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What is REALLY going on behind the scenes? ...They are stalling to settle which is the largest bloc. To get the largest bloc they must include the Kurds. They will need the Kurds in order to get the needed quorum in parliament to get anything done. ...I expect that if they solve the crisis with Kurdistan and the deadlock for the largest bloc, they will then reconvene in parliament prior to Sept 15th.


9-7-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    [Can the Monetary Reform happen before the SBA 2016 agreement with the IMF?...Will the CBI be able to act alone and start the Reform without the IMF's Approval?]  In a perfect scenario, the IMF gives the green light, CBI implements the "approved" changes, RV.   Let's be real, though... if the CBI wants to go ahead with it, then they will, and what is the IMF going to do - tell them "no, you can't pay X for your Dinar"?? I don't think so...And if the IMF DID do something like that, can you imagine how many institutions around the world would completely REVOLT against the IMF?!  It would be absolute chaos!  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-7-2018   Intel Guru Bruce
   ...it looks like everything is coming together at the last moment, and it is getting down to the wire.  We have Iraq still doing their thing. Messing around with their government. Talking about running more stuff through parliament again. ...They are talking about releasing the...Oil and Gas Law...Talking about releasing that in the Gazette on Saturday...What does that mean for our timing?  That could trigger what it is we are all waiting for...I have heard people talk about a 5 day window. The window could be literally hours away to a couple of days or maybe it drags out through the weekend. I really believe that. ...I think we are at a really good shape.

9-7-2018   Intel Guru Footforward   I still believe and expect the RV to happen. What's been going on hasn't changed my mind. This will come to be...

9-7-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   ...WS [Guru Walkingstick]  posted that the COM was paid electronically, and back pay to 01/01/2018. The same was said to have happened for the HCL for the citizens ...we await them to tell us it is fully active. ...The question is, will they leak out the payments of back pay for the Citizens for the HCL? Imo Oh heck yes.. When they do, it will go public by the CBI, GOC or just plain old leakage.  Now keep in mind that Sadr has spoken out about the GOI not fulfilling their responsibilities.In fact imo he is saying have them done before Sunday. Start your meetings ASAP, and by the way they are going to be live on camera.  Therefore, all the citizens that know your sandbagging and they are not getting paid their do, will be able to watch who is sandbagging them...imo.
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9-7-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  Quote:  "The Iraqi National Card is an electronic biometric card issued by the Ministry of Interior from January 1, 2016. It replaced the Nationality Certificate and Civil Identification Document previously issued. In 2018 it will also replace the Residency Card). This card has a high security platform and is connected directly to the Iraqi Civil System"    Now I am not sure how many realize just how big this is? It is telling us they are on the 09/05/2018 ready to "LAUNCH" the E-Regulations a form of many forms that are about E-Governance. That includes E-Banking...It will include Citizens, Employees, Businesses, Countries, Constituencies, Democracy, payments, receivables, etc., etc.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-7-2018  Newshound Guru chattels  Much of the recent news highlights the question of whether the rule of law or the rule of men, and which men will it be, is or will be in control in Iraq. These are dangerous times in Iraq. Iraq seems continually to jump from the frying pan into the fire and back again, IMO.  It appears that my sense of optimism about the avoidance of quotas and the announcement of a government sooner rather than later in this election cycle was misplaced. The Machiavellian Maliki is very resourceful politically and we should never underestimate him or the capacity of Iraq for self destruction.


6 September, 2018 22:14


• The Federal Reserve has just been stripped of their legal right to hold USD as currency. (And no, this is not to introduce the fraudulent USN)

• Transfers from the Manna World Holding Trust were initiated and officially cleared by the United States Treasury on Friday August 31st, 2018. Legally the banks had 24 hours from that point to credit the accounts receiving said transfers.

• The Global US Banks involved are currently refusing to credit transfers that have already been approved by the United States Government. They have provided no legal explanation.

• These institutions are currently committing treason against the American People and the United States Government.

• The funds contained within the Trust and the current authority over these funds has been verified and cleared by the Bank of International Settlements and they are providing a report to the United States Government to support the audit of all US Based Banks.

*It is my understanding that this process has already begun.

• The activity of the Chinese Elders and Rothschild Dragon Families to keep Government approved allocated funds out of the United States and away from projects needed to create jobs and stimulate the economy is treason and should be considered an act of war against the United States.

• Except for the CIA, every other major intelligence agency, Homeland Security, the IRS, BIS, and the United Nations have now officially recognized the existence of the Manna World Holding Trust, the legality of the funds there in, and the Trustee’s authority over them. Each have provided letters to verify these findings, and are currently watching the activity of the banks very carefully to see if they cooperate.

• If the banks do not clear our project funding tomorrow then they will have their legal authority to hold USD stripped from them as well.

*The so called Quantum Hercules Financial System is no more. It launched on Tuesday and was taken down within 12 minutes. It will not recover.





Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Here is where we are, guys. We just have enough information where things are quiet. A lot of people call, sources say it is real quiet out there, I haven’t heard anything. What are you hearing? I do get some information that other people do not get. I know that. I put things out and I have put things out that nobody has for years. I am blessed in that way. I get that. Tonight it seems like we have some information and it looks like everything is coming together at the last moment, and it is getting down to the wire.

Bruce: We have Iraq still doing their thing. Messing around with their government. Talking about running more stuff through parliament again. HCO, Hydro Carbon Law. I was thinking that thing was passed 10 years ago. Who knows what form it was really in. They are talking about releasing the Hydro Carbon Law, HCO, which is otherwise known as the Oil and Gas Law in Iraq. Talking about releasing that in the Gazette on Saturday. I believe that is what is supposed to happen bar anything else taking it and making it not happen, I believe it will occur. 

Bruce: Now, what does that mean and why do we care? If the Gazette publishes the Oil and Gas Law Saturday, that will come out in the morning fairly early in the morning Saturday. For that to occur we are getting out of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq is that the Iraqi dinar needs to be out and seen and visible 24 hours prior to the publication of that in the Gazette of the HCO Law in the Gazette. If we are talking about Saturday morning Iraq time that would mean Friday morning Iraq time for the dinar to be known about, out, or be seen. That is what we are getting.

