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December 3, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.
Folks I know most are looking for simple answers to complex questions. But you don’t know what you are asking most of the time, or even know what that they are so complex. But today you all are in for a real treat. I took hours to put this together for everyone to truly get a handle on just where we are in this investment.
My commentary is very long today. It is longer than usual but I highly encourage everyone to print it out and read it carefully but only if you truly want to understand this reinstatement process, the progress so far and about when we can expect something more to happen (so we can go to the bnak). No, we are not now on a every day / any day watch. The bank screens mean absolutely nothing as does this constant nonsense from “boots on the ground” or “secret committee source”. So let’s all just stop this nonsense and get real.
Kaperoni vs Mnt Goat intel
I think many of you Kaperoni followers should get a lesson on how the money supply works in developed countries and the role the Central Banks have in this effort. Overall I like Kaperoni’s presentations and approach. I respect him dearly for his efforts to keep the intel clean. But I also want to add that he is a straight text book thinker but has to get his mind out of the text books and into the reality of the situation in Iraq and what is now truly happening. The situation is unique as they are still functioning in a post-war rebuilding environment. It is not the ideal monetary system, not yet.
Please reference the following link:
Many of you are telling lies of what I have said about the Iraqi money supply. If fact, I never said a damn word about “money supply”. Go read all my material and Newsletters. Many of you keep trying to debate with me on Facebook pages on the M2 money supply being reduced. I in turn refuse to debate a pointless issue and always reference you back to the link to my presentation on the “project to delete the zeros”. Did you read it?
Many of you either don’t read it or can’t absorb what I am saying. I even did a special analysis of it again to you in one of my recent Nov newsletters.. Still you don’t get it.
Okay so now I am going to spell it out is as simple of terms to you that even a first grader can understand. Many of you did pass the first grade, I assume?
I agree with Kap in that the CBI has told us this is a 3 year process. So we are now at the end of this process. In fact if we get out of this year we have passed it.
But remember the CBI just can’t trigger the event in a day and expect to transition the currency over that same day. It takes time and there are mechanisms to put in place over months if not years. One such mechanism was “electronic banking”. Another we can clearly see was the ATMs. In March-Oct we witnessed yet another the effort to get the people over to using the lower category notes. But this third mechanism only works because these other two mechanisms were already in place. If you are studying this process to delete the zeros you can clearly see the progression of what the CBI is doing to get them to the reinstatement timeframe.
So I NEVER said that the CBI is reducing the “money supply”, as many of you Kap followers accuse me of. I did however say that in 2011 the plan was to eventually reduce the amount of hard currency in the 3 zero notes. They CBI must slowly “withdraw” these out of circulation by 2/3. That is all I said and I am sticking to my conviction.
I am sticking to it because I read the plan in 2011, as from the finance ministry as to how they intended to convert the currency categories as explained in the “project to delete the zeros”. Get it? Did I just say they are reducing the “money supply”? NO! So what did I mean by my statement “They CBI must slowly “withdraw” these out of circulation by 2/3”.
So how do you simply take 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of circulation without reducing the money supply? Simply put you don’t!
Don’t assume I meant reduce the money supply because I did not say this.
Like I told everyone many times I do not work for the CBI and I do not know all the mechanisms as to how they intend to do this. But we did just witness a couple of them. These mechanisms are not all outlined within the plan that they presented from 2011. But this is what we do know and have seen so far. (We can only say this must be FACTUAL since the CBI told us it is, unless they too are lying to us?)
So this is what they have done so far.
Since 2011 the CBI has managed to get 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of circulation. But wouldn’t this reduce the money supply then?
No, not if they replaced these notes with smaller category notes, or issued bonds, or electronically digitized the currency or a combination of all the above. Is this not all of what we have witnessed in many of these recent banking reforms? I am I missing something here? These are all the mechanisms on implementing the project to delete the zeros. WOW! 😊
So in March 2018 the CBI told us they are all done with efforts in the first phase and second phase of the project. They are waiting to complete the third phase. See my chart again on what these 3 phases are in the Facebook photos section.
I quote from a March 28th article Mnt Newsletter- (the big article people were talking about then)
“Economy News Baghdad: The Iraqi central bank governor Ali Aliak said on Monday that the Iraqi debt reached 71 billion dollars, stressing that the subject of deleting zeros from the currency is ready BUT NEEDS A SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION.”
What is this suitable environment?
I quote from a recent article from Nov 30th Mnt Goat Newsletter –
“The deletion of zero is defined as a process by which the NOMINAL VALUE OF THE CURRENCY IS ADJUSTED due to high inflation and devaluation”
“This PROCESS IS STILL CONTROVERSIAL in the government and monetary circles, businessmen and specialists. Some believe that doing such a process will LEAD TO MORE CORRUPTION AND TAMPERING WITH PUBLIC MONEY, because of what is happening in the process of changing the currency, and it will create a state of chaos and confusion in contracts internally and externally”
“Simply we do not deny that the process of deleting zeros is a necessary and important step comes within the need for the country to the process of administrative reform of the currency contribute to reduce transaction costs and cash transactions in the economic process, and REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE COUNTRY'S MONETARY MASS”.
Again I go back to what Iraq is telling us. No opinions or rumors.
I quote from the Nov 28th article Mnt Goat Newsletter–
“But there MUST BE INTRODUCTIONS TO THAT PROCESS (meaning re-education of the smaller category notes), including CHOOSING THE APPROPRIATE TIME In which the Iraqi economy in a state of stability, and then CREATE THE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT IN A DELIBERATE MANNER to implement the deletion, and this requires the procedures and financial and banking decisions taken by the financial authority in the country."
Can I get any clearer than this?
The “project to delete the zeros” in nothing more than a transition of the currency from these large 3 zero notes (provisional post -war time currency) to a normalized denomination set. Get it?
