Thursday, December 27, 2018

NEWS RECAP: Central Bank: delete the zeros still exists and the monetary bloc amounts to 44 trillion dinars,27 DEC

 said the Iraqi Central Bank on Thursday that the deletion of zeros still exists, indicating that the amount of money supply in the market of 44 trillion dinars. 
The release manager lockers agency Abdul Karim Hassan Shannon in an interview with Alsumaria News that ” the project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency is still valid , ” adding to that ” the project was supposed to initiate during 2014 , but the control of the organization Daesh five provinces led to Delay it.

“The project to delete the zeros is to delete three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of large currencies and the introduction of coins for the dinar parts.” 
Shannon pointed out that “the cash mass currently circulating in the markets is large, amounting to 44 trillion dinars,” noting that ” Iraq did not use the technological methods of payment, and therefore small groups of currency can be perishable for widespread use.” 

The Central Bank in 2011 put forward a project to delete the zeros for the structure of the currency, which was considered by the bank to transfer Iraq from the country of trillions to billions, that the project was met with great opposition by specialists and politicians in parliament.

TNT: "RV Release Options" , 27 DEC



RV Release Options via Mahdi visiting The White House New Years Eve. Option 1..Release the RV prior to New Years Eve. Option 2, Release Day of New Years Eve, Option 3, Release RV At the start of 2019, Option 4, Your Guess is as Good as Mine. LOL

My guess is Jan 2. Jan 1 both US and Iraq governments are closed.

Is Mahdi visiting the White House??Where did that come from?

Mahdi's Invite to the White House 

Smitty76 This could be it!!!!

Here's another article of Mahdi's visit to white house --https://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFKCN1OP171

RvRv:Why would the President of the United States celebrate bring in the New Year with the PM of Iraq? Makes a person wonder if we should be celebrating too!?

The United States has shed Blood and Treasure to get Iraq where it is today, Plenty of Celebration to Share

A lot of great stuff going on. Iraq names Christmas as a national holiday. DOW climbs 1000 points in one day setting a record. And now POTUS pays a surprise visit to Iraq. Wow!

The GoldFish Report No 320- Brief Update with Benjamin Fulford-The End o...


Mountain Goat


"The President of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halbusi, the request to host the Implementation Committee Article (140) of the Constitution to discuss the reasons for not completing the work that was formed for it."

So here it is again. Folks this is not my FAKE news. This is real and finally it seems that going to implement Article 140 or pursue it again. Many say it is already done. NOT true. Like I keep telling everyone there needs to be a formal referendum (that is already written and send to parliament) then it needs to be voted on and implemented. Then it is done.


Folks this is a BIG one. This law needed to be amended to facilitate foreign investors into Iraq.This was noted in the Kuwaiti conference and so finally we see it amended almost a year later. They sure do take their time…lol...We know for a FACT that the reinstatement of the dinar is supposed to be the launching pin of the 2018-2022 reconstruction effort. Article quote: “and to raise the market value of the Iraqi dinar”

Chattels (Dinar Alert)

"Iraqi blocs resume their dialogues for "consensus" on the remaining three ministries of the government"

" ...the remaining three ministries: the defense, the interior and justice, waiting to vote in future sessions. "

Kaperoni (Dinar Alert)

Article quote:
"President Trump and the First Lady traveled to Iraq late on Christmas night to visit with our troops and Senior Military leadership to thank them for their service, their success, and their sacrifice and to wish them a Merry Christmas."

Trump makes a surprise visit to Iraq.



Harambe:  AP News: Iraqi lawmakers demand US withdrawal after Trump visit https://apnews.com/ab00e32b094b4684a15ef55765d98311

Airam:  I think this is the beginning of a new excuse for delay .....everytime we are getting close to the end of this story something starts brewing as a rumor and finally is the cause for a new delay .......ok and now everybody call me negative ......and is not ..is the way its been happening for many yrs ..like the spark for the next fire ....that is called OBSERVATION

Annie68:  Airam, in my opinion, it means absolutely nothing to us, I feel it is straight out of Malikis camp.If you heard the Presidents speech yesterday "" Our troops are not leaving Iraq!"

Fishon:  This RV cant happen with our troops gone. We will not leave. Trump wants it.

