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"The Truth on this Exchange" by R , 6 AUGUST

Dear beloved souls,

I have been following this RV for a long time. I am an angelic channel, I voice channel many, many beings including our creator. I have never asked about the RV in depth. 

I followed this site and the many posts and just assumed that much is as is said on the board regarding Zim as many channels post the same thing. 

However, my channel from this morning consisted of me being shocked, completely shocked. 

Everything on this board is wrong. I'm sorry but I was told that the Zim Dollar is not going to be the highest currency. The Iranian Rial will be the highest. 

The Zim will not be worth the amount you all believe it will. I tell you all this now so that the people that have ONLY bought Zim will not lose out. 

Not everyone is here to do humanitarian works, it's not in everyone's life plan. Only one's who have this in their plan will get the amounts that they need.

Only a few have this in their plan. Not even myself has this in my plan. I was shocked. I was told that I can exchange, I will exchange, but not for the amount I believed and not enough to do large humanitarian works. More than enough to live in comfort and help small causes on a money level. 

Everyone has taken on a belief system that all currencies will RV, this is correct, all will, all will be re-aligned. But also, everyone through channels has taken on a belief system that you are all going to be trillionaires and doing humanitarian works. 

I believed the same, I have project works written down, I wanted to do great things with the money, but this is not so. 

Channeling works down the persons belief systems, but I have mastered how to release and evade these system's.

The belief systems can cause a channel to not channel 100%. They could be channeling 60% and 40% belief system or pulling from a different time-line, there's many factors. 

This is why (as I have learned over the last few weeks) you must go inside and not follow others and what they say. 

I never have followed anyone but I followed the belief of the Zim.

A lot that is put out is not 100% correct. now there's no right or wrong in experience as such. But to think that everyone will become trillionaires is false. This is not factual. 

Paper money will continue, we are NOT going 100% digital yet. 

New currencies will be made for ALL countries, all old currencies will be taken in. 

The QFS is real, 100% real. I cannot go into that though, not allowed. It is real.

Only a few are chosen for huge amounts if it's within their life plans. The system will know. 

There's room for helping the planet, all will be able to help, it will be an amazing time. brothers and sisters from other systems and planets will come to help also. 

I also tell you this so that you can tell all. tell friends, family, tell all that will listen to get currency. This is not for a few, it is for all. 

All can benefit from this exchange but not at the amounts you all believe and I once believed until today's channeling session.

I have been told that not many will believe this post but that is fine. 

I still tell you ALL to go and get other currencies, do not stick to Zim. It is not as valuable as you believe it will be.

You will NOT be called or emailed, that is false. Some will be informed directly, many will share. But you will not miss out. Banks will take the money. 

It is suggested that you exchange the currencies around 4 months after the RV. The rates will be higher, you do not have to rush to exchange like in some secret way as many have suggested on this site, this is false. This is NOT some secret event as such, Although, many are not aware and thus will not benefit.

This exchange is for all, not for some. 

Many have already exchanged but not for the amounts that people say on this website, that is why many do not come forward and say. You may believe that it is because of an NDA, but that's not factual. The banks are not going to do this as a secret thing. 

Also, when we exchange the system will not allow it. I was told that the whole NDA thing is rubbish. It's a straight exchange. There's no secrets here. 

I know, I know. I was shocked also. 

The QFS system is love, it is based on love, it is open, it is open to all, it will not allow a system of secrecy. This simply will not be allowed the system will not understand secrecy as such. I cannot go into this system though. 

You will be able to go to the bank and exchange or an exchange military center (yes they're real). There is NO difference to where you go. You will not get more or a higher exchange rate for going to an exchange center instead of a bank. The centers are setup because of the amount of people exchanging. That is all. 

You can believe this or not, I post to help you all as I was shocked and wanted to help.

I have permission to post. 

Buy Iranian Rial, buy, buy, buy. Tell you friends and family to buy Rial or other currencies, not just ZIm. Rial will go higher. 

