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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Trump-Putin summit concluded as planned.

The summit's public conference caused enough racket to bring the rats out.

Trump has been successful in what he was told to do from the very beginning which is to expose the corruption and drain the swamp.

Trump was the man for the job in handling the backlash and ultimately assisting humanity in the transition toward GESARA.

All countries are undergoing reforms in preparation for GESARA.

Every country must be GESARA compliant and Israel is the rotten egg.

The process of liberating Israel from Cabal influence has begun as the Trump-Putin summit concluded.

Progress toward announcing GESARA is quickening.

Zimbabwe's election will be a pivotal moment in history.

The result of the election will greatly contribute to the progress toward the transition to GESARA.

Zimbabwe is expected to announce their gold-standard any time after their election.

All necessary requirements for the RV have been completed for quite some time now.

The coordination of the timing of certain events will trigger the release of the RV.

Once GESARA is announced and the QFS is introduced to the public; it will take at least a decade for poverty, hunger, and disease to be completely eradicated.

Currency holders will be the first to acquire access to the QFS via the RV prior to GESARA.

The RV is essential in giving the opportunity for currency holders to aid humanity before and during the transition.

In 20 years, humanity will be fully awakened, we will meet our galactic brothers and sisters, we will travel through space, and we will have lifespans of 1000 years.

Change is on the horizon.

Trusts Unlimited Conf Call


July 18, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Many keep asking me why the completion of F.A.G. is important for Iraq. So I am attaching this article below. I hope this helps.


That the exit of Iraq after the completion of the requirements of the Financial Action Group will have positive results, most notably contributing to the process of OPENING CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNTS OF THE CENTRAL BANK AND LOCAL BANKS WITH THE WORLD, including accounts in the currency of the euro as well as receiving and sending remittances of Iraqis easily where will be dealing with these transfers according to simple care after it was treated with strict care. On the other hand, economic relations with international investment companies and lending institutions will become stronger and easier as the interest rates fall.

"This is an important step for Iraq has been achieved by significant efforts made by the relevant authorities, including the Central Bank of Iraq and the office of the fight against money laundering and we now maintain this achievement: first and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITIES TO SUPPORT THE IRAQI ECONOMY and second, according to the data of the new phase.

The importance of this (victory) financial, we mean by announcing the exit of Iraq from the region follow-up, comes because the presence of any country in the list gray or black or under the strict follow-up within the evaluation of the group mentioned means a weakness in the anti-corruption and financing of terrorism.

Being under monitoring and on the grey -black list makes the classification of the country high-risk, which leads to the reluctance of investors to enter, and has indicated (FATF) since 2012, Iraq's non-compliance to fifteen of the recommendations of the main recommendations on combating money laundering and recorded within the limits of the observation note.

More news….

Mohammed Turki Al-Qaisi told us this week Iraq intends to implement the BOT system (Build - Operate – Transfer ) BOT is a state - owned transfer of state - of - the - art systems for the implementation of mega projects such as the construction of airports, power plants, roads and bridges. A certain privilege (30 or 40 years) through which the cost is borne by the company in addition to the profits. At the end of the concession period, the company returns the assets of the project to the state and is in good condition to continue to operate without charge.

The BOT system is an appropriate means of financing projects away from the state budget so that the investor bears the financial burdens and risks from the state, especially those countries that suffer from budget deficit to establish projects that need large sums.

(Mnt Goat – this will also keep the funds away from the pockets of the corrupt. This has been one of the difficulties in getting any large project off the ground. The money always seems to dry up and disappear somehow …lol..lol..lol..)

More news….

(Watan News) - Baghdad

A member of the former House of Representatives Mohamed Chihod, on Monday, that the demonstrations in all of Iraq IS A MESSAGE TO THE POLITICAL BLOCS THAT THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT OF PRIME MINISTER SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED AGAIN.

Chihod said in an interview with "Watan News" that "the demonstrations we see in some of the provinces of southern and central Iraq is a clear message by the citizens to the political blocs winning the elections by rejecting the return of the current government of Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the rest of the ministers to their posts again."

He added that "THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT CAN NOT BE RETURNED AS A FAILURE TO PROVIDE SECURITY AND STABILITY and provide services despite the improvement of Iraq's financial imports with high oil prices and increase production," calling on the political blocs to "work on forming a government can meet the needs of the Iraqi citizen and its basic requirements."

Some southern and central provinces are witnessing sit-ins and large protests to denounce the work of the current government and to demand the provision of jobs and services from electricity and water.

The Ministry of Health said Monday that the demonstrations that took place since last Sunday led to the deaths of eight people and injuring 56 people.

(Mnt Goat – this is of course all propaganda from Nori al-Maliki. It is so obvious since we all know Abadi is a wartime minister and defeated ISIS, a group of terrorist that Maliki intentionally let into the country. There is no way the citizens would not see that the Security was returned and that financially they survived the drop in oil prices at the sametime. Its not perfect yet and they still have a way to go, but certainly Abadi has been the BEST prime minister so far.)

More news….


I will tell everyone that the main reason why people are demonstrating now in BASRA area is mostly stemming all from the lack of electricity. This section of the country has been importing electricity from Iran. The Iraqi government has not paid its electric bill to Iran and so Iran has cut off electricity for about a month now. This would not have happened under other circumstances. The govt of Iraq has the money to build power plants but can’t move forward with the plans to build gas run electric generation plants throughout Iraq and get off of Iranian grid until the govt is formed and these contracts can be executed.

I also want to add indirectly this is a cruel thing for Iran to do in the middle of the 120 degree summer and was propagated mostly by the effort to get rid of Iranian influence in Iraq. It was a spiteful action! Iran also has sent agitators into the crowds to make the situation worst.

