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 Welcome Everybody to the Big all tonight. I am probably more positive than I ever been the last 14 years. The fact we expect it very soon, very shortly. I am going to address something before I forget it. There has been some chatter noise about the Zim. You say Bruce, why are you calling it noise? Because that is what it is. It is not true. It is invalid. Let me explain something. I know the Zim with the denominations of those bills it is kind of hard to imagine. Yes, there are no zeros coming off the Zim. Those are bonds, not a currency that you pull zeros off of. Let’s straighten that out. Say it one more time with feeling. No zeros will come off the Zim. Why is the Zim valuable? Because it is a gold back bond that we were privileged enough to find out about.

Bruce: Now the rates on the Zim are flashing on today’s back screens. It doesn’t mean it is solid front or back, but they are flashing. It is like a flashing pending. Meaning you can’t exchange it yet, you can’t redeem it for that yet, but when it stops and it goes solid you will get that. I have been told by two very high up sources that is going to solidify in the next three days. Sometimes that is within. Sometimes it takes all three days for that to come before it to be solid. It’s has been solid, and it has been flashing. It has been on the screens, and it has gone off the screens. This is something that is routine with some of these currencies as they are starting to populate and show up on the bank screens. Sometimes it will come up at night, overnight. It will come up. Then at 9 o’clock or 11 o'clock in the morning it goes off. That has been the experience the last week. It is on, but it is flashing pending right now. It is a huge opportunity for us as you know. 

Bruce: Many of us found out about the Zim four years ago, maybe 5 years ago. I do not know. It has been awhile. I am not pushing it. I am just telling you it has such a value. China went into Zimbabwe and they worked some things out to back the value of the Zim temporarily with gold because there is so much under the ground in Zimbabwe, gold, diamonds, gems. There is incredible value that is actual backing the Zim bonds. Otherwise the Chinese would not have gone in there to do what they are doing for us for the Zim.

Bruce: Now let me tell you something. There are things called Zim Platforms. You guys have heard me mention that term now and then. A Zim Plaform is a trading platform that uses the Zimbabwe bonds as a way to do a Platform Trade. These have been set up a long time ago and they stopped where you couldn’t become a person involved with this awhile back, but there are a lot of these that are set up in various parts of the world. Multiple people involved in it. You realize that the Zim is what it gives value to those Bond Platforms. So they are very much part of what is going on. Yes, I know the rates that are going to be coming out for those involved in those Platforms. This is supposed to happen after we start. This is supposed to happen after we get our toll free numbers and get started. Let’s say it takes three days or so to do that. 

Bruce: Then the people involved with those Platforms will get a contract by email to sign off on their agreement of the terms and the rate for that program. They send that in. They have 36 hours to return and veri-sign that signature and get it back to the Trustee of the group. Then at that point approximately three days later, they will receive their first advance payment for that Platform. Most of the Platforms are set up anywhere between 15% to 20% to 22% advance pay. Most of them have 12 payments which goes for 12 months of a certain amount. Yes, it does earn interest. I am not telling you that to say Wish I known about that or I already knew about that. Okay, fine. I am tell you those are being done and have been done for years now because of the Zim. To say it has no value or it is not part of this are you kidding me? It is a huge part of this. So wherever that noise is coming from, just look the other way and realize what it is. It is total noise. That is as much noise as $.47 cents on the Dong. Okay, come on. 

Bruce: I just don’t know guys, I am at the point now I have heard alot, seen a lot, people call me about things. They are not sure, but we have very strong sources that have been involved in these programs. I can’t go into it, but I am just going to tell you that things are moving along nicely. Don’t worry about the Zim. Whatever currency you have bring it. Even if it is Iranian Rial go ahead and bring it. Now, let me say this, as far as our timing we have the Paymasters for the Tier 3 were paid about (11) days ago. Then about (6) days ago they paid the Tier 3 group participants. Then there is some clean up going on now regarding that. There was a pause as a result of some of that, and it is moving along in completion where I think they have most of that under wrap. 

Bruce: All I am telling you that Tier 3 is either completed or just about completed, and now they have moved on to Tier 4 Group A which are all the groups that they are generally lumped into called the Cores, internal and external groups out west. They are moving thru and they started notifying last night members of the Cores and letting them know this is a process that they are involved in where they are notified and they will be kind of renotified but it is a new step that just took place and it is continuing to happen. Now all of this release for them and for us in Group B of Tier 4 is predicated on additional release codes that are to be entered as a result of a Go-ahead by President Trump. You guys know he was down in McAllen, Texas on the border. My assumption is he is already back in Washington DC now, back to the White House.