I love you all as I love myself, in love and light of the creator, amen. 



IQD RV News Update (RANT# 215)


8-6-2018   Intel/Newshound Gurus Delta, Walkingstick and Frank26   Article:  "The Stock Market Will Launch Early Next Month Electronic Query Service"  THIS ARTICLE IS RECYCLED FROM END OF JULY ...SO EARLY NEXT MONTH MEANS EARLY AUGUST...  ISX/ESX timing (to attract more foreign investment) possibly... in conjunction, with mention of the custodial bank they seek/sought to guarantee transactions...A PERFECT ENVIRONMENT.

8-6-2018   Guest Guru Currency365
   Maliki has no power to form the largest bloc...SADR team won and he is in power to form the largest bloc, if it includes Maliki or not that is up to Sadr. But its funny that Maliki owned newspapers are saying Maliki his forming the largest bloc...

8-6-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "AWAY FROM THE PROTESTS .. IRAQIS ARE WAITING TO ACTIVATE THE LAW OF THE NATIONAL OIL COMPANY IN SEPTEMBER"   ...this is part of what we need to be implemented to get the reinstatement. ...Do you wonder why they publish this article now? The other piece is Article 140...Is this all coincidental, especially at this point in time while we wait for the elections results to be ratified, which we also know will bring some action by the CBI in the “project to delete the zeros” (but only if these other needed laws are passed and implemented).  I am telling everyone that the constitution MUST be fully implemented and not just laws passed but laws enacted. ...Meanwhile the CBI has been working diligently to get all the needed banking and financial reforms in place in preparation for the govt and parliament to catch up to them in getting these laws done...


Everyone needs to understand that a currency's value is intertwined into the economy and directly related to the GDP so that is why the government is working so hard to stabilize the security and invite investment into Iraq.

  Hopefully the end result will be an influx of capital and investment to rebuild Iraq creating a significant appreciation of the currency but the conditions need to be set first. 

Those conditions are all encompassing including but not limited to the banking system, security, laws and momentum from investors.

IRAN eases currency rules | Iranian Rial IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV


Good Evening,

Once again, all sources are reporting the GCR/RV has begun in earnest. 

There are reports that the tier 4 groups have begun. and reports from attorney paymasters that they have been given the green light to distribute funds to holder accounts and that it has been done. The funds are not spendable yet but are landing in accounts.

There are conversations with Iraqi generals who have stated their RV begins Aug 8th. A lot of conversations on the exact detail of how this will go down procedure wise are circulating.

Various superpowers have positioned themselves for the imminent global reset of debt and financial systems. The narratives and information streams are articulated is such a plausible manor that it is very easy to digest as profound and accurate. 

In other words, we are shown what it is we want to see. But plausible is only theory and reality is reality. There are currently over 6000 bills and laws being presented, for vote to the finance committee of the 115th Congress. That is just the Finance Committee alone.

There is a lot of minutia in these 6000 plus bills, laws and policies such as printing a particular memorabilia coin or laws on controlling crypto currency from illicit behavior and so on. But there are also a vast amount of laws and amendments that have to be passed or have been passed, in order for this GCR/RV to process into our economy.

You cannot just say, “Do it” and it will just manifest. Laws have to be created and policies amended to support and control the activities generated from this global reset.

This scenario holds true in every participating country. These countries also have to build the legal support systems that will allow the integration of these funds into their particular economies and each country has their own particular set of circumstances they have to deal with to make it happen.

The point being, is it is a process, and procedures take time. 209 countries have to process through their parliamentary or congressional procedures plus international compliance issues, for this to event to manifest.

There is and always will be a misconception of events and circumstances that get labeled as trigger events or are considered to be a necessary component for the GCR/RV to occur. When presented to us, we can tend to assimilate them on face value and move on.

However, when you dig deeper into the reality of these functions, one discovers the real purpose and motivations behind the development of these functions is singular in purpose and are only a piece of the puzzle, not the entire puzzle.

