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IRAQ: Reforming the economy is solution to all problems! | IQD Dinar Cur...



Is the dinar international cause everyone is saying it is now? ME: if you can buy it outside of iraq then its international what we are waiting for is "INTERNATIONAL ACCEPTED" meaning it has true value and banks have agreed to accept it and exchange it. Shalom


Maliki has no power to form the largest bloc.....SADR team won and he is in power to form the largest bloc, if it includes Maliki or not that is up to Sadr. But its funny that Maliki owned newspapers are saying Maliki his forming the largest bloc...


Yada:  what is clear, their seating of the new government is not the contingent of the RV being released,,,they just have to reveal the results of the election and the Monetary Reforms are "completely released'",,Im of the mind that the info from Iraq's Thursday morning is an indicator that the international release has started and the old value of the currency is about to be released,,,Iraq has leveraged their position to the world and still are,,

SusanaC:  We're almost there... the iqd is global just wait for the rate

Harambe:  Reuters Exclusive: Iraq election commission ignored warnings over voting machines - document https://reut.rs/2LSaan2

Dutchie:  Forex market clock, opening in New Zealand in about 6 hours https://market24hclock.com

SwampyJack:  Remember that Forex does not open until 1715 (5:15 est) so we should not expect to see any changes for several hours

Cyndysaintsfan:  Jouney .. Don't Stop Believing...


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

All remaining non-public Cabal-MIC remnants are being eliminated.

An underground submarine base was destroyed as part of the on-going operation to eliminate all Cabal-MIC remnants.

The destruction of the base unfortunately caused a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.


In response, the Cabal have attempted to assassinate various world leaders working with the Alliance including Trump and Mnangagwa.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was taken into custody after two RCAF CF-18's forced his plane to land.


It was discovered that Trudeau may have been involved in a recent assassination attempt on Trump in Ohio.

The Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (GESARA) is being enforced worldwide through discrete reforms and psychological operations against the Cabal.

The Authors of the Plan are awaiting consensus from the Elders regarding the RV release.

Invitations and instructions to exchange/redeem should be expected between 11:58 PM EDT and 12:01 AM EDT if the RV is released.

Prepare for the grand crescendo.


8-5-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Five parties agree on the formation of the largest bloc and these are the ministries distributed among them"  There are and will be many news articles talking about political alliances and it is difficult to determine which has merit, but I read the foregoing article with some interest.  Interesting because it saves face for all the main players and is consistent with prior Iraqi politics where the main vote getter is excluded from the office of the PM. Even though Sadr is not a candidate himself for the post of PM.  Sadr is a problem for all and may be more comfortable in opposition anyway. What is most interesting is that such an alliance excludes none of the several candidates for PM, to wit, Ameri, Abadi, or Maliki etc. Who would the PM be in such an alliance?  Stay tuned. This is going to be very interesting.

8-5-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   More news on the last part of HCL to be implemented. The protestors are putting pressure on the govt to implement this now. We are told in Sept. The law was passed in April and was scheduled for implementation in Sept. But they want it now.  Also recent news that Kurdistan agreed to join up with the Sadr Movement in Sadr’s alliance if Article 140 referendum get passed and implemented in the next session of parliament.They are not saying in the next term or year or months. They are stressing in the next session when parliament comes back in session. Is this enough to satisfy what is considered the implementation of the constitutional articleI think perhaps it may be enough

World Bank: Zimbabwe Can Be Middle-Income State | IQD Dinar Currency Exc...


Thursday’s tweet of an Iraqi communication in Arabic was eventually translated as their official announcement of the Iraqi being “Globally accepted” as of Wednesday. This means that Iraq can now change it’s rate at will and it will appear in the system due to it being international. There are more reports of the currency being 1:1, more specifically, $20-22 IQD. Record numbers of citizens getting paid are being reported. More definitive information is expected later tonight……Time Will Tell….ALL!!

US newspaper: Trump demands not to abandon Iraq again, 5 AUGUST

A US newspaper on Saturday called on the administration of the US president not to abandon Iraq again, to participate strongly in the democratic process in Baghdad and to form a new government, “if it really wants to avoid instability in Iraq.”
“Washington’s policy toward Iraq has been narrowly focused on avoiding defeat, and this is a flawed view,” the paper said in an article by American writer Sean McGovern and his Mawazine News.
“The preoccupation of US policymakers with the summit between Trump, the North Korean leader and the NATO summit diverted attention from the May 12 Iraqi elections and continued efforts to form a new government.
“The recent elections represent an opportunity for the United States to participate in forming the new government,” he said.



2018/08/05 14:52 Baghdad today - Nineveh BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Ali Al-Alak, arrived in Mosul on Sunday (5 August 2018) to open a branch of the Central Bank. The correspondent said that the links arrived in Mosul for the opening of the Central Bank / Mosul Branch.

