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"USN", 24 NOV

"First Basket - Second Basket" by CaliforniaSugar, 24 NOV

There is speculation that certain currencies will be removed from the First Basket. Here is a list, as I understand the current situation. 

First Basket

Iraqi Dinar

Indonesian Rupiah

Afghanistan Afghani

Vietnamese Dong – 50/50 chance that it will be included in the first basket

Zimbabwe Dollar – 50/50 chance that it will be included in the first basket

Second Basket

Indian Rupee

Chinese Yuan

Russian Ruble

Philippine Peso

Mexican Peso

S. Korean Won

Brazilian Real

Colombian Peso

Iranian Rial – given the latest sanctions, this currency is a wait and see

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"Al-Rafidain releases the salaries of local employees through MasterCard"

Basically this project is very, very important because the people’s notes – there’s about 6 billion of them worth about 44 Trillion. So what they’re trying to do here is to basically reconstruct the currency. How is Iraq going to do it without them basically lopping the currency. They need to basically increase the value which is to lift the 000’s #1, and ...when they start doing that they’re going to adjust salaries. Now, here’s the catch here…

...if you have a million dinar, and you go to the bank they’re not going to give you a 1,000 dinar because that’s a Lop. They’re going to give you a million dinars worth of LOWER DENOMINATIONS because remember what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to use all this money supply. The only way you can do that is to raise the value starting with their employees because remember they’ll have to go back to 40-50% of the salaries to the government employees and any other employees and then Remember, you’re going to give them a million dinar and get a 1,000 dinar and that’s going to be worth the OLD million dinar which is worth $840 USD. And this is what they basically are trying to do.


It will not be a one to one exchange for us in my opinion. I have very good reason for that opinion. It's my opinion that it will be higher then that.

Mountain Goat


Okay so here is the beginning of the re-education process I said would begin a months before the reinstatement would happen. Remember the CBI must first wait for the right environment to launch the rest of these lower smaller category notes. Now they are telling us the time is just around the corner. This is exactly what we wanted to hear and needed to hear at this time. So we are moving forward to late 2018 to early 2019 timeframe for a reinstatement. Remember as I said many times we will see a rate change within Iraq as close to 1000 dinars or lower per USD first, then the CBI must launch the smaller notes or the economy will not have any currency they can work with. So now we see the CBI program rate as record lows coming into this week and so we should expect it even much lower and then the launching of first the 25, 50 and 100 dinar notes, as promised would happen at this time. Stay tuned it is all good.


I believe Delta has this exactly right.

"They’re going to give you a million dinars worth of LOWER DENOMINATIONS because remember what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to use all this money supply."

It takes about two months for Iraq to cycle through the face value of its outstanding currency supply. Akin to inventory turnover, the velocity of money is a nations' gross domestic product divided by its outstanding currency supply. In the case of Iraq, for 2017 that's roughly 234 Trillion divided by about 44 Trillion or 5.3 times per year, or about once every 2 months or so.

RayRen98 (TNT)

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...we learned: Sadr wanting Alak to be fired; Barzani and Mahdi agreed cabinet needed to be completed ASAP; and a dinar source reporting new rates on the screens. . . Dinar reported to have gone from the $4 to $6. Hopefully it will be at least $6.

"Secrecy, the MSM, and Zim Exchange Rates" by Restive Sage, 24 NOV

It's certainly odd to live in a world where there is so much secrecy and censorship of news. We live in a "need to know" world, to borrow a military expression. Even the internet is getting censored now. I am not naive, but getting hold of any reliable hard fact or set of facts from news media, reliable sources or the internet is getting to be difficult. Or has it always been difficult? There once was a concept called "investigative journalism". 

Where did that go, or was it yet another contrivance of the so-called "Deep State". Obviously some brave souls took their journalistic careers seriously, especially in the 20th century (I am not sure there are any true journalists active in the 21st century that are attached to the MSM). Yes, journalism was once a valued profession and was thought to serve society well. Their goal was to find and print the truth. At one time, it was a real job and was often attached to a level of altruism matched to high professional standards. 

But journalism can be a dangerous profession. Some journalists who cross a certain line have sadly at times wound up neutralized. Not really a big surprise that some people and institutions do not want the truth to be known. Journalists, unless they were eye witnesses or had photographic proof, have always been dependent on their sources. The OPTB, knowing this, found that they could provide false information to journalists so hungry for juicy information they would violate their ethics. To the journalist, if the scoop was from highly ranked people in industry and government, so much the better. Some just starting taking straight money for articles already written by the cabal. Finding a whistleblower was a great coup for a journalist.

 Keeping the whistleblower alive, out of prison or out of a mental institution was a challenge. The Washington journalist Dorothy Kilgallen told her best friend she was going to blow the true story of the Kennedy assassination wide open. She was found dead in her swank Washington apartment the next day, all journalistic notes missing. And why were they tapping her phone in the first place? Oh yea, she was a journalist.

