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IQD RV News Update (RANT# 266)


Samson » November 24th, 2018

Parliament raises its meeting to next Monday and allocated for the completion of the ministerial cab


The Presidency of the House of Representatives, on Saturday, to raise the meeting of the Council to next Monday, while decided to allocate to complete the cabinet cabins. 

A source told the correspondent of the agency / information /, "The President of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi, decided to adjourn the ordinary session of the Council until next Monday." 

The source added that "the next meeting will be dedicated to the completion of the ministerial cabin." On Saturday, the House of Representatives held its 15th session under the chairmanship of its chairman, Mohamed Halboussi. LINK

Moparman » November 24th, 2018

Give me a break. Can they decide anything? 

MilitiaMan » November 24th, 2018

I think they may have seated the Cabinet and will finish up other Items Monday. They seem to want to muddy the water and the way it is written is lousy.. We shall see. . imo ~ MM

Samson » November 24th, 2018

480 billion dollars trade under the constraints of major economies

- 3 Hours Ago

The G20 member states have implemented 40 new trade-restricting measures for the May-October period, including trade worth about $ 481 billion, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said.

The new restrictions include a trade six times larger than the previous period, the largest since the group began monitoring the G20 trade in 2012, it said in a report on Thursday.

The Geneva-based statement said the findings of the report should be a source of serious concern to G-20 governments and the international community as a whole.

Members of the group - which includes the world's largest economies - also applied 33 measures to facilitate trade during the period, including the elimination or reduction of import tariffs and export duties equivalent to 7 measures per month.

"Further escalation is a real threat if it continues its current course, which increases economic risk, with the potential effects of growth, jobs and consumer prices around the world," said Secretary-General Roberto Azevedo.

"The organization is doing everything in its power to support efforts to calm the situation, but finding solutions requires political will and leadership from the G-20," he said.

The main sectors affected by trade reform during the reporting period were iron and steel products followed by furniture, bedding and electrical machinery and parts.

The G20 economies include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. link

Will the G20 conclude the US-China trade dispute?

- 3 Hours Ago

BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Friday expressed hope that US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will reach a solution to the trade war between their two countries when they meet at the G20 summit next week.

It comes a day after Mr Trump said he could reach an agreement to end the trade war with China.

The talks in Argentina coincide with the failure of the two economic giants to reach an agreement to resolve the dispute, which escalated after Trump imposed a large fee on Chinese goods, which called for a similar response from Beijing.

"We hope that the two parties can work together on the basis of mutual respect, balance, honesty and mutual interest, and finally find a solution to the problem," Wang Xuan, China's vice minister of commerce, said in a brief interview with reporters in Beijing.

Wang said global trade was facing a "complex situation" with "high levels of unilateralism and protectionism", causing a blurring of economic development.

China hopes the G-20 countries will confirm their support for multilateralism at the summit from 30 November to 1 December in Argentina.

On Thursday, Trump said he hoped to reach an agreement with China on trade.

"I can say this," Trump told reporters in Palm Beach, Florida. "China needs a tariff deal ... If we can reach an agreement, we will."

"I worked on preparing for it all my life, I know every component and all the statistics, and my intuition has always been good."


Meanwhile, China has confirmed that it can not accept Washington's recent charges of unfair trade practices.

In an update to an earlier investigation of China's trade practices, Washington accused Beijing last Tuesday of failing to change its "unfair" trade practices and said the latter encouraged the "theft" of US technology.

"The United States has prepared what is called an updated report, where new unjustified accusations against China have been totally unfounded and ignore the facts," said Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng. China can not accept that. "

"We hope the United States will stop its words and actions that harm bilateral economic and trade relations and adopt a constructive attitude to bring the relations back on track," Gao told reporters.

Beijing and Washington have entered into a trade war that threatens the world economy. Since July 2018, the United States has imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 250 billion a year, triggering a Chinese response to similar charges on US goods worth $ 110 billion.

Washington has threatened to tighten sanctions again if a settlement is not reached by January 2019. link


Article: “The Association of Iraqi Private Banks holds the course of Islamic Specialist in Governance and Compliance” 

There is a Customs and Tariffs Deadline by 11/30/2018 between Baghdad and Erbil to be imposed. Barzani has melted the Ice on the tension now. Oil is flowing through Ceyan at a double clip. So seeing this compliance and risk certification for to satisfy Islamic Investors is finality for being ready to roll when the shift occurs in the internationally accepted IQD and investment related issues. imo.


