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11-11-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "THE SCANDAL OF THE CENTRAL BANK, WHICH IS PREOCCUPIED WITH THE NAME OF ITS CURRENCY"  I really like this article...It is telling the CBI that they put the effort in the wrong direction for currency reform. Instead the effort should be in the value and deleting the zeros. So this is more pressure from more sources to get this project done...

11-11-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan
   We have recent data that supports they have now over $60 billion in reserves along with about 96.5 tonnes of gold, they have taxes and tariffs that match their 4.6 million barrel out put a day at or over $69.00 a barrel which is far the $56 in the budget for 2019, if I read that correct. So I see support for them coming back to the glory days.. imo.

11-11-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   Articles are indicating that (once again) HCL agreements have been reached regarding payments to the citizens. [Some are claiming that THIS was the holdup...Time Will Tell].  Iraq TV broadcast a speech by PM Madhi at the Baghdad International Fair indicating his main goal is to return the economy to a favored state with more concentration on the private sector. 17+ countries and over 700 companies are in attendance.  The Kurds have reached an agreement on the oil fields in Kirkuk, finalization is expected by the end of November.

11-11-2018   Intel Guru Delta   Article:  "Qatar offers to use its banks to circumvent sanctions against Iran"  HUGE PART!!! Quote: "Even with this exception, Washington has obliged Baghdad to open an account in Iraqi dinars to pay for Iranian imports, a new restriction on remittances between Iraq and Iran".  THEY CAN'T DO REMITTANCE BETWEEN IQD AND IRR AND WASHINGTON KNOW THAT.  THEY NEED ARTICLE 8 FOR THIS ACTION AND THEY CAN'T MOVE TO ARTICLE 8 WITHOUT LIFTING ZEROS...

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 11, 2018

Compiled 11 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience was a Virtue. Having Virtue was a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings had the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note - The Bottom Line: (Rumors - please do your own research).

Several sources claimed the US RV and release of 800#s could happen at any moment and certainly by this weekend. Iraq has already RV’d in-country. China has made a public announcement that they would RV their currency on Mon. Nov. 12 (our Sun. Nov. 11 evening).

Sources pointed to Sun. Nov. 11 as a likely start date for the Global Currency Reset, with a back wall of Nov. 14.
Those who have exchanged through SKRs have not yet been made liquid, except for some administrative humanitarian situations. Everyone would go together.

Midterm Elections were turning into a mass confusion of fraudulent behavior by the Democrats, with some arrested. For some of the criminal elites their bodyguards were actually their very own personal prison guards.

They had been in custody for months without knowing. Recent intel reported that operations were underway - a sign that the Alliance felt that they have cleared up the FBI, Department of Justice, Department of Defense and Supreme Court of the US of compromised individuals enough to proceed with THE PLAN. Around Nov. 12-14 we would likely see a Stock Market crash, along with the beginning of a purge of the Cabal (mass arrests, incarceration at GITMO).

If chaos broke out due to civil unrest, paid protestors and/or a Stock Market crash, the National Broadcast Alert System would be activated, along with a short-term and limited Martial Law – needed for the Cabal mass arrests, incarcerations at GITMO, with Military Tribunals Jan, Feb. 2019.

 It would be wise to have food, emergency supplies and cash on hand for the expected few weeks of financial instability across the globe.


A. What we think we know (likely to change on a daily, even hourly basis):

Release of the 800#s would likely occur around the NESARA/ GESARA announcement expected on Nov. 11.

1. Hong Kong released GCR funds on Oct. 31.

2. We expected the 800#s at any time and everyone would go at the same time.

3. Some claimed to have already exchanged, likely in SKRs, with limited funds made liquid.

4. Banks had the release codes and firm currency rates were on hold on bank screens.

5. Banks went on alert for the RV on Nov. 8.

6. It has been said that President Trump would be out of the country at the time of the RV. On Nov. 9 Trump jetted to Paris: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/09/politics/donald-trump-paris-trip/index.html

7. The Stock Market slid downward all week and closed on Fri. Nov. 9 in the red. Significant moves were being made to destroy the integrity of the Stock Market, thus initiating the transition to the Quantum Financial System via the private currency redemption event (RV). The slow-motion collapse that began in Oct. would continue to claim corporate victims as the new QFS went online. Look for a Stock Market Black Mon. Nov. 12, Black Tues. Nov. 13, or Black Wed. Nov. 14.