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The United Nations on Tuesday expressed concern over the current situation in Iraq following a wave of protests in central and southern Iraq.
"In the wake of demonstrations about the lack of services and jobs and demands for better living conditions, we urge the government to do so fully, to respect and address the legitimate concerns of the people, and to invite political actors," UN Special Representative to Iraq Jan Kubic said in a statement to twilight news. To ensure that the next administration gives priority to good governance, reforms and anti-corruption that will enable economic development, progress, job creation and vital public services. "
"We are deeply concerned about the violence and the acts of vandalism that accompanied some of the peaceful public protests to a large extent.

We regret the loss of lives and numerous injuries along with demonstrators, security forces and the destruction of public and private property, including offices of government institutions and political parties as well as oil and infrastructure. the public".

"These developments, if they continue, will have a detrimental effect on security and economic conditions throughout the country," he said.

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms, including the withdrawal of senior officials from state ministries, an informed source said on Tuesday.

"The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms, INCLUDING THE WITHDRAWAL OF SENIOR OFFICIALS FROM THE MINISTRIES of the state, as well as local officials in the provinces of south and central Iraq, WHOSE NAMES HAVE BEEN BRANDED by the demonstrators," the source told SNG.

The source added that "THE REFORMS WILL INCLUDE THE TRANSFER OF A NUMBER OF THEM TO THE COURT OF INTEGRITY AND ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE, and will include the launch of allocations to the provinces of the south and center, and obligate the foreign oil and gas companies to be Iraqi employees have at least half of its staff, as well as other investment companies.

In addition to providing free fuel for generators in the residential areas so that citizens can be equipped with electricity throughout the day.

(Mnt Goat – Is this being said just to appeal to the demonstrators to get them to stop. Will they really finally listen and take real action? We already should know that a list is composed of over 1,000 corrupt officials already are on it and Abadi already promised, prior to the elections, to serve arrest warrants on them. The problem here is that everything is stalled with this re-counting of the ballots bullshit and thus the citizens once again are see just talk and nothing is being accomplished. It is two months already since the election voting and so where is the new govt and the reforms promised? What the hell is all this stalling for? It is not healthy for Iraq and is going to blow up their faces soon. Why did they ever agree to do this re-counting anyway?)

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ERBIL — Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi has warned of chaotic situation in the country after growing violent protests across several provinces, calling for an interim government as the sole solution.

In a statement on Sunday, Alawi said the unrest in the southern provinces of Iraq could lay the ground for the re-emergence of terror across Iraq. 
He said the country is already in crisis, but could slide into chaos if prolonged issues are not addressed.

The official believes that forming an interim government which will hold a more reliable election could address the issues.

(Mnt Goat – Don’t let any of these idiotic gurus tell you that the unrest now happening in Iraq is not dangerous or to ignore it. This is all going to exploid soon if the govt does not get formed and start producing and opening the budget.

Also just in case some real idiot tells you this violence and recent death toll is just a “smoke screen” for the RV – you better tell them to go to hell and get a life, cause they are nothing but idiots for even thinking this way. Not much more I can say about these idiots I have not already said…

Everything is NOT about the RV!

More news….


Independent Electoral Commission (IHEC) said on Monday that the counting and counting of polling stations for Benyoune will begin on Tuesday.

The source told "Al-Gharab Press" that "after the end of the judges assigned from the process of counting and sorting in the province of Dohuk will move on Tuesday to the province of Nineveh to count and sort the stations that received complaints and appeals about the number of 327 stations."

The source in the Electoral Commission reported, on Monday, the completion of counting and manual sorting in Dohuk results match 100%.

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 
Articles Begin


(Mnt Goat – this is like a permanent trusteeship, which Iraq is now under but as adviser, it expires at the end of 2018. In other words the citizens want help in cleaning out the monarchy of corrupt leaders. This is NOT a step backwards but would definitely be a movement of progress. How can anyone say backwards when we all know they have to move out these corruption officials and get to a more technocratic government. So what if the UN steps in to help? They can seem to do it alone. )

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Movement for Change, on Tuesday, called on the United Nations to place Iraq, including the Kurdistan region under the tutelage of the United Nations and put an end to the ruling political class in Iraq.

The movement said in a statement received by "Iraq News", that "while we support and support the demands of demonstrators in all provinces of Iraq and pleaded with them IN DEMANDING THE CORRUPT AND FAILED POLITICAL CLASS LEGITIMATE RIGHTS, we assure the Iraqi street that the ruling political class in Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region is unable fully advance any step towards improving the living and service conditions of citizens and meet their legitimate demands in a free and dignified life like the peoples of the world. "


And stressed the "need to internationalize the file of the administration of Iraq and placed under the tutelage of the United Nations, because there is no hope that the Iraqi citizen to obtain the most basic rights in this country rich and full of wealth and classified at the same time as the worst globally in all aspects, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE SAME OLD FACES WHICH IS TRYING TO FORM THE LARGEST BLOC TO STAY ON THE CHESTS OF IRAQIS OVER THE NEXT FOUR YEARS. "



July 16, 2018

ERBIL - The Iraqi Supreme Court has criticized a section of the 2018 passed budget bill, considering it 'unconstitutional' as it was approved without any consultancy with the government, said a spokesperson.

The Iraqi parliament had voted on passing a proposal to allocate IQD 26 billion for the Commission for Human Rights without referring to the federal government.

Iyas Samok, a spokesperson for the Supreme Court, said in a statement that the Council of Ministers had filed a lawsuit against the proposal, and the court has reviewed the appeal.

He further said that "it is unconstitutional as long as it was passed by the parliament without informing the Council of Ministers."