Yada:  The article said “Iraqi lawmakers”. People just shooting their mouths off especially since Trump showed up unannounced.

RVAlready:  Those in Iraq who hate the west will always want us out. But, we more than proved our worth in getting rid of saddam and Isis. We will not be leaving Iraq in the foreseeable future.  I feel we are headed for the RV. The 2019 Iraq budget is written in post-RV numbers (billions, not trillions, of dinar). Iraq needs this RV to move forward. The CBI is clearly planning to get this done. To me, everything else is just noise.

Speedy:  Remember Kuwait, bad news, then RV !!! Be encouraged !!!

NWMontana:  GREAT story on the process required for secretive presidential trips~'​Can You Come To The White House?' A Reporter's Tale Of A Surprise Trip​ To Iraq~https://www.npr.org/2018/12/27/680415727/can-you-come-to-the-white-hou​se-a-reporter-s-tale-of-a-surprise-trip-to-iraq

RegFla:  Interesting :man made gold! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-23/breakthrough-chinese-scienti​sts-turn-copper-gold


12-27-2018  *** Dinar Guru News Flash ***  U.S. President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq on Christmas evening.  It's reported he assured Iraq there are no plans for the U.S. to end operations or support in the region.  Stay tuned as the gurus chime in on the significance of the President Trump's visit. The latest posts will continue below...
12-27-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   "PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKES CHRISTMAS VISIT TO TROOPS IN IRAQ"  So this really happened. It has NOTHING to do with the reinstatement of the currency...However, it a sign to us that the country is getting safer. But a “state” visit was NOT the purpose of this trip for Trump. He promised to return when the government is “fully” formed. Wow! This simply a visit to the armed forces base in Anbar...the visit was not actually surprising to the Iraq government but was asked to be kept quiet. Trump did say he fully intended someday soon to return for an “official state visit” but only when Iraq was ready. 

 Intel Guru ADMINBILL   Keep your eye on the ball during the coming week and into 2019...Remember, this is a process...Truth will soon prevail...We win. 

12-27-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru tman23   Damn interesting that Secretary Treasurer Steve Munchin shook the markets after it leaked that he called banks to check if they had enough liquidity...WELL DO THEY??  AND WHAT IS ABOUT TO COME?  It is getting close to the New Year when Iraq MUST do the ZEROS...we shall see what that entails as this is also the year for USA infrastructre rebuild to kickoff...Like what i'm seeing...hopefully the dinar bares fruit shortly!

12-25-2018 Special Christmas OOOTAH Call w/Becky

Philip Tilton - RV Released 12/26/18!!!, 27 DEC

AdminBill - Keep Your Eye on the Ball! , 27 DEC

Keep your eye on the ball during the coming week and into 2019. 

It is all connected. Remember, this is a process that was conceived, using social media, to go around the MSM, DS. They are seeing their control and influence ripped away. Truth will prevail. 

We win.


(Mnt Goat – So this really happened. It has NOTHING to do with the reinstatement of the currency. So please stop all this nonsense. What we really want to see is an “official” visit with all the honors of a visiting dignitary to Iraq where he and the first lady are invited to the palaces and are given pomp and state dinner. This is will be a first for Iraq and will show us all Iraq is now finally in the right direction. But will they do this with Maliki and his goons running around? Will they want a terrorist attack while he is visiting?)

However, it a sign to us that the country is getting safer. But a “state” visit was NOT the purpose of this trip for Trump. He promised to return when the government is “fully” formed. Wow! This simply a visit to the armed forces base in Anbar, where the 5,000+ troops were re-stationed out of Syria. I hate to disappoint everyone but these troops where moved there over a month before you heard it on the news.

President Trump touched down Wednesday in Iraq in his first visit to a conflict zone as commander in chief, a week after announcing a victory over the Islamic State that his own Pentagon and State Department days earlier

The president’s visit to Al Asad Air Base west of Baghdad, which was SHROUDED IN SECRECY, follows months of public pressure for him to spend time with troops deployed to conflicts in the Middle East and punctuates the biggest week of turmoil the Pentagon has faced during his presidency.

Speaking to reporters as he visited troops in Iraq, Trump defended his controversial decision last week to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria — an action that led Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to resign.