8. As of Nov. 10 some midterm election votes were being recounted, while nine in Texas were arrested for election fraud. The best example of Democratic Party fraudulent activities was found in Broward County Florida where on election night they reported 634,000 votes, but yesterday Nov. 9 changed that number to 717,000 as they fraudulently manufactured 83,000 Democrat votes that were documented being rushed in by rented trucks—and was so blatant that a US Federal Judge was forced to declare that what they were doing was unconstitutional. Trump has continually tweeted out that certain signatures did not match, there appeared to be election fraud in several states and something was terribly wrong with our electoral process.

9. Rumor was that long ago the US Elections had been rigged by Soros and company in cooperation with the Obama/Clinton Administration. The release of such information would likely lead to Midterm Election results being nullified - which was bound to cause public anger and disruption.

10. On Nov. 10 troops practicing on how to breach certain facilities and bunkers were deployed to the field. These operatives were not making as many arrests as one would think but were mainly gathering vast quantities of last-minute evidence before they brought cases before secret grand juries to be accepted into evidence. They were preparing for highly secret and coordinated military and civilian trials.

11. This has resulted in waves of lower level affiliates coming forward to the Alliance, turning states evidence and getting immunity in exchange for their testimony.

12. For some of the criminal elites their bodyguards were actually their very own personal prison guards. They had been in custody for months without knowing.

13. The recent intel that operations were underway was a sign that the Alliance felt that they have cleared up the FBI, Department of Justice, Department of Defense and Supreme Court of the US of compromised individuals enough to proceed with THE PLAN.

14. More chaos was expected with the increasing of Cabal arrests on over 61,000 federal indictments and suspected criminals’ transportation to GITMO, with Military Tribunals set for Jan-Feb 2019.
15. If chaos broke out due to civil unrest, paid protestors and/or a Stock Market crash, the National Broadcast Alert System would be activated, which could lead to short-term and limited Martial Law – something that was needed for the mass arrests, incarcerations at GITMO and upcoming Military Tribunals in Jan-Feb 2019.

16. The 1999 NESARA/GESARA Act came about from a 1993 ruling of the US Supreme Court after 30 years of lawsuits by the Farmers Union. The US government and banking system were found to be in collusion to defraud US citizens. NESARA/ GESARA was signed into law (under duress) by Bill Clinton, although he, the Bushes and Obama kept the ruling from being enforced.

17. Announcement of the NESARA/ GESARA Law was expected at any time to restore Constitutional Law while calling for new national elections within 120 days. See History: New Republic via GCR -- 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

18. On Sun. Nov. 11 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Teresa May, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and U.S. President Donald Trump would join more than 70 other world leaders for a Peace Forum to discuss international security and other matters.

19. It was expected that on Nov. 11 there would be announcements of NESARA/ GESARA, Global Currency Reset and the new Quantum Financial System.

20. That same Sun Nov. 11 was expected to show a marked increase in purging the Cabal by unsealing of the over 61,000 indictments, arrests of suspected Cabal criminals and their transportation to GITMO.

21. Back in Nov. 2017 Sessions fired corrupt Department of Justice and FBI officials and hired an Attorney General in Utah – Huber - to work with a Horowitz team of 470 lawyers to investigate HRC (Hillary Clinton) emails, U1 (Uranium 1), CF (Clinton Foundation) and FISA abuse.

