Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kapster... I do believe it’ll be this year by BOSTONANGLER, 19 JULY

A very interesting point was made today…as banks are posting articles stating that despite the interruption and internet service all ATMs are functioning and dispensing cash… The ATMs in Iraq are up and running dispensing 3 zero notes as needed… …There is no RV or RI.
It is my full expectation that the dinar will float and gradually appreciate over time providing the tool that the CBI needs to counter inflationary pressure as substantial investment and investors come in to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq. This is not an overnight event. When will that occur? Well there are conflicting opinions some say the government must be formed first others believe that it’s too risky and that they should begin as soon as possible. We will just have to wait and see but I do believe it’ll be this year.


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7-19-2018  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [Do you think the current riots in southern Iraq will affect the timing of an RV?]   Another day, another riot... I don't think it's significant in the big picture. Concerning, at least in a humanitarian sense? Of course. But revaluing a world currency is an event of incredible magnitude that makes those riots look like a small brush fire with no chance of doing more than taking out an old barn.

7-19-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Article:  "UNITED NATIONS TO PLACE IRAQ, INCLUDING THE KURDISTAN REGION UNDER THE TUTELAGE OF THE UNITED NATIONS"  Quote:  "The Movement for Change, on Tuesday, called on the United Nations to place Iraq, including the Kurdistan region under the tutelage of the United Nations and put an end to the ruling political class in Iraq."   ...this is like a permanent trusteeship, which Iraq is now under but as adviser, it expires at the end of 2018. In other words the citizens want help in cleaning out the monarchy of corrupt leaders. This is NOT a step backwards but would definitely be a movement of progress...we all know they have to move out these corruption officials and get to a more technocratic government...

7-19-2018  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [Did Iraq have a reverse LOP/Neutral event, Way back when they printed new currency for Iraq, added zeros to the currency, and moved the decimal point over a few digits on the value.  Their money is not worthless. When they exchanged their money in, say 1 dinar, they got back a lot more dinar notes with more zeros but with less value. Sounds like the opposite of a LOP to me. Please don't throw me in the LOBSTER TANK.]   I wouldn't call that a lop - it was a devaluation. Their currency, and their "stock" in the world, simply lost value. A revalue upwards will simply recapture that value.  Not all of it. But a significant amount. And that's why we are here.

Iraq reveals its financial position, 19 JULY

Iraq reveals its financial position[Ayna-Baghdad]
Revealed a senior government adviser to the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on the situation of Iraq from the financial crisis and foreign debt and loans.
The economic adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in a press statement today, “The government was able to overcome the financial crisis and the problems of deficit and debt and external borrowing and local control.”

He explained that “Iraq exceeded its financial crisis through the financial flows to the budget of 2018 achieved by the rise in oil prices in global markets, which amounted to $ 64 per barrel,” stressing that “global oil prices are going up.”
Saleh pointed out that “the problems of deficit, borrowing and borrowing have become the past because of high oil prices,” pointing out that “the situation has become more comfortable compared to the past months, which gave the government the power to overcome the financial crisis suffocating.”

He stressed that “the implementation of some needs became more flexible than the past years by the financial flow in oil exports,” noting, “If the parliament was present, the government sent a supplementary budget includes high oil prices for approval.”
He explained that “the surplus achieved in the current budget can not be manipulated, because it is not guaranteed in the draft budget law and will be recycled in the next budget on the grounds that the parliament ended its current session can not send a supplementary budget for approval.

The financial adviser said that “in the event of a new parliament during the next two months could be sent the supplementary budget law for approval so that the new government to spend money on some projects due and stalled.”

“It is not possible to talk about the figures of this surplus and the surplus achieved in this year’s budget until after the end of the current fiscal year,” Saleh said.

He pointed out that “Iraq exceeded the so-called point of parity in which the federal budget in the case of balance-free deficit after the price of oil barrel to more than $ 60,” stressing that “the financial abundance achieved in the past year.”

