Wednesday, February 6, 2019


The ever noble and self righteous Rep. Maxine Waters (D) CA is urging people to not listen to the State of the Union speech tonight. What is she afraid of? The truth? MAGA GCR/RV:WWG1WGA

I think it is safe to say you will not hear a direct declaration the RV and/or rhw GCR is about to take place in tonight's SOTUS. However, it could be one that takes a bit of careful listening. Many things must happen for this to complete. Can you name a few?

SOTU in an hour. Will there be negotiated progress with the Dem's or are we head for another showdown? Now news is saying RBG will not be attending the SOTU speech. WP said she was at an event in her honor last night. No proof. No pics. No POL. CGR/RV:WWG1WGA 

The President did an excellent job tonight delivering a very well written and well structured speech while bringing deserved Honor to his invited guests. GCR/RV:WWG1WGA Now it's about time Congress does their job or quit their free ride "representing" the TAX PAYERS!!!

This is a must listen to help you understand WHY this is a PROCESS. BCP (Black Conservative Patriot YouTube) TRUMP JUST MADE ANOTHER CHESS MOVE AGAINST THE FED, THE GLOBALIST BANKERS & CHINA ON EVE OF SOTU!

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