22. On Nov. 11 the Alliance would be meeting in Washington D.C. for what was described as Mass Meditation.

23. Any or all of the above events could cause a Stock Market collapse by Mon. Nov. 12, Tues. Nov. 13, or Wed. Nov. 14.

24. On Nov. 12 Tier 5 (general public) would begin exchanges, though rumor was that all Tiers would go at same time.

25. China made a public announcement that they would revalue their Yaun on Nov. 12.

26. Nov. 14 was the back wall for GCR, QFS and NESARA/GESARA announcements, plus increase in purging of the Cabal.

27. A Military Parade scheduled for Nov. 22 was expected to reveal JFK Jr. (thought to have faked his death and was Q, while Trump was Q+). Some say JKF Jr. would be the pick to run for president of the Restored Republic as Trump had completed the job he was asked to do by the White Hats and planned to retire from politics to run his businesses:
(Video) JFK Jr Grave Mistake

28. On Nov. 26 private transactions would be liquidated.

29. After the RV a Stock Market crash was likely. It would take a couple of weeks for the global monetary system to adjust to the new digital Quantum Financial System. In other words, expect financial chaos around the globe starting Mon. Nov. 12 and likely until the end of Nov. As no one really knows what would happen, it would be wise to have food, emergency supplies and cash on hand.

30. Military Tribunals on the over 61,000 federal indictments against Cabal global elites were scheduled for Jan-Feb. 2019.


B. Nov. 10 2018 11:51 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 10, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. Sources have been told to maintain radio silence on all channels, which was only maintained when significant moves were being made.

2. Sources were suggesting that significant moves were being made to destroy the integrity of the Stock Market, thus initiating the transition to the QFS via the private currency redemption event (RV).

3. Expect heated events to start occurring at anytime


C. Nov. 10 2018 8:42 pm EST Posting on Tilton Facebook Page: "Philip Tilton FB Letter Post Regarding Zim" by PNW - 11.10.18

1. On Nov. 10 Philip Tilton posted on his Facebook page a letter from JFA Holding and Investments to Zurich Currency Investors in Zimbabwe currency.

2. “Today the process of exchange and settlement of dollars in foreign currency (zimbabwes) is something real and tangible.”

3. “Next week we will send you the airfare and hotel, to suit the place of the world that you decide in order to receive the funds corresponding to their liquidation, already pre-established.”


D. Nov. 10 2018 9:06 pm EST Trump Topples Democratic Party, Faal: Sorcha Faal: Trump Topples Top Democrat Party Leader

The entire world now sees the entire US election system being brought into question as fraudulent and suspicious activity is reported nationwide, and ALWAYS to the Democrats benefit. The best example was found in Broward County Florida where on election night they reported 634,000 votes, but yesterday Nov. 9 changed that number to 717,000 as they fraudulently manufactured 83,000 Democrat votes that were documented being rushed in by rented trucks—and was so blatant that a US Federal Judge was forced to declare that what they were doing was unconstitutional.
​E. Nov. 9 2018 8:36 pm EST Trial of the Century, Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz -- The Trial of the Century: Your Opinions, Please?

1. There are two "forms" of constitution called "The Constitution of the United States of America". The first, completed in 1789, is a tri-lateral international treaty and trust indenture supporting the execution of a commercial services contract. The second document, published in 1868, which is almost verbatim the same - so as to promote deliberate confusion with the original, is used as Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated".

2. The Articles of Incorporation of the Scottish Commercial Corporation created the British Territorial United States doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated."

3. The created confusion led to the Scottish corporation accessing our credit and other assets and allowed them to run up debt against our assets as a result.

4. The Scottish Commercial Corporation declared bankruptcy in 1907 and skated off with a large portion of its ill-gotten loot transferred to (mostly Belgian, French, and Swiss) shell companies prior to the bankruptcy. In this way, it shed its debts, sheltered its gains, and left us holding the bag to pay off their creditors.

5. This was the responsibility of the British Monarch and the Government of Westminster, both of which have had and have exercised and enjoyed treaties of peace and positions of delegated authority dependent on their trust obligations owed to The United States of America and the States of the Union Federation and the American People since the 1780's.

