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Great articles this week including the one from Alaq confirming CBI compliance…My favorite article of the week …is titled.. “Movement of capital” confirming the desire to bring large sums of money into Iraq from outside investors.
Article: “UNITED NATIONS TO PLACE IRAQ, INCLUDING THE KURDISTAN REGION UNDER THE TUTELAGE OF THE UNITED NATIONS” Quote: “The Movement for Change, on Tuesday, called on the United Nations to place Iraq, including the Kurdistan region under the tutelage of the United Nations and put an end to the ruling political class in Iraq.” …this is like a permanent trusteeship, which Iraq is now under but as adviser, it expires at the end of 2018. In other words the citizens want help in cleaning out the monarchy of corrupt leaders. This is NOT a step backwards but would definitely be a movement of progress…we all know they have to move out these corruption officials and get to a more technocratic governmen

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7-21-2018  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [I am still puzzled by the loans Iraq keeps getting. Is this a possible Indicator that an RV/RI is a little further away than we/I suspect? If all it would take is an RV than why the loans?]  I don't think so. I think they are going to keep taking these freebie loans as long and as much as possible, especially pre-RV.   Post-RV, their "eligibility" will be different, but it will not affect their repayment obligations. I call that "smart business".

7-21-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...Delaying any formation of the government does not benefit anybody and formation of the government helps move the agenda and economic policies forward.

7-21-2018    Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "CONTROL THE FLOW OF FOREIGN CURRENCY (NAMELY, US DOLLARS) ISSUED BY THE CENTRAL BANK"  Quotes:  "The central bank was able during this year to strengthen foreign currency reserves to more than fifty five billion dollars..."  "The success of the Central Bank in the management of foreign currency and reserves was the result of a number of important steps taken by adopting a new method in the management of foreign reserves through self-management, where the bank performs the renewal of deposits and currency conversion itself according to the latest international practices in this area."  ...sounds like the CBI is ready to go to the next step if you ask me. When will this occurThey need to see this election re-counting mess completed and the govt formed. These protesters are not going to help the situation and may only delay the reinstatement even more.

TNT: Iraq should have no excuses , 21 JULY


Briona:  I just read an article about when Kuwait reinstated it's currency. They didn't have electricity, no telex, to electronic transfers, no telephone and no computers. With all these problems, they were still able to update their currency. If Kuwait was able to get it done under those circumstances, Iraq should have no excuses.

JSL:  It's True, It was War torn, and a complete mess. Isn't amazing how when the Money got turned back on the Problems seemed to just Melt away!

Red:  I also heard they had no ATM or banks or government or roads and no cars too, no telephones or telegraph, I just read an article about when Kuwait reinstated it's currency. They didn't have electricity, no telex, to electronic transfers, no telephone and no computers. With all these problems, they were still able to update their currency. If Kuwait was able to get it done under those circumstances, Iraq should have no excuses.

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 21, 2018

Compiled 21 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: On Friday July 20 TNT said that Iraq, which apparently has already RI’d, announced that they met all requirements, with all approvals given to RV as of July 19.

On that same Thurs. July 19 Bruce claimed that Tiers 1, 2, and 3 had exchanged and were told they would have access to their monies on Sun, Mon or Tues July 22, 23, or 24.

He also said that we would get the 800#s before these Tiers had access to their accounts, which would mean that the 800#s would be out Sat, Sun or Mon July 21, 22 or 23.

Today July 20 Poofness  said that he has had two transfers of monies into his accounts and the bankers would release those funds on Mon. July 23, or by early next week.

Some believed we would not get the 800#s until after Zimbabwe announced that they were gold-backed, which would be after their July 30 elections, or around Aug. 1.


A. July 20 2018 5:50 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 20, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The geopolitical sphere would start heating up as Zimbabwe's election approached on July 30.

2. The Deep State would be blown out of the water from Putin's 160 TB of intelligence communications, which would quicken exposure of internal issues/corruption within the U.S. government. The cleanup of the U.S. was happening in real time and reforms were being made behind the scenes.

3. All countries must meet GESARA compliance so expect the Cabal to increase the frequency of their attacks as their inevitable doom approached over the horizon.

