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Ray: . . .Quite a few updates went out over the weekend.


Saturday, Oct. 13th

On the Iraqi TV news, Prime Minister-Designate Madhi was stating that his cabinet will be selected and in place within the next 10 days. Parliament held its meeting today and announced the names of all of the new committees. #wearethepeople

Sunday, Oct. 14th

The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Jalal al-Din al-Saghir, stated that Prime Minister-Designate Adel Abdul-Madhi will present his cabinet on the second day after the visit of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. [Now, let’s determine when that takes place] #wearethepeople

Monday, Oct. 15th

On Sunday, Iraqi TV reported that several members of Parliament are planning to refuse some of the names already submitted by Mahdi. If they do, the Prime Minister-Designate will have 30 days to get those names replaced. #wearethepeople

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! The only thing I”m not sure about, is giving him an additional thirty days. Not sure about that part to replace the names they don’t like.

Articles out this morning saying they would let him pick 50% of the people himself. Earlier said he could pick them all and no pressure on him. This morning saying he may only be able to submit 50% in the time table as he has so many to go through. Saying under the Constitution he could do that. We’ll see how the day goes along.

Not a whole lot of info out so far today or over the weekend. 1,000 notes out and in the peoples hands. There is a video out, going around, showing the 1000 notes. Our people there have them and they are on the streets. Other than that Iraq is absolutely ready

Banks were excited about the weekend. I think about you and wonder if I give you all the information. . . I give you the good stuff. . . I’m frustrated, why shouldn’t you be frustrated too. . . I’m going to give it to you guys. Hold on. I’m trying to get an update here. (right now on the call).

Ray: While your doing that – I’ve been telling folks for the longest time, I’m not a Guru. They received information “Guru’s have 800 number but not the authority to release.’

Tony: We have heard that before and we still haven’t gotten them. They must be going to someone else.

So anyway, banks were scheduled to go this weekend. Expected about the weekend and today. One bank said they had big meetings . . . and it would be later. Said there was an issue, so don’t expect it. 

The other bank said they did not get that news and they still are planning and expect it this week. It’s one of the big five (banks.) 

One is saying one thing. Now saying it’s not happening, there is an issue and you should know what it is. The other says it’s happening and later in the week. What we get from our committee was, it was stopped . . . because the US stopped it for whatever reason. I’m supposed to know the reason. I’m telling you guys, “I Do Not!” 

I know everybody outside the country agree the US stopped it . . . Once again! That is where we are this morning. Two out of three (banks) are still looking for it this week.

Saturday morning money was supposed to be delivered to the banks so this could happen. They were waiting for the money so this could go and they didn’t get their delivery. I don’t know if they will get the delivery today or not. So we knew it wasn’t happening when the delivery didn’t come.

No group got their paper work done; no black cards. None took place anywhere I could verify it. Paymasters got nothing. No money this weekend.

It’s all good. The thousands came out. We know what was accomplished. What’s happening over there now made it worse. Other than that I know Iraq is ready to go and tried to go this weekend.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: . . .the US stopped it . . . once again! . . .Two out of three (banks) are still looking for it this week.

Tony: Different ways of saying by the 24th. It hasn’t gone from bad to worse. Just different ways of saying by the 24th. Does Mahdi need to take oath and be in office before the CBI finalizes everything? Or does CBI say let’s go right now while there is no argument? It’s time to delete the three zero’s – nobody arguing about that. CBI is ready to go. Our information tells us they were ready to go on Friday. Money was not delivered to the banks. I don’t know if it was delivered this morning because I haven’t talked to them. 
–In your heart of hearts? Tony: I expected it this morning, even this week. By the end of this month. November: Know they are trying to get it done before that aspect (Iran sanctions) gets into it. . . 
– Another window? 72 hours, 48 hours? Tony: I heard three things. (1) One bank says, something happened in Washington and don’t expect it. Caller: Don’t expect it at all or what? Tony: Saying there is an issue and don’t expect it any time soon. (2) Another bank saying there is an issue, but we still expect it this week. We were told 72 hours or by Monday morning but we still expect it this week. . .2nd bank said they were still planning on it this week. (3) Now, people outside the country are still expecting it this week. Could be by tomorrow morning. All three agree the problem is in Washington, DC. . . said the US held it up but they are still expecting it.
– How does the announcement of the 14th and 15th affect the RV this week? (refer the updates) Does it affect before the 24th? Tony: They are trying to do it right now so I guess not. Still possible based on the information we are getting.

