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Experts put an integrated program to revive the economy of Iraq | IQD Di...


The CBI is reprinting some denomination including the 250, 500, 1000 dinar as many are worn out from years of neglect.  Has nothing to do with RV or RI as gurus would like you to think. Why won't the CBI RV or RI  the Iraqi dinar?  The primary reason is the CBI needs a tool to counter inflationary pressure created by a large influx of investment capital.  As already announced by the CBI the dinar will be globally traded.  It must float. The world sets a countries currency value. Supply and demand.

Another reason is the CBI wants to end the daily currency auctions.  To do so, they must have an alternative to generate revenue.  The CBI profits from the buying/selling of currency. And lastly because the IMF said so.  Despite what the gurus say the IMF made it very clear..."staff encourages the authorities to create the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible...exchange rate policy. Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect”…The IMF is clearly talking about a float… 


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Ray: . . .No updates so I guess we’ll start where we left off . . .We are awaiting the outcome from the classified meeting.  That’s about it other than from our last call the things that are to be taking place tomorrow.

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Abadi’s in.  Abadi’s out.  Abadi didn’t want to run.  People made him run.  We’re hearing all that.  Some people upset saying corruption, crooked.  Maliki buying his seat.  Offering a million (??) dollars . . . Armored car.  All kind of corruption that they are complaining about.

Surprises tomorrow.  Surprised nominations.  Something is supposed to happen.  The vote is to take place.  President, PM.  Do they have to vote tomorrow.  Have another 15 days to vote for the PM.

Lower catergory  notes to come out this month and next month.  HCL has not been paid yet.  What are they waiting for.  Why isn’t anybody up in arms about it, because nobody is?  The people aren’t even mad about it.  $243 per family which to them is a whole lot of money per family.

Kuwait they pay per person.  Iraq is probably . . . going to be per individual. E-cards is how they will issue the payment.  All the people who don’t have a bank account, will have a bank account.  Only way they will get their payment.

What’s the next step?  That’s right, change the rate of the dinar we’ve been waitiong for, for years.  Even have Paypal in Iraq.  Does Paypal have to exchange it?  Banks in other countries?  How can all this be happening without an RV.

I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow.  More impotantly what happens on Sunday . . . Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Supposedly on Sunday or Monday some new notes are to come out.  Definitely lower notes, – expecting some new category notes to come out.  All they hold, 50 and 250’s will come out and then said next month they will put out a HUGE amount.  Why wait?  One of those two cases will include the LD’s you and I want to see.

Banking people say window Sept 15 -22 this should be all over.  They were excited yesterday and Wednesday.  The banks are now saying the final documents are being completed in Reno.  They are expecting it starting Sunday through the end of the month.  Said this would be all over.  That’s what they said in their meetings on Wednesday.

Didn’t bring it up during the call.  We wanted to finalize it and get it from more than one bank.  Parliament people saying here’s what you should look for.  People I’ve had in the CBI FOR YEARS are saying this is what we should be looking for now.  It’s about to happen.  That’s the plan right now

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  Banking people say window Sept 15 -22 this should be all over.  High, high up bank group that said this could happen from Saturday through the end of the month.  Some LD’s starting to hit the market on Sunday and Monday. . .the banks are saying and doing everything they can to start paying people next week.  I’m telling you what I was told and you guys have it all.

Someone had a question last call about the Minister of Finance.  Only thing we saw (could get information) on the Minister of Finance was new procedures on the E-card and  free of corruption and will prosper.

IRAQ:    No word or information at this time about PM Abadi’s meeting with POTUS or if the meeting even took place.

CBI:   LD’s are to start being released starting Sunday and Monday.  The article about releasing the lower categories that month and the next month came out last month.  Tony:  So the next month (mentioned in the article) is this month.

Dr. Shabibi has been back and working with the CBI governor Alak. Tony: He has been leading. I don’t know where he is now.  I heard he was sick.