4. The RV release could be triggered any time before, during, or after these events.

5. The release of the toll-free 800 numbers was the green light to begin the RV exchanges/redemptions.

6. The QFS (Quantum Financial System Computer) would be switched on to process the exchanges/redemptions.


B. July 20 2018 TNT

1.In Iraq all requirements have been met and all approvals given as of yesterday July 19.

2. A big window has opened for something to happen.

3. I’m going into this weekend with my eyes wide open and into next week the same way.

4. I’m thinking any minute it could be. Doesn’t mean it will be any minute, but it could be.


C. July 20 2018 5:34 pm EST: "Paperwork" - The Office of POOFness - 7.20.18

1. Today July 20 I got the call that the bankers would not release the paperwork on our funds until Mon. July 23.

2. Everything is in place. The funds are at the ready. The system is good enough for the transmissions to be unaffected.

3. We have two distinct transfers to our accounts. Both of them will come out early next week.
D. July 20 2018 4:55 am EST Q, Sierra: "Q Warns of End of Posting?" by Sierra (NZ) - 7.20.18 Watch the video at 8' 15": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-rMnZytJ74&t=538s

Bruce Figert's latest video features a Q Anon post from November that seems to warn us of the end of 'Q' posting - and it is linked to the lights going out in the White House press conference.

Excerpt from Q Anon post number 64 from 2nd November 2017:
'...Should the lights go out please know that we are in control.
Do not panic.
We are prepared and assets are in place.
God bless - I must go for good at this point.' Q

It shows how meticulously detailed the Alliance plan has been all along - they knew in November they would send the signal of dimming the lights to indicate that Q Anon posts were coming to an end. We don't need Q posts anymore - we already have all the information we need. It's an excellent sign that the 'Q' posts are finished, if indeed they are. It means the real action is about to begin.

E. July 20 2018 12:54 am EST QAnon Update (video): (Video) Q Anon Update: Make the World Great Again -- Trust the Plan


Frank26:   KTFA KONA .............. Look at the last notes I left you with and try to understand how everything we have shared with you is coming together in many ways 

Franks Video Notes

Clare:  Yes!!!! Everything! Just as you said...IMO even on the call with Ghost, you discussed this and both of you were on the same page about Maliki and finalizing Yogi's basket.....

Dena:  IMHO----  the 4th quarter of the game is winding down... I believe we have taken a timeout before the final play.. time to pull out the final winning gameplay and cross the line:) All is well with my Spirit:) You all have a great day

SlappySquirrel:  Indeed teacher...the doors of this investment are closing in a very rapid manner. From corruption being rounded up , to contracts, oil prices....its all coming together in many ways

Dan: I would love to be wrong.
I thought Shabibi said it has to happen
At the beginning of the year, or the end Of the year.
If the RI unofficially occurred in March will the retro
to January 2018. IMPLEMENTING the budget in it's
entirety. Questions???

Don961:  IMO .. Why does this timing need to be so rigid ?? .. Understand the logistical advantage of start of a year .. But could there not also be adjustments to "rules," .. Under extenuating circumstances ... Some variances allowed ?? .. Not everything in the world is cookie cutter ... Or comes out of a box from a factory ... ( except Boxman , of course  ..(smile) ) .... Things change out of necessity sometimes 

Boxman:  When i think of the Shabibi comment, i always think of the time period when the statement was made, well before the attempt by Maliki to arrest him and rob the CBI, years ago...much time has passed and situations change...as Frank, Delta have mentioned it could happen any time..IMHO..but dang i am in the dark like everyone else..

Don961:  Exactly my fibrous friend ..." Environments" change all the time ... Even "Suitable" ones ..


Samson:  The Bar Association calls for the formation of the government and implementation of the aspirations of citizens practical steps

21st July, 2018

Called Bar Association on Saturday, to form a government as soon as possible and implement the aspirations of the citizens to take practical steps. 

"In previous days, the Iraqi Bar Association was closely monitoring the situation and following up the details of what is happening on the map of reality and communicating with the lawyers' teams formed throughout Iraq," said the head of the Iraqi Bar Association, Ahlam al-Lami, in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press. "Iraq's lawyers were at the forefront of drafting the language of the law to defend the rights of demonstrators, and we do not have the permission to mention that we are citizens before we are lawyers."

He added that "despite the prior certainty that many of the promises of the government will not be implemented because it is the result of pressure and remediation events and not arising from a sense of responsibility, we call for the formation of the government as soon as possible and implement the aspirations of citizens through practical steps after the people exhausted patience on the promises." 