IRAQ: Articles came out over this weekend saying Iraq is now a “stable and secure” country.

CBI: No date has been given for the release of the lower denominations. The 1,000 denomination is out and on the streets, in the hands of the people. Tony: Iraq’s rate will be 1:1. The $3.71 will be our rate and they both will go into effect at the same time. Iraq won’t go until the whole process goes and our guys in Washington agree. 

Parliament: Tony does not feel the 30 day’s mentioned in the articles to extend the naming of cabinet members affects the RV and plans to proceed with the RV are ongoing anyway.

Mahdi: Articles out this morning saying they would let him pick 50% of the people himself. Earlier articles said he could pick them all and no pressure on him. Tony: This morning saying he may only be able to submit 50% in the time table as he has so many to go through. Saying under the Constitution he could do that. 

Maliki does not have a position and he’s still trying to get one.

Media: (see above)

Canada: No change or update in information

Currencies Last ZIM rate Tony heard about was .77 cents. Dinar, $4. Tony: But they are grayed out so nobody really knows. Watch the price of oil. It’s going up. . . If I say it stops here or where it is at, it comes from more than one source and inside and out of country. Want you to understand why I say that. It’s because of the sources where it came from.

UNITED STATES: Tony: . . .the US stopped it . . . once again! . . . there is an issue. The US wants to cut off all monies going to Iran from Iraq. That is what is going on. . .

Banks: Delivery to banks of money to start the currency exchange was supposed to have happened on Saturday and did not. Tony said two of three banks are still expecting to be able to start exchanges this week.

Groups: No groups exchanged this weekend. No black cards. Nada, Zilch, Zip!

Taxes: No change.

800 #’s: No release.

Delay: Tony: I was told this had nothing to do with Iraq. Strictly a Washington DC thing. Something between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Tony: You guys really need to read, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” to know what’s going on. The US has always held the power over Iraq because of agreements signed to end the war. . .

It’s going to go when it benefits us (the USA) not them. It looks like it’s going to happen before the new sanctions (on Iran) come in in November. Our Government is making sure they (Iraq) understand that. Our government has people over there (Iraq) in their banking system to make sure of this now. They found nine people in the CBI and said your not going until we get this cleaned out. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that. When this is cleaned up then we’ll do what we need to do. . . the US has veto powers (over other countries concerning the RV/in Iraq’s affairs). The countries that put this together were the initial countries involved in the war (to remove Saddam) itself. They know the US has the final say so.

EXCHANGING: If you exchange one note the rate you receive is ONLY for that note. You are not locked into that rate for any more you exchange at a later time.

ZIM Information: Q. How many ZIM notes can we exchange? Tony: I don’t know. Take them all in there and see what they will take. Bank says they will accept them all. Walk in there with them all. Told there would be a cap of 10 because that is what the committee said. . . Banks are saying they have not been directed to a limit and they will exchange all brought in. As of today they still have not been told there is a limit. I was told, “there is no limit.”

Q & A: TNT Forum
–Does this 30 days to name more cabinet ministers delay this 30 days? Tony: I don’t think it’s going to be thirty days anyway. I actually believe everybody is trying to get this done. The people who voted Mahdi in are going to oppose what he wants to get done. People over there still trying to fight the RI/RV. Still making money on the currency auctions. People saying he can’t meet the mandate of one year to get what was said to be done.
–On Friday you said there was information you could not tell us. What is that information? Tony: Let me say this. What did occur last week on Thursday. There was a meeting took place, a discussion and a date and time. I just can’t tell you who was in the meeting. Most people don’t know it occurred. It’s why the banks were excited. Some people did not want to maintain that agreement or they may. Either way Tony said it could still happen this week.