6. The Schemers and their international collaborators, the banks, "took title" to the land holdings of the American States and People as "security" for the debts of the bankrupt Scottish Corporation in 1907. We, our grandparents, and parents worked hard and paid off this bogus debt in 1953, when the bankruptcy of the Scottish usurpers was settled. Instead of returning the title to our land to us, the British Territorial United States Congress voted to roll our land titles into Federal State Trusts under their control and operated for their benefit.

7. Conveniently, the actual unincorporated Government, The United States of America, and the American States and People, were told none of this.

8. In 1925, the Roman Catholic Church and the Office of the Roman Pontiff got into the act and did their own dirty little "business" on our shores. They set up a Delaware Corporation doing business as the "United States of America" Inc. This is essentially the same con game the Scottish corporation played. The only difference is the definite article "the".

9. This "religious non-profit" ran up bills against our remaining assets (remember our land had already been seized upon as security for the debts of the Scottish corporation) --- our bodies, our life force energy, our private businesses and homes, our copyrights and patents, our labor, everything that you might consider to be your own property. They played hard and fast and bankrupted "the" United States of America, Inc. in 1933. And they followed the same play script, of leaving us to pay their bills.

10. All of this criminality has been supported by politicians and by the banks, and unfortunately, by some military commanders working for the "United States".

11. Donald J. Trump has been left holding the bag, without any of the actual facts of the situation being made available to him. Of course, the criminals responsible have been unwilling to step forward and admit the depths of the depravity to which they have sunk

12. In 2014 we finished giving Due Notice and Due Process and issued our Final Judgment and Civil Orders related to these subjects. In 2015, we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and published them worldwide. In 2015, Barack Hussein Obama bankrupted the Municipal United States Corporations and thereby vacated the Municipal United States Government. In 2017, via a domino effect, the Territorial United States Government was also bankrupted and vacated.
13. These organizations had maintained a claim of "successor-ship" by a process of assumption of contract inherited from the Roman Catholic and Scottish usurpers -- a process of pirates making claims based on the claims of other pirates going back to 1868. By vacating the last two remaining federal contracts and doing so at the same time, we have been able to end any further "assumption" of contract and to acknowledge and accept back our formerly delegated powers.

14. The United States of America {Unincorporated] now stands as it has since September 9, 1776, as the Federation of Sovereign States representing the American States and People in international jurisdiction, and is the only actual Government still standing.

15. Any further exercise of our once-delegated powers by any commercial corporation on Earth without our written and express consent is unlawful, unacceptable and denied. Any claim that our persons are now or have ever been subject to the Queen in any relationship apart from those established by the original Constitution of the United States of America is null and void. This has happened by Operation of Law and is the result of the incapacity of the delegates in bankruptcy and also as a result of the corrupt and criminal basis of the former claims to "represent" us and to own us as property in violation of international law, the Geneva Conventions, common decency, and Good Faith.

16. Most recently, there has been an attempt by hackers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and certain offices of the Department of Defense (DOD) to gin up a "new" computer system based on re-hashing old Binary System Data Processing ideas, calling it the "Quantum Financial System" and seizing upon all the off-ledger Special Deposit Accounts in the world banking system. They then propose to roll all these assets which in fact belong to other people and which are supposed to be under the control of other Trustees into what they are calling the "Manna World Holding Trust" --- which is just another pirate operation based on seizing other people's assets and calling them yours or, to be more exact, claiming that they are or should be under your control.

17. About half of all the assets seized in this latest round of criminality belong to Americans. We have located the rightful owners of about 30% of the remainder. We have also tracked down the actual paperwork and the receipts demonstrating actual ownerships and trusteeships.

18. As a result of the above:

American public courts have acted as private bill collectors for foreign interests.

The British Monarchs have promoted Commercial Feudalism and sought to indebt others.

The American People were taken in by false advertising of "Home Loans" when the perpetrators were actually proposing that you loan your homes to them for their investment and profit.

Governments, Institutions and Commercial Corporations including banks and the Roman Catholic Church have acted in Breach of Trust owed to the American People, Canadians, Australians, Japanese, Germans, and other populations that have been subjected and abused by this same brand of legal chicanery.

