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Iran CLAIMS it has "FULL CONTROL" of the Gulf | IQD Dinar Currency Excha...


(Notes by Adept1):

TNT Call 27-August-2018

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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Marvelous Monday, August 27, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony: Good morning, TNT!

RayRen: There were no updates over the weekend. Some reports came out but they kept flip-flopping on dates and content. It’s crazy!

Tony: That’s why I say “watch what they do, not what they say”. The latest news is that there will be a meeting at Parliament for members to get their IDs to make it easier to have a formal meeting on 3. September. Another article said, “no later than the 2nd”, so sooner or later they will meet and get the government together. They keep saying they will move faster than the time allowed. They haven’t announced the largest bloc yet, although all the articles and television say that Sadr and Abadi have the largest block. They are not supposed to announce to officially until Parliament, although most articles say Abadi will be PM and Maliki is still causing problems, threatening a military coup and letting ISIL back in if Abadi wins. The US will step in to fill that void, if necessary, and if Abadi is accused of pushing out Iranian forces and influence.

The CBI and banks are still educating the Iraqis on the new system, the cards, etc. They expect a big announcement today, but no one knows what that is about. They expected it today – twice – and they are still being told a major announcement is coming out of the financial sector. They are looking for the RV. We do know we are getting that much closer to this happening. Iraqi citizens are getting 1:1, and foreigners are getting 2:1. I dnon’t know why there are two rates, but there it is. We could have avoided all of this if they had done the RV back in April, and then the corruption, auctions, and money launderig would have stopped as well. The US is the only one putting sanctions on Iran, and that is affecting Iraq directly. Why should they suffer for what we are doing to Iran? Almost all their trade is with Iran. Iran is smuggling out dollars and smuggling in all the currency because that’s all they can do with these sanctions. I don’t know who is making these decisions, but these consequences were totally predictable. If they slap on more sanctions in November that will affect all the countries around there. They need to do the RV to stop the corruption, etc. The RV is the only real solution to Iraq’s problems.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Was the electricity agreement the “surprise” you mentioned on Friday’s call to be delivered by the largest bloc?
A: No, it will come from the financial sector.

Q: (1) On Monday, August 20th call, you talked about the banks running their system checks daily, systems were ready, just waiting for the “go” signal, and you also mentioned Florida. Were these system checks in Florida, and were you hoping to hear more happenings from Florida, or hoping to hear that more states were doing the same? Or totally something else?
A: The system checks are nation-wide. Someone in Florida did an exchange for SKRs. These two are not related.
(2) You also mentioned we would be given two-hour window to exchange when 800#’s come out. I am thinking what you are saying is that the bank is wanting to start people exchanging within 2 hours after 800 release. Am I thinking correctly.
A: Yes. They want people in the banks no longer than two hours after the 800 numbers are released. If you are not after contract rates, you will have more time to get to the bank.

Q: Would you please outline the utopian way to handle this exchange including how to handle gifts? I just need a bullet point list of the steps and the names of what I need to ask for.
A: The utopian way is for you to create a tax-exempt entity, such as a private family foundation with friends and families as paid employees to manage that entity, and take it into perpetuity as they do humanitarian or philanthropic works. You will also get a tax break for setting that up or donating to it.

Q: Articles have been coming out since last week stating that the “announcement of the largest bloc is coming soon”. What is your opinion the reason for the delay of the OFFICAL and FINAL announcement of these blocs?
A: We don’t know. We do know Abadi will be Prime Minister again, while Maliki continues to fight. They will continue to argue about things like Article 140 until they run out of time. However, this is not holding up Parliament or the RV.

Q: On Friday’s call a question was asked about the Zim related to Humanitarian projects. You mentioned that you were given information about that on your call but couldn’t remember what was said. You were going to tweet information, if you remembered. Do you recall that information?
A: Sorry, I forgot. Send me a message after the call, and I will find out.