Q & A: Callers
– Reports from other intel sources said Zimbabwe would shut their programs down after Nov. 1st. Tony: I don’t know anything about a 30 day time period. Once an exchange starts it will be forever. There was no time limit with Zimbabwe or anything else. I haven’t been made aware of that and it will be one of the first questions we ask when it get’s started.

Caller comment: Couldn’t there be a grand announcement that will ensure a certain parties win in the upcoming elections?

Tony: I’ve always said I would have only one computer that would access my bank accounts.


Tony . . . Okay guys. Let’s just see what happens tomorrow. Know everybody ready to go. Not a lot of news out of Iraq today about the three zero’s. Seen no articles. Nothing on the TV. As much as there was last week, not one today.

1,000 notes are on the streets. People are happy. Enjoy the rest of your day. If something happens we’ll send it out.

Ray . . . Hopefully there will be something that happens for us to come back and talk to you before Wednesday morning. (played “I Believe”)


Rich4hyip » October 15th, 2018

Hello samson, have you noticed the news that are saying the internet would be stopped from 14th to 24th of oct?

Samson » October 15th, 2018

Communications issued a statement about the interruption of Internet service

14th October, 2018

The Ministry of Communications issued on Sunday a statement on the interruption of Internet service, pointing to the interruption comes in conjunction with the exams of the third round of the intermediate and intermediate stages. 

In a statement received by Mawazine News, Hazim Mohammed Ali, the ministry's official spokesman, said that "the ministry is announcing to government institutions and citizens to stop broadcasting the internet service in conjunction with the third round exams for the intermediate and preparatory stages." 

He added that "the interruption will be from 11 am to 1 pm from Sunday, 2018/10/14 until Wednesday, 2018/10/24," stressing that "this order came at the request of the Ministry of Education and will stop service Internet for days of examinations exclusively" LINK

An open letter to the Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers


My vision for economic reform 

by Samir Nusairi

But in the particular political, security and economic conditions that our country is currently experiencing, particularly the economic reality and the economic and financial crisis, which have had a clear impact on obstructing the implementation of government and private sector plans to contribute to economic development and the lack of new economic resources, weak economic planning, Deficit from one year to another in non-oil revenues and in general budgets and deficit in the balance of payments and the absence of a sovereign fund similar to other oil countries and not to give a key role of the private sector in decision-making Economic.

In addition to this confusion of economic vision in depth backgrounds and the reality of the Iraqi economy rent and the migration of national capital abroad because of the subjective and objective conditions above and instability in the business environment. 

Therefore, our vision for economic reform stems from its insightful and transparent analysis of the reality of the Iraqi economy and the necessity of drawing up a methodology for economic and financial reform that is consistent with our realistic, analytical, transparent and neutral view of building a sound national economy. Which depends on the mechanisms of transition to a social market economy by re-evaluating and reviewing the structural and institutional system for managing the economy. As well as reviewing and evaluating the basis of coordination between the financial and monetary policies.

2 - Activation of the decisions reached by the expert committees formed in the Council of Ministers in 2015 for each sector of economic implementation of the road map for each economic sector is subject to the implementation of these decisions for follow-up and monitoring and evaluation 

3 - Formation of a joint legal committee between the government and the private sector to reformulate and amend laws New and activate all the laws issued and currently suspended, which govern the management of the economic process and serve the implementation of the road map, which is approved are all the laws of the legislative environment, which regulates and manages the Iraqi economy curriculum of the most prominent law of partnership between the government and the cat Private law and local product protection law.

4 - Establishment of the Private Sector Development Council and its functions as specified in the private sector development strategy for the years (2014-2030) Starting from a purely Iraqi experience that is consistent with all of Iraq's core in the awareness and culture, the sincere work and the bright future that we see with optimistic eyes and work according to the principle of (we disagree in politics and unify the economy) because the people do not achieve their well-being and happiness and its prosperous future without a solid national economy that contributes to building it all. This building is available in Iraq. 