29-Jul.... 1199-1197
30-Jul.... 1199- 1197
31-Jul ….1199- 1197
01-Aug.... 1199- 1195

DELTA:   CBI...nThe course (counterfeiting and forging of local and foreign currency and matching them with real currency) to be 28-30/8/2018 instead of 7-9/8/2018

Dinardiva1:  So we so we have to wait till end of August now ?

Greenclan:  I dont believe this is a signal of the delay of the RI.....WS has show that they are ready....to rock and roll......This week is huge  so lets see what happens.

Walkingstick:  Agreed, it is.... not. These classes began long before the fact, and .. will continue long after .. e.g : current, and ...new denominations


Samson:  The Stock Market Will Launch Early Next Month Electronic Query Service

 5th August, 2018

Iraq's stock market plans to launch the electronic query service early next month.

The executive director of the stock market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on Sunday that "this service will include the sale and purchase of shares and to inform investors and brokerage companies operating in the market on all sales and purchase transactions and shares through this electronic window, More than 30 global exchanges"

Abdul Salam said that "the volume of daily trading of the stock market amounted to one billion shares in different sectors," noting that "the volume of exchange sometimes reaches about 16 billion shares in large transactions," noting that "the number of shares in the market is 11 trillion shares "

Indicating that "the number of companies operating in the market amounted to 103 companies and the number of intermediary companies 44 companies".   LINK

Greenclan:  This was a little disappointing to read...early next month...but then again -  - - LOOK SQUIRREL....IT SAYS VERY CLEARLY   - GLOBAL

AnotherMailman:  Well, at least they didn't say next year. Also, I remember seeing an article saying that on September 5th the National Oil Law will be launched. Pretty encouraging!  

Clare:  In my opinion, we have seen this before, in articles, with how they use the word "next" and it usually means "current" . IMO, I believe this means August, not September...And also Frank has always told us if it's in print... it's already begun or done...  Let's keep watching & of course praying!


Doc.K:  Another take on the EID Holiday

Is there another Eid celebration in the calendar?

As well as Eid al-Fitr, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha.

Eid al-Adha will begin on the evening of Tuesday August 21, 2018, which falls in themiddle of the 12th and final month in the Islamic calendar.

It finishes on Saturday, August 25.


Don961   :  Issued 20 decisions concerning Babylon .. Abadi: the duty of the state is to care for everyone, and the biggest corruption is the waste of public money
The federal government issued important decisions for the province of Babylon.
"Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi stressed during a meeting in his office in Baghdad on Saturday, a delegation of elders and dignitaries and the people and the government of the province of Babylon, the local presence of the service and reconstruction in the provinces and a number of officials to consider the demands of the people of the province, Achieve unity and we will achieve construction, reconstruction, services and jobs in our unity as well, as we need a revolution of cooperation. " 

Abadi said during the meeting that "our country has good and fair distribution, and the duty of the state is to take care of everyone and we announced the military victory a few months ago we started the work of construction and reconstruction services and we have the necessary plans and strategies." 

He explained that "we listen to the demands of citizens and we issue decisions and directives to implement them," noting that "the biggest corruption is the waste of public money." 

"We are going to achieve a new achievement in the reconstruction, construction, services and work opportunities in our cooperation. We are in a single boat," he said. 

The Prime Minister, in light of the following: 

1. Completion of the allocations of the strategic bridge of Batah and financing the appropriate amount for this year and guarantee the allocation for the next year with the possibility of establishing an alternative bridge to build military engineering quickly to avoid the large congestion caused by this bridge. 

2- Resolve the issue of the announcement of the Hilla Great Project which was voted in the Council of Ministers and within the British loan allocations. 

3 - Completing the five strategic water projects as one of the ministerial projects, some of which reached 90%. [Al-Hashimiya Water Project, Al-Mahaweel Water Project, Abi Gharq Water Project, Al-Musayyib Water Project, Al-Kifl Water Project]. 

4 - Declaration of grades resulting from the movement of owners of all departments of the province according to the population ratios of each administrative unit. 

5 - Supply the province of Babylon electric power on the basis of the population percentage of the people of the province as well as the first province industrially and review the subject of collection and maintenance and the Ministry of Electricity to address the problems of fluctuation of processing areas of Musayyib, Alexandria, 

6- Maintenance of rivers and irrigation projects, foremost of which is the large Musayyib project and carrying out an objective evaluation of the process of lining up the tables, including in particular the table of Babylon and the schedules of the treatment of Jeroboiyeh and the Kefl table and the schedule of its role. The Ministry of Water Resources shall submit a report on this and the Ministry of Finance shall finance the important works in this field Representatives of districts and districts and the need to implement the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 67 of 2018. 

