Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sam I Am In IQDCalls Chat - Unfiltered, 25 NOV

Zig  Sam I Am : So let's say they change....what does an Iraqi get for a 25K note???

Sam I Am  LeLe LeLe it's no skin off my nose what any of you do, but I would hope you act on facts instead of misinformation that's all

LeLe PM Sam I Am why do you want them to RV? You hold no Dinar. LMAOOOOO

Dave  whos mis info....

Sam I Am  Zig Same as now ... 23 bucks

Zig  I see

Sam I Am  but there will be a new dinar where the 25 notes is also worth 23 bucks

Dave  1 dinar for that coke without a rate change...I doubt coca cola would sell for .0008 a bottle to iraqis

Sam I Am  but they might not call it dinar ... maybe riyal or something else

Zig  Confusing...

Dave  iqn....

Zig  So our notes would be good but not at a new value.....

Sam I Am  Zig It's not confusing. The gurus have confused everybody with their nonsense

Zig  Will not be happy if you are right....lol

Sam I Am  It's pretty simple actually. The current notes are honored at the current rate until phased out. The new currency has a higher value and lower supply. Net effect is zero. It's only done to simplify cash transactions and give the nation a psychological boost

Zig  ;mad

Sam I Am  In the stock market they do something similar called a reverse stock split

Dave  Sam I Am 1 dinar for that coke without a rate change...I doubt coca cola would sell for .0008 a bottle to iraqis

Sam I Am  Dave I do too, but you're distorting the whole thing

Dave  how

Sam I Am  1 new dinar would buy a coke ... 1,000 old dinar would buy the same coke

Zig  Stop distorting, Dave  !!...lol

Sam I Am  as long as the old dinar is honored

Zig  I am getting depressed.....SIGH

Sam I Am  Zig That's what reality does

Dave  Sam I Am so cbi claims

Zig  Well most disagree with you, Sam....so I still will hang in there..........

Sam I Am  The reality is that we'll all die some day. Depressing yes, but it does no good to pretend it won't happen.

Zig  I hope you get into DP and they invite you on a call....would be very interesting.....

Dave  what am i distorting?

Zig  Wish kaperoni would come in when you are here someday................

Sam I Am  Dave The part about 1 IQD buying a coke

Sam I Am  It would take 1,000 IQD to buy what 1 unit of the replacement currency would buy

Dave  unit?

Dave  delete 3 zeros

Zig  I understand what you are saying, Sam but you are the only one with that view....that I have seen......

Dave  wheel barrow Sam....

Sam I Am  Zig Everybody at Dinar Daily holds my view

Sam I Am  except Spectra 

Sam I Am  lol

Sam I Am  Marcus Curtis, too

Zig  LOL

Zig  Spectra has a mind of her own....LOL

Sam I Am  But like I said most people who hold my view have left the dinar world

Dave  coke would not sell at .0008 a bottle

Sam I Am  I hang around to help people understand

Zig  Sam I Am : I see

Woke AF Dave oh no! Did you see this?

Dave  with out rate change

Woke AF http://capforcanada.com/international-law-to-supersede-canadian-law-with-signing-of-migration-pact/

Sam I Am  Dave Again, the new currency ... not the IQD

Sam I Am  You will never buy a coke with 1 IQD

Sam I Am  It will never be worth more than 1/10 of a penny

Zig  Even the new value of 1 Dinar.....so really not new

Sam I Am  Again, this is assuming they ever get around to changing their currency

Sam I Am  They may never do it ... S. Korea kept their low value all these years

Dave  Sam I Am currencies to run concurrently for 19 yrs

Sam I Am  about the same value as the IQD

Dave  10 sorry

Zig  Then the value will not really change at all....just lower notes??

Dave  Zig   wrong....

Sam I Am  Dave Different articles say different things, but what they mean is that the IQD will be honored at banks for 10 years but only accepted for purchases for 2 years

Sam I Am  Zig Only the replacement notes will be lower ... don't need lower notes for the IQD at .00085

Zig  Dave : Who knows who is wrong or right at this point....

Dave  Zig cbi

Zig  Sam I Am : Have you read stuff coming out of the CBI?

Dave  do you not read the articles yourself or depend on what gurus tell you

Zig  I read things that could be interpreted many ways...

Sam I Am  Zig   I used to read that stuff but I quit in 2011

Sam I Am  Translation from Arabic makes it too confusing

Sam I Am  Arablish

Dave  Zig all around the mullberry tree the monkey......

Zig  Look at all the opinions about what "Delete The 000" means.....

Sam I Am  I read IMF documents and research redenominations and revaluations in English

Sam I Am  Zig   You know what it means

Sam I Am  I know you do

Dave  cbi says same value.....

Sam I Am  be honest

Zig  Kaperoni says means remove the notes from circulation gradually.....

Zig  Just saying that we interpret articles differently

Sam I Am  Zig Yes they will remove the IQD gradually

Sam I Am  But eventually the window will close

Dave  Zig who cares what kap thinks

Sam I Am  They did the same thing in Brazil. My Brazilian friends told me how it worked there

Sam I Am  Equal purchasing power in lower notes

Zig  The point being people come to different conclusions

Sam I Am  Just had to turn the old currency in by the deadline

Zig  That study this day and night

Dave  Sam I Am okay....

Zig  Kaperoni has researched this for many years steadily

Zig  So has Sam

Dave  so have many of us

Zig  YES

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am what is your DP status?

Sam I Am  Zig You have to clear your mind of guru BS and study it outside of dinar land

TWWIII  Zig yes we have

Sam I Am  As a currency professional to explain it

Sam I Am  I had the privilege of learning from one

Sam I Am  Ask*

Dave  banks here not allowed to discvss exotic currencies

Zig  People research for a long time and come to different conclusions

JoeSchmoe  I would once and for all love for either Sam or DP to prove themselves right with their views, so we can all just move along

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe   I've given you guys links several times

Zig  JoeSchmoe : Would love to hear Sam on a DP call...

JoeSchmoe  reason I want DP to be involved, is because they seem to be the most educated bunch I've seen in the past 10 years

Dave  JoeSchmoe why i dont understand 1000 fils a coke

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe This shows you that other countries have done the same thing the CBI is describing

JoeSchmoe  trust me, I really dont' like their opinions of things a lot of times.,..but if it's the truth....

Sam I Am  There was no increase in purchasing power ... a neutral exchange

Dave  Sam I Am other counties situation are different

Sam I Am  Nope

Sam I Am  Other countries redenominated ... same thing Iraq announced

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am are you accepted as a member yet over there?

Sam I Am  In fact Shabibi said that they're studying Turkey's redenomination

Sam I Am  Turkey lopped

Dave  we bombed them to the stoneage looking for weapons of mass destructio

TWWIII  Zig Currency trends do repeat some what like the past repeats. To learn more abt buying/selling/trading one should research trends for around 30-40 years back. History does repeat itz self.

Dave  slapped sanctions on themto boot....

Dave  Sam I Am turkey lopped ...why.....hyperinflation

Sam I Am  Dave To remove the effects of past hyperinflation ... just like Iraq had

Sam I Am  Sam I Am Shabibi talked about this in DC in 2011

Sam I Am  They added the zeros because of inflation

Dave  Sam I Am turkey not sanctioned by the world

Sam I Am  and now they're ready to remove those zeros

Sam I Am  in a redenomination

Sam I Am  Dave irrelevant

Sam I Am  The issue isn't sanctions ... it's removing the zeros to simply things

Dave  Sam I Am cbi states 2 currencies 10 yrs same rate....

Sam I Am  As Zig says, with 70 trillion in circulation there's no way that Iraq can raise the value of their currency 1000 times

Sam I Am  Obviously they're talking about a lop

Sam I Am  Dave The same rate refers to honoring the IQD at the same rate

Dave  Sam I Am break out the wheel barrows then

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am do you think that ALL the gurus realize this and believe it, and are just pumping for thier ownbenefits?

Sam I Am  what's the point in having two Iraqi currencies at the same rate? LOL

Dave  ask cvbi

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe I think some do and some don't

Dave  cbi

Sam I Am  some are scammers and some are ignorant like I was

Zig  Hasn't Iraq said that they want a strong currency?

Dave  cbi good scammer then

Sam I Am  Zig Iraq has said that they currently HAVE a strong currency

Sam I Am  They're not talking about the rate ... they're talking about the fact that they're backing it at such a high %

Sam I Am  I wrote about this in Forum Facts

Zig  Hmmmmm.....at its current value?

Zig  Oh

Dave  Sam I Am get a brownie badge?

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am is that your site?

Zig  I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!!.....lol

Dave  cbi is not going to advertise date of a rv

JoeSchmoe  Does the cbi make loads of money off of us that buy dinar for this speculation?

Dave  make the spead

JoeSchmoe  If no, then why wouldn't they or ANYONE tell everyone that we aren't going to prosper?

Sam I Am  Dave They're not going to advertize the new rate of an RV either ... obviously they're talking about an RD

Sam I Am  or lop

Zig  But you need to keep an open mind for all possible outcomes IMO

Baxter  OHIO STATE.... 62 MICHIGAN 39.....