Bruce: I do not know what is going to happen as far as Executive Order for border security. I have to believe that is very well coming. The President said so much this morning just as he was getting ready to board Marine 1 on the way to go see Air Force 1, jump on there. You know what there is a lot happening. I believe that he will make that decision. I am not sure, but I believe it will be a decision that goes to Treasury that allows Treasury to contact HSBC, and for HSBC and Wells Fargo to get this party started for us, and allow HSBC and AIIB to release me the toll free numbers, one for Canada and one for all of the US including Alaska, and Hawaii, and one for Mexico. That is cool I will put them all up on our websites. I will have all three numbers on the front landing page on thebigcall.net and also on bigcalluniverse.com

Bruce: We are moving through and you know I can’t call it because I do not know it, but I tell you I think we are looking very strongly over the next few days. Might have a great weekend. We need the President to go ahead and release this so we can get started. Get started on Rebuild America, started on the Veterans Retreat Network. Get started on all of our individual projects and ministries that everybody has in mind to do, but we need that final go ahead. The other thing is I believe though it hasn’t been announced yet, I believe the President and his staff of his administration have been working very hard on the Chinese Trade Deal and my understanding is it may already have been completed. It may be a done deal, but he is going to wait for the proper moment to release that. 

Bruce: The Government shutdown. I do not know when that is going to happen. He may end up making a speech tomorrow. He may end up putting the temporary shut down at ease and bringing everybody back in, and they did approve back pay. My understanding is it used to take up to (90) days to get back pay. They passed a bill that I believe allows and I believe this is right and do not quote me on this exactly, but I believe they have that reduced where they can get that in (3) days. That would be a big change. So let’s see what happens in that regard. We need border security. We need the physical border. We need the technology. We need all of it. We need the humanitarian help. Everything else. I for one is in favor what the President is doing along those lines.

Bruce: Now in terms of anything else additionally, like I said a lot of the rates were flashing like the Zim today, but I can tell you when we get ready to go the rates will be solid and maybe they will move a little bit up and down. That is okay. That is part of the Forex, part of trading, but I tell you this much about the Dinar, they had to increase the size of the screen vertically on Forex because of the increase that is anticipated for the Dinar. Two inches. They increased the height of the screen because of the curve that is going to take place of the Dinar going up. It would have run out of space. I know that maybe a little conceptually hard to imagine, but you get the feeling what I am saying. It has been a long time I can look at a Forex screen trading or practice trading whatever I was doing back then, but I understand the concept. 

Bruce: We are in great shape. If you are a Zim holder count yourself bless. Count yourself as chosen for this entire experience. Alright? You can trust Bruce on this. Now as far as I think we are looking at a real strong weekend. I think we are just about at the end of the ride, and if I do a call before Tuesday assuming we don’t do a regular call because we do not need to, I think we will throw together a little celebration call, short call to celebrate and put that on as a recording. We probably do it live, but I don’t know when. Then we will put it up as a recording. You guys can find the link and listen to it. 

Bruce: So that is really all I wanted to bring to you tonight, but when you get down to where we are right now, it is looking very strong for us to receive the toll free numbers. I just want to thank everybody that has been part of my team. For Sue, Pastor Steven, Bob, all of our listeners, for Kent who is behind the scenes, for I am going to call Pinkroses part of our team. That is for sure because even without anybody asking she started transcribing our calls I think around (3) years ago. I didn’t even know it back then. I didn’t know it. Finally someone said Hey, did you know your all is being transcribed? No, I didn’t know it. You know, I am unable to read right now, but I want to thank Pinkroses for being so faithful to transcribe us time and time again and do a beautiful job to where people in other countries can take the call notes and even have it translated into their own language so they can understand it. I think that is really cool. I know they are doing it in Brazil, and I imagine they are doing it in other parts of the world. You know we are global. We are all over the world. I have to thank Pinkroses and my entire team for giving us the value so that we can be carried all over the world. I appreciate that. I really do. It means alot.

Bruce: I am blessed and I am honored that I am going to be the one to receive the toll free numbers for the Internet Group. We call it Tier 4 Group B. My understanding is unless it has changed, the latest I got was that the John Q Public or Joe Public, Tier 5, has a start date of around January 22, 2019. We should have at least (8) days of our own prior to that before the public goes. Okay.

Bruce: Just to let you know that is what is happening. That is what is going on. Things are moving. Things have happened even the last 24 hours that never happened before. Codes were entered. Things are moving. We are on our way. I wish I could get more specific, but that is as much all I can say. So let’s all get ready. Let’s focus and let’s all pray this in just as Pastor Steven did praying this in for us earlier tonight. With that I am giving my thanks again to everyone. All of you listeners out there all across the Globe thank you. We appreciate you and we love you. Everybody have a great night. Stay tuned and look forward to this weekend. 


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