He added that “there are funds owed to the Iraqi government as salaries to employees and retirees and social welfare and the payment of debt and investment project expenses amounting to a monthly to seven or six trillion dinars,” stressing that “these amounts will be cut from the monthly oil sales of up to 9 trillion,” noting that “The remainder of these amounts will be carried over to the coming months.”
As for the debts of the Iraqi government, the economic adviser says that “one third of Iraq’s debt is subject to the debts of Paris Club, which has not been settled,” noting that “these debts are mostly sovereign debt belonging to some of the Gulf states.”


Don961: Flexible Management of Foreign Currency

 19/7/2018 12:00 am 

Dr. Basem Brahimi,
the central bank was able during this year to strengthen foreign currency reserves to more than fifty five billion dollars, this is contrary to the expectations of some international organizations two years ago, which indicated that foreign currency reserves will fall to below 30 billion dollars as a result of the financial crisis Which is presented to Iraq,

and perhaps useful to mention here that the IMF is currently adopting what is known as the composite index of foreign reserves without regard to the absolute size of what exists, and by calculating this index in Iraq, it is estimated at (169%) and this confirms adequacy Foreign Reserves. Yeh we have.

The success of the Central Bank in the management of foreign currency and reserves was the result of a number of important steps taken by adopting a new method in the management of foreign reserves through self-management, where the bank performs the renewal of deposits and currency conversion itself according to the latest international practices in this  area. 

The movement of the foreign currency has been pursued internally through the introduction of a new system for the series of banknotes and tracking them until they reach the exchange companies. The system has started to operate in electronic form, starting with recording the dollar sequence electronically until the final distribution of the cash categories, Ensures that the dollar does not reach the terrorist organizations listed on the OFAC list, which is one of the world's most sophisticated systems and a requirement to comply with the distribution of the  dollar.

In order to control the flow of foreign currency issued by the Central Bank instructions for the sale and purchase of foreign currency for the year 2017 and continued to follow the commitment of banks in quarterly terms, as well as to follow a package of administrative procedures to close the exchange rate gap, which contributed to control the sales of the dollar and stability of its price.

In the same context, user security applications were approved with SWIFT International for the first time, as well as work to comply with all SWIFT network users in Iraq to implement these standards according to the time limit set for them.  

The experience of the Central Bank in the transparent and flexible management of foreign currency reserves proved successful and this requires the support of the experiment by all of us       Link

 Well I am not sure if this is a smoking gun or not, however, it is a pistol be sure.. imo. They tell us out the gate they have fifty five billion $ in reserves, a nice move up from $43 billion last year real close. While maintaining a 2% or less inflation rate. We have an interesting thing here in that regard.

We openly discussed in the past on the forum a formula if you will, that was based on the AMF / AAD along with the IMF / SDR (3x) while we were told that the CBI reserves were around $43 billion.. Think about that formula and then think about the new stated reserves at $55 billion. Then think of being below water 55 feet and out of air... Eventually you get to the surface, hopefully, alive and well.. Thanks be to God.. Smile and a Wink...@ .. F26 ... ~~ MM

MilitiaMan:  The process of the MR and RI of the Iraqi currency is not a subject that is new (see below). However, over time, it sure appears they monitored the process and implemented new along the way, as an increase in new (well actually old) assets to the present reserves.

They have a new system for the series of banknotes and the way of tracking them in an electronic format.. They know their customers now.. No playing games anymore, no more corruption, financing of terrorism and or stealing..

They have the approval of SWIFT, the UNSC lifted sanctions and frozen assets, the HM Treasury unfroze assets..They were taken off the OFAC list and the FATF quit monitoring them as a risk.. Those items are not done with out a purpose and on purpose. Those items are a reward for the hard work that the CBI / Alak has accomplished now! He received an award for it. 

We now again see where today and yesterday they talk about training and that it is been taught by our Teams at KTFA that is an on going process. Well again, this is easy to see as the Final Articles show us that is in fact the case and it has been in the news even of recent heavily driving that fact home. 

