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Ray: . . .No updates so I guess we’ll start where we left off . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   We are still here, right where we don’t want to be.

As you know have a situation going on.  Going to do a short call today.  An hour or less.

All we know right now is they have not taken the vote on the ministers, even though they have said they are ready to vote.  An issue with the Interior Minister of who Iran and Sadr want to go in there.  Sadr has veto power.  As of yesterday they were still trying to convince them to take the one name they wanted.  Sadr doesn’t want him.

Minister’s of Interior and Defense are the two biggest issues right now.  We will see what happens on Sunday.  Still saying they will vote on all 8 when they do.

Iraq put out a budget that we could see.  It was in billions of dinars and billions of dollars.  The article they put out was in   At the numbers they put out it was .83 cents to 1 dinar.  Maybe they are putting it out at what it will be when they make the announcement.  On Wednesday our guy told us it was 1:1.  Here’s the difference.  He’s high up where they print the documents.  On the streets it is not 1:1, but it is 1:1 on paperwork they are preparing.  We are not supposed to see . . . but he’s telling me it’s already there.

Has not hit the street yet.  Make an announcement this week or maybe they won’t but it’s already there.  Either they put the article out by mistake or they did because it’s Friday . . . and everyone will know anyway.

I know everybody thinks the 12th is a big day.   The 12th, the 12th, the 12th.  China to RV their currency on the 12th.  We’ll see, never heard of a country giving that much notice.   The window was actually Sunday but maybe extended to Tuesday.  We’ll have to wait for Sunday to see if they actually take the vote this time.  We don’t need it but they’ve done everything else.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:   Banks are on alert! . . . The banks still have the money that was delivered to them approximately 10 days ago. . . From Sunday  on we can look for it to go.

Tony:  Do not have word the time frame has been extended.  If we get it as a fact that’s it’s extended we will put it out.  I do know they are on alert!


Budget:  Figures used in the budget were in the billions in both Dinar and USD.  Rate used in the budget is .83 cents.  Rate coming from contact in the GOI printing division for Iraq is 1:1.  Tony:  On the streets it is not 1:1, but it is 1:1 on paperwork they are preparing.  We are not supposed to see . . . but he’s telling me it’s already there.   Has not hit the street yet.  Make an announcement this week or maybe they won’t but it’s already there.  Either they put the article out by mistake or they did because it’s Friday . . . and everyone will know anyway.

Parliament:  Next vote for the remaining ministers is to be on Sunday, the 11th.  No agreement on the Minister’s of Interior and Defense.   Sadr has veto power and has said no vote until they change the name of the Minister of Interior candidate.

HCL payments not made yet.


Iran has been removed from the International Swift banking system.  Closing down avenues for Iran to have financial access.   Tony:  The sanctions will be on for weeks if not years.

China has announced they will revalue the Yuan on Nov 12th.   Tony: We’ll see. Never heard of a country giving that much notice. . .China is not in the first basket. . . they can RV their currency at any time and not based on the value of the Iraq Dinar currency.

Currencies:  No rate updates.   Rates not showing on the front screens.  Still there on hold.

UNITED STATES:     Sunday, Nov. 11th is Veterans Day.   Thank you Veterans!

Banks: ON ALERT!  STILL HAVE THE MONEY THAT WAS DELIVERED DAYS AGO for this transaction!   Tony said it has been scheduled several times in the past for a Friday evening or early on a Sunday morning.   Tony:  Those were the optimum times.   Didn’t want to start it on Monday. Wednesday and Thursday are international banking days.  Monday is the 12th, it could happen Tuesday. . . each bank has their own people and had to sign affidavits they did not have any of the currency and would not purchase any.

UST: Tony has no recent news/information from his UST connection.

Taxes:   No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s:  No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

Tony:  Only one time while I was doing the call did I get a call from my CIA guy in Africa and he says, “Stop whatever your doing.”  He said he was getting calls from Washington telling him to have Tony “Stop, what he was doing.”  Only a few times in the middle of an actual call have I received a call.


ZIM Information:  Tony said they are discussing in Washington about the ZIM – He gave no more details.  He did not confirm nor deny it would still be in this first basket.