"The union refers to the lawyers of the people, but to the citizens of the Bar Association, who are performing their professional role in a precedent not known by modern history and spontaneous movement gives them credit and the past and we are not support for these efforts, which we have the right to join."   LINK


Samson:  Sources: More than 300 former deputy and politician left Iraq last week for fear of breaking into the green

21st July, 2018

Informed sources confirmed that the airports of Baghdad and Najaf recorded the departure of more than three hundred politicians from former parliamentarians and ministers during the past week.

The sources said that the processions of politicians flocked to the airports of Iraq over the past week, where a large number of them left the country to many destinations.

These politicians' visits come at a time when the country is witnessing a wave of demonstrations and anger in the Iraqi street after the deterioration of services to an unprecedented situation.

The demonstrators had threatened to storm the Green Zone, but arbitrary security measures and dispersing them with water hoses and tear gas prevented them.   LINK


Samson:  On charges of corruption and neglect .. Demonstrators in Karbala demanding the submission of al-Maliki for trial

 21st July, 2018

The demonstrators, who went out in a mass demonstration in the province of Karbala, tried the leader of a coalition of state law and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on charges of corruption and neglect, stressing that the failed policies pursued during his rule was the cause of the situation that has reached the country now. 

Well-informed sources said that hundreds of people from the province of Karbala demonstrated on Friday in the center of the province to demand better services and the completion of projects faltering, indicating that they also demanded the trial of Nuri al-Maliki. 
The sources added that the demonstrators in Karbala confirmed that their exit came in solidarity with the people of Basra and other provinces. 

Since the beginning of July, the central and southern governorates of Iraq have been witnessing protests demanding the provision of services such as electricity, drinking water and job creation, as well as the elimination of corruption, with violence and the burning of headquarters of a number of political parties.   LIST


Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

Ray: . . .No updates sent out yesterday

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!

Tony reviewed the articles that are out today.  Abadi, Sadr, Maliki and others are all siding with the demonstrators.

Sadr says the government couldn’t fix the citizens problems in two years so he wonders how they will do it in two weeks.  He wants the recounting completed so they can set up a government because he doesn’t think they can fix the problems without a government in place.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  I am excited!  Things have moved forward and continuing to move forward.  Something is happening right now that is really good.  A big window has opened for something to happen.  I’m going into this weekend with my eyes wide open and  . . .  into next week the same way.  I’m thinking any minute it could be.  Doesn’t mean it will be any minute but could be.

IRAQ: Because Basra got attention, other cities, areas are demonstrating for their concerns.

Basra has calmed down but not quitting.  Water and electricity was brought in but the citizens still wanting jobs.

Parliament – the 90 days to set up a government starts from the day the Prime Minister is approved.

TV / Mosques


UN and the US telling Iraq they need to conclude the recount.  They are telling them they have to let the people do peaceful protest and they have to protect them.


UNITED STATES:  Tony said he’s been told not to pay attention to anything going on in Iraq.

Taxes:   No update yet.

800 #’s:  No update yet.

Structured Payout may apply to any currency you take the contract rate on.

Gifting – Tony says no limit to how much currency you want to give away. – Check the IRS gift code to be sure.

3-D Printing:  Tony: Now, you can print your own gun in your own garage.  Just telling you where 3-D printing is going.  You can buy a printer for $1500 and print however many guns you want. Even your own bullets.


ZIM Information:  Supposedly only the 100 and 50 Denomination notes in the Trillions, Billions and Millions will be accepted for exchange.  Tony says people have exchanged other denominations.

  1. – Comment please on Dr. Shabibi saying the could only lift the zero’s at the start of a new year and not during th year.  Tony:  I’m not aware of Dr. Shabibi making that statement.

  2. –   Tony:

  3. –   Tony:


Tony . . .  A big window has opened for something to happen.  I’m going into this weekend with my eyes wide open and hoping Ray calls me.  I’m going into next week the same way.  I’m thinking any minute it could be.  Doesn’t mean it will be any minute but could be.

Things yesterday occurred in Iraq.  Citizens don’t have a clue because it hasn’t been published yet.  Once everybody knows then hey, time to play the game.  We’ll keep you guys updated.

Ray . . .  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  When we hear something, you’ll hear something.  (played “I Believe”)