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If my calculations are right, he has until February 7th to sign the budget.

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The date of disbursement of budget funds and the application of the decision to install contracts

Economic development 30/01/2019 359

The date of disbursement of budget funds and the application of the decision to install contracts

Economist - Kalkmash Press; explained a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Mahasen Hamdoun; on Wednesday; that the disbursement of federal budget funds requires more than one month.

Hamadoun said in a press statement that "the law of the financial budget is still in the Research Department of the House of Representatives to print in a manner that matches the legal texts with the voice of the House of Representatives actually."

She pointed out that "the other stage includes the ratification of the President of the Republic and the publication of the law in the Iraqi fact sheet, and then the Federal Ministry of Finance issued legal instructions on the distribution of funds to the parties and according to importance."

"The disbursement of federal budget funds, including the share of the Kurdistan region requires more than one month."

She pointed out that "the House of Representatives voted verbally on the law and the process of disbursement of funds from the budget needs about 30 30 days."

The House of Representatives voted on January 23 on the draft bill of the General Budget for 2019, which includes in its paragraphs the installation of contract employees in the state departments. link

The Central Bank reveals to the "news" the investigation proceedings in the seven billion damaged


The head of the financial operations in the Central Bank Mahmoud Dagher, on Monday, the issue of investigation of the seven billion dinars damaged 'still in parliament', while noting that dependence on oil adversely affect the economy of Iraq . 

Dagher said in a statement to the 'news', that 'the issue of the investigation of the seven billion dinars damaged is still in parliament and has not been announced until the moment, since the governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Dalu in front of the House of Representatives'.

He added that 'the reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq amounted to about 65 billion dollars, which is very good and reassuring, but the government is required not to rely on oil in full because it adversely affects the economy of Iraq .' 

Dagher said that 'the government to follow the benefits imposed on loans granted to citizens of government banks,' noting that 'the central bank does not interfere with the monetary policy of government banks being the competence of the Ministry of Finance '. link

Presidency of Parliament: Any corrupt official will find himself facing a strict law that prevails over parties and affiliations

Bertha News Agency
95 2019-01-30

The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hassan al-Kaabi on Wednesday that the parliament will be a strong supporter of any legislation combating corruption, stressing that any corrupt official will find himself facing "a strict law prevail over parties and affiliations."

Al-Kaabi said in a statement, "We call on the Integrity Commission to open files of the investigation against any official who refuses or delayed the date of disclosure of his financial debt," stressing that "the phenomenon of corruption that caused destruction in Iraq will not continue, and any corrupt official will find himself facing a strict law will prevail this time on Parties and affiliations ".

Al-Kaabi praised the Prime Minister's decision to form the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, pointing out that "the House of Representatives will be strongly supportive of any legislation in the same direction and will work to approve them immediately upon arrival with guarantees to frame paragraphs that are sufficiently strong to curb the phenomenon of corruption, And to eliminate them completely. " 

He stressed that "the country is no longer able to withstand the greed of a group of weak souls have captured the capabilities of Iraq for their narrow interests and illegally, taking advantage of the presence of those who facilitate them and provide them with protection,

Adding that "the citizen and because of corruption has completely trusted the system of government and the system as a whole, has actually felt that the good of his country poured into the pockets of some of the weak souls of spoilers and users who have affected the expense of our people."

"The government should be careful not to break through this council and ensure that its structures are protected to ensure their work in a transparent and fair manner and not to take them into the right and punish the thief for a proper sleep," said the first deputy speaker. 

The Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced, on Tuesday (29 January 2019), the formation of the "Supreme Council against Corruption." link

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