Q & A: Callers

  1. – People are going through hard times.  We are at our breaking point.  Why not turn those exchange centers into loan centers using our currency as collateral?  Tony:   The worse thing you can do is get rid of your currency.  DO NOT DO THAT!  . . . They would have to loan to every one.  They can’t discriminate.  Privately I know people who have used it as collateral to get automobiles and to get loans.  They did that at banks and locations they also had relations with or people who had dinar.  Can’t do that for everybody.

I know people are going through something.  I’ve been through something.  Giving up your currency is the worst thing you can do.  The only way we win is to be there at the end.  You win by keeping your currency and living the best life you can lead from then on.  Everything begins with keep your currency.


Tony . . . Okay guys, we really want to do this.  I’m going to tell you that Ray is at the hospital with my father right now and we are still doing this, because it’s Friday and we know stuff is going on and people want information.  He was willing to do this.  Just want you to know why we are cutting this short.

Sunday should be a big deal one way or another.   That is where the bank window is at; supposed to close their GOI and solve 140 at the same time.  vote for their GOI; banks are on alert, we can’t beat that.  Looking at screens with holes on them, can’t beat that. Iraq is saying they are going to finalize everything we have been waiting for since April so we can’t beat that.   We just have to see if it happens.  If it does we’re golden.

From Sunday on we can look for it to go.  I think we are in a great place.  This is almost over. Everyone is saying it’s over at the upper levels;  1:1 right now; going to see it in the coming days.  This thing is moving.

Everything is positive.  Go out enjoy your day, your weekend and let’s see what happens.

Ray . . .(played “I Believe.”)

BGG/Tom Sanders - Anyone Who Says the Iraqi Dinar is a SCAM is a FOOL! , 10 NOV

BGG ~ For any bank, banker, lawmaker, adviser or official (of any kind) to make the statement “the Dinar is a scam” is JUST as foolish as ANY of the internet BLOWHARD “Gurus”. 

The Iraqi Dinar is the official currency of a COUNTRY. Numerous times I have pointed to SIGIR Report as guidance – see highlights on page 84 (page 94 in the PDF document format, it’s actually page 84 of the hard-copy) of the quarterly SIGIR report to THE US CONGRESS dated April of 2012…


BGG ~ This is a screen shot from the “Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction” – Apr 2012, quarterly report to Congress. For ANY member of our Government to say they have no idea what is going on here – means they simply haven’t read some very basic documents presented them.


I have often pointed out this is a highly speculative investment. We are, in no way, guaranteed anything. However, this SIGIR report gives us some VERY valuable insights…

1) This was information given to the US CONGRESS on a quarterly basis… I find it hard to believe such an information source would intentionally mislead Congress. They tend to frown on such behavior. This goes directly to the validity of this venture – against all advice from Wells Fargo or other such naysayers.

2) It points out there had been a legitimate “plan” – or time frame in motion… having been projected to be done in 2013. What the current time frame is now, or what the current plan is – hard to say.

3) It gives us an idea as to who is was charge…the CoM – or Council of Ministers. Who do they answer to?? Maliki, at that point. Period. Historically – he had been a “weak Dinar” policy advocate. Are they likely to now push this forward?

Make note, Mahdi is an actual economist and was one of the Vice Presidents of Iraq from 2005 to 2011. He formerly served as the Finance Minister in the Interim government and Oil Minister from 2014 to 2016 (Wikipedia sourced).

There has been a flurry of references to this same aforementioned “project” recently in various news articles.

4) Though no guarantee of a future plan they wind up engaging – this report pointed out an increase in value that would have taken the Dinar from “one-tenth of a cent” to a value “of slightly less than $1″…


11-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty   US gives Iraq an exemption to Iranian sanctions for 45 days to allow it to import Iranian gas & electricity. Iraq must develop a plan to ween itself from Iranian imports.