7 - Develop quick solutions to address the problem of schools that have not completed the completion rate of 90% in different regions. 

8- Addressing the problem of the Jewish river by extending pipes and completing the construction of the Imam Bakr bin Imam Ali peace be upon them and completing the compound of water in the area of ​​Jibla and the road of the city of Qasim and complete the road Shomali - Hamzah - Hashimiyah because it is the strategic road 

9. Re-financing the construction of Al-Hamzah West Hospital as well as Al-Sada Hospital, Al-Musayyib and Nile. 

10 - addressing the decoupling of bottlenecks in the electrical network through the provision of financial allocations for the five stations for the transfer and distribution of electric power as an important project. 

11 - Provision of the necessary allocations for the purpose of completing the mother bridge located in the city center to remove the traffic jams because the project has been suspended for three years. 

12 - Open the door of inclusion of widows and divorcees and orphan parents and the unemployed and their inclusion in social welfare salaries. 

13. The allocation of [10 billion dinars] for the establishment of a waste recycling plant, which became a major problem in the province for the spread of waste at the entrances of the city and public streets and the failure to provide regular places for landfill. 

14. In light of the detailed needs of the district and district authorities in the province of Babil, the operations room of the Provincial Reconstruction and Services Committee has prioritized each district and district based on the reports submitted by district and district representatives. 

15. Rescheduling the debts / loans of the farmers and their benefits. 

16. Reactivate the industrial initiative loans, the agricultural initiative, activate the financing of the micro-credit project to provide employment opportunities in the areas of the province, and review the terms of lending. 

17. Immediately approve the establishment of the West Hamzah Hospital. 

18. The Ministry of Industry, Ministries and other bodies shall rehabilitate factories and production companies to ensure the provision of sustainable employment opportunities for the people of the governorate. 

19 - To mandate the joint operations command to study the return of the people of Al-Nasr after security scrutiny. 

20- Develop an urgent plan to cover the streets in the areas of the province under priorities under which the Ministry of Finance under the appropriate funding and the completion of the bridge pedestrian students through Hilla - Najaf - and completion of the rehabilitation of the Musayyib Bridge.  

DebTarHeelgirl: General Questions to Ask Wealth Advisors, 5 AUGUST

Choose the questions that are most relevant for your situation When interviewing a wealth advisor, it is important to ask the right question and know how to interpret the answers.  

Here are select questions to get you started.  In a formal selection process the family should come up with additional relevant questions that will isolate important criteria.

Firm Background and Ownership

  1. When was the firm founded?
  2. When did the firm begin providing wealth advisory services? What was the impetus behind the creation of the multi-family office business, if applicable?
  3. What is the firm's organizational structure? If family-owned, what is the percentage of the family s interest?
  4. What is the firm's ownership structure? If family-owned, what is the percentage of the family's interest
  5. Does the firm develop an annual strategic plan? If so, what are primary initiatives for the firm in the next two years?
  6. What is the firm's stated mission?
  7. Is the firm a Registered Investment Advisor under the 1940 Act of the Securities and Exchange Commission? Please provide a copy of the firm's ADV Parts I & II filed annually with the SEC.

  8.  Services
    1. Describe your expertise in each of the following service areas:
      • wealth transfer planning
      •  financial planning
      • foundation and philanthropic planning
      • investment planning
      • investment management
      • performance analysis
      • tax planning and tax compliance
      • bill paying and cashflow management
      • client education process
    2. What are your areas of greatest strength when providing wealth advisory services?
    3. What new services/service enhancements are you planning to introduce in the next year?
    4. What aspects of your business distinguish you from your competition?
    5. Do you work with outside investment consultants to enhance your research?

    Client Relationships
    1. How many family relationships does your weath advisory business have? What is the distribution of clients by type (business owners, wealth owners, wealth inheritors, foundation, etc.)?
    2. How many new clients have you added/lost in each of the past three years?
    3. What percentage of your clients are full-service relationships? What services do you typically provide to the clients that don't use your firm for all services?
    4. How do you get new business? Do you have an active new business development effort?
    5. What are current assets under management?
    6. Please provide a breakdown of:
      • growth in new assets due to new client business over the past three years 
      • growth in assets due to new assets from existing clients
      •  loss of assets due to client attrition in the past three years
    7. Provide references from three clients that have worked with your firm for at least three years?
    8. What were the reasons why former clients terminated your services in the past three years?