Bruce: What does that mean for our timing? It is Thursday night. East coast is 8 hours behind Baghdad time wise. That means something could very much happen in Iraq tonight later. Let’s call it overnight. That could trigger what it is we are all waiting for. I am trying to get verification that Tier 3 has completed their payment. That supposed to been at midnight last night. They were supposed to complete. That opened up the stage for the Tier 4s. Remember Group A is the groups we know about based out west, core groups, other groups based out west that is part of Tier 4 Group A. Group B is the Internet Group. That is us. Group A and Group B are all part of Tier 4. Now that is supposed to be in the position now for that to begin, and I think to an extent it have begun already with the Group A groups. 

Bruce: We are not getting started, we the Internet Group of 6.5 million that have been paying attention to the Big Call and other blogs. That information is important for us to know moving forward because we are the ones who will be getting a toll free number to set our appointments at over 4,000 Redemption Centers across the country, the US, and including a huge number of Zim Redemption Centers that we use to call off site Exchange locations or Offsite Redemption Centers. 

Bruce: Obviously if you have Zim let them know that is your first currency even though it was not the first you bought. You let them know Yes, I have Zimbabwe Zim Bonds and I have Iraqi dinar if you have dinar. I have Vietnamese Dong. I have Rupiah, Afghani, whatever. You let them know that and they will route you to the proper phone center or Redemption Center or give you a new number to call if they do not have it set up to connect everybody with your initially 800 number call. I am calling it a toll free number in case it is not an 800 number. It probably will be, but in case it is not, I call it a toll free number. Same difference. We are waiting for those. That kicks off Tier 4 Group B. That is us. Our understanding is that we get to go and they do want that Zim in and pull it off. It is extremely valuable. 

Bruce: We talked about this Tuesday that we had a Pan Asia Conference between Asia and Africa where Zimbabwe dollar was announced to be gold backed, and that happened overnight 3 nights ago which would have been Monday night. At that point we understood the value on the front screens at our Redemption Center for the Zim would be on par with the US Dollar which means $1. That is a tremendous value, tremendous rate. You do not even have to go to the back screen to get a great rate on the Zim. That is great news and I am looking forward to that timing.

Bruce: When it comes to Tier 5, the uninformed Public. People that are not going to understand the 800 number to set their appointments. These are people that might have been gifted currency in the past and somehow get a phone call from somebody did you hear blah blah blah. They end up going into a bank and they do not know to set their appointments. Those guys are going to go and they could have very different rates from the ones we have when we go. Just a heads up. That is why we are encouraged to use the toll free numbers. 

Bruce: The elders set this up so that those of us in Tier 4 Group B, the Internet Group, could exchange at higher rates because we are motivated to do good things for humanity. We are motivated not to just keep all of this for ourselves, but spread the wealth and invest in people’s lives thru humanitarian projects like we have talked about for years on the Big Call. They want to reward us with the ability to negotiate certain rates even though it really isn’t going to be necessary for the Zim, but we have that ability to negotiate those rates because we have projects that have longevity, infrastructure, and job creation at the bases of what we are going to do with Rebuild America. 

Bruce: If you want to be part of that just let them know I am part of a project that is all the way across the country. It is a group effort called Rebuild America. I do not care if you mention Big Call or not. You can. It is alright with me. Just tell them you are going to be part of a project that is all across this country making a difference by building cities, towns, and communities across this country. I will let you know how to participate in that more specifically after this thing happens, and we get our heads together, and we put out a template, plan, something you can go through step by step. Oh that is what they are doing, oh I see. Number 1, Number 2. Everyone will progress at their own pace in this. If you participate in it like I know I am going to participate in it and I know others who are going to participate in it. We should make a really big difference one city, one town, one community at a time throughout this country. 

Bruce: We are not just stopping with the US. We will do international things as well. What we find is successful and works here we will take to other countries, but I want to start here with Rebuild America. We will take it internationally to Central America, Mexico, South America, and Caribbean. All the places that need rebuilding, we will do it. The Veterans Retreat Network, VRN, will dove tail very nicely with Rebuild. There will be a lot of crossover there. Look for that as well if you are interested in working with our veterans. Even with Rebuild America we will still be working with our veterans.

Bruce: What else is going on? Rates did come down. I believe I told you that on Tuesday. At 1105 on Tuesday they did come off the screens. My understanding they did come back up since then, but I am not sure the Iraqi dinar is back up. I wouldn’t expect that necessarily until everything goes down overnight tonight and tomorrow. I have heard from several people this is the week. Well this week goes through Saturday. I have heard people talk about a 5 day window. The window could be literally hours away to a couple of days or maybe it drags out through the weekend. I do not know. It is hard to say. The information that we are getting is pointing toward this releasing pretty quickly here. I really believe that. 

Bruce: I think we are right there considering it is the end of the ride. I think there is a certain date not very far away that coincides with Bobs specials that kind of gives us when everything is supposed to be accomplished in full. I am excited as I can be and be on this call. I am just trying to translate that and get it over to you guys because I know President is in charge and wants this to roll out in a certain way.. I know security has been beefed up and increased over the last 24 hours to reflect and that is at the Redemption Centers and the Exchange Locations. I know the QFS system is up and running very well. I know they have had a lot of cleanup on aisle 3 that seems to continue and have no end. I believe it is in check now. 

Bruce: Then we know that yesterday Tier 1 Big 5 banks all connected through to the Cips system from the Swift system to do bank wires. That is working like a champ. At least the large banks and I do know things are there where they need to be. Things are happening behind the scenes with all the system, with security, with the QFS, the Quantum Financial System, the QFS computers, the satellites, trying to eliminate the bad guys, all that good stuff. Things are really coming together and I think there is a date. I understand there is a specific date this is supposed to go down, and I have a feeling it is almost here. I couldn’t tell you what that date is. I do not know what it is. I have a guess as to what it might be. 

Bruce: I think we are at a really good shape. We are at the point now where you guys need to review what you have, maybe take another look at your currency, practice the process of going thru this and practicing your spell as for as any humanitarian project as Rebuild America or any you want to talk to them about. You can be confident you know far more if you have been listening to the Big Call then the people you are going to exchange with. No offense to the people at the banks and redemption personnel that are listening. It is just we have been doing this now for 7 years every Tuesday and Thursday night. We started out doing this much more frequently than that. We sort of know pretty much what to expect. We do not know every single process, but we know generally what is going on. 