How can we get real information, or is the word REAL the problem word. Are we just doomed to be the forever ignorant masses, unworthy of a place at the decision-making table and forever under the thumb of a ruling elite. Imagine life before the printing press at a time when there was no public schooling. Talk about ignorant.

After discovering the possibility of a worldwide Global Currency Re-Set, we have all invested a lot of time and energy in gathering supportive facts, visiting various web sites, listening to gurus on calls, exchanging intel, patrolling youtube, re-reading history with a new sense of wonderment and generally re-assessing the world we live in. Some even bought currency. Flirting with behavior and thought processes that a psychiatrist might label paranoid and delusional, we persevere on, ardent in hope, and eager for truth. In the end, after all that, despite the utility of this well-done and highly useful site, we still don't know the truth. At least most of us. Ironically, the PTB don't even have to attempt to marginalize us, because the average person getting hit with the normal GCR storyline will automatically recoil in silent horror or laugh sarcastically at such foolishness. This ride has not been for the faint of heart. Expect no quarter from your friends and relatives.

There are four large themes that have emerged in our arena (many takes of which are actively discussed on this site). There are many sub-themes as well. These large themes represent very different scenarios, but in a strange way may be interconnected.

(1) Historic Bonds - Primary intel provider here is known as ZAP of China Landa Global

In the 1800s and early 1900s, large national-scale infrastructure projects and large-scale industrial plants were often financed all or in part by bonds. Think railroads, dams, steamship lines, diamond mines, steel plants, canals, etc. A bond is a paper instrument that represents a loan. Theoretically, it falls under international law. The bond is based on a stated rate of interest, a term in years and other agreed terms such as payment in gold only. Thus, for the stated number of years, the owner of the bond (the one who lent the money) receives the annual or semi-annual interest payment. At the end of the term, the owner receives the original loan (ie the principle) back. Bonds were usually associated with larger sums of money. In many cases, a bundle of sequentially enumerated bonds would be placed in a protective chest and aggregate to many 10s of millions. The bond instrument itself was usually highly engraved to reduce the chance of success in counterfeiting. Bonds were often used in the manner that a wealthy sovereign, or even a wealthy nation (usually European in the earlier era) would loan money to a developing nation such as Mexico, China, Bolivia, etc. A lot of the largest projects related to China. The recipient of the loan was motivated to pay back the principle to sustain their creditworthiness. In some cases, countries caught up in two disruptive world wars and the financial cataclysm known as the Great Depression were unable to satisfy the bond at the end of the original term. Most bonds were set up to keep accruing interest in the event of a default. If the bond and its interest was to be paid in gold, normal for that era, the vast inflation of the last 100 years has multiplied the face value of these unsatisfied bonds by a very high factor. Honoring these historic bonds in the current time frame would put a lot of money into the western economy, especially that of Great Britain and Europe in general. Some of the countries and corporate entities that defaulted are doing better now and are in a position to retire these international bond debts. The payment of these debts would have consequences to the world's financial picture due to the large amount of money involved. There are some who believe that ONLY these bonds will be settled and the currency GCR is not going to happen. ZAP was in that camp for a while. There are some who believe that the historic bonds will be settled as part of the Event and that the currency GCR will ALSO occur, probably at the same time. ZAP now appears to be in this camp, though with some lingering doubts. His group is highly interested in directing a percentage of the money to be derived from the exchange of the historic bonds (and hopefully currencies as well) into an entity that will finance and provide managerial assistance for sweeping international projects of great scale and scope related to environmental cleanup of the planet, clean water, proper food production and delivery, but also into useful new technologies, suppressed technologies, and humanitarian projects to aid children, the elderly and really any project of true humanitarian benefit. There primary caveat is that all projects must have good ethical leadership and management who are capable, committed and qualified, with a good comprehension of best business practices. ZAP is a well-spoken and personable sort who claims to have connections with key Chinese decision-makers. Just based on my limited knowledge, he has apparently visited China several times in recent years to interface with those who may be charged with the exchanges for the historic Chinese bonds and perhaps the source of all or part of the money. He is is known to be a student of eastern philosophies and culture. ZAP has taken an enormous amount of heat from many in our community because he frequently and unabashedly asks for financial donations for his group, family and close friends. To many in the western world, taught to be alert for scams, this can be repulsive or irritating. Some, however, believe in him and do support him. It is noteworthy that in Eastern cultures, the wisest, wealthiest and highest status people are revered all the more if they spend sabbatical time as beggars and wanderers. Though they might be wealthy beyond measure, their view of the world they think they know well enough is never fully polished until they have humbled themselves in this manner. While it may be for 2 years, 10 years or 20 years, the lessons learned about humility, what hunger and want feel like, the arrogance of people toward beggars, and perseverance in the face of adversity can only be learned one way. Great esteem is given to those willing to make this manner of personal sacrifice for the sake of others and honing their higher self. Ultimately it becomes part of being a better servant to others.

