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Let me reiterate what I have been discussing for the past several weeks. Since it has, in a way, as I have been informed now of Bruce and Snake's comments, tied into that topic. First, there have always been activities, actions, meetings and movement occuring that are not for public consumption and are intentionally vague when a public spin is required.
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That things related to the end goal are being accomplished each and every day. Are potential "test runs" being processed through the system? Possibly. It would make since. Are financial transfers being made. That would be a necessary step. Have people been paid (have usable cash)? Of course not. Why would they with no rate change.

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58m ago
Have SKR's been issued during the past weeks, months, years? That is what we are to understand. Has there been a change in value of any currency (other than normal corrections of already traded currencies)? No. Has the Admiral collected and dispersed his funds? Not that I am aware of. Has anyone? Again, not that I am aware of.
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55m ago
To sum it up...Zim accounts processed first. Notification to all others the game is afoot via your group leaders, 800 # (still a question), site notifications, etc.
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49m ago
We are not there yet. But it's coming as Snake, Bruce, and others are hinting at. Still no date or rates.
Snake wrote 
49m ago
No one has disbursed any funds...that will only occur once the rates have been set and we are invited to schedule appointments to exchange
Snake wrote 
46m ago
Has been suggested, certain paymasters have been provided with recommended procedures they are to follow in the distribution of funds to their group members only after the rates have been finalized and then they will be given release codes to allow access to the funds to be wired into their respective group bank acccount(s)
adminbill wrote 
45m ago
In order for this monumental task to run it's course, all aspects of the process must be in place, tested, and retested. I believe we are past that point.
adminbill wrote 
44m ago
Now...if we can just get Snake to push the start button....
Snake wrote 
43m ago
Is that all its going to take? let me get right on that simple task
Avon Lady wrote 
43m ago
With everything I'm hearing AB, I feel like we are past that point.
adminbill wrote 
42m ago
Perhaps, Avon

Just4Me wrote 
37m ago
I was feeling pretty down when I saw the stock markets back up in the green again
adminbill wrote 
36m ago
There are several points of view regarding the stock market. I am not sure it matters.
Snake wrote 
40m ago
How is the PT going AB you seeing improvement?
CarolinaGirl wrote 
38m ago
Yes AB, how is the PT going?
adminbill wrote 
38m ago
I self PT Snake. I think it is going well. I have an appointment with my surgeon in an hour.
Snake wrote 
36m ago
Well take care so you can make it to the bank prayers offered to everyone we are near the end of this journey
adminbill wrote 
34m ago
Thanks everyone. And thanks to my "team" of stealth advisors, intel providers, rumor sorters and common sense friends that help me sort through the news, info and rumors every day of the week.
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32m ago
A very special thanks goes out to my wife of 45 years almost who keeps me on the right path and has done a marvelous job taking care of me…She is a Navy wife from the great state of Pennsylvania. That is all that needs to be said.

10-17-2018 OOOTAH Conf. Call w/Becky, Pastor David & Glen


Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Look at changes from Tues and what we’re about to reveal today!