Bruce: I think you will have no trouble getting adequate liquidity at the time of your exchange or redemption. For anybody that is saying I want access to all of my money, forget it. Just drop it. It aint going to happen. There is only so much liquidity that can be brought out at one time. You can’t flood the market with everything you got. Plus you couldn’t spend it that quickly anyways. Just be happy if there happens to be a limit to the amount of immediate liquidity, the numbers are big. You won’t have to worry about it. You will have plenty of liquidity, and you will have more liquidity in 30 days, and then plenty the first 90 days. After the first 90 days if you are on a structured type of investment even the interest rate at 2% it is a ton if your base amount is large which it will be. You take 2% interest to be paid out yearly or .5% per quarter that turns into real money fast. You will be going oh gosh I get that amount every quarter for the next 10, and possibly 20 years. You will have plenty of money to fund your projects and lead an incredible life.

Bruce: I do not know if there is whole lot else we can say other than be ready use the techniques Sue has brought you the last month or so and beyond. Get hooked up with Boomers to take advantage of these specials. Do that while we are waiting for this to go through. I am getting a call and it could be an important call. Everybody God Speed and have a great night. We will see you on the other side. Goodbye.


Erin T Scott: Critical Information for the GCR/RV, 7 SEPT


I hope everyone is doing well and fine! We are here, and about Exchange very soon!

I’ve come to advise everyone that this post by Erin T Scott is not only false, but is a huge sign of the cabal’s desperation. (You know what that means)

It’s a statement from the F.B.I that the worldwide currency revaluation (RV) is a scam, which it is not! Remember that the cabal do not want you to exchange (for reasons you should know by now) and enjoy your everlasting prosperity (which is here!!)

Please folks, I encourage you to hold onto your currency and don’t surrender it by any means. 

On another note, it is imperative that we all prepare for this immense transition mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

After exchanging (which we definitely should within this week as that’s what all signs are pointing towards), we should all take a 1-3 week vacation and just breathe!! you heard that, just breathe!!

This is an immense transition and the last thing you ever want to do is let this stress you out or worry you. That will not help you or your purpose, and will actually be detrimental. 

You deserve this, and there’s a divine reason why you came unto this! Enjoy all there is to enjoy after finally acclimatizing to your new found wealth, while fulfilling your divine purpose. 

We have come this far, and from a long way and for that you all have a special place in my heart. So please do not relinquish your currency, and keep it tucked somewhere safe.


IRAQ: "economic resilience and stability in the monetary system" | IQD D...


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

You know I get tired of these idiot gurus who make these blanket statements about what is currently happening to get the RV.

I am hearing statements like “the corruption does not have to be cleaned up and that there are no cases that yet been prosecuted so far”. Really? What planet do you live on anyhow?

We know that over 1,000 indictments have gone out prior to the elections in May and PM Abadi told us he would wait until AFTER the elections to move forward on them.

We know that in 2017 alone over 450 arrests and sentences have been giving out over corruption.

So then on Thursday alone of this week, an Iraqi court has charged, four more officials from the intelligence services with “financial and administrative corruption.” Full article is below in the articles section.

Then I also want to remind everyone that soon after the May 2018 elections articles from the Iraqi news media told us that over 300 other officials were also charged with corruption and many of these were parliamentary members, who then fled the country in learning they had lost their seats in the elections and thus their immunity. This is just as PM Abadi told us would happen.

So, all you guru idiots (namely TNT Tony the “flip flopper”) don’t tell me that the judiciary is not prosecuting the corruption cases in Iraq as responding to the plea from the CBI to do so.

But they had to wait until their immunity was gone. This was accomplished by voting them out. Again, this TNT idiot is just a flip flopper since this idiot told everyone on his calls (not too long ago) that he even agreed with my position on this topic. So again, we see him switching his position (flip flopping) to suit his intel line (bullshit) of the week. He is so drunk on ego that he can’t even remember what he told everyone just weeks ago. How can you continue to listen to this idiot?

Yes, there is no indication as to how far they must go on this topic of corruption. This is one of the unknowns. But anyone with any common sense can clearly see that at least the GOI and Judiciary must help the CBI clean up this currency auction fraud and manipulation by arresting these individuals who run these phony banks. This recent switch from Us dollars to Euros for trade with Iran will be stopped shortly. This was a mistake by Iraq to do so. But there has to be a solution as Iraq needs the imports to survive and grow its economy. All we can do is sit, wait and watch it all play out. To me what makes the most sense is to reinstate the dinar and thus trade with the dinar. Some say they are using the dinar already in trade with the 1190 rate. This was of course not permissible under sanctions, but the sanctions are relieved and so why has the CBI not yet reinstated the currency? Cleary there is something behind the scenes blocking the reinstatement.

Can it be that they need to clean up the corruption and get the needed POLITICAL STABILITY from this election saga?

Could it be that, before the US gives permission, they also need to clean up this Iranian influence out of Iraq once and for all?

Could it be that the increased US sanctions coming in November will really hurt Iraq too if they don’t clean out these Iranian bastards?

Perhaps we can find the answers to some of these questions in the recent articles about McGurk and the US being keen on SECURITY and STABILIYT in Iraq. See the full article in the articles section.

We don’t know the answers to any of these questions for sure and anyone who tells you they do is a liar.

So, another statement that needs clarification (boy I hate this misinformation by all these idiots). This one is about a statement as to why the deadlock.

Yes, there is a deadlock that is holding up the formation of the govt.

These gurus tell you that the deadlock is between the Iranian backed coalition and the Sadr backed coalition. But this is not entirely the case. Yes, this is part of the issue since one wants to define “majority” bloc one way by individuals thus they can buy individual seats. The other the way is by the constitution which says by “coalition representation” and not individual seats.

But there is already court presidencies set from the last two elections on this topic and so this issue is really settled. We just wait for the courts response to refer back to the past and announce it.

So I believe the judiciary will decide in favor of the Sadrist Coalition.

This brings us to my main point. This is NOT the holdup!

The holdup is the Kurds deciding on which side of fence to move to. In other words which coalition to join, Just look at the articles and so how can anyone think otherwise. I even showed you a cover story for my FaceBook Page in my Sept 5th Newsletter. What will the Kurds ultimately do?

Of course, they will side with the Sadrist/Abadi coalition since they will take the one that has also preformed in many other areas over their term in office. In other words the less of the two evils, in their opinion.