    1. How many employees do you have in each major department? Provide a breakdown of employees in the following categories:
      • senior relationship managers
      • investment professionals
      • tax and accounting professionals
      • philanthropy specialists
      • information technology professionals
      • marketing professionals
      • operational/back-office personnel
      • administrative staff
    2. How is the typical relationship management team structured? And how is technical expertise provided to support the relationship team?
    3. How are the relationship managers compensated? If they are paid incentive compensation, what is that basedupon? Do they share in firm profits?
    4. What is the typical account load for a relationship manager?
    5. Please provide the biographies for senior management and key personnel who would service my account.
  9. Provide the number of employee hires and terminations/resignations for the past three years.
Client Servicing and Reporting
  1. How do you most frequently communicate with clients?
  2. Do you have regularly scheduled client meetings? If so, what is the frequency and who typically represents the firm?
  3. How do you interact with the clients' other key advisors?
  4. Do you provide electronic versions of client reports? Do clients have on-line access to their reports?
  5. What is the website address?

 Client Education and Research

  1. What kind of client education do you provide?
  2. Do you offer formal seminars or other educational opportunities?
  3. Do you publish research or newsletters for your clients benefit? Please include a list of research papers distributed to clients with the date of publication.
Pricing and Fees

  1. Do you have a published fee schedule? If so, please provide. If not, please describe how you determine a fee for a new client.
  2. Is there a minimum account size or minimum fee requirement?
  3. How does the fee structure differ for different client types?
  4. Do you offer any performance-based fees? As an alternative to basis points?
  5. Do you accept soft dollars from any product providers?
  6. Do you accept fees of any other type of service providers? If so, under what circumstances?

All my best~ Debbie

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug 5, 2018

Compiled 5 Aug. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: There is an intel blackout. The below is a Summary of last week’s Events:

Sun. July 29 Trump began countdown for “The Event”: Abolish Federal Reserve and Central Banks, plus use Federal Reserve holdings to pay off citizen debt.

Tues. July 31 Tilton: Q wrote “1776” and that “The world would change” – meaning we have returned to the original Constitution.

Tues. July 31 Bruce: Zim platforms were finishing up tonight in Hong Kong.

Wed. Aug. 1 Intel Report: Hundreds of Tier 3 groups have been called to Reno and were awaiting disbursement of funds.

Wed. Aug. 1 Bruce, TNT: The Iraqi Dinar was being traded internationally.

Wed. Aug. 1 Tilton: The 5404 bill allowing for our new US gold-backed note, has been passed in secret by Congress and would be announced after the payment of gold on Aug. 1.

Intel Report: The HR 5404 bill (US return to the gold standard) was already signed before it was publicly introduced, just like the ZIDERA amendment bill. Bruce: The USN was back on the gold standard as of Wed. Aug. 1.

Thurs. Aug. 2 Intel Report: The ZIDERA bill was passed in 2001 (right before 9/11) to put a choke hold on Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was now free to release their assets to the world with the unofficial signing and passing of the ZIDERA amendment bill (released sanctions against Zimbabwe natural assets and thus funded the GCR) on Aug. 2.

Fri. Aug. 3 Bruce: On Mon. July 30 Zimbabwe had elections, results of which were made public Tues.

Aug. 2, Fri. Aug. 3. Intel Report:
 The Zimbabwe election situation has resolved in favor of Mnangagwa who was working closely with the Alliance.

Fri. Aug. 3 Intel Report: Assistant Authors of the Plan were being alerted on an hourly basis of the RV potentially releasing.

Fri. Aug. 3 Poofness: We shall see our funds on Tues. Aug. 7 at the latest.

Intel Report, Bruce: All Tiers were expected to exchange/redeem simultaneously.

Intel Report: The RV exchange/redemption event would be completely private via invitation only. Invitations would be acquired through emails, phone calls, the 800#'s, and a special website designed for the QFS. Instructions included.

TNT, Bruce: On Sat. July 28 Trump had a call with the banks where he emphasized that during this exchange he didn’t want any bank to have any advantages over another.

In the nine hour meeting the bankers decided that at your exchange you could have up to $14,250 in cash, have $100,000 on your redemption card available for use, plus $100,000 on different accounts immediately available.

You would have access to the rest of your funds within 48-72 hours.

A. Aug. 4 2018 1:30 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 4, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. According to sources, the RV is on the move.

2. The HR 5404 bill was the Republic's soft disclosure announcement of the gold-standard. The USD was already reverted to the gold-standard (by other means) before the HR 5404 was even introduced. The HR 5404 served one purpose which was to discretely give us a hint.

3. The same can be said about the ZIDERA Amendment Bill.

4. Tier 3 high level humanitarian organizations continue to be given queue schedules to exchange/redeem. These schedules give a 24-48 hour notice for the RV release.

5. If all Tiers go at once, then we are about to receive the invitation and instructions to exchange/redeem currencies.


B. Aug. 4 2018 6:00 pm EST WSOM AdminBill: "It will be Totally Unexpected" - WSOMN AdminBill Update 8-3-18

This is not an event-driven RI/RV that will happen on a specific date, it is process driven. When all requirements are met, the release will happen. IMO it will be totally unexpected, out of nowhere and with no advanced warning.