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I think we're EXTREMELY close to seeing the RV; I've been disputing a bank fee with BOA for several days; the bank declined to refund this fee several times; I casually let the bank rep know I changed over to their bank to use their svcs for the foreign currency exchange that was to take place from what I understood by the 1st; the rep reversed herself & gave me a credit back for the fee; she didn't acknowledge anything about the RV but smiled & was very pleasant.


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 30, 2018

Compiled 30 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: According to the below intel the new CIPS system has been installed in all banks worldwide, officially replacing the old SWIFT system. With all banks worldwide closed tonight-tomorrow morning Sept. 29-30, a conversion would be likely to take place before banks began to open world wide Sun. night Sept. 30 into Mon. morning Oct. 1 - the beginning of the new fiscal year. Release of the 800#s appeared to be in an anytime status.

Summary as of early morning Sept. 30 2018:

A. Intel Report: Zimbabwe needs the RV. The world needs Zimbabwe. According to sources, the RV must begin before severe repercussions occur. CIPS has now been installed in all banks worldwide completely replacing the old SWIFT system. CIPS is the gateway to the Quantum Financial System. Sources expect redemption of Zimbabwe Bond Notes to begin anytime. Once all Zim Bonds have been redeemed worldwide, Zimbabwe's currency will become 1:1 with the USD. The U.S. will release a gold-standard currency (USN) shortly after the redemption event.


B. Dan: “Nothing will stop this process now” and if problems occurred, they would be fixed, rather than stopping the whole process again. Several highly connected sources said that the RV processes resumed after the US Treasury debacle. The ensnaring of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and 16 deputy-level officials caused a week-long delay in releasing funds as required paperwork needed to be redone so that it no longer had Mnuchin’s name on it. Now that was complete and ready to go.

POTUS wanted Tier 3 and 4 (Internet Group, us) people to begin their exchanges before the end of fiscal year on Sun. Sept. 30. Even if the exchanges were not all made, they would still be counted under the current fiscal year providing appointments were made prior to Mon. Oct. 1. The general public of Tier 5 would not exchange until the next fiscal year began next Mon. Oct. 1.


C. Philip Tilton: Rumor confirmed that Reno has been getting liquid since 1:30 pm Wed. Sept. 26. Hearing RV/GCR were ordered to complete. I’m still gonna call it for Sukkot (Sept. 23 to 30). "Ordered to Complete" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 9.25.18


D. Bruce:
 On Thurs. Sept. 20 a call went out between the US Treasury, President Trump and 7200 redemption centers/exchange locations throughout Canada and the US that set a date for this to go (within days). The Chinese Elders were paid Thurs. morning Sept. 20, while 21 tranches of monies went out that night.

Iraq has agreed everything they need to do. There was a need to get this started before Mon. Oct. 1 as they wanted to get the Zim in within this fiscal year or by Sun. Sept. 30. We could be started by this weekend Sept. 28-30. In Iraq all having to do with the RV would be done by Mon. Oct. 1 Iraqi time, though we could go sooner than Oct. 1.

Banks were gearing up for a Oct. 1-2, Mon-Tues. start. The public, Tier 5, could start next week.


E. Various Sources: It has been said that if the Cabal attempted to stop the RV like they did on Sept. 11 2011, the Cabal Amnesty Agreement would be void, plus the Western World’s financial system would collapse at the end of the fiscal year, or by Mon. morning Oct. 1, 2018. Central Bankers have set a date (Oct. 1?) of when the system would implode on itself. It has been said that the GCR/RV/GESARA reforms have to take effect before this Cabal system would defunct by 12:01 am EST Mon. morning Oct. 1, 2018.


F. Sept. 29 2018 12:52 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for September 29, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. Relentless attacks against the Deep State Cabal will continue until all of their crimes have been exposed to the public. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are essential in exposing the Deep State Cabal within the U.S. Government.

2. CIPS has now been installed in all banks worldwide completely replacing the old SWIFT system. CIPS is the gateway to the Quantum Financial System.

3. The Cabal's old fiat financial system is running on fumes. The new Quantum Financial System is ready to take the reins.

4. Zimbabwe needs the RV. The world needs Zimbabwe. https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/09/zimbabwes-foreign-reserves-plummet-200.html

5. According to sources, the RV must begin before severe repercussions occur.


G. Sept. 29 2018 1:11 am EST GCR/RV Highlights, Dan: Dan's GCR/RV Highlights for September 28, 2018

1. Bruce: We believe that the goal was to get the Zim in by the end of this month. That is going to be tough, but if they do get this started here shortly, they can get a lot of it in as little as a few days. Now I cannot tell you if that is their absolutely goal, but I believe they wanted to get this started in this fiscal year. This fiscal year ends Sunday.