So the tricky part is how to do this without crashing the economy, causing massive inflation, stagnation, or feeding corruption. This is the challenge of the CBI. The CBI could not care less about how you feel and how bad you want or need this money. They could not care less about all the “humanitarian” projects you have planned (most of which is just lip service and lies anyhow).
We are now in the second stage of the plan. The CBI has collected 2/3 of the 3 zero notes and managed to get them out of circulation. Again here is the quotes out of the March 12th 2018 article of Mnt Goat Newsletter on this subject matter:
“He also said that it is IMPORTANT THAT THE PUBLIC UNDERSTANDS THE NEW FEATURES AND THE TECHNOLOGIES behind it to promote the circulation of the reprinted version.” (talked about the 250, 500 and 1000 dinar notes)
“Iraqi parliament’s economic committee MP Ibrahim al-Rikaby agrees that this will help achieve currency reform HENCE THEIR SUPPORT OF THE OLD NOTES REPLACEMENT. He stated that the step will help strengthen the Iraqi dinar against other world currencies, make the currency easy to carry and circulate in banking transactions, selling and buying operations as well as in currency exchange.”
“About 5 trillion Iraqi dinars ($4.3 billion USD) will circulate along with the old notes, (this is what they have left $4.3 Billion USD or about 4.3 Trillion dinar remaining of the 3 zero notes) said al-Yasseri, GRADUALLY REPLACING THE OLDER ISSUES. He added that for now, both old and new notes will circulate side-by-side.”
They need both the 3 zero notes and the newer category notes to coincide as not to create panic or chaos.
So I don’t know how it can be any clearer what the CBI is doing with the launching of these newer smaller category notes. Is it maybe the translation from Arabic to English many have a problem with?
These 250, 500 and 1000 notes are part of the currency that is planned to remain in circulation even after all the 3 zero notes are gone (many years from now as they are SLOWLY phased out.
I bring you quotes from these articles because this is what the CBI is telling us. This is not Mnt Goat’s “opinion”. I have a great respect for Kaperoni (KAP) as he tries to keep it real with his intel, but in this case I can not agree with his statement that the CBI is just replacing old, worn out 250,500 and 1000 notes. This latest move by the CBI in March – Oct was a much, much bigger move than that.
Kap himself states by asking “why would the CBI even make mention of just replacing these notes as most other countries just do it behind the scenes and don’t publish it”. So then Kap goes on an answers his own question. The FACT is they don’t. The CBI would not also if there was not yet another underlying reason for keeping the people informed of the project to delete the zeros, and its progress. I rest my case…..Get it?
It also seems that Kap has a short memory. He either is not aware or forgets what took place already in the past. Around March of 2015 (the same month that they began this recent move in 2018) the talked about launching the 100 dinar notes in EARLY 2016. Why?
It was because they sincerely intended to go ahead with the reinstatement at that time. Why? Because the GOI under PM Abadi told them they would have ISIS war done by this time. Then in EARLY 2016 what does the CBI tell us?
They tell us they are going to wait for more “suitable conditions” to launch the 100 dinar. Again I ask – Why? Because the ISIS war was not completed as planned by the GOI by 2015. But remember then the CBI comes out a little later and tells us in EARLY 2017 they plan to do the project to delete the zeros. But it does not happen in EARLY 2017 either. Why?
Then ISIS war was not completed until Dec 2017. Is there a trend here? You must remember what the CBI was trying to do all along.
In Nov of 2014 just after the 2014 elections concluded the CBI gave us an update on how longer it would take to complete the project to delete the zeros. Do you remember this article from Mnt Goat newsletter? The CBI said they need 2 years to complete it. This brings us from Nov 2014 to Nov 2016 to complete it.
So the CBI told us in 2014 they needed 2 more years to complete the project to delete the zeros. It’s now four years already (see article below). Still no reinstatement and we getting ready to enter 2019. What the hell is going on?
Now we finally see, with this new parliament that they have decided to set up three teams to investigate possible corruption in the CBI. WOW! The significant part for us and I quote from the article - “Out of the three teams, the third team will take the issue of currency exchange and the auctions, "noting that these three issues hovering around suspicions of corruption and need to answer and be clarified”. I luv it! Finally!
Article begins
Central Bank of Iraq Statements on Iraqi Currency Deletion of Zeros
November 28, 2014
The Central Bank gives the green light to execute “zero deletion” and confirms: WE NEED TWO YEARS TO FINISH IT.
The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr.Ali Al-Allaq, has declared on Tuesday that the green light was given to execute the file of zero deletion from the currency, and he confirmed that finishing the managing matters for this file will take two years. He also pointed that the bank has started preparing samples for the new currency.
Al-Allaq has said in a press conference conducted in the Bank’s building in Al-Jadireeyah area middle of Baghdad, which I also attended (Al-Mada Press), that “the file of zero deletion from the Iraqi currency is under execution”, confirming that “The bank has given the green light to execute this.”
Al-Allaq has pointed that “Finishing the managing matters for this file will take two years”, showing that “The bank has started to prepare samples of the new currency.”
The Central Bank of Iraq announced in 28th of November 2014, postponing the subject of zero deletion from the currency in the present.
Article ends
In Nov 2016 they told us that these smaller notes were all delivered to the banks are ready. Why did they tell us this? It was because they did in-FACT want to go ahead with the project to delete the zeros in EARLY 2017 but new they had to postpone it already to 2018. Read it for yourself.
Here is a full article in Mnt Goat newsletter dated Nov 2017:
Article begins
11/26/2017 12:00 AM
We are on the doors of the year 2018 or is the date of deletion of the three zeros of the Iraqi dinar a question addressed to the makers of monetary policy?
The past years have seen widespread debate about the advantages and disadvantages of deleting zeros.
Which brings this debate back to the forefront, but we are at the beginning of the road towards a rational economic reform that restores the country's strength and strength after being subjected to several tremors almost paralyzed.
I see that the return of the subject delete the zeros to the forefront at a time when the steps of the reform calmly and slowly and unrivaled is a real vision to restore the real value of the Iraqi dinar to remain master of currencies at the level of local trading without rushing on the acquisition of the dollar to invest outside the country, and perhaps the advantages of the dinar equivalent with The dollar in terms of value, content and appearance of the debt to invest domestically, because it is difficult to invest currencies in the world outside the dollar as the currency of the most receptive and popular in transactions and investments.