Q: Many moons ago you were talking about the banks and the hours they were going to be open doing the exchange I was working this out in my head and you said they’re going to allow 30 minutes per exchange that means that they work an eight-hour day that’s only 16 people a day are the hours going to be expanded for this or are there going to be a lot of banks doing this because 16 exchanges of a day isn’t a lot.
A: There will be thousands of banks or exchange centers, each with (probably) multiple people handling exchanges. During the exchange period, they will work from 7am to 11pm. Those who only have a small number of currencies will not take 30 minutes to do an exchange. [Also, only those paying attention will make it to the banks in the first two weeks; the general public will go after that first exchange period.]

Q: Some time ago Tony mentioned purchasing yuan when diversifying currencies, is that still a good idea?
A: Yuan will be in the second basket. Diversification is always a good idea. The next basket will be more difficult to work with, though.

Q: Will there be one bank that is getter to go to than the next if we have Zim, dong, dinar and rupiah? Or will all of the bigger banks exchange them all?
A: All will be exchanging all currencies; when you call the 800 number, they will send you to the best place for you, based on where you are and how much you have.

Q: Earlier, Tony, you had stated that Sadr wanted Abadi to RV, giving purchasing power to all Iraqis, prior to his formally endorsing Abadi. Is this still applicable? If so, then prior to the time the largest block declares the Prime Minister we should see the RV? Correct? So that time is upon us, right?
A: Yes, it was one of Sadr’s original Nine Things, but it’s not done yet, so far. It could be the announcement we are waiting for. The banks and the CBI are all ready…

Q: What is the status of the agreed-upon target date?
A: It should be today or tomorrow – that’s what the banks and our Iraqi contacts were saying. I have not heard back from our sources yet today. We do have sources who are in the meetings that are going on, and they said last week that it was all agreed upon, with the time set, waiting to be announced. That is where we are.

Q: My question is, in all reality how long can Iraq keep functioning as a government without making its currency international?
A: I don’t know. If Abadi doesn’t get this moving, the US will take steps. We knew what would happen back in February – it’s the only thing that could happen if all those countries could put in their money. It’ the only way this could work. Everything has been done, but you have to give the right impression for the rest of the world and investors to buy in.

Q: Can each child have their own Self-directed IRA with a Trust managed by a parent who executed the trust?
A: No. An IRA has nothing to do with a trust for children.

Q: What does a third-mouse scenario look like?
A: First mouse will go straight to the bank and accept the international rate. The second mouse will wait a couple of weeks to see of the rate goes up. The third mouse starts after $8. Also, your negotiation with the bank may change the whole scenario.

Live Callers

312 caller:
 I read an article about Maliki and the Shi-ite alliance nominating him to be Prime Minister with support by the Kurds Won’t that make a difference?

Tony: It could have at one point, but the Kurds now support Abadi. As of this morning, Maliki is NOT going to hold a position. Nothing is final yet. Iran wants him back in the government, so they are pulling out all their people out of Mosul and other areas, which is an open invitation to allow ISIL back in, and for people to protest in the street, all against Abadi. However, even if he wins, they are threatening to do all this anyway, because they just don’t want Abadi because the US supports this government. Abadi is asking for more support from US given that Iraq is bowing to US influence. Dragging it out is just making it worse with money-smuggling, corruption, and auctions. They need to RV!

951 caller: Can you educate me on the Quantum Financial System?

Tony: No. However there is plenty of information on Google.

Caller: Can Maliki stop the RV?

Tony: No. It’s in the hands of the CBI. He does have influence with Parliament, although he only have five seats in Parliament. He is Iran’s top pick, and he can cause problems in the street, and potentially in parliament. He’s still a principal player, until he’s not. Once Parliament meets and takes a vote, he will lose all his power.

864/404 caller: About this major announcement… is this still happening today?

Tony: It could happen at any time. There was nothing on television telling the people to get ready. Some inside information said that they are ready and waiting. It has to be high enough to know that an announcement was expected. The banks think it is from Monday morning to Tuesday evening. We’ll just have to wait and see where it goes from here.

We haven’t received any additional information about the 800 numbers or procedures.

There are many dinar intel people, and we each get a piece. If the information makes sense, then I respect it. Everyone doesn’t have the same level of intel, but they are all trying to do the best they can.

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209 caller: What is the earliest date for dinar to be vaiid?

Tony: It think it’s 2003 or later – so long as it doesn’t have Saddam’s face on it.