The new fiscal year starts October 1st, Monday. I believe their intention is to start us by the weekend. We have understood that the public who I refer to as Tier 5 maybe starting early next week. We may get a few days head start.

[Abadi’s new, more powerful Prime Minister] position and everything having to do with their new Parliament all of that along with CBI, everything we been looking for will be done on Monday, Iraq time.

Some of the banks are talking about they are gearing up for a Monday, Tuesday start. The President is in charge of the release and he will give the green light.

2. Friday Evening Sept. 28:

Democrat leaders may have overstepped their playbook, demonstrating their irrationality and blatant dishonesty. Payoffs were filmed changing hands in the Senate. Q indicates that POTUS is still confident that Kavanaugh will be victorious.

3. Sources still say POTUS wants this RV done this month, which means, by Sunday.

4. Continue Reading (Below)
Friday PM 28 Sep 2018.pdf
Friday Night 28 Sep 2018.pdf


H. Kavanaugh’s Blaseygate:

1. Sept. 28 2018 Is Kavanaugh Confirmation Being Sabotaged to Delay Military Trials of the Deep State? (video): https://www.exopolitics.org/is-kavanaugh-confirmation-being-sabotaged-to-delay-military-trials-of-deep-state/

2. Sept. 27 2018 Video of Complainant’s Lawyer Taking Payoff from the Dems (video), Sundance: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/09/27/sketchy-business-the-payoff/Sketchy Business – The Payoff ?

During a break in the testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford, Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee discretely passes along an envelope to notoriously corrupt DC attorney Michael Bromwich.

3. Tweet: Senator Feinstein Anonymous staffer says her office paid Dr. Ford’s legal retainer and polygraph fee.

4. Sept. 27 2018 Blaseygate unsealed (video): http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2018/09/29/blaseygate-unsealed-more-censored-details-emerge-video/

5. Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Ford’s father Ralph G. Blasey Jr. was a CIA operative June 1962 to Jan. 1974, Vice President of National Savings and Trust, Wash. D.C. (the CIA’s Black Budget Bank that was taken over in 1998 by Sun Trust Bank), and was a major shareholder in that bank that was CIA linked to the investment fund BlackRock. Dr. Ford was employed as a Standford University Psychiatric professor under Dr. Frederick Timelges, who crafted the CIA mind control program, MKULTRA.
I. Sept. 28 2018 11:45 pm EST 23 Items from 11-25-2017, Tank: "23 Items from 11/25/2017" - SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - 9.28.18 Project SPEAK

DISCLAIMER: The information below was shared with me a little less than a year ago. It was made “public” so there should be no issue with sharing it. I cannot verify the sources for this report, but I can verify that most of it is accurate. I have removed the name of the individual who posted it because the only person I could find who had the same name was a Police Chief who was suddenly found dead approximately two months after this was posted.

I find it valuable from time to time to revisit the reports provided by well informed insiders. There are many details in this report that match accurate information I am familiar with. There’s other aspects of this report that I know were part of a very complicated PSYOPS perpetuated at the highest levels, thus deceiving even some of my then, most trusted sources.

Although the information is entertaining on some level I don’t do anything for pure entertainment purposes. There are lessons to be learned in everything we experience. I find that I get the most out of something when I make it available to others and learn from an alternate perspective.

Released on Facebook November 25, 2017 Jarmantown, NC:

“The U.S. Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia, this past weekend. That’s what Tom Heneghan, an international intelligence expert, and Stew Webb, a Federal whistleblower/writer, reported in this Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Citizen journalist Glenn Canady video. The Marines raiding the CIA corroborates what citizen journalist April LaJune initially reported on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

The Marines retrieved a lot of evidence implicating well known politicians of embezzlement, election rigging, identity fraud, assassination plots, murders, domestic terrorism, and pedophilia. I’ve listed the following 23 ITEMS to pique your interest and summarize what’s happening:

ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.

ITEM 2: President Donald Trump reopened the President John F. Kennedy assassination files and George H.W. Bush was behind it. JFK autopsy photographs were falsified.-(from TANK: And nothing has been done about it since)

ITEM 3: The sexual harassment outings of all these members of Congress is a mainstream media distraction for what’s really going on (U.S. Marines raid CIA Headquarters and President Trump impose military martial law) behind the scene.