This and other advantages lead to the adoption of consideration of this project and study the possibility of its application during the year 2018 as one of the basics of monetary and banking reform.
Perhaps follow the steps in reducing the exchange rate of the dollar gradually after the challenge of security will devote convictions and accept the deletion of zeros, which faced in a timely split between supporters and opponents because of poor understanding of raising zeros, and importance and advantages, especially when some believe that the DELETION OF ZEROS WILL REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE RESERVES OF DINARS because Their view of their size is not to their true value.
It should be noted that monetary policy had followed a balanced and balanced plan to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar and succeeded to some extent fixed on what it is now, where it was able to reduce from 200 thousand to 100 dollars to 120 thousand dinars and the goal to reach 100 thousand Dinars BUT CIRCUMSTANCES PREVENTED TIMELY COMPLETION OF THE GRADUAL REDUCTION.
Today, it is easy for the Central Bank of Iraq to work on the principle of gradually reducing the exchange rate to the extent that it can be equivalent to the dinar against the dollar, so as to accept and digest the process of deleting zeros, so the advantage of reducing the size of money assured the owner to keep a small amount of cash with the bone market value And actual.
For this, the deletion of zeros or raise them from the Iraqi currency will make them enjoy these advantages in the field of compactness and commercial transactions and the risks are much lower than the large cash volumes.
The bottom line is that it is necessary to adopt the Central Bank of Iraq for the project to delete the zeros and work on its implementation from now in order to achieve the objectives of reducing the size of the monetary mass, and required a media program to devote convictions to the importance of this project,
Article ends
Their words not mine. No Hype., No Rumors, Just the FACTS!
Then late last Dec and EARLY 2018 the dinar investment community goes into hysteria that the CBI is going to go ahead with the project to delete the zeros. They really intended to do it and the above article proves it. But something happened to make them out of compliance with the Article 8 rulings. They went over the 2% variance in market rate to program rate. A 90 day restriction was applied again bringing the time too March 2018. 
Then, as I told everyone, the 2018 elections were most likely going to interfere with the project to delete the zeros if we didn’t see it by the end of March. Did I not say this? I also said if the elections don’t go quickly and Abadi got back in for a second term we would be waiting until the end of the year of EARLY 2019. Why did I say this? I said it because the new PM would have to select an entirely new cabinet and the USA did not want the Iranian influence to be part of it. Go re-read my newsletters from this time. I am not lying to you!
Folks this stuff is NOT that hard to figure out. It is reality and all you have to do is stop drinking that RV hysteria every day /any day cool aid and listen to the FACTS and REALITY of what is really happening in Iraq (not so much the rest of the world).
Then in March 2018 we again see the CBI speak up (was very quiet throughout the elections and recounts) and begin to launch these new small category notes, not just to replace, by to influx yet more into circulation to replace yet more of the 3 zero notes now still being sucked in by the currency auctions (and not being re-circulated due to the new banking reform implemented such as electronic banking). Get it?
Why is this so hard to understand?
So we know for a FACT that the monetary system for Iraq must move from UN Charter Article 14 to Article 8. Kap and I both agree with this FACT as do most. The CBI has told us everything is done to complete this move, except the project to delete the zeros. Periodically the CBI meets with the IMF and for what is called an Article 4 Consultation. If you look up this meeting it is nothing more than a formal way under the UN Charter for the IMF to meet with member nations. So this next consultation was scheduled for September 2018 but was postponed due to Iraq not having a legal government in place at that time. This is FACT as my CBI contact told me.
It is now Nov 2018 and still it is not yet scheduled. I firmly believe, as does Kap, that when this consultation occurs they will talk mostly about the banking progress on the reforms and the next step forward, which is the reinstatement of the currency and how they will progress. This we both agree on.
In conclusion, we look for this consultation and then for the launching of maybe the 50 and/or 100 dinar notes to give us a sign they are moving ahead. Do not expect the CBI just to launch all the lower smaller notes as in a one triggered event. This is not a one day event as these gurus lead you to believe it will just RV and these bank screen rates are going to show and be active. Then you go to the bank. Really? This will be gradual as I told you many times. This also Kap and I agree on. But I do not agree with Kap that it will take years for the rate to increase. I also do not agree that the Dinar will move from a sole peg to the USD to a float. Instead the CBI has told us many times the plans are to peg the dinar to the new SDR basket and then reinstate it and move to a managed float, as all currencies are on when in the currency exchanges and traded. How else can Iraq take advantage of the speculation they need to drive up the rate once on the exchanges. The over speculation that Dr Shabibi mentioned he did not want was the over-speculation prior to the reinstatement not afterwards. So don’t throw these words back in my face, which I can read you minds already that you are thinking. 😊
So this recent period March – Oct 2018 move by the CBI, a portion of these larger 3 zero notes were replaced with a greater amounts of the 250, 500, and 1000 notes, not just replacing the old worn out notes. There is no other significance for the CBI to tell us emphatically what they are doing. Did you also notice this news coincided with the news of the operation of the ATMs? Why?
Again I am telling you it is because of phase 2 and is part of the slow transition and emphasis to use the lower category notes in everyday business transactions. Since the value has not yet changed, the consumer will need more of these notes to purchase. But this is only temporary as they plan to shortly make even a fuller move in the transition over.
Emphasis in using these smaller category notes in now ongoing since for Iraq for petty cash. For larger purchases they can use their debit cards, credit cards and now even get bank loans (since the banks are now more liquid due to the automatic deposits by the CBI).
I want everyone to know the CBI does not directly pay the citizens. The process is that the CBI transfers money to the Central Banks offices in the provinces and they in turn allot money to the banks to pay the citizens directly into their accounts. It is like sending a computer tape full of names and account numbers to the banks. Associated with each account is the amount of deposit. This is digitalizing the currency. Thus it allowed them to collect the 3 zero notes in preparation for the transition over. In the past the banks paid out in large sums of cash in dinars and they then went to the currency auctions only to be re-circulated back to public via payroll salaries, pensions, retirements. Now this currency process is very significant and needed to be in place prior to the next move to transition over.
