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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

A nationwide emergency broadcast system test has been scheduled.

The global economy is imploding and cannot sustain itself much longer.

The mechanisms put in place by White Hats will allow the global economy to seamlessly transition to a new quantum financial system.

According to sources, the RV remains set to begin neither too early nor too late, but just at the right time.

The transactions of the RV exchanges/redemptions will be the kickstarter for the QFS.

No further info available at this time as sources remain mostly silen

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 8, 2018

Compiled 8 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: We were still in an intel blackout, with no significant intel released today Friday Sept. 7. Rumor was that there was no holdups and a possibility of an 800# release tomorrow Sat. Sept. 8 if Iraq published their oil and gas law in the Gazette (which would be early morning Sept. 8 EST). It was also rumored that on Tues. Sept. 11 Zimbabwe would announce their gold backed Zim currency around the same time as the US was expected to announce a return to the gold standard also on that Tues. 9/11 at 10am EST.


A. Sept. 7 2018 2:41 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for September 7, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. A nationwide emergency broadcast system test has been scheduled.

2. The global economy is imploding and cannot sustain itself much longer.

3. The mechanisms put in place by White Hats will allow the global economy to seamlessly transition to a new quantum financial system.

4. According to sources, the RV remains set to begin neither too early nor too late, but just at the right time.

5. The transactions of the RV exchanges/redemptions will be the kickstarter for the QFS.

No further info available at this time as sources remain mostly silent.


B. Sept. 7 2018 11:38 am EST WOW, Anon: "Wow!" by (Anonymous) - 9.7.18

Huge developments in the last few days. Our QFS and satellites are online and fine thank you very much. Their QFS and satellites are offline and done. Fiat currencies around the world are going to be the counterfeit illegal trash they always have been.

The RV is good to go. St. Germain's dream of a demilitarized world and GESARA for everyone is now a very real possibility. The transition to peace and prosperity is truly underway. There is now more money available for rebuilding a new earth than has been produced total since money was invented. Praise be to God. Through Her/Him ALL things truly are possible. Now.


C. Sept. 7 2018 11:19 pm EST QFS Update, Fireswan: "QFS Update" by Fireswan - 9.7.18Check your routing numbers at the bank you currently bank at. To verify that you’ve been transferred to the QFS, the routing number electronically shown for your account (online banking) will be different than the one printed on your checks. My personal account has switched and I don’t currently bank at a tier 1 bank. I bet many have converted.


D. Sept. 6 2018 8:20 pm EST 9/11, Greg: "Tuesday, September 11, 2001" by Greg - 9.6.18


E. Sept. 7 2018 10:20 am EST Deutsche Bank Derivatives, Weir: Bix Weir: Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion will Take Everything Down!


For those inquiring minds, yes I have my phone back and to those few who might have any interest in the RV it appears matters related to that are moving ahead in a positive order and relative info should be forthcoming overnight, will advise as I receive

As most frequent participants will recognize I have not been a frequent participant within this room, and yet all of a sudden here I am posting again

Well like all of us know we are and have been provided info indicating when this event will occur none of which has proven accurate to date

Well I do have some well connected individuals who like everyone else have been provided what they thought was positive info that they have shared with me

Well the room I went to when this room was temporarily closed has decided it best that I not post what I am privledge to so my choice is to just keep what I learn to myself or look for a venue that might possible wish to at least see what I am being provided

So the choice is now yours shall I share or just go to hell?

Please continue to share!

Snake, you are the only one I pay any attention to, also knowing your info is very liquid. Thanks for your info

Share and thank you for everything that you have and are doing for us. We really appreciate it.


One of my major thrusts is and has been to share with those who may not have had the experiences with bankers and money management some ideas which might give an insite into what and where suddenly monied people would need to begin their new journey

Many of you may be participants in both rooms so enough about me and my reasons I will bring forth what information I have been provided as well as what is anticipated to occur over the next few days

I say this and will delay until AdminBill or SUNNIDAZ says halt

Please know the ride is almost over and will wait on the okay to continue God Bless

The only thing I can contribute is my buddy from Basara, he is one that is waiting for his oil revanue shares. Still not happening there that is why there is kaos and burning of buildings there.

Let me speculate for a few minutes this morning while basing my speculation on guru speak, rumors and information of the past few weeks.

Let's begin with the assumption that the initial push will begin with the financial giants in Far East and move westward through Europe and continue west at a snail's pace. Should this be the case account liquidity (actual usable cash) in accounts will not be available to the large currency and bond holders participating during this period of continued early SKR appointments.

Those completing SKR early appointments will do so to reduce the manpower required, and clear the way for Groups and the public while insuring the system is fully operational IMO.