ITEM 4: Alex Jones of Infowars is a traitor and national security threat who is connected with a division of the Mossad, the State of Israel’s Secret Intelligence Service.

ITEM 5: Hillary Rodham Clinton has ordered the murders, through domestic assassination squads, of Ron Brown (Commerce Secretary), William Colby (Director of Central Intelligence), Vince Foster (Deputy White House Counsel), and John F. Kennedy Jr. (son of assassinated President John F. Kennedy) — and others.

ITEM 6: Then-Republican Presidential candidate Trump was right that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was implicated with Lee Harvey Oswald.

ITEM 7: California Rep. Adam Schiff, Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, former White House Chief of Staff for US President Barack Obama, are connected with the Mossad. Both Schiff and Emmanuel are pedophiles.

ITEM 8: Barack Obama was born in Kenya and the former President has committed identity fraud. Obama should be arrested for identity fraud.

ITEM 9: Sen. Cruz is a Canadian citizen who faked his birth certificate to become U.S. Senator and has committed identity fraud. Cruz should be arrested for identity fraud.

ITEM 10: President Trump has got the file of every journalist (e.g. Anderson Cooper [CNN/CBS], Chris Matthews [MSNBC], Wolf Blitzer [CNN] and possibly Alex Jones [InfoWars]) that’s on the CIA payroll
ITEM 11: The U.S. Marines removed computers from CIA headquarters this past weekend.

ITEM 12: They now have proof and evidence that Hillary Rodham Clinton has committed election fraud, treason and sedition. She’s a drug dealer. She’s committed mass murders. She’s murdered people at the State Department as murder for hire scheme. -(from Tank-Although this seems to be common knowledge and ignored as conspiracy theory, I can verify that it’s definitely true. There are currently unenforced sanctions levied by the United Nations against Hillary Clinton and others for Genocide and crimes against humanity.

The Clintons had found a way to purchase certain financial security codes that allowed them to have access to billions of people’s bank accounts all over the world. My theory is that this gave the Clinton’s leverage that has allowed them to evade criminal charges).

ITEM 13: Bill Plante, who retired as a CBS News correspondent in November 2016, confirmed that JFK was shot from the front, Tennessee Sen./Democratic President candidate Al Gore actually won the 2000 election, and the whole 9/11terrorist attack was rigged. Plante said none of this will be reported because reporters are afraid for their lives.

ITEM 14: This country will not have a deficit once protocols are implemented. $100 trillion comes in, $35 trillion goes right into the U.S. Treasury, and there’s a $15 trillion surplus. We can cut taxes, rebuild the military, create a great infrastructure program for this country, and Donald Trump will go down as the greatest President since Ronald Reagan.

ITEM 15: George H.W. Bush tried to assassinate President Reagan three times during Reagan’s eight-year presidency.

ITEM 16: “Daddy Bush” (and Hillary Clinton) have also tried to assassinate President Donald Trump seven times. And Bush, throughout the years, has been involved with 25 assassination plots against other major political figures — specifically congress members and senators.

ITEM 17: If Gore had taken office and the Bush’s weren’t able to steal the election, there was a plot to remove Gore and put Vice President candidate Al Lieberman as President.

ITEM 18: There’s a coverup involving California Rep. Maxine Waters and the Blue Moon Bank in Thailand.

ITEM 19: The November 3, 2017 Rene Boucher assault on anti-war/pro-life Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was attempted murder, “that guy [Boucher] was chipped,” because Paul knows too much and he can’t be controlled.

ITEM 20: A reporter in a major network was going to break a story — which he is sitting on to this day — that the government contacted orphanages around the country and paid these orphanages to transport orphans to Washington D.C.; so Dick Cheney and George H.W. Bush and other pedophiles (e.g. Barney Frank) could pick out the kids they wanted to have sex with. Then they took those kids to parties. Hookers were present at these parties. Congress members were drugged and photographs were taken of politicians and these orphans in sexually compromising positions. A huge portion of Congress was (and now is) controlled through blackmail.-(from Tank-This was well researched and documented by People Magazine but never released.)

ITEM 21: When the U.S. Marines raided the CIA buildings, they recovered pre-9/11 terrorist attack financial transactions, insurance documents, plus other papers. All these documents are now in possession of U.S. Marine intelligence.