Where does all this revenue come from today?
It comes from oil revenue and so what if oil is not generating the kind of revenue in the future to sustain the payments? Then what happens? So you can see it is essential, almost critical that for long-term “sustainability” that Iraq must transition to the a “private sector” economy. I hope everyone can see how important this is.
So let’s look at 50 years down the road and how Iraq will be if they do not do this transition over now.
Oil reserves dry up OR the world transitions off of fossil fuels. Then what for Iraq?
Lack of the government’s ability to pay salaries in government run jobs is inhibited. Iraq will no longer be able to provide food, medical care, education, housing or cloths its projected 400 million population. Civil war may break out and it will become a critical depleted economy leading to massive starvation and depravation. It is more likely to fall back into a third- world type economy and dictatorship. Yes, there will always be some other forms of income such as tourism, agriculture and tariffs but it is not enough to sustain their economy and growing population.
Yet more reasons why under the plan of the UN for “sustainability” of Iraq long into the future this project to delete the zeros” MUST take place.
More news….
The MP from the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Ahmad Hama, on Sunday, the commitment of all political blocs to the date of the parliamentary session on Tuesday to complete the cabinet cabaret, warning of entering the country in a major political crisis in the event of postponement of the vote on ministers.
To this moment, parliament has not received the autobiography of the new ministers," Abbas al-Ali told the news agency. They need minimum 2 days prior. It is a decision to reach us today, or a maximum tomorrow morning, for the purpose of studying before Tuesday's session.
The MP for the Alliance of Reform Riad al - Masoudi, on Saturday said, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi told the political blocs that he would resign or go towards the national option in the selection of ministers in the event of failure to reach a political agreement to complete his booth ministerial during the session next Tuesday.
Then on Monday out pops this news…
Most of the ministries may be decided tomorrow, except for the security ministries where it is likely to keep the session open until it is resolved.
So Dec 4th is going to be a BIG day for Iraq in the completion of the government. Let’s pray they get this completed and get it right.
Again I will say “I told you so”. Did I not say that if the former PM Abadi did not get re-elected there would be chaos in the selection process and then delays in forming this new government “fully”. WOW! How do I know all this stuff?
More news….
An economist revealed that the US Treasury Secretary is exerting pressure on the Iraqi government to keep the governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alaq in office.
More news….
A source familiar with political, on Sunday, why the visit of President Barham Saleh, to the leader of the coalition victory, former Prime Minister Haider Abadi. "After Saleh's visit to Abadi, Abadi became very close to the post of First Vice President of the Republic of Iraq," the source said. "The source, who asked not to be named," Abadi agreed to take over the post, "noting that" Barham Saleh will put candidates for the post of Vice President of the Republic in front of parliament for the purpose of voting on them.
(Mnt Goat – very good news for us. This article shows that they are finally getting around to getting these VP candidates together and presented for a vote. Something they also need to complete the govt. Gosh I hope Abadi gets one. I also hope that they can keep any of the Shiite Iranians out, like Maliki and any of his goons. If Abadi gets it, it will fill the Shiite side. The other 2 VPs have to be a Kurd and a Sooni.)
Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin
Information / Baghdad
Hama said in a statement to the information that "the political blocs are bound to next Tuesday's session Dec 4th to pass the rest of the cabinet members, despite the existence of some political differences on some ministers."
He added that "the postponement of the meeting Tuesday to another time WILL ENTER IRAQ IN A NEW POLITICAL CRISIS can not be easily resolved in light of the struggling blocs on the posts," noting that "the Kurdish negotiations are still continuing between the National Union and the Democratic in order to resolve the distribution of the Ministries of migration and justice between them."
The MP for the construction coalition Mansour al-Baiji student, on Sunday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to accelerate the resolution of the remaining of his Cabinet through the presence of the House of Representatives during the next session, warning that the failure to resolve the remaining ministries will accelerate the collapse of the government.
The preparations for the International Summit for Investment, Reconstruction and Economic Development of Iraq have been completed in the next few days, organized in cooperation between the Fund for the Reconstruction of liberated areas in cooperation with Frontier Exchange, a British company specialized in the establishment of international conferences and exhibitions.
"This event comes in very sensitive circumstances, which requires the mobilization of efforts and capabilities to promote the national economy and the reconstruction and services sector, especially after the liberation of Iraq completely from the organization of" Da'ash "terrorist and improved security conditions.
"This summit will provide access to employment opportunities and the best local private banks. The summit will be a conference on the sidelines of the Golden Opportunity Exhibition to meet with the world's largest companies and investors looking to work in Iraq as well as international organizations that seek to provide support and aid to the country in various fields such as reconstruction, Economic. "
The head of the Reconstruction Fund for the affected areas Mustapha al-Hiti said: "The existence of the international effort specialized in Baghdad, represents a real support for the reconstruction and reconstruction of liberated areas that require great effort," noting that "the efforts of the Fund in the reconstruction of affected areas through the implementation of projects Mission in these areas, which touch the life of the Iraqi citizen. "
He pointed out that "the presence of international companies in Baghdad is evidence of the ability of participating companies and their desire to work within Iraq, and in turn we will work to provide the appropriate operational environment in cooperation with the parties concerned," and praised the role of the company organized in attracting international effort.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!
Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.
In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.
“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.
In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