“I think a lot of people are going to come around to my way of thinking,” Trump said, according to Reuters. “It’s time for us to start using our head.”


“President Trump and the First Lady traveled to Iraq late on Christmas night to visit with our troops and Senior Military leadership to thank them for their service, their success, and their sacrifice and to wish them a Merry Christmas,” Sanders wrote.

(Mnt Goat – be ready for the CNN FAKE news media to put their own negative spin on this visit to bash Trump. Of course, they will not bother to ask why he did what he did first and then tell the TRUTH. Wait and see what kind of spin they put on it. By the way - The US ambassador in Baghdad told the Iraqi side of the visit of US President Donald Trump .(to Iraq, according to Reuters news agency on Wednesday evening (December 26, 2018 The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliaman, met Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim and informed him of the visit by the US president before it was held, Reuters reported ". She added, according to sources, that "the visit was not actually surprising to the Iraq government but was asked to be kept quiet. Trump did say he fully intended someday soon to return for an “official state visit” but only when Iraq was ready. This is the full and truthful story of what happened. So please don’t listen to all the garbage info that may follow from the US news media spin.)


Chattels  The reform bloc calls for an emergency session on Trump's violation of Iraq's sovereignty   LINK

chattels   Al-Saadi said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that "with the blatant violation of President Trump's sovereignty of Iraq and his entry into the base of Al-Assad in Anbar as if Iraq was a state without any respect for the sovereignty of the state."

chattels   "An emergency session of the House of Representatives has become imperative to discuss this flagrant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and to stop these hasty actions from Trump, whose borders must be known, the US occupation of Iraq is over," he said.
​He pointed out that "the emergency meeting of the House of Representatives must be attended by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mohammad Ali al-Hakim and the Chief of Staff of the Army Osman al-Ghanmi, to discuss the presence of US forces in Iraq and US military bases."

chattels   Trump and his wife arrive in Iraq on a surprise visit to inspect US forces LINK

chattels   Trump leaves Iraq without meeting any official


chattels   Trump says Iraq could be a base for operations inside Syria


chattels   The foregoing will be received badly by Iraq.

Baxter  OH... that will go over well......

Doug_W   Baxter chattels it already IS
Doug_W   Apparently Mahdi is coming to the white house on new years

Baxter   well.. instead of wasting all that gas... and security money... he should have just flown back with him.....he aint doing nothing anyways

Doug_W   look at all teh NG they waste every second
Doug_W   and yet they import it from Iran

Baxter   1.64 at WallyWorld today.....ohio
Doug_W   198 at Sunoco in Haines City on US 27 florida

 Chattels   BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Exports from Iraq’s northern Kirkuk oilfields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan will stay at between 80-90,000 barrels per day (bpd) as most of the crude produced is being diverted to feed refineries in the north, Iraq’s oil minister said on Wednesday.

Current production at the Kirkuk oilfields stands at around 370,000 bpd, the head of Iraq’s North Oil Company, Farid al-Jadir, told the same news conference.

Jadir also said a BP technical team was now operating in Kirkuk and would prepare a study reviewing plans for increasing production by the end of 2019.

Chattels    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-oil/iraqs-kirkuk-oil-exports-to-stay-restricted-idUSKCN1OP0GN

Baxter   at 370,000 barrels a day... its just hard to comprehend how much money that is.. my calculator wont go that high..
chattels   Iraq officially makes Christmas Day a national holiday

By Aqeel Mohammed, Mohammed Tawfeeq and Eric Levenson, CNN  December 25, 2018


chattels   https://edition.cnn.com/2018/12/25/world/iraq-christmas-holiday/index.html

chattels   Baxter Not enough.

Baxter   thats crazy money..
Yahwah Rules   Wise men's Treasure's are Hidden in Heaven

chattels   Less than twenty million dollars per day at $50 per barrel by my calculation.