Parliament:  Meeting tomorrow.  Anything could happen.  They still would have 15 days after that to elect a Prime Minister.  Tony said expect surprises out of the Parliament session tomorrow along with surprise nominations.  Tony:  They are expecting them to do the right thing tomorrow.

HCL funds have not been paid out yet to the people.   Tony says the people do not seem to be upset or mad about not being paid and Tony wondered why that is.   Tony:  $243 per family which to them is a whole lot of money per family.

Corruption Complains are rampant and cover about any kind of corruption one can think of.

Calendar year and fiscal year are two different items.  Calendar year starts January 1 and Iraq’s fiscal year starts Oct 1st.

PM Abadi:  Rumors/speculation PM Abadi did not travel to Washington.  Tony:  That doesn’t mean the meeting did not take place.  We will leave that alone . . . because the meeting is “classified.”

HCL not paid out YET.  Tony speculated about why the citizenry was not upset or mad about that.  Tony: $243 per family which to them is a whole lot of money per family.

Mosques:  No information has come out of the mosques.  Tony:  I think the citizens are being quiet because they know something we don’t.  Their religious authority was to make a speech in the mosque and we don’t have it yet.  The speech was to be directed at the Parliament/government/politicians.


Currencies:  China is pushing the rate of the Dong.  The ZIM is still on the bank screens at 22 cents.


Banks say the window is Sept 15 -22 and this should be all over.  The banks are now saying the final documents are being completed in Reno.  LD’s are to start being distributed Sunday and Monday.  Tony: . . .the banks are saying and doing everything they can to start paying people next week.

Taxes:   No new information.

800 #’s:  No new information.

Groups have to wait for their paymaster to pay them.  Tony:  We can receive funds right away and they have to wait.  That is the difference.  Tony said a paymaster may have 10,000 people to pay and cannot do that all within a few days.  In a large group some people may not receive their exchange funds for weeks or even months.

EXCHANGING:  Contract rate is too be available from the beginning of exchanging.  Tony:  Whether it’s day one or day ten I will ask for the contract rate.

ZIM Information:  ZIM is still on the bank screens.  Tony said at one point Zimbabwe did not want to honor the agreement and then came back and said they would.  ZIM rate is .22 on the screen.  Do not expect to exchange ZIM at a military base.  The 50 and 100 years structured payouts are gone.  Now a minimum of three (3) year structured payout.  Tony:  We think it will be based on the bank location and size of the bank how the payout is structured with three year minimum.

VEGAS CELEBRATION:  Tony:   Everybody can come to Vegas

Q & A: TNT Forum

Q & A: Callers

  1. – Exchanging in an LLC?  Ray:  Anything that is taxable will be taxable to all.  It won’t be individuals only.  Entities get a different treatment.  You can wait till the last minute and if you need to exchange personally the LLC can relinquish the currency.

  2. – Is the man who heads up the Admiral  group a real Admiral?  Tony:  He was a real Admiral in the Navy and head of a nuclear division.  He’s a University professor and POTUS asked him to go over there for . . .

  3. Will the internet group go starting Sept 15 and then later the general public?  Tony:  The plan was for the internet group to go the first 10 days.  There will be no announcement for the general public.  You may hear a blip on TV like, “Iraq Economy is back” but nothing on the 6 o’clock news.


Tony . . .Interesting call.  Lot of information.  Information and action what we are looking for.  Got a whole lot more information than I thought we would get.  Tomorrow we are looking for the action.  If what happens is what we hope for next week will be a whole new . . . By Sunday/Monday if we have to do a call we should have a solid plan.  Enjoy your weekend.  I’m going to enjoy mine.

Ray . . .That’s going to do it for us this week.  Anything pops up . . . will let you know.  Send out a text,l tweet and update between now and then.  Enjoy your weekend.  Keep believing (played “I Believe.”