45th Baghdad International Fair: Iraq open for business

TNT Tony - We're Still on Track! , 4 DEC

Tony:  From the info that I have received, we are still on track to see a change either today (late evening) or Monday/Tuesday. I am saying this because I don't know which day will be cash out. I know that we do in fact have visitors and are waiting to here from them either this evening or first thing in the morning. 
Iraq is still on a communication blackout and info has been smuggled out that they are excited and also waiting to tell the world something that they are very proud of. There has been a dollar amount assigned to the citizens of Iraq, much like the one assigned to the citizens of Kuwait.  There are a lot of exciting things happening today and tomorrow...I am hoping for and expecting to receive some more (great) information as the day progresses.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Iraqi Dinar Exchange Worldwide 4:00 AM Baghdad Time" December 2, 2018 1:21 am"

(EST), was the time that this was brought to us. imo. All those countries moved money into the IQD...? They have to have had good reason and will, to take such risk. Or was there risk? Not likely if the amount of money was in trillions. Tying up 100s of billions let alone potentially trillions, is not going to be taking lightly by those doing so. Thus, even if in 100s of billions, that money is not going to be there long without a darn good reason...Large reasons!! lol. There comes a time when a deal(s) has/have to be disclosed. 4:00 am 12/2/2018? Was that the shot heard around the world today? We shall see if the old 72 hr is real effective, exchangeable at an international rate or not. imo.

"Baghdad calls on Washington to cooperate in activating the terms of the Strategic Framework Agreement”

...the SFA...is a check list that has been a work in progress since 01/01/2009 and is still imo in effect, as noted above and will continue. The items show us that they have completed many many things and we just...yesterday indicators of direct investment..., yesterdays Tweet by Mahdi about Visas and...on Passports. If the item is in the SFA and being openly talked about now, is a good sign things are coming together very quickly now. Well the SFA is about implementation of reforms.. Very very very good timing and it all loks like they are now asking to be released to fly with the new categories. WS [Guru Walkingstick] post suggests they got the go ahead 12/02/2018, imo..We shall see.

Kaperoni (Dinar Alert)

Iraq is not in IMF Article VIII as of yet. Believe me when i say this...when Iraq changes the exchange rate regime and moves to Article VIII you will hear it from me first.

Looks like PM Mahdi will present the rest of his cabinet at tomorrow's parliament session. 

ChrisC (KTFA)

"Iraqi Dinar Exchange Worldwide 4:00 AM Baghdad Time" 

US Dollar
1 USD = 1,191.0000 Iraqi Dinar 
1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0008 USD 
I have been watching this and not saying anything for several days, but why is everyone so worked up over decimal points? If we are going to the left, the 190 will occupy the three decimal places for the fils. Not sure what seeing three zeros the other way does for us. Actually makes me a touch nervous.

Mountain Goat


So here we go...This article is more explanation of the process to delete the zeros. This is part of the re-education process that had to take place prior to the EARLY 2019 reinstatement occurring. So here we have yet more evidence the CBI is finally doing this education campaign.


The time has finally come for the CBI and GOI to deleting the zeros but will they do it? (economic and political stability = 2019 Budget) 

RVAlready (TNT)

[Tomorrow is the day for the vote on the final Iraqi ministers.]

There is always a fight in Iraq over the cabinet. Nothing new here. The folks saying delay tomorrow...just their personal opinion.I think they will finish most or all of the posts tomorrow… The Secretary General of the UN is led there, adding his support.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

History repeats itself time and time again.

After the Dark Ages were over, the Middle Ages came, after that, the Renaissance.

During the Dark Ages, life was tough and harsh.

History is repeating itself.

Dark Ages = Now (near the end)

Middle Ages = Post-RV
Renaissance = GESARA

This time, instead of hundreds of years, it will only take days.

According to sources, the USN is scheduled to go live sometime this week.

The USN cannot go live without the QFS and the QFS cannot go live without the RV.

Rumors suggest the DECLAS documents will also be made public this week, possibly before the RV.

The DECLAS documents will provide necessary public distraction during the private currency redemption event (RV).

Expect the RV to begin once the DECLAS documents are made public.

It is advised to be prepared for a two-week transitional phase which will include a mass unsealing of indictments, a global currency reset (QFS going live), and the announcement of GESARA.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 4, 2018

Compiled 4 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: For several days there has been an Intel Blackout, though it would be my opinion that we were looking at Wed. Dec. 5 for movement on the RV.

See the below significance of Nov. 30 and Dec. 5. Dec. 5 was also a deadline for the Cabal to pay their defaulted debt of $190 trillion – (that they wouldn’t be able to pay because Bitcom - the Cabal’s answer to their loss of the international monetary system - was now close to worthless).
A general consensus was that because of election fraud and mass arrests that were about to dissolve the US Congress, the RV, GCR and NESARA had to be completed, not just started, by Jan. 1 2019, or we as a nation would have no government structure in which to function.

Last week Intel providers claimed that monies have been moving for various phases of the RV/GCR including for the Internet Group.

China, Zimbabwe and Iraq have already RV’d. Russia was set to go gold/asset-backed at any time.