11-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   3) It gives us an idea as to who is was charge…the CoM – or Council of Ministers. Who do they answer to?? Maliki, at that point. Period. Historically – he had been a “weak Dinar” policy advocate. Are they likely to now push this forward?  Make note, Mahdi is an actual economist and was one of the Vice Presidents of Iraq from 2005 to 2011. He formerly served as the Finance Minister in the Interim government and Oil Minister from 2014 to 2016 (Wikipedia sourced).  There has been a flurry of references to this same aforementioned “project” recently in various news articles.  4) Though no guarantee of a future plan they wind up engaging – this report pointed out an increase in value that would have taken the Dinar from “one-tenth of a cent” to a value “of slightly less than $1″…  [post 3 of 3]

11-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   I have often pointed out this is a highly speculative investment. We are, in no way, guaranteed anything. However, this SIGIR report gives us some VERY valuable insights…1) This was information given to the US CONGRESS on a quarterly basis… I find it hard to believe such an information source would intentionally mislead Congress. They tend to frown on such behavior. This goes directly to the validity of this venture – against all advice from Wells Fargo or other such naysayers.  2) It points out there had been a legitimate “plan” – or time frame in motion… having been projected to be done in 2013. What the current time frame is now, or what the current plan is – hard to say.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

11-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Flashback – The Iraqi Dinar is the official currency of a COUNTRY.  For any bank, banker, lawmaker, adviser or official (of any kind) to make the statement “the Dinar is a scam” is JUST... foolish...The Iraqi Dinar is the official currency of a COUNTRY. Numerous times I have pointed to SIGIR Report as guidance.  THIS REPORT WAS SENT TO CONGRESS IN MAY of 2012. IT PLAINLY SHOWS IN THIS REPORT THEY EXPECTED THE DINAR TO BE VALUED AT AROUND A DOLLAR IN 2013...For ANY member of our Government to say they have no idea what is going on here – means they simply haven’t read some very basic documents presented them.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

11-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  I also told you this is multi-facet and there are many parts to it. This is VERY big and complex. So, the CBI needs to get to the reinstatement part and get to a point AGAIN when they can request permission to reinstate. But this is not the final end.  Once the permission is given, the CBI then can begin the launch the smaller, smaller category notes (5,10,25,etc) and work their way up to the .83 cents (approx). But as I told you they get the permission and then it is pulled away once they move ahead again. This is an obstacle but remember they also have to proceed with the process first and it is not as simple as getting permission and then the RV appears. There is a process in between. Be patient!  [post 2 of 2]

11-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  ... I have been telling you in my “project to delete the zeros” and how it will first get revalued in-country within Iraq (not yet on the currency exchanges). Then up to 2-4 weeks later, once it is stable in Iraq and no hyper-inflation situations arise (checked for inflation), the CBI then intends to unleash the dinar on the international markets, thus requesting the reinstatement.  So far they get to a certain point and the project keeps getting put on hold or stalled. So recently we heard that there was the largest busting up of a counterfeit ring within Iraq...we know they need to break up these rings of counterfeiters prior to the RV. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


Arthur   There is finally something to talk about. Yesterday Fifty deputies signed for the deduction of the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution to each individual Iraqi. This is the long awaited HCL.

This event is not just about international Dinarians getting a tremendous return on their investment. It is more about Iraqi citizens being paid from the enormous oil wealth of Iraq.  ...oil rich neighbor Kuwait provides their citizens a monthly food supply...
 If the government can not find a job for a citizen that citizen gets 200 KD ($650) per month until they are employed.  If a citizen works in the private sector...they earn 900 KD per month in addition to the salary their employer provides (that’s almost $3,000 USD per month on TOP of their regular salary!).

All Children get $200/mo till their 26 years old. The minimum pension is 1000 KWD ($3,000). Healthcare and education are free

Arthur   ...when the HCL is fully implemented in Iraq, an Iraqi citizen must be able to swipe their Qi card and receive monthly oil benefits anywhere in the world in the currency of whatever country they happen to be in. That will require an internationally recognized, revalued currency just as Kuwait has. Once fully implemented, then and only then will we see any significant increase in value in the IQD.  

BGG & wmawhite HIGHLIGHTS, 10 NOV

Crush Expected When Kuwaiti Banks Reopen Today
March 24, 1991|From Reuters

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait — Thousands of Kuwaitis are expected to jam the country’s banks today when they open for the first time since the end of the Iraqi occupation.

Customers will be allowed to withdraw funds and to swap pre-invasion money for a new currency issued to make more than $1 billion in pre-invasion dinars stolen by the Iraqis worthless
“We expect a rush of people,” said Issam Asousi, an executive with the Bank of Kuwait. He said it could be a chaotic first week because customers have a lot of questions about their accounts.