ITEM 22: The State of Wisconsin, the Federal Reserve, and former (from 2001-2005) Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson were involved with theft of trillions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker should turn over everything he has or he will be subpoenaed.

ITEM 23: California Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered a Pedogate Investigation of his own party, involving California Rep./Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Sen. Kamala”


J. Sept. 29 2018 3:04 am EST QAnon Sept. 28 Welcome Aboard Justice K, Q (video):(Video) PrayingMedic -- QAnon September 28: Welcome Aboard, Justice K



Sunkissed:  Frank has given permission for this to be posted ... It is for CLARIFICATION and REFERENCE


Everyone understand that Specimen Bank Notes are printed in very limited quantities for distribution to Central Banks to aid in the recognition of the “actual” Bank Notes to follow from a country other than their own.

A specimen note is almost identical to an issued note, but is created for the purposes of educating financial institutions worldwide about the design, validity, and security features of genuine notes.

But Specimens are also used for MANY other purposes beyond what the average consumer has knowledge of — or even many currency investors.

1). Specimen Bank Notes are also purchased by investors and sold, auctioned and TRADED like a rare and valuable painting, because they are printed in limited quantities:
Specimen Banknotes can be worth more than 10 times their face value, making a single 25,000 IQD worth over a million USD, as Banknotes become more valuable due to historical context, for setting records or for sheer rarity (as in the first notes to be printed after the Iraq war?.. And didn’t Delta say they would print 50,000 notes for trade purposes)

1890 Grand Watermelon Bill

The 1890 Grand Watermelon Bill is the rarest and most famous of all US currency notes. When it was sold for €2,791,803, it became the most expensive banknote in the world.  Despite it’s playful name, which comes from the fact that the large zeros on the note look like watermelons, this note is an icon of American financial history and is known worldwide.

1924 Australian Banknote

When this rare 1000 pound Australian banknote was sold for €1,018,028 it set the record for the most expensive Australian banknote ever sold. This is the only known note to be outside of a museum since 1988 when it was last sold for €72,959.

They are often held in high regard as an example of the printing companies craftsmanship.

They are often given as priceless documents, because they are gifted to dignitaries, as President Trump, most likely has been given a Specimen Note as a gift from Iraq for facilitating the RI/RV.

To avoid use of specimen banknotes as legal tender notes, the banknotes are deformed, typically by being overprinted and/or punched (perfin) with an inscription such as "SPECIMEN", "SPECIMEN NO VALUE", “CANCELLED"

Also, each Specimen has an exclusive readily-identifiable serial number such as "99999999999" or "00000000000" or “1234567890" - different than the serial numbers of the actual Bank Notes to follow for consumption

They also have a"control number" that is used by a central bank to track what bank, or, what dignitary received a particular specimen.

2). Specimen Bank Notes that are sent to other Central Banks are ALWAYS produced from the final proof run before a bill enters circulation

Therefore, they are used to VERIFY to other Countries and Central Banks that the issuing country/Central Bank has the equipment can reliably produce a volume of banknotes.

Specimen banknotes vary in scarcity:

United States Specimen Bank Notes (and other countries), remain the legal property of the central bank they were issued from, A document is required for the recipient to acknowledge and sign, that the note remains the property of the bank, and they are required to keep the Note(s) secure and returned on demand of the issuing Central Bank - and they must return it upon request otherwise it is considered a felony. While this clause is rarely invoked, the specimens usually have control numbers (see above image, at lower left) for tracking purposes.

Some Specimen notes are widely printed (for exchange centers, etc.) these notes hold no value whatsoever and are worthless for any collector due to the sheer number of them printed.

Many many “Specimen Bank Notes) are created long before the Specimens that actually are distributed to other banks. They begin as a “potential design” all the way through deciding on colors, font, security features, to things such as “training notes” for bank tellers, Propaganda Notes in war that have been used for Psychological Warfare, and many others.
Protection of Specimen Bank Notes:

The “average” individual “collector” or “investor” will never possess an actual Specimen Note to protect the issuing country from a forger, looking to obtain cheap copies of the latest bills to identify improvements/changes he must make to his counterfeits.

Therefore, the average citizen, who has ever seen a Specimen Note has only viewed a note that has been decomissioned, and those are now collectors items that could command hundreds of times their nominal face value.

3). Why would large investors (Whales and Sharks) want to use Specimen Notes for trade and investment?