As for the demon-strations in Basra.. Imo, when one cuts the head of a rattle snake it can still bite and kill you..Those that sew violence against the new, is that head of a snake we have to get past while it squirms in the heat now put out by high authority... With Al Sistani on board, as noted in an article today, effectively in support of Sadr and Abadi's views, the snake venom won't take, at least to severely.. imo.

Move along to today's, CBI action with doing drills with armed forces at the Bank. They are doing these drills if you will from today, through tomorrow.. I can't imagine why? lol
Seriously, they are introducing a new system with new notes..imo.. They tell you a new method of currency conversion in relation to the Dollar. They go on to state they were successful... Hello?? Sistani knows the process needs security and stability. He spoke today in support of the protesters, the legitimate ones.. As does Abadi and Sadr.. lol you all decide you thoughts, mine as all good and I am smiling like a Cheshire Cat!  ~ MM

"He said the central bank governor and the agency, that "mechanisms also include the introduction of a program (OFAC List) to verify that the persons and entities prohibited to deal with them globally and to ensure that their entry into dollar selling window, where already been implemented," pointing out that "mechanisms also include work on the application standards and international compliance requirements, particularly in the application of the principle of know your customer to verify the sources of funds and legitimacy, where he was informed banks and the conversion of these requirements, where censorship is taking place and oversee the implementation and training and qualification of cadres working. " FA 17 (Done)

"Iraq has signed in the (29 August 2016) was the first agreement of its kind between the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury on the one hand, and the Central Bank of Iraq, on the other hand to monitor the dollar shipments and ensure the prevention of the arrival of these funds to illicit destinations." FA #17 (Done)

"He Keywords that 'the bank provided financial Labour Organization (FATF) action taken to combat money laundering and terrorist financing', stressing that 'the actions taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, which led to eject Iraq from Category gray of the organization'. FA #18(Done)

"The issuance of any new Iraqi dinars equivalent to the dollar in the exchange rate." FA # 20(think formula added)

"It will be issuing new Iraqi dinars a way to expose corruption as it requires the replacement of currency in circulation is the new currency." FA # 20 (noted above)


Cinerella1906:  Article:  “Is Iraq heading for a massive popular uprising?...experts say yes”



Iobey777 Well, FRANK, you and WALKINGSTICK may be silent, but IMO..the CBI is shouting volumes!!!!!!!!!!!! I will repeat myself from this morning!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!   Y E S   !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Doodlebug: Article  The meeting of the leaders of the blocs emphasizes the need to abide by the Constitution and the decisions of the Federal Court”  LINK

Hmmm, so if they have 45 days to do the manual counting/sorting etc., this article would suggest that the date they started that exercise was on the 6th of June. 24 + 19 = 43 = 2 more days. Just sharing my thoughts.


Samson:  Deputy reveals numbers and salaries of fictional employees of the Presidency of Parliament

19th July, 2018

A former member of parliament, Zeinab al-Taei, revealed on Thursday, July 19, 2018, the number of staff members of the parliament's presidency, their allowances and the fictional salaries they receive each month, while all employees were appointed by political parties.

Al-Taie said in a press statement that "the number of employees of the House of Representatives exceeded four thousand employees each receive two and a half million dinars a month, as well as the allocation of wheels and fuel and winter and summer clothing for each employee," pointing out that "the House needs only 400 employees

She added that "all employees were appointed by the parties involved in the political process, as well as the appointment of some members of his relatives and family," indicating that "the House of Representatives includes hundreds of advisers receive eight million dinars and the allocation of fuel and wheels per consultant per month." 

"These numbers cost the government hundreds of billions annually   LINK

7-18-2018 OOOTAH Prayer Call w/Becky & Member Glen


SassyD:  I hear folks bashing of different folks in the Iraqi government for the delay in the RV..... My understanding is that the CBI is really in charge of the rate change!! ... So... we have no idea WHO is in charge of allowing the CBI to let it go !!! Anyone else have that same understanding ?? ... Or am I completely offbase ??

SassyD:  OMG... I just realized how very RICH I am already !!! ... Silver in my hair, Gold in my few teeth, Crystals in my kidney, Sugar in my blood, Lead in my butt, Iron in my arteries, and an inexhaustible suppy of natural gas !!... I never thought I'd accumulate such wealth this side of the GCR !!!!