Kuwaiti banks continued operating during the seven-month Iraqi occupation under managers brought in from Iraq, but they have been closed since the U.S.-led alliance ousted the Iraqi army from Kuwait a month ago.

When the banks reopen today, customers will be able to withdraw up to 4,000 Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to about $14,000 at pre-invasion exchange rates from their accounts, and to exchange a like amount for foreign currency.

Balances of customers’ accounts will go back to what they were on Aug. 1, a day before the invasion.

Clients will not be able to exchange Iraqi currency issued during the occupation, when Baghdad pegged the rates of the strong Kuwaiti dinar to the far less valuable Iraqi dinar.

The new Kuwaiti money will be exchanged for old at a one-to-one rate.

BGG ~ Thanks to wmawhite for some facts on the subject:

Hi BGG,    Just thought I would drop you an email. I listened to the call, and was interested in what was said about Kuwait, if I may – I will add my 2 cents worth.

You were spot on with what you said, I have a close friend who’s father made a killing on the KWD. He bought from people who had fled the country and he paid pennies on the dollar (we are in Australia). He took the chance that Iraq would be kicked back out and he was right.

When the money was reinstated, he exchanged it for AUD at a rate in the mid 3s. The interesting thing about it is, Iraq invaded in November 1990 (I think), they were kicked back out at the end of Feb 1991, the banks reopened with a brand new KWD in late March,

that’s not a bad time frame to get a currency designed, printed and made ready to use, also the time that the old KWD was valid was initially only for 2 months, then extended to 6, so it was valid until Sept 1991, interesting I think.

Also the other thing that seems to be a “fact” in Dinar land is Bill Clinton used the Kuwait RV to pay off the debt. However, Clinton was not President in 91, he did not take office until 93, even I know that and I am an Aussie.

Anyway thanks for the site and enjoy listening to your calls.  Kind Regards,



Mr. Director of the Central Bank of Iraq, please address the shortfall of the currency of 250 dinars and IQD 500 to prevent inflation in the Iraqi economies and to cause major damage to be exploited by the weak. And the issuance of the category 100 or 200 IQD new small operations Thanks and appreciation for your vulgar efforts to contribute to the advancement of the economical sector..




Purifiers:  Iraq issues new Banknote Designs

12th October 2018 in Iraq Banking & Finance News

By John Lee.

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has released a series of new banknote designs, which will enter circulation next week.

According to a report from Rudaw, the notes are intended to modernise the currency and better reflect the nation’s heritage and diversity.

It adds that the CBI does not plan to recall old banknotes.

(Sources: CBI, Rudaw, Xinhua)

  Just interesting that this supports Delta talking about the new notes in where the citizens were crossing out Alaks name on the new lower denoms.. And it also supports per the citizens, "Ok we have these notes,  where are the smaller ones?"  ~ imo ~ MM

MarkPam:  It also demonstrates the education has been successful  as Frank and teams have shared!  MOTF!!!  It’s coming!!   The people know, the pressures on....time to move CBI!!


chattels   Kurdish deputy: The government formation will be completed soon .... https://www.ninanews.com/News_Details.aspx?7Op9l6G0MPg3gENAKb0TAQ%253d%253d

chattels   The agenda of the parliamentary session tomorrow will be free of voting on the rest of the ministers

11.09.18  The agenda of the session of parliament on Saturday, a paragraph to vote on the rest of the eight ministers in the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The agenda was limited to "discuss the formation of permanent parliamentary committees of the House of Representatives, and discuss the subject of elections provincial councils and districts."

chattels   Apparently there will be no vote as to the remaining ministers tomorrow.