Specimen Notes are a highly rare “tangible” benefit.

The investor has both physical ownership and control over the investment.

They provide what’s called, “material balance.”

Due to the rarity of the Specimen, investment risk is very low, because it moves in different circles than to shares, property and fixed interest.


Rare specimens are highly valued for their “potential to increase in value.”

NO FEES! - No preliminary fees, management fees, government taxes, banking or legal expenses

NO MAINTENANCE FEES - or brokerage or storage fees

Flexibility - No fines or fees for early sale - considered liquid asset

Rare Specimen Banknotes have “continual growth”

Rarity - Age is not necessarily a factor with Specimen Bank Notes (as in the Iraqi Dinar, the new notes signify the end of an era, and beginning of another)





Harley1:  Yep. SPECIMEN means EXAMPLE. Nothing more, nothing less. A specimen note is not tradeable and has no value other than becoming a collectors item later on if it ever leaves the hands of the central bank that issued it.

IMO, every bank and exchange center would have these notes in a book with every other currency they exchange to be able to tell a real note from a fake one.

If if they have been dispersed to central banks around the world, they will ultimately be dispersed to all banks and financial institutions ahead of the real currency being approved for trade, and if they have already been sent to local banks....need I say more? IMO.

Frank26:  NOT REALLY ......................... (wink)

GodsServant:  As we have been taught these notes have been given to the WHALES AND SHARKS and those that will Invest in Iraq , as Frank said like WS firm. These specimens have the purpose Harley stated and second purpose for the future investors.

THEY HAVE THEM NOW AND TEAMS HAVE EVIDENCE THEY ARE IN THE ASIAN THEATRE< thus Frank wanting to speak to our forum member in China.   

Let them quickly feed AS WE ARE NEXT
Samson:  Al-Kaabi to Sardar Abdullah: The presidency is a symbol of Iraq's unity and sovereignty
 30th September, 2018

The first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Hassan al-Kaabi, during a meeting with the candidate for the post of President of the Republic, Saradar Abdullah, on Sunday, that the post is a symbol of Iraq's unity and sovereignty.  "Hassan Karim, the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives received in his office today, the independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Saradar Abdullah," his office said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press.

He added that "the post of President of the Republic is the highest administrative position in the government structure of the Iraqi state, as the symbol of unity and sovereignty of the country and the protector of its constitution and political process and democracy."

He stressed that "the House of Representatives is going to elect a President of the Republic on time because of the need to stabilize the political process and to move towards forming the next government."   LINK

David12001:  This is very very exciting, this can not happen at a program rate, imoo, this is freaking awesome

Moparman:  In the business world, you don't honor a business going backward or in a stand still. You honor the business that is going forward or vastly improving. The CBI and Iraq are about to tell the world, we are improving and we are going International.

Samson:  Master Card honors the Central Bank of Iraq

 30th September, 2018

Master Card International honored the Central Bank of Iraq, represented by the Department of Payments in this bank, with a shield of excellence during the annual conference held in Spain.

The recognition of the policies and strategies adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq in payment systems and the important role it plays in leading the market through the establishment of an integrated payment system depends on the exchange of international best practices by organizing the work of participants and the opening of professional competition and the elimination of monopolization .

On the other hand, the company showed its support to contribute to support the Central Bank of Iraq and banks and licensed companies operating in the country through the best and latest technologies that reflect positively on the reality of the Iraqi economy.



Samson:  The stock exchange traded 5.5 billion shares last week

 30th September, 2018

The bourse announced Sunday that it traded 5.5 billion shares during the last week, ending on 27/9/2018, worth KD 3.3 billion

The Stock Exchange said in a statement, read by the "Economy News", that it organized "during the week ending 27/9/2018 five sessions to trade in the regular market as well as in the second market in the normal time of the (12-12) Shares traded for this week (5.578) billion, worth (3.312) billion dinars

The index of ISX 60 closed at the last session of the week at (533.21) points, "noting that" the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors for the week (163) million shares valued at (298) million dinars through the implementation of (129) Deal on shares (9) companies   LINK



DELTA » September 29th, 2018


Don961 » September 29th, 2018

Saudi Arabia "compensates" the United States by 9 trillion dollars !!

