Thursday, October 18, 2018


Greetings all. 

I noticed Ron had mentioned in last post that no phasing out etc of the AA series ZIM some of us hold. 

I have read different opinions on the different series over my journey here. 

So I have both AA and AB ZIM and different years of issue. 

and just want some clarity on what if any will not be accepted. 



Bren, I have heard that all denominations of Zim will be accepted but since you ask about the Series that are included, I thought it would be good to check for posted information. The post below is what I found through the search engine, and it mentions that Series AA, AB, and AC were printed in that same time period. The post does not indicate that only Series AA is acceptable now, so I consider that as an affirmative for accepting all Series. I had not read this post before, and it is also an excellent History lesson. It gives you a sense of just how fortunate we are to learn of this opportunity!

Oootah's Call Zimbabwe Info/Intel Notes 2-3-18

Grateful Gal


GCR/RV Highlights

Tuesday Afternoon:

 Sources say that it is time to switch to the next phase of the GCR, which is the exchange itself. We expect funding this week, still.

PHILIP TILTON says that POTUS has announced that the UST/N will be gold backed as of midnight last night. No confirmation of his report can be found.

Bruce on the BIG Call: We are coming up on it. I would say the intention is for this to go down in the next two to two and half days. Iraq will be celebrating the later part of this week.

Massive amounts of the new USTN were transferred into the big 5 US Banks; $250 quadrillion PER HOUR for the next 8 days!

Tuesday Evening:

 we are ready to change into the actual exchange portion of the rv/gcr. This is likely to occur tonight or tomorrow. The last few series of sting operations are being fielded.

Please watch We Are The Plan, a new video just released today! It will get your juices flowing!

Trusts Unlimited Conference Call



Article: “OPEC Secretary General calls on oil producing countries to increase production” It was not too long ago that the “Oil and Petroleum Exporting Countries” came to an agreement (unanimous, if I recall correctly) to work together on regulating the production of oil, as a sort of “emergency” measure to keep the markets under control in some uncertain times. They all agreed to control their production. They made a big deal out of it.  Iraq’s position in this agreement is HUGE… mostly because they are barely even mentioned in all 39 of those pages!!!

Walkingstick - IQD is Going International! ,18 OCT

A Sovereign Currency for a Sovereign Country…When a Governor puts a signature on currency it’s because preparing to leave and go International / Global markets…Table has turned… CBI saying we are getting it Done! So much in place …Very impressive…GOI tipped their hat by supporting Alak’s signature…GOI is saying currency is going international…IQD is going to change the face of the global market, because of a Basket!

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Dozen"", 18 OCT


I wish it was different.

Wish I could go back to 2006, turn off the little voice in my heart that said, “It’s all going to come crashing down, be ready.”

I was walking my dog and remember it clearly. It stopped me cold and changed my life direction.

My sacred covenant was revealed. A servants life.

Know that I’ve was stopped again recently, but this time my heart voice said, “It’s all going to come crashing down, and there’s nothing more you can do.”

Lots happened in those dozen years. Lots of highs, lots of lows, lots of surprises, lots of loss, lots of gains.

It all went so damn quick.

Whenever you got turned onto this truth, the cabal, fiat money, the Fed, alien agendas, Zimbabwe, memory foam pillows… know you had from that moment up until now to get ready.

Are you? Ready? Because there’s nothing more you can do. Nothing more any of us can do.

What’s done is done. Finis.

Zimbabwe is now finalizing preparations for in-taking bond notes, globally.

A 1:1 conversion rate at face value is what HSBC will offer, guaranteed by 54 African counties via Afreximbank headquarters in Egypt, which will also offer structured investments ranging from 7-10% annually depending on term length.

Basically, Afreximbank is allowing for re-investment back into a swath of African sovereign bonds which will go to building those same 54 nations.

Kinda makes sense. They give you the money, then you give it right back as they pay you a small percentage every year thereafter.

Spends the same.

Think about it, who else but the entire continent of Africa could offer such investment options against such massive cash deposits?

No wonder the western world fought so despicably hard, instigated 9/11, all to keep African mineral wealth out of the global financial system.

Thank Christ they failed.

Yet as this blessing now openly rolls out, Trump is also finalizing his preparations for leave office by firing Mueller and starting a shut storm before the mid-terms... which will trigger a Red Wave at the polls in a few weeks.

Trump will kill Democracy and the Democratic Party. America will be a center-right nation’s, as will all others.

And he’ll do his final part before Obama’s guy can release his damning report, which will come out after the mid-terms and drive the media narrative for months.

Notice how the news is trending this way now. As the media is fully complicit in helping set up the Orange Stain’s removal.

Because if you’ll recall, on October 20, 1973, Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox was fired by the then head of the Department of Justice Robert Bork.

That event was called the "Saturday Night Massacre" as many of you know, even lived through. And this Saturday is also October 20th… 16 days before the mid-term elections.

Normally I would let such a day come and go, but given that both Cox and Muller were hired on the same day, May 17th, so it stands to reason they will both be fired on the same day as well.

The question now remains will the firing of Mueller before the mid-terms be enough cover for the RV? Enough cover for Zimbabwe to demonetize all their bond notes from both 2008 and 2016?