How long will all this take? A few weeks probably when this is set in motion. Yes, I may be completely full of hot air but at least it fits what I have been hearing when I put all of the pieces together. Your input is always appreciated so please let us all know what you think

Your info pretty much matches what I am hearing as well Admin




Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .No updates so I guess we’ll start where we left off . . .

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   Going to be a really short call.  You know why.  Doctor’s appointment (with son today)

A lot of news about what is going on in Iraq.  They did not do the count.  Waiting on a letter (from Federal Court)

Between the last call – Basra has ignited once again.  Turkey has cut off their water.  Iran has cut off their electricity.  The people are hungry, thirsty and hot.  Burning government buildings.  They want food, water and employment for the young people.  Getting out of hand.

How do they solve that problem.  Articles came out saying US causing the problem so they can declare an emergency and Abadi become PM for next two years until 2020.  That is Maliki’s news putting that out.

Abadi is putting out Maliki is inciting these riots trying to make Abadi look bad.  Then today they say it is really Iran’s military causing the problem.  Iran backs Maliki.  That is one and the same.

Troops going to try and calm things down.  Abadi said, “give them their money now.”  The money they need to complete projects and start jobs.  All because on Sunday Sadr will have a million man march again, not in Basra, if this is not resolved by Sunday.

Sadr is calling for the Parliament to meet on Sunday and anyone who does not show up will pay for it.  That is what is on TV.  Excuse to not attend is too many members are out of the country.  Sorriest excuse I’ve heard of.

We know the CBI again has declared they are ready to go when the GOI declares what they are going to do.

People who were part of Maliki’s group are now in a disagreement and say they are going back to Sadr and Abadi group.  All of this could be resolved in a minute if the Kurd’s would just pick a side. They are using this right now trying to get what they want.  Trying to use this last opportunity to get the 140 promised to them.  Their 17% instead of the 12.5%.  Maliki is promising them everything they are asking for.  They know he’s a liar and not going to keep the promise.

HCL money was not seen which upset everyone.  We know an agreement was signed yesterday to start paying HCl on Saturday.  This is the day before the million man march, MMM, is to take place.

Either Sadr can force them to come back.  He says come back tomorrow, forget about the largest group or voting for position.  Wants them to resolve Basra before this gets out of control.

If they do the HCL on Saturday, people get money, less likely to go out in the streets and riot. Doesn’t make sense to treat Basra as a step child.  80% of their money for the country, of their budget comes from the oil out of Basra.  How can you not make sure they have water and electricity when they produce 80% off the national budget, yet they are the last ones to get a dime.

Banks still ready. . .They did have a time frame that includes next week.  Still does and just waiting to see what happens.

One of two things going to happen   Going to vote, be transparent, and Abadi will be PM or the US will declare an emergency and Abadi comes out the Prime Minister.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  . . . Banks still ready. . .have a time frame that includes next week.                                                                Q. – Time frame through next Saturday?   Tony:  That is what they are saying.

Tony:  It’s being stretched out to where the PTB want it. . . tomorrow? . . . the 15th or 30th?  Ten to eleven days we going to know? because it’s not going to be any different than on the first day.

IRAQ:    The Federal Court is to declare how the largest bloc is defined.  This was done previously but Maliki has challenged and is asking for it again.  The court has announced their decision will be given the first of next week.  Tony:  They could do it tomorrow.

Basra:  A tinderbox as Turkey has cut off their water and Iran has cut off their electricity.  People have been killed and buildings burned down. Eighty percent of the Iraqi budget is produced from the oil fields of Basra. Tony:  The people are hungry, thirsty and hot.  It’s getting out of hand. . .   Abadi said, “give them their money now.”

CBI:  Made another announcement they are ready to proceed with economic reforms when the GOI is formed.

Parliament:  Sadr has called for a Saturday meeting to solve the crisis in Basra.  Telling Parliament members if you don’t show up their will be consequences.

Media:  Abadi and Sadr on TV daily making announcements, informing the citizenry.

Maliki and Iran are said to be behind the demonstrations in Basra.

HCL:  People are to start receiving funds from the HCL agreement this coming Saturday.

MMM:  Sadr has called for a million man march to happen on Sunday in Baghdad.

Kurd’s have still not declared themselves for any bloc. Maliki is promising them everything they are asking for but he did that last time and then did not follow through.  They know he is a liar.Tony:   All of this could be resolved in a minute if the Kurd’s would just pick a side.

Finger pointing:  Maliki is claiming the unrest in Basra is being incited by Abadi so the US can declare a state of emergency and Abadi can be PM. Abadi is putting out Maliki is inciting these riots trying to make Abadi look bad. Iran military is also being accused.  Tony:  Maliki and Iran are one and the same.