5 - Involvement of the private sector in economic decision making and representation in the membership of the Council of Ministers and the Committee of Counselors and all the bodies of opinion in the ministries 

6. The establishment of a central monitoring body linked to the Council of Ministers and represents the private sector and its task is to follow up the implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers LINK

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 16, 2018

Compiled 16 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring: 

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Intel has been quiet. The last Q post was on Oct. 9. Sources claimed that conditions were in place for a Stock Market Crash around Black Mon Oct. 15, eventually leading to 800#s release and appointments this week. By Nov. 3 or 4 over 57,000 indictments on big name pedophile elites were to be served. Perpetrator arrests would likely begin on BOOM Surrender DayOct. 19. The expected chaos could potentially activate the Emergency Broadcast System and temporary Martial Law.

A. Summary as of Early Morning Oct. 16 2018:

1. Intel Alert: In order to prevent chaos when the economy collapsed it was felt that for a smooth transition to occur, the Quantum Financial System would be initiated, the RV would begin and GESARA, announced.

2. Dan: Multiple sources including some at the UST, said that the RV was currently underway and we were presently in a window for release. We were expecting release of 800 numbers sometime thru Tues. Oct. 16. One source said that Oct. 15 was the day where all the new currency rates would be established.

3. Bruce: On Oct. 9 I was put on High Alert to receive the 800#s.

4. Tony: Evidently on Sat. Oct. 13 people in Washington DC stopped the transfer of RV monies for reasons unknown. While one bank said that the RV had been put off, another bank said they were still expecting to exchange later this week. Iraq has done all it needed to do and said the Sat. Oct. 13 delay was caused by the US. They still planned to complete their RV within the month of Oct. Iraq's rate would be 1:1, while $3.71 would be our rate. Tony heard that the Zim rate was $.77 cents. They will all go into effect at the same time.

5. QAnon: On Nov. 3-4 expect arrests, temporary Martial Law and activation of the Emergency Broadcast System. (That would include the unsealing of now over 57,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation this year, many of which involved prominent people including US government officials and Hollywood elites who were part of Clinton’s Satanic international Pedogate/ Pizzagate/ Comet Ping Pong/Hollywoodgate Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring said run by the Vatican, organized by George Soros, supported by Queen Elizabeth and funded by US taxpayers through a CIA Mind Control Program Black Budget). 

6. Wikileaks Assange: “Hillary Clinton has committed High Treason and if not formally charged by Oct. 21 for mishandling sensitive material, we will release proof that she is guilty of high treason against the US for selling patented military secrets to Saudi Arabia, with crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia, and Brazil.”

7. Rumor Only:

800#s may only be available for 8 days.

After 800#s release you would have 10 days to make an appointment. Zim holders who wanted Contract rates needed an appointment within the first 8 days.

All appointments must be completed within 30 days of 800#s release. Zim Bond notes would be phased out on Nov. 1 according to Zimbabwe news sources.

The Zim was at a 1:1 to the US dollar.

Zim holders would be invited to invest in approved humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe.

Those structured payouts were said to include 7-10% tax free interest on your principal.

It was suggested to, at your exchange, obtain at least 30 Free and Clear Letters in order to avoid problems in gifting and buying properties that involved large amounts of monies.

B. Oct. 15 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_teamhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/rayren98/2018/10/15/tntsuperfantastic-conference-call--monday-october-15-2018

1. For unknown reasons people in Washington DC stopped the transfer of RV monies to the banks on Sat. Oct. 13.

2. One bank said they were still expecting to exchange later this week, while another bank said it had been put off.

3. Iraq has done all it needed to do, saying that the Sat. delay was caused by the US.

4. Meanwhile the different currency rates continued to rise in value.

C. Oct. 15 2018 1:13 am EST GCR/RV Highlights, Dan: Dan's GCR/RV Highlights for October 14, 2018

1. We were expecting release of 800 numbers thru Tues. Oct. 16.

2. One source said that Oct. 15 was the day where all the new currency rates would be based on today’s rates and values.

3. Continue Reading (Below):

Sunday 14 October 2018.pdf

Oct. 14 2018 $21 Trillion Dollars Missing, Huge Implications for Dollar, Hunter (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4XRbcBz2Z4