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So here we are it is Monday and still no RV. Really? Yes, really! So what was all this hype about for a Friday or Saturday exchanges? The rumor the US govt wanted citizens to have this money for Black Friday shopping. Really? How ridiculous can you get? Again more of TNT Fake news. We hear this same crap re-cycled over and over again each year.

Again I have to tell everyone DO NOT buy into these statements from these idiot gurus. They do not know what the hell they are talking about and can not connect the dots to see the entire picture.

If you rely on “bank screens” or some “secret” sources alone and do not study the investment yourself, you will get yourself in trouble every time. There are elements out there pretending to be from this sinister NESARA/GESARA group, US Treasury or even Bank Managers. They interject fake news into this investment community. The funny (or sad) part is that these gurus are not even smart enough to see thru it and decipher this garbage intel. This saddens me because even after almost a decade of doing these intel conference calls they still don’t get it. Just how stupid can you be? 

The CBI has said many times they “fully” intend to keep the citizens informed of the status of the project to delete the zeros. They are doing just that. They seem to give period updates on the project. Just recently we received their latest update which said they are ready to do it and there is nothing more for the CBI to do. They are waiting on the GOI. What more can we ask for?

But what more does the GOI have to do to allow the CBI to go ahead again?

I want to tell everyone that to answer this question you must read the entire newsletter of today. I can tell you now in one sentence but all you sceptics won’t believe me anyway so why bother. You have to see it for yourselves and get it all explained and “spoon fed” to you like little babies. So I will do that for you since my girls are all now grown up and I need some babies to take care of… lol…lol…lol…

More news….


According to a parliamentary source, Friday, November 23, 2018, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi gave the political blocs, 24 hours to choose candidates vacant ministerial portfolios. They planned to vote on the candidate in Monday’s parliamentary session.

Said that Saturday will be the deadline for the submission of final names, to vote in the House of Representatives.

The House voted on half of the remaining 8 ministerial cabinet seats remaining for the names given by Abdul Mahdi, who have failed to vote on the last 4 candidates for several ministries, most notably interior, defense, culture and justice.

Then early Monday we get this news…

Source: Parliament session will be postponed until the agreement on the candidates of the remaining ministries.

BAGHDAD / Masala: An informed source said on Monday, November 26, 2018, that the parliamentary session scheduled to be held today was postponed until the agreement between the political blocs on the candidates of the remaining ministries, while he pointed out that the vote on the candidates of the interior and defense will be .by majority and not by agreement.

Then later in the day on Monday we get even more news…

The Presidency of the House of Representatives announced on Monday that tomorrow's session (Tuesday) will be devoted to completing the vote on the ministerial cabin.

The information department of the parliament, in a statement received (Baghdad today) a copy of it, "The agenda of the meeting No. (16) within the first legislative term, for tomorrow, Tuesday, will be to complete the vote on the ministerial lineup," noting that "the "meeting begins at one o'clock afternoon. The presidency of the House of Representatives, raised last Saturday (October 23, 2018), indefinitely for the completion of the cabinet but this did not happen.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halboussi, now is saying that "the next ".parliament session will definitely be to complete the ministerial cabin

(Mnt Goat – will they ever get this damned cabinet seated?)

More news….

So many of you still don’t get the process of the project to delete the zeros. I have said over and over again there are multiple steps to this process. The first step deletes the zeros and the second in the reinstatement which should significantly increase the value, the value we all want. Get it?

Go back and read my notes in the link =68.ARCZWAfmT8p9t8lpyUE9TUAxVCzPLdZsbz1Dlx0exMA57KyDgUnl6lVEU3xMW4Qmzq2RYsGCqyuZp5ibfhzJ7UyZhijCKlPTvx5h9F-OKYnV-dzFe8g4SS1Z4VVAbj-xhw2DGFYu8f94b83NKtxmRYQGJdR67OMs32655lb7VZ-gs1TmdeMLBTRYPzZxXXyIib7Rzp4We2MKz7gj8fKNry3etWgFp71V0xej9r0dKFoDV3JGVVncrqloEO6EwTOBBgR36dTjf9skjOj-R7MuPqxKpReACjdGXdpxaqPRyPHf3shUAeLJd9k0Vn0XkJZdIM3sS2AdOFi5xxFcDqABX9w&__tn__=K-R]https://www.facebook.com/notes/latest-mnt-goat-news-letter/the-project-to-delete-the-zeros-explained/723333494668712/

I do not say anywhere in there that you are going to take YOUR 25,000 (three zero notes) and get $25 USD at 1:1 or even $75 USD at 3:1. So I don’t know where in hell you are getting this stuff. Appears many of you are still in dream land or just so negative about this investment you are looking for something that is not there, thus you can’t take off your blinders.