Yahwah Rules   45 is the number I just saw on FX

Baxter   20 million... a day........wow

chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1   Iraq MP from State of Law Coalition: 3 unfilled Cabinet positions to be voted on by Parliament on 8 Jan. Kurds have candidate for Justice Minister. Falih Fayyadh still candidate for Interior Minister but can be replaced. 2 candidates for Defense Minister. http://mobp.as/LRK4n

chattels   " ( Iraq News ) - likely a coalition of law led by Nuri al - Maliki, a breakthrough in the crisis for the completion of the formation of the government, while noting the existence of negotiations on the candidates and the Ministry of Defense."

chattels   A global company expects oil prices to record $ 66 a barrel next year


​chattels   Why Iraq’s biblical paradise is becoming a salty wasteland  Dec 20, 2018

chattels   The marshes of Southern Iraq are suffering from low water levels, down 17 inches, and it's a part of the widespread water crisis spanning the entire country.

Water levels in the life-giving Tigris and Euphrates rivers have plummeted. The problem is that the water isn't just low. It's also too salty. According to Al-Asadi, the reduced volume of water has caused salination to spike from 200 parts per million, as it was when he was a child here, to 1,800 parts per million today.

That means the water is not only killing the plant life, but also the water buffalo people here depend on. These cows provide cheese, milk, and meat to eat. For thousands of years, they simply drank the water all around them, but now it has become too salty and toxic for the buffalo, blinding them before they die.

chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1  More David M. Witty Retweeted  Iraqi PM Office: meeting with visiting U.S. President cancelled because of differences over how it will be carried out. https://twitter.com/DavidMWitty1

chattels   In surprise trip to Iraq, Trump says no plans to pull troops out By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/261220181

chattels   Iraq may have different plans.
chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1  Dec 15

In Iraq, MP from Building Coalition says a draft law requiring the withdrawn of US forces from Iraq is with Parliament's judicial committee & will soon be ready to present to full Parliament for a vote. Adds that US created ISIS.   http://mobp.as/PO0Xn

Woke AF   LINK

Woke AF   This above article says that President Trump and Mahdi talked via phone...


blackgold   Iraq is far from going down hill, they are rebuilding everyday and looking much better than our third world air ports and taxi cab and train transportation

blackgold   They want us to believe Iraq is in trouble

blackgold   Well have a bless night

chattels   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat : " Like I keep telling everyone there needs to be a formal referendum (that is already written and send to parliament) then it needs to be voted on and implemented. Then it is done."

chattels   Bovine Scatology, IMO.
chattels   What about the first step which is to conduct a census ?

chattels   There can be no referendum without a census.
​chattels   What about normalization which has arguably been undone, if it was ever completed, at least in Kirkuk ?

chattels   How can a census be conducted without normalization and / or with 1.5 million people displaced ?

chattels   Article 140 states in part as follows, " The responsibility placed upon the executive branch of the Iraqi Transitional Government stipulated in Article 58 of the Transitional Administrative Law shall extend and continue to the executive authority elected in accordance with this Constitution, provided that it accomplishes completely (normalization and census and concludes with a referendum in Kirkuk and other disputed territories to determine the will of their citizens), by a date not to exceed the 31st of December 2007."

chattels   " .............. accomplishes completely (normalization and census and concludes with a referendum in Kirkuk and other disputed territories to determine the will of their citizens),........."

chattels   The referendum was mandated by Article 140 of the Constitution of Iraq. Article 140 required that before the referendum, measures had to be taken to reverse the Arabization policy employed by the Saddam Hussein administration during the Al-Anfal Campaign. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirkuk_status_referendum

chattels   Kurdish resentment over the government's failure to implement Article 140 was one of the reasons for the 2017 Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum, which posed the question,

"Do you want the Kurdistan Region and the Kurdistani areas outside the Region to become an independent state?" The referendum led to episodes of Iraqi–Kurdish conflict and the government takeover of Kirkuk.

chattels   In September 2007, it was reported that the normalization program had been bogged down in technical difficulties. The Kurdish parties were reported to have agreed a delay to the timetable for the census and referendum.

chattels   Referring to Mtn Goat as a newshound is akin to me being described as a macroeconomic expert. Pure hogwash.

chattels   A referendum is a plebiscite, a vote by the people, not Parliament.

chattels   Another ridiculously ignorant post. Why would anyone think that Mtn. Goat knows anything ?

chattels   BAGHDAD (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump has announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed to finance the reconstruction of Syria instead of the United States and thanked it.

"Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the money needed to help rebuild Syria instead of the US


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 27, 2018

Compiled 27 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth and to Ken who uncovers unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: Where we think we are as of early morning Dec. 27:
A. The Plan:

Operation Q: (Video) ManOfChanges -- Critical Information! Spread Far and Wide Immediately

Trump’s Tweets: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?langen

Q Posts: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

*In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was put in force without ratification of Congress so that certain private families such as the Rothschilds, plus the Crown of England and Vatican could have control over financial, banking and political affairs of the US. Ever since the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS have collected US taxpayer monies and paid them all directly to the Crown of England and 300 private shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank, leaving the US government to be totally funded through a CIA Mind Control Black Budget involved in illegal gun, drug and human/child trafficking organized by the Vatican and enforced by various mafias for use of Satanic worshipping global elites.

*The Plan - Operation Q: Operation Q was in effect to save the economy and gain back control of US political affairs through restoration of the original Constitution and a revaluation of the fiat US Dollar into gold/asset-backed US Note via a Global Currency Reset that would dissolve the Federal Reserve and return US taxpayer money back to The People.

*Such would be accomplished through RV/GCR Release = Indictments Unsealed = Mass Arrests = Martial Law Enforced = US Space Command Active = Military Tribunals Held = Republic Restored = GESARA Law Implemented = New Elections Held = Fair Tax System for All.

*Internationally the WTO and IMF were coming down and each country would regain their sovereignty and nationalize their own bank.

*In the US a military operation has been in place for some time. We were now in phase 5 of 5 phases.

*President Trump stayed at the White House instead of going to Florida for Christmas in order to control the situation and then made an unexpected trip to Iraq (for an RV announcement?).

*Government Shutdown: The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays was not about funding The Wall, but about a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals. Congress was in recess and a recent Trump Executive Order excused federal employees from work. Civilians working for the military have reportedly been given extensive leave over the holidays. The shutdown included closing the old US Treasury, which along with closure of government offices including the Federal Reserve and IRS, would prevent global elite Cabal-owned banks from taking in Zim Bond Notes, exchanging currencies and participating in the GCR/RV.


*On Dec. 20 2017 President Trump signed National Emergency Executive Order #13818, now extended to Dec. 20 2019, that froze assets of those charged with Crimes Against Humanity including global elites involved in human/child trafficking and pedophilia.

*There were now over 70,000 sealed indictments against these global elites from government, law enforcement, news media, entertainment, big industry and big tech with indictments against them (most charged with pedophilia) filed in federal courts across the nation. Sealed Indictments as of Oct. 30: https://www.simonparkes.org/single-post/2018/12/06/Sealed-Indictments

*Stock Market Crash: A Stock Market crash was essential to The Plan to take down the fiat US dollar and corrupt Federal Reserve. Since Oct. 1 the Stock Market has been in free fall, lost all of 2018 gains, reached 2008 levels and dived over 650 points in the worst Christmas Eve close ever after the market's worst week in a decade. Even though there was a gain on Wed. Dec. 26 an expected announcement of Martial Law would likely cause investors to sell their shares in mass, resulting in a Stock Market drop of at least 25% or more.

*In Sept. President HW Bush was tried and pled guilty to money laundering, human trafficking and his role in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. By Nov. Bush was executed by lethal injection and ten Trillion dollars was seized from the Bush Cartel. On Fri. Nov. 30 at President Bush’s funeral, indictments appeared to be served on the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pences and George Bush Jr.s.

*Fri. Dec. 7 appeared to be Day One of a countdown to Martial Law when a “QAnon” message was sent from top US generals to the American people warning them of what was soon to occur. The message indicated that Mass Arrests and Martial Law could come into effect prior to Jan. 1, 2019.
*Martial Law and full disclosure could be announced at any time through the Emergency Broadcast System 4Chan and 8Chan networks.

(Video) ManOfChanges -- Critical Information! Spread Far and Wide Immediately

*Mass Arrests: On Dec. 24 prison barges out of New York and California were pictured headed to GITMO. Mass Arrests could create chaos within the country, so it was advised to be prepared with food, water, fuel and cash in case stores, banks and businesses were closed due to civil unrest.