The political scene Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 12:26 pm (429 views)

Follow-up / Sky Press

$ 9 trillion Saudi compensation for the United States because of the events of 11 September

GodsServant » September 29th, 2018

This is an enormous number, I can't fathom how more articles are not out in reference to 9 Trillion dollars. How can Donald Trump and why would he not be announcing this HISTORICAL event. Scratching My Head

StephenMac63 » September 29th, 2018

IMO, Trump will, when its the most opportune time for him to do so…. Why does SA pay 9 trillion to USA now? Because they know for a fact that Trump can strangle a country economically if they dont play fair. SA sees the writing on the wall, best for them to make amends now while they are still breathing. imo

APF » September 29th, 2018

Wow! Is this true? 

Boxman » September 29th, 2018

Hmm, skypressiq.net is a site that has been in existence 18 years...other articles seem valid, just seems odd that other "news " sites have not picked up???

Could this be one of the items that has been sitting on Ts desk for signature???

MilitiaMan » September 29th, 2018

They have had to have had contracts that mean a whole heck of a lot. I wonder if Aramco Shares are in play here as well? That is some serious change.. I wonder if they paid in currency that has more value than before.. lol wink ~ MM

Moparman » September 29th, 2018

Trump has said many times that he will make ALL Americans wealthy. With this and the RV, he WILL make America Great Again.

Samson » September 29th, 2018

Trump signed a $ 854 billion budget bill to prevent the closure of the federal government

29th September, 2018

US President Donald Trump signed a $ 854 billion budget bill that prevents the federal government from being temporarily closed.

Following the signing of Trump, the draft budget entered into force to ensure the funding of the Ministries of Defense, Labor, Health and Education over the new fiscal year beginning on the first of October next.

The project gives other ministries within the federal government the power to spend until the seventh of December next. The US Congress approved the project last week.

As approved by the House of Representatives two days ago. The former President criticized the draft budget because of the lack of funding for the wall being built on the border with Mexico. The signing of the Trump project, preventing the closure of the federal government temporarily before the midterm elections scheduled in November. US laws state that the fiscal year starts on 1 October and ends on 30 September the following year. LINK

Don961 » September 29th, 2018

The US Congress passes a law that is fighting "Iranian activities" in Iraq

The political scene Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 14:45 pm 

Baghdad / Sky Press

The US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bill aimed at countering Iran's attempts to destabilize Iraq. 

The draft, which needs a vote from the House of Representatives and the Senate for final approval, targets Iranian entities and individuals who threaten peace and stability in Iraq. 

Among the proposed sanctions is the freezing of the funds of a number of Iranian figures involved in destabilizing Iraq and not granting them visas to enter the United States. 

Iran has dozens of armed militias in Iraq, has prevented the country engulfed in violence from security stability, while Tehran controls many political parties. 

The United States warned Iran this month that it would "respond with swift and decisive doubt" to any attacks by Tehran's allies in Iraq that would hurt Americans or damage US installations.

The US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control earlier imposed sanctions on 14 individuals and entities at the beginning of the year for links to serious human rights and censorship violations in Iran and to support Iranian weapons programs. 

In May, Washington imposed sanctions on five Iranians for being linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and enabling the Huthis in Yemen to fire rockets at locations in Saudi Arabia. 

The US president, Donald Trump, revealed in March that the Revolutionary Guards spent $ 16 billion since 2012 of the wealth of the Iranian people to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad and terrorist militias in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. link

Samson » September 29th, 2018

Venezuelan currency down 19% after 6 weeks of "cancel zeros"

28th September, 2018

The Venezuelan Bolivar currency has seen a decline at a limited pace over the past period with the injection of more dollars, in the midst of the economic chaos that still dominates the country

Venezuela's domestic currency fell by about 19% on the black market six weeks after the government announced the abolition of zeros of the Bolivar currency and the introduction of a new currency called the sovereign Bolivar

A report published by the Bloomberg news agency said Friday that the pace of the decline of the Venezuelan Bolivar is "relatively stable" compared to the economic situation in the country with hyperinflation, although this decline may not be considered an obstacle to stability in most foreign exchange markets

The relative stability of the Bolivar is a rare achievement for Venezuela and could help slow down hyperinflation, which is expected to reach 1 million this year, the report said

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has cut the value of the bolivar by 95% last month , within the declaration of a new economic plan designed to rein in accelerating inflation in the country

As part of Maduro's economic plan, the Venezuelan president also decided to increase the number of official US dollar auctions known as DICOM or DICOM three times a week instead of one auction

Last Wednesday, the central bank sold $ 5.3 million at 62 Bolivar to the dollar, the highest daily rate since February, according to data from a banking consultancy bank in Caracas LINK

Switzerland is considering a "free trade" deal with America

25th September, 2018

Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider Aman said a free trade agreement with the United States could be negotiated again and expressed the desire to resume talks that have stalled for more than a decade. 