On the ongoing mass arrests: On Nov. 29 the most powerful Cardinal in the US was raided by police (Evidently more charges and coverup of the sexual abuse of children were being investigated in the Catholic Church – the controller of the US monetary system since it’s beginning in the 1600s).


A. Calendar for The Plan: What we think we know as of early morning Tues. Dec. 4:

*The Plan was already in motion, money moved into accounts for the RV, debt bubble broken, with a Stock Market crash on the horizon and mass arrests begun with the unsealing of over 63,233 indictments, including charges of Treason against corrupt politicians and the Global Elite.

*One hundred military police were just recently deployed to GITMO for 400 day posts. When these actions were combined with the national debt, Stock Market immobility for the last several weeks and ongoing mass arrests, it would appear a takedown of the Cabal’s Federal Reserve, IRS and Congress has begun and was likely to result in Military Tribunals including Martial Law until new elections were held in April 2019.

*RV, 800#s Release expected at any time, although Dec. 5 was significant as the deadline for the Cabal’s default of $190 trillion as well as the date of the funeral for former President HW Bush (head of the Cabal’s Bush Cartel). The funeral could act as a cover for the RV – which cover was said to have started the day of his death on Nov. 30.

*The complete unsealing of over 63,233 indictments and increase in mass arrests were set to follow a Stock Market crash.

*End of Dec: Elimination of Central Banks, Federal Reserve, IRS; New Tax system announced; Exposure of CIA/ Vatican Child Sex Trafficking Ring; GESARA Law announced and implemented; Martial Law implemented.

*Dec. to April 2019: Martial Law likely to last until new elections in April 2019.

*Jan. 2019: Military Tribunals begin.

B. Significance of Nov. 30 2018:

President Bush died on Nov. 30 – a suspected assisted suicide for 9/11 and other crimes.

The beginning of Phase 2 Tier 4B (Internet Group) was said to have started on Nov. 30.

According to Benjamin Fulford, on Nov. 30 the announcement came that Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George H.W. Scherff (Bush) was dead while the G20 was prepping the world for a Global Currency Reset.

The 41st President Bush Sr. expired on 11/30 because 11+30=41. In fact, Bush Sr. died in June, but the announcement was delayed until preparations were made to arrest senior Nazionist (Khazarian mafia) underlings like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Cabal was suspected behind the Nov. 30 Alaskan earthquake, see Von Reitz below.

On Nov. 30 Q/Trump hinted in a Tweet (https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/) that Treason charges have been leveled. On Nov. 27 President Trump had retweeted a famous image of Obama, the Clintons, Mueller and others behind bars, with the label, "Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?" All were involved in the Uranium 1 Deal with Russia.

C. Significance of Dec. 5 2018:

Cabal’s default of $190 trillion to creditors was final on Dec. 5.

Q said “it” would begin on Dec. 5 Huber was set to testify before a Congressional committee on the Clinton Foundation, although the funeral of President Bush on that same day of Dec. 5 changed things. The Epstein Civil trial and Lynch testimony were supposedly set for Dec. 4, which also could also have changed. The point being: disclosure of the Cabal was about to take place. Q: “Eyes on Assange. Careful now. Ready. Aim.”

RV, 800#s Release expected at any time, although Dec. 5 was also a significant date as the deadline for the Cabal’s default of $190 trillion as well as the date of the funeral for former President HW Bush (head of the Cabal’s Bush Cartel). The funeral could act as a cover for the RV – which cover was said to have started the day of his death on Nov. 30.


D. Q’s “Be The Plan” Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDyUDCP5Wc0

Q Says Marines to Arrest 63,322 Global Elites on Dec. 5 (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxa6uNannF4


E. Dec. 3 2018 12:16 am EST Mueller Facing Jail Time, Fox News (video): (Video) Mueller Facing Possible Jail Term After Hannity Declared his Biggest Crime on TV

Game over! Mueller facing possible jail term after Hannity declared his biggest c r i m e on live TV. Special counsel Robert Mueller is straying away from his mandate to find crime.

Mueller filled his investigative team with Democrats who donated heavily to the Clinton campaign. Mueller now faces charges of bribery, kickbacks, extortion, money laundering in the Uranium One deal that Mueller was directly involved in while he was Director of the FBI.
​F. Dec. 2 2018 11:39 pm EST X22 Report: X22 Report: Xi and Trump on the Same Page 12/02/2018 11:39:00 PM News

The BREXIT deal was not for the people and the people were speaking out against the deal. Trump was getting ready to terminate NAFTA and warned Congress. Trump and XI strike tariff truce deal, they were taking control of the global economy and working together with Putin behind the scenes to take down the CB and the DS.

Rick Scott signed an EO and went after Brenda Snipes. Snipes said that she rescinded her offer to retire. France might declare State of Emergency - the people were not happy with Macron.

Q dropped more bread: there was a leak and warned the leaker to not leak anymore, or else. DC was panicking. Comey tried to get out of testifying behind closed doors and it backfired as the Judge dismissed his case.

He would testify behind closed doors. Dec. 5 seemed to be the date: GHW Bush passed away, funeral on the 5th, coincidence? Comey suppose to testify, Clinton to testify, Huber too, all on the 5th.


G. Dec. 2 2018 11:58 pm EST, Alaskan Earthquake Update, Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz -- Disaster Update


H. Dec. 2 2018 11:57 pm EST, Parting Shot from Bush and Threats from Treasury, Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz -- Parting Shot from "Poppy" Bush and Threats from the Treasury

1. A friend in M16 contacted me and stated that the "strike" on Big Lake was a "parting shot" in honor of "Poppy Bush" ---George Herbert Walker Bush, who was "executed" that same day by lethal injection "for his part" in 911 and many, many other crimes.