Caller: Zim – 2008 is the one to go for?

Tony: Yes, 2008-2099, AA series.

Call: Humanitarian projects?

Tony: Yes, we are being told the banks will offer you participation in humanitarian projects that are approved by the IMF, in three-year chunks. As for whether your capital is insured, you will have to ask the banks.

Caller: Do we negotiate at the first exchange appointment or not?

Tony: At the first appointment, you may negotiate the rate. At subsequent meetings, you can negotiate fees, perks, and services, because you have already exchanged.

Caller: If you get your wealth manager from, say, WF: what if you don’t like that person?

Tony: Tell them you want to have a different wealth manager. They will assign you to someone who is accustomed to dealing with your range of funds. You can interview a couple of wealth managers, if you choose, based on their background, experience, etc.

Caller: I haven’t had the money to set up a living trust or find a CPA prior to exchange. Is there a site where I can look at an appropriate level of professional advisers?

Tony: No. Do a Google search for wealth managers in your area and look into them.

281 caller: Hasn’t the vote been ratified?

Tony: Yes but the CBI wants the country to be ‘safe and secure’. We are hoping that Parliament actually meets on the 3. September. The banks are ready and waiting and this announcement is supposed to be made today about the financial sector. We’ll see.

Next caller: As for wealth managers, look at how many years of experience they have and how much money they have under administration.

[I had to leave at this point. Kindly check Sunny’s Cliff Notes for closing statements.]

Closing Statements

Tony . . .We don’t know what’s going on. We think we know. We see the articles but know how often the articles and the dates change. Very rare they do what they say. I’m watching them, the bank and our resources and they say this can happen at any given moment! AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT!

We are down to Parliament meeting the 2nd or 3rd and then we go on. We are in a really GOOD place. We are in a GOOD PLACE! Let’s see what happens today, tomorrow.

Ray . . .Remember the core basic things we’ve been training you on. Patience and perseverance and remember, ‘It get’s greater, later.”


GodsServant » August 27th, 2018

I would like to express my gratitude to WS , Frank, Delta, and all the Teams that bring us the news and Intel. I was up until 3 am last night as WS continued to bring us confirmation of what our study has shown us to expect. KTFA has clearly changed my sleep patterns as this late night surfing has become the norm.

I understand now Maliki is becoming neutered, Barzani and the Kurds face sanctions, and Iran continues to falter with more sanctions coming in November.

Frank has indicated that the auctions must be suspended and the auction today has gone down in volume as well as participation. I do notice that the math shows they have fallen out of the 2% compliance and wait to hear the reaction from the IMF.

Massoum is calling for the parliament session to be held on Sept 3rd and has suggested that his future may be in penning his memoirs. All good IMO as he is in full support of the Kurds and has done his best to upend Abadi while dragging out this election process IMO.

Our study has shown us that the GOI and the CBI are independent however Allack has made it clear that the CBI needs a suitable environment.

WS and other Banks were expecting the final piece of the 2nd article Saturday the 18th of August. Something has happened that caused it not to be released and I await the reasoning. Iran is a problem IMO and our Donald Trump is doing what is necessary with sanctions and more coming in November.

The six plus banks in Iraq that are Iran sympathizers have been identified and I hope soon to be dealt with. IMO Maliki will not be a problem but the 100's or 1000's of the corrupt Iraqi people that we don't hear of need to be dealt with IMO.

This process is a paradigm shift to say the least and those diametrically opposed to Iran Influence should win in the long run. Many signs that I watch for as taught by our study, are the ISX, HCL, Seating the Govt, IMF Compliance, Auctions Suspended, MCP's done and dollar not utilized, The Smalls Introduced, Art 2 final version, the list goes on and on.

Frank does not and will not offer a date but the timeframe we are studying is from the 18-28th of this month. The site that WS has pointed out shows the countries that will trade in the Dinar. 

Frank has indicated there is more and at this point in the study I am laser focused on the CBI and the need for them to RI for the Citizens.

I am intimately aware of all the external factors that influence this decision and painstakingly aware of the ME and their sense of urgency.