(Mnt Goat – the problem with this is “separation of power”. Parliament had to consult the govt on spending this money out of the budget. This was initiated by the council of ministry not the judicial. So this situation didn’t just come out of nowhere. It was initiated by the government again parliament. It appears the govt won their lawsuit. This does not have anything to do with the RV just so you know.)


Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The challenges of the financial sector, which is the starting point for the sustainable development process, continue to be identified. Economists diagnose problems and offer appropriate remedies to achieve a real rise in the financial sector to stimulate business across all sectors.

"The development of the economy requires the presence of a banking sector capable of bringing advanced technology, so that it will be able to handle the requirements of international companies that require sophisticated products that are commensurate with the size of the monetary mass that requires the field of work in Iraq," she said.

She pointed out that the need to "maximize efforts to develop the private banking sector, which awaits the future of the management of financial work according to the data of the open market economy, indicating the need to be determined the required strategic objectives and credit policies, as well as the reality of consultations for Iraqi banks, stressing that banks are aware of the future of the economy Iraq and is therefore working to adopt international quality products. "

The CENTRAL BANK IS CONTINUOUSLY EMPHASIZING THE ADOPTION OF STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES FOR PRIVATE BANKS and the formation of credit and investment policies under which the current phase is crossed more transparently away from stumbling and loss.

"The development of the reality of payments in Iraq represents an important step forward to the stage of providing quality services to international companies that aspire to enter the Iraqi labor market, which is in need of high flow in financial transactions, which can not be achieved away from the adoption of the best Technologies in the field of payments ".

Kanani pointed out that "the competent institutions on payments HAVE DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGIES AND DEVELOPED SPECIALIZED SECTIONS TO FOLLOW THE GLOBAL DEVELOPMENTS and work TO TRANSFER THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND TO REHABILITATE THE SPECIALIZED CADRES OF THEIR PROJECTS, after the introduction of specialized courses in this aspect under the supervision of international expertise."

"The importance of a strategy for the work of each bank and institution specialized in providing financial services to the public to enable them to progress and achieve the goals and the ability to provide multiple services characterized by development and meet the needs of the global and local efforts, as well as to achieve steady growth in revenue commissions And it 
has shown that the most important tools driving the private banking sector and the evolution of the reality of payments and transfer it gradually to the world is to raise the level of performance and the deployment of ATMs As well as launching new products of at least 5 new retail products and services annually, as well as providing the service of commercial services with experienced managers in this field.

She noted that the core functions of the credit policy are aimed at ensuring compliance with the regulations of the Central Bank and the secondary aspects governing the operational activities and to review applications for loans and comply with the policies of the bank.



(Mnt Goat – So just by reading this heading for this article do you think these demonstrations are dangerous for keeping SECURITY and STABILITY and my have an impact on releasing the RV or not by the CBI? What do you think?)

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned of the collapse of the state after the escalation of demonstrations in the center and south.

"The most important goals since we took over the responsibility of the government is to achieve security throughout the country, which in turn will achieve economic stability and provide services to the citizens," he stressed at a weekly press conference on Tuesday.

He added that "a large part of security has been achieved and we do not want to lose our people this great gain because we have achieved great sacrifices and groans and gave mothers and grandchildren to remove the alarm from Iraq and we can not overheat this security at all," noting that "we follow the demands and needs of citizens in all provinces and These legitimate demands, and directed the directors of departments and ministries concerned to meet the real demands that can be implemented at the present time.

"All our visits to countries around the world were focused on supporting Iraq by confronting terrorism, restoring stability, improving the living standards of citizens and creating jobs," he said.

He pointed out that "we visited the province of Basra and met with representatives of a group of provinces and we personally listened to all segments of Iraqi society on the provision of services and their suffering in basic services of water and electricity and job creation for young people, and directed security forces in all provinces to maintain the safety of citizens and respect peaceful demonstration, As well as to prevent any attack on public and private property or assault on citizens. "
He added that "the duty of the government and the security services is to implement the law and protect the interests of the state and vital installations, companies, airports and all state institutions." He said: "We distinguish between legitimate demands that we listen to and respond to, and others who do not want the good of Iraq and want to exploit the peaceful manifestations to create acts of sabotage and the burning of institutions, On the police and security forces. "

"I extend my hand to all the peaceful demonstrators and tell them, let us all cooperate because I want to hear your voice and your demands and cooperate to hand over those who are among you and expose them and they must be extradited to the judiciary because they want to bring your country back and destroy it and want to waste all our achievements," he said. We have listened to many demands during the previous demonstrations and recognize that there is a defect in some joints of the state and therefore we want to listen to the citizen to alert us of the imbalances to cooperate together to accelerate the provision of services and prevent those who want to characterize the demonstrations off track.

"The security forces are the sons of the homeland and we have to keep them and listen to them as well," he said, recalling that "I called yesterday for the meeting of the political blocs to see the procedures and response. To the legitimate popular demands and agreed on a unified position that serves the interests of our people and preserves our country and follow up on popular demands along with respect for law and peaceful demonstration. " 
He said, "Our fear is not from the demonstrators, but from the acts of violence by a few despicable elements, but they are organized and they want to harm the demonstrators and the country. Over the past years, the province of Basra has spent billions of dollars, but poor planning and lack of organization and waste of public funds have all This needs accountability. "

bla, bla, bla

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 
Much love to ya all, 
Mnt Goat


The importance of announcement of Iraq getting off the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) list is that means they have implemented the necessary reforms to combat corruption and financial terrorism.
This is all very good news since we know there was no way the IMF was going to release the reinstatement unless they put these measures in place.
All of sudden one day we will read very soon we will hear that the election results are ratified by the judiciary.
Then quickly after the announcement of Abadi again as the Prime Minister, the new speaker and president (and his 3 vice president) are presented to us.
Then pops out the re-education articles form the CBI about the continuance of the “project to delete the zeros”.
Then we see a timeline of launching of the new category notes and ATMs.
The Iraqi dinar will be “reinstated” back on forex market with a rate conducive to before it was down-graded through years of sanctions according to a value around from the new SDR basket it will be pegged to.
It will also be put back on a “managed float” and the market place will drive the rate upwards.
Yes, the rate will increase from around what it was prior to the war (with equity) and this will be a new value but not a “revaluation” in the truest sense from the technical definition of the IMF in dealing with currencies.
Happy Good Ending of IQD Speculation! 


Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s talk about where we are with the Intel point of view.  Normally we either start with China or Iraq. Tonight we are going to start with both. 

Iraq first because Iraq has basically completed everything we thought they needed to do except announce the new rate or put the rate out publically where people know about it. We are looking for an announcement from Iraq. We don’t know if it will come from Abadi or will it come from Shabbi and Abadi, or what exactly, but we do expect one and it could occur in the overnight tonight for us.

Bruce:  We also are expecting an announcement out of China.  This is also something that could be later on tonight or in the overnight tonight for us.  It just may be the timing of that announcement from China may come after the announcement from Iraq. We will see.

I do not know exactly who will be making it or what exactly it will be about.   I told you guys on last Thursday we had 52, 53 countries that have already said they have gold back currencies. I think that number is only going to go up as we go farther into our GCR, our Global Currency Reset.  That is something we are looking forward to.  Maybe we will find out about it.

Bruce:  There has been a major media blackout out of Iraq for the last several days. It has definitely it has been there for at least 3 to 4 days maybe longer with no media, no social media, nothing. 

There are obviously still trying to keep this thing likely under wrap even though in the country of Iraq we know that things are moving along nicely.  They has been celebrations, dancing, quite a bit we have heard about and is occurring. Yes, we have been able to find out a little bit despite the blackout. 

So we are looking forward to it completely opening up and being ready. You know the minute this thing gets fully truly announced and the rate gets put out there, that is when more and more investment will start coming into Iraq, and I think you will see amazing things done over there. Absolutely it will be fantastic.

Bruce:   Also, I would like to say before I get too deep into more Intel since we are talking about world destinations like China, like Iraq, I just like to say thank you to this current administration beginning with President Trump, with Vice President Pence, some of the cabinet members as well, the administration, because guys without them we would not have this blessing moving like we do right now. 

President Trump stepped up and is getting things done that needed to be done that nobody could do with incredible resistance. He has persevered and he will continue to persevere.  I am excited about that for all of us. He hasn’t done it alone. He has had help along the way with the administration, and I appreciate that. I just want you to realize that none of what we are going to receive would have happened under the previous administration. I am very thankful.

Bruce:  What will we do with this blessing?  We talked last Thursday about Rebuild America. We talked about Veterans Retreat Network.  We talked a little bit of that.   Tonight let’s just say this going to back where we are on Intel, I think we are closer than we have ever been I get that. We are. We really are.

We have had a few false starts. We had a little bit of more clean up on aisle 3 as I refer to it with maybe some bad elements.   That has been happening. I think that we are finally at the point that is at a good point we can finally move on from a security point of view. At least I hope so.  I believe it is.

Bruce:  There is a lot of activity happening out west.  Just about 30 flights coming in and out within a 24 hour period with people that are probably my opinion are Tier 2, Tier 3. We heard Tier 2 did finish up. Tier 3 if they are not done, they are just about complete.  They are far along where it does not affect our start.

We had a number of large mega tranches of funds come in around the globe and also physically here to the United States.  Just last night we had another two tranches in the $900 to $980 Quadrillion range that came in last night. I think there are more to come, but I believe what we have now is efficient for us to get started with our redemptions. 

Obviously there is a lot that needs to be given because the Zim holders will be the greatest currency of all in terms of the denomination value and so on.

Bruce:  Plus I know that China wants us to do well in Tier 4, the Internet Group, because we have the humanitarian projects in mind. It is just not going to be about buying things.   It is not just going to be about buying labels, or cars, or anything like that. Yes, we will have some nice things, of course. I get that. I know that.

It is really going to be about how we are going to take this blessing and multiply it throughout the earth starting with in my case starting with Rebuild America and go beyond that.  Obviously working with our veterans under the Veterans Retreat Network, and going beyond that.

Bruce:  It has been 3 to 4 years ago we talked about the Pastoral Retreat Network. I have not forgotten about it.  We still intend to set up some Pastoral Retreats for missionaries that are on furlong and that are coming back to the States let’s say to regroup and recharge.  We will have in the vicinity 15 to 20 we will have 15 to 20 of these Pastoral Retreats around the country. 

I have already been talking about setting up headquarters in a certain location and putting that all together.  So that is another thing we are going to do for pastors, pastor’s families, missionaries, so on.  Those retreats could possibly be used for youth in certain churches.  There are a lot of different things we can do with that.  I am looking forward to that as well.

Bruce:  Obviously we are still looking to support at least two ministries that we have talked about on the Big Call.  That is VOCA, Voice of China and Asia which is about Bible distribution throughout China in the world churches. They are covering one section of China at a time. People are excited and thankful to get their own Bible for the first time. We will get involve with that. Also the Jerusalem Prayer Team, taking part in blessing Israel. We want to take part in that as well.