*Around the same time as our appointment setting an Emergency Broadcast System announcement would be made regarding the unsealing of Indictments, Mass Arrests and declaration of Martial Law. The presence of Martial Law would protect our RV redemptions.

*Redemption/Exchange Appointments: Rumor was that we could be contacted any time through an Emergency Broadcast System text or email asking us to follow instructions to protect ourselves and set our appointments. Appointments would likely be at military bases (with civil personnel off work for the Christmas-New Year holidays). To meet budget requirements Zim redemptions would need to be completed before Dec. 31.

*By year’s end the Federal Reserve and IRS would be eliminated, Central Banks reorganized and announcements made on the GESARA Law (freedom from debt of the Federal Reserve), US Restored Republic and a new Flat Tax System - said to be 17% on newly bought items only, with no tax on food or medicine.

*On Jan. 2 2019 Federal courts across the nation would begin trials for those arrested as a result of over 70,000 indictments, plus was the start date for Military Tribunals for those sent to GITMO.

*It was not expected that Congress would return on Jan. 3 because of the government shutdown, plus pending arrests on at least 1/3 if not more, of Congressional members named somewhere in over 70,000 sealed indictments.

*Currency exchanges requesting the higher back screen rates would need to be completed before the general public began exchanging on Jan 7.

*The new US elections would be completed sometime in April-May 2019
B. Dec. 26 2018 2:24 am EST It’s Happening, Law Johnson (video): (Video) ManOfChanges -- Critical Information! Spread Far and Wide Immediately

1. Since 1913 the British have had control over financial and political affairs of the US through control over our currency and banking system.

2. That was about to change with implementation of Martial Law. The purpose of Martial Law was to restore the Constitution to the People.

3. A military operation has been in place for some time. We were now in phase 5 of 5 phases.

4. There were (70,000) indictments about to be served on suspected criminals in government, law enforcement, news media, entertainment, big industry and big tech.

5. The Federal Reserve, WTO and IMF were all coming down and each country would regain their sovereignty and nationalize their own bank.

6. In Sept. President HW Bush was tried and pled guilty to money laundering, human trafficking and his role in the death of President John F. Kennedy. In Nov. he was executed by lethal injection and ten Trillion dollars was seized from the Bush organization.

7. Martial Law and full disclosure would be announced through the Emergency Broadcast System, 4Chan and 8Chan networks.

8. This Plan was called Operation Q.


C. Dec. 26 2018 Trump In Iraq: News13NOW.txcstr.com http://specne.ws/dTSrhP President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump make surprise Christmas visit to Iraq.

D. Dec. 26 2018 Lies About China, Russia and Trump Come from Neo-liberals Who have Bankrupted Their Own System: https://larouchepac.com/20181220/lies-about-china-russia-trump-come-neo-liberals-who-have-bankrupted-their-own-system



Wew3:  President Trump in Iraq . . . In the first 30 seconds of the speech, it may be nothing, but I have to wonder if he is talking about something we are waiting on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwf0x9eAnLg

Eccle519:  It was more of a good will visit at Christmas imo. It doesn't mean instant RV imo but it's all good towards Iraq's stability which the CBI and many are looking for...wait for a full cabinet/GOI

Harambe:  Bloomberg Video: Indonesian Rupiah to Have 'Big Chance' in 2019, Mizuho's Yamamoto Says (12/27/18)

Jump to 3:00 minute mark in video.



Harambe:  Bloomberg: Vietnam’s Economy Remains Outperformer as Growth Tops 7% Mark  (12/27/18)

Vietnam’s growth accelerated in the fourth quarter, as stronger manufacturing output helped the economy remain one of the world’s best performers.

Gross domestic product grew 7.3 percent in the three months through December from a year earlier, and was up from a revised 6.82 percent in the previous quarter, the General Statistics Office said in Hanoi Thursday. Growth for the full year was 7.1 percent, compared with the median estimate of 6.9 percent in a Bloomberg survey of 12 economisits.

Economic growth is being buoyed by robust domestic demand, and increases in exports, manufacturing and foreign investment.

The government is taking advantage of the U.S.-China trade tensions to boost the nation’s profile as a manufacturing and export powerhouse, selling everything from shoes to smartphones. Trade accounts for about twice the nation’s gross domestic product -- more than any country in Asia apart from Singapore.