  • All the way back at Wed again for they announce the new position.  Thought sooner rather than later.  ½ of people selected, waiting for names.  Banks had mtgs Wed, Thu, regional and larger mtgs.  Time frames: Sat, over the weekend, Sunday (all based what they were supposed to do.
  • Had someone go to an exchange center and talk to some people.  Saying “before the end of the month” not exact day.Depends if they do what they’re suppose to do.  Guy in Iraq says it’s been finalized and order.  All begin w Amadi submitting his gov’t for approval.  Not going to give the time frame.  As soon as “that” happened.  It’s up to Iraq.  They are supposed to do something tomorrow (Sat).  There goal is to get it done by the end of the month.
  • Sent you the link to “community projects”.  Requirements and how it’s to work.  Treasury Dept put out another article, showing bank they caught and syphoning money off to Iran.  Trying to make sure the system is ready.  Confirmation, news on the street of what I told you earlier!  If you really don’t want that contract rate, the closer we get to the Iran sanctions kick-in, the exchange rate will go up.  The price of oil will affect the rate.
  • Money sent to Banks?T/It was scheduled last Sat and wasn’t delivered, so we knew the RV didn’t go.  Enough cash for people to walk-out with cash.
  • Where did the 800# idea come from?T/got it from those trained for exchange.  Also, by a guy at the treasury dept, and bank SVP who said 5 sites would be given the #’s.
  • Does the world have to wait for RV before rest of currencies RV?T/have explained this.  IQD is the foundation.  Would have to go thru the history where countries would be reimbursed.  Use the Dinar for the foundation.  Won’t happen until that currency changes rates.
  • Will exchange info by posted on TNT?T/depends how it comes to us?  Better if it’s on their site with a link to it.
  • Did you see why the RV was shut-down?  T/I’ll put it up after this call.
  • How will verification happen if they don’t have a DelaRue Machine?  T/they will see it (books, etc), bag it, and send it our for verification.  Those with larger amounts their currency will go thru the machines.  Had a guy go thru the bank and was told it was fake.  They all have the same serial # on it along with Sadam’s (dicator) face on it!  All this time you didn’t realize it was outdated and no good.  Don’t wait until the last moment to check and on line if it’s real.
  • SoCal guy.2 thoughts; go international off the bat, or delay of 1 wk.  T/originally they wanted the first 72 hrs.  Now it’s going to go right away!  International rate.  C/how long to redeem Zim?  T/don’t know.  When it happens we’ll put the info out.  C/looks like by end of the month.  Voting on the 24th, if doesn’t pass, he has 1 more chance.  T/that’s my understanding.  If it doesn’t pass the new guy has 15 days.  It’s going to pass Wed or before!
  • Gman from PA.www.tntsuperfantastic.com  Donate button.  Raymond Renfro, PO Box 1748 Elm City, NC 27822.
  • 281/ Tweet today.  T/ I told you the projects would be humanitarian and state projects.  C/do you believe DC will stop it this time?  T/held back for protections wanted to put in place.  Info they’re putting out suggests they are ready to go.  As far as the vote, in Iraq changed “tomorrow” to next “Wed”.  The last time had something to do with banking.
  • C/hope we’ll be prosperous this weekend.  T/don’t think this weekend, there is a schedule.
  • 754/ Do you think they are trying to lessen the number of people?Why Kuwait did
  • Kuwait pays all of their people.  Their workforce is imported!  When they (Kuwait) revalued their currency, all their servants became rich and walked-off the job.  Servants bought currency before it happened.Iraq is going to pay citizens from oil.  They wanted their citizens to know but now their work force.  They are publicizing what they’re trying to do.  Not trying to hide it.  C/concern if legitimate currency?  T/I can’t guarantee it either way.  Went to CU on military base then tried to buy furniture.  Discovered he was given counterfeit currency.  Took it back to the CU and asked for correct currency.  C/Can I exchange a few bills then go back for contract rate later?  T/1st, 2nd, 3rdmouse scenario.
  • 281/TX Bus lady. Pls explain program shared about helping US cities.  T/fed govt has tax deferment program to help build cities in need.  Interest on your projects.  Told in advance!C/good time for them to release this info?  T/yes, people w money now will have a place to put it!  Say it’s part of admin tax plan.  A bunch of people will now have money to get involved.  Go back thru your plan, item by item.  Now start thinking about what do I do with these dollars?  Hit the ground moving.
  • Tony/got to go!  5 texts during the call.Start time.  Who they’re waiting on to release it.  Time frame.  Go back thru this weekend and go thru what you’re going to do with dollars.  We don’t know what day they are going to take the vote.  When they do vote, right after that, everyone is at the starting line ready to go.  Will see it by the end of the month as long as the vote goes through!

Ray: We’ve been doing this, this long, and you’ve been waiting.  What do you think it will be like when the light changes and we can go?  Patience is a virtue.  Be in there quick if you’re going for the contract rates, wait if you’re not!


Article: “Indicators of improvement and realistic stability Mohammed Hassan Al Mousawi” Quote: “Financial indicator: The deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency evidence of the strength of the Iraqi dinar exchange and return to the predecessor of his reign.” [This ENTIRE  article is telling us ALL the accomplishments that Iraq HAS ACHIEVED!! IMO…all past tense!] I DID READ IT AN ARABIC … YES THIS MAN SAYING IT’S DONE.


Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s get into where we are. Today was one of those days when Intel kept coming in and coming in and things were coming together for us. There are two major issues, two main things that happened today that are big time important for us. 