JoeSchmoe  Baxter what was the over/under on that game?

Dave  Sam I Am yes and

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe Iraq's #2 export is the IQD ... they want to keep those dollars rolling in

Baxter  MICHIGAN BY 14

JoeSchmoe  Baxter no, the over/under, how high or low were they predicting the total score

Sam I Am  That's why I doubt that they'll ever carry this out

Baxter  OH.. I dont know Joe... it wasnt supposed to be this high of a score though

Sam I Am  They'll probably do what Vietnam does ... .slowly lower the value to increase their exports

Sam I Am  That's why I predicted that the next move will be a devaluation

Sam I Am  around 1200:1

Woke AF  Baxter congrats!

Baxter  most sportscasters were saying about 25-14 Michigan

Baxter  THX WOKE..


Woke AF  I watched the 2nd half

Dave  Saudi UAE Bahrain etc do fine with just 1 export

JoeSchmoe  Baxter i remember i put an under bet on a college game that was forecasted at 62 points...I knew nothing about college ball. It went to 80 lol

Zig  Sam I Am : No matter what you write you will never convince anyone here......lol......but you do make me think which is good......

Woke AF  Gave play by play to future  $$$, he had to work...

Woke AF  Defense didn't show up till after halftime! LOL Baxter

JoeSchmoe  well I've come this far and will take the chance to see it all the way.

Woke AF  Damn! That was a crazy game

Zig  Yes, Joe

JoeSchmoe  I read over at DP that people don't want Sam to debate them. WHY????

Sam I Am  Zig I don't worry about the close minded people .... I do this for the sake of those who want to learn

TWWIII  We need to research which country/countries are influencing Iraq's CBI & the people involved in the MR policies.

Baxter  THIS Quarterback for Ohio State.. is just sophomore..... he has thrown for 41 TD in 2 years... a BIG TEN RECORD...and he is just a sophomore.. Passed Drew Breese today..

Woke AF  Wow! Congrats Baxter

Zig  Sam I Am : I understand

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe why do you think?

Woke AF  Poor future   money going to have a heart attack! Baxter

JoeSchmoe  I know why, but they could be happy with the ending if Pat and Bobby are able to prove you wrong

Sam I Am  Zig you're going to be very unpopular in the dinar world

Zig  JoeSchmoe : Yes

Baxter  SAM I AM.... everytime you come in here...you just preach..and preach..and preach... I get tired of your sermons....

Zig  Sam I Am : Don't care....lol

Sam I Am  Baxter Then prove me wrong

Baxter  and so is everyone else

Sam I Am  I would love to be proven wrong

Sam I Am  I'd go buy more dinar and get rich

Dave  preach not teach.....?

Baxter  You must lead a sorry ..sorry life.....

Woke AF  Baxter BBL~

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am what I don't fully understand about you and the SandyF's of the anti dinar world...is if you truly don't believe and don't own any dinar, then why are you trying to convince all of us who you DON'T KNOW??

Zig  Sam, nobody's opinion ever bothers me....why it bothers others I have no clue....

Sam I Am  Trust me, I wanted this RV ... I hung on for a year and a half

Baxter  to be that negative and spread it day after day.... I feel sorry for you....

Sam I Am  Then I quit listening to gurus and did real research

Zig  Sam's views just make me think which is good....

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am why do you continue to try and convnice us?

Baxter  OH so what.... we have a good time in here... Mr Negative

Baxter  until you came along

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe Because I don't like to see people misled

Zig  Everyone is welcome here

Dave  Baxter dinard learned......

Zig  Not just like-minded people

JoeSchmoe  If I KNEW this would turn out good...if I had an inside lead...I would tell everyone once, and leave it be

TWWIII  WHOOOOOO the tea pot is boiling over

Zig  Not just for a small clique

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am well, you have told us, and retold us...and retold us and so on and so on and so on....get my drift? You have done your best. So when you continue to shove it down our throats, it makes us not want to listen to it anymore

JoeSchmoe  makes it seem like there's an ulterior motive

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe People have been telling me to go away for 7 years

JoeSchmoe  exactly

Zig  LOL

Zig  Shoo

Sam I Am  But at the same time people have been thanking me for helping them to understand this scam

Baxter  You are a sorry... sorry ... negative person.... you come in here once and a while and give a negativeter opinion...thats fine....but not everytime...every day....day after day... WE HEAR YA ... SAM I AM... WE know your stupid opinion by now.... dont you get the HINT after 7 YEARS

JoeSchmoe  maybe start your own site?

Dave  Baxter who?

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe   I did that

Sam I Am  It was called Dinar Douchebags

Sam I Am  Then I joined up with Iraq Currency Watch

JoeSchmoe  is it an open forum or just a read site

JoeSchmoe  ah the site you are advertising

JoeSchmoe  ......

Sam I Am  I just pop in here to kill time

Zig  Sam knew he would not be received well here.....lol

Dave  Sam I Am me too

Baxter  GOOD..YOUR TIME IS KILLED... see ya...

Sam I Am  Baxter you leaving?

Dave  and do my homework

JoeSchmoe  well, as much as I want or wanted you to debate DP, I think I see the reason for your attendance here now.

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe what is that?

Spectra  Baxter goodnight too you too

JoeSchmoe  get people to join your site, just like kap

Zig  Sam I Am : Are you at DP?

Spectra  Sam I Am   hello

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe   Iraq Currency Watch is not monetized

JoeSchmoe  unless it is a '

JoeSchmoe  read only site

Sam I Am  We have no financial motivation

Sam I Am  Neither is the ICW YouTube channel

JoeSchmoe  I will have to talk to my web designer friend, and see what kind of benefits site owners get for hits

Sam I Am  Zig I was accepted, yes

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am did you see what that one member said already?

Zig  This chat used to be like this more often in the past.....ask Spectra  .....lol

JoeSchmoe  afraid of your debate


TWWIII  Is someone here advertising their own web site...I thought that is not legal here?????

JoeSchmoe  maybe too many weak minded people

Spectra  Zig yes

Zig  LOL

Spectra  its all about who have in here

JoeSchmoe  I for one want you to open a debate thread for LOP there. But only because I don't believe it, and want them to prove you wrong

Zig  Get Sam on a DP call

JoeSchmoe  how

JoeSchmoe  I have never posted over there

Dave  JoeSchmoe lube....

JoeSchmoe  my good friend/neighbor got me to sign up with them, and I like them

JoeSchmoe  don't like their opinions a lot of the times, but it seems very accurate and truthful

TWWIII  JoeSchmoe   what is DP??

JoeSchmoe  dinar perspectives,a facebook group


Spectra  TWWIII thats what i was wondering what is it ??

JoeSchmoe  led by banned by BGG from his forum

JoeSchmoe  banned members from there

JoeSchmoe  actually,banned MODs/leaders

Dave  JoeSchmoe bgg seemed reasonable.....mostly???

JoeSchmoe  I laugh at how that one dude singled me out for inviting Sam to debate over there lol

TWWIII  Well I wont join DP on FB because on own has well over 1,100 peeps. & I dont want that site to cross over to my FB page(s).

Zig  DP Recordings https://www.iqdcalls.com/Dinar-Perspective.html

JoeSchmoe  Dave reasonable in what aspect


Spectra  TWWIII IM in agreement

JoeSchmoe  there are ways to keep it from doing that

JoeSchmoe  none of it shows on my public page

Spectra  takes away your privacy

JoeSchmoe  and can have none show in my private page too if i want

Dave  TWWIII kinda like the old iqdteam calls mostly news...

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe What member was that?

Sam I Am  I sent a message to the admin

JoeSchmoe  I forget his name, but it is on the page there if you go look

JoeSchmoe  saign what

JoeSchmoe  saying what

Zig  Sam I Am : Now glad that "Nash" isn't here too.....lol.....

Sam I Am  I told him I was asked to join DP and participate

Spectra  Zig that would be cool

Zig  LOL....NO

Spectra  Sam I Am good

JoeSchmoe  Pat and Bobby both seem like reasonable guys, that would jump at the chance to prove your LOP theories wrong...especially for the benefit of those of us that don't know what to believe

Zig  Nash and I do not get along at all....

JoeSchmoe  and you SAM don't strike me as someone that would take it too far either. You seem to give your opinion and let it lie

Spectra  Zig he has never liked me either...lol

Zig  LOL

JoeSchmoe  Zig who is NASH

Sam I Am  Zig Odd. Nash and I get along great

Zig  JoeSchmoe : Another "Sam".....LOL

JoeSchmoe  lol

JoeSchmoe  never seen that name

Zig  RamblerNash

Spectra  Sam I Am TERBO alright

JoeSchmoe  so SAM, why don't you send a message to Pat or Kaliegh, asking them if you could start a LOP thread, BECAUSE you were told by us here that they could prove you wrong? If done respectuflly and honorably, I bet they would jump at the chance.