(2) Iraqi Currency and the Currency Basket - Multiple intel source providers including TNT / Tony

When a country loses a war, its currency typically can no longer be traded internationally. You may possess some of this currency, but it becomes worthless, mainly because no one will accept it in a transaction. When Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein in 1990, they were completely taken over and their currency went to zero internationally. Desert Shield kicked in and Saddam was eliminated, but not before setting fire to almost every oil well in the country. Later, Kuwait wanted and needed to re-establish its national currency. They re-established their currency which is today exchangeable at 1 Kuwaiti dinar being worth $3.33 USD. This process demonstrates how a defeated country can rather quickly re-establish a new currency, especially if it is an oil-rich nation. Much the same scenario played out in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was defeated in the Gulf War which began in 2003. The existing currency became worthless internationally and the logic was that the new Iraqi currency would have to become international because Iraq is a major Middle East country, with one of the highest measures of "proven" oil reserves in the world. Our government allowed the sale of Iraqi currency in the USA by registered dealers. There were full page ads taken out in USA Today newspapers and it was sold nationwide in the USA for many years and is still being sold. Many people who bought this currency thought it would re-value relatively soon and they would reap a windfall. That did not happen. Many have held their currency purchases for 12-13 years. People come to this site for intel, sundry news and the latest pronouncements by gurus who have "inside" connections regarding when their dinar currency can be exchanged and at what rate. Many also catch a multitude of guru calls, some of which have been running along for many years on a more or less regular basis. I came fairly late to this process, several years ago, and began to research everything heavily. Hungry for information and hopeful to find someone who actually had "insider" information, I listened in on many different calls. Some calls had a moderator guru who was more or less a leader who had attracted a following, while other calls were in a group format of several people who basically just spoke conversationally, sharing info, and then having a Q&A at the end. I was attracted to the TNT call because Tony, the leader of the call, always seemed to have some hard-to-obtain intel about Iraq and conducted the call in a jovial and engaging manner. He promised nothing but shared useful tidbits and always seemed to have an interesting one hour session three times a week. Newer people may not realize that several years ago, there was nothing other than dinar. I was present on the call on the very day that Tony mentioned something that knocked everyone's socks off. It had never been spoken of previously. He stated that there was now a basket of currencies involved! Everyone was amazed and wanted to know more. He obliged by telling us that, in addition to Iraq, the currencies of Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe were in the so-called first basket. What was previously simple and straightforward now morphed into something much more complex. There were then much broader international implications. Who was REALLY behind this? In the months after this announcement he would state that his best information suggested, though he could not guarantee it, that the following exchange rates would apply: 1 Dinar = $3.00 USD; 1 Vietnamese Dong = $.10 USD; and a Zimbabwe rate of $.03 x the note Face Value with 6 zeroes lopped off or $3,000,000 for a $100 trillion note. He reiterated often that these rates may or may not be accurate, but that there seemed to be some consensus of his sources. I forget what the rate was for the rupiah and the afghani back then. Over a span of several months, the rates he was hearing climbed a bit higher. For at least part of the time they had settled into the 1 Dinar = $3.68 USD; 1 Vietnamese Dong = $.15 USD; and a Zimbabwe rate of $.13 x the note Face Value with 6 zeroes lopped off or $13,000,000 for a $100 trillion note. The term "lopping off of zeroes" was just an easy math expression that reflected the movement of decimals in the exchange rate. Unless there is a 1:1 ratio, there will be a decimal involved in an exchange rate. It was just an easy way to express the resultant calculation so that that people might readily understand. Over time, even these rate numbers drifted higher and sometimes fluctuated. Part of each call was directed to helping the people in their audience to understand that the exchanges at these levels would result in large sums of money. This money would need to be carefully and wisely managed such that the principle amount was retained and the recipient would live off the interest to be earned. Many people appreciated the flow of advice, current news items thought to be relevant, and the currency information the call brought to them. The call was and is very popular. It was by no means the only guru-type call and most here tried various calls to find the right fit. 