I wanted tonight to be sort of a review call. I am going to give you some of this Intel and then I am going to review for you some of the things that maybe we need a little refresher on in terms of the procedures, protocols, going forth through the exchange process.  I am not going to drag it out.  

I will try to do it one thing at a time. We may have some new people on the Big Call.  We may have some people that have come back to the call and have not heard what is going on for quite awhile. Whichever it is, I will try to give you a little refresher.

Bruce:  Before we go into that I want everybody to realize that we are in a situation where you remember on Tuesday President Trump had given Iraq through Abadi a 48 hour period to get everything done that Iraq needed to do.

They got that done within an hour or so of the 48 hour window. So they did comply what the President asked them to do.   Then we find that okay where we are and you know what I am saying. There always seemingly something that is yet to be done or completed, or whatever, but things are definitely moving into the right direction.

Bruce:  I believe I told you about all the money moving from the Treasury to Tier 1Banks and even filtering down into Tier 2 Banks. Remember me telling you on Sunday at 5pm we had tranches going to all 5 Tier 1 Banks total of 250 Quadrillion dollars every hour on the hour for the next 8 days. This was a way to begin to super hydrating the banks for liquidity for our exchanges and for our Zim redemptions.

Why do I say Zim redemption? I say Zim redemptions because the Zim notes we have are bonds that are backed by gold and that are redeemable. That is what we are going to do is redeem those bonds.  The other currencies we will exchange. I make a slight distinction between those two
Bruce:  Here is the other part that is interesting about Iraq. So we are finding out yesterday afternoon that there is an individual that is super wealthy out of Jordan and he is a Money Services Business, MSB, that is based in Iraq. This was being used to funnel monies through this operation to fund ISIS, to fund terrorism. I normally do not get into this type of stuff with you guys.  All I am going to tell you is here this was a major issued that needed to be solved before

we went, before Iraq did their thing, changed their rate, revalued their dinar and put it out for people can see it where it was internationally known.  Now since then, I believe, they handled that with the freezing of accounts and that type of thing. I believe they have gotten certain operations to relieve that situation since then.  Those were going to wrap up at 5 EST or 6 EST time today.  So it is a very recent event that needed to be handled. Thank goodness it was a multi country collateral effort to get that done and it was.

Bruce:  The other thing that is major news today is the impact that Neil Kennan has had on the world’s management of gold. This individual is also now known as M-1 when it comes to the gold supply around the world. He is situated with essentially managing the world’s gold. The gold that is in Indonesian which is absolutely amazing.

We are talking about King Solomon’s Gold.  That gold is way more than we ever were led to believe exists on this earth.  Not even close what we think we know. There is so much wealth. That gold is which is used to back up these currencies and to back these exchanges and back all the new gold back money that is coming out.

Bruce:  What Neil did which is 4am EST overnight, he signed off all the paperwork that gave him the responsibility to take over as Trustee over all these gold assets. Then today at 3:08:19 EST he did an announcement that explained sort of what he was doing and what it meant for the world in the assets back currencies.   

At the time of his announcement at 3:09:19 EST today 80% of the gold had been repatriated to the various countries where it belonged. Some of it had been hidden. Some of it had been stolen. Some of it had been lost.  80% was put back in place. The remaining 20% Neil was in charge of restoring, repatriating to the proper countries, and he was to do that in the next 6 hours which would take us up to about the time of this call now.

Somewhere in this time frame between now and midnight those gold stores should be repatriated and back in place.  

Bruce:  The gold is there to back the currency of those 6 currencies that we have including the Zim bonds also that will be in the first offering. So they are all now completely asset backed. Our USD is also now gold backed and we call it USTN, United States Treasury Note.  Every few people call it that. Most people call it USN.

I been told the new term is on this call is United States Treasury Note, USTN.  There are some other things that have happened to solidified the banking system and make it more transparent, take a certain organization that we all heard of out of the loop, and you know what I am talking about if you have paid attention.

Bruce:  Things that needed to happen in order are happening in that order now. When Neil Kennan did on his announcement today happened at the proper time. What you and I see is the big picture. We see pieces of the picture. We see pieces of the puzzle, but we do not see that 1000 piece puzzle all at once as a picture.