2. If so, that would be consistent with reports coming in from American Intelligence sources, too: "The strike on Big Lake was a coordinated strike carried out by the US NAVY and allowed by the USAF, both operating under the UN CORP. Their default to creditors should be final Dec. 5, this coming Wednesday."

3. My old Brit friend and I had a good laugh about all the reporters fondly gushing about GHW Bush and calling him "Poppy" right in the press, without a clue that this nickname refers to his kingpin status in the opium drug trade and isn't just a fond family substitute for "darling Papa".

4. George Herbert Walker Bush was knighted by the Queen for his service -- to whom and what can only be inferred. The United States Navy has always been under the control of the British Monarchs, and that the municipal US NAVY has been under the control of their UN CORP counterparts in Switzerland and Luxembourg, some of the nastiest and most sanctimonious Fascists on Earth.

5. When you go to the U.S. Patent Office and begin sorting through the mess they left there, everyone will see how often the US NAVY shows up as the offender registering false patents and trademarks and trade names, and how they have then used those patents, trademarks, and trade names to pull horrendous fraud schemes and make false commercial claims against entire countries.

6. You will also see how Serco, the British multi-national corporation operating as Paymaster for the British Territorial Government, allowed all this malfeasance by the US NAVY.

7. They and their predecessors allowed the continuance of the fraudulent banking system, too. Buried deep in the Mess at the Patent Office you will find eight principle patents controlled by multi-national banks --- which are all actually operating as securities investment firms. Each bank controls a patent and one step or part of the overall system.
8. So it was all based on "mutually assured destruction"--- none of the rats could rat on the others, or the whole thing would collapse. Deutsche Bank, being the loser in WWII, got stuck holding all the "derivatives" being spun off the securitization of living people and the copyrighting of their names and the patenting of their DNA.

9. The Vatican Bank was underwriting and allowing all this under its ancient Canon Laws pertaining to vacant commonwealth properties "Bono Vacantia" and "Bastardy Funds" and property of "missing persons" and intestate estates in probate.

10. Everybody got a share of the kickbacks, including the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government run by the "US CONGRESS".

11. They then shared out the wealth coming off this monstrous scheme by offering more kickbacks to the Territorial and Municipal "state of state" organizations as bait to get them to incorporate as franchises owned and operated by the parent British and Municipal corporations in DC.

12. I have reason to believe that you will see a lot of arrests of prominent people in all fifty states who have been siphoning and cheating in every way possible --- Medicare Fraud and bribing of judges and prosecutors and misapplication of "General Improvement Funds" and all sorts of relatively minor ($500,000 to $3,000,000) offenses.

13. A far, far greater Kickback Scheme was that the "federal government" employed via LBJ's "Block Grants" and similar ploys to influence and take over the organizations functioning "as" your State Governments. All the "Local Government Councils" promoted and funded by David Rockefeller as part of the final drive to take over and own and control everything in sight, including the water you drink and the air you breathe.

14. I received a call from the "U.S. Treasury Department" today. Bear in mind that the actual United States hasn't had a Treasury since 1924. The Agent told one of the lawyers working with us that "they would destroy him and his business and his family" if he continued to help.

15. The "U.S. Treasury Department" is in fact the IMF, which has been running the show since 1946. The IMF owes us $190 Trillion that they can't pay back.

I. Dec. 3 2018 P2 Satanic Freemasons Sue for Peace, Fulford, Kauilapele: Benjamin Fulford 12-3-18... "In historic move, P2 Freemasons—the Black Sun worshipers—sue for peace"

1. The announcement came that Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George H.W. Scherff (Bush) was dead while the G20 was prepping the world for a Global Currency Reset.

2. The 41st President Bush Sr. expired on 11/30 because 11+30=41. In fact, Bush Sr. died in June, but the announcement was delayed until all the preparations were made to arrest senior Nazionist (Khazarian mafia) underlings like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the sources say.

3. "In what future historians will look back on as a huge watershed event, the P2 Freemasons - worshipers of the Black Sun and creators of both fascism and communism - are suing for peace, White Dragon Society sources say. This, coming with the removal of the Rothschild family from control of central banks, means the world is about to enter uncharted historical waters.

4. "The P2 Freemasons are proposing that the world "be led by a triumvirate of the sons of the Black Sun, the sons of big Horus, and sons of the Dragon,"... The "sons of the Black Sun" refers to the P2 Freemasons, who give orders to the Pope and the world's 1.5 million or so Catholics.

5. "At this point, most readers are probably, and rightly so, appalled at the idea of three secret societies colluding in order to continue to rule in secret. The WDS, of course, wants everything to be open and with full public participation... the fact that they are now suing for peace means they know the dragnet is finally closing in on them.

6. The "sons of the Black Sun" refers to the P2 Freemasons, who give orders to the Pope and the world's 1.5 million or so Catholics. The "sons of big Horus" refers to the eye at the top of the pyramid on the U.S. one-dollar bill, presumably referring to non-P2 Freemasons such as the Scotch Rite and Grand Orient who control much of the English- and French-speaking world. The "sons of the Dragon" refers to Asian secret societies who control most of East Asia.

7. The P2 are powerful; they told us in advance they were going to fire Pope "Maledict" (Benedict XVI) and they did so. The P2 also bragged to the WDS that they were the ones responsible for staging the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tsunami and nuclear mass-murder terror incident.

8. This is why U.S. President Donald Trump re-tweeted this famous image on Nov. 27 with the label, "Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?"


J. Dec. 3 2018 The Cabal’s Bitcome Was Close to Worthless: https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/7131BE3C-F4E7-11E8-AD71-A9FA5576A6EF#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s


K. Nov. 29 Most Powerful Cardinal in US Raided by Police: https://leozagami.com/2018/11/29/the-most-powerful-cardinal-in-the-us-raided-by-police/ Yet more sexual abuse of children charges and coverup were being investigated in the Catholic Church – the controller of the US monetary system since it’s beginning in the 1600s.