By functions, I am refereeing to things such as the C.I.P.S., AIIB, BRICS, Paris Accords, NAFTA, FATCA, Sovereign Elections, Financial Systems, Gold Reserves, Asset Reserves, and so on. All are piece of the puzzle but not “THE’ puzzle. The real delays generally come from the situations as stated above and are geopolitical in nature and not a logistics or fiduciary component or rather how the funds are to be delivered and who takes on the function and authority of its delivery.

There has been an ongoing narrative that the Zim and the perceived in-ground assets of Zimbabwe are the building blocks that will support the GCR. When I say, “Perceived “I mean just that.

No one really knows how much rare mineral deposits or in-ground assets actually exist. It ranges from 5 million ounces of gold to 58 million tones. I mention gold because there are a host of other minerals that are derivatives of gold exploration and mining IE: Platinum, Silver, Nickel, Lithium, Rhodium and Chrome Ore. The huge variance comes from the historical mining culture of Zimbabwe.

About 60% of Zimbabwe’s land surface comprises an Archaean age basement known as the Zimbabwe Craton, which is dominated by granitic rocks locally enclosing remnants of volcanic sedimentary piles known as greenstone belts.

Greenstone belts, hosts to most gold deposits, are prime agricultural areas as a result of their rich red loamy soils. Mineral exploration is prohibited in cultivated areas or areas registered for cultivation, except with the consent of the landowner, which is not always easy to come by. Laws are currently be established to circumvent those restrictions.

As a result, mining has been mainly confined to hilly areas that have high incidences of hosting quartz vein deposits. The greenstone belts are also renowned for the rich variety of mineral resources, including gold, base metals and industrial minerals. The Great Dyke marking the upper boundary of the Archaean in Zimbabwe, hosts world-class reserves of platinum group metals and chrome ore.

Production since independence in 1980 of over 400 tons of gold from several thousand shear quartz vein-based small mines located on lines of ancient workings, Zimbabwe is generally considered to be a country of small gold deposits

Although the Zimbabwe Craton has one of the highest gold productivities per square kilometer, the available technical information (Because of the lack of geologistmany gold deposits in Zimbabwe were discovered without using geological modelling because of the existence of the ancient workings that simplified the exploration) suggests that the country is under-explored.

The ancients only explored for resistant outcropping quartz vein ore bodies. Exploration that came after colonization of the country by Europeans concentrated on the ancients’ mines, as it was cost effective. The usual methods of exploration were to get information from local villagers about the existence of old workings, on which prospecting shafts were sunk.

This form of exploration became so entrenched in the exploration culture of Zimbabwean prospectors that it has remained basically unchanged up to today. Zimbabwe therefore remains essentially under-explored, especially in virgin areas away from the ancient workings.

Exploration models are normally derived from data carefully and scientifically recorded over time from existing mines. However, many mines in Zimbabwe have operated without resident geologists.

A lot of information that could be used as a foundation for exploration in similar areas has been lost. but the potential cannot be realized when there are no geologists to record the feature characteristics of bigger ore bodies., Strike extensions of many mines have not been investigated because of an entrenched tradition of going underground before fully understanding lateral extensions of the ore bodies a result of the lack of usage of geologists by mining companies.

 Probing of lateral extensions of ore bodies is also prohibited by adjoining mining claims belonging to different individuals

Companies engaged in mining and exploration in Zimbabwe, are still practicing the tradition of not making much use of geologists. Exploration geologists are mostly used as field technicians who are not usually involved in the design of exploration programs. Miners lack the necessary financial and technical skills to explore and exploit larger ore bodies, preferring narrow quartz veins that are easier to exploit Thus the introduction of Chinese and Russian capital 

Aeromagnetic surveys (a common type of geophysical survey) of most of the country carried out through Canadian government assistance between 1988 and 1990 opened up new ground for exploration. Linear extensions of existing ore bodies that are not obvious on existing geological maps were revealed by the new aeromagnetic data.