Bruce:  We all have something we want to do with projects. We taking part of Rebuilding America will be our largest project because it does involve a large amount of cities, towns, and communities. We are looking for 5,000 volunteers to do what we plan on doing. We will try to put it out there with sort of a plan that you can sort of cut and paste to what we are doing, and you can see how we plan to do that. We will put it out there.  We will have regional leaders, and leaders for each state. There is quite a bit to it. We plan on a lot of it. We will get into the deep plan of it in a week or two.

Bruce:  Now with all of this new wealth comes the need for security and privacy. It is very important that we realize and we might have the tendency to run down to the local bar and buy everyone a round and so on. I am exaggerating.  I don’t expect you to do that.

I am just saying you might have the temptation to show off, to be the big spender, to be the big deal. I am going to encourage you to try not to do that. I want you to try to just be humble and keep your mouth shut. It is going to be tough.  A lot of us like to talk. I like to talk, but I am going to try not talk about this, because what do we want to do?  We want to keep this on the down low.  We want to not to let people see any difference with us in terms of our obviously we are going to drive some new cars.  I know that.  I get that.

Bruce:  Some of us are buying new homes and moving.  That is probably the smartest thing for you to do is to move if you got all this money from where you been in some cases. But you may say I am happy where I am. I am going to do all this.  I am going to wear the same overalls I have been wearing, whatever.  Whatever you do just try to keep it quiet.

You have to look at it not only for your safety at stake, but the safety of your spouse, your kid’s, your kid’s kids.  These are things we have to think about.  You think I just want to celebrate, tell somebody. You just have to be careful who you do that with.  One thing we can do on the Big Call is share what it is we are doing, but now you just have to pay attention and not go that way.  Not go into sharing things that shouldn’t be shared with just anybody.

Bruce:  You are going to have privacy concerns that you are going to try to address with your private banking arrangement, with your family office people with so much so a lot of you Zim holders probably won’t be dealing with the so call retail side of the bank.  You will be dealing with the so call private side of the bank, the wealth management side, and the family offices which the family office will be there to be sort of a family concierge service for your needs. What we need to do is really work on security.

That means possibly a driver or body guard or both. You don’t want to necessary create an entourage for yourself. If you are a woman you don’t want to be out there hiking or walking out there on your own.  Let’s call it an escort somebody that can be there providing security for you when you go out. Even if you are a guy, you still need security. You don’t want to put yourself in position of compromise.

Bruce:  I want everybody to start with the basics getting with your people at the time of your exchange.  You will make follow up appointments to get back in and talk about with your CPA, Attorney if you need trust help or structure to set up. There is a lot to do.  I want to take your time to do it, but I want you to be thinking about it. 

Then you will need a security expert that you can talk to about your personal security.  You may need your own home reviewed with a security point of view. You may need a true expert that can help you with that. We talked about online security before.  We talked about security for your phones, for your computer network at your home.  Many of you may end of getting your own server for privacy and security point of view.

Getting an expert that can help you put that all together and you can understand it. I just think this is something we can really concentrate on our safety and security. We don’t want to be looking over our shoulders. We want to be comfortable and free, but at the same time we want to be wise what this is.

Bruce:  This is probably a once in a lifetime blessing.  You are going to want it to last for yourself, for your family, for your children’s children.  If you are married you want to go multi generational.  Generational wealth is something you will be looking into. 

I just want to emphasis the importance of taking this seriously and keeping your mouth shut. If you do sign an NDA which I do believe is your option, look it over, see what it says, and maybe it be wise for you to sign this.  You don’t want to disclose the details of this even with people of your own family. 

You really know by now who you can trust and who you can’t. You should be wise about sharing anything. I would say the more you can keep totally private the better. Totally private.  Just maybe share with your one loved one, significant other. Just keep it very quiet.  We need to do that. 

Bruce:  I think the proximity is right there. I feel like according to what we heard this afternoon, we are in a really good position. We thought we were in a position to go. It has been moved a little bit, but not a whole lot. I feel maybe there is something about tomorrow’s date July 18, 2018.  Maybe it is a significant day. 

I think we are going to see something with these two announcements, one from China and one from Iraq.  With any success we will have our own announcement from the President or from Steven Mnuchin, our Treasury Secretary, about our own return to the gold standard.  We will see.  They are going to be very careful when they are going to bring that out.

Bruce:  I just want to thank the listeners to the Big Call for the 6.5 years we have been doing this, because we felt like we could serve the dinar community at the time. It was dinar, but now it is much larger than that. We felt we could serve the community and take you all the way to the threshold of exchange.  Now we are taking you to the threshold of exchange and beyond and to the threshold to Zim redemption and beyond. We are going to take you over and make you aware how these projects are going to work and how you can plug in if you wish to plug in.  We talked a little about that last Thursday. 

Bruce:  That being said, I just want to emphasis the security and safety and privacy aspect of this so that you get it, absorb it, and put it in your spirit. I like all of you to have the very best health you can be.  Get back to where you are fit and where you are at your optimum. Remember that your age is only a number.

You are young as you feel.  With any success with the onslaught of technology that is coming with medical, energy, everything else, you will find yourself getting younger not older. I am looking forward to that. 

Continue to be in faith. I thank everybody again for listening. We will be in touch, and the way we will be in touch is through email. Make sure if you haven’t registered yet and you want to part of what we will be doing in the future, go onto  bigcalluniverse.com to register with your email.  Thank you everybody.  Have a blessed good night sleep.  Goodbye.



Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Wednesday, July 18 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.  It’s lucky Friday the 13th!

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Here we are again, hoping something will happen.

RayRen:  No updates yesterday, because nothing exciting happened.

Tony:  How am many questions do we have?

RayRen:  Nine, and they are okay questions, not depressing ones.