In remarks to Swiss public radio station SRF on Monday evening, following voters' rejection of two initiatives calling for a more equitable and environmentally sound agriculture, Schneider said: "We are looking into whether it is possible Resume discussions, which we have already tried in 2006. " 

According to the Swiss Agency for Services, the Federal Economy Minister also said that Switzerland took the lesson from the failed 2006 discussions and would be more cautious in exploring solutions to reach a free trade agreement between the two countries. He added that a negotiating mandate "sooner or later" would be presented to the committees on foreign policy and trade in the two chambers of parliament. 

The US market is the largest market for Swiss exports after the European Union. According to Schneider Aman, free access to this duty-free market will be very attractive to the Swiss economy as long as the competition does not enjoy the same status. At the end of August, US Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation Edward McMullen encouraged Switzerland to enter into new trade talks with his country. "A free trade agreement between the two countries would be a good thing," Mullen told the weekly Neue Tsurker Zeitung am Sonntag, a German-language newspaper in Zurich. "It is up to Switzerland to take the first step."

Attempts to negotiate a free trade agreement between Berne and Washington were halted nearly 12 years ago because of resistance from the Swiss agricultural sector. The Swiss banks have been exposed to the campaign bank fines in America over the past years, because of the concealment Mtherbh US accounts of tax, it is expected to address any agreement between the two private sectors banking and agricultural disputes. "The Swiss economy is expected to grow this year at a faster rate than European economies," according to official statistics. The European Commission revised the Swiss growth rate for 2018 from 2.4 percent to 2.9 percent. 

The Swiss economy is benefiting from the ability to attract investments, as the strength of the Swiss franc and global confidence in the banking system gives a strong boost to growth, according to official data. Unemployment in Switzerland is continuing to fall, and is expected to end the year at an annual rate of 2.6%, and inflation is expected to rise to 1%. LINK




As we near our blessing coming to pass, hopefully by now, you have been seeking ways to protect, invest, help others with your coming financial blessing. If not, take the time NOW to serious contemplate this.

There are MANY organizations that go abroad and will continue to do so to care for the lost, hurting, needy and dying. Some we know and have supported in our giving.

I want to strongly encourage everyone to consider keeping money within the borders of the United States of America.

Prayerfully consider USA missions and organizations that promote growth, education, healing, and rescue.
I'm not saying overseas missions are not an option but there is such a tremendous need here on our own soil for those in extreme need and for causes that build this country and it's people up. Our country in the area of “helps” is in desperate need.

Will you consider some of your giving be targeted for needs here in our homeland? Wouldn’t it be so rewarding to actually SEE how your money will be used when you give it to needs that you can actually participate in yourself?

If you've been doing some research, you'll find that there are many organizations and solid ministries and agencies in which to be a part of that have a great track record.

When tornados, earthquakes, weather related trauma’s hit towns and cities, our hearts ache to be able to assist in a greater way. Upon deeper research, you'll find a great number of smaller ministries and agencies that serve in towns and cities across this nation that serve the poor, homeless, children and adolescents, those who've been rescued from trafficking, poverty, hungry, fire or weather-related trauma, struggling single moms, our military families, widows, and orphans...right here...in America!

You may also know of some great start-up agencies and start-up ministries that have great plans to help boost our economy, one person at a time.

Don't forget those in our own circle who will be forming ministries and help agencies with their new wealth.

There are, right now, credible organizations in this country that are working hard to end poverty by way of donations, work resources, counseling, rehabilitation, and education. I for one will be setting up a fund so we can assist in restoring these towns and the individual lives, so keep me in mind after our exchange when you hear of a natural disaster and the great need of restoration. AND you can do this on your own too!

Most of the downtrodden in our country just need guidance and education on how to break the cycle of poverty. Many just need direction, a boost, a hand up not a temporary hand out. There are so many in the USA that just need someone to assist them in their destiny. We can truly assist those in need while joyfully sharing the love of our Lord and Savior!

Our country is in desperate need. Our neighbors are desperate for help...the RIGHT help. We can help educate those who will leave a life of poverty by proper education and guidance. We can help create jobs and industry that will help boost economy on a real live scale. Not phony statistics that the news is putting out.