“Vietnam is poised to capture some of China’s global market share in labor-intensive manufacturing,” according to Trinh Nguyen, a senior economist at Natixis Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong. “It’s the clear winner from the trade war.”



tman23   Damn interesting that Secretary Treasurer Steve Munchin shook the markets after it leaked that he called banks to check if they had enough liquidity...WELL DO THEY?? 


 It is getting close to the New Year when Iraq MUST do the ZEROS...we shall see what that entails as this is also the year for USA infrastructure rebuild to kickoff...Like what i'm seeing...hopefully the dinar bares fruit shortly!


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Trump has ordered all military to withdraw and return home as per GESARA compliance.

Trump's visit to Iraq was a significant symbolic political move recognizing Iraq's crucial role in the upcoming and imminent financial system reboot.

The Alliance is preparing to collapse the stock market to force the transition to the new quantum financial system (QFS).

The Cabal are retaliating through disinformation campaigns.

In an act of desperation, the Cabal are planning to use the stock market collapse as an excuse to "save" the world from global economic collapse and thus keeping the fiat financial system alive.

This disinformation battle between the Alliance and the Cabal is already seeping into the mainstream media.

This is why the Cabal is now pushing for a collapse and why Trump appears to be trying to save it in a complete turnaround.

This is now a political blame game between the Cabal and the Alliance.
However, it is futile for the Cabal to resist as the Alliance have gathered enough evidence to bring them down and win public approval.

The Cabal are only setting themselves up in committing financial terrorism and treason against the U.S. and the world.




Don961:  :  Parliamentary intention to pass the law «oil and gas»

 Thursday, December 27,
Baghdad / Shaima Rashid

A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee on the reform and reconstruction movement, Ali Aboudi, the determination of his committee to approve the law of oil and gas, during the current parliamentary session.

Aboudi said in a statement to «morning»: The adoption of the law of oil and gas will be a priority in the work of the Committee, especially since there is a sincere intention within the Committee to be the priority of the laws of interest to the people ».

"This law is very important and there will be some revenue that can be passed by law," he said, calling on political forces to have a consistent and unified vision on the law.

He added that there are many laws within the Committee of Oil and Gas Committee started to prepare them for approval within the parliament, stressing the need to be seeking to pass laws that concern the people and join the process of distribution of wealth And oil.   link

JJonesMX:  Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hectic controversy on Trumps’s sudden visit to Iraq

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The sudden and unexpected visit of the US President Donald Trump to US

forces in al-Assad air base stirred greater controversy and viewpoints inside the Iraqi political scene.

Parliamentary Reform and Reconstruction Bloc issued a statement denouncing the visit as “avowed violation for Iraqi sovereignty, as if Iraq is a US state”.

The bloc called for holding an emergency session for the parliament to discuss this “violation”.

“Trump should know his limits and must know that the US occupation of the country should end”, the statement added.

The withdrawal from Syria does not give the United States the justification to keep the US forces in Iraq as a base in the Middle East”, the statement pointed out.

Shiite Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq organization described the visit as “negligence to the pride of the Iraqi state”.

The organization stressed and called to“quickly expel the foreign forces” from the country, which matter we have achieved by armed struggle”.

Al-Nujabaa’ Movement pointed that the US forces should be expelled from the country because “their presence affects the sovereignty of Iraq”.

MP Falih al-Khaz’ali pointed that Iraqi is not a US state and Premier Mehdi should bear his responsibility according to Iraqi constitution.

“This visit proved that the US forces are not for consultancy reasons or training, which matter we will not accept”, he stressed.

 “The previous Iraqi parliamentary round called for scheduling the withdrawal of foreign troups, but nothing happened due to corruption”, Mp Khaz’ali elaborated.

Earlier, the White House announced the reasons for not holding meetings with the Iraqi Premier Adel Abdul Mehdi during President Trump’s sudden trip.

The statement said that the Iraqi side was informed through a short notice and the necessity for arrangements for the safety of the president.

President Trump and Mehdi held a phone call, where an invitation to Mehdi was proposed to visit Washington.

On the other hand, the statement of Mehdi’s office on the visit stirred the astonishment of Iraqi political scene.