Baxter   Oh boy.....

chattels   Courtesy DinarAlert
Chattels   #Iraq parliament scheduled to meet Sat but nothing on cabinet structure on agenda so far


chattels   https://twitter.com/reidarvisser ​

​KPOW   This has been interesting to say the least, I haven't been in this for years and years...

chattels   Iraqi Accountability & Justice Commission says 2 of PM Abdel-Mahdi's confirmed ministers held positions in Saddam's regime & could be forced to resign. Security source says they are Youth & Sports Minister & Communications Minister.

chattels   Iraqi MP from State of Law Coalition says there is a campaign in Parliament to require a deduction of a portion of the cost of each barrel of oil & distribute it to each Iraqi citizen.    http://mobp.as/0G0Cn
chattels   Iraqi MP from Ninawa Province: the reason for deteriorating security in Ninawa is because there is no unity of command among security organizations, be they from Ninawa Operations Command or PMF (Hashd). There is also corruption in some commands.

chattels   Iraqi MP from Ninawa Province: the answer to deteriorating security in Ninawa is to withdraw the Army & PMF (Hashd) from cities since they provoke residents. Replace them with 15,000 local police.    http://mobp.as/Zj1Cn

chattels   In Iraq, Maliki's State of Law Coalition: we support Basra Province's desire to became a regional government like Kurdistan if done in accordance with the constitution. Regions have more privileges than provinces. Basra has long been neglected.

chattels   Courtesy of David Witty https://twitter.com/DavidMWitty1 ​

​​​chattels   Iraq close to deal to restart oil exports from Kirkuk

Agreement between Baghdad and Kurdish government could add up to 400,000 b/d

chattels   A Fractured Iraqi Cabinet   KIRK H. SOWELL

Although Iraq’s political blocs have agreed on a new prime minister, the lack of a coherent coalition shows the incoming government’s inherent weakness.
November 08, 2018 https://carnegieendowment.org/sada/77674

chattels   " Abdul-Mahdi’s effort to fill his cabinet continues to face resistance. Parliament was scheduled to hold a vote on new nominations on November 6, but despite predictions that at least a few ministers would pass, parliament did not consider any of them, and has not yet scheduled a further vote on nominees.

In addition, reports indicate that between two and four of the fourteen ministers approved on October 25 face imminent impeachment threats.

The grounds for impeachment include allegations of unresolved corruption charges, former membership in the Baath Party, and even an accusation that Minister of Sports Ahmad al-Obeidi is wanted for a murder committed in 2004."

chattels   " At a time when Iraq needs a strong government with a clear policy program for addressing the nation’s challenges, the new premier is already struggling. With no popular mandate and no stable coalition, Abdul-Mahdi seems set to face an uphill battle each time he wants legislation passed or a nominee approved."

chattels    " Without a strong coalition backing him, Abdul-Mahdi is already facing his first policy crisis over the passage of the 2019 budget."

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 10, 2018

Compiled 10 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience was a Virtue. Having Virtue was a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings had the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note - The Bottom Line: (Rumors - please do your own research).

Several sources claimed the US RV and release of 800#s could happen at any moment and perhaps by Sat. Nov. 10.

Iraq has already RV’d in-country.
China has made a public announcement that they would RV their currency on Mon. Nov. 12 (which would be Sun. Nov. 11 around 8 pm EST). Sources pointed to Sun. Nov. 11 as a likely start date for the Global Currency Reset, with a back wall of Nov. 14.

Those who have exchanged through SKRs have not yet been made liquid, except for some administrative humanitarian situations. Everyone would go together. Around Nov. 11-14 we would likely see a Stock Market crash, along with the beginning of a purge of the Cabal (mass arrests, incarceration at GITMO).

If chaos broke out due to civil unrest, paid protestors and/or a Stock Market crash, the National Broadcast Alert System would be activated, along with a short-term and limited Martial Law – needed for the Cabal mass arrests, incarcerations at GITMO, with Military Tribunals Jan, Feb. 2019.

It would be wise to have food, emergency supplies and cash on hand for the expected few weeks of financial instability across the globe.


A. What we think we know (likely to change on a daily, even hourly basis):

Release of the 800#s would likely occur between now and before the NESARA/ GESARA announcement expected on Nov. 11.

1. Hong Kong released GCR funds on Oct. 31.

2. We expected the 800#s at any time and everyone would go together.

3. Some claimed to have already exchanged, likely in SKRs, with limited funds made liquid.

4. Banks had the release codes and firm currency rates were on hold on the bank screens.

5. Banks went on alert for the RV on Nov. 8. On that same day of Nov. 8 it appeared that the Cabal was at it again when three California wildfires destroyed thousands of structures and forced emergency evacuations: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/09/us/camp-fire-california/index.html

6. It has been said that President Trump would be out of the country at the time of the RV. On Nov. 9 Trump jetted to Paris: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/09/politics/donald-trump-paris-trip/index.html

7. On Nov. 9 the Dow was sliding down into triple digits after the Fed said it saw 'further gradual increases' in rates. Trump appeared to be using the Fed to destroy the market so the Fed. would be blamed for the crash and destroyed. Look for a market Black Mon. Nov. 12. The slow-motion Stock Market collapse that began in Oct. would continue to claim corporate victims as the new Quantum Financial System went online.