EURO:  Ray said Iraq switching to the EURO for transactions has ended the counterfeiting of currency.  Ray:  For every dinar it might be Iran was getting two USD and now they are getting two EURO.

IMF:  has Global Humanitarian projects that can be invested in post RV.

Currencies:  ZIM rate showing on the screen right now: 22 cents.  Dong still at .47 – $2. (contract rate)

UNITED STATES:    US has threatened to declare a state of emergency in Iraq and set up a government with Abadi as Prime Minister.  Tony:  Presidential Order 13303 gives the US the authority to do that.  The President renews it every year . . .  We say they are a sovereign country but they are not.

Banks:   Are prepared.  Do not currently have people on standby. Time frame given by the banks is now through next Saturday.  Tony:  Banks still ready. . .have a time frame that includes next week.

Taxes:   No update yet.

800 #’s:  It’s a convenience.  Ray:  When we give out the 800 # still check with other banks.  Your bank down the street may give you a better deal.

Gifting:  No limit on giving to a charity.  Ray suggests setting up and managing a charity and gift to the very charity you helped create.  Ray:  It creates a win-win situation.  You were going to give the money anyway.  I call this the Utopian way of giving.  Instead of giving it to an individual that has ramifications your going to give it to a charity.

TRUST:  Ray:  Any money you want to gift you hold out of the Trust.  $50 million is an exemption to a trust that will not be taxed.  That comes from the grantor.  . . It would not be prudent for a trust to create other trusts.  (This was a short version of a long answer.  It starts the 2nd hour and anyone who is interested in Ray’s Trust information should listen to this part of the call.)

. . . A trust is more than asset protection.  It’s a way of life.  You get to eliminate probate, last will and testament, gold diggers.  This one tool takes all of that out. . . You have elimination of capital gains tax on real estate. . . recapture on home office.  With this tool you can eliminate those things.  All of the headaches that come along with home ownership get removed with this life style.  There are all kinds of trusts . . . of foundations.  I speak, teach on one type.  You have to have the right one to do that things I represent.

Contract law is the highest law in the land.  It starts with the Constitution. (A Trust is a contract)  This is a challenge for a lot of you because it is new.

I have two children.  The plan is for each of them to have $1 million.  I could give it to them or put it in a Trust and teach them  or put it in a Foundation for them.  It all depends on the recipient and what is going on in their life.  There is no one way for everybody to do this.  You develop your plan based on the tools.

HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS:  There are two designations for HP’s.

1)  The IMF will be offering GLOBAL HP’s to invest in with a very attractive interest rate of return.

2)  To get the contract rate for the ZIM you will have to have a HP in Zimbabwe with an approved Zimbabwe charity.  Tony has said this could take three months or more to set up before you could exchange.  Ray has received no knowledge of how in depth a business plan will need to be for the ZIM humanitarian project.

EXCHANGING:   No new information today.

ZIM Information:  The rate showing today on the bank screen for the ZIM is 22 cents.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. –  Can the military exchange at the base in the Philippines? Tony:  No idea. You will have to call the base in the Philippines.
  2. –  Announcement prior to the new PM?  Tony:  There is a possibility.  The chances of an RV before the PM announced about 10%.

Q & A: Callers:   Caller 805 asked the audience for prayer for cancer.

Ray:  No matter how much money you get you are still going to be on a fixed income.  Two million dollars won’t last forever.


Tony . . .Everything is really good.  Actions over the weekend will let us know exactly where we stand.  I think it will be good.  We will tweet something out tomorrow to let you know how the meeting went and what you can look for.  (Tony left the call after about 50 minutes and Ray continued)

Ray . . .Before we wrap up – I know a lot of people mean well when they stand on their soap box – when they get on the calls.  I mean well when I share things and I really try to help you get the best of what is out here for us.  There will be not a lot of people who will help you get the best.  They will be focused on what’s in it for them rather than what is best for you.

I work diligently on taking away your excuses for failure.  One specific item I hear of when others are talking and they try to get you to think small.  Don’t go for this . . . or that. . .don’t get greedy.  A gift of a small amount will be sufficient.  I’d rather have your own interest at hearts.

Two percent is a small number.  Some of you are being led to believe 2% is a good go.  Sure it’s good but if that is the low why would you accept that.  What’s wrong with a higher number?

Most of us that have savings accounts.  What’s the interest rate .5%?  Pitiful?  So 2% sounds very exciting.  This very day there are two banks in the US that pay 2% on a savings account.  You don’t need millions, just open a savings account.   If they are giving 2% when you are broke and disgusted why would you settle for 2% when you get millions?

That will do it for today’s FANTABULOUSER Friday.  If anything develops over the weekend we will update you.  Especially if it’s urgent or time sensitive.  Don’t rush into anything other than the contract rate.  Anything else can wait.  Twenty-four to forty-eight hours at least.