(3) Yosef Intel Provider

I was present on a call one day when, during the Q&A session, a guy came on and shook the GCR world to its very foundation. He didn't really ask a question, but had a very nice, pleasant, intelligent voice and began to speak as though he had some very important information to share. The host was somewhat taken aback, but the guy seemed civil enough and he was allowed to continue. The caller went into what turned out to be a rather lengthy and tantalizing monologue. When he finished most all who were listening were dumbstruck. What he spoke to was how the Zimbabwe dollar was a far more important part of the currency basket than we had been made privy to. His sources and research indicated to him that the exchange rate on the Zimbabwe dollar would actually be around $0.65, after lopping off six zeroes. What! This meant that each large ZIM note was worth $65 million each. The host was just as intrigued as the audience and asked him back for the next call. He agreed. The next call was even more interesting, as he went into a deep discussion of why that could and would be true. Most gurus up to that time would hedge their statements and always indicate that it was just based on their sources and what they had heard from a friend of a man who knew a certain Senator's barber, who was close friends with a well connected member of the U.S. Treasury. But not Yosef. He was not into hedging and some found this re-assuring and some found it off-putting. No one was not intrigued, however. Knowledge of his presence spread like wildfire through the currency intel community and he was on almost all the leading calls of the day at least several times, if not many times. After a few weeks, he sent new ripples through the ether when he disclosed that he had previously offered up the $0.65 per Zim figure just to ease everyone into the REAL number which was $1.15 per ZIM after lopping off six zeroes. He didn't want to upset us too much by shocking us. Wait a minute, that's $115 million per large note. That's...simply...impossible. Oh my, my ,my. And yet, his explanations were very cogent and seemingly well researched. Surely he had killer contacts at high levels. He openly expressed a well-developed sense of morality and social conscience and was very religious to boot. For many in the audience, he seemed very believable as to many of his assertions and yet disturbingly out-in-left-field with others. Some of the call moderators began to openly question his veracity, his sources and his motivations. He was dropped from a number of calls. But Yosef had only just started. He wrote many blogs for this site and developed a large following. He continued to be on multiple calls that resonated with his message. He was also host to many calls of his own and many listeners became devoted followers. His revelations about the ZIM changed yet again in a most significant way. You could have heard a pin drop for 30 seconds after he announced one day that the concept of lopping off zeroes was actually not the real exchange rate. Nope. There would be NO lopping off of zeroes. At a $1.00 rate (ie 1:1 ratio), the large note would be exchanged (digitally sent into the private banking system) for $100 trillion dollars. Well smack my jaws. So, if you were smart and bought say 5 notes, you would get $500 trillion dollars. At amounts this large, you would have trouble spending even 5% of it unless you were a most diligent humanitarian. But you had to have a fairly evolved humanitarian project to qualify. 

And thus, the currency community was instantly divided into two camps; (1) those that saw the GCR as a large but somewhat normalizing jubilee event that would lead to huge debt relief and a new financial system, with an advanced but understandable structure in mind, and, (2) those who saw the GCR as an Event of almost unimaginable magnitude where the flood of money would be so vast that it would lead very quickly to a transformative new financial system that would eliminate all poverty and all debt and utterly change the foundation pillars of life of earth. For Yosef and his followers, the Event implied a link to matters profoundly spiritual and mystical. An influx of money this large would completely change the financial landscape on a global basis. Ultimately, taken to its logical end, money itself would no longer be necessary. In September 2017, Yosef reduced his call presence and contributions to this site. He, along with others of like mind, focused on starting up a new group, the Human Angel Services group. It happened and this membership-oriented group has its own website with a members-only chatroom and message center. The group is devoted to humanitarianism and constantly explores ways to make the world a better place.

(4) Kim Possible and Tank - Leadership latecomers with an interesting new message

Tank has been a frequent contributor to this site for quite a while and was invited to many guru calls through the years. He was often on the same calls as Yosef and they seemed to have a decent level of rapport between them. Tank came across as being strongly in belief of the GCR in its upper limit rendition, mirroring to a large extent the beliefs of Yosef. He seemed to be very fervent in his sense of the GCR having a spiritual, mystical and even religious aspect. He often quoted biblical scripture and offered up many prayers, a common practice in the community at the beginning and the end of guru calls. His prayers left no doubt as to his sincerity and love of his fellow man. Tank is very articulate and writes even better than he speaks. I sense in him a very passionate nature and have learned that he is a talented artist by profession. Kim came into our frame of reference last year and instantly became something of a sensation. She claims to be the sole person who not such a long time ago inherited the codes to a massive, long established wealth account of vast proportions. She has posted on this site many times, though less frequently in the last six months than initially. She has also appeared on radio-talk hosted calls which can sometimes be found on youtube. About the same time she appeared last year, Tank was moving full steam into deploying his plan to file multiple lawsuits against the U.S. government. His plan apparently was to force a legal battle that would open the door to a public disclosure of the GCR. He knew they would not want this at all and that it might prod them to expedite the GCR. Somewhere in that time frame he became closely associated with Kim. It seems Kim has the only codes to the massive accounts to which she is heir by default (long story) because the chain of wealthy people who created it died off. Hmm..I guess it makes sense. She cannot pull out the money because it would immediately be confiscated by the bankster bad guys. The cabal bigwigs it seems have scurrilous back-door access to all high value accounts. Any accounts receiving funds of a large size would get zeroed out overnight. Or, the transfer itself would get blocked and thus there could be no normal usage. So, she lamented, she was in zugzwang. She could not move the money in our direction. It was just sitting there, benefiting no one. She implored our community to help her figure out a way to maintain the integrity of the new accounts (to be established when all was safe) that she would use to get us all paid. To her credit, she seemed and seems very sincere in her stated desire to release these funds to aid the planet and support large-scale humanitarian works. There are times when I read what she has said and it does make very good sense. She has an ego and can be ferocious when crossed. She certainly has won over Tank who is one hundred percent on board. And Tank is not easily fooled. This of course assumes that the original Tank is the same Tank who is now posting as Tank. What seems a bit disconcerting is that her narrative for how things will play out is very different from all the other gurus. She has also aggressively debunked some of the "myths" set forth by many other gurus. That has knocked the wind out of a few of us. She apparently firmly believes that she and only she can create the longed for jubilee event. Her reasons for it not happening yet are down to earth and are well articulated. However, at least for now, they do not seem to point to a very positive result that has both scale and scope. It's definitely a different take.