JoeSchmoe  "I" want you proven wrong, as well as everyone else does too I'm sure. WHO wants a LOP????

Zig  Better yet, see if they would invite Sam to be on a call......

JoeSchmoe  that would be cool too.

JoeSchmoe  yea,cuz threads can get very censored

Sam I Am  I'll wait to hear back from Pat

JoeSchmoe  but again, DP doesn't strike me as a group that runs away from things like this, or tries to shield it's members from it either

Spectra  LOL

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am Did you let Pat know who you are?

Sam I Am  yes

Spectra  :nuts:

JoeSchmoe  as in , the one who says to everyone it will LOP?

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe I have never said they will lop. I have said that they're announcing a lop. God only knows if they'll ever do it.

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am HUH??? I thought you were saying they were definitely going to LOP? That is how I have taken this whole gist from you

Sam I Am  Okay gang ... battery's low ... gotta run

Spectra  Sam I Am BYE

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe No. This is all about what "delete the zeros" means

JoeSchmoe  and are you postitive that is their definition of it...LOP?

Sam I Am  I have said many times that they might never carry it out

JoeSchmoe  in your mind

JoeSchmoe  if they don't carry it out, will they rv?

Sam I Am  because they don't want IQD coming back into their country for USD

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe Not likely. It's more likely they'll devalue or lower the value like Vietnam does

JoeSchmoe  k


JoeSchmoe  Spectra ?

Spectra  Sam I Am Thanks for going through the whole exspanation again for joe...

Sam I Am  you're welcome

Sam I Am  later guys

Tebow  Sam I Am Thwe CBI never said the were going to LOP. Quit making crap up. No wonder your blog did so poorly

JoeSchmoe  Spectra well either way, it's not anything anyone agrees with

JoeSchmoe  Tebow his definition of DTX

JoeSchmoe  DTZ

Tebow  He knows nothing! Only an opinion based on nothing like all gurus!

Spectra  JoeSchmoe Look i did not ever say i agree....FURTHER MORE IVE NEVER CARED IN MY LIFE what the majority think.....

Zig  Spectra : In this case the small minority....

Spectra  The majority of people ive seen in this couldn't screw a nail in a wall if there life depended on it......lol

JoeSchmoe  I can hammer one in

Zig  Spectra : Meanie.....lol

Spectra  hey' ???

Spectra  i dont sugar coat

Baxter  Lets see... IRAQ is most likely the richest country in the world... Most of their debt has been forgiven.. They produce more oil than Saudi Arabia.. they have a limitless supply of sweet crude... so sweet.. it barely needs to be refined.. they have the richest farm land in the middle east.. they have natural gas supplies that are limitless.. they have diamond mines.... and on..and on....and... they are going to LOP their currency... :laugh ...or DEVALUE IT... :laugh THAT is how Stupid Sam I Am  s remarks are...

Zig  Spectra Really?....lol


Baxter  One of them... absolutely

JoeSchmoe  sam said his site was not monetized, that does not mean HE is not monetized by someone or somewhere for trying to make us want to not believe and give up our dinar

Spectra  Most likly is not a factual statement

Dave  Baxter yep

JoeSchmoe  'one of' the richest countries?

Baxter  OK... One of top 3... HOWS THAT MRS SPECTRA

Dave  JoeSchmoe yep

JoeSchmoe  hard to read between the lines when you get heated

Spectra  Baxter no they are not TOP 3

Baxter  Im gonna go find me a big burger..before they LOP


Tebow  Baxter and he wants people to believe him. He has the wrong message. He sold his dinars, guess cause he couldn't afford them, it didn't RV on his timeline that the gurus told him, so now he's miserable and wants others to be. And no one follows him in this blog.

Baxter  agree TEBOW.... He is nothing to me

Dave  they found huge gold reserves 30 miles outside of Baghdad yrs ago

Baxter  just a big ...BAG OF WIND

JoeSchmoe  Baxter Tebow the hard truth is though, that NO ONE truly knows anything, because nothing has happened

Tebow  yes

JoeSchmoe  so you must keep all options open

JoeSchmoe  ...for discussion at least

Baxter  I agree Joe... but DAY..after DAY...after DAY...after DAY of his same old CRAP

JoeSchmoe  nothing has happened as far as what we are waiting on...increase in value that we can take part in

Spectra  TOP WEALTHIEST COUNTRIES-Qatar ($124,930) The small Middle Eastern country often ranks as one of the richest countries in the world per capita.

Luxembourg ($109,190) ...

Singapore ($90,530) ...

Brunei ($76,740) ...

Ireland ($72,630) ...

Norway ($70,590) ...

Kuwait ($69,670) ...

United Arab Emirates ($68,250) ...

JoeSchmoe  Baxter i hear ya

Dave  thought currencies were to be asset based.....

Tebow  JoeSchmoe just the point he thinks he knows! He doesn't.

JoeSchmoe  how about 'potential' wealth?

Baxter  spectra..... its whats in the ground over there... not on paper....

Dave  JoeSchmoe bingo

JoeSchmoe  iraq is still war torn

LeLe  Baxter i think if we all ignore him he'll get it. One sentence he says he sold his dinar, next time he says he hope it RVs, then he mentioned above he'll buy more dinar.

Baxter  LELE..... I wish we had an ignore button.... bbl

JoeSchmoe  LeLe I think he said he 'will' buy dinar again

JoeSchmoe  you can scroll up somwhere whwerever it was said

LeLe  What ever he said he is full of :garbage:

Tebow  Spectra most of the countries you listed are not in the ME

Spectra  Country GDP Per Capita (U.S. Dollars)

1 Qatar 124,930

2 Luxembourg 109,190

3 Singapore 90,530

4 Brunei Darussalam 76,740

5 Ireland 72,630

6 Norway 70,590

7 Kuwait 69,670

8 United Arab Emirates 68,250

9 Switzerland 61,360

10 San Marino 60,360

11 United States 59,500

12 Saudi Arabia 55,260

13 Netherlands 53,580

14 Iceland 52,150

15 Bahrain 51,850

16 Sweden 51,260

17 Germany 50,210

18 Australia 49,880

19 Taiwan 49,830

20 Denmark 49,610

21 Austria 49,250

22 Canada 48,140

23 Australia and New Zealand 48,030

24 Belgium 46,300

25 Oman 45,460

26 Finland 44,050

27 United Kingdom 43,620

28 France 43,550

29 Japan 42,660

30 Malta 42,530

This page was last updated on September 10, 2018.

By James Burton

Spectra  Tebow LOOK BAHARAIN IS 1

JoeSchmoe  Spectra what about iraq's 'potential' wealth?

JoeSchmoe  who knows how long it will take, but they still have to rebuild

Spectra  JoeSchmoe What about it

JoeSchmoe  potentially top 3?

Spectra  JoeSchmoe potential means future   plausabilities

JoeSchmoe  all their natural reserves/assets

Spectra  JoeSchmoe until then its based on assumptions

Tebownone of those countries are on a program RATE!

Spectra  Tebow true

JoeSchmoe  that is why i say potential

Tebowall are traded Freely

TebowIraq is not!

Spectra  Tebow right and until they eliminate that aspect we will still be here

Dave  the saudis have been draining their oil field dry for decades now having to resorting to fracking......Iraq is still discovering huge fields

JoeSchmoe  is iraq wealthier than Saudi?

Tebowit's only time, some couldn't wait, now they complain

Dave  now....

JoeSchmoe  give me Saudi's rate, and I'm happy...what is it, .26 or thereabout?

JoeSchmoe  or maybe that was afghanistan?

Dave  JoeSchmoe they get so much more ....free education,healthcare property....most hire us to do their work

JoeSchmoe  Dave who

Dave  Saudi

JoeSchmoe  k

JoeSchmoe  what is their rate

Dave  like you suggested

JoeSchmoe  gimme that, and im 1/3 out

Dave  i think

Dave  bax too....

JoeSchmoe  iremember it being around that years ago when I last saw it

Dave  me too.... some???

Spectra  1 DAY PERHAPS in the meantime ---wait or get out....lol

Spectra  that's how i see it...I WILL WAIT!

JoeSchmoe  well it seems we will see an answer to our questions reasonably soon....reasonably being relative

Spectra  15 Years ive wated why on earth would i quit now!....

JoeSchmoe  with all their current dtz and value increase talk

JoeSchmoe  Spectra that is what i have been saying too. It would just be nice to have a little more faith while waiting

JoeSchmoe  inthis

Spectra  JoeSchmoe When a guy like Sam talks ,im not really listening because i do not think like him...I also think he has a right too his side......

JoeSchmoe  like i said, until this happens, all possibilities need to be considered.

Spectra  He may be a Downer too most but too me i se him as a unfortunate guy....Because if it goes he be sad....

JoeSchmoe  which is why i want the debate to happen with him and DP, because I believe they can prove him wrong

Spectra  but he probubly still has some dinar....

Spectra  JoeSchmoe proving him wrong is impossible because it has not been done yet....