But they will NOT do this without first guarantees that their 4 points will be met. In my recent past newsletters I showed you an article that defined these four points (or demands). We know that during the last days of August MALIKI sidelined the Kurds and Sunnis as they seek to join the Sadr coalition. Then last week the Kurds spoke up and said they will not participate in parliament until their demands are guaranteed to be met afterwards. The strongest point was……you guessed it……Article 140!!!!!!

All I can say is “I told you so”. Wow!

So when all is said and done we will see who has been correct for over all these years with accurate and information to you. I have said all along there are three main issues yet to resolve prior to the RV. I can’t even count how many newsletters I said this in:

1.HCL- So the HCL law was finally written to satisfaction and passed. There wer may parts to it over the years. Now they must pay out a % excess oil revenues to the citizens (a law was passed in parliament and this is supposed to begin as of Sept 5th). Do they need to pay out prior to the reinstatement permission. YES, YES and YES again. Is this not a constitutional requirement? Well then….??? ;

2.Iraq must now get rid of the Iranian militias and drastically reduce the political influence of the Iran over Iraq, This is a new requirement and should never had been an issue had it not been for the ISIS invasion, which by the way was a way for the Iranian backed puppet Nori al-Maliki to get the Iranian Kud forces inside Iraq. Of course he will fight to keep them there since he has no real power with a political position and his goons to do his dirty work. This now stands as a major SECURITY breach by the US on the sovereignty of Iraq. The US will NEVER giver permission to RV with these Iranian forces in place in Iraq especially with the Trump administration;

3. Article 140- this was promised by PM Abadi during the last election of 2014. It was also promised during the 2010 election by Nori al-Maliki and neither delivered on it. This was of course a major blunder on the part of PM Abadi 2014-2018 for, if he did deliver, there would be no further discussions and the Kurds would side with the Sadr Movement as they could then feel they could trust and move forward.

So the proof is in the pudding, as they say….lol…lol…., still no RV and still all three of these needed points are not yet implemented or guaranteed.

So who has been correct all along me or the intel gurus? Just asking….lol..lol.

Your choice:

1-some silly idiotic guru chatter, with big egos, who keep claiming this everyday RV crap and all this silly banking readiness crap or;

2- a logical, common sense approach taken using the know FACTS and sticking by the FACTS

Again, your choice who you are going to listen to.

You see, I don’t give a dam what the hell the banks in the US are saying or some “secret” treasury committee is saying. They don’t pull the trigger on the RV. I care what the US and the IMF have demanded on Iraq and I watch for this to support the giving of the permission to reinstate the currency. No – It has NOT yet been reinstated.

“to reinstate a currency” defined: currency is freely traded and used throughout the world, without restrictions under the guidelines of Chapter 8 of the UN Member Charter.

Oh – but it is not that simple either as the CBI also has demands upon the GOI to enforce the needed laws they need to keep the currency stable and secure in order to get to the point of proving they can operate under Chapter 8 of the UN Charter.

So, my job by bringing you the information three times a week is not easy. My training while in the Army Intelligence Corps has given me the skill set to analyze data and draw logical conclusions without all the hype. I don’t have any expenses other then time away from my family. I don’t run a business to sell you products or currency. I don’t even have a conference call or internet forum.

I don’t need to keep coming up with RV dates for you. I am not trying to bring you up to the moment information. What a way to play with your m mind! This approach is silly and idiotic. Who the hell cares?

What we need is a sensible, timely and journalistic approach. As I told you all too many times already, the RV is the end of the process and not the process itself. Everything is NOT about the RV. So follow the process, know the rules and demands and it all jumps out.

I don’t forget what they said months ago or even years ago. It may take them awhile to get there but eventually they do. So “listen to what they say and then watch for them to do what they say (maybe later)” and then it all comes clear. Article 140 is a perfect example of this.

NO Hype, NO Rumors, NO Opinions…..Just the FACTS!

More news….

IQD/IQN Not yet trading on FOREX

I want to make it VERY clear to everyone that the IRAQI dinar IQD or IQN is NOT yet trading on FOREX. For promotional purposes the company called FOREX TRADING CHARTS dot com is promoting prematurely the generation of trending charts for the rate of the Iraqi dinar. Is this good for us and the RV? Yes, this is very good as it shows us many of these companies also anticipate the value to rise, thus the trading to be back on FOREX trading platforms. But not just yet so relax!

I wish these toothless crack addicts from TNT would stop spreading this bullshit and hype every time something like this appears. Many believe that the dinar is actually now trading on FOREX. I encourage everyone reading this today to go ahead and try to buy or sell the IQD or IQN on FOREX thus trade it for US dollars. The fact is you can’t. So please stop all this bullshit.

More news….


Commander of the Iranian Quds Force Qasim Soleimani runs a political operations room inside Baghdad, which includes politicians loyal to Iran, Haidar al-Mulla, a leader of the National Coalition said on Thursday.

Mulla added that Soleimani seeks to create an effective political movement to influence the political blocs that seek to form the next government.

He added that Soleimani blackmails the politicians to join the Building coalition led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Badr militia leader Hadi al-Amiri.

Mulla said that the headquarters of the operating room is in the Karrada area near the quarters of other Shiite parties.

On Wednesday, a lawmaker of the National Wisdom Movement (NWM) Mahmoud al-Malla Talal said on Wednesday that some MPS HAVE BEEN OFFERED BRIBES BY THE BUILDING ALLIANCE IN ORDER TO FORM THE LARGEST PARLIAMENTARY BLOC.

"We have sound recordings, in which, some MPs affiliated to the Building Alliance offered bribes to the Reform and Construction Coalition's MPs to tempt them to join their alliance" Talal said.

This comes after the Reform and Reconstruction Coalition, which includes Sadrist Movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr's Saairun Alliance, Haider al-Abadi's Victory Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim's National Wisdom Movement, Iyad Allawi's al-Wataniya Coalition and other political blocs said they have the greater number of signatures on both levels of individuals and lists.

More news….

Information / Special …

The alliance of Surson, on Thursday, the adoption of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr to put millions of demonstrators in the absence of a quorum for the House of Representatives, which called for convening next Sunday to resolve the crisis in Basra.