We see pieces and we try to see the whole puzzle as best we can. It is difficult, but we do the best we can and we try to piece the pieces you don’t know about I try to bring to you on this call.

Bruce:  We heard as a result of what Neil Kennan did as a result of his announcement today that real money which I take to mean real gold back USTN money started flowing out of Big R out west today at about 2:30 EST .  That would have been before lunchtime out west. That started to happening, and I think that is a very good sign.  

Some things were definitely triggered by what happened with the signing of these gold agreements last night and today during this announcement.  There was supposed to be two or maybe three announcements we might find out about tonight.  I don’t know if we have yet if they are not crucial.  We know one of them was HSBC contacting the banks giving them an update what the GO time is. I am going to tell you that according to what we are hearing, we are very close.

Bruce:  Let’s talk about rates. Rates were back up on the screens at 1208 pm and 1210 pm on another bank, 1218 pm on another bank, and 1228 pm at another bank. You say why didn’t they come out at the same time? They were staggered on purpose as each one of those major banking institutions were being synced with the QFS System, with the new rates.

They were there solid on the front screens for as long as 34 minutes, the longest. Then they went to flashing which means further adjustments, further increase movement in the rates themselves.  I don’t know exactly what they are right now. I have an idea what they might be. I can tell you they are moving in the right direction for us.  

You shouldn’t even be thinking about rates. You shouldn’t be concerned what they are because they are going to be even higher than what we thought they would be. They are really good.  So do not sweat the rates.

Bruce:  Things are happening behind the scenes in other countries too. Happening because there is a certain amount of cleanup on Aisle 3 that needs to be done.  It is being done in a methodical and efficient way but in a very efficient way to get some things cleaned up, and it is all for our benefit.  This wait will be worth it for us.

So we have those two major things that had to be dealt with today. They are both very important.  They are very good.  Then we have major activity that started out west.  We have rates showing up on the front screens then continuing to flash, flicker and be intermittently come up and go back to flashing. That is the mode we are in now.

Bruce:  Then we got the statement of me being notified to put the number out for the Tier 4 Group B, Internet Group. I am being told this will be a daytime event, a morning event. I think that means if something was to happen at 2 or 3am in the morning they would contact me at a more reasonable time in the morning than 3 or 4 in the morning because they realize everybody is asleep or trying to be. They realize there is probably an optimal time to bring this out.

Bruce:  The other thing is that is important about this that may play into this is that the banks in Hawaii are supposed to be closed for the GCR to recharge shores. That means midnight on the East Coast when Hawaii is closed. That tells me anything can happen after midnight.
Really that is about as close as I can tell you that we are to this happening.

I can tell you there is a tentatively a time they are looking to bring this out.  They maybe they are waiting for all the banks across this country to be open which would include California. That is 9am. They maybe waiting for that to occur. That is a fair start. That is my opinion.  That maybe the case. It might not be. Just some heads up.

Review of the Exchange or Redeeming Process

Bruce:  First of all bring your currencies to the Center as a Professional Manner.  All your currencies should be in order, counted with the total of each currency so you know what you have. Go in with two printed copies of the information of what you have, one for you and one for them. So they know and you know what you have when you hand over my currency. There won’t be any discrepancies.  You counted it as best you could, and they will count it professionally with the proper machine.  They will probably run it once or twice to make sure their totals are right.  That will be a step of the process

Bruce: It is about a 6 or 7 step process when you go into the Redemption Center or Exchange location.  You will need to identify yourself with a Drivers License, Passport, Sam’s card, student or Government ID. If you got one or two picture ID it be good. You will bring in a utility bill in your name that shows where you live, a physical address so they know you are a real person. 

Bruce:  When you call to set your appointment when you get that toll free number that we set out on our websites or on another site in the community, when you call each state has their own call center, but I will have the Universal number.

That is the one number for the United States. You will dial it and it will trigger and connect you to one of these call centers in the various states. When you call and you are asked what currency you have, you tell them you have Zimbabwe bonds, and then the other currencies of the six which may also include the Iranian Rial. That is quite late entry in the offering. Keep that in mind if you have it, bring it. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Bruce:  So you have identified who you are, and if you are a Zim holder and you tell them, they are already starting to run you down based on the information you have given them. You do not give them your Social Security Number over the phone or any of that noise, but you have given them basic information over the phone where they start doing the background check. They are doing your background check. They have done a lot of the background checks on a lot of people already that haven’t gone in yet.