8. Rumor was that long ago the US Elections had been rigged by Soros and company in cooperation with the Obama/Clinton Administration. The release of such information would likely lead to Midterm Election results being nullified - which was bound to cause public anger and disruption.

9. More chaos was expected with the increasing of Cabal arrests on over 61,000 federal indictments and suspected criminals’ transportation to GITMO, with Military Tribunals set for Jan-Feb 2019.

10. If chaos broke out due to civil unrest, paid protestors and/or a Stock Market crash, the National Broadcast Alert System would be activated, which could lead to short-term and limited Martial Law – something that was needed for the mass arrests, incarcerations at GITMO and upcoming Military Tribunals in Jan-Feb.

11. The 1999 NESARA/GESARA Act came about from a 1993 ruling of the US Supreme Court after 30 years of lawsuits by the Farmers Union. The US government and banking system were found to be in collusion to defraud US citizens. NESARA/ GESARA was signed into law (under duress) by Bill Clinton. Both he, the Bushes and Obama kept the ruling from being enforced. Announcement of the NESARA/ GESARA Law was expected at any time to restore Constitutional Law while calling for new national elections within 120 days. See History: New Republic via GCR -- 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

12. It was expected that on Nov. 11 there would be announcements of NESARA/ GESARA, Global Currency Reset and the new Quantum Financial System, plus that same Sun Nov. 11 was expected to show a marked increase in purging the Cabal by unsealing of the over 61,000 indictments, arrests of suspected Cabal criminals and their transportation to GITMO.

13. All or any of those above events could cause a Stock Market collapse by Mon. Nov. 12, Tues. Nov. 13, or Wed. Nov. 14.

14. On Nov. 12 Tier 5 (general public) would begin exchanges, though rumor was that all Tiers would go at same time. China has made a public announcement that they would revalue their Yaun on Nov. 12.

15. Nov. 14 was the back wall for GCR, QFS and NESARA/GESARA announcements, plus increase in purging the Cabal.

16. A Military Parade scheduled for Nov. 22 was expected to reveal JFK Jr. (thought to have faked his death and was Q, while Trump was Q+). Some say JKF Jr. would be the pick to run for president of the Restored Republic as Trump had completed the job he was asked to do by the White Hats and planned to retire from politics to run his businesses: (Video) JFK Jr Grave Mistake

17. On Nov. 26 private transactions would be liquidated.

18. After the RV around Nov. 11 a Stock Market crash was likely. It would take a couple of weeks for the global monetary system to adjust to the new digital Quantum Financial System. In other words, expect financial chaos around the globe starting Mon. Nov. 12 and until likely the end of Nov. As no one really knows what would happen it would be wise to have food, emergency supplies and cash on hand.

19. Military Tribunals on the over 61,000 federal indictments against Cabal global elites were scheduled for Jan-Feb. 2019.
B. Nov. 9 2018 TNT Call

1. The CBI has said that everything was done in Iraq and now paperwork wise they were operating as if the RV had already happened.

2. An Iraqi article printed that the Iraqi budget showed one Dinar equaled $.83 as an in-country rate. In Iraqi paperwork the Dinar in-country rate showed 1:1 to the US dollar.

3. The banks went on alert yesterday Nov. 8.

4. China has made a public announcement that they were going to revalue their currency on Mon. Nov. 12.

5. The RV window ended on Sun. Nov. 11, though it could have been extended to Mon. Nov. 12.

6. The RV could go any moment, any time, because they wanted to get it done.


C. Nov. 8 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 11-8-18Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. On Tues. Nov. 6 we had rates flashing on the bank screens. On Wed. Nov. 7 we had solid rates on the screens, but were on hold. As of Thurs. evening Nov. 8 we had rates on the bank screens with no hold and the Iraq Dinar rate was solid on the screen.