Dutchie:  Haven’t been around much, kinda knew we would be a while, but, friend with traders in Zurich and Hong Kong say dong and dinar rates are visible and decent, they feel imminent, so hope renewed, I’m back

GreatlyBlessed:  Iraqi Parliament's Term Officially Ended


 18/07/2018 - 20:11

 ERBIL - The Iraqi parliament's term has now officially ended after President Fuad Masum signed a decree to retire all 328 members from the previous parliamentary session.
The Iraqi top official reportedly signed the decree on Monday, in which he also stipulated the Council of Representatives as well as the Ministry of Finance to implement it.
The parliamentary election was held in May in which Sa'eroun Alliance led by the Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr won by obtaining a total of 54 seats of the parliament.
A new government, however, has yet to be formed due to controversial outcome of the process where several political parties across the country, including the six Kurdish factions rejected the results claiming that the this was not a true number of their votes.


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 19, 2018

Compiled 19 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A. July 18 2018 5:42 pm EST, 800#s, Tilton: "Expecting 800#'s" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 7-18-18

1. Intake Officer #1: Expecting 800's between tonight-tomorrow, July 18-19. All done.

2. Corroborated also by a lady with 150,000 Quad who was called Sunday July 15 by Buyer and told to expect disbursement of funds by Wed. July 18. Another with 58,000 Quad was called last night July 17 (totally different buyer) and told the same.

3.One of the most important things to leave with from your exchange would be clean and clear letters for each account that held currency.

4. At your exchange, get business cards for your memory box - from each individual that processes and/or worked for you. Important.

5. An absolute must: Go to the bank once a month and get a bank screenshot of your accounts. The bank cannot dispute that.

6. When setting up any account at any institution request that they understand you want the IT Department under non-testing agreement.


B. July 18 2018 5:41 pm EST,: "System is Working well" -  The Office of POOFness - 7.18.18

1. With the new system working, bank screens active and final verifications in progress on our funds, I expect the first release today July 18 and certainly by tomorrow July 19.

2. The new system was working overtime and our major project funds were due next week.


C. July 18 2018 TNT Call

1.Today July 18 the rioters in Iraq gave the Iraqi government ten days (to July 28) to implement the new government and start making changes or they would have major riots all over Iraq.

2. US banks were still having briefings on procedures, rates and packages to offer us.

3. The US banks were still anticipating this happening before the end of the month, or by July 30.


D. July 17 2018 The Big Call, Bruce by PinkRoses: The Big Call with Bruce Tuesday 7-17-18 -Intel Only Transcribed by PinkRoses

1.We are looking for an announcement from Iraq that could occur for us overnight tonight July 17-18.

2. We also are expecting an announcement out of China later on tonight or overnight July 17-18.

3. We heard this afternoon we were in a position to go. It has been moved a little bit, but not a whole lot. I feel maybe there is something about tomorrow’s date July 18, 2018. Maybe it is a significant day.

4. With any success we will have our own announcement from the President or from Steven Mnuchin, our Treasury Secretary, about our own return to the gold standard.


E. July 18 2018 10:42 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 18, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The Deep State has launched a counter-attack in response to the conclusion of the Trump-Putin summit - a last ditch effort by the Cabal to delay progress toward GESARA.

2. Israel is in the process of being liberated from Cabal influence as per GESARA compliance. Once Israel is liberated, the last step will be the internal issues of the U.S.

3. The Zimbabwe election on July 30 is one of the very important trigger events required for GESARA and the election’s conclusion of Zimbabwe's election will guarantee Zimbabwe's status on the world stage.

4. According to sources, we're on the very cusp of the RV releasing and no further information about the RV can be shared at this time.