Bruce:  They will be tracking you especially if you are a Zim holder from your house to the Redemption Center with GPS. So they will be tracking you and making sure you get there and no one is monkeys with you, and everything is cool. You are secure and safe, and you get started.  By the way remember to smile and look in them in the eye. Look at the people in the eye. Make the connection, make contact with them visually.  

Do not look down with hands in pockets, none of that stuff. This is your gig. This is the big time. You will come in smiling, happy, content, and centered and ready to give them what they want to know.

Bruce:  So you make it from that position to the Currency verification point. I do not know if they are talking rates at this point, but they will be looking to verify and count each of your currencies.  They do that. My way of thinking they go from that to the rate table.  You literally maybe sitting at one table when you get there or desk and they change the people coming to you so you stay put and another person comes and helps you with the identifying the currency and the next one is the rates you are looking for.

You guys know there is affront screen rate and then there is a back screen rate. Some people call it a grey screen rate. Those back screen rates are important if you are looking to do something Humanitarian wise, humanitarian projects.

Bruce:  You know we plan on doing two major projects: Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network. Those two will dovetail and cross over Rebuild America and VRN. I am going to ask you on Rebuild America this is a project that will allow you to do in your cities, towns, or communities that many of us will do in various parts of this country. I want 5,000 people minimum that are listening to the Big Call.

If you are not interested or don’t care, then do not do it. Believe me we will do it without you, but if you want to be part of something greater than yourself and you want to create a legacy for yourself, then what you want to do is participate and take this town, this city, this community and help rebuild them.

It doesn’t have to be because it was devastated by a hurricane. It could be a situation like Baltimore, Akron, OH. It could be any place. There are all kinds of places in this country that can use some help.   What we are going to do is try to rebuild.

Bruce:  I have been told we do not have to worry about infrastructure in terms of roads and bridges, and maybe not internet and cabling. Let me stop here and say Mr. President and Administration that listens to the Big Call, haven’t you guys thought much about recabling as we are doing in Puerto Rico, have you thought long and hard about insulating cabling that goes underground for electric, internet that has a caviler shielding that would prevent EMPs messing with those wires, would not fire those.  

I know it is out there, it exists. It would be a great way to do underground cabling everywhere. I know it will take time. We got time. We not have too much time, but let’s get it in case there is a solar flash that sort of thing that would set off an EMP.  Can’t we be pro active like President Trump. He is doing what he said he would do. Let’s jump on that bandwagon. Let’s be pro active and make some changes while we have the time and while we have the resources to do it.

Bruce:  Once you are in the Redemption Center and going through these various stages, you will get to the point you are negotiating your rate. This is where the rates are so good on the front screens you don’t have to negotiate a thing. If you want you have that ability. Our Internet Group is the group that has been told they will get the highest rates. Period, End of story. I think it is because they know we are informed.

They know I have been trying to get the information out there about projects, humanitarian projects. We have a big one called Rebuild America. We are not stopping with the US. We are starting with the US and then we are going beyond that into the other countries, Central and South America, Mexico, and then all over. We will rebuild housing, residential housing, schools, additions to schools, recreation centers, clinics, a lot of stuff. I am going to do community gardens, and food domes.

Bruce:  I tell you if you want to do something like that and negotiate a higher rate tell them you are joining with the group from the Big Call. I am going to try to ask 5,000 people so we can make a difference in all 50 states and have an average of 100 cities, towns, and communities per state. I think if we got that 100 per state we would make a pretty good dent in rebuilding America. We could have less or more than 5,000 people.

This is the kind of thing that will catch fire. It will. I am not looking for it to come out tomorrow. I am not looking to start this like next week. We have planning to do. WE have a lot we are working on already and we have a lot to do, and you guys who want to be part of it stay in tune with us.

Countries Around The World Are Already Transitioning Their Economies - E...


[hoot2602] JESTER have u seen any more signs of progress towards the rv?

[MotoXR] JESTER Did I miss what you wanted to tell us last Sunday? If so. Ill read it later



[MotoXR] JESTER From county to country?




[MotoXR] JESTER Iv'e read that $$ or gold is being transferred from country to counrty and goes back to the WW2 days of what was stolen, taken and not returned, That stuff?