2. There has been a lot of legal activity, certain things being opened, certain clean ups still needing to occur, all kinds of subpoenas that were occurring over the next how many hours. The good news is it appears we are in a window that should take us into completion by the weekend whether that is tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday. I believe we will see it on Sun Nov. 11.

3. Banks were closed on Monday, so we had the three-day holiday that everyone wanted: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Our banks would be opened on Tues. Nov. 13.

4. President Trump has been speaking to President XI three or four times over the last couple of days. I think they have agreed upon the time when especially when Steven Mnunchin on the line and Mike Pompeo on the phone I would think we would have that agreed upon where our USTN would come out pretty close to the gold back Yuan. The new US Treasury note has been traded internationally for the last couple of weeks. On Sun. Nov. 11 we should see China’s gold backed Yuan come out.

5. When it comes to the Big R out West approximately 80% of the core groups will have been paid out, with full liquidity for Prosperity Packages which should come out one to two hours after we get notified and set our appointments.

6. We would have at least 8 days for the internet group to begin to do exchanges.


D. Nov. 9 2018 4:28 pm EST RV by Sat. Nov. 10, Guru Chloe, Dinar Guru Blogspot: "RV by Saturday" - Intel Update from Chloe 11-9-18 http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2018/11/guru-chloe-rv-by-saturday-9-nov.html?m=1

My Reno contact said that the RV should go by Sat. Nov. 10, if not sooner. This was verified by another contact. The rates were still being blacked out seconds after the new or revised rates appeared on the screen. This, too, was verified by my second contact.


E. Nov. 9 2018 4:44 pm EST Alliance Update: Operations, Preparations Underway, Secret Grand Juries, Goode: Corey Goode Alliance Update: "Operations, Preparations Underway, Secret Grand Juries" -- November 8, 2018

1. I received a brief update from one of my remaining original Alliance contacts and told that all of the lower level briefings and bridge calls had been shut down this week due to a new phase of operations.

2. One of the most sensitive phases of the Alliance takedown of the Cabal is said to have begun within the last few days to a week.

3. We expect the fist to tighten around operational information, even more. Only a few select sources will be leaking specific Alliance intelligence items in a way that will prep the public and disseminate intel to higher level Alliance Cells.

4. The Alliance hopes to do most of this work completely covertly. They have cover stories prepared along with the needed theatre if any of these operations spill over into the public.

5. People training in hangars with floor plans taped to the floors and practicing breaching certain facilities and bunkers have been deployed to the field.

6. These operatives are not making as many arrests as one would think but are mainly gathering vast quantities of last-minute evidence before they bring cases before secret grand juries to be accepted into evidence. They are preparing for highly secret and coordinated military and civilian trials.

7. Some elite learned that the people they thought were their trusted bodyguards were actually their very own personal prison guards. They have been in custody for months without knowing and now the shock and panic has truly set in.

8. This has resulted in waves of lower level affiliates coming forward to the Alliance and turning states evidence and getting immunity in exchange for their testimony.

9. None of these operations could occur until they felt they had cleaned up the FBI, Department of Justice, Department of Defense and Supreme Court of the US. The recent intel that these operations are now underway is a sign that the Alliance feels that these Government entities have been cleared of compromised individuals enough to proceed with THE PLAN.

10. After most of my Alliance contacts became compromised and were placed in custody, I found out that many of them will be going through the same trial process as the elites that they had pledged to defeat.

11. All of this information weighs heavy on me as I prepare to fly to Washington D.C. for the 11-11 Mass Meditation.

12. We will be meditating for the freedom of humanity, the expansion of its mass consciousness and the release of suppressed technologies.


F. Nov. 9 2018 3:47 am EST Whitaker is a Good Guy, Sather, Sierra: "Jordan: Whitaker is a Good Guy..." by Sierra (NZ) - 11.9.18

1. Jordan Sather's video gives a great summary of the situation post mid-terms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUolMe2Bu-M&t=8s

2. Jordan discusses Sessions (from 4' 55"):'Sessions can judge a military tribunal. He used to be a captain in the army. Can a retired US army officer be called back into action? Yes, they can, especially during a time of National Emergency which we are under...' Jeff Sessions certainly doesn't look unhappy about retiring - there are photos of him beaming as he congratulates new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

3. Jordan discusses Whitaker (from 7' 40"): 'There is a headline in a Breitbart article from two years ago, "Former US Attorney Matthew Whitaker: Enough Evidence To Have A Special Prosecutor Investigate Clinton Foundation"...Whitaker is a GOOD guy, and he is now in a crucial spot.'