Of course there are many other camps and gurus, some mirroring the above and some taking bits and pieces from one or more. Most claim to have some really reliable sources. The only problem is, these sources don't know what a "few days" means. Some who come to this site to share their thoughts choose to remain fiercely independent. Some find fault with almost everyone, picking them apart day by day, yet offering nothing better. Cynics are always the last on board, but they are also adept at separating the wheat from the chaff, fact from fiction, and wishful thinking from scientific proof. So the site begrudgingly puts up with them. Sorting through all this is like a ballet in a minefield wearing tights that are too small.

The key problem for us is that there is no overt source of undeniable proof. The ultimate proof so far must come by way of a 1-800 number given out to we faithful ones on a blessed day next week, or maybe the next week. Kim snidely calls this "The Tomorrow Game". But we are ever hopeful, willing now as ever before to suspend our rational minds and enter the realm of the unlikely and the mystical. That's a hard step for some to take. And yet, for some, the religious energy attached to this is very real and very powerful. Including me. Most of the people on this site refuse to admit that their own doubt is a large elephant in their brain's most private room. Perhaps our own doubt (which is only human) means that we are not ready to ascend to the new 4d and 5D realms. That type of circular logic is troubling in its own right because it puts blame back on us if we cannot manage to do it. As if we have not suffered enough already.

Some people claim to have SKRs. Some people think there are groups in Reno that have negotiated deals and also now have SKRs. Unfortunately my sense is they will not be made liquid until the Event occurs. Those that have SKRs can't show them to you, in front of your eyes, because they would be violating their NDA. Perfect. Still no proof. 

Which of the four main camps holds the key to a real result. Who is to be believed? My past posts give away who I chose to ally with. I will say that my choice led to a lot of personal growth, a collateral benefit of this whole process. Maybe a better benefit than the cash from my soon to occur exchange.

So after years of research and staying on top of this, we still don't really know much that can be proven in a court of law. A very large number of those here have found a new sense of self-examination and spiritual sensitivity that stems from their perception of what the coming jubilee Event really means. They have a new view of history and a new context with which to view the world. Some have been driven over the edge into the sad realm of the paranoid schizophrenic. Get some help, please. The prospects of some sort of Disclosure that we are not alone in the universe as humanoid life forms has been part of some of our people's world for 40 to 50 years. Some are new, but actually are now on board. More and more anthropological and archaeological evidence is mounting that the history of earth, especially antediluvian history, is not what we have been taught in the past. We are more suspicious, and rightfully so, as to the true nature of world events. The victors write the history, yes? Maybe the paranoid schizophrenics are not crazy after all, just very, very sensitive in a very, very dangerous world.

Now we must ask, has the Financial Event been interwoven into the alien Disclosure Event. Some have postulated that our leaders would have never been able (on their own) to manage 200+- countries signing off on a treaty for worldwide peace as a precursor to the financial Event. Without the influence and power of off world beings superior to us in science, technology, wisdom and probably most things, could there truly be a jubilee GCR Event. Ever.

Why can't things be more transparent. Why do the big-government-secrecy thing ad nauseum. Secret societies have shaped history I'm convinced for centuries. Why allow their members into positions of power. Aren't the OPTB embarrassed to know that the logical assumption as to their ardent secrecy would be that governments are doing wrong things and don't want anyone to know, or, they simply don't think we can handle the truth. Sheeple Forever, a good name for a really bad football team.