Dr. Mark Skidmore - $21 Trillion “Missing” Money Huge Implications for Dollar

Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Dr. Skidmore says there is a limit to money printing even when all the global central banks are doing it. Skidmore says, “What does it mean when a Central Bank is buying equities, or buying debt with printed money in order to suppress interest rates and keep this game going? I think, overall, the whole world is awash in debt, and it’s expanding at a rate that is unsustainable. The only way it has been sustained is that interest rates have been falling for 30 years. Now, interest rates are no longer falling, and we are running up against a constraint. Now, if this $21 trillion in “missing” federal money really represents spending above and beyond what the official records indicate, then that has huge financial implications and huge implications for confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency. This is an enormous priority to address and not just cover up and say we are all good.”

Nov. 3 2016 Weiner Laptop has enough evidence to put Hillary away for life, NYPD Source: 

Sunday Night 14 October 2018.pdf

Obama Denied Plea Deal, Hunters (video): 
Christina Ford is CIA, Savage (video): 

D. Oct. 15 2018 1:07 pm EST Fall of the Zionist House of Saud, Fulford:"Fall of the Zionist House of Saud" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 10.15.18 Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

1.World events were quickly coming to a head, with a major move against the house of Saud and a possible coup attempt this weekend against Russian President Vladimir Putin, say Pentagon, CIA, and FSB sources.

2. The murder (or psy-ops staged murder) of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was part of a move to remove the Zionist/Satanic house of Saud from control of Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern oil, according to Pentagon and CIA sources.

3. The operation was also aimed at grabbing funds to keep the bankrupt U.S. afloat, CIA sources say.

4. The U.S. Treasury is holding between $3-5 TRILLION of Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars, which have been accumulating since the 70’s when this whole petrodollar sleight of hand began (around the same time that Nixon closed the gold window). These trillions have been confiscated and will not be returned.

5. The same for the thousands of tons of gold stored in Credit Suisse and UBS banks in Switzerland, which was owned by Saudi Arabia (the House of Saud). It has been confiscated as well.

6. It is game over financially for the Zionist Khazarian House of Saud. This really is Game-Set-Match.

E. Oct. 15 2018 1:17 am EST Tremors Rattling Global Economy: Tremors Rattling Global Economy: Takeaways from IMF Talks in Bali

F. Oct. 15 2018 1:21 am EST History Zimbabwe Gold: Zimbabwe: Is Gold the Answer to Currency Woes?


GCR/RV Highlights

Monday Afternoon:

 TNT says that the exchange was rolling but was stopped this morning without further explanation. It is expected to resume later this week.

An interesting article below from Doug Jones of Landa, about the Elders and the Royal Families. Worth a read.

Monday Evening:

 The reported delay this morning seems to have been overcome. It was a procedural issue, and we are back on track. 800 numbers could come out tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday.



"What was Told to the Rose that Caused it to Unfold & Open Up".....(Much was told @ the Symposium)

Delta -- from Budget 90 Billion Dinars to print Currency...rate has to be high

Video translation from Delta...no more waiting...no more delays...

Video interpretation is a repeat of escort articles, of Art 2...

Value / Strategic  from CBI, spoke of;

--Existing plan to delete zeros
--Alak proving he was right about signature

--talking about how plan was to take place in 2014...stopped due to isis

--no more excuses --more education for citizens --timing --implementation will benefit economy, currency, power of purchase etc.

-- rehashing/repeating we are about to delete the 3 zeros....metals introduced without hesitation...

WS-- A Sovereign Currency for a Sovereign Country...When a Governor puts a signature on currency it's because preparing to leave and go International / Global markets...

Table has turned... CBI saying we are getting it Done!  So much in place ...Very impressive...