Tony:  There has been a whole bunch of information about what is going on in Iraq.  People are upset in Basra and that could spread to other areas.  If your water and electricity were limited at 120 degrees, with no job prospects, you’d be upset, too.  People have been hearing things would get better for 12 years now, and they haven’t.  Iran cut off the power, trying to help Maliki.  Abadi has gone to talk to them, and other leaders talk about doing the right thing. People are trying to use this as an excuse for Abadi to NOT be in charge for the next four years.  Abadi is bringing in new leaders to Basra, and they also sent fuel for generators, and diverted more water to the area.  They have made all this public, and also say, “We want to do a lot more but cannot until the new government is in place.”  There is a lot of money available, but they cannot allocate spending until the new Parliament is in place.  They are doing what they can, and fewer people showed up yesterday than the day before.

Things are still moving forward, with more of the recounts accomplished, and two more areas to go.  The government was given ten days to start implementing the reforms, jobs, water, and electricity – otherwise there might be full-blown riots all over the country.  We don’t know if that is a real threat or not.  I think it go the government moving faster.  I want the economic reforms to be over this month, and that’s still a possibility if they stop adding these regions to be recounted.

On the US bank side, they are still having briefings – they went over procedures, how much money you will get at the exchange, the different rates and packages they will offer.  That’s all good.  They are anticipating this happening before the end of the month, so it’s better than it looked like on Monday.  There is a lot of mo

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  For those not going for the contract rate, you mentioned on the last call that the floating rate of the dinar is the rate that the trading platforms trade it up or down to. Since most of us will not immediately have the trading platform available to us, does the buy and sell rates that it trades up to directly reflect the rates at the bank or is that a totally separate deal?  A:  You can download the Forex platform to your smartphone and watch the rates 24/7.  You can also call the bank’s 800 number to find out that day’s rate.  So that information is available to everyone..

Q:  What, in your opinions, if you both would like to respond, could possibly be a reason they would be willing to risk losing everything they have gained by delaying the completion of the economic reforms??  A:  Abadi put out a statement warning people that is exactly the danger, that they risk everything that has been gained.  However, some people want to destroy those gains, because the bad guys don’t care.  Iran doesn’t care.  They want things to stay the way they are, with the old boys’ network where they can keep getting the money.  Parliament and Abadi have been struggling against that all along.  They are still battling to get this done.  The Iraqi people want to go forwards, and that is what they are arguing for:  “when is this new life going to come?”  One hundred ministers and MPs have already gone, but Maliki and Iran are still making trouble.  We are trying to make Iraq a democracy, and that needs technocrats to accomplish that.  All the banking and oil industries all want to be like the rest of the world, and that takes them away from what they have done in the past.  It’s a challenge when the PM changes every four years, and when Iraq is influenced by other countries.  Also, corruption is a way of life.  Local politicians are all in the same extended family or tribe, only just educated, and with no idea of how to run a modern business.  So even the money that is sent to the towns or provinces gets pocketed and the person walks away.

Q:  Does the bank rate (while we are exchanging) have to be the international rate or does the bank have the power to negotiate the rate they will give us. Example, if we know from listening to RayRen and Tony that it’s $4 per dinar, can the bank lowball us at $3.10 so they can profit on us?  By law do they have to give us the exchange rate?  A:  By law, they have to give you the exchange rate that is on Forex.  They can go higher, and that’s where the NDA comes in.  They cannot short anyone of the published international rate.

Q:  What type of attorney would be best to take with us to our exchange appointment?  A:  A free one!  Any attorney that can decipher a contract and the NDA will be fine.  If you are going for the international rate, I don’t see that you need an attorney.

Q:  Do you know of any major issues or concerns regarding the NDA for the contract rate post-RV?  A:  We have not seen the NDA yet, so we just don’t know.  If you don’t plan on broadcasting your exchange, I wouldn’t be concerned about the NDA.  It’s supposed to be easy to read and understand, so if you’re comfortable, sign it and go.

Q:  How much does it cost to set up a family trust and foundation?  A:  About $1,500 for a good trust and what goes along with it.  You’ll probably need more than one trust to get everything done.  Foundations are completely different;  the companies I know of were charging about $7,000 for a turnkey solution.

Q:  Over the last 3 to 4 weeks we have heard soldiers coming home were only allowed to bring 150,000 dinar. Then they were told to go to the base to exchange . First week .83 the next week .88 and last week jumped to 1.80. Is this a in country RI, or just government decision?  A:  It’s an Iraqi in-country decision.  They obviously have the RV rates somewhere, and they obviously decided to give people leaving the country that rate for their dinar, rather than allowing them to leave the country with dinar (and potentially exchange those dinars in the US or elsewhere).

Q:  50 T Zim notes?  A:  We have been told that is exchangeable all along.

Q:  Do you have any details about the structured payouts?  A:  You can still leave the exchange appointment with 7K, with access to 10% on the first day, and the rest within 24-48 hours.  They will also give you debit and credit cards up to 20 million dollars (if you are exchanging more than that.)   It could be a structured payout If you take the contract rate on any of the currencies.  Most NDAs will only last for 90 days, while everyone is exchanging, because they don’t want you telling other people the rates you got, because then there will be lots of arguments.  That’s really all the NDA is about:  the rate you received that possibly others did not.  It’s not about the fact of exchange, it’s about the rates and perks you received during your exchange.  They will negotiate, and the more you leave in that bank, the better they will treat you.

Questions from live callers

951 caller:  What are we waiting for so that this can happen?

Tony:  Voting recounts, following by Parliamentary ratification of the election, President, and PM.  CBI has said they are ready to go when Iraq is ‘stable and secure’.  The banking system is stable and secure, but the country isn’t stable until Abadi is PM.   This could all happen tomorrow, here and in Iraq.