Jared Rand Time for Change Call (J10)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 15, 2018

Compiled 15 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A. Sept. 14 2018 TNT Call

1. A lot of things happened in Iraq overnight that we weren’t privy to.

2. In their meeting on Wed. Sept. 12 the Banks were saying that the final documents were being prepared.
3. In Iraq today Sept. 14 their Q cards were active, they were able to use Paypal for their currency and how could that happen without using the new Dinar rate?

4. In Iraq tomorrow Sept. 15 they were set to formally decide on and announce their new Prime Minister. Abadi was out. He didn’t want the position.

5. In Iraq their window was set for Sept. 15th through the 22nd that this should be all over.

6. In Iraq the RV was starting on Sun. Sept. 16 and going through the end of the month.

7. On Sun. Sept. 16 or Mon. Sept. 17 the new lower denoms of the Dinar were scheduled to come out.

8. In Reno the groups were told that this was set to begin next week. (We go at the same time the groups go. We get paid at our appointment, while the groups have to wait until their paymaster pays them).

9. The Zim was still on the bank screens as $.22.

10. The 50 and 100 years structured payouts are gone. We think the structured payout will be based on the bank location and size of the bank and with a three year minimum.

11. The plan was for the internet group to go the first 10 days. There will be no announcement for the general public.


B. Sept. 14 2018 1:12 am EST Trump Declares State of Emergency over Upcoming Elections (video), Mount: William Mount: President Declares State of Emergency

On Sept. 12 President Trump signed an Executive Order saying that any false reporting by the media during elections would be declared an act of Treason that would result in imprisonment and seizing of assets. The order was directed at mainstream and social media.


C. Sept. 14 2018 1:09 am Media Blackout on Dire Global Debt, Mannarino: Greg Mannarino: Media Blackout on Dire Global Debt NewsGreg Hunter USAWatchdog.com

1.“People here in our country are not being allowed to see what is going on outside of the United States. The mainstream media (MSM) outlets are doing everything they possibly can to keep people misinformed and uninformed.

2. “On a global scale, the world is overdosing on debt. The emerging markets show a currency meltdown. World central banks are colluding with the leaders, and they honestly have no choice because the party ended in 2008. They have done all they can to re-inflate bubbles by introducing debt on every single living soul on this planet, unlike we have ever seen in the history of the world.

3. “When this thing hits a point of maximum saturation, we are going to see cracks or the debt market let go before everything else, and that’s exactly what we are seeing here.

4. “The currency meltdown in the emerging markets, these are units of debt. These currencies are unbacked liabilities being dispersed by bankrupt governments. It’s the same thing here in America where our debt-to-GDP ratio is now over 100%.

5. “It all comes down to keeping the world awash in debt because that is the way the system functions. Last time, in 2008, we bailed out the banks. This time, we are going to bail out countries.”

6. Mannarino says the crisis really takes off when we can no longer borrow money into existence. “There is a full blown debt crisis in Europe and in the United States. The crisis is if we don’t continue to borrow and find ways to borrow ever more cash into existence. If we don’t, the whole system will melt down. When we hit the moment of maximum saturation, what happens to the currency? It’s worth nothing.

7. “If debt is maxed out and it just evaporates, we will lose half the world population in a very short amount of time.”
D. Sept. 14 2018 7:17 am EST Economic Crisis on Schedule, 12 Steps Ahead, X22 Report (videos): (Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1663: Economic Crisis is on Schedule | Twelve Steps Ahead

The housing bubble is starting to crack in places where people never thought it would happen. Las Vegas the housing market is booming but now we are seeing cracks in the market. The Federal Tax Receipts are going to enter the negative zone soon.

The next economic crisis is right on schedule. The bubbles are popping we hit the top of all the bubbles and they are ready to pop. It is a matter of time and when they pop its going to be disastrous for many people. Russia continually calls upon countries to use their national currency and to dump the dollar.