They have seized upon private trust assets and converted them into "holdings" of the "Manna World Holding Trust" as a means of paying for public debts, which was not a viable, honorable or lawful means to deal with the situation.







Popeye7:  I wonder why?... HMMMM...

  Yep I've been looking all night where I regularly get them from and thought to myself mmmmm - no auction - berry berry interesting Watson

ChrisC:  I am going to assume (usually a bad thing) that since you are making a point of this that they did not have an auction earlier for today and that they have not ever done this before.  Is that right?

Doc.K:  Iraq received 45 day waiver with Iran  on November 9.  That expires Monday December 24th , ...... last full week of 2018……Just sayin ......

Cecilia123:  Would someone please explain to me what this means as far as the waiver with Iran is now December 24th?  That it has been extended? 

Samson:  I posted this one the other day which mentions the 45 days - LINK

The US Embassy in Baghdad revealed Thursday some facts about the sanctions that have come into effect on Iran and its relationship with Iraq.

"Iraq is a friend and a partner of the United States, and the latter is committed to its stability and prosperity," the embassy staff said

Pointing out that "the US administration granted Iraq temporary exemption from sanctions on Iran, for 45 days, to allow him to continue to buy natural gas." Pointing out that "the sanctions imposed on Tehran, do not target food and medicine

Cecilia123:  What does a waiver for 45 days to trade with Iran mean to with Iran mean to our investment?   Is iran still demanding to be paid now for their electricity bill to Iraq?  Does this mean that the payment demanded has been extended to December 24th?   Does this his mean that payment has been waived? 



Samson:  "Central Bank: We have come a long way in enhancing Iraq's status"   LINK

Rich4hyip:  I know,  I know…. its not a easy job. We have come a long way and well, so don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate, be confident and just do it. I know you can.

Mopairman:  You have come a long way, now finish it and delete the zeros.


Samson:  Agenda of the session of the House of Representatives for tomorrow

11th November, 2018

The Presidency of the House of Representatives published on Sunday, the agenda of the parliament session on Monday.  "The agenda of the 13th session, which will be held on Monday, 12 November 2018, includes a general invitation for discussion in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank and members of the Board and Director of the Iraqi Trade Bank," the Presidency said in a statement received by Mawazine News.

The statement added that "the agenda will also include draft federal budget law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2019 in the presence of the government committee," pointing to "the discussion of the issue of the points of customs created between the provinces during the session."

The House of Representatives, raised on Saturday, its meeting to Monday, after voting on the permanent parliamentary committees and members, in addition to the vote on the consolidation of committees and reduce the number to 21 with the introduction of a new committee to become the number of 22 committees.   LINK
Samson:  Fouad Hussein visits the Baghdad exhibition and confirms: The next phase is moving towards strengthening the economy

11th November, 2018

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein on Sunday visited the Baghdad International Fair during the opening of its 45th session, while stressing that the next stage is moving towards providing services.

"Hussein visited the Baghdad International Fair accompanied by Commerce Minister Mohammed Al-Ani and Chairman of the National Investment Authority Sami Al-Araji. He opened the Baghdad Pavilion for Renewable and Sustainable Energy and visited a number of Arab, international and Iraqi pavilions," the ministry said in a statement.

"The convening of the Baghdad International Fair this economic forum is of great importance, especially after the great victory and the liberation of land from the grip of terrorist organizations," he said, adding that "the next stage is moving towards providing services."    LINK


Samson:  Al Ahli Bank signs agreement with IFC

11th November, 2018

Al-Ahli Bank announced on Sunday the signing of an agreement with the International Finance Corporation concerning the bank's accession to the World Trade Finance Programthrough which the Corporation will guarantee the bank 10 billion dollars against letters of guarantee executed by the Iraqi bank to its customers. The agreement is an important "starting point" for the bank

"The bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Iraqi National Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) today with regard to the NCB's accession to the World Trade Finance Program, through which the Corporation will guarantee 10 billion US dollars against letters of guarantee Which is implemented by the Iraqi bank to its customers