“Pointing out that” the demonstrations will be a deterrent to the government’s disregard for the rights of citizens in the province of Basra. “

More news….


Official Announcement: Summary for Iraq's exit from the follow up area in AML/CFT according to FATF report

On the follow-up news, because of the achievement of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Office AML / CFT has made significant progress in improving

and addressing deficiencies, and meet all its obligations to the group's recommendations financial action and addressing the requirements of the AML strategy on legislation, the Central Bank of Iraq is preferred.

The rest of the report is VERY long and you can read the achievements using this link to the CBI site. https://cbi.iq/news/view/838

I recommend you click in the English version, then send to a PDF or print it out and take it to a relaxing chair and read it slowly. It is very interesting.

My point in bringing you this CBI announcement today is that this is the third (3rd) announcement by the CBI in just 2 weeks. WOW! They have been very quiet for months through this election sorting and recounting saga and now they are coming alive again with more news. If you ask me they are bragging about their achievements. But what it this all about in the long term? Let’ s watch and see where this takes us once the govt formation issue is resolved.

Sunday’s proposed session in parliament should bring us a new head of parliament because parliament can not do anything without him/her. I am just saying and this is my guess.

So why even bother having a session about the Basra demonstrators and what to do about them if the parliament is helpless to act? Also remember that even if a new head of parliament is elected and seated, they will still have difficulty getting a quorum without certain Kurdistan members. Again they are helpless to act.

Certain Kurdistan parties must decide SOON which coalition bloc to join.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


Outgoing Iraqi President Fuad Masum speaks during a parliament meeting in Baghdad on September 3.


"We have to make up our mind because we aren't like parties there. We are a nation, the people of the Kurdistan Region,” Saadi Ahmad Pira, PUK spokesperson, told Rudaw.

The Iraqi parliament, elected in May, had its first session last Monday, but was unable to fulfill its constitutionally-mandated duty to elect a speaker as opposing blocs vied for control of the legislature. Parliament will convene again on September 15. The PUK and KDP, who have formed a united front, are yet to join a bloc. Pira said they cannot remain undecided until parliament reconvenes and must be in a strong, decision-making position.

"The people of Kurdistan can't be in the opposition. The people of Kurdistan have to be among the rulers and practice authority to fulfill their constitutional demands through authority,” he said. While Pira argued that without being part of the ruling authority Kurds could face hurdles, the head of KDP’s election body said that if Kurdish demands are rejected, they could strengthen their position through a boycott. "KDP and PUK don't want to repeat the bitter experiences of establishing the Iraqi government in the years 2010 and 2014,” Khasraw Goran, head of KDP’s election body, told Rudaw.

During talks to form previous governments, Iraqi parties vowed to fulfill the demands of the Kurds. In 2014, Abadi even set up timelines for the implementation of Article 140 to resolve the disputed areas, BUT LATER RENEGED ON THE PROMISE, Goran pointed out.

(Mnt Goat – Can the Kurds trust Abadi then? Do they have a justified reason for not trusting him and Sadr? Here is Article 140 again…It keeps coming up. The Kurds are NOT going to let this opportunity slip by again. They must have some kind of absolute guarantee this time)

"That is why Kurds have to deal with this process carefully and consciously and obtain prior guarantees from any of the two poles in Baghdad that would ensure the implementation of the constitution and the points Kurds want resolve in Baghdad,” he said. "I am not saying Baghdad will do it. They might not to do it,” he continued. “Even if they don't, then the Kurdish stance will be stronger. Kurds could boycott the political process.” Both sides – that led by Haider al-Abadi and that led by Nouri al-Maliki – need Kurdish votes, Goran claimed, saying that neither Shiite-led bloc has a parliamentary majority yet.

They have each said “nice things” to the KDP and PUK, he said, noting the mood might change after the government is formed. With the Shiite house currently divided, KURDS COULD BE KINGMAKERS, giving a parliamentary majority to whichever side they opt to join. Kurdish influence, however, could be reduced to nothing if Shiites and Sunnis unite.



Abdul Aziz al-Issawi, researcher on electoral and constitutional issues, said that the Federal Court has not yet played its role on the largest bloc, especially that the parliament did not address them, and what is happening today on referring the issue of the largest bloc to the court just the jurisprudence of the political blocs.

He added, "Issawi," in his comments, on Thursday, that the Federal Court interpreted the largest bloc since 2010, but another party says that this explanation is not clear, and if the Federal Court is addressed, the court retreat from its interpretation in accordance with the current circumstances.

Issawi pointed out that the interpretation of the current Federal Court on the largest bloc serves the bloc of reform, explaining that changing the interpretation of the largest bloc of the Federal Court is very difficult.

He continued that the first step in the House of Representatives is the announcement of the largest bloc, and then the election of the Speaker of Parliament, and then the election of the President, which in turn will cost the candidate of the largest bloc to form a government.



Alsumaria News / Baghdad

A member of the stream of wisdom within the bloc of reform and reconstruction Hassan Masoudi, on Thursday, that the decision of the Federal Court in 2010 on the interpretation of the largest bloc was “clear and accurate and does not need interpretations,” while pointing to the need to amend the law parties to include the issue of the commitment of the winning MP to stay on the list pending Alliances are settled.

Masoudi said in an interview for Alsumaria News, “The decision of the Federal Court in 2010 on the interpretation of the largest bloc was clear and accurate and does not need interpretations, as indicated that the largest bloc form of winning lists and not the winners,” noting that “the moral and political commitment indicates THAT MPS DID NOT RAISE THEIR VOTES, BUT THE VOTES OF THEIR LISTS AND MOST OFTEN EMPHASIZES THE NEED FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE MP IN THE LIST, WHICH ROSE THROUGH THEM UNTIL THE RESOLUTION OF ALLIANCES.

“This matter is important and we would like to be included in the parties law, but we believe there is a need to amend the law during this session to correct this important and moral part,” Masoudi said. “ANY INQUIRY SENT TO THE FEDERAL COURT ON THE LARGEST BLOC SHOULD BE THROUGH THE PRESIDENT-ELECT BECAUSE THE HEAD OF THE AGE-SPECIFIC POWERS CERTAIN THINGS. “

The building block, which includes the rule of law and Fatah and a number of political forces, and the bloc of reform and reconstruction, which includes wisdom, patriotism, decision and victory, announced on Monday (3 September 2018), in the first session of the House of Representatives in its fourth session that each of them is the largest bloc after the submission of two signature papers to the head of the age.