Spectra  Good LUCK

JoeSchmoe  well not prove per se',but you know what i mean

future  joe the guy has been around for years where have u been he has been debated before

JoeSchmoe  give less credence to his theories

JoeSchmoe  future not seen him.

future  he has been almost on all sites

JoeSchmoe  obviously i've been at the forums/sites that banned him immediately lol

Spectra  I Dont think he should banned ......

JoeSchmoe  unfortunately, the sites I was a part of in the beginning were censoring a lot of things, things that would make us double think it

future  no he was at DV and Adam sends people that think its ggoing to lop to the lopster tank where they can debate within themselves and others that want to

JoeSchmoe  future ah, yea dv was my very first site

JoeSchmoe  never went to the lopsteer tank

Spectra  PEOPLE WHO want too ban free speech need their head examined...

future  he was never banned

JoeSchmoe  talking about sites like DU, PD,PTR, etxs

JoeSchmoe  etc

future  yes i usually stay far away from those sites

JoeSchmoe  wish i did, but too late

JoeSchmoe  however....if I had never been to one or some of them I woldn't have my stash i have

JoeSchmoe  could end up a curse....or benefit

Spectra  so you do have your doughts?

JoeSchmoe  of course

JoeSchmoe  NO ONE knows for sure

Spectra  thats right and no one knows just how it will END!

JoeSchmoe  not even close

Spectra  So let Sam talk '

future  spectra no one knows but sam i am constantly states iraq is not on a programmed rate or undervalued

JoeSchmoe  I never DIDN"T want him to talk

future  thats when i stop listening

Dave  JoeSchmoe they currently do not deserve to have a high valued currency imo

JoeSchmoe  Dave define high

Spectra  didnt know he thinks they are not on a program rate never knew that!

Dave  JoeSchmoe hehe

JoeSchmoe  Dave who wouldn't take 10 cents

future  yep ave read he thinks iraq is actually to high and they will devalue lol

Spectra  Well i think they are on a sanctioned rate for sure!

future  i mean come on

future  of course they are

JoeSchmoe  Spectra isn't that programmed?

Dave  a dime thats 1000 % ROI

Dave  not bad....

JoeSchmoe  Dave is that high?

future  dave iraq needs to de dollarize

future  it needs to be = or above the dollar imo

JoeSchmoe  that would be a 10000%roi wouldn't it?

Dave  JoeSchmoe define greed

future  their is no incentive for the citizens to go off the dollar

JoeSchmoe  Dave lol

JoeSchmoe  Dave .10 would be far from green where we are concerned

Dave  JoeSchmoe yes 1000% good roi....

future  if the value is not raised and pruchasing power is given

JoeSchmoe  is there any country where the dollar is not accepted?

Dave  Dave bax would need to purchase 17 semis

future  oe but they are not usin their dinar most of the time

future  it has little to no value

Dave  JoeSchmoe usd works everywhere i have been....

future  they use the dollar

JoeSchmoe  Dave so why would they get rid of the dollar?

future  iraq wants their citizens to use their national curency

JoeSchmoe  wouldnt most countries want that?

Dave  JoeSchmoe banking rules cant issue 2 currencies at the sane time

future  of coruse but it has to have value lmao

future  and purchhasing power

future  just remember joe they havent even came out with fils or lower denoms yet

JoeSchmoe  i guess what i am getting at is, you say iraq wants to get rid of the dollar, and dedollarize. As long as it is there, raising the value won't be as big of an issue as yuo say to get them to stop using it

JoeSchmoe  future yes i know

Dave  JoeSchmoe they need too...imf no mcps

future  Joe that is a requiement by the imf

future  they cant suck on the teet of the dollar forever

JoeSchmoe  as long as the dollar is being used in all countries, then does no other country hvae 'no mcps;?

JoeSchmoe  no mcps requirement by imf

future  well joe sorry but if u believe that then you might as well sell lol

future  nothing i can say or do for ya

JoeSchmoe  i am asking, not believeing

JoeSchmoe  does all other countries have that same requirement, or only iraq

future  most countries use their national currency

future  yes

future  kuwait, saudi arabia, jordan etc

JoeSchmoe  but still use usd. but with no mcp requirment....how is that so

future  they all deal in their own currency

JoeSchmoe  no usd at all?

future  and convert if need be abroad

Dave  and auctions.....

future  but they are also not a on a prgram rate

JoeSchmoe  i am only going on what has been said about iraq needing to dedollarize and get off the dollar, nothing else

future  the iraqi dinar is undervalued but some wil say its not to justify their belief

Dave  JoeSchmoe they have little to no faith yet in banking their but seems to be improving

JoeSchmoe  Dave all i know is, by recent articles, we should see answers to important questions soon

future  @dave very true te citizens play a huge role in monetary reform

Dave  called fractional indexing

future  the iraqis are living in old ages

future  they need to accept new tech and electronic banking

Dave  wonder how mant atms.....

Dave  many

JoeSchmoe  I am one of the dumbest people in this thing...my ADD don't help me too much either.... So I rely on asking stupid quetions all the time. Dinar For Dummies is the encyclopedia brittanica to me, I need Dinar For Retards.

Spectra  Have any of you actually looked into where the phrase(PROGRAM RATE CAME FROM)?

Spectra  ((( where is it written ....)))

future  its a rate imposed by the imf due to war torn countries

Dave  JoeSchmoe many here got your back

future  is it not?


JoeSchmoe  and I swear...this thing makes me dumber by the day!

JoeSchmoe  Dave ty

Spectra  Show me where it says PROGRAM RATE!

future  that is slang spectra used

JoeSchmoe  I can act and talk like I KNOW alot, which is what I see many do...

future  wouldnt take it literal

Spectra  Does any one have any documents with this wording?????

future  st as is an RV

future  or lop

JoeSchmoe  future isn't LOP just slang for redenomination?

Spectra  well unless you can show me it ill not use the slag!

JoeSchmoe  slang created by dinarians what's more

Spectra  slang lol

future  slang yep

Spectra  exactly

future  so whats the issue?

future  so is rv

future  so is lop

Spectra  Words mean everything

JoeSchmoe  and I always felt we wanted a redenomination...LD's

Spectra  i am saying call it what want but?

Dave  we redenom all the time....

JoeSchmoe  what is the lates

JoeSchmoe  t

Spectra  too me PROGRAM RATE needs too be in print!

Spectra  im careful in my wording

Spectra  not too mislead

LeLefuture   I'm with you with $1+

JoeSchmoe  I have seen the words program rate in an article before. don't know where though

Spectra  They lost their value because of the war!

Spectra  That much we all know

future  yes

future  so the imf imposes an artiffical fixedd exchangedd rate

JoeSchmoe  Spectra didn't bush put sanctions on the currency to keep them from buying WMD?

future  due to loss off economics

future  from war

future  also sanctions hurt iraq yes

Dave  future ......missed Sam......

JoeSchmoe  my head spinning, need to eat. bbl

eman4u55  :Yawn

xyz  :popcorn

xyz  :popcorn

Sam I Am  Spectra The dinar's value tanked in the 80s due to hyperinflation


Anonymous - How can we in the world outside Iraq become millionaires?, 25 NOV

But then how can we in the world outside Iraq become millionaires?

This is the tricky part to understand and these skeptics don’t really want to hear because it debunks all their skepticism.

They are negative people anyhow and should never have come into this investment in the first place.

But let me tell you anyhow.

Did the CBI not tell us many times that the older 3 zero notes would remain in circulation for “inter-banking” transactions?

If Iraq begins trading using the dinar, wouldn't they need some very high denominations to global trade deals worth millions?

So they told us that once they launch these smaller category notes they will “coincide” with the old 3 zero notes for many years to come.

One article said 10 years but this process has been delayed so many times we are not sure what the duration is.

Anyhow, you as a holder of these old 3 zero notes, living outside of Iraq, are essentially acting like a bank and given the same privileges as the bankers as you are international.

But to be given these privileges, the dinar must be “reinstated” first to the global stage (thus global currency exchanges) and traded globally.

Let’s first look for the “reinstatement” of the dinar on FOREX and then we can go to the bank.

The entire nature of this process does not fit the “lop” definition and a lop is conducted under very high hyper-inflation and holders are usually given a time frame and a small buy-out rate to turn them in.

Then the Central banks usually do a “restart” of the economy hoping their new strategy will work.

On the other hand Iraq, like I told you, already had the value in their currency (the IQD1190 = USD0.84 cents) and just needed to realize it and bring it out.

The CBI has is all laid out and under control.

Also remember you are not in Iraq and are acting like a foreign banker holding these 3 zero notes outside of Iraq.

Remember also that Iraq must start off this final stage of removing the three zeros with a minimum rate close to 1 US dollar such as we can now see is about 84 cents.



11-25-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98    At Saturday's Parliament meeting, all cabinet-select names were submitted for consideration, including defense and interior ministers.  The US has allowed Iraq some "energy only" exemptions regarding the sanctions imposed against Iran. Tougher US sanctions against Iran are being discussed.  Parliament announced they will complete cabinet selections on Monday, no report was given on what they accomplished today. In order to be in compliance with the US sanctions against Iran, trading will be done with Dinars only.  One US bank source is anticipating exchange activity on Monday (as they have before, so remain calm and cautious). Time Will Tell!