GOI tipped their hat by supporting Alak's signature...GOI is saying currency is going international....IQD is going to change the face of the global market, because of a Basket!

Article--"Delete Zeros Is Still in Existence"

Video WS brought us was CBI defending Alak & MR...Video is all the articles we have been wanting from

Art 2 ...

All of a sudden from an Article to Video form, so all could understand...CBI saying We are doing it!

CBI has taken 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of markets/off street of Iraq.   Out globally ...44 trillion...

Include all assets, gold & oil...good condition for dinar to come out globally....

Symposium ...Extremely Important...was all about Iraqi Currency...

-- Many Meetings

-- CBI Reps

-- All over Iraq

-- Will have more meetings in Kurdistan

-- different Universities

-- being done by Economists who are students of CBI (education process)

-- other Entities having meetings, ie. financial communities

Why? Education is everything!

Must not fail with Citizens of which 47% are illiterate & 80% have never seen their currency with value...perfect environment to teach young blood... WS's firm there...

Coming week will see more of Art 2 escorts, that will expose themselves due to Symposium meetings...

Article- "Indicators of Important & Realistic Stability"    Alak wanted S & S...

Security Outline from Economist everyone trusts... This is Huge...
--Open Green Zone
--Disappearance of Arms from Streets
--Service Index Uninterrupted Power
--Industrial Indicators
--Commercial Sector Exploding
--Education (Technocrat Government)
--Health & Medical Index
--We  Can Travel (passports)
--Economy Booming (evidence of what CBI wanted)
--FINANCIAL INDICATOR INDEX deletion of zeros from IQD is evidence of the strength of purchasing power of IQD ...exchange & return to predecessor of it's reign...

(re-arranged Shabbi's words  PAST TENSE)!!!!

Abadi is still PM for a reason...MR & ER still plowing forward....Nothing stopping it! Mahdi, when are you going to sit your Gov.?

So called support are actually fighting against Mahdi...trying to seat their candidates...not the ones Mahdi selected

Don't lose control or USA could place you under Emergency Gov, Military Embargo... because tired of waiting!!!

We have literally been watching Iraqi history unfold before our eyes...we've been taught by the Best of the Best...Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & All Teams...who have never let us down, nor wavered...

Standing in strength, truth & integrity...

Much gratitude to you all... The seeds you all have sown will come back to you in very great measure...huge blessings!

This CC is in Frank's opinion & this post is in my opinion.


Monday Night KTFA CC 10-15-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#



GodsServant:  After listening to the call and reading the most recent articles, as well as partaking in TC I offer the following.

Anytime I have participated in a symposium/educational seminar the hosts have provided collateral material in the form of glossy's, CD's etc. I am not so naïve to believe that a presentation to 100's of students, Delegates, business people, would not do the same. I believe that the ground swell is happening and that Frank and Teams will confirm shortly.

Iraq is Internet Savvy, and the likes of KPMG, Deloitte, and others work in the 21st Century. I do not buy for an instant that one video has been released, and we await on the next. You do not commit to educate 38MM people without a well designed marketing approach. Yes , 47% are illiterate if you believe that statistic, however the young communicate through the same format we do here in the US. The students will go home and explain to their elders the new reality of Iraq.

Think about the mass media campaign that is underway, because THE MR CAN NOT FAIL. I am not sitting on my hands waiting for the second video, rather I am waiting on the Teams to confirm Iraq is showing the world their methodical , well thought out marketing campaign put together with the likes of KPMG, Deloitte, and others that are at the forefront.

If we believe a second article is within 3 to 5 then we need to see evidence that Iraq is not archaic and truly engaged in a formal educational rollout.

Holding on to one video, and then a new article, is not how the 21st Century works. Let the flood gates open and when we see them then for me I will breathe that sigh of relief. Grow up and play in our World Iraq.