Give us time to assess the situation.  Enjoy your Friday.  Keep believing folks. (played “I Believe.)



Walkingstick » September 6th, 2018

ftti..... removal from the grey list (FATF) became official in July... 

Cleitus » September 6th, 2018

Thank you WS..., I don't have/can't find FATF in my notes..., what's the acronym for? 

Walkingstick » September 6th, 2018

Financial Action Task Force ....

Samson » September 6th, 2018

Indicators of economic resilience and stability in the monetary system

6th September, 2018

Central banks in the countries of the world mainly aim to achieve monetary and financial stability through its programs and strategy aimed at maintaining stability in the exchange of local currencies against other foreign currencies and the construction of foreign reserves sufficient in accordance with international standards issued by the International Monetary Fund and the assessment of banks based on other criteria Economic and political shocks in their countries, controlling stable rates of inflation and interest rates, implementing compliance regulations and rules, combating money laundering and financing terrorism. The Iraqi Central Bank's march over the last four years proved that it is progressing steadily to achieve the above objectives.

This proves that Iraq has gone out of the monitoring and follow-up area to the regular follow-up area every two years, like other banks in the world according to FATF.

Which we expect to be reflected in the efforts of the Central Bank and the Association of Banks and Banks to restore international banking relations with correspondent banks. And because of international political changes, most notably US sanctions imposed on Iran and Turkey. 

In order for the economic analysis to be accurate and non-radical for the reality of monetary stability in Iraq and the effects of the new shock (sanctions) expected on the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, which has been stable since 1/1/2018 and remains strong and stable despite international and domestic political shocks.

From an economic and analytical perspective of the state of stability in the exchange rate and from a neutral and transparent point of view, we note that the high independence of the Central Bank and the availability of foreign reserves at an average and for determining the adequacy to cover the cash mass in circulation and to cover imports according to the standards of the International Monetary Fund as the foreign reserve is fully insured and occupies Iraq ranks fourth in the Arab world and is currently about $ 58 billion and grows day after day in addition to the strength and recovery of the Iraqi dinar during the past seven months and deal with wisdom and responsibility and independence by the Central Bank will prevent from The international situation and the sanctions on neighboring countries were raised on the reality of monetary stability, which began to be achieved during the first half of this year, with the assurance that the central bank does not fund a deficit in the budget.

On the contrary, there is currently a surplus in the budget due to high oil prices. This shock And will be overcome and exceeded the economic and security shocks suffered by the Iraqi economy in previous years. LINK

Get1later » September 6th, 2018

Add the Indian Rupee to the list of Foreign Currencies "Hitting The Skids" against the strong USD Abroad

The US Dollar Is Hitting Again … And Another “Important” Currency In The Wind

Sep 6, 2018

While the world markets are looking for the consequences of the deterioration of the Turkish and Argentinian currencies and their impact on world markets, a new development in the same vein is raising greater fears given the size of the country’s economy.

Competent bodies classify the Indian economy as the seventh largest in the world in terms of size, which leads to serious concern about what happened to the Indian currency in recent times.

The rupee has fallen to a new record against the US dollar, despite government attempts to stop the bleeding.

The rupee reached 71.80 per dollar, an unprecedented figure.

According to reports published by the agency “Reuters” that the Reserve Bank of India has conducted some interventions in the foreign exchange market, with the aim of curbing the losses that reached levels never before.

The rupee has already lost more than 10 percent of its value this year against the US giant, but Business Insider has quoted analysts in Australian and New Zealand banking groups as saying the rupee is likely to face more negative pressure in the coming months.

Concerns about emerging market assets are mounting in the current period, as the strength of the US dollar gains support from trade tensions and tightening monetary policy.

The decline of the rupee has led to a further deterioration in the currencies of Turkey and Argentina in recent weeks.

The lira fell 43 percent against the dollar this year, according to Reuters. Pizzo Argentina, Latin America’s third-largest economy, has lost more than 45.3 percent of its value against the US currency since the beginning of 2018.

This has led to broad interventions by the central bank Including the sale of reserves worth more than half a billion dollars this week.

On Wednesday, the dollar rose broadly as concerns mounted that US President Donald Trump would escalate the trade war with Beijing soon by charging more Chinese imports.

Trump may impose customs duties on new Chinese goods valued at $ 200 billion after the deadline for receiving public opinion on the new tariffs on Thursday, but it is not clear when this may happen.

The dollar received further support from strong US indices that reinforce the justification for new US interest rate increases.

The dollar gained more than 2 percent against the South African rand and the Argentine peso and more than 1 percent against the Mexican and Colombian pesos.

The dollar rose in 2018 against all major currencies except the Mexican peso and the Japanese yen.