11-25-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   "Parliament raises its meeting to next Monday and allocated for the completion of the ministerial cab"  I think they may have seated the Cabinet and will finish up other Items Monday....We shall see...imo.

11-25-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    [Has there been any progress or any news at all on the HCL lately that you can confirm?]  Yes, there has been steady progress regarding everything related to HCL. We couldn't have a complete HCL before the pieces were in place, the GOI ready, etc.   Nobody will deny that Iraq has moved in the right direction.

Zimbabwe's New Era/Slow Progress/Review 2019 Budget

"Secrecy, the MSM, and Zim Exchange Rates" by Restive Sage, 25 NOV

It's certainly odd to live in a world where there is so much secrecy and censorship of news. We live in a "need to know" world, to borrow a military expression. Even the internet is getting censored now. I am not naive, but getting hold of any reliable hard fact or set of facts from news media, reliable sources or the internet is getting to be difficult. Or has it always been difficult? There once was a concept called "investigative journalism". 

Where did that go, or was it yet another contrivance of the so-called "Deep State". Obviously some brave souls took their journalistic careers seriously, especially in the 20th century (I am not sure there are any true journalists active in the 21st century that are attached to the MSM). Yes, journalism was once a valued profession and was thought to serve society well.

 Their goal was to find and print the truth. At one time, it was a real job and was often attached to a level of altruism matched to high professional standards. But journalism can be a dangerous profession. Some journalists who cross a certain line have sadly at times wound up neutralized. 

Not really a big surprise that some people and institutions do not want the truth to be known. Journalists, unless they were eye witnesses or had photographic proof, have always been dependent on their sources. The OPTB, knowing this, found that they could provide false information to journalists so hungry for juicy information they would violate their ethics. To the journalist, if the scoop was from highly ranked people in industry and government, so much the better. Some just starting taking straight money for articles already written by the cabal.

 Finding a whistleblower was a great coup for a journalist. Keeping the whistleblower alive, out of prison or out of a mental institution was a challenge. The Washington journalist Dorothy Kilgallen told her best friend she was going to blow the true story of the Kennedy assassination wide open. She was found dead in her swank Washington apartment the next day, all journalistic notes missing. And why were they tapping her phone in the first place? Oh yea, she was a journalist.

How can we get real information, or is the word REAL the problem word. Are we just doomed to be the forever ignorant masses, unworthy of a place at the decision-making table and forever under the thumb of a ruling elite. Imagine life before the printing press at a time when there was no public schooling. Talk about ignorant.

After discovering the possibility of a worldwide Global Currency Re-Set, we have all invested a lot of time and energy in gathering supportive facts, visiting various web sites, listening to gurus on calls, exchanging intel, patrolling youtube, re-reading history with a new sense of wonderment and generally re-assessing the world we live in. Some even bought currency. Flirting with behavior and thought processes that a psychiatrist might label paranoid and delusional, we persevere on, ardent in hope, and eager for truth. In the end, after all that, despite the utility of this well-done and highly useful site, we still don't know the truth. At least most of us. Ironically, the PTB don't even have to attempt to marginalize us, because the average person getting hit with the normal GCR storyline will automatically recoil in silent horror or laugh sarcastically at such foolishness. This ride has not been for the faint of heart. Expect no quarter from your friends and relatives.

There are four large themes that have emerged in our arena (many takes of which are actively discussed on this site). There are many sub-themes as well. These large themes represent very different scenarios, but in a strange way may be interconnected.

(1) Historic Bonds - Primary intel provider here is known as ZAP of China Landa Global

In the 1800s and early 1900s, large national-scale infrastructure projects and large-scale industrial plants were often financed all or in part by bonds. Think railroads, dams, steamship lines, diamond mines, steel plants, canals, etc. A bond is a paper instrument that represents a loan. Theoretically, it falls under international law. The bond is based on a stated rate of interest, a term in years and other agreed terms such as payment in gold only. Thus, for the stated number of years, the owner of the bond (the one who lent the money) receives the annual or semi-annual interest payment. At the end of the term, the owner receives the original loan (ie the principle) back. Bonds were usually associated with larger sums of money. In many cases, a bundle of sequentially enumerated bonds would be placed in a protective chest and aggregate to many 10s of millions. The bond instrument itself was usually highly engraved to reduce the chance of success in counterfeiting. Bonds were often used in the manner that a wealthy sovereign, or even a wealthy nation (usually European in the earlier era) would loan money to a developing nation such as Mexico, China, Bolivia, etc. A lot of the largest projects related to China. The recipient of the loan was motivated to pay back the principle to sustain their creditworthiness. In some cases, countries caught up in two disruptive world wars and the financial cataclysm known as the Great Depression were unable to satisfy the bond at the end of the original term. Most bonds were set up to keep accruing interest in the event of a default. If the bond and its interest was to be paid in gold, normal for that era, the vast inflation of the last 100 years has multiplied the face value of these unsatisfied bonds by a very high factor. Honoring these historic bonds in the current time frame would put a lot of money into the western economy, especially that of Great Britain and Europe in general. Some of the countries and corporate entities that defaulted are doing better now and are in a position to retire these international bond debts. The payment of these debts would have consequences to the world's financial picture due to the large amount of money involved. There are some who believe that ONLY these bonds will be settled and the currency GCR is not going to happen. ZAP was in that camp for a while. There are some who believe that the historic bonds will be settled as part of the Event and that the currency GCR will ALSO occur, probably at the same time. ZAP now appears to be in this camp, though with some lingering doubts. His group is highly interested in directing a percentage of the money to be derived from the exchange of the historic bonds (and hopefully currencies as well) into an entity that will finance and provide managerial assistance for sweeping international projects of great scale and scope related to environmental cleanup of the planet, clean water, proper food production and delivery, but also into useful new technologies, suppressed technologies, and humanitarian projects to aid children, the elderly and really any project of true humanitarian benefit. There primary caveat is that all projects must have good ethical leadership and management who are capable, committed and qualified, with a good comprehension of best business practices. ZAP is a well-spoken and personable sort who claims to have connections with key Chinese decision-makers. Just based on my limited knowledge, he has apparently visited China several times in recent years to interface with those who may be charged with the exchanges for the historic Chinese bonds and perhaps the source of all or part of the money. He is is known to be a student of eastern philosophies and culture. ZAP has taken an enormous amount of heat from many in our community because he frequently and unabashedly asks for financial donations for his group, family and close friends. To many in the western world, taught to be alert for scams, this can be repulsive or irritating. Some, however, believe in him and do support him. It is noteworthy that in Eastern cultures, the wisest, wealthiest and highest status people are revered all the more if they spend sabbatical time as beggars and wanderers. Though they might be wealthy beyond measure, their view of the world they think they know well enough is never fully polished until they have humbled themselves in this manner. While it may be for 2 years, 10 years or 20 years, the lessons learned about humility, what hunger and want feel like, the arrogance of people toward beggars, and perseverance in the face of adversity can only be learned one way. Great esteem is given to those willing to make this manner of personal sacrifice for the sake of others and honing their higher self. Ultimately it becomes part of being a better servant to others.

(2) Iraqi Currency and the Currency Basket - Multiple intel source providers including TNT / Tony