This last call No more Questions, leads me to believe that the Teams have more and are confidant that the end of this journey is near. I don't have any other descriptive adjectives to offer on timelines and stay in prayer that the MORE is the final confirmation from the CBI.
Prayers for all of KONA

Popeye7 » August 27th, 2018

Stocks are up to record highs due to new NAFTA deal... Despite tensions the stock market flourishes... Lots of talk by so called experts about the bull market coming to an end at some point in the near future... IMHO, growth will continue into the next decade...

Iraq is going to be a huge deal once monetary reform is complete as we well know... May God grant us the wisdom in keeping all of it in perspective...

Samson » August 27th, 2018

Sources: Abadi has the absolute support of Sadr and Hakim and Allawi for a second term

27th August, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has the absolute support of Sadrists, Moqtada al-Sadr, Hakim al-Hakam, Ammar al-Hakim and National Alliance Iyad Allawi to win a second term, according to political sources. 

The sources said, according to the newspaper, that "Abadi and Allawi were able to contain the sharp splits suffered by the victory and patriotism in the weeks following the initial announcement of the election results." 

She added that "Iranian mediators tried to convince the actors on the lists of victory and national division and join the parallel axis, but the attempt resulted in only the exit of a limited number of members of the lists, after it was reported that dissidents make up more than half the members of the coalition of Abadi and Allawi. The containment of these schisms would strengthen the presence of the Quartet, in the face of strong Iranian pressure to replace Abadi.

The sources pointed out that "Abadi has the absolute support of Sadr and Hakim and Allawi to win a second term, while Iran supports an alliance includes the list of the opening led by Hadi al-Amiri and the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, and seeks to strengthen it with additional allies." "The Sunni Arabs and the Kurds, who are close to signing a paper of common principles to negotiate with the other parties, have not settled their position on supporting either of the two Shiite tendencies," she said. 

The sources pointed out that "Sunnis are close to support the direction of Amiri and Maliki, but a number of prominent leaders have denied taking a decision so far in this regard." LINK

Will Iraq overtake rating agencies' expectations after S & P affirmed its credit rating for Iraq with a stable outlook ?

27th August, 2018

Knowledge of Khalifa

A banking lecturer, researcher and economic writer

The confirmation of the world's largest credit rating agency, Standard & Poor's, on the stable outlook and confirmation of Iraq's credit rating at B- / B and the other credit agencies such as Moody's and Fitch on the stable side and the dual and stable financial and economic risks of Iraq, Indeed, there are expectations that the financial, political and economic measures are moving in the right direction

The framework of the IMF program, which includes all solutions to most of the risks in terms of the performance of the banking and financial sector in the country, Muna along with part of the public finances is the side that will affect the lifting of the classification of Iraq by the Agency itself or other agencies during the next 24 months and at a glance everyone knows the development of political stability and security in the Republic of Iraq, which is governed by the formation of the next government

The completion of the formation of the government and the introduction of the government's program is a possible challenge as a result of this challenge will see whether the government debt of Iraq will rise or fall over the next four years and how to address the deficit in the government budget and whether the current account will worsen or that the net government debt or interest expenses of public debt will rise Or not

In our view and in the general picture and with the ability of the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain the Iraqi dinar against the dollar during the past years and beside all the global economic challenges, including low oil prices and its ability to shy to attract foreign capital and regulate Homeland House financial and banking in Iraq through the opening and integration of more banks, Iraq will be able to stabilize its credit rating and even raised during the 24 months coming through monetary and fiscal policies pursued by both the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq LINK

The Council of Representatives calls the new deputies to attend its building tomorrow

27th August, 2018

The House of Representatives called on Monday, August 27, 2018, its new members to come to its building from tomorrow.

In an official letter to the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives addressed to the directors of the parliamentary blocs offices, it is "ready to receive members of the new House of Representatives for the fourth electoral session of 2018 and to facilitate the procedures for their entry into the Council building when the opening session in the coming days is attributed speed to contact them and inform them to come to the Council building As of tomorrow, after coordination with the parliamentary department for the purpose of issuing the identities of the entry of the building of the Council. LINK

StephenMac63 » August 27th, 2018

IMO,they control "their" side of the gulf. If they go beyond that demarcation, they are trespassing onto another country's water. And since Iran is in International Court complaining about a country controlling them and yet Iran is controlling the water rights of another country, controlling the government of Iraq...imo, the international court is just going to laugh at them.