First Step: Inside Iraq only they delete the zeros. Optimum program rate to do it is 1000 IQD = 1 USD. Can they get to 1000? Probably not and will never do it so the rate will probably be something like 1 IQD = .83 cents (at 1120 program rate- close enough?). So let’s just say, for our easy example the CBI does get the program rate to 1000 IQD = 1 USD. Then the new 25 dinar note has the same value of $25 (which is the exact same value of the 25,000 note prior to the deletion of the zeros. Get it. I did not say the 25,000 dinar note is worth $25. The value of the currency is already there, it does not change. Get it? It is there now. It’s already at 1:1 only it is not reflected in the large notes and the large 3 zeros notes are what causes the “artificial” CBI program rate to deflated the value. I say again- it is the high face value on the large 3 zero notes that cause the deflated value of the dinar.

I know it may sound confusing but it is really simple only you need to STOP making it so hard to understand and listen to me.

So what is the value then of the 25,000 dinar notes you hold?

At the current 1120 program rate they are worth about $20.75. At a futuristic reinstatement market rate in the USA @ $3.71, 25,000 x $3.71 = $92,750 USD. But this is the second step. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You may never even see the first step. Get it. So who the hell cares what happens inside Iraq? What you should be most concerned about is when do you get to go to the bank and if the bank will exchange the dinar for you.

Second Step: The Reinstatement occurs: Again I am telling you these notes will not expire (as in a lop) and will carry the new reinstatement rate of whatever it comes out to be on FOREX. Get it? You live in the USA not in Iraq! Who the hell care what is done in Iraq?

Stop worrying what the Iraqis will get and worry about what you will get.

I hope I clarified this up once and for all. I am getting a little sick and tired of having to explain this over and over again for those that refuse to read my Facebook NOTES on this topic.

I also want to add I do not work for the CBI and I do not know all the mechanisms they are implementing to get this process to work. I am sure there are parts we are not aware of.


I do know for a FACT that they already recalled and burned over 2/3 of the three zero notes. How do I know this is FACT? BECAUSE THEY TOLD THE PUBLIC OF IRAQ IN THE NEWS MEDIA this is why. Why in hell would the lie? So please stop all this nonsense.

The move to electronic banking did allow for the conversion of paper to electronic digital. So they could just then burn the paper. When the CBI says reduce the notes in circulation this is exactly what they mean and nothing else. Why do you want to read into this statement? Can’t you read? So reduce the notes in circulation means to take them out the hands of the general public and the banks. Get it? They can not do this since they digitized the currency. Get it? So they took in 2/3 of these older 3 zero notes and burned them. The remaining 1/3 will be used for trade and inter-banking transactions. They have told us this many times. Oh- but now they have a dilemma. Seems they told us they decided to trade exclusively with dinar with Iran due to the recent sanctions. So do they have enough dinar in circulation to do this?

My point is this – Seems to me they do not want to begin reprinting yet more larger 3 zero notes to fill this monetary gap with Iran. So what do they do?

Do they then begin to use the newer even lower denominated small category notes and finally trigger this deletion the zeros project? This will mean a 1:1 within Iraq and a reinstatement of the dinar. But do they have the support of the IMF and the USA to reinstate the dinar and do it now?

Remember these small category notes are already printed in volume and stored as needed to support the economy of Iraq and for trade. So this piece is already in place and there will be no additional expense to the CBI. If the CBI decides to do this they will also remain on their original plan and do not have to start over collecting more of the 3 zero notes in the future because they printed more of them. The later I do not think they want to do or will do.

So here we sit waiting and watching to see what the CBI will do. Just recently once again they told us that they have reduced the notes outside of the banks to around 40 trillion dinars. This is only 1/3 of what they started off with in 2011 when they announced the plan to delete the zeros. So they reached their goal and this is FACT. But why are they telling us this and telling us this now? This is the question. This is the meaningful part about articles like this that most will miss.