Few here on this well-informed site question the insinuation that the MSM operates at the pleasure of some pct of the overt State and some pct of the hidden hand of the "Deep State". And likely it's further subdivided into having a third corporate sector. Mind control with an agenda. We would do well to ask: who actually owns the MSM. Who decides what goes on that teleprompter the "reporter" is reading. Every thinking human should not forgot that the effective use of mass radio broadcasts was probably one of the key reasons Hitler and the Nazi party gained absolute power at a crucial moment in German history. For many countries, government by the UNKNOWN is the norm. American prefer to believe we are not governed by the UNKNOWN. After all, we have democratic elections, right.

The successive advent of mass intel dissemination via newspapers and news magazines in the 1800s, radio news in the early 20th century, television news in the mid-20th century, and the internet in the late 20th century, led to the specter of mind persuasion creeping into the equation. Remember The Maine!! It is becoming much more refined now. Cabal people may be mean but they are never stupid. Having access to truthful news seems to have become a bit of a challenge. Persuasion is one thing, but what we have now....give me a break. The degree of the control of information available to the masses is one of the overarching issues of modern history. Oddly enough, I believe the GCR will solve that problem quickly enough. Then the nagging question of "who controls the science" remains for our diligent attention.

Restive Sage



This is the latest “demand” about GESARA and the RV. “The Alliance's White Hat faction in the U.S. has the government on lock down 'behind the scenes'. A demand has been given to the Deep State (U.S. side of the Cabal) to surrender all assets and relinquish control or face total elimination before a specific deadline. The Cabal retaliated by causing the California fire disaster by assets previously undetected. The assets utilized by the Cabal to cause the fires were destroyed. Meanwhile on the financial front, the RV is expected to begin on Black Friday according to multiple sources. The stock market is then expected to crash as early as next Friday -- officially beginning the transition phase to replace the old fiat financial system with the new (quantum) financial system. The transition phase will last 1-2 weeks. All countries will undergo massive changes and reforms. The unsealing of indictments will also begin during this time. GESARA will be announced by the end of the transition phase.” The “S” in GESARA means either stabilization or stability, depending on source. As I've said many times, reports like this have been circulated for years now with nothing happening. Will it ever happen? I wish I knew.


11-24-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ- THE VALUE OF THE IRAQI DINAR INCREASED BY 9%"   So for Iraq to compete with foreign products it must float the value of the dinar. This article demonstrates why. We know that they will NOT float the program rate as it is fixed and pegged to the US dollar. So something has to change and change VERY soon since Iraq just announced it is going to trade with Iran using solely dinars. Iran of course does not want dinars, as they feel they are not liquid enough and do not have the global purchasing power.

11-24-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty
   In Iraq, Baghdad's Green Zone to be open to civilian traffic starting tomorrow. First time Green Zone will have been opened since 2003.

11-24-2018   Newshound MilitiaMan   [Do you think Iraq has to wait for the other countries that will be in the basket to RI or RV?]  No. I do not.

11-24-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    Article:  "Texas is about to create OPEC's worst nightmare"  [How do you think this may affect the RV?]  The article seems to indicate that the US is ramping up oil production, which will lower prices globally. Iraq may need to adjust their Budget, and maybe the potential RV amount will be reflected in that. Let's say they were to RV at $1, but oil is 30% lower than the former anticipated price, then the RV could come in at .70 as well.   As far as timing of the RV, I see no concerns.

11-24-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty   Iraqi Speaker of Parliament says next Parliament meeting on Monday will vote on unfilled cabinet positions. 

11-24-2018   Newshound Guru chattels  The dinar has the potential for a favorable return on investment.  The question is when and or how much

RayRat Update - IQD $6??? , 24 NOV

We learned: Sadr wanting Alak to be fired; Barzani and Mahdi agreed cabinet needed to be completed ASAP; and a dinar source reporting new rates on the screens. . . 
Dinar reported to have gone from the $4 to $6. Hopefully it will be at least $6.



Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .No updates but talking on one or two of the special calls with members we learned:

Sadr wanting Alak to be fired;  Barzani and Mahdi agreed cabinet needed to be completed ASAP; and a dinar source reporting new rates on the screens. . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   Going to make it a short call, not 2 hours long . . .   Get the information out,

Does Sadr really want Alak fired for something that happened 5-6 years ago?  Seven billion dinar that got wet.  We have answer questions and everyone enjoy their day.something going around now called “fake news.”  So think about it, who does that make sense too? There’s a reason for it to be in the news.

Right now, supposedly tomorrow to name ministers on Saturday.  We’ve heard this five – six times already.  The problems are Defense and Interior Ministers.   Even though Maliki’s group was told they  could not have any positions they are still negotiating to buy them since they’ve traditionally had those positions.  Another group submitting three names and Mahdi could choose.  We know that’s not what’s happening or he’d have picked them some time ago.  He has even threated to quit.

Ray:  Dinar reported to have gone from the $4 to $6.  Hopefully it will be at least $6.