L. Trump Re-Opens Obama’s Operation Fast and Furious Gun Running Scheme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmoAUd5g_DQ

Stryker - Will They Delete the Zeros?, 4 DEC

The time has finally come for the CBI and GOI to deleting the zeros but will they do it? (economic and political stability = 2019 Budget)



Pearle:  Election was in May, they said it would take two days for us to get the results. Then two weeks...we’ll here we still are.

RVAlready:  The do not even seem to realize - The purpose of a cabinet is not to represent each block. It is to find the best guy to run each government department - regardless of block/party/sect. A cabinet is not a representative body.

RVAlready:   I think Mahdi will simply appoint all the positions they cannot agree on, and go on down the road.   They have no right to override his final decision… Cabinet positions are not popularity contests.

RVAlready:   Looks like Mahdi told parliament he can come back in 2 days with more names if they cannot agree. I do not know if giving them that out was a good idea….   I think he should say - My cabinet, my choices, and not present any alternatives to them. They just love to kick the can down the road…. Plenty of cabinets have run with guys appointed by the PM. Nothing new there.

 If they can’t get it together, funding should be taken from them but the corrupt probably wants that

RVAlready: I am afraid he just guaranteed that this will not be over today
BF:  jMO the next excuse we are going to hear is..... They cannot do it this year because it will mess up the accounting for 2018, I hope I am wrong.

 We have all seen incompetent politicians, but Iraq takes the cake in this regard.

Thowell:  IMF website for the IQD shows that they have historically made significant movments on the value of the IQD the Wednesday before or following the UN Midmonth rate adjustment...so it could be 12/12 before we see this...but that would give them a couple more days to get the cabinet in place

Fishon:  I believe we are extremely close. Any minute now!

JCNoble:  Fishon hope you are right, what facts do you see as indicating we are at any minute?

Fishon:  JCNoble Watch Trumps global negotiating right now. Too much others to list…. How else can he wipe out out horrible debt?   Trust me, I can pick all of it apart also but choose to take the high road. No one will ever tell us in advance

  Seeings the USA is in control of Iraq, then there will always be "one more thing" coming out from Iraq until the USA says it is time to go. logic

KTFA: "Code Red", 4 DEC

Don961 » December 3rd, 2018

Eighth electronic newspaper 

According to sources close to the publication of some names proposed by Adel Abdul Mahdi to parliament and these are the names of ministers nominated to complete the ministerial formation

As follows:

Nouri al-Dulaimi for planning

Saba al-Tai Educational

Faleh Fayadh for interior

Faisal Al Jarba for defense

Abdul Amir Al Hamdani for Culture

Qusay Al - Suhail Education

Hana Korkis Migration and Displaced

Dara Noureddine Ministry of Justice

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GodsServant » December 3rd, 2018

Thanks Don, Code Red Card 

MilitiaMan » December 3rd, 2018

That is the line up and they either make a decision on their own, or they get it directly made for them (done, imo). So yes, "RED CARD", were the key words days ago and still are. (Also note WS post #37 time & date supporting my view). Your with me, or your against me. In the latter case, you that are against me are done politically in the eyes of citizens (They want reforms, new categories with purchase power.). If that were to be the case and they go against the vote, it won't go over well, thus, at this stage imo it won't happen.. imo I pray that I am right, we shall see. ~ MM

Don.K » December 3rd, 2018

could this be ROUND UP DAY ?.... easy capture

Executive Orders

Executive Order on Providing for the Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on December 5, 2018

THE WHITE HOUSE, December 1, 2018.

GFulcher66 » December 3rd, 2018

Q storms coming, IMO its the perfect black swan event to cover the RV of the IQD/ I also think this RV's liquidity will be implemented into a system not controlled by Roth./Rock. system - so imo although not directly related its all going down at same time - fyi just bc lots going on Dec 5th doesnt mean we see it then ....

PJ75 » December 3rd, 2018

The Great Awakening.......ready or not.

Don961 » December 3rd, 2018

After accusing MP Uday Awad, will we see Amiri and the heads of the evil triangle behind the bars of justice?

Special files , 2018/12/02 20:55 


A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee, Uday Awad, accused the oil marketing company Sumo of corruption because of the huge waste of money estimated at millions of dollars. Awwad said in a statement that 'the corruption of the oil marketing company Sumo has become the most dangerous files that threaten the state, represented by the company's marketing and supporters of the company,' noting that 'the existence of a large waste of public money by the company estimated millions of dollars', pointing out that' will move to form commissions of inquiry With this file '. 

"There are documents about the existence of waste of money in the oil marketing company Sumo with the Russian company Litasco and Chinese Zhen Hao," he said, adding that what is happening is 'contempt for the Iraqi people.' "The corruption mafia will be hit at the Sumo Oil Company, which deals with China's Zen Hao and Russian Litasco, in exchange for the pockets of some corrupt people," he said.

But the calamity that Amiri established during the fifteen years, which is the presidency of this company, created a corrupt administrative line raised on his hands polluted, this line went out like our teacher and his teacher Falah al-Ameri, and this line is the triangle of evil, Alaa and Nizar and Saadoun. 

The third is Ali Nazar, the assistant director general, Dinamo, the engine of all corruption in the company, and the most harmful head of the state and the oil sector as a whole, and the third in this triangle is Mohammed Saadoun, the shipping manager at Sumo, and the man is no less corrupt than his group. 

And let us not linger on you, saying: 

Wait for the end of the evil triangle, and the Great Satan will soon come to him, and the day of truth is not far away. link