4. Jordan prefers to call the cabal 'Deep Staters' rather than Democrats, and it's something to emulate especially now that the mid-terms are over. Q often says, 'They want you DIVIDED by race, gender, politics etc.'

5. Jordan advises to stay calm and centered, get grounded. He is right. We now have a few days before 11:11:11 to get centered and re-group after the election. Remember there is still PLENTY happening behind the scenes.


G. Oct. 29, 2018 11:49 pm EST JFK Jr. Grave Mistake, Q (video): (Video) JFK Jr Grave Mistake My theory on JFK Jr. and family including words to my original song. I believe the reveal is going to be at the Military Parade on Nov. 22.
H. Nov. 9 2018 12:00 am EST QAnon Mission Forward (video), Praying Medic: (Video) PrayingMedic -- QAnon November 8: Mission Forward With the midterm elections behind us, Trump's mission is moving forward.


I. Nov. 9 2018 8:29 pm EST Dangerous Tribalism of Ruling Class (video): Video) Black Pilled -- The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class


J. Nov. 9 2018 11:50 pm EST Beginning of the End, Plan Worked, X22 Report: X22 Report: Beginning of the End, Plan Worked

UK retail apocalypse deepens, US retail follows, the retail industry is imploding. UMich sentiment is declining, people are starting to realize that the economy is not what it seems. The Federal Reserve is on track to raise the rates come this Dec, in 2019 they will be raising multiple times. Saudi Arabia is now thinking about getting rid of OPEC. Is this beginning of the end of the Petrodollar.

The Florida votes are now being recounted, there seems to be a problem and their might be election fraud happening. In Texas 9 people were arrested for election fraud. Trump is continually tweeted out that signatures do not match and something is terribly wrong with our electoral process. Trump signs proclamation for asylum seekers. Deep State pushes back against the new acting AG. Q says the Swamp is fighting back, get ready for the pain. Jordan is now dismantling base camps in Syria.


K. Nov. 9 2018 11:58 pm EST Q: The World is Watching, Sierra: "Q: The World is Watching" by Sierra (NZ) - 11.9.18

1. Q post number 2462 describes the judicial process behind the scenes that will take down the Deep State: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

'...WHO WAS SESSIONS' CHIEF OF STAFF? (Matthew Whitaker)
What were the responsibilities of WHITAKER?
...Who briefed Goodlatte & Gowdy on classified intel re DOJ & FBI? (Ezra Cohen-Watnik)...

2. A Lisa Mei Crowley tweet summarizes that Q post: https://twitter.com/LisaMei62
'Sessions fired corrupt DoJ/FBI officials and hired Huber in Nov '17 to work with Horowitz team of 470 lawyers to investigate HRC (Hillary Clinton) emails, U1 (Uranium 1), CF (Clinton Foundation), FISA abuse etc. Huber and Horowitz were originally Hussein (Obama) appointees. Whitaker was 'Stealth Bomber'. ECW briefed Nunes, Goodlatte and Gowdy.'

3. It appears that Q is getting ready to change boards again on 8 Chan. It happened in early May when the Alliance plan switched gears. It seems that the Alliance is ready to switch gears again. Both times the coded Q drops featured pictures with the title 'Justice'. In May the picture was of a cannon. The latest picture is of a judge's gavel.

4. There is still a heavy military presence in the States due to violence around the election. It would not be difficult to start rounding up the Deep State criminals by stealth and ship them to GITMO. The total of indictments stands at 61,000. That is a LOT of people living in terror of what their future holds.

5. EyeTheSpy has posted several intriguing tweets about President Trump's visit to Paris, the City of Lights. 'Dark to Light': https://twitter.com/RealEyeTheSpy


6. Yes, President Trump/Q+ and the Alliance team - we, your army of Q warriors are READY! Where We Go One We Go All. Love and Light Sierra (NZ)