When a country loses a war, its currency typically can no longer be traded internationally. You may possess some of this currency, but it becomes worthless, mainly because no one will accept it in a transaction. When Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein in 1990, they were completely taken over and their currency went to zero internationally. Desert Shield kicked in and Saddam was eliminated, but not before setting fire to almost every oil well in the country. Later, Kuwait wanted and needed to re-establish its national currency. They re-established their currency which is today exchangeable at 1 Kuwaiti dinar being worth $3.33 USD. This process demonstrates how a defeated country can rather quickly re-establish a new currency, especially if it is an oil-rich nation. Much the same scenario played out in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was defeated in the Gulf War which began in 2003. The existing currency became worthless internationally and the logic was that the new Iraqi currency would have to become international because Iraq is a major Middle East country, with one of the highest measures of "proven" oil reserves in the world. Our government allowed the sale of Iraqi currency in the USA by registered dealers. There were full page ads taken out in USA Today newspapers and it was sold nationwide in the USA for many years and is still being sold. Many people who bought this currency thought it would re-value relatively soon and they would reap a windfall. That did not happen. Many have held their currency purchases for 12-13 years. People come to this site for intel, sundry news and the latest pronouncements by gurus who have "inside" connections regarding when their dinar currency can be exchanged and at what rate. Many also catch a multitude of guru calls, some of which have been running along for many years on a more or less regular basis. I came fairly late to this process, several years ago, and began to research everything heavily. Hungry for information and hopeful to find someone who actually had "insider" information, I listened in on many different calls. Some calls had a moderator guru who was more or less a leader who had attracted a following, while other calls were in a group format of several people who basically just spoke conversationally, sharing info, and then having a Q&A at the end. I was attracted to the TNT call because Tony, the leader of the call, always seemed to have some hard-to-obtain intel about Iraq and conducted the call in a jovial and engaging manner. He promised nothing but shared useful tidbits and always seemed to have an interesting one hour session three times a week. Newer people may not realize that several years ago, there was nothing other than dinar. I was present on the call on the very day that Tony mentioned something that knocked everyone's socks off. It had never been spoken of previously. He stated that there was now a basket of currencies involved! Everyone was amazed and wanted to know more. He obliged by telling us that, in addition to Iraq, the currencies of Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe were in the so-called first basket. What was previously simple and straightforward now morphed into something much more complex. There were then much broader international implications. Who was REALLY behind this? In the months after this announcement he would state that his best information suggested, though he could not guarantee it, that the following exchange rates would apply: 1 Dinar = $3.00 USD; 1 Vietnamese Dong = $.10 USD; and a Zimbabwe rate of $.03 x the note Face Value with 6 zeroes lopped off or $3,000,000 for a $100 trillion note. He reiterated often that these rates may or may not be accurate, but that there seemed to be some consensus of his sources. I forget what the rate was for the rupiah and the afghani back then. Over a span of several months, the rates he was hearing climbed a bit higher. For at least part of the time they had settled into the 1 Dinar = $3.68 USD; 1 Vietnamese Dong = $.15 USD; and a Zimbabwe rate of $.13 x the note Face Value with 6 zeroes lopped off or $13,000,000 for a $100 trillion note. The term "lopping off of zeroes" was just an easy math expression that reflected the movement of decimals in the exchange rate. Unless there is a 1:1 ratio, there will be a decimal involved in an exchange rate. It was just an easy way to express the resultant calculation so that that people might readily understand. Over time, even these rate numbers drifted higher and sometimes fluctuated. Part of each call was directed to helping the people in their audience to understand that the exchanges at these levels would result in large sums of money. This money would need to be carefully and wisely managed such that the principle amount was retained and the recipient would live off the interest to be earned. Many people appreciated the flow of advice, current news items thought to be relevant, and the currency information the call brought to them. The call was and is very popular. It was by no means the only guru-type call and most here tried various calls to find the right fit. 

(3) Yosef Intel Provider

I was present on a call one day when, during the Q&A session, a guy came on and shook the GCR world to its very foundation. He didn't really ask a question, but had a very nice, pleasant, intelligent voice and began to speak as though he had some very important information to share. The host was somewhat taken aback, but the guy seemed civil enough and he was allowed to continue. The caller went into what turned out to be a rather lengthy and tantalizing monologue. When he finished most all who were listening were dumbstruck. What he spoke to was how the Zimbabwe dollar was a far more important part of the currency basket than we had been made privy to. His sources and research indicated to him that the exchange rate on the Zimbabwe dollar would actually be around $0.65, after lopping off six zeroes. What! This meant that each large ZIM note was worth $65 million each. The host was just as intrigued as the audience and asked him back for the next call. He agreed. The next call was even more interesting, as he went into a deep discussion of why that could and would be true. Most gurus up to that time would hedge their statements and always indicate that it was just based on their sources and what they had heard from a friend of a man who knew a certain Senator's barber, who was close friends with a well connected member of the U.S. Treasury. But not Yosef. He was not into hedging and some found this re-assuring and some found it off-putting. No one was not intrigued, however. Knowledge of his presence spread like wildfire through the currency intel community and he was on almost all the leading calls of the day at least several times, if not many times. After a few weeks, he sent new ripples through the ether when he disclosed that he had previously offered up the $0.65 per Zim figure just to ease everyone into the REAL number which was $1.15 per ZIM after lopping off six zeroes. He didn't want to upset us too much by shocking us. Wait a minute, that's $115 million per large note. That's...simply...impossible. Oh my, my ,my. And yet, his explanations were very cogent and seemingly well researched. Surely he had killer contacts at high levels. He openly expressed a well-developed sense of morality and social conscience and was very religious to boot. For many in the audience, he seemed very believable as to many of his assertions and yet disturbingly out-in-left-field with others. Some of the call moderators began to openly question his veracity, his sources and his motivations. He was dropped from a number of calls. But Yosef had only just started. He wrote many blogs for this site and developed a large following. He continued to be on multiple calls that resonated with his message. He was also host to many calls of his own and many listeners became devoted followers. His revelations about the ZIM changed yet again in a most significant way. You could have heard a pin drop for 30 seconds after he announced one day that the concept of lopping off zeroes was actually not the real exchange rate. Nope. There would be NO lopping off of zeroes. At a $1.00 rate (ie 1:1 ratio), the large note would be exchanged (digitally sent into the private banking system) for $100 trillion dollars. Well smack my jaws. So, if you were smart and bought say 5 notes, you would get $500 trillion dollars. At amounts this large, you would have trouble spending even 5% of it unless you were a most diligent humanitarian. But you had to have a fairly evolved humanitarian project to qualify. 

And thus, the currency community was instantly divided into two camps; (1) those that saw the GCR as a large but somewhat normalizing jubilee event that would lead to huge debt relief and a new financial system, with an advanced but understandable structure in mind, and, (2) those who saw the GCR as an Event of almost unimaginable magnitude where the flood of money would be so vast that it would lead very quickly to a transformative new financial system that would eliminate all poverty and all debt and utterly change the foundation pillars of life of earth. For Yosef and his followers, the Event implied a link to matters profoundly spiritual and mystical. An influx of money this large would completely change the financial landscape on a global basis. Ultimately, taken to its logical end, money itself would no longer be necessary. In September 2017, Yosef reduced his call presence and contributions to this site. He, along with others of like mind, focused on starting up a new group, the Human Angel Services group. It happened and this membership-oriented group has its own website with a members-only chatroom and message center. The group is devoted to humanitarianism and constantly explores ways to make the world a better place.

(4) Kim Possible and Tank - Leadership latecomers with an interesting new message

Tank has been a frequent contributor to this site for quite a while and was invited to many guru calls through the years. He was often on the same calls as Yosef and they seemed to have a decent level of rapport between them. Tank came across as being strongly in belief of the GCR in its upper limit rendition, mirroring to a large extent the beliefs of Yosef. He seemed to be very fervent in his sense of the GCR having a spiritual, mystical and even religious aspect. He often quoted biblical scripture and offered up many prayers, a common practice in the community at the beginning and the end of guru calls. His prayers left no doubt as to his sincerity and love of his fellow man. Tank is very articulate and writes even better than he speaks. I sense in him a very passionate nature and have learned that he is a talented artist by profession. Kim came into our frame of reference last year and instantly became something of a sensation. She claims to be the sole person who not such a long time ago inherited the codes to a massive, long established wealth account of vast proportions. She has posted on this site many times, though less frequently in the last six months than initially. She has also appeared on radio-talk hosted calls which can sometimes be found on youtube. About the same time she appeared last year, Tank was moving full steam into deploying his plan to file multiple lawsuits against the U.S. government. His plan apparently was to force a legal battle that would open the door to a public disclosure of the GCR. He knew they would not want this at all and that it might prod them to expedite the GCR. Somewhere in that time frame he became closely associated with Kim. It seems Kim has the only codes to the massive accounts to which she is heir by default (long story) because the chain of wealthy people who created it died off. Hmm..I guess it makes sense. She cannot pull out the money because it would immediately be confiscated by the bankster bad guys. The cabal bigwigs it seems have scurrilous back-door access to all high value accounts. Any accounts receiving funds of a large size would get zeroed out overnight. Or, the transfer itself would get blocked and thus there could be no normal usage. So, she lamented, she was in zugzwang. She could not move the money in our direction. It was just sitting there, benefiting no one. She implored our community to help her figure out a way to maintain the integrity of the new accounts (to be established when all was safe) that she would use to get us all paid. To her credit, she seemed and seems very sincere in her stated desire to release these funds to aid the planet and support large-scale humanitarian works. There are times when I read what she has said and it does make very good sense. She has an ego and can be ferocious when crossed. She certainly has won over Tank who is one hundred percent on board. And Tank is not easily fooled. This of course assumes that the original Tank is the same Tank who is now posting as Tank. What seems a bit disconcerting is that her narrative for how things will play out is very different from all the other gurus. She has also aggressively debunked some of the "myths" set forth by many other gurus. That has knocked the wind out of a few of us. She apparently firmly believes that she and only she can create the longed for jubilee event. Her reasons for it not happening yet are down to earth and are well articulated. However, at least for now, they do not seem to point to a very positive result that has both scale and scope. It's definitely a different take.

Of course there are many other camps and gurus, some mirroring the above and some taking bits and pieces from one or more. Most claim to have some really reliable sources. The only problem is, these sources don't know what a "few days" means. Some who come to this site to share their thoughts choose to remain fiercely independent. Some find fault with almost everyone, picking them apart day by day, yet offering nothing better. Cynics are always the last on board, but they are also adept at separating the wheat from the chaff, fact from fiction, and wishful thinking from scientific proof. So the site begrudgingly puts up with them. Sorting through all this is like a ballet in a minefield wearing tights that are too small.

