Thursday, November 22, 2018

TNT: "Friday to be the Day" , 22 NOV



Today is the day the Lord has given us. Rejoice in it.

I hope everyone has an exciting day!! Since early this week i called my friend and she called her relatives in Iraq they confirmed the rate increase and where told to expect more is good enough for me! And what Ray and Tony ar saying makes me happy.... other things are coming in and I expect a great call! enjoy your day!

Considering what I heard on a call last night, it sure sounds like Friday is going to be the day and I don't mean what Bruce said on his call, it was another call which matches up with what Tony has been saying.

KMAN I will agree with you, getting information from some private sites and other calls all look to me! C'mon

Mangelo, I truly believe we are right on the cusp of this baby being born. The wolrd needs a new paradigm and we'll be the worlds new movers and shakers.... After all the years of waundering in the wilderness, we're nearly home.


Kaperoni‏ (Dinar Alert)

...Only when the CBI moves off the peg to a float and accepts Article VIII will we see a gradual rise occur.

Bruce (The Big Call)

[via PinkRoses]

...(10) tranches of (83) zeros each came from China and went globally around the world to various central banks so they can be distributed money into various banks for use for our exchanges. That is a lot of money...that has been put into the system for our exchanges. We did get confirmation today that Yes there is a new In-Country rate for Iraq. Understand this is the rate available for them on their cards, and the rate comes out at $6.78 in-country... Those cards were used and are being used now in Iraq today... Our rate on the front screens in the banks when we go in for exchanges and redemptions should be higher than that. I have been given an approximate range, but I do not want to go there. Trust me it will be higher than the rate in-country for Iraq. ... we do believe this will be a Thanksgiving weekend to remember. 

Mountain Goat

Everyone should be VERY, VERY excited with the news I have to bring you today. The CBI has finally spoken to us and started the re-education campaign. I have a saying “the campaign is followed by the champaign” lol...lol...lol... This recent re-education is telling the citizens how the redenomination of the dinar will work. These articles today are not the end and there is more to come. Does this education sound familiar? It should as it is just like what they did in 2012? In fact, I am comparing the articles from back then and they are almost identical. So go figure. Or does it have the same sound as in late 2015? Oh – if you recall the CBI came out with almost the exact same articles and at the exact some timeframe prior to their proposed actions. In both past instances it was early to mid November for an EARLY new year reinstatement. We can only pray now that they do more forward all the way this time and do not postpone it again.

RayRen98 (TNT)

[via sunny]

It's done it's finished! Trial runs have been initiated. We just wait for the call!

Kirk H. Sowell

#UPDATE: The Iraqi parliament is set to meet today, but confirmation of nominations to complete Abd al-Mahdi's cabinet (8 ministries are empty) is not on the schedule. There is talk on agreement on the non-security ministries, but even the others will not pass today.

Chattels (Dinar Alert)

We have fought the good fight, holding on to faith and good conscience, I think. We shall see what fate has in store for us. Hopefully sooner than later. Either way it would be most excellent to make an end to this journey.




Uni345ty:  I have a question.... Luv .. If the Zim is not in the first basket and we have to wait six months what will keep us from not buying more Zim with the money we have already exchanged with .. am I missing something???

D2X:  Uni... that's one of te best arguments for letting it go at teh same time... I'm not sure anyone can answer your question in any other way.

Uni345ty:  Thanks D2x that’s what I feel it should all go at once it doesn’t make sense


Tishwash:  U.S. president's advisor exposes Nouri al-Maliki and accuses him of
Nouri al-Maliki responsible for the destruction of Iraq

A book issued by Ben Rhodes, former US President Barack Obama's national security advisor, revealed secrets related to ISIS's terrorist formation, Nouri al-Maliki's relationship with Iran and its customers.
The book, titled "The World as it is," stated that "Nouri al-Maliki" was the one who gave the order to open the prisons so that al-Qaeda operatives could escape, who were entrusted with the task of establishing the "terrorist ISIS", and ordered the army to withdraw from Mosul deliberately and leave military materiel, which exceeds 20 Billion dollars.
The book adds that al-Maliki deliberately kept up to $600 million in large sums of money at the central bank branch in Mosul, thus contributing to the introduction of 600 elements of the organization to Mosul in 2014, and providing them with the necessary funds and materiel to start the organization series, and things move according to what he desires Cam Tehran "according to Rhodes."
Rhodes asserts that Obama was aware that Iran was the one to move ISIS and was turning a blind eye, because he wanted to conclude his reign with an agreement that would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and for that purpose he was willing to pay any price.




DELTA said (Post #210) 11/19 Thread ...  FRANKIEEEEEEEEEE

"The currency structuring project, when it was first floated, faced many objections. It was postponed to be launched again in 2014 and started to be implemented," said Abdulkarim Hassan, general manager of the issue and treasury, in an interview with NAS today (November 19, 2018). A new reason to postpone it."