Tony:  News of the day:  Parliament to meet tomorrow hopefully to choose the six ministers.   Rate has not changed.  It’s still 120:1.   Banks told us for weeks it would not make it to Thanksgiving.  It’s past Thanksgiving.

I have a guy went to the bank this morning.  Told him they could not talk about it.  Told him, “to go and enjoy his day.   It’s going to get done!”  Three other banks saying, “Yes we know;”  “Yes, we’ve been briefed.”  “No, we can’t talk about it.”  Said they have been briefed and given a date.  Hopefully Friday or Saturday.  Not going to tweet it (date and time) out.

Anything could happen the rest of the day, through the weekend.  Banks quiet.  They have been briefed.  Definitely anticipating something.  If you get a Tweet, you’ll know it’s done!

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  Since we’ve been on this call, we have been given a time frame.  Q. . .chances of having an RV in the next 36 hours?   Tony:  Based on the information I have been getting right now a ten (10)!  It’s coming from everywhere.

IRAQ:    Rate is unchanged and still 120 dinar to $1 USD.

  • CBI:  Sadr wants Alak fired?  Tony: . . .for something that happened 5-6 years ago?  Seven billion dinar that got wet.  We have something going around now called “fake news.”  So think about it, who does that make sense too?  There’s a reason for it to be in the news.  Tony said he would not hear from his contact in the CBI until this evening.
  • Parliament to meet tomorrow and pass six ministers. Barzani and Mahdi agreed cabinet needed to be completed ASAP
  • Maliki:   Even though Maliki was told he could not have a part in the new GOI, his is group still negotiating to buy a cabinet or other position as their group has traditionally held certain positions.


Vietnam Dong:  The guys heard a discussion there is a50% chance of the Dong going by the end of the year.  Tony:  I know China wanted the Dong to go like we wanted the Dinar to go.  I don’t see that changing unless we do something – like an issue.  Because China has given out so much gold for this to go I don’t see the Dong being held up. . . I don’t think we have anything to worry about.  It was just a discussion.  Just a discussion!  Don’t fret about it.  Just get ready to enjoy our new life.

Currencies:   Dinar has gone from $4 to $6. ZIM, .16 to .22


  • Banks:  Three banks saying, “Yes we know;”  “Yes, we’ve been briefed.”  “No, we can’t talk about it.”  Said they have been briefed and given a date.  Tony: . . .a guy went to the bank this morning.  Told him they could not talk about it.  Told him, “to go and enjoy his day.   It’s going to get done!”  They know the date but can’t say.  Since we’ve been on this call, we have been given a time frame.

Taxes:  Q.  When will we know for sure if the exchange is taxable? Tony:  I don’t think we’ll have to wait past January 30th to know.

800 #’s:  are to the banks so we can call and make exchange appointments.  Tony has been told he will receive the 800 numbers one hour prior to (unclear whether it’s to the rate change or the phone lines being open to make bank appointments.)

EXCHANGING:   Receive anywhere from $7,000 – $15K to leave the bank with; 10% of the exchange funds is to be available to you the next day.

ZIM Information:  Congressional committee says the ZIM will not be in this first basket.  Regional bank VP’s telling Tony they are going to take the ZIM.

  1. – Since the ZIM is not going, if it goes later will the new $10 million “qualified investor” status apply to people already holding the ZIM?  Tony:  I wouldn’t think so since you already have it in your hands.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. – When a transaction is reverse did the people get their currency back?   Tony:  Everybody that has had a transaction that was reversed did not get their currency back.

Q & A: Callers

  1. – What is the difference between a complex trust and a segregated trust?  Ray:  No, because I don’t know what a segregated trust is.
  2. –  Based on the information you have on a scale of one to ten, what would you rate our chances of having an RV in the next 36 hours?   Tony:  Based on the information I have getting right now a ten (10)!  It’s coming from everywhere.


Tony . . . Okay guys, Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.  Told you once this happens life is going to be different.

Banks are really hyped up right now.  Been given information earlier this morning.  They are excited about what they know and the time frame they have been given.

I’m looking forward to the great rest of my day and the weekend.  Hopefully I will talk to you over the weekend which will mean this ride is over.



Mangelo:  what I am hearing things are moving in place.... lets see a bit later...... enjoy your day!

Dr.Bob:  If Tony was right, then 36 hours would be at 1:00 AM Eastern tonight

Phantom809:  Ok DrBob we will go with that....800 # in the middle of the night works for me!

Sunny:  Friday's call: "Question: . . .chances of having an RV in the next 36 hours? Tony: Based on the information I have been getting right now a ten (10)! It’s coming from everywhere.   All quotes I posted are from the call yesterday morning.

Sunny:  Tony: Three other banks saying, “Yes we know;” “Yes, we’ve been briefed.” “No, we can’t talk about it.” Said they have been briefed and given a date. Hopefully Friday or Saturday. . . .Anything could happen the rest of the day, through the weekend.