"The memorandum of understanding concerns the Bank's support in terms of enhancing corporate governance to ensure best practice in this area, especially as it has been announced by the Governor of the Central Bank to issue a revised guide to the modified governance of banks," Al Salem added. Al Ahli to the global trade finance program because it gives the ability to finance companies and global banks and ease the conditions required by the international banks, the most important of which is cash

"The Iraqi Bank has been able to open up to the outside world, which enabled it to obtain trade finance and a number of correspondent banks, which enabled it to provide foreign trade financing through the volume and appropriations issued about 700 million dollars in 2017, That "the reopening of the border with Jordan, which led to the increase in trade exchange between the two countries since the beginning of this year, and we expect that the credits will see further increase during the current year

Al-Salem said that "the bank obtained the first place in the exploitation of the initiative of the Central Bank related to the financing of small and medium enterprises and occupies the second place among the private banks in the project to settle the salaries of employees," noting that "the Central Bank hailed the bank's development of the banking sector and the Iraqi economy "He said

"The signing of the agreement is an important starting point for the bank to develop and move towards the networking of international relations and the stabilization of its position and foreign relations, as it is an important and vital issue in the banking sector," said the governor of the Central Bank, pointing out that "the banking sector without a real arm And extensive external relations can not be able to progress and development and the completion of many services and products

He added that the banking sector in Iraq has begun to be of importance to international institutions, as well as expressing the opposite of confidence in dealing with the issue

He continued: "At the level of Iraq, we have taken an important step in strengthening Iraq's status in the classification of combating terrorism and the financing of terrorism, which has become an issue in the dealings between countries," pointing out that "the classification was obtained by the international financial work that moved Iraq during the two years of the region Gray to an ongoing area to the continuous follow-up area to which all the country is subjected, and this gave strength in dealing with foreign institutions

He pointed out that "a series of actions took place within the banking sector through the promotion and consolidation of international practices and standards that have been able to move the banking sector to another situation, and there are other applications in compliance and the principles of governance," noting that "the central bank developed the banking sector, To absorb internal and external financial transactions and implemented advanced protection systems and the national payment system is one of the most advanced systems in the world      LINK
Samson:  Parliament votes on the Standing Committees and hosts the Governor of the Central Bank on Monday 

2018/11/10 18:17

The Council voted on the distribution of deputies to the permanent committees.  Al-Halbusi announced the hosting of the House of Representatives Governor of the Central Bank and advanced cadres in the session on Monday.  Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting until Monday, 12/11/2018.   LINK

    Watch and see if we get a fully legitimate GOI before or at the same time that Alak gets the nod for GOV of the CBI.. His name is on the new currency we hear.. lol .. imo ~ MM


Samson:  Iraqi President off to Kuwait today with "a gift"

 11th November, 2018

During today’s visit of the Iraqi President Barham Saleh, a part of the Kuwaiti archives and properties shall be handed to the Kuwaiti authorities.

The one-day visit shall discuss bilateral relations with Kuwaiti senior officials, to be followed his second-leg in his Gulf tour to the United Arab Emirates.

Politicians believe that this move is an expression of an Iraqi good-will to Kuwait for future cooperation.

On the other side, the Kuwaiti authorities are still demanding the know the fate of 369 missiing Kuwaitis since the end of the Gulf War I.

No information was given by the Iraqi authorities on additional Gulf countries to be visited by President Saleh.

Saleh was sworn in as president of Iraq on 2 October, 2018.   LINK


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Massive voter fraud during the US midterm elections is set to be revealed via a massive sting operation.

This will further expose the Cabal-infested government which will also lead to the current fiat financial system being exposed as a scheme to keep the world in debt and poverty.

The integrity of the stock market would then be ruined thus causing it to collapse and therefore making way for the new quantum financial system (QFS).

The private currency redemption event (RV) will begin during this time.

The way of life as we know it will be exposed as a lie to keep us enslaved for the Cabal to profit.

This would cause worldwide public anger and unrest which is when GESARA will come into play to soften the blow.

The main goal of the Alliance is to provide reason to the global population for sudden change.

GESARA will be introduced at the right time when the world needs it.