Samson » August 27th, 2018

Iran: We control the Gulf "Persian" in full and no place for strangers

27th August, 2018

Iran has full control over the Gulf and US naval forces have no place there, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, General Ali Reza Tengseiri, said on Monday.

Tehran has said it could take military action in the Gulf to prevent oil exports from other countries in the region in response to US sanctions aimed at halting Tehran's oil sales.

Washington maintains a fleet in the Gulf region to protect oil shipping routes.

Tenxiri said Iran had full control of the Gulf itself and the Strait of Hormuz.

"We can guarantee security in the Persian Gulf and there is no need for strangers like the United States and countries that do not have a place here," he said.

"All tankers and military and non-military vessels will be controlled and there is full control over the Persian Gulf," he said, noting that "our presence in the region is real and constant day and night."

Tensions between Iran and the United States have escalated since US President Donald Trump withdrew in May from a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers and returned sanctions against Iran.

Senior US officials have said they seek to stop Iran's oil exports altogether.

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said last month he supported the idea that preventing Iran from exporting its oil would lead to a ban on all countries in the region from exporting oil across the Gulf LINK

"Re: Philip Tilton's GCR/RV" by Ron Giles, 28 AUGUST

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 7:46 PM EDT on August 27, 2018

When people talk about SKRs (Special Drawing Rights), they are not talking about our RV/GCR event. SKRs are a part of the Fiat financial system that is being done a way with.

Any Fiat asset that is based in the Fiat system will go through a rigorous reconciliation to become acceptable to the QFS. If the acquisition of those assets is considered illegally obtained, they will be confiscated, sold and returned to Humanity.

There has never been anything about the old debt slavery financial system that is legal - it is all con-trived, and used to take over and enslave Humanity.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS), is the new system and will not include any Fiat currency in any of the 209 Countries that signed up for GESARA. The Global Currency Reset will reset every currency to become Gold Backed – not Fiat currency backed by nothing.

In the QFS, it requires a digital Gold Certificate that accompanies every single piece of digital currency and without that certificate, the computer will not recognize it as currency and will not transfer it through the system.

It’s like each piece of digital currency has its own name. Even if a country’s currency becomes gold backed it must include a means of marrying a certificate to every piece of currency or it can not be used. That is why it is called a, “RESET.”
Many so called intel providers are still in the old system and are trying to make it relevant in the new QFS. It is the proverbial, square peg in the round hole, it just won’t fit. It will not be included because it is not real. Who would want to marry a pig, even if you put lipstick on its furry lips? Its not a natural match.

I am not in opposition to any, one, intel provider, I am just pointing out that there are two separate systems and they cannot be combined. So, when anyone talks about liquidity having already happened in some far off, unverifiable location, just know that it is part of the old system and not part of the QFS that will be how our RV funds arrive.

In addition, look at the history of their pronouncements. Many have said that at some specific point in the world exchanges have taken place, etc. blah, blah, blah, and it’s been reported that so and so has received liquid funds, oink, oink, oink. It has never eventuated, but we continue to hear stuff, (fluff) as if it just happened etc.

Disregard any information that says exchanges have happened. If true at all, that information pertains to the old system stuff that has no effect on our redemption/exchange event and somebody just lost their currency to a thief.

Until the QFS is activated and taken over, talk about exchanges happening is irrelevant to us. Until we receive the 800# it hasn’t happened in the QFS. All go or, none have gone. It is that simple.

Believe in things that are true. Find the basic truths and when other stuff is introduced to you, reason it out to see if it fits.

Much of what we read has an old system component with it that sticks out like a sore thumb. Even the old Dinar Exchange stuff has been dragged along and tried to fit into the new QFS.

Learn about the QFS, it is our saving grace and, in that truth, we will find things to believe in. The QFS a package deal for our exchange/redemption.

