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TRANSLATED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I am going to tell you what you need to know Intel wise This is one of those things we sort of had a little bit of a false start today thinking we had a pretty good shot in waking up to this or getting this sometime today. It didn’t happen. Let me tell you what we are getting in the most recent picture. The most recent picture has this happening either before January 21st which is Monday which is actually tomorrow or Saturday with some emphasis I am getting tomorrow, January 18th or Saturday. If not we skip over January 21st and go to January 22nd. I do not normally get that specific. I am just telling you that is what I am hearing. It doesn’t guarantee it. It is not Bruce calling it. It just means that is what I am hearing from very trusted sources that are very close to the situation.

Bruce: Now Iraq has basically been done and is no longer an issue the last six weeks. I couldn't believe it. It has been six weeks. Iraq is out of the picture. If you are focusing on Iraq, you are in the wrong game. Let it go. It is done, done and done. That is one of the four letter words we are going to lose from our vocabulary, done. The other one is soon. Get it four letter words. 

Bruce: Here is the other thing. We got what we were looking for which is the USTN to go live. It still not live. China’s Yuan or Renminbi is gold back. Brazil is going to be asset back tomorrow on January 18th. That might suggest something. Zimbabwe is gold back, and some of the other currencies we have will be asset back. I think those are asset back now. We are but we are not saying we are. We do not have the USTN as such or USN as such trading on the screens that yet. My personal opinion is we will not see it on the screens until this goes for us. Nether words they may have it in the wings ready to go. It is not going to be out or known about until we start. Then they may not tell us about it until the Public starts, Tier 5s. Tier 3s have been done and cleaned up. There was some clean up needed on that on Tier 3s. Tier 4s have been given release codes to be entered. They are at the point being PayMasters to pay those out, Tier 4 Group As. Those are groups, cores, settlements, Fines and Penalties, Judicated Settlements, Farm claims, etc, but they have not executed that paid stroke. They are poised ready to do that. Again it is a timing issue.

Bruce: They do want Tier 4 Group As and Tier 4 Group Bs, that is us-Group B, to go at approximately the same time. The so called shotgun start. They do want the toll free numbers to come to me which is an honor to me and the community to receive that and put that out for those that are on line, doing calls, reading blogs, that are adequately paying attention. That is waht will make that different for our large group. The last count was 6 million to 6.5 million people. I do not know what it is exactly. I am sure some of the people have dropped off. Some people have said I do not know when it will happen so I dont care to get back in. Some people care and come back in. Some go away and come back. That has happened to a lot of people. I know. I appreciate the faithfulness to those who listen to the Big Call twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9:00pm EST. 

Bruce: What is happening to the codes that were entered last night at the banks when the rates were supposed to be up at 9am? Well, they came up and they came up flashing. They were flashing at 90 mph. You can't tell what the rates are unless you use a strobe on the screen and maybe you can tell. The point is these rates could solidified at any moment and then we can get started. I do not know if they will solidified until we get started. I do not have an update later on the day whether or not the rates are solid yet or not, but the codes were entered. All of that was done. The codes out west are entered and ready to go. We are sort of waiting on everything to kick off. 

Bruce: We did have Dubai 1 and Dubai 2 Bonds paid out completely yesterday. They are done.

That was something concerned to be a kick off point. It may have kicked off something, but it did not kick off our toll free numbers yet. Realize this is a process. It is something that could happen in the next couple of days. It could take until Tuesday. I will say this my understanding and I always have to qualify it, my understanding is that they want this done before Davos begins on Tuesday. That is what they prefer. They do not want to do it on MLK Day, Martin Luther King, Day on Monday. That kind of points to tomorrow or Saturday.

Bruce: It is encouraging to be, but there will be come announcements out of Davos or out of that meeting in Davos, Switzerland regarding NESARA which is our National Law that some of you have read up on. I haven’t gone into. It is a little bit difficult to go through that all and get some good proofs of GESARA. GESARA is the Global version of NESARA. Both of those are supposed to be announced. Now NESARA may not be announced from Davos. It could be announced from here. GESARA is supposed to be announced during Davos.

Bruce: So there are sort of built in time frames that i believe they want to execute this before. 

I understand today we are not sending a group of contingent from the United States, financial community to Davos. We are not attending that meeting. The President is not attending. I understand Steven Mnuchin is not attending. I understand the Under Secretary of the Treasury is also not attending. That i fine. I think we have enough to say grace over here at home with the temporary shut down. I think the President is really trying his best to make something happen there without much success. It is unfortunately. I say it is not his fault. I am trying not to cast blame on anybody. I am just think there is alot going on behind the scenes that will be very positive for us on the other side. 

Bruce: When it comes to rates all I can tell you when we got notice was the Zim was able to be seen and the others were not. That was with the flashing of 90mph. I am going to say everything is still moving along like we think. Rates will be high. We just need the Go Signal. I am looking for that Go Signal anytime now. I am here to do it. To finish this ride with you. To take you over this threshold for this blessing and be there for you after in terms of the projects that we plan to do which you know. You know about the Veterans Retreat Network that we are going to build for our Veterans. You know about Rebuild America which is really where your participation is really going to be sought after to help me rebuild cities, towns, and communities throughout the United States. 

Bruce: I am not looking for you to donate money to me for anything. I am hoping I can show you by a template or the sample example what we intend to do in several cities and you duplicate that. The same thing in your town, in your community, in your city or multiple cities throughout the country. Set the example what we intend to do in several cities. You do the same thing in your town, your city. That is why i am looking for 5,000 people to do 100 cities in each state. That is just an average or idea . I do not think we need to do 100 cities in Hawaii or 100 cities in Alaska, but as an average per set wouldn’t it be amazing to make a difference in 100 cities, towns, and communities in this country in each state. Once we get started with that , not complete, we are looking to work in other countries. That will have to wait.