Banks quiet. They have been briefed. Definitely anticipating something…..hopefully Friday or Saturday. . . .Anything could happen the rest of the day, through the weekend.

Sunny:   HANG ON! And remember what you learned in kindergarten, "Hold hands and stay together." We're in this together. Where one goes we go all!
What Will Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

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A daily half-hour walk helps avoid serious problems, like coronary heart disease to name one, by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation. Because of better-quality and deeper breathing, some symptoms associated with lung disease can show significant improvement thanks to walking.

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Building strong bones will help you prevent osteoporosis and reduce bone loss. Walking contributes to better blood circulation within the spinal structures, pumping important nutrients into the soft tissues and improving posture and flexibility, both of which are vital for a healthy spine. A group of researchers at Iowa State University worked with hundreds of college students.

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Samson:  Parliament raises its meeting to next Monday and allocated for the completion of the ministerial cab


The Presidency of the House of Representatives, on Saturday, to raise the meeting of the Council to next Monday, while decided to allocate to complete the cabinet cabins.

A source told the correspondent of the agency / information /, "The President of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi, decided to adjourn the ordinary session of the Council until next Monday."

The source added that "the next meeting will be dedicated to the completion of the ministerial cabin."  On Saturday, the House of Representatives held its 15th session under the chairmanship of its chairman, Mohamed Halboussi.      LINK

Moparman:  Give me a break. Can they decide anything? 

MilitiaMan:  I think they may have seated the Cabinet and will finish up other Items Monday. They seem to want to muddy the water and the way it is written is lousy.. We shall see. . imo ~ MM

Samson:  480 billion dollars trade under the constraints of major economies

- 3 Hours Ago

The G20 member states have implemented 40 new trade-restricting measures for the May-October period, including trade worth about $ 481 billion, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said.

The new restrictions include a trade six times larger than the previous period, the largest since the group began monitoring the G20 trade in 2012, it said in a report on Thursday.

The Geneva-based statement said the findings of the report should be a source of serious concern to G-20 governments and the international community as a whole.

Members of the group - which includes the world's largest economies - also applied 33 measures to facilitate trade during the period, including the elimination or reduction of import tariffs and export duties equivalent to 7 measures per month.

"Further escalation is a real threat if it continues its current course, which increases economic risk, with the potential effects of growth, jobs and consumer prices around the world," said Secretary-General Roberto Azevedo.

"The organization is doing everything in its power to support efforts to calm the situation, but finding solutions requires political will and leadership from the G-20," he said.

The main sectors affected by trade reform during the reporting period were iron and steel products followed by furniture, bedding and electrical machinery and parts.

The G20 economies include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.   link


Samson:  Will the G20 conclude the US-China trade dispute?

- 3 Hours Ago

BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Friday expressed hope that US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will reach a solution to the trade war between their two countries when they meet at the G20 summit next week.

It comes a day after Mr Trump said he could reach an agreement to end the trade war with China.

The talks in Argentina coincide with the failure of the two economic giants to reach an agreement to resolve the dispute, which escalated after Trump imposed a large fee on Chinese goods, which called for a similar response from Beijing.

"We hope that the two parties can work together on the basis of mutual respect, balance, honesty and mutual interest, and finally find a solution to the problem," Wang Xuan, China's vice minister of commerce, said in a brief interview with reporters in Beijing.

Wang said global trade was facing a "complex situation" with "high levels of unilateralism and protectionism", causing a blurring of economic development.

China hopes the G-20 countries will confirm their support for multilateralism at the summit from 30 November to 1 December in Argentina.

On Thursday, Trump said he hoped to reach an agreement with China on trade.

"I can say this," Trump told reporters in Palm Beach, Florida. "China needs a tariff deal ... If we can reach an agreement, we will."

"I worked on preparing for it all my life, I know every component and all the statistics, and my intuition has always been good."


Meanwhile, China has confirmed that it can not accept Washington's recent charges of unfair trade practices.

In an update to an earlier investigation of China's trade practices, Washington accused Beijing last Tuesday of failing to change its "unfair" trade practices and said the latter encouraged the "theft" of US technology.

"The United States has prepared what is called an updated report, where new unjustified accusations against China have been totally unfounded and ignore the facts," said Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng. China can not accept that. "

"We hope the United States will stop its words and actions that harm bilateral economic and trade relations and adopt a constructive attitude to bring the relations back on track," Gao told reporters.

Beijing and Washington have entered into a trade war that threatens the world economy. Since July 2018, the United States has imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 250 billion a year, triggering a Chinese response to similar charges on US goods worth $ 110 billion.

Washington has threatened to tighten sanctions again if a settlement is not reached by January 2019.     link