The key problem for us is that there is no overt source of undeniable proof. The ultimate proof so far must come by way of a 1-800 number given out to we faithful ones on a blessed day next week, or maybe the next week. Kim snidely calls this "The Tomorrow Game". But we are ever hopeful, willing now as ever before to suspend our rational minds and enter the realm of the unlikely and the mystical. That's a hard step for some to take. And yet, for some, the religious energy attached to this is very real and very powerful. Including me. Most of the people on this site refuse to admit that their own doubt is a large elephant in their brain's most private room. Perhaps our own doubt (which is only human) means that we are not ready to ascend to the new 4d and 5D realms. That type of circular logic is troubling in its own right because it puts blame back on us if we cannot manage to do it. As if we have not suffered enough already.

Some people claim to have SKRs. Some people think there are groups in Reno that have negotiated deals and also now have SKRs. Unfortunately my sense is they will not be made liquid until the Event occurs. Those that have SKRs can't show them to you, in front of your eyes, because they would be violating their NDA. Perfect. Still no proof. 

Which of the four main camps holds the key to a real result. Who is to be believed? My past posts give away who I chose to ally with. I will say that my choice led to a lot of personal growth, a collateral benefit of this whole process. Maybe a better benefit than the cash from my soon to occur exchange.

So after years of research and staying on top of this, we still don't really know much that can be proven in a court of law. A very large number of those here have found a new sense of self-examination and spiritual sensitivity that stems from their perception of what the coming jubilee Event really means. They have a new view of history and a new context with which to view the world. Some have been driven over the edge into the sad realm of the paranoid schizophrenic. Get some help, please. The prospects of some sort of Disclosure that we are not alone in the universe as humanoid life forms has been part of some of our people's world for 40 to 50 years. Some are new, but actually are now on board. More and more anthropological and archaeological evidence is mounting that the history of earth, especially antediluvian history, is not what we have been taught in the past. We are more suspicious, and rightfully so, as to the true nature of world events. The victors write the history, yes? Maybe the paranoid schizophrenics are not crazy after all, just very, very sensitive in a very, very dangerous world.

Now we must ask, has the Financial Event been interwoven into the alien Disclosure Event. Some have postulated that our leaders would have never been able (on their own) to manage 200+- countries signing off on a treaty for worldwide peace as a precursor to the financial Event. Without the influence and power of off world beings superior to us in science, technology, wisdom and probably most things, could there truly be a jubilee GCR Event. Ever.

Why can't things be more transparent. Why do the big-government-secrecy thing ad nauseum. Secret societies have shaped history I'm convinced for centuries. Why allow their members into positions of power. Aren't the OPTB embarrassed to know that the logical assumption as to their ardent secrecy would be that governments are doing wrong things and don't want anyone to know, or, they simply don't think we can handle the truth. Sheeple Forever, a good name for a really bad football team.

Few here on this well-informed site question the insinuation that the MSM operates at the pleasure of some pct of the overt State and some pct of the hidden hand of the "Deep State". And likely it's further subdivided into having a third corporate sector. Mind control with an agenda. We would do well to ask: who actually owns the MSM. Who decides what goes on that teleprompter the "reporter" is reading. Every thinking human should not forgot that the effective use of mass radio broadcasts was probably one of the key reasons Hitler and the Nazi party gained absolute power at a crucial moment in German history. For many countries, government by the UNKNOWN is the norm. American prefer to believe we are not governed by the UNKNOWN. After all, we have democratic elections, right.

The successive advent of mass intel dissemination via newspapers and news magazines in the 1800s, radio news in the early 20th century, television news in the mid-20th century, and the internet in the late 20th century, led to the specter of mind persuasion creeping into the equation. Remember The Maine!! It is becoming much more refined now. Cabal people may be mean but they are never stupid. Having access to truthful news seems to have become a bit of a challenge. Persuasion is one thing, but what we have now....give me a break. The degree of the control of information available to the masses is one of the overarching issues of modern history. Oddly enough, I believe the GCR will solve that problem quickly enough. Then the nagging question of "who controls the science" remains for our diligent attention.

Restive Sage


Weekend UPDATE for November 24-25, 2018 

Posted by RayRen98

Saturday Morning (Eastern Time)

At Saturday's Parliament meeting, all cabinet-select names were submitted for consideration, including defense and interior ministers.

The US has allowed Iraq some "energy only" exemptions regarding the sanctions imposed against Iran. Tougher US sanctions against Iran are being discussed.

Parliament announced they will complete cabinet selections on Monday, no report was given on what they accomplished today. In order to be in compliance with the US sanctions against Iran, trading will be done with Dinars only.

One US bank source is anticipating exchange activity on Monday (as they have before, so remain calm and cautious). Time Will Tell!

Sunday Morning

Iraq announced that 360 billion Dinar was stolen from the CBI during Maliki's administration.

Easier procedures for an international Visa was shared. Monday's Parliament session should have the votes for the final cabinet members.

"And the RV/GCR Soap Opera Continues" by Truthseeker, 25 NOV

Like a well written soap opera, the saga of the RV/GCR continues . . . . . Doesn't it feel like we're stuck in the RV/GCR Ground Hog Day scenario, yup sure does! If you were to look back at Intel from the past 5+ years not much has changed at least on a Currency Holder perspective except the date. Now before you decide to write a negative post, please understand I've been on this Currency Coaster ride for 8 and a 1/2 years and want nothing more than for this ride to finally come to a happy ending. 

So with that being said I'm urging ALL Currency Holders, Intel providers and Newshounds to please read this line and digest it; no one knows if, when or how the RV/GCR will occur, NO ONE! In my 8+ years of being on this ride I must have read hundreds if not thousands of "any minute, any day" RV posts only to find myself scratching my head the following day wondering what the heck happened. At some point reality must kick in, and reality is there isn't an Intel provider or Newshound anywhere who knows the actual RV/GCR plan. With that being said "YES" I do feel the RV/GCR will someday occur, but I doubt it will happen the way most Intel providers are being led to believe. 

For years I have been stating how unbelievably large the RV/GCR project is, and because of the overall enormity I doubt there is a single Intel provider anywhere who knows or will be given the date or rates. Let's take a quick look at some impacting factors; 

1.) The overall number of Currency Holders in the U.S. alone: My guess is there are somewhere around 35 million (possibly much, much more) speculative investors and more jumping in daily.

2.) The U.S. financial status: In short, the U.S. is bankrupt. However, because the U.S. is the world's reserve fiat (backed by nothing) currency, it has allowed the U.S. to perform levels of corruption never seen before. To put things in perspective think about this: how would your world change if you were empowered and capable of producing additional spendable currency at the blink of an eye? Hmmmm I'm pretty sure it would change greatly! This corruption has been taking place ever since August 13, 1971, when president Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard.

3.) The global financial status: Most countries around the globe are bankrupt doing whatever they can just to stay afloat.

4.) Financial Corruption: There is so much financial corruption around the globe, it's pretty much impossible to write about all of it. All I'm gonna say is this; I doubt the NPTB will implement the GCR until they have successfully severed the main arteries of corruption that lead directly to the bad guys, i.e., the Cabal, Deep State, etc. This is way bigger than anyone could possibly imagine!

5.) Political Corruption: Just like number 4, this is a massive undertaking that's so big it's impossible to write about. Let me just say this; there are over 63,000 sealed indictments that at some point will be unsealed. My research indicates there are so many politicians in that mix the NPTB will be forced into implementing Martial Law for the safety of the American people and forced into conducting new elections in order to establish a new government and/or Republic. Do not forget this; NO ONE knows the actual plan except a select few individuals who IMO will never leak that information out!

I could continue, but I think you get the gist at this point. So with all that being said, I urge all Currency Holders to spend your "waiting time" wisely. Place your currencies in a safe spot and do a little prepping. My suggestion is for everyone to have a one month minimum of food, water, personal hygiene supplies, medical supplies, emergency equipment, a store of wealth if possible (i.e., silver or gold) and a means to protect yourself and your family. This isn't meant to scare anyone, it's to try help prepare everyone for whatever gets thrown our way! 

I also suggest Currency Holders do their own due-diligence; do some research. This might be difficult but I also suggest diverting away from the MSM news agencies. These agencies for the most part indulge in Fake, Phony and False news to keep the American people dazed, confused, and at bay. Some the best real news resources are;

1.) SGT Report: https://www.youtube.com/user/SGTbull07/videos?disable_polymer=1 (save this link, as it refreshes itself to the latest info whenever clicked)

2.) Road-To-Rooda - Bix Weir: https://www.youtube.com/user/RoadtoRoota/videos?disable_polymer=1 (save this link as well)

3.) X22 Report: https://www.youtube.com/user/X22Report/videos?disable_polymer=1 (save this link as well)

4.) X22 Report Spotlight (interviews): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1rnp-CySclyhxyjA4f14WQ/videos?disable_polymer=1 (save this link as well)

We must remain positive, alert, and keep on praying!