Love and Light to all

Ron Giles


Tishwash:  URGENT A senior US official will arrive in Baghdad suddenly within hours
Special sources confirmed, in Baghdad Post, that a senior US official will arrive in Baghdad suddenly within hours and the government of the Green Zone does not learn "fake sovereignty."   link

MountainMole:  Tony mentioned the 2nd basket and the Yuan will be in it. The GCR will evaluate each countries ability to back the true value based on their natural resources. That being the case, then we must consider these countries who are in the top 10 countries of the world based on their natural resources.

Venezuela, Australia, Brazil, China, Iran, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Russia. But not much focus on the 2nd basket when the first is being held up. So now we will be presented with humanitarian projects, vs. the 2nd basket.

SassyD:  Sept 11 ..... Islamic New Year 

Spagetti:  Sassy correct. It is Sept 11 this year.

SassyD:  Islamic New Year Tuesday, September 11 --

Harambe:  Reuters: Iran says it has full control of Gulf, U.S. Navy does not belong there https://reut.rs/2PHSTve

Harambe:   BBC: Iran urges UN court to halt US reimposed nuclear sanctions http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-45320362


Monday Night KTFA CC 8-27-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#



Some Highlights from the Monday Night CC:


Thank you, so very much, Frank, Walkingstick, Delta, Angel-1 & Teams!!!

PRESSURE! Iraq...don't mess up! USA is in control...Don't mess up with Debt or Inflation or
Iranian influence on the Auctions or with Debt on the Budget... we will impose Sanctions & Bring in more Military if you do!!

Fantastic 4...Pressure to do something NOW! 6-8 banks in Iraq under suspicion of funneling $ to Iran...

UST wants them to RI NOW!
In so doing, shuts the tool which is, misuse of the CBI Auctions...

They are being told STOP THE AUCTIONS which is the definition of the RI of the currency.

6-8 banks being dealt with now by UST & any individual who tries to interfere will be dealt with swiftly and Quickly! The Heat is on!!!!

Abadi & #1-Cabinet...  #2-Parliament... Abadi & Cabinet are the Executive Branch! They are important to the RI not the Parliament, who bought most of their seats!  The Cabinet were picked by the Fantastic 4...

Sept. 3rd seat GOI   &  Sept. 5th HCL  in effect for Citizens...on cards....Electricity is turned on!

WS- brought us Exchange website with 127 countries...they are positioning right now...But once they RI

volume will be volatile...trading will explode.....this introducing is for Global Markets!

WS- when Central Banks saw that...CBI telling Countries it's a form of Declaration of confidence of the IQD!

A shot across the bow....important Wake Up Call!!! The pairing was not done for nothing!!! It shows the final stages of the Monetary Reform....

The only tool CBI has been using is the Auctions & Art 8 in order to stay + or  - 2%

But if they RI they will be given more tools to maintain 2%

1) Hard peg 1-1 with USD  2) Basket of Currencies

2% Variance will always fluctuate...

If Iraq does not control outflow of USD they will shut down boarders, heavy with Military....

Talk within circle of CBI & all Private Banks & understanding is...they will get official nod when to  prepare...All Iraqi banks were looking for Art 2 last Saturday!!!  But in WS's opinion...ALL Banks around the world were...because every Bank on this planet is connected to the CBI...wow!

Once they RI and 2nd Art shows...education process will continue for the citizens & Global Markets!

Fantastic 4, know when to RI...

Shout out to Don & Samson for the articles and your diligent work!!!...and Felix5150, Salamon, Doodlebug, Sheila, JJimmyJJ, MM, Sunkissed, & Stephen for your posts!! and Rockcharlie for your Video!  Please go back and listen where Frank talks about all this! Very informative!

Come on Iraq, please just.....STOP THE AUCTIONS!!!!!!

This CC is in Frank's opinion & this Post is in my opinion...

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 28, 2018

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.


1. On Aug. 8, 2018 President Trump signed into law S. 2779 - the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018, which amended the Act of 2001 and allowed Zim to back the Global Currency Reset.

When Zimbabwe abandoned their dollar in Feb. 2009 the Central Bank printed banknotes with a face value of 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars, and introduced them in 2016. Said to be equal to the dollar, the Zim banknotes were not accepted outside the country. Now Zimbabwe business investors would be offering a 7 percent tax-free gold backed savings bond – that investment could be explained at your appointment, or by a Wealth Manager.