According to the statement, an official ceremony was supposed to be held but the differences in viewpoints replaced the meeting with a phone call.


Militias affiliated with Iran threaten to respond to Trump's visit
Last Updated: Thursday , 27 December 2018 KSA 07:35 - GMT 04:35

Iggy:  i do not think the US troops and the commander visiting his troops was not well planned...the uproar may just be part of it...imo
Don961:  The first official statement from the office of "Abdul Mahdi" on Trump's visit to Iraq

2018 - 12 - 27

The US authorities have informed the Iraqi authorities of US President Donald Trump's visit to Iraq, the office of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said, adding that Trump had invited Abdul Mahdi to visit Washington.

"The US authorities have informed the Iraqi authorities of the desire of US President Donald Trump to visit Iraq on the evening of December 26 to congratulate the new Iraqi government and to visit the US military within the coalition forces in support of Iraq in the fight against a da'ash," the office said in a statement today. Welcomed the request. "

"There was supposed to be an official reception and a meeting between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the US president, but there was a divergence of views to organize the meeting, which was replaced by a telephone conversation on developments in the situation, especially after the US president's decision to withdraw from Syria, And to provide security and stability for the peoples and countries of the region. "

"The prime minister welcomed the US president and invited him to visit Baghdad. The US president also called on the prime minister to visit Washington," the office said, adding that "the two sides agreed to continue to strengthen the joint relations between the two countries."

"The visit of the US president and the first lady included congratulating the American military at the Iraqi base of Ain al-Assad in Anbar on the occasion of Christmas," the office said.

The White House announced Wednesday that President Trump had arrived in Iraq and that Trump denied any plans to withdraw his troops from Iraq.   link


Doodlebug:  Boy oh boy, not sure how the citizens are going to react to 5% tax on all goods from Malls, sounds like there might be some protests in the near future. Well, unless they change their purchasing power, sooM. I don't know, just my opinion
Samson:  The budget of 2019 obligates shopping centers and barbershops to activate the electronic cashier

26th December, 2018

The 2019 budget, malls, shopping malls and barbershops required the acquisition and operation of the electronic cashier, according to the text of the bill, which was read by Nass.

Article 19ter A of the text of the draft law published earlier by NAS states that "a sales tax of 5% is levied on all goods sold in malls and shopping centers, services provided in men's and women's barbershops, and all parties referred to Electronic device".

The political forces in parliament have not been able to achieve the necessary consensus on the draft budget, amid objections from a number of provinces.

It is expected that the budget law, at the top of the list of priorities of the Parliament, after the end of his vacation on the eighth of next month.   LINK
Don961:  After Trump's surprise visit to Iraq .. Pompeo will go to Baghdad next month to meet with Abdul Mahdi

27.12.2018 |  04:41 GMT |

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in Baghdad on Jan. 11, White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders said.

The White House reveals why Trump did not meet with the Iraqi prime minister

"President (Donald) Trump invited the Iraqi prime minister to visit the White House and the latter agreed," the journalists said after talking to Sanders in Germany, which President Donald Trump arrived at to visit the US military there.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad on Jan. 11, Sanders said.

Source: Novosti    link


Samson:  PM @AdilAbdAlmahdi held a phone call with the U.S. President @POTUS prior to his visit to Iraq and discussed security developments in the region, the fight against Daesh, and strengthening bilateral relations between both countries. pic.twitter.com/gvt0K0B8ZX

— Government of Iraq - (@IraqiGovt) December 27, 2018


Samson:  After visiting Iraq ... Trump visits the American base of Ramstein in Germany
27th December, 2018

Arrived US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, to the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany, according to Bloomberg News, after a surprise visit to Iraq.

US President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to US troops in Iraq on Wednesday for Christmas, his first visit to a conflict zone after almost two years of his presidency and days after the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

The US presidential plane landed at al-Assad airbase west of Baghdad after a night flight from Washington, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, a small group of aides, presidential security officials and a number of journalists. The visit lasted for just over three hours. Earlier, the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, announced that by 2020, the United States would deploy an additional unit of about 1,500 troops in Germany.

The Ramstein Air Base is the stronghold of the US Air Force in Germany and the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe.    LINK