[diditrvyeet] JESTER when you say the currencies all being moved around..can you expound on that, what does that mean


[Mari] Jester, did you post an article on Facebook regarding the quantum Financial system



[MotoXR] JESTER Perhaps the death of Central banking having control over the system. Did it not need to fault before we moved forward?


[MotoXR] JESTER Possible that they are adjusting for the SDR basket worths of ea. country done behind the scenes?


[MotoXR] JESTER As long as your people still believe we are on tract, It still sounds promising.( I'm glad you have peoples, i don't) lol



GCR/RV Highlights

Friday Morning:

China is quite upset at the USA for not releasing the RV yet. There were rumors that China had taken control of the release back to themselves, but that does not appear now to be the case. China has until 12 November to complete all the preparations for releasing their gold backed yuan, and they expected to have much more time than they now are being allotted.

If you are prepared at your exchange, all things can be negotiated. If you are upset, belligerent, emotional, you will not receive what you want. 90% of people going to exchange will accept the benefits packages offered by the bank. Only a few will negotiate something that was not initially offered.

Friday Evening:

 we are ready to change into the actual exchange portion of the RV/GCR. This is likely to occur this weekend, with liquidity by Monday. PREPARE AS IF MONDAY IS THE BEGINNING OF THE RV.


Contributed from a member.........

As I was completing some banking transactions on Friday evening, I inquired about the Iraqi Dinar. The teller checked the rate and was surprised to see it at $1.XXX and she called on another bank employee with more experience to observe and check her screens. The second bank employee was equally surprised at the rate seen and the dollar amount of my intended exchange process.

Due to the large transaction amount, the manager was called over (as a third eye) and to confirm the exchange process. All would have been "a GO" except the bank person stated that due to my volume, I could get a higher rate but, since they were near closing,

I would have to wait until Monday to learn the higher rate, and I agreed to come back on Monday for those results. There was not enough time left to get in a "leverage" opportunity, it was closing time for the bank and they were ready to go home! LOL

I'll return on Monday and report on my results.



(Frank26) We now walk into a completely separate Conference Call. On Wednesday’s I guess I’ll start calling it Dessert. Many of your are with me in the study of currencies around the world, especially one of them, the Iraqi currency. And as you know, we talked to you a couple of days ago.

You saw the article that told about the Symposium, that was being held by Mousawi, one of the well trusted economists in Iraq. They were having the Symposium at a University where there were hundreds of students.

And they were talking about the Iraqi Currency. And I want to clarify to you, very clearly, they were not talking about the Small New Category currency with the Fils… that are soon to come out in article 2.

What they were talked to them about is the currency they are distributing right now. We call it the Lower Denoms. The ones with the 3-zeros; the 250, the 500, the 1000, and so forth. And they were explaining to them, why they’re doing this. When the Symposium was complete. 

Hold on a second. I’m kinda curious. “Hey Tink, how many people are with us right now?” Hmm. Interesting. Alrighty.

Then I will talk and tell you that when the Symposium was over with, they opened it up to Questions and Answers. The Questions and Answers were not there with the Media. It wasn’t for the Media. It was for all of those that were attending. There were hundreds of students. The young generation of Iraq.

Plus, my friend Walkingstick’s firm. The Members of his Firm that own banks. Remember? All those men. I don’t know if there were any ladies, but let’s just say all those people that represent the ownership of the banks with my friend’s company, with their firm in Iraq. I will also say there were other. There were hundreds of student. My friend’s bank owners. And others. And I am not privy to tell you who else was there. 

What they did was they opened it up to a Question and Answer period. And they asked point blank questions.

When it came time for my friend Walkingstick’s firm to ask questions, well, there was not mistake in the questions. And the reason why is because these are Bank Owners, who have been told about the New Small Category Denomination that is supposed to be coming out along with the Fils. SOON.

And it’s not like they wanted to know “Are you going to do this?” No. Not at all. In fact, if anything, they were bored. They only wanted one question answered. When? When, are you going to release the Small Category Notes with the Fils, that you told us about?

Now when it comes time to answering questions, like from Mousawi, a well trusted and respected man, that has worked with the CBI for many years, he has to be very careful how he answers the questions.

Why? Because the whole Monetary Reform, the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar, is well calculated.

