened in conjunction with our start.

Bruce: So as far as we are concerned rates are on the screens. They are moving up. We do have the ability to negotiate a privately negotiated rate so call back screen rate, but as Sue indicated, you need to be confident in a project description that you plan to explain. I would say in 3 to 5 minutes probably you can say what is you plan to do without going through all the details what it is. They do not want to hear all of that. They just want to see you are serious in having a humanitarian project or two or three. You do not have to have too many. Just have a few you can initiate. You can stand out. You can be a stand out as Sue and Bob said, and be confident what you can bring to the Redemption Center staff whom you will be explaining it to.

Bruce: It is all about us getting started. It is all about us doing what it is we have been called to do which is be good stewards to this incredible blessing and to invest in people’s lives, invest in building homes. This is what we plan to do with Rebuild America in building homes, building schools, additions to schools, clinics, recreation opportunities, inner city opportunities for recreation, community gardens, working with some of the other people in the inner cities. They could be from community centers, churches to create food bank opportunities for them. There is a lot of things we can do. I got plans that just go on and on and on. I am excited for that, and I am excited for you as well.

Bruce: I am excited for the potential we have all together for rebuild America and as well for the Veterans Retreat Network that we are going to be building that out as well. I am looking for is for people, I asked for 5,000 Big Call listeners to be volunteers that basically take the ideas we come up with from our advisory groups to duplicate that same type of thing in your part of the country wherever that is. It could be Memphis, Albuquerque, Amarillo, any number of cities and towns all across this country, and that where the volunteerism what I am looking for to say I see what Bruce is talking about. Here is the step by step plan. Here is how we do Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and this is how we should do the same type of thing what he will be doing, and that we all basically come together of that same thing. I am not asking you for your money or anything like that. We just do it individually throughout the country. I hope to give you ideas how that is possible to do that.

Bruce: Thank you Everybody for listening in again to the Big Call. It is a little uncertain if we are going to have any more calls at this point, but I have said that before. I think we have finally came to the end of this ride. I am excited. I am excited about what could happen between now and Monday. Everybody just stay tuned. Look for the numbers at: thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com. We will also put it out to a few other places as well. Thank you for listening again. Thank you, Pinkroses for doing transcriptions for us. I love that. It is wonderful. Thank you Sue in bringing beautiful information. Thank you Bob for bringing health and well being. Thank you Pastor Steven for this teaching and powerful prayer you put out for us today. Thank you everybody and all you listeners out there throughout this universe and globe thank you so much for listening and tuning in again. We love you and thank you for your faithfulness in staying with us as this is coming to fruition Thank you everybody and have a good night and we appreciate what everyone is doing. Good night.


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