Also I want to note that they told us in this SAME article about the project to delete the zeros and so this is the connection to telling us about the reduction in the currency in circulation. Get it? I am not making this stuff up. See if for yourself in the article I included in today’s news letter below.

The CBI also gives us another hint as to why they have not yet done the project to delete the zeros. I quote from the article – “project was met with great opposition by specialists and politicians in parliament”. So could this also be why they waiting until after the elections? See how it is all inter-connected? They need to see these crooked politicians get voted out of office? These are the same ones manipulating the currency auctions and why it is so hard to get rid of the auctions.

Oh – but these same crooked politicians are now trying desperately to get back in the cabinet positions too to give them safety of immunity. Could this be why it is taking Mahdi so long to get his cabinet formed? There is billions being made off of the auctions. They need to arrest these crooked politicians and implement the law. I firmly believe that when they can successfully shut down these auctions they will have eliminated these charlatans and thus allow this currency reform to go forward again.

I want everyone to click and watch this entire video presentation.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=0FYUydxGLH0

Why watch it? It is all in Arabic but pictures speak volumes in this case. This is all about the corruption and how it relates to the CBI and Nori al-Maliki. This is broadcast throughout Iraq. So we see that the governor Alaq and Maliki are partners in this corruption. This is all related to monetary reform. 

The title of the video is “Nouri al-Maliki and Ali al-Allaq.. The parents of corruption in Iraq”.

But this is only a perception when it comes to Alaq since many believe that he will not act upon the corruption and do the right thing. Is he afraid for his life? This very well may be the case. But I will tell you Alaq is NOT one of the bad guys but the news media is certainly trying to paint this picture. You have to ask yourself why?

Can you see why now why ali al-Alaq (who may very well be an honest guy) can not act upon the currency reform unless this guy Maliki has no power in the government whatsoever.

Oh – but many will tell you that if they just shut down the auctions then they will go away and can no longer steal the money. So they tell you the auctions is not the problem. Really?

It is not that simple, as if the CBI could just do this they would have already done it and they even came right out and told us this in articles too. I quote from the article – “The corruption in the auctions is caused by high ranking politicians and it is difficult to control”. So this again is FACTUAL and I think we have a very good handle on just what is holding up the currency reform process. The question now is are you going to listen to me. Only you need to stop listening to these idiot gurus with their illogical “opinions” and stick to the FACTS.

More news….


(Mnt Goat – why this news and why now?)

November 25, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed Sunday that the cash mass outside the Iraqi banks during the month of October last amounted to more than 40 trillion dinars.

"The amount of currency outside banks reached 40 trillion and 723 billion dinars during the month of October," the bank said in an official statistic, which was seen by Alsumaria News. "This amount rose from 39 trillion, 815 billion and 884 million dinars."

The bank added that "the highest level of currency outside banks during the past three years was in December 2016, where it reached 42 trillion and 75 billion dinars, while the lowest level of currency during this period in June 2016, which amounted to 35 trillion and 168 billion Dinar".

-The Central Bank in 2011 put forward a project to delete zeros for the structure of the currency, which was considered by the bank to transfer Iraq from the country of trillions to billions, but the project was met with great opposition by specialists and politicians in parliament.

More news….


22nd November, 2018

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, open the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad to citizens as of next Sunday.

"Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi plans to open the Green Zone in Baghdad to citizens starting from next Sunday," Iraqi News Agency quoted Iraqi sources as saying.

So then later this news came out:

The source explained that it was decided to wait for the opening of the area and perhaps this whole week, according to the instructions from the top security leaders, noting that "the operations of lifting concrete barriers from some streets in the Green Zone continue."

Earlier, a source in the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister for RT said that the process of opening the Green Zone would be partial rather than total.

He called on the Iraqi Prime Minister to open the area to citizens, stressing the need to implement this measure to break the barriers between them.

During his tenure, former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi had ordered the reopening of the area, which had been opened only for a few days before being re-closed.

(Mnt Goat – So I guess the security is not as good as they expected? But this is not holding up the currency reform. This is just a matter now of confidence for incoming investors.)

More news….


So this idiot Becky Mcgee had her so called “intel” conference call the other night. What did she talk about?