The controlled media is reporting that everything is picking up economically in this country. It's not! That's false reporting on trumped up statistics. It's a smoke screen. Many of you know and see clearly that there are forces that want to take our country down economically. Just a daily glance at reputable news agencies' reports will spell the truth out for you.

 If you look around, you can see the warning signs We will have the means to assist in creating jobs and industry, so our economy will grow as a town, city, state and nation.

Our country is screaming for help in so many areas and I believe if you seek God wholeheartedly, He will steer you in the direction you can best assist.
America has always been in the past a blessed country because we have come to the aide of so many other countries. I am not asking you to not give to agencies and ministries that are located overseas at all. I personally know of two right now I will bless. What I am trying to be an advocate for us, those in the USA who need help.

Now, the forces that are coming against our future have gained a stronghold and we have the blessed and favored opportunity to change the winds of destruction for a better America, for us and for our children and grandchildren!

In the days of the great depression, reportedly, it was many goodhearted individuals with VISION that helped steer this country back on track. People like you and I who believe in this country and what we stand for. We can emulate that same mindset again!

So I ask, please consider researching how you can use your funds to aid our country reverse the disaster ridden towns and cities, the jobless and homeless statistics back to a booming and prosperous results!

From my heart to yours!



Dan's Daily Update

GCR/RV Highlights

Saturday Morning:

 I wish to again let you know that the sources I depend on include gurus such as TNT Tony, Bruce, Jester, Phil Tilton, and several private individuals with high level contacts with the US Treasury, Wall Street and banking sources, as well as the Pentagon. I have some sources more directly to the Elders and Dragon family in Asia, and royals in Europe, but I usually do not include their information on these updates. They do, however, shape the information I choose to release to you.

Very often, I find that the information I get from one source is quite consistent with what I hear from another, separate source. Since my sources are generally not involved in the RV/dinar universe, I don’t think that they are adopting the same info released by another guru. Rather, I think that their sources all seem to coalesce onto an individual or small group of persons directly releasing the information in the UST and Pentagon, as well as a few of their own personal developed US and Iraqi banking sources.

Others, like Frank26, Tony and Bruce, have local sources in various cities and commercial or government agencies in Iraq. Could the individual source be giving disinformation to ALL of the sources for multiple gurus? Yes, that is possible. But it would be unlikely to affect sources in Iraq or China.

All the sources I have contacted this morning say that POTUS has decided that there is no way to get the RV done this month, so they are going to Plan B. That apparently includes an expected release of funds next week, Tuesday or Wednesday.

This was because of the continued strong activity of the Cabal interfering with the security of the exchange, and mostly in the US, leading to the corruption of the top levels of the US Treasury. We will likely hear more about the people involved when the 50+ thousand sealed indictments are unsealed.

Sources agree that the political circus in Washington for the last few weeks has been more of a cover screen to keep people from seeing the actions of preparation for the RV and the changes related to the restoration of the original Republic, and they doubt that these shenanigans will ultimately affect the RV/GCR itself. On the other hand, politics in Washington can certainly affect the ability of POTUS to clear out the obstructing parties which seek to maintain Cabal control, particularly in the coming election.

Saturday Evening:

 No further RV news this evening. But lots of other interesting stuff. More on Dr. Blasey-Ford’s CIA connections. Special Operations practicing in downtown Chicago! What REALLY happened at the Senate Judicial Committee hearing? And what will happen next week?


Saturday/Sunday UPDATE for September 29 & 30, 2018
Saturday - A bank source reported rates on Zim flashing Friday night from .22 to .55 and then turning gray. The dinar was reportedly having the same activity with rates flashing from 3.71 up to 4.81 and then graying out . They expect final rates the first week of October if all continues as informed.

Iraq TV reported an agreement from members of Parliament blacklisting anyone who participated in the Kurdistan referendum from holding the title of President and not inviting them to take part in Parliament.  Kurds were told they have two days to select a candidate to represent them as their President or Saleh would be appointed.

Sunday - Kurds did not yet agree on a candidate-select for president and dislike that Baghdad is making their decision for them. They left the meeting referencing unconstitutional activity and will not attend any Parliament meetings due to that fact. Without the Kurds, a quorum cannot be established to have official votes passed and they want the Federal Court to intervene. The saga between the Kurds and Baghdad continues..... 

ADDITION - Sunday news.... The Kurds have brokered a satisfactory arrangement and will now cast their vote for Saleh.