Is this the coordinated end game, whereby the mid-terms, RV, and penalty to the cabal's corporations via financial collapse come Monday morning really all fall on the same day?

We shall see.

Because I can promise all reading this all three events are coming. Wipeout blessings and burdens. Equal in force. Dynamic in result. And energetically all consuming even devastating depending on which way your soul leans.

Life or death.

But your existing life, whatever that is, wherever you are, however long you’ve been living it and whatever you’ve done... will come to end.

There just won’t be a reason for it anymore post RV. And trying to drag part of it into your new life is foolhardy. Most reading this will need to learn that lesson on their own—white, black, brown, yellow and red—massive changes to your world are non-negotiable.

Best to leave that job you got for profit, and fast.

And that house you now live in, give it away.

The car you drive... leave the key fob and walk away.

Because how you travel, here you vacation, what you eat, your lifestyle and exercise habits will all change.

So 86 them all before them hinder your ascension.

Everything will change because everything has already changed. And personal opinions of timing and pace are relevant to cosmic adjusters.

Thus, as you’re rising to new heights, do understand that the rest of the world is unawakened, and will begin a decline at an equal speed.

Friends, family, community leaders, celebrities… will all die a slow and ignorant death.

Sorry, it’s true. Search your heart. Few will come with you. As most have mercifully already left.

Accelerated by their own anger, obstruction and denial of changes long implemented.

You might humor a few of them initially, but that won’t last long. It’s inefficient. Ultimately you’ll let all go who aren’t servants at heart.

And the hardest hit will be the white race, men especially, Baby Boomers specifically.

They just won’t adapt. They can’t. Their rule has ended and there’s no other option but surrender.

Ego will destroy them.

Yeah their might be an exception here and there, but exceptions are not common and that’s why their exceptions.

White America, White Europe, White Britain, White Canada, White Australia, White Israel, Saudi Arabia (White controlled)… have all been isolated in every imaginable way, so that when their shared economic collapse happens, the contagion will be quarantined to just them.

Amglo-Saxon diplomatic power has been reduced already, as have their currencies, which will fall drastically, forcing their populations to suffer like third world nations.

This deeply saddens me, as I tried to awaken as many as I could. All colors. We all did.

And we tried to explain about the coming changes, but now things have already changed and we are becoming voiceless. Invisible. Still human yes, but everyday more quietly angelic.

Eventually our energy will balance out, but transition we must.

Human Angels must live wings out. And it’s time to fly free.

We will all need to shift from search and rescue to recovery during this disaster. And it will be a disaster folks. Unavoidable. Mandated by universal law.

The worst sinners must be taught the deepest lessons, and it must be enforced. Which means struggle. Pain.

Yes, the white race will be made an example of what not to do when gifted ultimate power. And yes Trump is their trojan horse, who’s personal sins will now be revealed for its horrific truths.

What will the whiskey tangos do in fly over states?

So to will Saudi Arabia’s House of Saud, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Britain’s House of Lords… well, you get the point. All Anglo-Saxon criminals will be on full display for all humanity to review.

Everything is coming out. On everyone. Visible. Prosecuted on an international stage.

The light must now shine bright upon the truth, as all lies fade into the darkness.

Yet I’m pale white. And most of my family, friends, community… have rejected me for being too radical… too harsh… too intense… too me.

Sound familiar?

But I’m also male. Borderline Baby Boomer. And so is much of my family. I doubt most will come with me on a servants path even after the Zim is proven invaluable.

Thus, I will continue to be made to suffer for the sins of my ancestors post RV. Just as much as I was made to know I would receive infinite wealth to heal the soul of the world pre RV.

Duality is brutal. Confusing times for old Yosef. Polar opposite energies by intelligent design sure, but it’s ripping me apart.

That’s why I’m sad here at the end. Because this blessing is really here and whatever I put in I know I will get out. We all will. But the journey doesn’t end—it just changed form.

The duality of Heaven and Hell occupying the same dimensional space is undeniable, as it’s easy to spot both realities now, ascending and descending realities, equally playing out.

I see it ripping the world apart. As it must. But I've accepted this truth recently, didn’t always.

What choice do we have? What is is.

So in review, if you have or haven’t prepared, that’s completely on you. Your redemption amount is your responsibility.

Truthful information was provided for you pre-RV first by Dr. WC then by me.

Those who are destined to survive will lead, as they became ready through consistent effort and raw courage.

They will live large as Human Angels and do great things. Wonderful. Enjoy.

And those who choose to ignore the GESARA mandates, and the suffering cries made by billions of people of color, will be dead on arrival. That’s their destiny. Just as absolute.

Sobeit. Beitso.

Talk about natural selection naturally selecting winners and losers with no middle ground.

Yeah, these last dozen years were rough… but it’s now ok to imagine what life will be like these next twelve.

Maybe it’s not so ironic that I was born on 12-12.

God is with us


I assure you nothing is going to happen with the dinar until the government is formed and parliament passes the necessary delinquent laws. I also expect the IMF to meet with the CBI. I have said on numerous occasions IMF Article VIII is critical to opening Iraq’s banking to the world’s Financial system. I don’t see that happening until after the IMF meets with the CBI to have their Article IV Consultation which has been postponed til the formation of the gov.