Over this last year I have been desperately trying to tell this idiot that she was getting FAKE and Phony intel from these GESARA / NESARA idiots. In return she accused me of stalking her. Really? They GESARA / NESARA people are corrupt and have a sinister agenda for America. They keep pumping this FAKE news. You have to be real stupid to keep believing it and even some of it is just so out of reality that it too is not even worthy to pass on to the listeners. But good old Becky insisted that she was right and that here sources of intel were so good. She even claimed one time that there were fighter overhead to protect the exchanges. So what does she do on her resent call then?

Becky McGee finally admits to her problem with the intel. She admits that they are all pumping her with FAKE intel. She makes reference to this other idiot Big(stupid)Call Bruce. So that explains it. She was using in part his intel? We all know about this idiot. So you see these intel providers do nothing but feed off of each other’s rumors and lies. So who the hell has the FACTUAL intel anyhow? Where does it end?

Oh- so this has been going on for a year or more now with Becky. She actually apologizes for her mistakes. WOW! All I can say is – I told you so Becky! I have to give her some kudos for at least admitting her mistakes and apologizing to her audience. This does show some backbone in her personality. Maybe there is some hope for her after all?

Now we move on to this other idiot TNT Tony. Again he is another one of these jerks who is blindly accepting this FAKE intel. I swear he was very drunk on his last call held on Friday Nov 23rd. If you listen carefully you can hear his loss of memory, his drunken laugh and his slurring of his speech. 

Rayren too was hitting the bottle and this is soo apparent in his opening comments on giving out a rate for the dinar. He says he was given a rate around $4-$6. This of course was taking directly from the Big(stupid)Call Bruce. So again we see recycled intel between these idiots.

If you listen to his call from Nov 9th you will clearly hear him say the rate of the dinar within Iraq was already 1:1. Then what happens between this call and the next? Then on Nov 16th a week later he claims the rate was 120:1. So how can this be? Does the 1:1 just go away? What the hell happened to it? Funny how just the next day the CBI came out and told us the rate was 1200:1.

Did some idiot misplace a decimal point? Was this idiot TNT Tony smart enough to verify his intel? So another idiot I have been trying to tell him that someone is pumping him with this garbage intel. Probably the same ones pumping it to Becky, Bruce and others.

The part that I really dislike about Becky is she is a “beggar”. She used the pretext of an intel call to get her audience and then to beg for donations. This week it was for clothes for her mother. Yes, you heard me right. Go listen to her call yourself. I am not kidding.

The last couple calls it was for the hurricane victims. How much of this money really makes to the victims? So when is enough is enough? When will her listeners realize this lady is an idiot and is scamming people for money. These people are just examples of the dinar scams. Oh -she sounds so honest over the call as she could sell a dead horse to a meat market. The bunch of saps that faithfully follow her….


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


The coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, that the candidate of the construction coalition of the Interior Ministry Faleh al-Fayadh, will pass during the session of the House of Representatives scheduled to be held on Tuesday.

The MP for the coalition victory Ali, in an exclusive interview for (Baghdad today), said that "the session of the Council of Representatives scheduled to be held on Tuesday will be a vote ".on all candidates of ministries vacant in the government of Abdul Mahdi Some of the candidates will be passed by a majority," Ali said, adding that "Faleh al-Fayadh" "will be transferred to the Interior Ministry despite the objections of the alliance of others.

The presidency of the parliament, had set earlier, tomorrow's session to complete the vote on .the rest of the cabinet cabins The construction alliance showed great support for the Interior Ministry candidate, Faleh alFayadh, amid reports of the opposition of the "Alliance" and the Alliance of Reform Alliance to .name it, and the need to put independents at the head of the security ministries Earlier, Sadr had called for appointing technocrats for the security ministries, interior and defense, or keeping them in the hands of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who now holds the two posts.



The MP for the coalition of conquest Fadel Fatlawi, on Monday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul - Mahdi will attend the meeting tomorrow Tuesday to provide eight ministers to vote and complete the ministerial cab between the candidate who will be rejected will provide a replacement without delay.

"The majority of the political blocs reached an agreement on the candidates for vacant ministries, which will be put by Abdul-Mahdi in a meeting on Tuesday," he said, adding that "Abdul Mahdi is determined to complete the ministerial cabin and not to postpone any ministry."

He added that "the candidate who will be rejected during the vote in Parliament will be an alternative candidate for him," noting that "the Prime Minister completed all legal procedures and address the bodies of integrity, accountability and justice to check the names of candidates."