Caller:  The banks here still seem ready to go now.  If the RV happens in the next few days, will that help the people who are protesting?

Tony:  It will give them more buying power, but probably not about water or electricity, when Iran turned off the power and they are invested in making trouble in Iraq.

312 caller:  I saw an article about the CBI saying there will be sirens at the bank today.

Tony:  “Sirens will be launched today and for the next two days.”  I have no idea what that means, any more than you do.  They did say it’s practice, but I don’t know for what.

Caller:  You say the banks will offer VIP packages – what level does that start?

Tony:  They won’t put them out in public;  they’ll look at what you have and make an offer.  I will try to find out today if they have it laid out by levels.

Next caller:  About the rates – are the international and market rates separate things?  I understand that the international rate is where the rate starts out, and then the market will drive it up.  [They are the same.]  Will we get the full market rate?

Tony:  Banks have a buy and sell rate, and the buy rate is lower than the sell rate.  The Forex rate is the sell rate, so you will get a little bit less – that’s how the bank makes its money.  Call the bank and ask the buy and sell rate of Vietnamese dong, and compare those rates to the Forex rate.  It will be closer to the sell rate.  You will know the rate before you go to the bank;  the only question is how much can you negotiate, bearing in mind that Forex changes all the time, but most banks only update once a day.  You may be able to reduce the spread, depending on your amount and how much you leave there.

610 caller:  if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.  The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com;  click on the Donate button and send your check today.

[My computer continues to crash, but I believe all the actual news has been covered.  Please check Sunny’s Cliff Notes for Closing Statements.]

Closing Statements (by Sunny)

Tony . . .Again, everything moving along.  I think it might have got reenergized by Bazra giving them a deadline.  The count could be finished sometime this week.

Bank going forward.  Still educating people as to what to expect and that they can offer.

I’m still excited.  Still looking for it this month and going to do that until it’s not this month.  It could happen any moment.



[via sunny]    IMO:   Encouraged Sadr and Abadi to sit their new government and Abadi as new PM to expedite many things as soon as possible.  The RI being one of them.  IHO with Malaki controlling things they could not have pulled off the RI.  Nor IHO would Iraq and the fantastic four have allowed Malaki and his people to profit from the RI.  Citizens of Iraq protesting against Malaki and the corruption he represents; against Iran and the lack of jobs.  It’s the coming together where they look at their government as friends not as their political enemies.  Iran knows they are being picked on so Iran takes advantage of no government seated right now.  Paid jerks to go to Basra and pretend they‘re protesting against Abadi.  They are not and you know that don't you.   Malaki’s media is not going to work this time.  Malaki and Iran taking advantage of the not seated government right now, adding fire and lies to it... I believe we are soon to see a seated government.  ...Once it’s seated officially they can do a lot of things. Those are the things we don’t want to talk about.

Iraq still has a seated government and Abadi still the PM. IMO the smooth transition from the same government to the new government will have the same affect...the same results.  A newly seated government, less Malaki, Iran and Iran’s General’s corruption with be a “suitable environment” to RI their currency...as Abadi and the CBI requested. And so did Dr. Shabibi.  The Iranian influence is disappearing.  With the government.  With the citizens.  The Iranian Generals are losing their ability to protect Malaki.  Malaki as no longer a VP is no longer protected with immunity.  Arrest warrants await him.  Malaki will fight along with his fake media to the very end.  If given a Parliamentary seat it’s only to keep the peace.  IMO, Malaki’s power is gone.  No longer influential or able to use fear tactics to support his sugar daddy Iran.  In the next two weeks, somewhere IMO, around the 18-19 to around the 25th we should have a seated government.  No matter what I say right now about our investment, it would be hard to believe...the game has changed and I believe that leaks are causing us to be quiet...Our noses are pressed up against the wall of the RI, IMO and there is no room to the right or to the left.


Samson:  Application form for the settlement of salaries

 17th July, 2018

To all approved banks ( account opening form for the project of settling

the salaries ) ... To download click here  


MilitiaMan:   Good afternoon Samson and Thank you, your compilation from 104 - 111 is collectively, very important topics that will be of ongoing processes of education in respect to finance, currency trading, RTGS, Clearing, etc... WS and Frank have said this was to be expected. The timing is uncanny.. The Gov is implementing new reforms at the same time. Even going after those that don't fit the bill so to speak as noted in #104 below..- ~imo ~

"The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms, including the withdrawal of senior officials from state ministries, an informed source said on Tuesday.

"The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms, including the withdrawal of senior officials from the ministries of the state, as well as local officials in the provinces of south and central Iraq, whose names have been branded by the demonstrators," the source told SNG.

The source added that "the reforms will include the transfer of a number of them to the Court of Integrity and Administrative Justice, and will include the launch of allocations to the provinces of the south and center, and obligate the foreign oil and gas companies to be Iraqi employees have at least half of its staff, as well as other investment companies , In addition to providing free fuel for generators in the residential areas so that citizens can be equipped with electricity throughout the day."   

Samson:  International Monetary Fund: 3 looming risks threaten world economy

 17th July, 2018
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has kept the outlook for global economic growth for the current and next year, but has highlighted the increased risk of disappointing performance due to looming risks. 

The World Bank's Global Economic Outlook for July reveals that global GDP will grow by about 3.9 percent in 2018 and 2019, the same as the previous April estimates. 

Disappointing performance - The report confirms that the rate of economic expansion peaked in some major countries, but stressed the continuation of expansion during the current year and the next, although growth is less synchronized and increased prospects for disappointing performance next.  

The IMF sees the growth gap between the United States and Europe and Japan continuing to widen and growth imbalances between emerging market economies and developing economies are growing. The report is due to rising oil prices, rising US Treasury yields and shifts in the wake of rising trade tensions and domestic uncertainty about the political situation. 