Wikileaks associate is still missing but his personal belongings have been found. Google's video has been leaked to the public. EU passes copyright laws that is going to destroy free speech and allow censorship. John Kerry violates the LOGAN ACT and nothing is being done about it. US missile destroyer arrives near Syria.

The false flag is now going to be pushed forward and the deep state is now falling for the trap. Q drops more breadcrumbs and lets the anon's know that the plan is in place, prepare for the MOAB and they are always twelve steps ahead. Many of the Qanon sites have been taken down, Q has warned about this.


E. Sept. 14 2018 12:12 am EST Nationwide Presidential Alert Sept. 20, Gidman:Nationwide Presidential Alert Next Thursday Newser Jenn Gidman FEMA website

1. Next Thurs. Sept. 20 at 2:18 pm, FEMA and the FCC were texting to every cell phone in the nation, plus on radio and TV, a "Presidential Alert" test of the Emergency Alert System to "assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether technological improvements are needed."

2. The header for the WEA trial text will read "Presidential Alert," along with the message: "This is a test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed."

3. Wireless customers can't opt out of or turn off the impending alert, as it's mandatory for every wireless company participating in the WEA system (and most US wireless providers participate, per Atlas Obscura).

4. If the test needs to be postponed, an alternate date is set for Oct. 3.

Dan's Daily Update, 15 SEPT

Summary: Two events necessary for the RV to occur have just been accomplished. The first was a meeting between China, US, Zimbabwe and Iraq. This was accomplished when President Abadi came to Washington on Wednesday, accompanied by former CBI head Shabibi!

The second event was the adjustment on the prices of oil and gold, which will be important for paying for the RV/GCR. Do you all remember 6 years ago when Tony on TNT would talk about China buying up “oil credits” at a low rate, so that they could later use them to buy gold at a high rate? Well, the oil rate is now high, so China is ready to use those oil credits, and the price of gold has gone back up, so POTUS is ready to announce that gold is backing the US currency.

The BIG Call: – a lot of things are pointing towards tomorrow and even through to Saturday afternoon.

At 7am [Thursday morning] the UN released Iraq from sanctions, and it was announced in Europe that Iraq was released.


• The rate for the ZIM exchanges will be VERY FLEXIBLE, but in order to participate in higher rates, YOU MUST BE PREPARED in both general understanding about the exchange process, and specific plans for using your currency for HUMANITARIAN, INFRASTRUCTURE, AND JOB-PRODUCING projects.

• The 800 numbers may be only active for 8-10 days after they are released. Once an appointment is set, you may have a month to complete the exchange.

• If you wish to negotiate a higher rate, YOU MUST CALL AND MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHIN THE FIRST 2 DAYS THAT THE 800 NUMBERS ARE RELEASED. You don’t have to COMPLETE the appointment within 2 days, but you must SET your appointment early after the numbers are released, to be completed later in the month.

• ZIM exchanges will only occur for about a month after the release of the 800 numbers. If you miss the 8-10 day appointment window and do not set an appointment within that time, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO EXCHANGE YOUR ZIM.

• Tier 5 currency holders, AKA “John Q Public” or those who are not following the RV process on the internet, will be able to exchange at the bank of their choosing for an unspecified time AFTER the closing of the Tier 4 private exchanges. HOWEVER, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EXCHANGE (OR REDEEM) ZIMBABWE CURRENCY. The exchange rate for the unprepared people will be the same “international” or “street rate” available at any bank or currency exchange office.


Friday Evening:

Summary: Several sources in US, Europe and Asia are saying that we will have release of funds for currency exchange BEFORE MONDAY.

JS: I just got news that in CNN Spanish a few minutes ago, the QFS has been announced, along with the RV but with no explanation what RV means.

More information about the Quantum Financial System and the method by which the banks will be able to store our massive amounts of currency are included here today.



ReadtNow:  "The new parliament speaker Mohamed Halboussi, who was elected by parliament to be president of the fourth parliamentary session." He is 37 year old gov. of Anbar…. From new Parliament Speaker acceptance speech---""I will work in cooperation with the deputies to speed up legislation of laws that serve the Iraqi people." That should include monetary reform.