The Fatah Alliance has revealed, on Sunday, the nomination of the head of the National Security Service Qasim al-Araji substitute for Faleh al-Fayadh in case the latter did not pass the bag of the interior within the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives has allocated, the first Saturday, the next session on Monday, to complete the ministries vacant within the cabin of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

(Mnt Goat – so you can see by this article that this minister of interior is the last bottleneck to getting the cabinet to a vote. But they have a substitute and I sincerely hope that they can avoid having any Maliki (Iranian) puppets in the cabinet.)



Revealed leader of the National Axis Alliance Mohamed Karbouli, on Monday, the reason for delay in resolving the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

"It is known to the people that the reason for delaying the decision of the Ministry of Defense is the involvement of some senior commanders of operations and the army corrupt transactions to block the arrival of the Iraqi military competencies that we nominated for the post ".

"We warned early on the futility of having military operations in the cities," he said.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Disruption is the Cabal's game while confusion is the Alliance's game.

Every geopolitical event that occurs is a coordinated plan to meet the conditions needed to bring a major economic transition.

One of these geopolitical events is Brexit.

After an agreement was made over Gibraltar yesterday, EU leaders have agreed to approve of Brexit.


The approval of Brexit marks the end of London's status of being the financial capital of the world -- meaning, the Cabal's control over the financial world has finally come to an end.

This now means the transition can begin at any moment.

First, a private currency redemption event (RV) will take place.

Second, after the RV is complete -- the stock market will crash and the fiat financial system will be exposed as a slavery system of debt.

A new and fair (quantum) financial system will be introduced -- resetting all currencies and saving the global economy.

GESARA will also be announced to prevent the world from plunging into chaos.

Once the dust settles, humanity will be brought into a new age.

"GCR Announcement" - Philip Tilton Intel Update, 26 NOV

Still working on full transparency pray this is TRUTH.

I can not vérify - but when it's true it's very good news:

Owners Beneficiaries Foundations Platforms Brokers; you are informed the following *: The new Quantum Bank system will start on MONDAY 11/26 and TTM and Unlock Use of funds on TUESDAY 11/27.

The GCR Announcement will be held at the G20 Meeting in Argentina 11-30-2018 at 12-1-2018

This will be after the funds flow next week. Best regards.



Adam Montana

[Has there been any progress or any news at all on the HCL lately that you can confirm?]

Yes, there has been steady progress regarding everything related to HCL. We couldn't have a complete HCL before the pieces were in place, the GOI ready, etc. Nobody will deny that Iraq has moved in the right direction.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Parliament raises its meeting to next Monday and allocated for the completion of the ministerial cab"

I think they may have seated the Cabinet and will finish up other Items Monday....We shall see...imo.

"The Association of Iraqi Private Banks holds the course of Islamic Specialist in Governance and Compliance"

There is a Customs and Tariffs Deadline by 11/30/2018 between Baghdad and Erbil to be imposed. Barzani has melted the Ice on the tension now. Oil is flowing through Ceyan at a double clip.. So seeing this compliance and risk certification for to satisfy Islamic Investors is finality for being ready to roll when the shift occurs in the internationally accepted IQD and investment related issues. imo.

RayRen98 (TNT)

At Saturday's Parliament meeting, all cabinet-select names were submitted for consideration, including defense and interior ministers. The US has allowed Iraq some "energy only" exemptions regarding the sanctions imposed against Iran. Tougher US sanctions against Iran are being discussed. Parliament announced they will complete cabinet selections on Monday, no report was given on what they accomplished today. In order to be in compliance with the US sanctions against Iran, trading will be done with Dinars only. One US bank source is anticipating exchange activity on Monday (as they have before, so remain calm and cautious). Time Will Tell!

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 26, 2018

Compiled 26 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A. The Plan - What we think we know as of early morning Mon. Nov. 26.

1. On Sat. Nov. 24 the approval of Brexit by the EU marked the end of London's status as the financial capital of the world.

The Cabal's control over the financial world had finally come to an end, meaning that the transition could begin at any moment. https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/25/europe/brexit-brussels-summit-gbr-intl/index.html
2. RV: The new Quantum Bank system would start on Mon. Nov. 26 and unlock use of funds on Tues. Nov. 27, fulfilling Trump’s written agreement with China that assured the US would RV right after China went asset-backed. On Tues. Nov. 13 China became asset-backed, RV’d and began exchanging, while a week later on Tues. Nov. 20, Iraq RV’d and became asset-backed. Some time ago Zimbabwe was certified as asset-backed.