 Geophysical geochemical and remote sensing techniques that are responsible for discoveries of mineral deposits in virgin areas in other countries have been rarely used in Zimbabwe.

With over 6,000 small gold deposits having been exploited in Zimbabwe, there are huge opportunities to investigate many of them for potential for large mines. Studies in the Zimbabwe Craton have shown that most large deposits do not occur in isolation, but include apparent small mines with potential for development into larger mines if investigated properly It is now established that the majority of gold deposits in Zimbabwe are located in greenstone belts.

Strong possibilities that a good number of larger ore bodies still remain concealed in the greenstone belts, especially in cultivated areas away from hills. New techniques of geophysics, geochemistry and remote sensing should assist in the identification of these ore bodies.

Zimbabwe’s main exports are tobacco (23 percent of total exports) and nickel (20 percent). Others include: diamonds, platinum, ferrochrome, and gold. Zimbabwe main export partners are: South Africa, China, Congo and Botswana.
Zimbabwe’s annual gold output increased to 24.8 tons in 2017 from 21.1 tons the previous year driven by a rise in deliveries from small-scale miners. Of the 24.8 tons, small scale miners contributed 13.2 tons while primary producers delivered a total of 11.7 tons”. The central bank has since launched an $80 million fund to capacitate small scale miners and boost gold production which is targeted at 26 tons.

The top gold producing countries per/metric ton are 1) China 455 mt. 2) Australia 270 mt. 3) Russia 250 mt. 4) US 209 mt. 5) Canada 170 mt. Zimbabwe is 25th? 

China accounts for over 15% of global gold production but it is also the largest gold consumer in the world representing 27.9% of global gold consumption ahead of India’s share of 26.5%. Between the two, that is 54.4% of world consumption.

The moral to this article is it will take amended legislation to accommodate this financial change by all participating countries.

 Zimbabwe’s in-ground assets are perceived, but not factual as of yet. Exploration into the greenstone belts and expansions of current mining interest are in their infancy.

China’s appetite for gold consumption lends to its interest in the Zim.

The only reasonable assets to back the GRC are the massive gold holdings in the Global Collateral Accounts. However, the permissions required for the opening and usage of the Collateral Accounts are many, and are done in secret to establish balances.

 The public never is privy to these decisions so any information regarding this element is just conjecture at best. We have to sit tight and wait for this unfoldment...


Richard:  I just saw and read post 237 on yesterdays thread the article that Walkingstick posted. I have read this three times now and perhaps I am just to tired to understand it, but it seems to me that we do not want the zeros deleted instead we want just a reinstatement. Since with a deletion of the zeros we will only make at best a couple thousand not what we are hoping for. If someone could please help me with what I am missing I would greatly appreciate it.  

StephenMac63:  Hiya Richard,

The zeros that are going to be removed will be in the exchange rate, not on the actual currency that you hold.

Right now the exchange rate is listed at around .0008. Its the three zeros to the left of that 8 they are speaking of removing.

They HAVE to remove the three zeros in order to Reinstate because right now the value is too low, when they remove those three zeros from the exchange rate it will slide that 8 all the way up to what looks like .8, but even at .8 its still not equal to 1 USD. In order for them to be even admitted onto the world market they HAVE to be 1-1.
They "could" come out at .8 but they would lose a lot of money. Iraq doesnt have full control of the English Language and much can be lost in translation.

For example, when you hear "Lifting of the zeroes", imo, this means to remove the notes from the streets that have three zeros, such as the 25000.....but they will exchange it with lower notes such as One Hundred 250s, same value, only in different denominations.

This removes the high notes from circulation and puts lower notes into circulation.

This is from what I understand, hope it helps……IMO, of course


Samson:  Security Council to hold a meeting on the situation in Iraq

 6th August, 2018

The Security Council is scheduled to hold next Wednesday a hearing on the situation in Iraq. 