2. Aug. 25 2018 11:45 pm EST Pictures of the New $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 US Dollars: "The New US Dollar" - GCR/RV Thought (Video) - 8.25.18https://www.behance.net/gallery/63326431/THE-NEW-US-DOLLAR

3. Bruce: On Fri. Aug. 23 between 3am-4am EST the Quantum Financial System, (QFS), was made live globally.

4. Tony: Bankers feel the final numbers were dropped on Aug. 23.

5. Tilton: The Atlanta Group, based in Hungary and consisted of investors from Eastern European countries, were summoned to Zurich to exchange onSat. morning Aug. 25. Also on Sat. Aug. 25 48 groups of Dinar single currency holders were in Hong Kong to close their deals, with money deposited in Paymaster accounts and on account screen, but would not be liquid until delivery of the 800#s.

6. News: Both the Zimbabwe Government and Iraqi Parliament were officially installed as of Sun. Aug. 26.

7. Bruce: Mon. at 8am Iraqi time (midnight Sunday night Aug. 26 EST) the Dinar rate should come out at more than $7.68, meaning that Iraq should officially have their new Dinar rate out publically by Mon. Aug. 27.

8. Tony: Iraq should have their rate out by Mon. Aug. 27.

9. KTFA: The ISX was scheduled to open on Mon. Aug. 27.

10. On Mon. Aug. 27 the Dow jumped more than 250 points amd Nasdaq hit 8,000 as US and Mexico struck a trade deal that was announced by Trump (NAFTA would be terminated). https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-announces-us-trade-deal-mexico/story?id=57423999

11. Tony: There was supposed to be a major announcement coming out of the Iraqi financial sector on by Tues. Aug. 28.

12. Tony: In Iraqi meetings they were saying it would happen by Sat. Sept. 1and as of Wed. Sept. 5 they would start paying the HCL.

13. Tilton: Group 4 of Tier 4 could be released between now and next weekend, but before the end of August, though some say it could be Sept. 12.

A. Aug. 27 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: tobtr.com/s/10952065 

1.Tomorrow Aug. 28 Iraq would be meeting to organize the new Iraqi Parliament, which would then begin on Sept. 3.

2. There was supposed to be a major announcement coming out of the Iraqi financial sector by tomorrow Aug. 28

B. Aug. 27 2018 9:06 pm EST QFS vs. Old Financial System, Giles: "Re: Philip Tilton's GCR/RV" by Ron Giles - 8.27.18 "We are Counting Down" - Philip Tilton IntelUpdate 8-21-18 "Philip Tilton: Exchanges in Zurich" by TJ -8.27.18

1. When people talk about SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), they were not talking about our RV/GCR event. SKRs were part of a Fiat financial system that was being done away with. 

2. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) was the new system and would not include any Fiat currency in any of the 209 Countries that signed up for GESARA. The Global Currency Reset would reset every currency to become Gold Backed – not Fiat currency backed by nothing.
3. Many so called intel providers were still in the old system and trying to make it relevant in the new QFS – which was the proverbial square peg in a round hole. It won’t fit. It would not be included because it was not real.

4. There were two separate systems and they could not be combined. When anyone talks about liquidity having already happened in some far off, unverifiable location, just know that it was part of the old system and not part of the QFS that would be how our RV funds arrived. 

5. Disregard any information that said exchanges have happened. If true at all, that information pertained to the old system that had no effect on our redemption/ exchange event and somebody just lost their currency to a thief. 

6. Until the QFS was activated and taken over, talk about exchanges happening was irrelevant. Until we received the 800# it hasn’t happened in the QFS. All go, or none have gone. It was that simple.

C. Aug. 27 2018 11:47 am EST, Fulford: "Next Phase of Planetary Liberation" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 8.27.18 https://benjaminfulford.net/ 

1. The death, probably by execution, of the traitor John McCain, signals a new phase in the removal of the criminal Cabal that has controlled the U.S. since 1913, Pentagon and agency sources agree. “Traitor McCain may have been the first death penalty by military tribunal, allowed to die with honor like Rommel to protect the Navy’s reputation while spooking the deep state,” is how one Pentagon source described the situation.