3. 800#s Release: The 800#s were said scheduled to come out at any time, perhaps Sun. night Nov. 25 to Mon. morning Nov. 26, or certainly by Tues. Nov. 27.

4. Q: On Mon. Nov. 26 their real panic begins. Then, over the course of the next 10 days or so, things would be very dark in D.C. indeed.

5. Julian Assange: Rumor had it that Julian Assange was now in the US at Camp David and would disclose the Deep State by answering questions before a Congressional committee on Tues. Nov. 27. Q said: Eyes on Assange. Careful now. Ready. Aim.

6. Indictments, Disclosure: Anons were saying that approximately 2/3s of Congress have been named in the 63,233 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation this year. By Nov. 22 the White Hats had the government under lock down and Trump was set to disband the 9th District Court. Now the unsealing of those indictments would begin.

7. Stock Market: The Stock Market was expected to implode after the RV was completed around Fri. Nov. 30, exposing the fiat global economy as a slavery system of debt. For the last two weeks Stocks functioned in or slightly above the red, while all three major indexes had given up their gains for the year 2018 by Wed. Nov. 21. By Nov. 24 the Dow had fallen more than 150 points, again, and posted the worst Thanksgiving week decline since 2011.

On Sun. Nov. 25 after coming off a week of heavy losses, Bitcoin fell 10% to set a fresh low at $3,447.58 according to data from CoinDesk. This has been the Cryptocurrency's lowest level since Sept. 2017. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/25/bitcoin-extends-losses-slides-to-lowest-since-september-2017.html

8. Quantum Financial System: The Stock Market crash would officially begin a replacement of the old fiat financial system with the new and fair QFS, which in turn would reset all global currencies and was expected to save the global economy.

9. Global Currency Reset: The GCR Announcement would occur at the G20 Meeting in Argentina Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 2018. The US had to RV before the Global Currency Reset happened and David Steele had said that implementation of the GCR was scheduled for next Sat. Dec. 1.

10. Mass Arrests: Q said “it” would begin on Dec. 5. On that date Attorney General Huber, (who has been over 79 investigators looking into questionable political activities since Trump took office), was set to go before Congress to testify about his findings on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. James Comey and Loretta Lynch were also set to testify in Dec. Also on Dec. 5 arrests would start on the 65,000 indictments.



11. Social Media Blackout: The Cabal was preparing for a Social Media Blackout so news could only come out via the corrupt Mainstream Media. Utube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have all gone down for a significant amount of time in the last few weeks. The Blackout could begin during the Huber testimony before Congress on Dec. 5. The White Hats were preparing to stop this suppression of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press, and bring charges against those involved.

12. Transition: The first half of Dec. would be a transition phase expected to last 1-2 weeks (as all countries would undergo massive changes and reforms).

13. GESARA: Around the end of Dec. would be the end of the transition phase and when GESARA would be announced. GESARA Law would expose the bankrupt fiat financial system, thus forcing all Central Banks (including the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS) to shut down.

14. Martial Law: It was likely that the US would be forced under Martial Law in order to maintain the peace, starting in Dec. 2018 and last until after elections were held for those who would lead the new Restored Republic. (Under GESARA Law elections would be held within 120 days of GESARA implementation, or around April 2019).

15. Major Hollywood Icons would be exposed for child pedophilia by the end of the year.

16. Military Tribunals would begin in Jan. 2019.


B. Nov. 25 2018 10:51 pm EST GCR Announcement, Tilton: "GCR Announcement" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 11-25-18

The new Quantum Bank system will start on Mon. Nov. 26 and unlock use of funds on Tues. Nov. 27. The GCR Announcement will be held at the G20 Meeting in Argentina Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 2018. This will be after the funds flow next week.


C. Nov. 25 4:44 pm EST Eye the Spy Tweet: November 25, 2018https://twitter.com/RealEyeTheSpy/status/1066818909704212485

Eyes on Assange. Careful now, Ready, Aim. Tomorrow Mon. Nov. 26 their real panic begins. Then, over the course of the next 10 days or so, things will be very dark in DC indeed. Of course, it is always darkest just before the dawn.

D. Nov. 25 2018 1:11 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 25, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. Disruption was the Cabal's game, while confusion was the Alliance's game. Every geopolitical event that occurred was a in a coordinated plan to meet the conditions of bringing in a major economic transition. One of these geopolitical events was Brexit.