(Watan News) - Baghdad

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, the new parliament to convene immediately, and in the presence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to stand and discuss the crisis in Basra, threatening a firm position does not occur to anyone unless the solution to the problem of Basra.

Sadr said in a speech, on the events of Basra, that "the city of Basra is ignored by some politicians preoccupied with the formation of the largest bloc, which will be only like previous ones that were characterized by corruption, I am out of the duty of Sharia and national, and walk on the approach Ali (peace be upon him) Who did not sleep and in the streets of his country hungry or oppressed, I put you some points:

1. Calling the new parliament to convene immediately and in an extraordinary public session to be broadcast publicly to inform the public on Sunday, in the presence of Abadi, the Minister of Health, Water Resources, Construction and Municipalities, the Minister of Electricity, the governor of Basra and his deputies, And that everyone should leave their posts immediately if their mandate is terminated.

2. Cooperation with neighboring countries through official delegations, in order to understand some important files, whether on the water file or other.

3. Protection of government institutions, especially ports and airports, in Basra, from partisan and political interference.

4. Work to end informal interventions immediately, especially the interventions of parties and militias and popular mobilization to maintain its reputation.

"If the above points are achieved, it is a sign of good and a new start for the parliament and its bloc. Otherwise, we have a FIRM STANCE THAT MAY NOT COME TO YOUR MIND AND WILL SHAKE DOWN THE THRONES OF THE CORRUPT AND THOSE WITH SECTARIAN QUOTAS WHO DO NOT RESPECT THE DIGNITY OF THE PEOPLE," he said. , And was excused from warning. "

He called on the leader of the Sadrist movement, "a campaign of donations from all provinces, to relief the stricken Basra, in addition to the organization of a protest, with the people of Basra and its demonstrators, one angry demonstration, a specific date to be announced later, in Basra."

(Mnt Goat – this article gives us a clear indication of just what these protestors in Basra are protesting about. It is NOT the Iranian influence causing havoc and trying to dislodge the elections results. Instead it is ordinary citizens who want justice from all the corruption. They want the govt announced and to move forward once again. They want a fair and just govt. Is this too much to ask for?

Oh -wait a second …more on cleaning out the corrupt? Yes, and contrary to what some of these idiot gurus are telling you that these riots are from Iran they are not. Instead if nothing else, they are all about getting rid of the Iranian influence. These protests are actually good for us as they will put pressure on the govt formation process and speed it up.)



Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The outgoing Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the invitation of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, to hold an extraordinary session of the new parliament to discuss the conditions of the province of Basra.

A statement of his office received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of him that Abadi "stresses the importance of the speed of meetings of the House of Representatives and not to disable it and to abide by constitutional times to accomplish the tasks entrusted to him."

Abadi said, according to the statement, "his readiness to attend the meeting of the House of Representatives with the ministers and officials concerned to discuss the conditions and needs of Basra province dear and the measures taken to alleviate the suffering of its people and provide the best services to them."

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, called on Thursday the new parliament to convene immediately and an extraordinary public session broadcast publicly through the official channels to inform the people on the course of things, and no later than next Sunday, and in the presence of the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Minister of Health The Minister of Water Resources, the Minister of Housing, Construction and Municipalities, the Minister of Electricity, the Governor of Basra and his deputies and the Chairman of the Basra Provincial Council to devise immediate and immediate solutions in Basra. Otherwise, all those mentioned should leave their posts immediately if their mandate is over. "



An Iraqi court has charged, on Thursday, four officials from the intelligence services with “financial and administrative corruption.”

The Interior Ministry-affiliated four suspects included a brigadier general who was head of the intelligence and counterterrorism department in western Baghdad, a major, a captain, and an associate employed by the ministry.

The case against the four alleges they “blackmailed” the families of detained individuals to extort money. They are also charged with “tampering with investigative documents, changing the facts, or inventing financial evidence,” added the court’s statement.

They are also accused of delaying the release of detainees who had been freed by the courts until “families paid sums of money.”

Anger over corruption that has left public services underfunded despite oil wealth is one of the factors driving deadly protests in the southern province of Basra.

Leaders in Baghdad have declared war on corruption, but practical steps lag behind political promises.



BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's central bank on Thursday warned all licensed banks, remittance companies and other financial institutions of "individuals and networks of relatives of officials" not to engage in fraud. Fraud and extortion on the pretext that it has a certain impact on officials or employees of the Central Bank, or try to pass certain transactions with agencies and documents and forged books.

"The bank said that" all allegations made by these parties are invalid and invalid and must be notified to the Office of the Governor immediately, whatever Character of person or group "He added that" the management of the bank and its employees at all levels does not represent them or represent them or mediate on them any person, regardless of their connection with it. "The bank stressed that" does not bear responsibility for those who are fraudulent operations as they are illegal, of caution and investigation of allegations and documents. "



(Mtn Goat – this two of these types of articles in the last week. What is going on here. Up to this point the CBI has been very quiet throughout this entire election sorting and recounting of the votes. Now they are speaking out again. Why? Again I am telling everyone to listen to what they say, then watch for the followup actions. They might not come when you expect them or even when they tell us, but they always come. )

Samir Al Nassiri

Central banks in the world designed mainly to monetary and financial stability through the programs and strategies aimed at preserving stability in local currency exchange foreign currencies and build enough foreign adaptation according to international standards issued by the IMF as banks are evaluated based on criteria related to crises and challenges, and their economic and political shocks and control the stable rates of inflation and interest rates and application of regulations and rules compliance and combating money laundering and terrorist financing and the CBI demonstrated during the four years he paced fixed objectives above and proof of Iraq's exit monitoring area and proceed to the regular biennial periodic follow up area like other banks in the world according to the financial action group (FATF) honoring the current Central Bank Governor as best Arab in 2018 and occupation sites globally ahead according to the annual global magazine finance 2018.

Which we expect to be reflected on the efforts of the Central Bank and the Association of banks and banks on international banking relations with correspondent banks.

Because of international political developments, most notably the U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran and Turkey. In order to be accurate and non-economic analyses of the REALITY OF EXTREME MONETARY STABILITY IN IRAQ and the new shock effects (penalties) the expected exchange rate for Iraqi dinar which settled since 1/1/2018 and REMAINED STRONG AND STABLE DESPITE THE INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC POLITICAL SHOCKS.