"Hassan explained that "the draft currency structure aims to delete three zeros to turn the category of a thousand dinars to one dinar, while replacing the thousand dinars in the place of one million dinars." He pointed out that "the project allows the printing of new categories of dinar and half dinars down to deal with the bank.

"He stressed that "the idea is integrated and there is a comprehensive study and the project does not need to apply," stressing that

"this project must be implemented despite the obstacles that led to the postponement."

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 22, 2018

Compiled 22 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: This may be my final Update, providing 800#s release on Friday Nov. 23. If we do not RV this weekend my reports resume on Nov. 24.

A special thanks to Martha and others who choose to remain anonymous. They have provided me with a continuous stream of special intel and valuable insights.
Patrick is one of a kind and we should all be eternally grateful for his dedication to unveiling the truth through his websites.

It is my hope that we all can meet and enjoy each other on the other side of the Global Currency Reset. And, in all your giving, please don’t forget abused children. These innocents could be found across the globe and right next door. They need your help, support and protection from the evil that resides all around us.


A. The Plan - What we think we know as of early morning Thurs. Nov. 22:

1. 800#s Release:

Bruce: the 800#s would be out and we would begin exchanging on Fri. Nov. 23.

TNT: The Banks were saying we should see this on Fri. Nov. 23 or Sat. Nov. 24.

Multiple sources have indicated that the 800#s would be out on Fri. Nov. 23 or this weekend.

2. RV:

China RV’d and began exchanging on Tues. Nov. 13.

Trump has a written agreement with China that the US would RV right after China went asset-backed.

Iraq RV’d Tues. Nov. 20.

3. Global Currency Reset: According to David Steele implementation of the GCR has been moved to Dec. 1.

4. Stock Market: The RV was planned to begin during a deliberate Stock Market implosion. By Wed. Nov. 21 all three major indexes had given up their gains for the year of 2018. As one Stock Market guru put it today Nov. 21: "The highways will be crowded this evening as the Thanksgiving rush begins in earnest, but this morning investors are rushing for the exits."

5. Some were saying that Thanksgiving Day Thurs. Nov. 22 would be a logical time to announce return of the US currency to a Gold/Asset-backed Standard (if announced at all). That Nov. 22 was the anniversary of JFK’s death – the US President’s murder believed to have occurred because Kennedy was in the process of shutting down the Federal Reserve and transitioning the country to the Gold Standard. New US Notes had been printed in preparation. Our new UST notes also have been printed and stored in banks and Redemption Centers in preparation for the RV/GCR (this week in honor of JFK?).

6. It was planned that at the time we received the 800#s, there also would be announcement of the Restored Republic and implementation of the GESARA Law. GESARA Law would expose the bankrupt fiat financial system, thus forcing all Central Banks (including the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS) to shut down.

7. On Dec. 5 Attorney General Huber, (who has been over 79 investigators looking into questionable political activities since Trump took office), was set to go before Congress to testify about his findings on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.


B. Nov. 21 2018 3:06 pm EST TNT Call : TNT Showtime CC Cliff Notes by Sunny 11-21-18

1. The Banks were saying we should see this on Fri. Nov. 23 or Sat. Nov. 24.

2. The Banks were preparing to start making appointments on Friday or Saturday and had a rate for the Zim.

3. Currency Rates: Dinar $3.47, contract rate $28; Dong $.47, contract rate $2.47; Rupiah $1.08 – $1.38; ZIM $.22 – $.27.

4. The 2nd Basket of currencies to RV was predicted to do so in six months.
​C. Nov. 21 2018 1:18 pm EST SGT Report, Steele (video): (Video) SGTReport -- Robert David Steele: The Deep State vs. Trump & America

1. The GCR has been moved to Dec. 1.

2. The Clintons were involved in Trafficking Children and Child Sex Abuse. Steele wrote Comey asking for indictment of Hillary Clinton for Treason, Pedophilia, Charity Fraud and Election Fraud.

3. Watergate was about putting down the pedophiles in the upper levels of the Democratic and Republican Party.

4. Bin Laden was a CIA operative who died in 2001 and his obituary was published.

5. Trump was accomplishing an economic reboot and the Rothchilds have already surrendered.


D. Tues. morning Nov. 20 at 8am Iraqi time (midnight EST) Iraqi citizen Q Cards were made liquid and being used (TNT).


E. Nov. 21 2018 8:55 pm EST It Has Started, Tilton: "It has Started" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 11-21-18 Philip Tilton - RV Has Started - $6.78 In Country!!! , 21 NOV

Iraq has RV’d. $6.78 in-country rate.


F. Nov. 21 2018 1:48 pm EST GOP Clinton Foundation Probe, Durden: House GOP is 'Working with Whistleblowers' in Clinton Foundation Probe

1. On Dec. 5 House Republicans will hear testimony from former Utah Attorney General John Huber's probe with the Justice Department to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation.