RVAlready:  Thank goodness, they got the speaker done.

Freeway2:  Now for the PM

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq parliament elects Sunni lawmaker al-Halbousi as speaker,... https://reut.rs/2NJWTgt

RVAlready:  A once great country did what Jefferson said not to do, and paid the price Jefferson said we would pay….Not to let central banks control the currency.

SassyD:  "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." -- Thomas Jefferson

SassyD:  "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." - Thomas Jefferson


SassyD:  Apple, Firefox tools aim to thwart Facebook, Google tracking -- 0-14-2​018 -- https://apnews.com/98a66a02aa984fc5aa0995005c72b86e/Apple,-Firefox-too​ls-aim-to-thwart-Facebook,-Google-tracking?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medi​um=APBusiness&utm_campaign=SocialFlow


Currency 365:Several economist and politicians in #iraq had a conference called "SUCCESS" to put in action many things to #BREAKINTHESYSTEM against the deep state and poverty for their people. They must do it before Abadi leaves office this is there FINAL CHANCE!!!!



Samson:  Parliament resumes its meeting headed by the head of the age

 15th September, 2018

The House of Representatives resumed, Saturday, holding its open session chaired by the President of the Age Mohamed Ali Zinni to choose a president.

"The House of Representatives resumed, today, held its open meeting chaired by the President of the age, Muhammad Ali Zinni, where a decision is to choose a president."

The source added that "three members of the House of Representatives are: Dhafer al-Ani and Ahmad Hama Rashid and Taha defense have sworn in the constitutional."    LINK

Samson:  Parliament elects Halbusi as its president

 15th September, 2018

Mohammed al-Halbusi was elected as speaker of the fourth parliament on Saturday, a reporter for Mawazine News reported Saturday.

The reporter said that "the head of the age, Mohammed Ali Zinni, announced the victory of MP Mohammed Halbusi, Speaker of the House of Representatives in its fourth session after receiving 169 votes."  "MP Khalid al-Obeidi got 89 votes, MP Osama al-Nujaifi received 19 votes, and MP Mohammed al-Khalidi received 4 votes. MP Talal al-Zobaie received only one vote. MP Raad al-Dahlaki won only one vote."  "The empty votes were 12 votes, and the wrong votes were 3 votes," the correspondent said.

The vote began today, to choose the new parliament speaker after the President of the age, Mohammed Ali Zinni during today's session, the closure of the nomination for the presidency of the Council.

The deputies had withdrawn from the parliament session to consult and not to boycott the meeting.  And resumed the House of Representatives, today, its opening session under the chairmanship of the President of the age, Muhammad Ali Zinni to choose the Speaker of Parliament and his deputies.    LINK


Samson:  Is Forex the Alternative to Money Markets ?

 14th September, 2018 by Ihab Ali MPs

In the knowledge economy, what is known as the digital or electronic economy and the spread of electronic commerce, everything is done through the internet. In other words, what has been done through real institutions, organizations and governments, it is possible to replace many of its services over the Internet. Such as Qtbwain, Ripple and others. After Block Qin system there is now Forex or what is known in the foreign exchange market.

Forex, FX - The abbreviation for "Foreign Exchange Market" is the exchange of currencies against each other. Forex is one of the largest decentralized global financial markets for trading currencies. 

It contributes to international trading and investment through foreign exchange transactions.

Previously, the Forex market was limited to major banking institutions, big speculators and large foreign exchange traders. It is now open to most investors, even small investors. The major forex trading centers are the very large deals between Trailing Forex includes hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2016, the daily forex volume was $ 5.1 trillion, according to BIS data. Forex is traded on the Internet at thousands of locations around the world, on phones and computer terminals. Forex trading can be done directly on your PC. There are risks you may face as with any business. But your losses can be few, and profits or gains can be quite spectacular.

