Thursday, January 31, 2019



I would love to see something done with the CBI and the rate change before the American troops leave...I don't want the troops to leave before the rate change...We made that mistake the first time and we know what happened...if someone can take this back to Donald Trump...we do not want the troops to leave until they have completed the mission by removing the program rate and raising the value...giving them purchasing power and distributing the oil revenues to the citizens...they were supposed to have done that already...they have not held up their part of the bargain...

Bruce (The Big Call)

Iraq is basically out of the way. They did get a phone call from our President couple of days ago about being placed into Chapter 8 out of Chapter 7. They are in position now where they have their ATM machines loaded with their new currency, and they have been given instructions to take in all of the US Dollar, what we call USD, the fiat dollars, to collect all of those by the first of February because our USTN is going to be in a position where they should be out and live by or on February 1, 2019. That is a really good sign for us.

...Even though we have noticed the bank screens have a stamp day of tomorrow [Wednesday], Thursday and Friday, January 30, 31, and February 1st...They still do not have an exact start date for us...I would say we are looking for good the next 3 days especially Thursday and Friday... Everything is pointing to an imminent release for us.

...Union Operational rates, pages have been down. That is kind of unusual for those pages to go down, but I think they may bring those Operational rates back up on February 1st and they may reveal the current currency rates...I am excited where we are. I have heard really good things about the next three days.

RayRen98 (TNT)

Iraqi TV is rampant with messages, statements, allegations and etc.

1. CBI governor Alaq informing the citizens that the reason for the delays is to increase the environment of the private sector.

2. Cleric Sadr calling for Alaq's dismissal from the CBI and referencing close ties to Maliki.

3. PM Mahdi threatens those who stole several billion dinar with publicly revealing their names and being prosecuted if the currency is not returned within one week.

4. Alaq is again on TV adding that the delay is also attributed to the concerns over the cabinet selections.


Mountain Goat

So here we are the end of January already and still no RV. It has been a disappointing month for us but we do know that they made 2 planned attempts to RV this month in Iraq. Both were stopped by the US under NSA reasons.

Kaperoni (Dinar Alert)

...UN chapter 7 is differnet than IMF Article VIII. Iraq is in IMF Article XIV and from there they will move to VIII.

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