2. Sessions appointed Huber last year to work in tandem with the Justice Department to look into conservative claims of misconduct at the FBI and review several issues surrounding the Clintons. This includes Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear agency and concerns about the Clinton Foundation.

3. Huber’s work has remained shrouded in mystery.

4. The Clinton Foundation has been under investigation by the IRS since July, 2016.


G. Nov. 21 2018 3:17 am EST Q Dec. 5, Sierra: "New Q: December 5th is D5" by Sierra (NZ) - 11.21.18

1. Q posts: Legal action against Hillary Clinton & Clinton Foundation begins Dec. 5. https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

2. Lisa Mei Crowley: https://twitter.com/LisaMei62
3. Q post #2494: House GOP to hold hearing into the Department of Justice’s probe of Clinton Foundation on Dec. 5. Huber will testify.

Nothing can stop what is coming.
This election was not about fixing the economy, trade, borders, military, protecting our children etc, all so another corrupt politician or "insider" who can simply undo it [band-aid]. This was not simply another 4 year election, but a crossroads in the history of civilization that will determine whether, or not, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim control over our gov't.'
Panic in DC.'

4. Q post indicating that military tribunals will begin on Jan. 1 2019https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/?q=January

5. Deep Staters won't be enjoying eggnog this Christmas. Instead, many of them will be festively attired in orange prison jumpsuits and gracing the halls of GITMO. Let us practice compassion and forgiveness in the lead-up to the military tribunals. None of us would want to swap places with the perpetrators, knowing the karmic road ahead of them.

It seems that the meek WILL inherit the Earth before the year is out. Where We Go One, We Go All. Love and Light Sierra (NZ)


H. Nov. 21 2018 3:05 am EST Huber Talks Dec. 5 (video): (Video) Destroying the Illusion -- [11.20] New Q: Huber Talks Dec 5th! | Facebook Problems | Worldwide Protests | Vaccine Propaganda

I. Nov. 21 Stock Market:

On Tues. Nov. 20 the Dow was nearly 2,500 points off its peak and dropped 552 points.

Paul Hickey, co-founder of Bespoke Investment Group, wrote to clients on Tues. This week's sell-off marks a continuation of a glum two months on Wall Street. The S&P 500 was down nearly 10% from its record high, flirting with official correction territory. Investors were bracing for the end of a fantastic economic and profit growth that marked the past year.

Tech stocks in Asia were mixed after big US technology shares saw a volatile Tuesday.
On Wednesday Asian technology stocks were mixed after seeing losses a day earlier, following another tech slump stateside. Major indexes in Australia, Japan and South Korea declined amid shaky investor confidence following overnight declines in U.S. stocks.

There's a $9 trillion corporate debt bomb 'bubbling' in the US economy ready to detonate - a corporate debt load that has continued to escalate thanks to easy borrowing terms and a seemingly endless thirst from investors. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has lost roughly $42 billion since his net worth peaked in September at $168 billion. Mark Zuckerberg has lost roughly $34 billion from his peak worth in July and is now worth $52 billion.
J. The Deep State, Q and JFK Jr.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vflCED2vk0

K. Nov. 21 2018 3:09 am EST Fire Victim Exposes Direct Energy Weapons Used to Ignite California Fires: American Media Intelligence Interviews California Fire Victim Robert OteyLast Aug. and Oct. massive wildfires in California used a pervasive pattern of dustified homes and cars, while nearby trees remained relatively unharmed.

These eerie events appeared to be the result of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). There was a shocking video of several charred cars, with skeletons sitting in the cars seats, where people were overcome by the flames while trying to escape.

The estimate of 1,000 missing people was low. There were roads in the woods where metallic bodies of cars appeared to be used as accelerants by DEW masers to fuel these fires. The Chemtrails that have been sprayed almost daily for years containing aluminum, strontium and barium, acted as desiccants and accelerants in igniting and spreading this fire, possibly in conjunction with DEWs.


L. Bringing down fiat Banking, the Vatican, CIA, Mafia and Secret Societies in our move to a gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System


1. There was irrefutable evidence of involvement of the Priory of Sion, mafia and the Vatican merger with secret societies and intelligence services to use huge amounts of money for clandestine purposes - where the dividing lines between politics, religion, espionage, the banking world and organized crime fade and become negligible.

2. Those in royal circles, neo-knight orders, Masonic sects, the CIA, Mossad, the Maltese Knights and the Vatican are often driven together, to temporarily join forces for a common purpose.

3. The Priory of Sion represents the summit of the current power pyramid and recruits Freemasons for its society through the Rosicrucians.

4. It is believed that secret societies are inter connected with the CIA, Mossad, the CFR, Bilderbergers, Round tables and Freemasonry, and even further back in history to the Illuminati, the Templars, the Maltese Knights and the Priory of Sion.

5. Their continuing agenda was to discredit both national and ecclesiastical authorities in their attempt to forge a united Europe and to then unite the rest of the world, i.e. to realize the New World Order.