F. July 18 2018 3:11 am EST Coming Soon, Murdock: "Coming Soon!" by Michael Murdock - 7.18.18

Helsinki went well
Disregard Press ravings
Trump discussed Gold Standard with Putin in private meeting
China preparing to revalue – announcement coming soon
Opening backchannel with Zimbabwe
USA helping Zimbabwe launch Zim trading on their markets
No update on exchange processes

(How I got to get access to intel direct from DC: Years ago, long before I became homeless, I was living in California and had a chance to work with the US Treasury as well as Secret Service around some internet scams coming our way from Nigeria via email. They had me set up bank accounts and prepare to receive funds.

Funds came in, they were seized, arrests were made, people were jailed & are still there. They were grateful for the help as it made them look really good. So after seeing so much “INTEL” coming through which didn’t make sense,

I decided to call in a little favor. I’m grateful that they’ve responded. I’ll share when I get something. Michael Murdock, US Navy Veteran, yes, really homeless


G. July 17 2018 9:12 pm EST, Sierra: "Trump: Darkness to Light" by Sierra (NZ) - 7.17.18

1. Lights in White House go out as Pres. Trump says he has "full faith and support for America's intelligence agencies. Oops, they just turned off the light. That must be the intelligence agencies." https://abcn.ws/2L0RzVv

2. Here is Q Anon post number 1595: https://qanon.pub/?q=July
July 2018 - the month the world discovered the TRUTH.' Q

3. Q Jun 26 2018 22:10:09 (EST)

Desperate agencies do stupid things.
Dead cat bounce.
You may have the site but we have the source.


Panic is good.
Panic is right.
July 2018 - the month the world discovered the TRUTH.
Conspiracy no more.
Time to FEED.


JoeSchmoe      Like clockwork. Things in dinarnia have been getting stagnant and slow tha past few days,so gurus have to say something to stir it up again.
Dave    yes ...forgot to plug that hole....
 Dave    plugged now
futuremoney    Tebow yeah, he (Kap) constantly says there is 60 trillion in circulation...then one of his own goonies finds an article that says its only 44 trillion. I told him , I thought they couldn't reduce the note count as long as the auctions were used??….LOLOLOL NO ANSWER
Dave    futuremoney I heard 33 trillionish