And to not take rabidly expectations and create fear among the public and among the banking sector. And look through insightful analysis and economic stability in the exchange rate and from a neutral point of view and transparent note that INDEPENDENCE FOR THE CENTRAL BANK TO PROVIDE FOREIGN RESERVE AT THE RATE FOR WHICH DETERMINE ITS ADEQUACY TO COVER THE MONEY IN CIRCULATION AND TO COVER IMPORTS (this is the currency auctions).

The International Monetary Fund since foreign reserves fully locked and occupied Iraq the fourth largest Arab currently limits of 58 billion dollars and is growing by the day in addition POWER OF THE IRAQI DINAR HAS RECOVERED DURING THE PAST SEVEN MONTHS and deal with wisdom and responsibility and autonomy by the Central Bank. Will prevent the influence of international situation and sanctions on neighboring States on the reality of monetary stability that began during the first half of this year with the assurance that the Central Bank does not finance the budget deficit but conversely now checks the budget surplus due to high oil prices and all that represents real guarantees to protect the exchange rate and meet these new shock.

And will be overtaken as the two shocks to economic and security exceeded that of the Iraqi economy had suffered in previous years.



President of the United States for International Alliance, Brig. Gen. Brett McGurk, on Thursday, to Interior Minister Qassim Araji, his country's keenness on the stability of Iraq and continued support in various fields.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that "Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji received in his office the envoy of the US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McGurk, and discussed during the meeting a number of security issues of common concern and ways to activate them in the interest of both countries and promote bilateral relations."

"His country IS KEEN ON THE SECURITY AND STABILITY of Iraq and its continued support at various levels," he said.

MacGork: Washington continues to support Iraq with a view to its stability

BAGHDAD / The US envoy to the International Alliance, Brig. Gen. Brett McGork, during a meeting with Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji, on Thursday, his country's keenness on the stability of Iraq and continued support in various fields.

"Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji received in his office the envoy of the US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McGurk, and during the meeting discussed a number of security issues of common concern and discussed means of activating them in the interests of the two countries and enhancing bilateral relations," the Interior Ministry said in a statement. "He said. "His country is keen on the security and stability of Iraq and its continued support at various levels," he said.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 7, 2018

Compiled 7 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Yesterday a link appeared on Dinar Chronicles that led to an FBI form asking people to file complaints on the RV. This concerned a very old investigation on a case that has long been resolved and was now closed. It was highly suspect why one would post such a link.

Summary of Last Two Days
1. Sept. 5 12:54 pm EST Intel Report: Sources continued to be told to stay alert for the next 24-48 hours (to Thurs.-Fri. Sept. 6, 7 Noon EST) for the RV exchanges/ redemptions to begin.

2. Sept. 5 TNT: On Mon. Sept. 3 the Banks held a meeting and set a timeline for the RV as between then (last Mon) and next week.

4. Sept. 6 Bruce: Yesterday Sept. 5 the Tier 1 banks connected from the SWIFT system to the new CIPS system to do transfers.

5. Sept. 6 Bruce: Tier Four Group A likely has started, while Tier Four Group B (us, the Internet Group) could begin at over 4,000 redemption centers overnight tonight, tomorrow or dragged out over the weekend.

6. Sept. 6 Fulford: The financial dimension of the Cabal takedown involves “a gold-backed dollar and arrests next week,” says former CIA agent and Marine Intelligence officer Robert David Steele.

7. Sept. 6 Fulford: Trump proclaimed on August 31 that September is ’emergencies month’ and he may drop ‘truth bombs’ about 9/11 and 3/11,” Pentagon sources explain.

8. Sept. 5 Q+ Post, Sierra: Q post number 2094 from Q+ features a link to a recent President Trump tweet with just one word in it: TREASON? https://qanon.pub/

9. Sept. 6, Q Post, Sierra: 'Fellow Patriots: What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal and corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5. Stay the course and trust the plan. Protective measures are in place. Remain BRAVE. We knew this day would come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

10. Sept. 6 Q Posts, Sierra:

Q post #2087: 1/Billion coincidence? Enjoy the show tonight. Q

Q post #2088: HEADS UP: Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test Planned. Q


A. The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1.Iraq would release the HCL Law (oil and gas law) on Sat. Sept. 8. To do that the new rate on the Dinar needs to be out 24 hours prior (or by Fri. morning Sept. 7 EST).

2. Tier Three completed midnight last night Sept. 5-6.

3. Tier Four Group A likely has started, while Tier Four Group B (us, the Internet Group) could begin at over 4,000 redemption centers overnight tonight, tomorrow or dragged out over the weekend.

4. Let the 800 number operator know if you have Zim so you can be routed to the right redemption center.

5. The Zim rate should be 1:1 with the US dollar.

6. Tier 5 (public) should have very different rates than those who use the 800#s.

7. Yesterday Sept. 5 the Tier 1 banks connected from the SWIFT system to the new CIPS system to do transfers.

8. You will have a limit to the immediate liquidity you have at your redemption, but more within 30 days.

B. Sept. 6 2018 Two Big Posts from Q today, Sierra: #2087 and #2088

Q Posts #2087 and #2088: https://qanonposts.com/

Q post #2087:

1/Billion coincidence?
Enjoy the show tonight.

Q post #2088:

HEADS UP: Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test Planned.

Note the source that Q has used to tell us about the Alert System Test: breaking9/11.com. The Alliance is giving us all the information we need about the brilliant plan to save humanity, for those of us with ears to hear and eyes to see. This really is time to fasten your seat belts, friends. Stay alert, stay calm, and above all, know that ALL IS WELL.

Where We Go One We Go All. Love and Light Sierra (NZ)


C. Sept. 6 2018 2:58 am EST Trump Stages Financial Reset, Fulford: "Trump will Stage Financial Reset" - Fulford Report - 9.3.18 https://benjaminfulford.net/ Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1.The deadlock has ended in the undeclared U.S. civil war that lasted all summer, and the good guys have already begun a series of stunning moves against the Cabal, including shooting down their secret satellites, multiple sources confirm.

2. A complete reset of the global financial system has already begun, assert CIA sources connected to the self-described “good side” of the Rothschild family. This is just a prelude to what promises to be a very eventful month of September, the sources agree.