Come with me, as I take you through just a very small example, of what happened Monday night, that went on for hours.

Mousawi, we represent our banks here, with such and such firm, our companies, and we’d like to ask you a few questions.

Yes. Please. Go right ahead.

When will the Small Category Notes, that you’ve been telling us about, along with the Metals, Fils, for the Monetary Reform come out?

Now the interesting thing is that question became the pattern to answer the same way with almost every question that was presented to them.

They responded by telling my friends firm, bank owners, that the process…”That process” that you ask about, is “on-going” with the CBI. It is in motion right now.

That’s very good. And when do you think these Small Category Notes with the Metals, for the Fils, when do you think they are going to be coming out?

By they way, this call is in my opinion. The answers that I’m repeating are paraphrase to the best of my ability.

He responded in a sense by saying:

We are in the education process, as we told you. And that education process continues with Alaq. And we have every intention to reform our currency, as we told you.

And then when it came time, talking about the Fils, he once again used that same format, of the first question asked of him, by saying that as far as the coins of the Monetary Reform, it’s definitely in process. And it has well progressed. 

You’re curious aren’t you family? And wouldn’t you have started out with that same question yourself?

Here’s another question that my bank friends asked:

Your intentions to reinstate the currency.. is this correct? You are going to reinstate your currency?

To which Mousawi said: We are a proud people. (Notice the political tone). We are a proud people. Iraq is a Sovereign people. And we are to have a sovereign currency.

Now family, look at your notes from Monday. Doesn’t that sound word for word what we told you? A Sovereign Currency for a Sovereign Country.

We are Sovereign as a people, and we are going to have a Sovereign currency, and yes! We most definitely plan to be international. Yes! We are working with Alaq to do this… SOON.

When I read that in the report SOON, I put a M next to the N, I made it SOOM. For you Old Timers at KTFA, you can laugh at that can’t you? How ‘bout a third question before I leave you?

Sir, okay. Thank you for answering our first two questions. I’m glad it’s still on-going. I’m glad you’re going to be proud of your currency. I’m glad Alaq is working with ya. I’m glad you’re going to be International.

But, if I may ask a third question: What is the value of the currency going to be?

Oh Snap! Oh Snap!

That’s my kind of question. Actually, all three of these are my kind of questions. Is it your kind of question family?

Nobody knows the date. Nobody knows the value. And when he answered the question, he continued with the same format by saying the following, as well paraphrased as I can with my notes. You see these questions are asked and they are written down in a note form, and then the note forms are sent to Walkingstick; and then he puts the report out, and he gives it to me.

What is the value of the currency going to be?

Well, we are undervalue with our currency right now. It is not the true value of the dinar. We should equal the US dollar.

Actually the note here says: We should be US Dollar.

But the proper translation is: We should equal the US dollar. You’ve seen in the articles.

I’m not going to give you anymore questions family. I’m not going to give you anymore answers. I’m going to wait until Monday. But I want you to notice something in these first three questions. Are these not the kind of questions you would ask?

The bank owners from my friend’s firm know darn well, that the Monetary Reform is in action… is moving forward. They know that.

Notice all of these first three questions didn’t even ask if you’re doing it. They went straight pinpoint: When are you doing what you told us you are doing? And for how much?

Please notice that there is no denial of the Monetary Reform and the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. And please notice that the ADMISSION. Notice the ADMISSION! that it is in progress right now and SOON… to be released.

These questions also by the way have to be asked in a proper manner. Believe it or not, there is a format. There is a way that these questions have to be asked in a continuing certain manner without offering insult to the person that’s going to answer them.

Because, if you push it too hard, you’re not going to get an answer, in fact you probably would get a misleading answer.

Let me give you an example. Here is a fourth question:

Mousawi, what about the on-going training for the Iraqi Currency? You know the Lower Denoms, you know the 250, 500, and so-forth. I mean, in other words, when are we going to see Article 2? The answer was very short

Classes to begin.

Now that’s short, but it is extremely direct. That was a good answer.

They answered the questions the best as they could. As long as the questions were asked in the best manner that they could.

But here’s another key for you to really think about. Remember I told you they took the articles - the escorted articles for article # 2 - and they converted it into the video, to reach the rural areas, looking directly into the camera and saying “Yeah. We’re doing this.”