Doug_W    do I hear 30?
Dave    rounding up or down?
Doug_W    less is better
futuremoney     the fact is...no one knows accept the CBI
Doug_W     and I doubt they know either $$
Dave    Banks keep foreign cash in reserve
futuremoney    I think they do...if not they couldn't RV ever
Dave    I can get lira peso anything......
Dave    may take a day or 2
Dave    moreover they the Gurus figure we own most of it..... where very very few of us collect dinar
Dave    the few folks I know may have invested a couple hundred bucks
Dave    my Dinar dealer informs me that there are only a few whales here....
Spectra    ktfa-post--((A heavy security spread around the Central Bank after the sounding of the warning sirens))
7/18/2018 8:14:32 AM ----BAGHDAD / MESSALA: The social networking sites have been reported as a security spread around the Central Bank of Iraq.
And monitored the "obelisk" published by activists on Facebook: "the launch of warning sirens in the Central Bank of Iraq, and the spread of security forces, without knowing the details."
Which caused the spread of security forces as pictured:
Spectra;    eye roll; :) that is some weird stuff
DinarBeliever    What's likehood that it will RV this yr
Spectra    DinarBeliever we dont know..really...i wouldnt buy more than you can afford too loose.
Spectra    (((((the launch of warning sirens in the Central Bank of Iraq, and the spread of security forces, without knowing the details."))))))))))))))))))
DinarBeliever    Spectra thanks
Spectra    wow this is super intreresting
Spectra    DinarBeliever your welcome sorry i had no answer
DinarBeliever    How do I get a notification?
Spectra     DinarBeliever theres sirens going off at the CBI read that really weird..
DinarBeliever    Does BGG come here? I was told that he has real information
JoeSchmoe    bgg knows better than to come here where most know what he is all about!
 JoeSchmoe    does seem like something he would do huh
NickNak    BGG Sells Dinar obviously going to be bias so a conflict of interest
Spectra     DinarBeliever his information is no better than your own
NickNak   Some people are dumber than dirt
Spectra    NickNak now just because a person listens too Bgg does not mean they are dumb ...Maybe they are new in this and dont know any better ....maybe like him ...too each his own...
NickNak    25K IQD says that was BGG
JoeSchmo    i bet that person was sent here by him...or WAS him lol
NickNak    Kind of obvious
JoeSchmoe    yep
Spectra    ALL OF BGG peoples or ex people are here now....
Spectra    many that were banned some not but never the less many...
DinarBeliever     Spectra is that not good?
Spectra     DinarBeliever it doesnt matter too me...just making a point
Spectra     They can congregate here .....
Spectra    i dont like too say for sure because it might just be a new person we wouldnt want too be mean too them unless? lol
dinard    Jo I have a counter model to flat earth. I call it fat earth theory
Jo    dinard I am not a Flat-earther just don't see or feel how the earth spins and flies through infinite space at nearly the speed of light in 4 different directions you did not even know the model you trust in LOL and how water sticks to it but butterflies don't call me different as i think for myself and don't let NASA do my thinking...
sue    Jo Yes we have been deceived about many things
Jo   And why is it called Sea "Level" Not Sea Curve?
Jo    Astro Nots
Spectra   and the UNIVERSE is a university
Jo    If you really look at the Heliocentric model it is impossible and ridiculous :laugh
Spectra    Upper-standing not under standing ..
Jo    But most don't look at it they just trust what is told to them since birth
Jo    Interstand
Spectra    Jo you bet they do they are programmed....
Spectra    Jo and they like their program ....
Jo    I am guilty to but no more after 911 i question all bs that lame steam tells us
Spectra    Jo we all have some programming...I believe in Questioning ....totally ...it makes a person use their brain...otherwise it sits vacant.....
Jo    And find more lies than i can count
Jo    Spectra :yes: TY
Spectra    Jo you bet lie after lie after lie.....
Spectra    Jo hey weve always had a lot in common no need too thank me... :)
Jo    If disagree we should agree to disagree and realize non of us really knows for sure. And not play into the divide and conquer agenda. Build on our strengths and what we agree on.
Spectra    More should question this their reality and try too learn ..I think they are afraid of the truth....
Jo     Spectra Truth is so much stranger than fiction
Spectra    They will always be divisions....in human kind because they all think differently....
Jo    We don't know
Spectra    Jo truth is hard for most too handle
Jo    Yep understandable Spectra
Spectra    I am not going too try change too please the world ..This is how i am wired.....
Jo    Spectra Well Said
 Spectra    but at the same time i remind myself too use compassion i can get carried away
Spectra    Jo ty
Spectra    Jo you are one of the originals here ..I hope one day we see this End soon...so we can build our dreams too materialize.
Spectra    we have been here too long
Jo    i only come in on occasion but long timer yes
Jo    Not to be negative The human kind Has disappointed me ...greed deception
Tebow   Jo earlier you asked, 'how water sticks to it but butterflies don't'. Butterflies fly water doesn't, Duh!
Jo    Tebow Think
Jo    Gravity is just a theory
Jo   Water finds its level not its curve
Jo    Water is heavy
Tebow    Jo 8lbs per gallon
Jo    Tebow :yes:
Jo    Think density & Mass not gravity
Dave    Dinard got it wrong.....gravity is a force of attraction exerted by 2 masses
Dave    Einsteins theory of relativity is a theory though and called that!
Dave    you weigh more at the polar caps than the equator...centripetal force
Jo    yes another "theory"
Jo    "theory" of relativity
Dave    yes
Jo    a way of explaining the unexplainable
Dave    not same exactltly the same as gravity.......
Jo    "theory" of Gravity
Dave    show me.....mastrers degree in engineering....they must have taught me wrong
Dave    masters
Jo    The "theory" of Gravity is just a way to explain our water sticks to his high speed spinning ball - which is impossible and to impossible duplicate
Dave    almost a rocket scientist
Jo    don't get me started on rockets lol
Dave    yes a drop water between 2 pains of glass works better than super glue
Dave    forgot the name for that
Dave    well 7 yrs of post graduate work down the toliet
Dave    been brain washed by those Cabal forces that jailed Galileo...oh well
Dave    how do tides work JO
Dave    ?
Chattels   The referral of 328 Iraqi deputies to retire : Release date: 2018/7/18 [Ayna-Baghdad]
President Fuad Masoum issued a decree to transfer 328 deputies from the previous parliamentary session to retirement.
According to the law of retirement The unified, each former deputy will receive 80% of their salaries of 12 million dinars