The currency is traded through the purchase and sale of the major currencies that hold the basic share of operations in the Forex market namely the US dollar (USD) base currency, the euro (EUR) and the pound sterling (GBP), the Swiss franc (CHF), the Japanese yen (JPY) and the Australian dollar (AUD) ), And the Canadian dollar (CAD)) and other Arab and foreign currencies. A number of companies have emerged from foreign countries. In the portal of dawn electronic e.

There are many players in the Forex market. Some are trading to make profits, others are trading cautiously to avoid risk, and many are trading to secure their foreign currency needs to pay utility and commodity bills.

The main participants in trading are commercial banks, so currencies are priced according to the banks market. In addition to commercial and central banks and multinationals, there are risk averse investors who are always ready to enter into various kinds of speculation. Among them are traditional retailers, and individuals who trade daily / weekly to earn the most money. Many of them make economic and political news, statistical releases, and influential speeches to decipher the future direction of currency rates. Others rely on technical indicators without paying attention to what happens in the financial world. You can also become a trader and join the business class.

But with all the advantages of Forex trading there are many risks associated with foreign exchange transactions, which can lead to large losses, which we will recognize in the following lines:

Risk of leverage: first what is the meaning of leverage? Simply means the percentage of the volume of the purchase or sale in any transaction to deposit the margin of security required .. Foreign exchange trading requires a small initial investment, called the margin, to reach large transactions in foreign currencies, and small fluctuations in prices can prompt the investor Girl has an extra margin. Under volatile market conditions, the rush to use leverage may result in significant losses in increasing initial investments. You can simply lose all your money deposited with the foreign exchange broker as insurance margins.

Interest Rate Risk: We all know that interest rates have a significant impact on countries' exchange rates. In the event of higher interest rates in a country, it will strengthen and strengthen its currency as a result of the inflow of investments in the country's assets, as currency strength will result in higher returns. Conversely, if interest rates fall, their currency will weaken as investors may begin to withdraw their investments, due to the nature of the interest rate and its indirect impact on exchange rates. What matters to us here is that the difference between currency values ​​can cause a significant change in forex prices.

Operational risk: The counterparty in a financial transaction is the company that provides the asset to the investor (through which the transaction is made). Thus, counterparty risk refers to the risk of default from a foreign exchange trader or broker in a particular transaction. In foreign exchange transactions, spot and spot trades are not secured by a clearing house. In spot currency trading, the counterparty's risk arises from liquidity (liquidity). Under volatile market conditions, the counterparty may be unable or unwilling to contract.

Country risk: When deciding on options for investing in currencies, it is necessary to assess the structure and stability of the country that intends to invest in its currency. In many developing and third world countries, exchange rates are linked to the price of a global currency such as the US dollar. In these circumstances, central banks must maintain adequate reserves of that currency to maintain a fixed exchange rate. And defaults resulting in a currency devaluation.

This could have significant implications for foreign exchange trading and prices. Given the speculative nature of investment, if some investors believe that the currency will depreciate, they will begin to withdraw their assets, which will further devalue the currency. With regard to foreign currency trading, currency crises increase the risk of liquidity and credit risk as well as the weakness of the country's currency according to the trading site with confidence AVA.

Hence, the Forex market is attractive to many investors and thus will open the horizons for them and for all those who wish to invest in the future, in the sense that Forex will see a wider spread and to be surprised to be after the extension of the refuge of all financial investments and even the real and online platforms for trading, The Future These government and private institutions, which were the cornerstone in the formation and circulation of cash and money may disappear like the central banks and intermediaries and real money markets to be all managed through the Internet.   LINK
Don961:  once again in the news .. with an added bit of info ..

The Iraqi Central Bank officially comes out of the EU sanctions list


The European Union announced the exit of the Central Bank of Iraq officially, from the list of sanctions imposed by the European Union on financial institutions...............