ImWright1:  Agreed...With the swelling of information for the CBI. However, the data from last night CC, they are talking past tense which would make you wonder how much longer can they kept playing hide the rate.
Samson:   This is the FOURTH article Frank spoke about on the conference call today  .....  He said it is  EXTRAORDINARILY important we STUDY it

Indicators of improvement and realistic stability Mohammed Hassan Al Mousawi ...

October 14 , 2018

Indicators of improvement and real stability ...
By: Mohamed Hassan Moussawi.

Security Index:  The opening of the Green Zone in the face of citizens and the abolition of security squares and lifting the bottlenecks and the disappearance of checkpoints and the end of assassinations is evidence of the improvement of the security situation. The disappearance of armed manifestations from the streets and the confiscation of arms by the state is only evidence of the rule of law.

Services Index:  Uninterruptible power supply is evidence of improved services because electricity is the nerve of life.

Agricultural Indicator:  Importation of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and fruits from neighboring countries is a sign of the return of the spirit to the agricultural sector.

Industrial Indicator: The return of the mark made in Iraq on various goods and products in the local markets and seeing Iraqi products in the world markets evidence of recovery of the industrial and commercial sector and the return of life to factories and laboratories.

Educational and Educational Indicator: The decrease in the number of private schools and the elimination of private lessons and the elimination of mud schools and caravans evidence of the improvement of the sector of education and government return to its predecessor.

Health and Medical Index: The lack of travel by Iraqis to India, Turkey, Iran or Lebanon for treatment and treatment, cleanliness of local hospitals and humane treatment with patients is evidence of improved health and medical conditions in Iraqi hospitals.

University Index: The decrease in the number of holders of the master's and doctorate degrees to the minimum level annually evidence of the return of the standards of scientific probity to Iraqi universities and the improvement of the higher education sector.

The economic indicator: Iraq's non-oil exports and the increase in revenues to more than half of the national income are evidence of the transformation of Iraq's economy from single to multi-productive, a guide to the growth of gross national income.

Investment Index: The rush of countries and international companies to work in Iraq and investment in it is evidence of the development of the economic environment and security and economic stability.

Financial indicator: The deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency evidence of the strength of the Iraqi dinar exchange and return to the predecessor of his reign.

International respect: The easy travel of Iraq to various countries of the world and the ease of obtaining a visa to enter any country in the world evidence of respect for the Iraqi state of the passport and behind the respect for Iraq.

Cultural Indicator: The reopening of cinemas and theaters in all cities of Iraq and the flourishing of the printing industry and the proliferation of art exhibitions and figures in the streets is evidence of the recovery of culture and the return of the spirit to it.

Sovereign Index: The spread of the Iraqi army and security forces on all Iraqi soil from the north to the south and from east to west and raise the Iraqi flag in all parts of Iraq evidence of the return of Iraq one Iraq and evidence of the sovereignty of the state.

Political Index: Reducing the number of parties to 3 or 4 political parties, programs and not only components and spread throughout the territory of the Iraqi nation and the end of the quota period is a sign of political recovery.

Election on the basis of political programs.

The disappearance of the phenomenon of party idolatry and the sanctification of political symbols is evidence of the improvement of political awareness of ordinary citizens.
These and others represent the indicators of development, improvement and stability in the public life and the state facilities that citizens are supposed to touch in reality and daily life. Without this, talk of improvement and stability will remain slogans for political consumption.

In light of these and other indicators, the performance of previous and subsequent governments can be measured and the falsity of the allegations is known or not.   LINK







As a reminder and IMHO the Zim is the key currency. The IQD and Iraq is smoke and mirrors.

Besides, the IQD is and was a currency. REMEMBER THAT PLEASE...THE IQD IS A CURRENCY. Making the IQD a financial vehicle that can not be set to exchangeable rate necessary to produce the required results.

Who can tell me what I just said? It is important to me that you understand the basis of my thought pattern before I proceed.

Why the Zim? Because the value can be set, and backed up with hard assets, that will allow for the removal of poverty as we know it if we, private people, charities, corporations, small businesses and governments alike choose to do so.

????? AB...should we sell back our Dinar now that it seems to be the bottom currency?