The IMF expects a gradual tightening of financial conditions as inflation rates rise, the labor market strengthens in developed markets, and inflation pressures and exchange rates are confronted by emerging economies. Economic Growth Estimates Growth is expected to continue at a faster pace than the general trend in advanced economies to 2.4% this year before falling to 2.2% in 2019.  The July estimate is 0.1% lower than the previous forecast released last April , Due to slower-than-expected growth in the eurozone and Japan. The IMF has estimated economic growth in the United States at 2.9 percent and 2.7 percent in 2018 and 2019, respectively, predicting a temporary short-term growth in the economy. 

Across the eurozone, the IMF cut its GDP growth forecast to 2.2% this year, 0.2% below previous estimates.  At the 2019 level, the Eurozone economy is expected to grow 1.9% next year, 0.1% lower than April's expectations. The IMF has also cut economic growth estimates in Germany and France this year due to lower activity than expected in the first quarter.  The IMF also trimmed estimates of Italy's economic growth this year on expectations that domestic demand will be affected by widening sovereign bond yields as well as tightening financial conditions following political uncertainties.

The IMF has decided to cut Japan's economy growth estimate by 0.2 percent to 1 percent this year after the contraction in the first quarter of the year as a result of weak private consumption and investment.  While the report keeps the outlook for emerging and developing economies unchanged in the current and next year at 4.9% and 5.1% respectively, it sees adverse trends in recent months.  The World Economic Outlook explains the opposite trends with rising oil prices, rising US Treasury yields, a rise in the US dollar as well as trade tensions and geopolitical conflicts.


Baxter    I have 12 years of my time... and all I am asking for... is a DIME

meatball    next few weeks will say a lot in my opinion

Baxter    yep.... whether we cash.. or dash

meatball    not expecting the cash part, looking to see what progress they make or if any forward motion is made   or lack of

Baxter   well.. I am hopin we get done with this one way or the other...

Hennessy   i still think nothing will happen this year

meatball   I am real curious on how the goi actually gets set up, that will say something
axter   Oh.. my..... I hope so.... I get two years older every year at my age..
meatball   lits a process... moves at its own pace
Hennessy   Jul 16, 2018 - Domestic Unrest Threatens OPEC’s No.2 - Iraq’s future is again tottering with protests erupting of the country. Baghdad is being confronted by internal unrest, as economic and social problems have spilled over into the political arena.
Hennessy   gurus will say that iraq will RV to make the protesters go home
 Baxter   you got it
meatball   lol.... I am sure that's being discussed lol
meatball   i am curious about what the price of a barrel of oil will be over there in 6 months
Hennessy   theres alot going on in iraq right now, not all of it is good, most of it is bad news, how in the world is iraq going to RV/RI/Float the dinar this year is beyond my imagination
Baxter   hopefully... it will change..
meatball  l   have to see what Sadrs agenda is
Michele    I've been reading these stories for a long time and wondering seriously if RV or RI is coming     i com from swiss

Michele   Read today also the newspaper about the almost new government of Iraque .some times it is a bit strange the Arabs are anyway people who all talk around in circles .. I was in Arabia for a long time
Doug_W   where the arab language and English don't work well togehter
Michele   jes is so right
Michele    from where jou are
Doug_W    I am in Florida
Michele    wow iam take for long time hollidays to Sarasota
Doug_W   that is about 3 hours from me by car
Doug_W   I am very near Disney World  37 years now
Doug_W   Michele that is 2.794 centimeters
MicheleI was once up there at Disney World with my son and also cool in Tampa War
Michele   Question may cih your opinion about these currencies, you closer to the story read so much on these forums and I'm also in calls here  But the gurus' statements are very different right now
Michele   iam so holiday for Orlando my family and me
Michele   from is this call https://fccdl.in/eYP55c2Ga6
Michele    understand jou german?

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi appealed to Iraqi and Kurdish political parties to support the government in bringing protests under control.
Abadi – who is heading a caretaker government while a recount is done of the May 12 election – met with political leaders and party representatives on Tuesday.
chattels   “The political leadership spoke of the importance of a speedy set up of a committee to oversee government reforms and seek solutions for administrative and service sectors,”
chattels   Another committee in Iraq. That ought to fix it.
Michele    Thank you very much do you think it goes on with the RV
Chattels  “In the meeting, the parties asked why reforms were not being made while all the parties had shown support for the reforms declared by the government and that Haider al-Abadi promised to deliver over the past three years,”
Bethellen    New word added to their vocab.....speedy
chattels    “Some of these reforms require the parliament’s decision and Iraq currently has a legal vacuum because the term of the parliament has expired."
chattels   Iraq is in a vacuum politically whether Parliament is in session or not.
Michele   Do you think I hope it comes really fast
chattels   " Parliament’s term expired at the end of June. Efforts to form a new government are stalled, pending a manual recount of votes after allegations of fraud in the May 12 parliamentary election."
chattels    " Transparency International ranks Iraq as the 11th most corrupt nation in the world."
chattels    Betterment I think. Iraq used to be # 10.
 Michele   You can hear so much from the central bank, the public yes that you are so far eigetlich the IMF seems to have said so much I just wonder what that game is
Michele   The recount is already almost finished and there have been almost no major changes Abadi writes
Michele   chattels What's wrong with this Maliki, the good one thinks he just gets everything no matter how
Baxter   I remember years ago... and I mean years ago.... BGG would say that Maliki wasnt a problem... and didnt have any power.... *** ***
chattels   Iraq reveals its financial position  Release date: 2018/7/17 15:39 •