It is worth mentioning that the Central Bank of Iraq was established in 1947 by Royal Decree in the Royal Covenant, formerly called the National Bank of Iraq, was re-established after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, based on the law of the Central Bank of Iraq for 2004 with the authorized capital of 100 billion dinars, The bank's head office is in Baghdad and has four branches in Basra, Mosul, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.    link


Samson:  Expert: Oil prices will exceed $ 100 per barrel by winter

 15th September, 2018

Oil expert Hamza al-Jawahiri said on Saturday that Iraq was able to overcome its financial crisis and fill the deficit in the budget of 2018 due to the rise in international oil prices, likely to exceed the world oil prices of $ 100 per barrel due to the decline of US oil reserves and the solution of the winter season.

"The government has been able to overcome the financial crisis for the current year and fill the deficit in the budget estimated at 21 trillion dinars, as well as a slight surplus due to the rise in international oil prices,"
 Jawahri said in a statement.

He added that "Iraq is one of the most beneficiaries of the rise in international oil prices during the current year," noting that "the United States is pressing the Gulf countries to increase the flow of oil in world markets to reduce prices."

"The global oil prices will exceed $ 100 per barrel during the coming winter season because of the decline of the US oil reserves from 550 million barrels to 390 million, as well as increased demand with the solution of low temperatures."    LINK
Don961:  America is mobilizing its forces in Iraq

 Friday, 14 September 2018

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - New US security measures around the camps and bases in the north, west and center of the country have included surveillance aircraft around the camps, Iraqi officials in Baghdad said.

This comes hours after a warning, the first of its kind issued by the White House, that "Washington will hold the regime in Tehran responsible for any attack resulting in the injury of our employees or damage to the facilities of the US government in Iraq."

The statement also accused Iran of not preventing recent attacks on the US consulate in Basra and the compound of the US embassy in Baghdad.

"The United States will hold the regime in Tehran responsible for any attack that results in casualties among our people or damage to the installations of the United States government," the statement said, adding that "America will respond quickly and decisively in defense of American lives."

On Friday night, a few hours after the Iranian consulate in Basra was burned by demonstrators, mortar shells landed near the perimeter of the US embassy in the area. One of the shells landed close to the embassy building, followed by a mortar attack on the Basra airport, where the US consulate in Basra is located, without causing any human or material damage.

Observers point out that the Iranian missile attack on the site of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) militants in the town of Quesengq was an Iranian message to the Americans. The K1 base, which has American units near Kirkuk, is only 71 kilometers away from Kuesengk, Shukan, Taqtaq and Shilla between Kirkuk, where US forces are concentrated, and the Iranian-targeted city of Quesengak on Saturday.

In the context of, revealed a senior Iraqi official in Baghdad, the new US fortifications in seven military sites where the US forces in Anbar, Baghdad, Salahuddin, Nineveh and Kirkuk. US actions include surveillance aircraft and reconnaissance patrols around the camps, and the prevention of access by members of the armed factions to the vicinity of US troops.

According to the same official, the US Embassy in Baghdad has taken additional security measures. It also asked Americans in relief, the press, international organizations, demining operations and the help of liberated cities in the north and west of the country.

The official pointed out that the precautions come from fear of hostile operations of retaliation carried out by Iraqi militias linked to Iran.

"The Americans have told the prime minister that they have monitored unwarranted arming of specific militias through Iran, and that Washington has to deal with any threat to its interests or those of its partners in Iraq against any provocation and aggression," he said.

An Iraqi military community in Anbar and Ninewa is reporting that US forces have set up a high-precision monitoring system capable of locating rocket and artillery shells to respond to them within three minutes. 

According to Iraqi army officers, US concern is limited to the missile capability of the pro-Iranian armed factions in Iraq and their continued promotion within their own development plants and workshops. According to the new Arab newspaper.

This is in addition to what Iran receives by road through different routes between the two countries, the most important of which is Diyala province, which is subjected to large demographic changes by the same militias.   link