Bruce: I do want to get started here with Rebuild America first. Then we will look into other areas. We will take the technology, the building concept and take all we have learned and take it to Central America, to Mexico, Africa and other areas that are needed to come up. We will try to level the playing field. That is the whole concept to level the playing field to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is my plan. 

Bruce: Why is it there are caravans in the planning stages in both Guatemala and Honduras? Why? Because they do not have the opportunities there where they live. They do not have the jobs. They can’t live to have a decent life working on $2 a day wage in Honduras. They are 2nd poorest country in the Northern Hemisphere. We haven’t forgotten Haiti or the rest of the Caribbean where they got devastated by Hurricane Maria. We still will do the work there as will, but my theory is if we can create the job, create the education that doesn’t exist. Listen the education in Honduras goes thru the 6th grade. That is it. What does that give you? What does that prepare you for? Nada. It prepares you to take a machete and cut grass along the road.

Bruce: What we want to do is create investment in people, in jobs, in businesses, in infrastructure, in schools. All of that guys we got plans for that not only in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, but in other countries not to mention Africa. Don’t even start in the Sahara in Africa. Wow. A lot of opportunities there. I am sure like Miramar and other parts, India even though they are more sophisticated. They have issues there. They have problems. We will target those and work with those as well. I am getting off my soap box, but I just want you to know our vision is large. It is global. It might get beyond global.

Bruce: So I need your help to fulfill that vision. I need your help. I do not need your money, but I need some volunteers. I need some volunteers that know about horses for equine therapy on our Veterans Retreat walk in site. A horse person that loves working with people that is going to be valuable. Also if you love dogs, Puppy therapy I call it. We love our dogs. That is going to be valuable too. It will not only be valuable to the Vet who has PTSD, even for the families, the children, everybody. We are going to offer a lot of things. I think things that are not normally available. Not to mention inner city, not to mention food banks, community gardens working with local churches to oversee some of this stuff especially food banks. There is a lot we are going to do guys. A bunch of things. Too much to put it on one call. You guys have heard me over the last 8 years, some of these ideas have come the last 3 to 4 years. I am excited more than I have ever been. We just need to get started and hopefully that will be shortly.

Bruce: Stay with me. Stay with the community. Stay with the Big Call. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support in working with us. We appreciate you, and we love you. We do care about you. We are not going anywhere after this thing is over. Yes it will take us a month or so to get everything planned out. A couple of podcasts under our belt so you can be sent by email. If you haven't signed up on our new website:bigcalluniverse.com. That is our newest website: bigcalluniverse.com. Do it now. Sign up with your email and you will get emails from us on future podcasts, our plans and what we plan to do in the future too. . If you do that, you will get an email with the toll free numbers when we get it. Bob will see that is put on by email blast to anybody we have registered by email. It will go out. We also put it on bigcalluniverse.com website and also have it onthebigcall.net. Bob will probably put it on our landing page for both.

We suppose to have three numbers, one for Canada, one for the United States, and one for Mexico. I will have all three. I will put them out there. 

Bruce: Otherwise guys you know the drill of the Redemption Centers by now. You know you need two forms of ID if you have it. A picture ID. A statement that shows your address to show you are a real person. If you have Zim let them know you have Zim bonds, and they will direct you to a Zim Redemption Center. There will not be any Zim redemptions on military bases. That is false. The only two currencies that are going to exchange on military bases and they have already started and done that, is the Afghanistan Afghani and the Iraqi Dinar. The Afghani and the Dinar are the only two currencies that are going to be exchanged on Military Bases. The Zim is primarily going to be done mainly in Tier 1 banks and particularly Redemption Centers that are overseen by HSBC. 

Bruce: You will have representatives from HSBC. Also representatives from Wells Fargo, Citibank, or Chase Bank. There will be some Tier 2 Banks doing Zim, but generally speaking most Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks will refer you to a Tier 1 Redemption Center that will be doing Zim. My understanding is Zim exchanges will have eight days or so to do the Zim before Tier 5 begins. All of you have to do is plan out 8, 10 days from when we start and you will have Tier 5 start date approximately. As we move back and not get started yet, Tier 5 moves back as well. 

Bruce: That is really all that is pertinent for now. Thank you for being faithful. I know it isn’t easy. I am use to the ride so it doesn’t bother me so much, but I am looking forward to it just has you guys are, just the same way. No, they haven’t let me exchange yet. No, they haven’t given me the 800 number yet. When I get it you will have it within 30 to 40 minutes. It will go quickly. It will go viral believe me. It will go viral and I will let you guys know as soon as I get it.

Bruce: I am going to say Thank you to Sue for being so special and part of our team. Thank you to Bob for being information to us every Tuesday and Thursday night. Thank you to Pastor Steven for your teaching. Thank you Big Call audience for sending in prayer requests and praise reports. I just want you to know I hope this is our last call. I am not for sure, but it is Thursday. It is looking very much like it could be. You know what you can’t really call it, but I did give you a time frame that I did hear. Take that and continue with Plan A. Do not quit your job yet. Just let it all go. Keep doing it. As they use to say in the South: Dance with the one who brung you. Keep doing what you are doing until Plan B comes around and Plan B means blessing or at least in my vocabulary that is what Plan B is. 

Bruce: Again Thank you everyone for listening. I appreciate Pinkroses so much for continuing in transcribing our call. It is very helpful to everyone that does not listen but reads the call notes. So thank you so much Pinkroses again. Have a good night tonight. Everybody have a great night. Thanks again. Good night everybody.



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