Well… I want you to think seriously about this:

They answered the questions, at least four that I’ve given you so far, the best that they could. And it was nice to hear a voice, behind all of the recent escorting articles from the CBI, that have been clearly stating that the education of the Monetary Reform is alive and in progress. This is a hot topic.

It’s a very hot topic. In fact, after the Symposium, Mousawi was surrounded by many people. He had a big crowd around him.

May I also say that Mousawi is now going to be, imo, this favorite economic person, that has been in favor of the reforms, been working with the CBI, been the voice of the CBI to the citizens, and part of their education. May I now say imo he will be sitting on the Board Of Directors of the CBI.IQ

Why? Because as I told you on Monday’s Conference Call, Mahdi will surround himself with the right people that he needs to get the job done.

Yes. They talk about maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday, to sit the government. But they won’t. Now don’t get depressed about that. What does that have to do with the Monetary Reform? It would be nice to have it. But look, go back to the days of Maliki. Go back to the days of Abadi?

Did you ever see a fully seated government? No. Fascinating isn’t it? Do you expect Mahdi to give you a fully seated Government too? In my opinion, Noooo. Why? What Cha doing Monday? That would be a long lecture to help you understand that. But know this, Saleh is the new President of the Republic! What happened to Alawi? One President. What happened to Najafi. Another President. What happened to Maliki? The other President.

Hey Alawi, Najafi, Maliki?


I’d like to make you an offer that you can’t refuse.


Um, you guys should retire.


You guys should retire from the government of Iraq.

We don’t want to.

Well, we’re gonna force you guys to retire. If not, look at this…….

Okay. Okay. We retire. We retire. But who’s gonna be the President? We the three Presidents! Who’s gonna be the President?

Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered, Salih…

Fine. Okay we leave. We want to keep our heads on our shoulders. We leave. Bye-bye

Alawi, Najafi, Maliki, yeah, we’re forcing you to retire but we’d like to add one more caveat to that.


We’re forcing you to retire with no benefits.

No benefits? No immunity? No nothing?

Nothing. What goes around comes around sucker. In the meantime….

GE how’s your stock?

President Donald Trump told Iraq, you give GE, you give Siemen contracts. Do you understand this? Trump basically threw the American troops, that have given their lives to FREE Iraq in the last 10 years, into the face of Iraq!

Iraq gave GE (which is more important to us) and gave to Siemen these contracts, worth BILLIONS. $15 Billion, in fact.

Wall Street went crazy today. Because of what GE received.

And because of Trump’s statement to Iraq: Give GE contracts! You owe us a lot!

Don’t you love a return for your money family?

I should stop I guess, but… I have fun talking to ya.

Can I tell you one more thing. In my opinion family. WINK. WINK.

In my opinion family… Mahdi may resign before the GOI is even seated. I mean he might, he might not, it’s just my opinion. You know why it’s my opinion? Because it’s a rumor in Iraq. He’ll just walk away. The opposition must not make his job a pain in the donkey! Let him seat his government, partially or fully, as those that were the CORRUPT - the three that we just spoke about - are forced to retire.

Security and Stability — LINED WITH GOLD!

Yes my friend’s firm asked many questions. And there are many questions. And maybe by next Monday, we might consider sharing that information with you. It wasn’t just the students. There were many more in attendance. This information is already out. When the media will release it, I don’t know.

And by the way, you know what else was at that meeting at the Symposium? Billboards. Really? And white Board Screens. Really? And overheads, showing the Lower Denoms that are being released right now to replace the worn and torn lower Denoms.

Okay. That’s enough. It’s getting late. But I want you to remember, what we taught you on our Conference Calls.

You have to understand: Currency, Coins, Metals, Fils.

And you have to understand the difference between the Lower Denoms and the New Small Category Notes, and the Fils that will accompany them. If not… you will be lost.

And, I’m seeing a lot of people posting on our forum, that are lost.

Thank you for coming tonight.

There will not be a Friday Team Chat. I will be with you on Saturday for our Team Chat. And I will be with everyone else on Monday for our Monday Conference Call.

I thank God, in the manner that we started this call, that we end it by thanking our Heavenly Father for protecting us and surrounding us and being with us tonight.

God bless you KTFA-KONA, that I love so much.