3. The satellite shoot-down was first reported by the mysterious blogger “Q” and has been independently confirmed by three separate sources. “On August 30, CIA satellites and supercomputers were taken down and likely seized by [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s new space force, and GCHQ [British Intelligence] was removed from the NSA database to also render cabal elements in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, and Israel deaf and blind,” Pentagon sources explained.

4. A CIA source in Asia who was involved in setting up the secret satellite network that was taken down last week issued the following warning to colleagues: “We are in potential danger. I hope your vehicles have fuel and you have emergency food and water on hand. There’s no telling who did this or why… and now that some of our satellites are down, God only knows what may be coming at us.”

5. Meanwhile, a third source says Nathaniel Rothschild’s faction was involved in the shoot-down, saying, “Nat is back in play. He is with us. We are dismantling the Nazi/Antarctica global grid of communications. This includes several orbiting satellites, one of which has already been eliminated.”

6. The communications takedown is a prelude to both a military and financial offensive against the Cabal, Pentagon and CIA sources agree. For reasons of operational security, the Pentagon sources cannot say much about the military action other than “a U.S. military offensive is under way to terminate the defenseless and disoriented Cabal.”
7. The financial dimension of the Cabal takedown involves “a gold-backed dollar and arrests next week,” says former (there is never really a “former”) CIA agent and Marine Intelligence officer Robert David Steele. 

Separate CIA sources linked to the Rothschilds add, “We are already in a global currency meltdown. It cannot be stopped. The financial reset is imminent. Watch what happens to the price of gold and silver. This all takes place before December 2018. Trump has a very big part to play. He is closely linked to the good side of the Rothschild clan. (Nat is in play again).”

8. “It appears the October Surprise comes early with the Guns of August, as Trump proclaimed on August 31 that September is ’emergencies month’ and he may drop ‘truth bombs’ about 9/11 and 3/11,” Pentagon sources explain.

9. “17 years after the Twin Towers were nuked, shadow Secretary of State for the deep state John McCain was executed 17 days before 9/11, as the storm makes landfall in September,” while “In a message to patriots, the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff showed up while McCain lying in state August 31 to declare victory.” Other Pentagon sources note “McCain’s casket was closed because he either blew his brains out or was not actually in the casket.”

10. “The core players in the social media ecology (Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube) are facing a triple threat because of their consolidated shutdown of Alternative Right media maven Alex Jones. A class-action lawsuit has been filed and there are indications that multiple class-action lawsuits could be filed, each by a variety of conservative voices discriminated against and arbitrarily shut down. The recent revelation that all of this was not only planned years in advance, but also that it leveraged special NSA software to hunt down and digitally assassinate conservative thought leaders by name is sparking presidential interest in a RICO investigation.


11. “There is discussion of the President leaving Twitter, but only when a viable alternative emerges. The CEOs of Mastodon, Gab, Minds, and Plurk are being approached by a conservative billionaire ready to fund a seamlessly integrated new ecology that includes text messages, online blurbs (perhaps to be called Trumpets), videos (BitChute is locked in as the core there), shared files, and multi-level meeting and networking applications.”

12. “Russia is ending the Syrian war with a final assault on Idlib,” the Pentagon sources note.

13. What we need to watch for over the next few days and weeks is whether remaining senior Satanic Cabalists like Benyamin Netanyahu, George Bush Jr., Hillary and Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and others are publicly arrested and frog-marched in front of the cameras.

The other thing to see is whether Trump will finally go public with 9/11 truth, as he promised to do during his election campaign. If that does not happen, the WDS will take things to the next level
D. Sept. 6 2018 3:22 am EST McCain’s Death, Zeta: ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 622 -- September 2, 2018

1.The official version of events is that McCain died of a deadly Glioblastoma, where death usually follows in 12-15 months. It was announced he had brain cancer in July, 2017 – 13 months ago (a well-planned event).

McCain previously fought deadly Melanoma skin cancer – so he was cancer prone (a well-planned excuse). Despite supposedly having radiation and chemo treatments, McCain didn’t look a day older in March, 2018 than he had in 2015. He died at home, where the circumstances of his “death” could be well controlled and concealed.

2. Q predicted McCain’s death to the day, the hour, and the minute. After hinting on May 10 of a “death/funeral” escape and on June 18 of an “end near”, Q stated on July 25 at 18:28:35 EDT that McCain would be “returning to headlines”. McCain obits state he died an exact month later on August 25 at 16:28 local time in Arizona. John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81 August 25, 2018 at 4:28 p.m. local time. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/25/obituaries/john-mccain-dead

3. Q had stated on June 30 that “every dog has its day” and McCain died on National Dog Day. Yet more proof that the “death” was planned and that Q has inside knowledge that is highly accurate. Per the Zetas, McCain is not dead but at Gitmo.

4. The cleanup of the Deep State has reached the point where the public is going to be allowed to know the extent of treasonous acts during the 2016 Presidential campaign. McCain is intrinsically tied to the Steele Dossier, as was Brennan and Hillary.

5. It has been noted by many that the number of sealed indictments under the military tribunals run by Trump’s Junta is many tens of thousands above the average. Meanwhile CEO’s are resigning in droves and dozens of US Congressmen are choosing not to continue in office, opting out. Is there a relationship?

6. When the perpetrator is a well-known public figure, the Junta tribunals offer the offender a choice. Depending on their role, they can resign from a position of influence and remain silent, to be available to the media and thus humiliated when their crimes are exposed. Or they can disappear into a falsified death. If the individual cannot be trusted to refrain from public pronouncements, they are not trusted to fake their death. McCain was too opinionated and stubborn, so is now housed in Guantanamo with a number of similar individuals. A type of life sentence.

7. With the FISA issue under investigation by an AG reporting directly to Sessions, this is likely to expose McCain as well as Brennan this upcoming Fall for their crimes. McCain was rather obviously under House Arrest simultaneously with Hillary last November, 2017 even wearing his boot on the wrong foot on occasion.

Then in March, just months later, Q exposed McCain’s dealings with US backed rebels, ISIS associates, when he personally delivered chemical weapons to them in Syria. McCain could not be trusted. Q is now hinting that FISA abuses, and involvement with the Steele Dossier, could also potentially be revealed. Time for McCain to leave the stage.