"Re: Reformation Not Recovery" by (Anonymous), 25 NOV



Samson:  Minister of Industry arrives in Cairo to participate in "mineral wealth"

25th November, 2018

Cairo International Airport arrived Sunday, Iraqi Minister of Industry Saleh Abdullah Ahmed, to participate in the activities of the 15th Arab International Conference on Mineral Resources, which will be held in Cairo on Monday.

The conference will be chaired by Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla, under the theme "Mining Investment and Economic Development in the Arab World"

The conference, which is held every two years in one of the Arab countries, is attended by a number of ministers of Arab mineral wealth and senior officials of Arab organizations and institutions, led by Khalid Al-Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Engineer Hala Zwati, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jordan.    LINK

RockCharlie229:  This is an article that talks about IRAQ Gold and mining. Note: the article is from September 2015.   Iraqi mining

Samson:  Gold in Iraq: A Promising Future for Mining

5th September, 2015

Apart from possessing one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Iraq is also considered to gain enormous recognition for the production of gold in the near future.

With a faint history of gold mining in Iraq, the government of Iraq foresees a developing economy in the country with the recent discoveries of gold reserves found in the Western Desert, Kurdistan and in the Aldajh area of Iraq.

With such large quantities of gold found and with future prospects in gold mining, gold production value could someday rival the value of oil produced.

Iraq’s Ancient History in Gold Mining....

Iraq’s history associated with gold mining and gold sources, dates back to around 4000 BC. Historical evidence shows that the Sumerian civilization existed during this period in Mesopotamia which is now Southern Iraq.

Archeological studies suggest that the people of Sumerian civilization believed in extraterrestrial beings that came down to earth in order to seek help from the Sumerians to mine gold. Archaeological findings also indicate that there was an abundance of gold discovered in the form of ornaments in the ancient city of Ur.

Texts have revealed that gold was primarily used during royal gatherings, religious ceremonies and during funerals by the royal class. Gold was found at the graves of Ur and then later in the ancient Assyrian city, Nimrud. They were also found in temples and treasures of the royals. These were in the form of ornaments, vessels, utensils, tools, weapons and were also used to add value to sculptures. The style of gold jewelry crafted during the Sumerian civilization is used in the modern times as well.
Sources of Gold in Ancient History....

Archeological texts show uncertainty in the sources of gold in Mesopotamia. However the Sumerian texts do talk about some sources. The mythological land of Aratta, mountain of Hahhum, Meluhha, Delmun, Su land in western Iran and Mardaman in south eastern Turkey were some sources of gold which are named in the Sumerian texts.
Prospecting for Gold in Iraq....

Iraqi geologists have been working to figure out locations and quantities of gold deposits.

Some have found occurrences of gold in the Gaara formation consisting of ferruginous sandstones and ironstones of the Gaara depression in the western desert of Iraq. Studies reveal that in 1934, Mc Fayden was the first to convey the possibility of finding gold in the Gaara sandstones. However his investigations could not prove the presence of gold deposits.

This was long forgotten until in 1984 when two geologists, Kettanah and Tobia accidently discovered the occurrence of gold while looking for presence of iron.

In 1986, Al-Bassam collected a number of samples from Chabid Al Abid region of Gaara depression and concluded that the proportion of gold found in the samples was not commercially viable. Later in 1999, another study by Mustafa in the same area showed that the samples from region did contain adequate concentration of gold. The above research is documented by Mazin M. Mustafa and Faraj H. Tobia.

Recent Gold Discoveries in Iraq.....

Recent discoveries have indicated enormous deposits of gold in the eastern Baghdad region as well as in the Western desert and Kurdistan areas.

Mining operations are already in progress in Aldajh area. At other locations such as Fudhaliyah and Obeidi, exploration for gold was reportedly being conducted some time ago.
Iraqi Strategy for Increasing Production of Gold....

After the discovery of Iraq’s vast gold deposits, the government has drawn up a long term thirty year plan for exploiting the country’s mineral resources. Accordingly, it is proposed to issue permission to global mining companies for mining and production of gold and other rare metals.

Obviously the current stability of this region will be another concern for other companies. Commercial mining is a long-term interest, and the future stability of the region is always a concern.

Another road block in production of gold and its trade in Iraq is the lack of knowledge regarding gold trade in the local banking industry.

Turkey, which itself is a huge producer of gold, has stepped in to train Iraqi bankers in order to make them competent enough in the gold trade.

The Iraqi government is confident that gold could soon become an important commodity just as oil is for the country.
Samson:  Not long ago someone was requesting a list of Iraq's minerals - this is from 2017


In 2001, Iraq produced hydraulic cement, nitrogen, phosphate rock (from the Akashat open-pit mine), salt, and native Frasch sulfur (from underground deposits at Mishraq, on the Tigris River, south of Mosul), as well as clay, gypsum, lime, limestone, industrial sand (glass or silica), sand, gravel, and stone.

Iraq’s mineral resources are some of the most exciting and profitable in the world and – due to the turmoil of the past decades – largely untapped. The second largest reserves of phosphate rock are in Iraq next to huge quantities of natural sulphur, limestone and quartz-sand of 98-99% purity. Especially for the fertilizer and cement industries Iraq is a place of nearly unlimited potentials.

Minogenic map of Iraq

Geological surveys have indicated usable deposits of iron ore, copper, gypsum, bitumen, dolomite, and marble; these resources have remained largely unexploited, because of inadequate transport facilities and lack of coal for processing the ores.


Geosurv, Iraq

Exploration for mineral resources and industrial rocks started in Iraq as early as 1930 and was continued by foreign companies until 1965, then Geological Survey of Iraq commenced a comprehensive systematic program of geological mapping and mineral exploration that covered all the Iraqi territory and was based on actual field mapping (1:100 000), exploratory drilling, geophysical and geochemical surveys.

One of the main objectives achieved was the delineation of the mineral resources of Iraq. Many industrial projects were based on the results of that project including sulfur mining, phosphate fertilizer plant, glass and ceramic plants, several cement plants, constructions raw materials, etc.

The Geological Survey is active now in geological mapping on more detailed scales and following up exploratory works to upgrade the resources into exploitable economic reserves. A summary of the main mineral resources of Iraq is given below:-

Native sulfur: Iraq has the largest global reserve of native sulphur. About 6 million tons of proved reserves were discovered in Nineva Governorate, 60% of which is extractable by modified Frash method. Mining in MI field started in 1969 at 1 m.t./year designed production capacity. Mostly used in chemical industries and for export.
Phosphorite: Overall an estimated minimum of 9.5 billion metric tons of prime quality Phosphorite Rock in Iraq, the second largest reserves in the world. More than 1.7 billion tons of proved reserves were discovered in Akashat and surrounding areas (Anbar Governorate). Mining started in 1983 at 3.2 m.t./year designed production rate to supply the phosphate fertilizer plant at Al- Qaim.

Limestone: More than 8000 m.t. are proved in various parts of Iraq and are being exploited for the production of cement.

Glauberite: About 22 million tons of proved reserves are found in the Shari Saltern (Salahuldin Governorate). Used in the production of sodium sulfate. New plant is needed.

Gypsum: More than 130 million tons are proved in several localities of the Low-Folded Zone (Northern Zone) of Iraq. Mostly used in the production of plaster.

Quartz-sand: More than 75 million tons of proved reserves are available of 98-99% pure quartz-sand. Presently mined from one site in Anbar Governorate and used in glass, ceramics and refractories production.

Feldspathic sand: A small reserve (about 2 million tons) of silica sands containing up to 20% feldspar minerals are located in Najaf Governorate. Used for ceramic industry and need a floatation plant for upgrading.

Salt (NaCl): About 50 million tons of proved reserves are located at Samawa saltern (Muthana Governorate) in addition to several smaller salterns in the Jazira area. Used in chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in food industry. Production rate about 200 000 t/year.

Kaolinitic claystones: These deposits are found in several localities in Anbar Governorate with total reserves reaching up to 1200 million tons of various grades (white and colored). Mostly used in ceramic industry, but is considered the only source in Iraq for alumina in the future.

Bentonite: About 22 million tons of Ca-montmorillonitic clay are found in Anbar Governorate. At present it is mainly used for oil-well drilling after on-site Na-activation. A plant for Na-activation is needed with 75000 t./year production capacity.

Ironstone: A sedimentary pisolitic medium grade ironstone deposit is located in Anbar Governorate with about 60 million tons of reserves. The quality and grade permit using the ore in cement industry only. A new mine is needed.

Bauxite: Very small and scattered Karst bauxite and bauxitic claystones are found in Anbar Governorate. Locally used for refractories.

Metallic Minerals: A few deposits of Zn-Pb-pyrite deposits are located in Kurdstan Region. Non of them is exploited. Some are associated with barite. Numerous showings of Cu, Cr-Ni, Mn-Fe and Fe are found in the igneous complexes of the Zagros Suture Zone of Kurdstan Region.

All of them require more exploration work to show their economic potential.   LINK