Tebow    Jo water is also spinning at the same speed this not sticking but laying on the ball Duh!
Jo    Tebow ok really think about that
Tebow    Jo yes think!
Jo    Think some more
Jo    Dave i know it hurts lol
chattels    Dave The timeline does not start until the Judiciary ratifies the election results.
chattels    Dave Not from my review / knowledge of the constitution.
chattels    Dave Other than the caretaker government status.
Dave    chattels limbo govt
Dave    why would he wish to monkey wrench this now.......??????
chattels    Dave Not sure that I comprehend your question / statement ?
chattels   Who is his / he ?
Dave     Recollect that the constitution read 30 days to seat new parliament after the elections...2 wks after to name PM and Com?

chattels    Article 52:
The President of the Republic shall call upon the Council of Representatives to convene by a presidential decree within fifteen days from the date of the ratification of the general elections results.
Dave    so yet no ratification?
chattels    Dave No sir. Recount must be completed and any appeals decided by the court before ratification.
Dave    .......protests will continue then?
chattels    Dave The protests are largely related to other issues than the election.
Dave    power water..unemployment
chattels    Dave Yes.
chattels    Iraqi protests escalate with no new government in sight  Ali Mamouri July 16, 2018
Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/07/iraq-protests-south-demands-abadi-government.html#ixzz5LewMOicb
Dave    I heard their budget is not completed, in having too many cavets to fully release as well
chattels    Dave Original budget passed, but not a supplemental budget.
Dave    Sadr is leading the protests?
chattels    Dave No sir. Most of the protests are occuring in Basra / southern Iraq.
chattels    Protesters in southern Iraq took to the streets July 16, continuing demonstrations over poor public services and corruption for the ninth day in a row. The protesters are demanding consistent electricity service, clean water and better public services.
The protests, which started with a small group of demonstrators in the southern city of Basra 10 days ago, have expanded very quickly in that city and other areas in Iraq’s south, including Karbala, Najaf, Nasiriyah and Amarah, among others.
Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/07/iraq-protests-south-demands-abadi-government.html#ixzz5LexqfJDn
chattels    Dave Nice talking to you. I trust that the foregoing was responsive to your questions.
chattels    For info / link to the budget status, ...............
Saleh pointed out that "the problems of deficit, borrowing and borrowing have become the past because of high oil prices," pointing out that "the situation has become more comfortable compared to the past months, which gave the government the power to overcome the financial crisis suffocating."
He stressed that "the implementation of some needs became more flexible than the past years by the financial flow in oil exports," noting, "If the parliament was present, the government sent a supplementary budget includes high oil prices for approval."
He explained that "the surplus achieved in the current budget can not be manipulated, because it is not guaranteed in the draft budget law and will be recycled in the next budget on the grounds that the parliament ended its current session can not send a supplementary budget for approval.
The financial adviser said that "in the event of a new parliament during the next two months could be sent the supplementary budget law for approval so that the new government to spend money on some projects due and stalled."
"It is not possible to talk about the figures of this surplus and the surplus achieved in this year's budget until after the end of the current fiscal year," Saleh said.

chattels     He explained that "the surplus achieved in the current budget can not be manipulated, because it is not guaranteed in the draft budget law and will be recycled in the next budget on the grounds that the parliament ended its current session can not send a supplementary budget for approval.
The financial adviser said that "in the event of a new parliament during the next two months could be sent the supplementary budget law for approval so that the new government to spend money on some projects due and stalled."
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chattels    For those that have an interest in the text of the Iraqi Constituion, I use the following link / source http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/10/12/AR2005101201450.html
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