2. The real battle, though, will begin after the U.S. branch of the Cabal is removed. It will pit the U.S. military-industrial complex against a loose Eurasian alliance headquartered in Switzerland.

3. This battle will either end in a world war, or a complete remake of post-war institutions like the UN, BIS, IMF, EU, etc. The key is to target the complex of foundations (plus the Vatican Bank) used by the Khazarian mafia to camouflage their control of the privately owned Central Banks, the Fortune 500 corporations and most so-called world leaders.

4. The fireworks should start in September and intensify in the run-up to the U.S. November midterm elections, where the U.S. branch of the Khazarian mafia is hoping to recover its power and remove U.S. President Donald Trump.

5. Former CIA and Marine intelligence officer Robert David Steele says “9/11 Truth is on the table. The President promised to get to the bottom of it. He is undecided about whether to do this before or after the elections, for fear that the crucifixion (cruci “fiction”?) of Dick Cheney and the neo-conservatives working as agents of Zionist Israel would be one election too soon.”

6. A volume containing a collection of the presidential memoranda prepared by 28 top scholars, spies, and engineers is free online:ttps://phibetaiota.net/2018/07/memorandums-for-the-president-on-9-11-experts-say-what-the-9-11-commission-was-too-corrupt-to-address/

7. The rabbit hole that runs even deeper than 9/11, of course, is the March 11, 2011 (3/11) Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass-murder event. On this front, the removal last week of Goldman Sachs Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia may lead to 3/11 truth coming out, according to two Australian Secret Intelligence Service agents who were involved with Fukushima.

D. Aug. 27 2018 11:51 am EST, Neil Keenan: "Neil Keenan is the One" - Neil Keenan Update - 8.25.18 

1. Neil Keenan has been elected as the AMANAH by the Elders of Indonesia to oversee the Amanah Accounts, and any and all other accounts and estates relating to the Amanah in Indonesia.

2. Most of the OSS World War Two assets were taken to Indonesia and a few other Asian countries - Quadrillions if not Quintillions of dollars worth. The Amanah document gives Neil full authority over the dispersion of the assets in amounts so vast that most would have extreme difficulty in comprehending the size of the figures.

3. Neil has prevailed after many years of fighting with the Cabal / NWO / Khazarian / Zionists in attempting to keep these vast financial resources in Asia. With numerous attempts on Neil’s life he is aligned with other leaders such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin - who are feeling and doing as Neil is.

4. Neil and his team were responsible for preventing an attempt to steal 250,000 metric tons of gold on behalf of the Federal Reserve of New York from the USS George Washington while in South Korea. Neil and his team exposed the corrupt administration of South Korean President Park, thereby putting her in the spotlight, which ultimately led to her imprisonment. It’s Show Time In Malaysia Neil Keenan was mentioned as being directly responsible for exposing the corrupt Najib Razak. Malaysian Dead Man Walking

E. Aug. 27 2018 10:47 am EST Possible Bank Perks (video): "Revised List of Possible Bank Perks" Reposted Per Request (Video) The Insignia Project Update -- August 27, 2018

F. Aug. 27 2018 4:00 am EST, Quantum System (video), Anon: "War Castles Video" by (Anonymous) - 8.27.18 https://youtu.be/NXC0bk0mvO8

Explanation of the Quantum Financial System.

G. Aug. 8 2018 President Donald J. Trump Signs S. 2779 into Lawhttps://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-signs-s-2779-law/ On Wed, Aug. 8, 2018, the President signed into law S. 2779: the “Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018,” which amended the Act of 2001. Zimbabwe abandoned their dollar in Feb. 2009. The Central Bank printed banknotes with a face value of 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars, introduced in 2016. While the government says these are equal to the dollar, presently they were not accepted by foreign suppliers. Zimbabwe business investment would be offering a 7 percent tax-free gold backed savings bond. Lenders have to provide the Reserve Bank plans on how they would work to boost the nation’s exports. This investment would be explained at your appointment, or later by Wealth Managers.