2. Yesterday Nov. 24 after an agreement was made over Gibraltar, EU leaders approved Brexit. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/24/uk/may-brussels-brexit-gbr-intl/index.html

3. The approval of Brexit marked the end of London's status as being the financial capital of the world - meaning, the Cabal's control over the financial world has finally come to an end and the transition could begin at any moment.

4. First, a private currency redemption event (RV) would take place.

5. Second, after the RV was completed the Stock Market would crash, exposing the fiat financial system as a slavery system of debt.

6. Third, a new and fair Quantum Financial System would be introduced that reset all currencies and saved the global economy.

7. Fourth, GESARA would be announced to prevent the world from plunging into chaos.


E. Nov. 25 2018 10:19 am EST TNT Update,  Weekend Update from TNT 11-25-18

One US bank source was anticipating exchange activity on Mon. Nov. 25. The Dinar exchange rate (in-country?) was reported to have gone from $4 to $6 on the bank screens.


F. Nov. 24 2018 10:34 pm EST Summary of Reset, Sierra: "Summary of the Whole Reset" by Sierra (NZ) - 11.24.18

1. The X22 Report's latest video gives a superb summary of the current status of the Alliance operation. The video has over 250,000 views so far - it is essential viewing for Q/Alliance followers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCpKizsy3wc

2. Dave (at 26' 06" in the video): 'It's going to drop, and it's going to begin Dec. 5. All the placeholders are in place.

3. Q has told us this is much MUCH bigger than anyone thought. It goes WAY past just arresting people. It goes WAY past fixing the Federal Reserve economy - the Central Bank economy. It goes WAY past what everyone thinks. The ENTIRE system needs to be cleansed, it needs to be reset. THIS is what Q, Trump and the Patriots are talking about. This way nobody gets back into power and allows it to happen again...'

4. Anons were saying that approximately 2/3 of the entire sitting US Congress have been named in the indictments. That was YUUUUUUGE!

5. Julian Assange was now in USA and would be questioned on Tues. Nov. 27. Q has always said that Julian Assange equals the server.

6. The Alliance has all the information they need to bring down the Deep State.

Q: Loretta Lynch was talking.

Q: FISA would bring down the House.

Q: The Cabal was preparing for a Social Media Blackout so news would only come out on the corrupt Mainstream Media. Utube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have all gone down in the last few weeks. The Blackout could begin on Dec. 5 during the Huber testimony before Congress. The White Hats were preparing to stop this, and bring charges against those involved.

Q: Declassification was coming.

7. Three weeks ago in California charges for voter fraud were filed against certain people.

8. Chief investigator for the Justice Department, former Attorney General Huber would testify on Dec. 5 about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation
G. Nov. 25, 2018 As You Wish Talk Radio w/ James Gilliland: The Galactic Red Pill 11-25-18 (video): The Quantum system is back on track and the GCR is scheduled or expected next week. (Starts at the 5 minute mark)


H. Nov. 25 2018 12:63 pm EST NESARA, Anon: "Re: Government Official Speaks about NESARA" by (Anonymous) - 11.25.18 "Government Official Speaks about NESARA" by Still Hanging On - 11.25.18

Senator Paul Wellstone was about to announce NESARA to the public because he was tired of it being kept secret. Before he could, his private plane was tampered with and went down in a wooded area while flying home. The Oct. 2002 “accident” killed him and his whole family.


I. Nov. 24 2018 Picture of the new UST $5 Note, Dinar Gurus: "USN", 24 NOV


J. Nov. 23 2018, CNBC: Dow falls more than 150 points, posts worst Thanksgiving week decline since 2011 as tech shares and oil fall.


K. Nov. 25 2018 10:02 pm EST (video): Is Julian Assange Safe and Sound at Camp David?


L. Sun. Nov. 25 2018 As You Wish Talk Radio Quantum System on Track, (video) Gilliland: https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/11/as-you-wish-talk-radio-w-james.html?m=1(Starts at the 5 min. mark)

1. After virus attacks the Quantum Financial System was back on track.

2. The GCR was scheduled for next week.

3. On Dec. 5 arrests would start on the 65,000 indictments.

4. Major icons in Hollywood would be exposed for child pedophilia by the end of the year.

5. The Russian probe would be revealed as done by the Left, including Mueller taking US uranium to Russia.