"The United Nations Security Council will hold a meeting on the situation in Iraq on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 10 am New York time (5 pm Baghdad time)," the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said in a statement received by Mawazine News. "He said. 

"It is expected that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic, briefing shortly after the start of the meeting on developments in Iraq and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)." LINK

Samson:  Victory: regional and international support to keep Abbadi as prime minister for a second term

 6th August, 2018

A member of the coalition of victory Aqil al-Ridini, Monday, 6 August 2018, on the existence of regional and international support to keep the outgoing Prime Minister Haider Abadi as prime minister for a second term.

"It is difficult for an alternative figure as prime minister to accept the acceptance of regional and international states because these countries, represented by America, its axis, Iran and its axis, have common interests with Iraq," he said in a statement.

On the other hand, he explained that "this year's elections did not result in a large bloc that could produce a prime minister directly without returning to national agreements between the winning alliances that have to be formed to form the largest bloc and thus the formation of the government and the selection of the three presidencies, including the Prime Minister "He said.   LINK


Maliki has no power to form the largest bloc…..SADR team won and he is in power to form the largest bloc, if it includes Maliki or not that is up to Sadr. But its funny that Maliki owned newspapers are saying Maliki his forming the largest bloc.

Is the dinar international cause everyone is saying it is now? ME: if you can buy it outside of iraq then its international what we are waiting for is “INTERNATIONAL ACCEPTED” meaning it has true value and banks have agreed to accept it and exchange it.


TNT Update ~ SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 2018:   I was supposed to tell you on Friday that the recount has been completed. I will tell you that a formal announcement is scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll also explain what Iraq going global really means for us. #wearethepeople

Briona:  Our money should be coming from the Treasury, not the Federal Reserve. The worlds largest financial hoax was perpetrated with the adoption of the Federal Reserve as our money source. To allow a group of private banksters to create funds out of thin air, and charge interest on it, was a colossal blunder. The Treasury could do it with no interest payments due, so the best thing for our country and the world would be the elimination of the Fed.

Readtnow:  When Nixon took us off the gold standard it was by executive order

Yada:  Readtnow,,funny thing with those EO's, if Congress doesnt come in to contest it or make it a law either way, they stand unchallenged

Readtnow:  And one executive order can be cancelled (immediately) by another executive order.

Harambe:  Reuters: Iran eases currency rules, hoping to buoy rial ahead of sanctions https://reut.rs/2OJlEar



Samson:  The Stock Market Will Launch Early Next Month Electronic Query Service

 5th August, 2018

Iraq's stock market plans to launch the electronic query service early next month.

The executive director of the stock market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on Sunday that "this service will include the sale and purchase of shares and to inform investors and brokerage companies operating in the market on all sales and purchase transactions and shares through this electronic window, More than 30 global exchanges"

Abdul Salam said that "the volume of daily trading of the stock market amounted to one billion shares in different sectors," noting that "the volume of exchange sometimes reaches about 16 billion shares in large transactions," noting that "the number of shares in the market is 11 trillion shares "

Indicating that "the number of companies operating in the market amounted to 103 companies and the number of intermediary companies 44 companies".     LINK


Walkingstick:  ftti.... ISX/ESX timing (to attract more foreign investment) possibly... in conjunction, with mention of the custodial bank they seek/sought to guarantee transactions...    


Walkingstick:  Yep......

Boxman:  WOW.........Merger and guarantee of transactions...that should fire up the investors..


Walkingstick:  Pompeo: Iran will no longer be able to buy the US dollar 

Boxman:  Wow, really squeezing Iran..think about having to use your own currency that is in freefall ..20,000 to less than 112,000 per dollar in a matter of months...combined with the unrest in Iran...major geopolitical press on Iran..or alternatively having to use your other  foreign currency reserves...IMHO..

Walkingstick:  Scheduled for,Monday.....